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-emos in corner broom closet-
Friday, January 30, 2009
4:30 PM
Today, the CCA results were finally posted. I regret I cannot start this post with a large "I GOT INTO CHINESE DRAMA!!!!" because, well, I didn't D:
Let me start from Chinese. At 12.05, the bell rang, signalling the end (finally) of Chinese. Ting Ting wanted to chiong down XD but I made her go with me to 213 to give letters to Lucy :) But uh, unfortunately, the teacher was still teaching -_- so we waited! Stood outside the classroom, trying to hide from view (but the teacher noticed us and gave Ting Ting a glare! Haha), and giggling as we noticed our Angels' Very Serious Expressions. Sabrina nudged me and pointed out Gao Ge's :O look at the teacher hehe.
Anyway, the teacher finally let them go XD We know because all of a sudden people started standing up O.O LOL. Anyway, once they finished saying goodbye to the teacher and started moving around, I go and throw Xuan Li's + my letter onto the table (through an open window) and at the same time rather unfortunately shouted, "Quick! Gogogogogogogo!" Obviously the people inside looked quite strangely at me wahahhaa! I keep embarrassing Lucy -_- But anyway, after that mortifying incident (just try saying "Gogogogogogogo!" and you'll see) I ran off towards the staircase with Ting Ting and Sabrina behind :D Ohmygawd like a spy on a mission leh :O
I mean, 8| (my spy look)
Anyway, while walking down to the canteen very excitedly, Ting Ting beside me suddenly gave a shriek.
Like this:
This shocked me. For one, people don't normally go 'eek!' while walking down to a school canteen. So I asked her what was wrong. In response, she showed me her phone, which displayed a SMS from Etsuko proclaiming that both of us got into NPCC.
Naturally, my first thought was: cannot be mah! NPCC was my last choice lah.
But to be safe we scurried down, pushed through the crowd and ...
For some reason I started crying. I really really want to get into Chinese Drama and I really felt like I was gonna die or something. It was all unreal-like, so I started slapping myself and crying. Ting Ting was obviously convinced I was mentally imbalanced and started patting my head ._. And then Xuan Li came, all smiling, announcing that she got into Chinese Drama.
Oh no no, Xuan Li/Lucy I'm not jealous :D Just sad and emo-ish. It's sad enough I didn't get into Chinese Drama, but oh no! I also didn't get into Squash, Guzheng, or even Choir (my second, third and fourth choices respectively). I GOT INTO FLICKING NPCC.
Ohmygawdwtfbbq?! Why. Why. WHY.
What did I do? Or was it I didn't do? I really like acting and backstage work; and Chinese Drama. Eff, even my angel is from Chinese Drama (once again I stress it isn't because of Lucy that I want Chinese Drama). I love the way everyone knows each other and how it's such a tight group; how people inside understand one another (mostly XD) and care for each other; how they strive as one to complete each performance; how everyone has a role and plays that role. I don't mean only acting, I mean the props and set-up and stuff. Drama interests me. Plus getting into Chinese Drama means that I can improve my Chinese (which I so need, by the way -_-).
And instead I got placed into freaking NPCC, which I don't feel any sort of passion for -rolls eyes-. I've nothing against the CCA; nothing against the people who willingly join it, but I've something to say about this arrangement. So damn unfair.
I appreciate Xuan Li, who told me I could appeal and hugged me as I was crying; Ting Ting and Sabrina for trying to cheer me up. But it still feels like a nightmare, one I can't wake up from.
And to top things off -_- of course, another awkward encounter with my Angel! Lucy! ._.
OK so Ting Ting and me wanted to go up. No, actually, I wanted to go up, and Ting Ting asked if I was fine (of course I wasn't! -_-). Oh tian guess what I said?
Yes, apart from the fact that I feel like dying.
Hahaha so she pulled me down because she was afraid I'd jump off or something :O and also because she wanted to eat her Famous Amos (-.-).
Just then, POT came by (Lucy and PO :D Jasmine and Minghui? :D). Lucy saw me, stopped and said:
Hi. -smile-
Awkward/stunned silence.
Waa~ -runs offs flapping arms-
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Apparently Lucy was like O.O lor according to Ting Ting who ran off after me. The "Waa~" wasn't the crying sort, but the sort that'll freak anybody out, not to mention one who just said hi to you. And I didn't even know what I was doing can. Plus so weird. Felt so bottled up and angsty XD gah. It's very awkward with Lucy for some reason ._. I'm a bit weird lah.
Anyway, Ting Ting also told Lucy I was gonna cry! (!@#$) And Lucy was like, "orh."
OK I'm not really angry ._. but anyway, so weird. I ran up to class (very fast :D) and drew many angry lines on the whiteboard and threw a poor marker O.O
Ting Ting came rushing after me 'cos she thought I'd go kill myself?! but found a big RAWR on the whiteboard (haha) and me being emo at my seat -_- After a while though I got her to pass a letter to Lucy heehee. During her absence I shut myself in the broom closet and cried a bit D: then when she came back I asked her if she really did pass the letter to Lucy. Cue: Where are you? (bemused expression -_-)
So I came out.
Anyway, cutting this short :D I went into the broom closet a few more times, and poked the door with the broomstick WAHAHA. Shin Yee spotted this and went, "what is that?" LOL.
OK ah shall appeal for Chinese Drama :D Lucy gave me a nice letter :) thank you so much I love you lor -cough cough, in a strictly platonic way ._.-
OK shall go now and erm, disturb people XD
Rawr D: My mother is so un-supportive can. She keeps telling me to go appeal for some other CCA like GG or something -_- What's the point lah like that might as well stay in NPCC -_- But ah, don't worry Lucy :D I'm gonna appeal for Chinese Drama (no matter what :D) :D
P.S. Sorry passerby for saying GG was weird at first :/ I don't really mean it :D sorry! D:

cny! yey~
Thursday, January 29, 2009
3:51 PM
Gah. Viver is crawling around my laptop -_-
OK uh yes, CNY! -happy dance-
It's over, though, sadly D:
I shall erm, post in a chronological order yeah :D
Morning and afternoon consisted of 80% slacking, 20% homework (or attempts to do homework) XD (ohmygawd I've been infected by my Angel O: I keep going XD! XD) And then night :D went to my Ah Ma's house :D and saw Kimmie for the first time in dunno how long! And Gladys and Krys :D (Kimmie, Gladys and Krys are my cousins who moved to Shanghai a few years ago D: and oh, Kimmie and Krys are erm, nicknames) But yes, hmm. Ohmygawd Kimmie is super pretty lah :D
OK cannot digress! XD
(I think I should ignore all XDs in the future.)
OK heh. For the first thirty minutes, walked around saying hello and taking pictures! :D (My Ah Ma wanted Kimmie, Gladys and Krys to take photographs in a Vietnamese hat leh)
LOL why ah?! But anyways, yes, and then one of my aunts made me, Rachel and Michelle take like that as well -_- I looked very weird indeed, dressed in my...
Yesyes I took a long time thinking about my CNY outfits OK XD because hmm I am bimbo-like.
-bursts out smiling-
Anyways, CNY Eve I wore 1. a black tee (stop saying choy) 2. white shorts (not short-shorts, though - a few inches above the knee I think (just not indecently short lah -_-)) 3. my old red (see? I'm auspicious OK! :D -prances around like a red packet-) jacket tied around my waist.
And I must say, quite a nice combination indeed. -egos- But yes. Eh. Back to the scene. After taking weird hat photograph -.- we went to eat! Then... talktalktalk read Kimmie's magazines :D and do the yusheng! (walao sounds like a dance? LOL)
Ohoh then. Go out play :D jumping over this rubber-band-rope :O Super cool lah can, how we some people strung all the bands together :D But anyway, after a while, got stupid stomachache. Effing painful lor D: But less on that D: Next day!
First Day Of CNY
Woo. Go people house.
Outfit: Orangey-pink tee and three-quarter jeans.
Pretty boring :/ but we celebrated Gladys' birthday yeyness. The chocolate cake was tasty :D And no offense, but got so many senior citizen leh ._. Including one hundred year old guy O: who sprawled on a rocking chair, LOL XD
Second Day Of CNY
Go more people house.
Outfit: White sports sleeveless tee with white cardigan (from last year XD) and -drumroll-
Ohmyeffingosh! I've wanted black skinnies for soooo longggg :D -dance around happily!- So I've crossed this item out from my wishlist :D hmm OK er, yes. I changed my outfit two times can or not hmph. First:
black skinnies + elastic tank top + cardigan
Rejected because of the elastic tank top -_- It's elastic right, but hor, I pull up then the bottom part (i.e. my navel) will be exposed D: I pull down, then the top part (i.e. my... oh, never mind -_-) exposed! Like that how can D: plus my family got a lot of conservative senior citizens -cough cough- So yeah. Cannot lor (plus a bit uncomfortable -.-).
black skinnies + red tee + cardigan
The sleeves were exposed D: and my mother said it looked ugly with the cardigan anyways. Either I take the cardigan off, or I change. And walao I don'twannatakethecardiganoff lah it's damn cool :D So change to the sports tee :D because 1. it's sleeveless 2. it can confuse people because it has a collar and so does the cardigan! :D I liek confusing people -flashes smug look-
Anyways, finally given the clear by my mother even though she said it was weird. But never ask me to change, haha :D
OK eh enough of CNY ranting! Back to important events that happened yesterday and today :D
I got 5/10 for my quiz D: Anyway, it was supposed to be eh -
Ohmygawd I love this movie it's freaking awesomeness :D
'Cos I was late in handing in Science the score got halfed D:
OK I shall end this post now.
P.S. CCA results released today :O more about it later :D

reflecting on nyps
Saturday, January 24, 2009
8:44 PM
(I realise Nicolette and Yi Shu posted about this already, yes, and yes, I copied them XD Paiseh O:)
Nicolette and Yi Shu can write much better than me, in terms of grammar and structure and depth. But this is my take on NYPS; our separation and all that hidden feelings about seeing the guys again (not in a BGR way -_-).
So yes, we went back to NYPS yesterday. I fully regret not waiting for the RGS girls. But anyway, after we reached NYPS, and laughing and talking and seeing so many people in different uniforms and just being different. The teachers kept telling us we were taller, looked different, and for Ting Ting - prettier (hehe). And looking across the courtyard, seeing the guys in their different uniforms running and kicking the ball ._. I was almost tempted to join in the game. And laugh, cry, play, shout and basically have fun running in the sun ._. I mean, no, I'm not the kind of soccer-watching kind of person O: like Etsuko or something but seriously, it wasn't the sport, but rather seeing them again. A kind of shock when you realise the guys have changed in subtle ways, but yet, somethings never change. Yi Zhe as quiet as ever; Lin Qi saying what the hell (hehe) and some people (I shall not mention) being lame and offering millipedes on a branch?! (to Ting Ting, luckily XD)
Sadly - I didn't see Ariel, or Yi Xuan or Yen Siang or Nicolette or Zhi Xin or Qing Yun or - lots of people. I haven't seen them for so long already D: I really miss Ariel and her craziness, Yi Xuan and her weird hair (lol), Yen Siang and her bochaping :D All these things make my life different, but now we're all living different lives with different people inside. When we meet again, probably a while later, we talk about school life, NYGH, RGS, RI, HCI, and all the new people who've silently walked into them. Slowly, as we meet less, we piao drift apart. (omg choy touchwood)
No; I'm serious and not joking. Sad things like this happen all the time and that's why I'll always treasure NYPS. It holds many happy and sad memories for me - screaming at the debate, mugging for the PSLE, hopping excitedly when we receive our PSLE results, and of course cheering for Yen Jean :D Crying at losses, feeling helpless and alone, stressing out and understanding that one day we would all have to part, go in different ways, yet as we spread out - I believe - we still clutch at each others' hands, holding them firmly and smiling or crying as we go forward in life.

confession: i am a bimbo(-like)
6:19 PM
Disclaimer: Highly unsettling and very possible to change your perception of me. Not suitable for males and/or people eating or who just ate.
First, please see title.
OK, now that you've comprehended the title (I expect), I must sincerely apologize for being a bimbo(-like). This means that I am a Superficial Person.
To elaborate on this, yes, I am a Shallow Individual.
How so? (._. why am I speaking like this?)
1. I enjoy camwhoring (omg so shallow! -disgusted at myself-).
2. I secretly enjoy wearing LIGHT make-up (not those thick kinds you touch and the foundation will crack like that O: plus it's super weird lor, like... wayang -_-)(omg! are you disgusted as well?).
3. I am fashion-conscious (yeyness :D I dislike mismatch-ness D:)
That's about it. Ah yes,


-gasp- Bet you never knew this secret side. Hee. That's why it's a confession. I just thought of erm, admitting this little secret (wtf? sounds wrong) today because my mother dragged me shopping (ahahaha) for her CNY clothing :D (Mainly 'cos erm, I bought mine already, yey) So: first stop, Esprit! :D
While she was looking at tops, I started talking about how I have only one pair of jeans and then she casually glanced at me and asked me to see if I could find a nice pair!
And then she continued looking at tops. While I was O.Oing at her and mentally asking if she was joking. After a while, she found some tops she liked and went into the fitting room. When she came out, she was like: Anything you like?
Hahahahaha yeyness (see, I told you I was bimbo(-like) already lor). But of course, I pretty much noted the prices of all the nice jeans/three-quarter jeans lah OK O: And the cheapest was like fifty bucks (insanely freaky D:). I told my mum this, and she brought me to Giordano instead :D In the end I got one skinny :D and one three-quarters :D and THEY COST SEVENTY BUCKS (inclusive of CNY discount ._.) walaosoexcanornotwtf?!
And my mother wanted to buy blusher for moi. Ohmygawd I dunno whether to be happy :D it sold out (lol) or sad D: ... it sold out. Yes, it sold out.
I realise the sentence above is freaking pointless but never mind rawr. OK yes, sold out so couldn't buy -insert neutral expression here-
OK eh yes, bought drinks :D and walked around in Cold Storage -_- Then somehow our conversation got turned to FAKE EYELASHES?! (omg so weird can O:) and MY MOTHER BOUGHT A PAIR FROM JOHN LITTLE?! (sorry for the '?!' behind but it's so unbelievable -.-)
OK I gotta go already D: homeworkszvxc.
Bleah how do you do this fraction question? ._. (as in present it properly lah)

hilarious can~
Friday, January 23, 2009
10:32 PM
Ohkay something funny to bring in some, er, festive spirit -waves arms vaguely-.
Yeah kay see just now I was eh, trying to imitate C. Dance and M. Dance for my mother (who cut her hair until look so weird O.O). And then, yeah, trying to do... split.


Waha so funny right I was laughing like siao when I realised the hole was hamster-sized XD and that it sounded effing ironic can: "I was trying to do split when my pants split"? Walao so dramatic hor, liek something that popped out of a Chinese Primary School Composition.
And after that, had random conversations on MSN:
funniest response: "you need to sew up your pants'.
Ariel is damn funny lah can here's the thing:
third act tragedy says:
third act tragedy says:
third act tragedy says:
[iridesce.wordpress.com] sanity is overrated says:
[iridesce.wordpress.com] sanity is overrated says:
third act tragedy says:
third act tragedy says:
yes, pants.
third act tragedy says:
third act tragedy says:
[iridesce.wordpress.com] sanity is overrated says:
third act tragedy says:
[iridesce.wordpress.com] sanity is overrated says:
[iridesce.wordpress.com] sanity is overrated says:
[iridesce.wordpress.com] sanity is overrated says:
you wore PJs to school?
third act tragedy says:
third act tragedy says:
just now lah
[iridesce.wordpress.com] sanity is overrated says:
[iridesce.wordpress.com] sanity is overrated says:
[iridesce.wordpress.com] sanity is overrated says:
I thought it was part of a CCA trial
[iridesce.wordpress.com] sanity is overrated says:
third act tragedy says:
[iridesce.wordpress.com] sanity is overrated says:
Just now (before the highly unfortunate split-split incident), I'd an MSN conversation with five of my cousins using one of my cousin's accounts -_- which was extremely confusing. Yey, three of the five came back from Shanghai :D And oh yes, they kept calling me


All your fault lor, Nicole Chew! ._.

uhm yey
4:17 PM
I promise lah, this post will be a dedicated account of to(-fantastic-)day! :D
So yeah. Morning, woke and stuff lah (this kind of stuff don't need to tell you right? -.-). Then slept (as usual ._.) in the bus lah. Somehow I always manage to wake up in time to see NYGH looming ahead. Hehe. Anyways, yep, went up (also tying my hair because my ponytail came loose, rawr D:) aand slackslackslack XD Oh, then, Kellynn dragged me to 105 (?!) to deliver her letter to her "angel" (this is extremely weird, I know). I waited for her for a long period of time (as in for delivering a letter lah), i.e. around five minutes! and read my Hercule Poirot book meanwhile :D Yey for Agatha Christie! :D
Anyway, Kellynn gave me a Hershey (zomg I FORGIVE YOU, KELLYNN :D) (which sadly melted in the recesses of my skirt pocket (I only discovered this when I returned to NYPS today :D:) and stained two rubber bands, two hair clips, a comb and 70 cents. I threw everything away, except the money and the comb :D)
OK erm, returned to class :D more highing! :D I helped take Extremely Idiotic Photographs of Kellynn, Etsuko, Rachel and Rebecca, including those of them jumping, acting cute -_- and posing like models. (The last idea is of course Etsuko's, proving my theory that Etsuko is The Weirdest! :D)
Then Xuanli appeared all of a sudden (._.) and gave my Lucy's letter yey!! I wanted to reply it but the assembly bell rang DD: so we'd to go down to the quandrangle for assembly. Plus bring our Calligraphy stuff for Huichun! :D
OK but whatever. Ladeeda, annoucements etc. then... Huichun!
Walao I don't want to talk about it already leh -shies away from the professional big fat camera (or photographer, if you please)-. Alright, if you insist -sniffs haughtily-.
OK erm - SUCKED LAH I told you my Calligraphy ain't good already lah D: Each character looked like it was written by a different individual -.-, and also very unpro in Calligraphy individuals. Rawr. Either too fat/big or too skinny/small. Plus it smudged everywhere lah ):
Never mind. We didn't have to submit or what, which at least spares me the embarrassement of having someone looking at it :D except me, and the few unfortunate persons who accidentally stumbled upon this monstrosity written on red paper. Which by the way was folded weirdly as well D:
Gah. Let's not continue. Alrighty, back to classroom but more highing and class-photograph-taking so I couldn't find time/energy to go reply! D: Sorry Lucy if you read this.
Eh then high a bit (walao I forgot lah -_- Go die please stupid memory (yey I used this phrase again yey)). Then.. concert :D
Read my Hercule Poirot all the way! :D
Except some v. exciting parts, like Chinese and Modern Dance. Chinese Dance was cool, Modern was cooler. Chinese Dance did zhongguohua (S.H.E) and it's super enthralling like you can't keep your eyes off it! :D And Modern Dance did Bleeding Love O: haha yey. But after that they did another weird one, which was untoey ): All the dancers super graceful, especially some Chinese dancers and the Modern dancers in purple :D (I love their costumes, by the way! :D)
OK lah the finale was Choir -_- they sang a VERY WEIRD CHINESE SONG lah OK ._. So disappointed, bleah. But it's OK, 'cos in the end they go and pop the thingy!
Thingy is the pull-the-string thing lah :D
Oh, very sad they throw sweet never throw to our side D:
Yes, indeed, after the Choir's grand finale, we were dismissed and walked to NYPS! As in uh, me Ting Xuanli Sheryl Sabrrrrree XD And halfway-through, we decided to go into 7-11 to buy slurpees, yey! :D Sheryl and Ting shared a Giant cup O: and I had one (Large) for myself! muahaha. But uh, somehow there was a little eh -looks around guiltily- accident. The slurpee overflowed! D: Eh then Xuanli had to supply tissue paper XD One person standing at the counter there (manager?) was like damn pissed can; I put two dollars on the counter and she glare at me ): I think it was because some of the slurpee also dripped on the floor! Paiseh ._.
After we paid, we went outside to clean the sides of the cup (or else it'd have been sticky D:) but Xuanli sneaked a sip! Walao lor she! -angry- Then I used the tissue paper I was holding to wipe the straw -_- Anyway, we walkwalked until we reached NYPS :D I gave Xuanli my slurpee (left a bit lah, plus you know lah, my character is like -shrugs act-humbly- this lah) but she dropped it can! but yey, it was glittery and pretty in the sunlight ._. Waste of around 30 cents though (haha I sound so cheapskate?!).
Never mind, went in :D and saw a lot of seniors, including those who graduated six years ago leh! O.O
Went via canteen to courtyard where Ting Ting watched the RI and HCI boys play soccer (-cough cough-). After a while, we all went into the Staff Room :D It was then I realised I was the only 6J/K girl in the group lah O.O so the rest were talking to their Chinese teacher, and I was at the side thinking of my poor slurpee -_- But then, zomg, my Chinese teacher passed by and whispered v. menacingly in Chinese "never come and see me".
Walao my eyes like O.O can zomg so freaky O.O Hehe but she was joking (thank. goodness O:) so after a bit (bah, I keep repeating these lines ._.) we went to my Chinese teacher's desk. OK, no, actually my Chinese teacher came to me and asked me to take a photograph for me (eh why everyone come to me for taking photograph? I got The Photographer Look is it -_- (OH YES I DO! :D)). And then yeah lah, talk talk talk yey :D
At around 12 we went down to the canteen. I bought a lemon tea :D then, saw the NUS High girls, YT and PF :D so went to talk to them lor. I tried to do Modern Dance moves, and was brutally told by Xuanli I resembled someone constipated -.- Ohoh and Etsuko lied to Zheng Hong that we were in Chinese Dance lah what the bleah ._. She even demonstrated the easy moves we saw today can, the clapping part XD Zheng Hong believed her O: and Etsuko showed him the video of Rachel Wu imitating her husband XD Michael Phelps, haha.
At one ._. I left! without Etsuko because I am All-Wonderful and All-Kind. Took the bus with her, and saw Rachel (my cousin lah :D) yey with her friends. One of her friends said I didn't look crazy! :D But quiet! XD I flashed my cousin an annoyingly superior look :D
Sidenote: Zomg I love my darling Viver more than life itself! -truth- If she die I shall cry like siao and wear ugly black dresses -lie-
OK lah, so reached Etsuko's stop! We walked to West Mall together and parted there -_- (I'm making this sound like some weird love story leh wtfh?!) So I got on the MRT ladeeda. Was super bored so reread parts of the Hercule Poirot O.O (I finished it at 7-11) until I found a seat. Then I slept ladeeda - AND PASSED MY STOP D: albeit by one only :D Anyway, took another MRT back ): and walked to Civic Centre. Planned to go to the library and try to borrow more Agatha Christie. Then, suay suay go there, some Fire Alarm thing O.O but I displayed determination and patiently waited outside :D until some old security guard (truth) told the waiting people (a lot!) to use another door. So, yey. Went in, but no Agatha Christie D: so borrowed random books lah -waves hand vaguely-
Went home :D
So bye, gotta read my books woo-hoo 8D

Thursday, January 22, 2009
5:36 PM
Forgot to mention: tomorrow NYGH CNY celebrations :D but I has no traditional Chinese costume, oh well. Never mind.
Also! Also! Going back to NYPS! :D
Can't wait!
(OK I must really go bathe already pfft)

How I Know I Am Going To Epic Phail
5:11 PM
Oh yey, the thingy-shift thing works already! But then walao, the enter key go die on me ._. press HARD then can.
OK, back to topic. Which is -copy and paste- How I Know I Am Going To Epic Phail. This is an INACCURATE title (sorry History fried my brains), but whatever lah I'm too sad to bother D:
Rawr, yes.
I am Going To Fail Maths because today, on a Maths quiz I only can get at most 7/10, which is effing sucky ohmygawd lah Fiona go die please (I learnt this phrase from Yvon's blog, teehee). I hope I can get at least 7, which at least constitutes a PASS, yey. I've decided to revise v. v. v. hard for Math already. And -gasp- it's only the third week lor please. This is Highly Unusual Behaviour, but if it helps me pass (well :D), then I shall continue this! Rawr! The reason why I'm borderline-passing-or-failing-like-shit is because I didn't study -slaps self-, which is SAD.
I am also going to fail CLC, even worse than Maths lah !@#$% D: First off, the too-simple composition ): and then today, some weird worksheet that was freaking difficult lah -emos-
Mygawd. Zibei like hell -_-
Oh yes, sorry about yesterday heh. Had a severe nervous breakdown (seriously I was screaming-crying-being-numb-and-hitting-my-brother-because-he-was-being-idiotic D:), gah. Anyways, yesterday after Third Language something horrible happened. OK, so at Jurong East Interchange, and for obvious reasons, the platform at the Interchange was damn crowded. Thus, I got pushed and pushed and shoved and what. The doors opened, and then some people squeezed out O.O and all of a sudden, got one stroller pop out. In front of me. So obviously I edge away right, but around three seconds after that this guy was shouting at me.
Blah blah blah, cannot see got stroller in front is it, blah blah, study so hard also no use lah alamak...
I was blankly staring at him and thinking, wtf lah. I was already trying to move away alreadywhat; plus it's not my fault if I was somehow right in front of the stroller. Also (hehe), what makes you think I study hard (ohgawd I just realised this is exactly why I Epic Phail)?
But enough of sad stuff ): Except that oh yeah, Lucy didn't give letters today O: D: but Lucy if you're reading this, I'm not complaining heh.
Happy belated birthday, Tingaling XD Have a happy, uh, year! (alamak my vocabulary suddenly so limited -_-)
Ohoh no more :D except the CCA posting results will come out only next Wednesday! So sad lah D: I want to know grr. The announcement went like this (somewhat):
Announcer: Blah blah blah, the CCA posting results will be posted on the notice boards near the canteen -insert excited whispers :D- next Wednesday -insert sad whispers D:-
Walao joke or what! Damn it -_- So anti-climax. Oh oh yesterday was even more anti-climatic leh:
Announcer: Announcements will be made after the attendance has been taken -teachers take attendance- -pause- There are no announcements today.
Kuakuakua so lame right! OK lah I should go bathe woo-hoo :D

Wednesday, January 21, 2009
7:59 PM
sorry cannot post properly today even though got a LOT of bloggable stuff. stupidsxcv history i never save (ok, stupid idiotic me lah) and i must do do do until 550 words yey. ok bye.
lol. hope kailin and lucy reply soon and yeah... hopefully tomorrow you'll see a nice post yeah ok bye again.

beware, lucy!
Tuesday, January 20, 2009
6:44 PM
One of my shift keys is dead lah. I press it so many time still lowercase ): and using the other shift key is very awkward, bleah.
Tamade lor. AND I was planning on blogging a long post somemore. Oh well -frantically presses idiotic shift key-. I'm eating now :D heh.
OK anyways, the most INTERESTING parts were the last few hours of school :D so...
-checks timetable-
Oh yeah, LA, but the period was used for the health check-up D: but anyway, it was super duper fun and uh, funny :D Rachel (Wu) was apparently, imitating Micheal Phelps but I thought it resembled the chicken dance, heh XD
Rachel: And he's like, listening to music -does appropriate action, which is clutching her ears and dancing (sort of)- and then got fans, and he starts shaking! -bursts into laughter, then simultaneously shake weirdly and laugh at the same time (?!)-
Haha and I was trying to do splits and acting weird to scare Rachel (teehee). Sabrina made me do an advertisement (wth -_-) and everyone was being very high lor, trust me.
After that, we got called in lah (Etsuko Rebecca Kellynn Rachel Sabrina me) for the checkup, heh. First, the eye check-up -_- without my spectacles, I couldn't even read the biggest letter can. Go die pls ._. But Rebecca is like - ohmygawd can read until the second last line O.O so freaky leh she ._. and somemore without any spectacles :O Anyway, after that, a nurse checked our back - for scoliosis, I think. Heh and then, me and Kellynn finished earlier than the rest. So we were like talking, talking, when suddenly, we heard a voice coming from Rachel's cubicle. Precisely, "take off your blouse". Walao like so straight-forward lah! Kellynn and I started laughing like siao (typical can or not XD).
shit lah can i just type in lowercase. okay, so... eh. after that, all of us went to the lecture theatre to get something, apparently. etsuko being the monitress, hehe, yey. while she was inside, the rest of us high-ed outside -_- kellynn and me almost did a ballroom dance lor. XD
then... ate at canteen. i liek. the queue was super long D: and i got my food the latest, but i finished the fastest (after kellynn lah i mean). soooo, me and kellynn went to 213 (apparently her angel demanded it or something lah. heh.) to talk or something, until the bell rang. walao she was so cute can, hee, like oh my tian and ran off to change into the school uniform. and lalala. afterward... science. i spent most of lesson writing my angel letter and drew a tuzki comic. yey! but no yey for not paying attention ._. hmm then... assembly. zomg damn funny leh. not the boring parts in front about portfolios lah -_- but the... eh. a female teacher took the microphone and asked all male teachers to leave. for like, talking about female stuff -cough cough-. apparently... a female teacher saw this blog that discussed nygh students'
DOT DOT DOT. hahaha. that's what the teacher said lah, can ._. so hilarious lah haha and then i quote:
teacher - think! who takes the bus with you!
us, giggling like siao lol - Hwa Chong!!!!!!!!!
oh tian. by the way i'm sorry i've no idea why my sucky keyboard severely affects my blogging ._.
ahah then... hamper-making yey. quite fun lah. we kept seeing our 213 seniors. oh and i saw my angel yey i liek her. hehe i quote, when we first saw the 213 people and i wanted to give my letter to my angel.
ting - oi~ lucy!
three of them - -turns around- -turn back again ._.-
so we followed them and i gave lor.
ok lah i'm very siao now must redo history already. ohmygawd can go die pls.

big white bear
Monday, January 19, 2009
7:53 PM
Lalala! :D Today the visualizer for on when I came in the morning :O which means it was on over the weekend (and some).
I mean, wtf lah so long! D:
And what's more, the General Office wasn't open yet so I couldn't collect the key to open the door and turn off the visualizer! D:
At seven, I ran down to the G.O to collect the key but discovered that I forgot to bring my nametag. No identification, no-collecting!
So I ran back again -_- (hehe I'm so boliao), to find that Cheryl took the key and opened the classroom already :D
A while later, I put the Big White Bear on Ting Ting's table (yep, I bought a Big White Bear for her as a present! :D) plus the tuzki-filled card.
OMG then all the 213 seniors came, etc. etc. and ONE OF THEM SEID I HAD TALENT bwahaha I'm am so happy -piaos- The seniors are v. high :D They vandalised our tagboard lor, and Kellynn and I were laughing like siao OK XD Wahaha their tuzki so weird looking.
Sorry for weird posting lah I'm a big highhhhhhh XD
Ting came a longg while later ._. she lieked the Big White Bear (BWB) sooo much she carried it :D
Ah then CNY Decoration!!!
Zomg love. The door had some dangly thingies, pulled back with a piece of red string :D And the clock is like... super cow-cute XD
Although some parts are OTT ._. like one board was completely plastered with red packets can!
Cannot say anything more :/ in case -looks around suspiciously- got spy :O
Sidenote: Jeremy is singing now! :D
Sucked lah my calligraphy is like can go die please -_-
But you know, the NIU (cow) character I wrote in CAOZI (v. messy O.O)? Teacher says it's nice :D yey :D Hehe. But walao lor, got so little people believe I WROTE IT. I WROTE IT, OK D: Not my grandfather! (who is by the way, one dead and one living in Lengkok Bahru)
I got to go now already :D History -.- I promise I do a proper post tomorrow kays? XD

teeeng's present
Sunday, January 18, 2009
7:04 PM
Etsuko; Ting and I have made up ... and well. Even if we didn't make up, I did promise to get her a present, so I would have given her a present ._.
And yes, I bought the present already! It's a super white and adorable __________________ :D Plus a card :O filled with ___________ :D
Tomorrow CNY decoration :D I can't wait lalala. I must find red paint aand all sorts of stuff for that.
OK, salut. I have to work on the History -_-

no toes in the grave!
8:43 AM
Yey I'm left with only the History assignment and the Chinese reflection! :D
But still lots of things to do ._. like my FRENCH and the CNY decorations :D
But anyways, it's OK 'cos... the History is due on Thursday :D anyways and the Chinese reflection can be done in ... 30 minutes or less. Which means more time for random time-wasting -_-
OK no lah must revise. Right? OK, whatever. Must revise.
I am attempting to create a blogskin image :D and I hope it'll turn out... niceish :D
And anyways, blogskins.com is weirding up O.O Google says it's an attack site leh: wth?
Ohmygawd Google go die please.
And ohyes, buy Ting Ting presents! :D So on Monday we can flood her with teddy bears and see how she gets home XD
OK, byebye (do. homework. and. buy. ting. her. present! :DDD).

o.o muffins...?
Saturday, January 17, 2009
5:10 PM
More baking endeavors today! Went shopping for stuff first. My mother bought me a white watch :D and pens :O We also checked out Possible Birthday Teddies for Ting XD
And I must remember to give Kailin her chocolate -_- Kitkat.
Anyways, baking. We bought the muffin mix :D (blueberry) and chocolate chip cookie mix (because of Kellynn OK! Kellynn you better appreciate :D).
Just now we attempted to make muffins. Stir the mix, add whatever ingredient already - but we found out the muffin tray was gone!
Gone lor! Gone like the wind :O Even though my grandmother brought one over when she came to bake the pineapple tarts. So my mother just put muffin cups in random trays ._. They're in the oven now, overflowing and looking like extremely fat ... things ._. that are conjoined.
But mmhmm they smell fab! :D Very strong scent of (fat) blueberry :DD
Waha melove. I've decided not to go to my grandmother's (the other grandmother, not the one who baked the tarts) because of all the homework D:
Stupid homework -_- and I don't want to fail or what. So.
Bye for now, to do my Math :/
Zomg my shift key is screwed lor. Ahh.
Anyways, the muffins! They came out, smelling very muffiny but looking weird. I ate three :O ahh must exercise soon ._.
And I mixed purple cake frosting with the butter so that the butter became purple XD
OK, tata. Must bathe -_- (not to mention I didn't touch my Math D:)

12:19 PM
I forgot to tell you this OK! It is a HIGH-HIGH POINT :D
We'd the Class Elections yesterday and I was unanimously voted Speech and Drama rep!!
Ohmygawd cool right. I wanted LA rep ._. but never mind, Speech and Drama pwns! :D
OK so there were all the high-high positions first ._. like Monitor, Assistant Monitor. (Etsuko is now the Monitor :D and Cheryl the Assistant -_- I think Cheryl wanted to be Monitor though)
Then Treasurer! Kellynn was voted to be the Treasurer, and now is, despite her protests XD Haha poor Kellynn.
Then all the reps :D
When they were voting Speech and Drama rep, I was writing about how worried I was about mebbe-not-having-a-position to Lucy :O Then, Mr. Tan was like, "Speech and Drama rep? Anybody?"
Somebody (I forgot who): Rachel! Wu! Because she's so drama!
-stunned silence-
Rebecca: FIONA!!!! (walao so enthusiastic lor)
Kellynn: OH YAH!! (everybody was chorusing can or not ._. "Yah!" "Fiona!")
And then got someone else nominated, and three of us.
Mr. Tan: Who votes for Fiona? (I was determinedly scribbling on my Angel letter and resolutely not looking! Not looking!)
Mr. Tan: OK, Fiona is the new Speech and Drama rep!
(at this, I looked up and saw an awful lot of hands :O)
And after that I asked Rebecca how many people voted for me, and she said, "everybody!"
Ohmygawd so surprised :O I actually gasped lah, and who actually gasps in real life? -_-
OK, mebbe Rebbecca saw wrong ._. but whatever! Almost everybody at least right :DD
Happy happy now I shall do my LA thing.

9:25 AM
It just occurred to me (after blog-hopping certain blogs) that I shall have to be more positive in life. Take the Lucy-Xuan Li thing for instance: I should learn to appreciate Lucy (wahaha this makes her sound like an object -_-) more, instead of getting all jealous and stuff :/
And what Sabrina told me could be wrong, or I could have misunderstood.
Next time I'll clarify before doing anything... extreme :D
Sidenote: What the lemon tea my : key is screwed D:
It also occurred to me (wao :O I'm getting Philosophical! Which calls for a Philosophical Nugget soon :D) that if manage to get into NYJF :D which I put as first choice, I must brush up on my acting and creativity :/ Sure, I am dramatic -cough cough, really- but dramatism (-_-) isn't acting. Dramatism appears in your real life, and you become threatrical and all (i.e. crying spontaneously for no reason -_- like me). Acting is different; acting is becoming another character (I think I can do that... a little). And ideas O.O is just creativity and yeah.
I quote from Lucy's NYJF blog:
Then play san zi jin... THE FIRST GROUP OF 113-ERS WHO WENT UP ROCKED x100000000000 (walao just a lot of zeros can already lah)
OK, somewhat quote. The bracketed part is by me. By the way, "the first group of 113-ers" are Etsuko, Xuan Li and Ting Ting. They acted as S.H.E and were really damn funny can :DD About going to the toilet together (!) in the middle of the night... Hehe. And no, I don't feel jealous, not anymore :D I shall improve to be less self-conscious -_- on the stage :D
I remember telling Lucy in one of my first few letters that I didn't want to join a Performing Art because I'd stage fright. But now, I really really want to get into a Performing Art (namely NYJF/Chinese Drama :D) OK.
As in really really really D: I hope I get in or I'll just die ._. (suffocation? heart failure? and then when the seniors play "DIE" (a game like you act out someone dying + with a moral) they can act as me and the moral is LET FIONA JOIN NYJF!!! :D
Anyway, I have to go soon, yeah? :D Homework, plus despite whatever I said last night, my to-do list was not kept to! Rawr! D:
I'm angry with myself ._. and there pops out another Philosophical Nugget:
When you're angry with yourself, do your homework.
For use by me XD
Au revoir for now :D

high points
Friday, January 16, 2009
7:54 PM
Yey I shall blog :D but only the high (and a low D:) points lah 'cos I'm pressed for time (too much homework, too little time -_-). I made a To-do List though, and I plan to keep to it... mostly. Heh.
Low-High Point One D:D (bipolar smiley)
Before assembly at the quadrangle, I found two letters, both from Lucy (my Angel) and one to me and one to Xuan Li (who's Lucy's uh... adoptive mortal :D)
Sidenote: Walao why got fly buzzing at me I bathed already lor!
And then I got curious XD and kept trying to look at Xuan Li's letter -_- Finally, Sabrina told me Lucy wrote something like she was jealous of Xuan Li's real Angel. So obviously, I got jealous lah! ._. Walao like my Angel don't like me like that -_-
But then... (this come the high point! :D)
Lunch! Xuan Sheryl (SALAD, XD) Ting Sabri moi went on the swing. Then swing swing swing until this period when I half-pretended to be angry at Xuan Li for "stealing my Angel and my swing seat". I felt so damn bad about it can ._. until I stopped :D and Xuan Li told me Lucy adopted her because Xuan Li's real Angel abandoned her O: Which made me thankful for having such a nice Angel :D and super idiotic for feeling jealous, pah.
High Point 2
CLASS PHOTOGRAPH-TAKING, do you not love? (By the way, the class photo posted on the class blog) Mr. Tan helped us take one :D and whooo Kellynn did a good great job of warping it... artistically (-_-).
High Point 3
Freaking cool can or not O.O like extra Angel pop up, LOL. (For some reason this post is damn Singlishy can) Lalala OMG, must remember to reply XD
High Point 4
After school, Ting and me stayed back. This was relatively unplanned, but the ice-cream man at HCI wasn't there for some reason, and Ting wanted ice-cream. So we bid adieu to Etsuko and went back to NYGH :D Strangely, I bought an ice-cream (Hip Hop Jelly... it wiggles O.O) and Ting didn't -_-
But we did swing :D and do homework (albeit very little. Like. Seven Math questions -_-). I kena knocked my head on the beam a lot OK :O 'cos I kept trying to go down/go up while the swing was still moving :O And once, the swing was moving ultra-high and fast and I fell on my butt :O
OMG I know this post isn't exactly satisfactory lah, even for my low standards it's very ungrammatical and what. Sorry OK ):
I have to do my homework.

another episode of this drama
Thursday, January 15, 2009
3:33 PM
Bonjour! Welcome to another episode of this drama, more commonly known as Fiona's Life and recorded in a blog called thepartypredicament which makes no sense because Fiona has never been to any parties at all, which is very sad, I know.
And before I sound like a TV host -_- I must tell you that I'm typing - writing? - like this because of today's LA lessons ._. I shall write a personal recount! of today :D
Yes, a Singlishy personal recount OK.
This morning I woke up, surprisingly alert despite having slept at near twelve last night (rushing the damn homework), and even arranged my uniform so that it didn't look crumpled ._.
And afterward my domestic helper hollered at me to get off the bed and brush my teeth, which I thought was highly inconsiderate of her because arranging uniforms is an art and therefore artists like myself shouldn't be disturbed while creating masterpieces. It is also because of my domestic helper that my uniform today looked quite normal and un-artisticky D:
Anyways, I got off my bed and brushed my teeth, washed my face etc. Then I wore my socks, combed and tied my hair, read the start of an A-Z Mysteries book and went out of the house with my domestic helper.
So. Ladeeda, went on the bus and slept :O As usual -_- I was the last one off the bus and had to shut the door, something I don't really mind so it's OK. Anyway, walked up the stairs to the third floor and to my beloved classroom :D Sidenote: Onethirteen makes your socks fall down, which means you kena scolded by the LD for not pulling up your socks and the NYGH printed big-big on it won't be seen ):
Waited a while for Cheryl (wannabe monitress and helpful person). Cheryl arrived and all of us sitting outside piled into the classroom :D
During the period of time between said piling into said classroom and the assembly, I did my Chinese and part of History homework D: My handwriting was damn small and we'd to freaking write an entire page in the exercise book -_- Torture! So instead, I wrote (quote) "from the ancient civilizations to the next period in time (because I dunno what exactly the next period in time was -_-), to the 15th century, the 16th century, 17th century, 18th century, the 19th century and the last 100 years".
-_- Boliao or not lah! Haha.
I also kept getting distracted by my Angel's letter :DDD and Kellynn kept pointing at my History journal and glaring at me ._. as my self-proclaimed adviser, LOL.
After that, aforementioned assembly. Halfway down the flight of stairs I realized I'd forgotten to put my nametag on again and left Ting Ting to rush up and get it. Thankfully, not late for the flag-raising ceremy :D (Lucky lor :O)
Hmm. After ceremony, attendance-taking and announcements we went back to the classroom and I continued my History thing until Mrs. LA came :O But then I still continued doing my History thing and paying only half-attention. I RESOLVE NOT TO DO THIS AGAIN D:
Anyway, around the middle of the lesson I finally finished my journal entry :D with something so very cheem: History is different pasts entwined as one. History.
Cheem or not cheem lah! If you don't understand it's 'cos you're not cheem enough! XD Haha very dramatic ending can or not -_-
But then I continued being untoey by writing my reply to my Angel D: So horrible right, me ): Lucy wouldn't liek that! So! Stop! Writing! In! Class! You! Freaking! Idiot! Fiona! Teo! Or! Else! Ting! Will! Not! Be! Friends! With! You! Already!!!!!
-gaaasp- -sadded-
(That line always works lah.)
Then... History :D I managed to rush out the History journal but guess what? The teacher didn't collect! D: Debate stuff and lots of discussion :) I read Rebecca's note to Etsuko and felt ... weirdish. 'Cos the note started with.. I'm assuming you're the leader of the class tee committee (or something like that) and that pissed me off. I mean, why assume it'll be Etsuko? I'm not saying it should be me OK, just that there are better choices. Like, XUAN LI. Xuan Li had experience before, last year. Surely she would be a better choice, 'cos she knows how to do the stuff? and negotiate and talk and what.
After that was Recess. I roughly remember me and Etsuko going down with Kellynn (but Kellynn saw a friend and got us to help her buy the LA files XD Bad rep, Kellynn! Tsktsk!), then Etsy and I going to the Popular to buy stuff and then eat. By the time I finished eating, the bell had rung ): but I'd to get my Third Language Bus Boarding Pass (with Nicole), so we chionged to the General Office to get our passes. Then we chionged up again ._. to change, because we'd NANZHONGQUAN which is basically the Nanyang-ish wushu kinda thing :D
OK. The wushu. First off, the v. muscular :O teacher was waiting when we got there. Made us go into positions etc. and do punching stuff and basic wushu :D Pretty cool; except the times when I mistook left for right and vice versa ._.
Andand! Something freaking hilarious XD and almost everyone laughed can or not!
OK, so we were supposed to do this movement lah, liek:

But instead I did it like:

Like Bollywood dancer like that ohmygawd freaking funny can or not. Somemore I kept doing it involuntarily -_-
Anyway, back to class after that :D Some people (including me ._.) changed in the broom closet while other people stood guard O.O Ohmygoodness -tuts at self- although I must admit it was quite funny and laughable :D
Anyways, after that was Chinese. Needless to say, I paid absolutely no heed to the teacher ): 'cos of the Angel letter ._. I didn't even know about the note-taking thing, I tell you. So. Fiona. REFER TO ABOVE THREAT.
After Chinese was lunch, yey :D Super lots of time to do random stuff O.O I forgot what I did can, frankly. Soooo...
SCIENCE! Went lab to test out bunsen burners and do small experiments like boiling water in the test tube -_- After that went back to class, ladeeda, packed up and went off :D Me and Etsy and Ting wanted ice-cream :D so we went to this ice-cream uncle stationed outside HCI :O Apparently he'd been peddling there for six years leh O.O So long!
Ting and Etsy were mean and ignorish ): I'm thinking they don't think of me as a real friend but one of those - what do you call it? ... - oh yeah, i'm-going-to-the-canteen-wanna-TAG-along? I'm always a follower, for some reason, and it's been etched in me so deeply.

THIS IS NOT FUNNY AND I'M NOT MAKING THINGS UP, in case you're thinking that. People always think that, because ooh, Etsuko and Ting Ting are so friendly this stupid girl must be making things up because she's jealous!
Typical thinking lah OK D: I'm determined to find out what is freaking wrong with our friendship and sort it out. If Ting/Etsuko see this, please call six-triple-three-nine-triple-eight. Don't wait! will you explain D:
I'm having lots of relationship problems (not the Hwa-Chong-guy-meets-Nanyang-girl kind OK -_- But Ting is wishing this will happen to her XD) now. Coping pretty OK with homework generally (except on Third Language day D:). I must pay more attention in class (esp. Chinese! :O) and drink less bubble tea.

very very sad indeed
Wednesday, January 14, 2009
9:28 PM
I am sad. I feel so alone; like everyone is being hostile or something. OK, not everyone (like, hehe, Rebecca's giving me chocolate :D), but well - my v. good friends.
My good friends include Etsuko, Xuan Li, Ting Ting and Sabrina :D
Why they make me sad?
Etsuko: she keeps insulting me and putting it off as jokes but the thing is - she keeps on doing it so it gets effing irritating and annoying and detrimental to my self-esteem, get it? D: And and it's like she doesn't think of me seriously sometimes, even when I'm really trying to change this fault of mine. I'm not asking her to help me change or anything, just DON'T FCKING MESS IT UP.
Xuan Li: OK Xuan Li is fine lah, teehee :D She's nice OK :D
Ting Ting: Sometimes she keeps talking to Etsuko ._. and ignores me ._. which makes me feel sadder 'cos I was just thinking we were getting along fine -_- and then she doesn't talk to me D:
Sabrina: Sabrina is nice! She and Xuan Li are my partners-in-crime XD
I understand sometimes I'm childish, not serious when you want me to be or something. But please bear in mind it takes two hands to clap.
all fcking messed up and i dunno what to do D:

7:55 PM
Today got so many homework can -_- Sian.
Anyway, today Lunch I decided to go obsess about Kailin (DancingSheep) again. So I wrote a short letter ._. and wanted to put it @ her class. Then, walk there with Nicole :D
The following conversation ensued:
Me: Where's 413 ah? -looks at map of third floor between two classrooms-
Nicole: There!
Me: Where? Ohh -realises 413 is nearby- Where? -turns around-
Nicole: Behind you lah!
Me: ._. Ooh.
Ahahaha so boliao hor me -_- Anyways just as I was gonna discreetly put it through the window flap, Kailin's classmate suddenly popped up! :O And she was like, "Can I help you?" all surprised.
So obvious I stunned say no right? And then I turned back and started to walk away but Nicole unfortunately loudly said, "I thought you looking for 413?"
Ohmygawd mortifying can or not! Kailin's classmate was like, "Are you sure I can't help you!?"
I was liek, NO NO!, staged a fake conversation with Nicole ._. and very quickly walked away!
Anyway, after that I go put my letter through the 213 flap :D Like some spy like that lor -_-
-push letter through flap- (Nicole was lagging behind) -"Quick! Move!" bounds awayyy-
Hahaha after that went Popular, bought stuff O.O then I asked Nicole to tuo1 wo3 (help me) give the letter to Kailin/her classmate. I know lah, so mean right D: But she doesn't seem to mind being extremely mortified so it's all OK :D
Ting is a Very Sick-minded Individual lah OK. I was telling her Nicole tuo1 wo3 - and before I could finish my sentence, she was ohmygawd Nicole took off your clothes!!? :O -__- Tsktsk.
Sidenote: I just choked on my rice and spit everything out on my laptop LOL!!
And Kailin got the note! :D
Tee I hope she replies soon.
I gotta go (clean up the spit-up rice D:) (do my homework ._.), au revoir! :D
(Zomg today got French yey but zz shall not elaborate. Just that at one point in time I seriously felt liek sleeping for very longgg D: and that I learnt how to pronounce 'comment ça va'! :D)

dance lessons
Tuesday, January 13, 2009
8:12 PM
Woo. I shall elaborate on Le Dance Lessons today. Surprisingly, the teacher was nice. Very poised, very elegant.
Ahem OK. Dance was after Recess -_- but Xuan Li didn't bring her uniform. I did, so I changed ._. and went to the Dance Studio :O The Studio has polished floors and mirrors everywhere lah; it was very... stage-ish and professional :D
Anyways, after taking off our skirts (we'd shorts underneath -_-) the teacher got us to sit down and then briefed us. Rachel (Wu) volunteered to be the Dance Rep :O Anyways, warm-ups and stuff. I couldn't do a split lah so embarrassing ._. I COULDN'T EVEN DO A NINETY DEGREE SPLIT LOR!
Ohmygawd damn ._.
Anyways, the teacher said we'd to sit upright and poisedly and stuff. Liek someone was lifting you by the head O.O so yes (as I type I am sitting upright ;D). It's pretty enriching and enlightening you know.
Ah shoot I'm getting Philosophical (speaking of which, we didn't have Philosophy today D: but Language Arts instead -_-)
Anyways, the Dance teacher said we are very beautiful (I'm not lying. No. Nuu ;D).
Kellynn is veh good -nods head sagely-
Me and Kailin having a coolio conversation I post here XD
Fiona: Kailin.
Kailin: hello! yeah?
Fiona: KAILIN. Can I invade your classroom.
Kailin: lols. LOLS. what for?
Fiona: I dunno lehhh. I boliao lah. Liekk. I go to your classroom and write on your board: "OI HELLO DANCINGSHEEP THIS IS THEPARTYPREDICAMENT VISIT ME AND CATLOVER261 @ 113 BYEEE"
Kailin: *lols. that'd be damn funny. though i'll probably be in class.
Fiona: D:
Kailin: and can catch you in the act of wasting marker ink. heehee. ohhh where's your class btw?
Fiona: O: 113 : D third floor : DDD
Kailin: classroom block right?
Fiona: yeppity.
go and waste marker ink in my class can lah >D
Kailin: hahas. maybe i mighttttt. maybe not. heeheehee.
lalala!!!=D lawls. you should. Then I can get your autograph =O Do you know how I look liek?
Kailin: nopes. completely no idea lols.
Fiona: HAHAHAHAHHHAH. Then you can come to my class and guess 8)
Kailin: that'll be so hard... hmms. but you dont know how i look too right? so i can pop by and you'll nvr know
Fiona: I know!!!
I saw the blogskins outings photos!!!
Fiona: Woohoo! >D
*goes to depress at a corner*bleahhhh tish is so unfair
Fiona: kuakuakua.
Kailin: ): hehhhhh. nvm.
Fiona: teehee. never mind lah. i tell i look liek what. i wear spectacles! i AM A BEAUTIFUL INDIVIDUAL!!!!!!!
Bye -_-

ey freaking hell
4:49 PM
Ohmygawd today Math got diagnostic test I FAIL CAN OR NOT D: Seriously, and not just the i-missed-it-by-three-marks kind of fail, it's the walao-get-zero-seriously kind of FAIL D:
Shit damn damn damn. I used more colourful language in that fifty minutes than in my whole life (in my head lah) :O which is absolutely shocking.
Oh, but... Mrs. P6 Math did say our NYPS seniors also failed their first test right :D this makes me feel a teeny bit better -_-
But less of the past and more on the present. Homework! Lots of it OK siao.
I dunno why I'm using these onionheads -_-
But anyway, something to make you laugh (I... hope? :D). A conversation that happened yesterday:
Grandmother: -shows me plenty of weird, "CNY" (ohmygawd nuuuu!!) clothes that look weird-
Fiona: -O.O-
Grandmother: -brings up a tee with pandas all over it- Nice or not? Can fit or not?
Fiona: Can lah can lah... Anything lah. Pajamas whatever size also can one.
Grandmother: This is not pajamas! -:O- It's for your CNY!
._. I mean like, walao so pajamy still go around in it ._.
OK I gotta go now, bye :D (I love French)

kena scolded
Monday, January 12, 2009
7:59 PM
Today I kena scolded by my mother and grandmother D:
Sad right! -_-
OK first I start from morning OK? :D
Le Person In Charge Of The Class Keys came late lah, what the hell. I waited outside the classroom for close to an hour, half of it standing ._.
Stupid lah!
Anyways -_- ladeeda! :O the lessons.
First was CLC :O which means Calligraphy. My calligraphy sucks D: But Kellynn's is super nice lah.
Language Arts got homework D: but the teacher is nice lor! :D She likes to tell stories and digress -_- But she got diabetes type one D: which is untoey D: See I'm using so many D: leh D:
OK ._.
Then... recess :D The Swing Club gathered at the tyre swings.
I fell off three times because they swung me very high :O
But all very cool ways leh! Hehe.
First: fall in front of the swing, kneeling, hands grasping at the chains :O
Second: ... something like above
Third: fall backward a few feet :OOO in a highly weird position
The seniors who were there were slack-jawed can :D
Also we cornered Xiaoen and terrorized her :O by making her go on the bench-swing and swinging it very high and singing advertisement songs :O :D ._. -_-
Anyways, later... Geography -face palm-! Walao the relief teacher is like ._. lah OK! He kept saying stuff like "nonetheless" and "essence" -_-
Anyway. I am now the temporary geog. rep.
Ahh. It was a moment of serious folly! D:
Next... Chinese Speech Training O.O The teacher is kinda nice and such :O but ah.
Next is Class Contact Time :O Basically highing and slacking.
Ahahah next went Etsuko's house :D Lalala.
I shall only speak of the high points. Basically ._. we bussed there :O went to Etsuko's house, picked up the rackets and chewing gum -_- and headed to the playground :D
Lalala. Swing damn high, and got dizzy D:
I mo
Also saw a group of three boys :O Ting Ting talked to them (even though she wasn't supposed to :O) ._.
Anyways, after that went back :D after a while me and Ting left :D
In the lift she was super weird ._.
Ting: Fiona...
Me: ... Yes?
Ting: I've something to tell you. I always wanted to tell you this but...
Me: O.O Yes?
Ting: I... I... -circles my neck with her arm :O-
Me: Ah! -runs to the other side of the lift, AKA Seriously Freaked Out-
Ting: -starts laughing before I could know the punchline ._.-
And still got one more -_-
Ting: Fiona!
Me: ._. Yeesss?
Ting: I've something to tell you. I don't know how to tell you this but.. I...
Me: Whaaa?
Ting: I... I... I think you're very ugly!
Me: :O
I was angry for obvious reasons but chose to ignore this terrible insult -weeps into handkerchief- and laughed instead.
Then I boliao at her back :D
Me: Ting! I don't know how to say this...
Ting: -very happy leh, dunno why- What? :D
Me: ._. Uh. I... I...
Ting: Yesss :D
Me: I like how you tie your hair! Can you teach me how?! :D
Ting and me: -laugh-
So random and boliao right?
Anyway, yep, more boliaoness and bus home :O Then kena scolded 'cos I got home at seven D:
Anyways, have to do my homework, so tata :D

pineapple tarts...pwn?
Sunday, January 11, 2009
4:00 PM
Now hor for me everything pwn -_-
But whatever. Yes, pineapple tarts pwn, especially warm, freshly-baked pineapple tarts!! :D
Anyway, just now my grandmother came and we rolled those circular pineapple tarts. Ladeeda! :D Super cool lah. Baking is an art, you know :D
By the way, I finished all my homework already! Monday morning will be slacking time.
Monday I shall bring four or five cookies plus twenty pineapple tarts :O OK, not twenty... ten? fifteen? or something :D
In any case, any leftovers shall be my recess ._.
I made a 113 icon :D Go see it; it's in the profile section.
Anyways, I apologize for posting all sorts of 'update' posts. I know they aren't very detailed, but shucks, my life is boring nowadays. Except maybe for school days :D 'cos school is cool and you know it too! :D
Wait, did that rhyme?
Mhmm the pineapple-y scent is super strong. Pineapple tarts are my favourite CNY snack, seriously can 8D
I hope my angel replies to me soon (hint hint, Lucy :D) leh. I always anticipate her letters! :D
I must remember to pack my calligraphy stuff (for Monday's calligraphy lesson) and to buy a green/red notebook from Popular on Monday :D
On a lighter note, I can't wait for my French lessons :O
On a heavier note, I keep wanting to write an essay about my love for Viver :3 but shit! Like my English become lousy already lor!
How leh ._.
I must! must! must! must! must! write more fantastic, Fiona-standard stuff!
Bye for now and please await a wonderful, detailed, (remotely) humourous post tomorrow :)

icarly rawr
11:48 AM
I am addicted to iCarly because it pwns.
It's just super funny and ... addictive? the characters are very real and stuff.
I don't want iCarly to end! D:
The way I see it, I've about thirty or so episodes left D:
But! I must not be sad! I shall bake more cookies and blogskin more!
By the way -cough- yesterday I skinned :D Go see hor! :D It's cool 8D (of course ;D)
Here's the URL ladeeda:
:D :D :D
Go see hor.
And lalala I've almost finished all my homework except for a few phrases I couldn't define ._. I think I shall do those on Monday :D 'cos I'm always freaking early.
Anyways, tata and have a nice day cookie :D

Saturday, January 10, 2009
6:29 PM
Yes! Went shopping for baking-stuff :D
To practise we bought an instant mix thing. Cookies!
Plus all the baking utensils like baking tray, etc. etc. 'cos we don't have those at home :O
Ohmygawd what the freak lah! The baking tray cannot fit into the oven!
Bloody hell! So wasted! -_-
Damn it I want cookie.
I am going to bake them! I don't care! By hook or by crook, I am going to bake LE COOKIES!
Watch this space.
Ohmygawd yes!
First batch of six delish cookies baking in the oven currently :D
Super! My mother dug up some by-chance-unrusty old baking tray. When I say old, I mean old. The tray is probably older than me lor!
Anyway, the point is that it can work and fit into the new oven :D
So we got up to mixing the dough! An egg, a stick of butter and the instant cookie powder; all of it :D
Mhmm. I promise all you 113 people! Tomorrow my grandmother is gonna come to bake pineapple tarts with me :O :D So if they're any good I might bring them to school and share :D
But that's if they're any good -cough- and also if you want them.
Anyway, I'm freaking excited :D
5 minutes left. The cookies are super big lor O.O Like the diameter is five centimetres! :D
2 minutes left. The cookie-aroma is wafting in and out can! Ohmygawd pwn lah.
I have no idea why I'm so damn random. When I just smelt the cookies, I was like "oh my gawd!" and "omg cookie smell"d Kellynn in our MSN conversation :D
Haha I rock! She wants cookie!
I said I'd store it for her and bring on Monday. I mean it hor! :D
1 minute left. I pwn everyone. My mother looking for the glove and taking! cookies! out! :DD
OK not yet. Soon.
I'm gonna change my blogskin! :D To a fusecircus thepartypredicament one lalala. Who is me, actually -_- Fusecircus pwns, too, though. But I dunno - not my type? ._.
Pwnage can.
Mhmmm so good :O -salivates-
Making another batch soon, so toodley! :D Bring a cookie to school :D
Bye! :O :D
All the mix is used up already :O
Ooh-la-la. I won't have to give Kellynn half of a big cookie 'cos there are smaller cookies :D
So I'll bring a few of those smaller cookies!
And now, shoot, have to do homework already D: Bye!

4:03 PM
Haha! After a nice brunch of Ajisen -salivates- (without dessert though, which is sad D:) we went to collect the big heavy oven :O that cost near two hundred dollars :O
Ohmygawd so cool! Baking is one of my passions in life... even though I personally have not tried any form of baking before!
-cough cough-
But whatever! Baking is still cool. The oven is sitting next to the hamster-table, where we stack the cages :O
We haven't opened the box yet ._. though.
By the way; 1/13's blog is up and runnin'! :D Some minor changes to the blogskin/content here and there, but overall it's pretty can! :D I attempted to make a blogskin for 1/13 but failed tres miserables -_-
Am I losing my touch?! -dies-
Oh well :D I'm working on another theme for my next blogskin though :D I'm gonna work and work on it until it's perfecto before submitting it, and that'll probably be a few weeks later, with all the homework and ... yeah.
That reminds me. I must finish my homework! I'm one-third through! :O
Shoot lah the passages we've to read got so many phrases I've no idea about ._. This proves that reading a total of seven chinese books in your life is not enough! And the sad thing is, I'm not even exaggerating. I really only read seven chinese books, more or less, in my pathetic twelve years on this earth! :O (excluding textbooks, thankfully)
Which is why I must read a lot a lot (I suspect I'll read more chinese in this year than in my previous eleven-going-twelve years) a lot to freaking pass with flying colours (the expression so clichéd can ._. but it works).
Ahahah. I miss all my Nanyang Primary classmates! Where is Ariel when I need her!?


i. feel. bad.
Friday, January 9, 2009
8:38 PM
I feel so bad now can!
Now the 213 people (AKA Possible Angels :O) are like, deliberately not talking about their mortals because OF ME.
Shit can!
OK fine shoot.

sorry twothirteen! fiona feeeels BAAAD: (-_-)

I'm gonna do homework; slacked enough for the day! Toodley :D

swing song
6:34 PM
Ohmygawd sorry I'm a bit ZI-HIGH now leh.
I'm posting again, rawr :O
But anyways, today the Swing Club (that means Xuan Li Etsuko Ting Ting Fiona Sabrina :D) gathered! at the swing behind the canteen. You know, the creaky-creaky one?
And then we sang songs and zi-highed :O And stuff lah, randomly :D
One such song we sang (O.O) was "I believe I can Fly" by R Kelly :D only we modified it. But only one verse.
Now I shall modify the entire song and post it up here! Woo-hoo! (I has a talent for such boliao things)
Original song: http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/rkelly/ibelieveicanfly.html
I used to think that I could not go on
And the swing went on for too long
But now I know the meaning of zi-high
I'm believing I can fly

If you can swing it, then I can do it
If I just believe it, there's nothing to it


I believe I can soar
I believe I can touch the floor

I believe I can touch the beam
I believe I can grow wings
I believe I can fly

I believe I can fly
I believe I can fly
I believe I can fly

The swing was on the verge of breaking down
Sometimes Ting Ting can seem so loud
Sometimes Sabri gives a splitting shriek
But the Swing Club just is so sweet

If you can swing it, then I can do it
If I just believe it, there's nothing to it

[Repeat 1]

Hey, cuz I believe in me, oh

If you can swing it, then I can do it
If I just believe it, there's nothing to it

[Repeat 1]

Hey, if I just spread my wings
I can fly
I can fly
I can fly, hey
If I just spread my wings
I can fly
Yey :D
I'm cool or cool lah!
Hehe gotta go now ;D
Allez bye-bye!

4:22 PM
Yey! Today first thing in the morning I rushed to class, hoping to find my angel's letter :D
But don't have D:
So I harboured a hope that she would come to 113 to pass it to me :D
And she did! With a cherry Kit-Kat on top! Wahahaha! :D I love chocolate, and Kit-Kats are one of the best! :D
But she didn't know who I was -_- (I didn't put my nametag on :P) and so she put the letters on the whiteboard (the place you put markers lah, whatever it's really called O.O) and the Kit-Kat on top :D Then she drew a squiggly line and arrow-topped it and wrote my name :D
I was liek, ohmygawd yey! (super enthu lor, me ._.) in my heart and continued staring fixedly at Kellynn while she talked about her Chinese Dance audition :D
Anyways. Today we got homework! Siao! :D
But I'm damn happy about it lor, why :O I guess it's because the past one month I've been slacking, slacking and slacking and not doing any work D: So my brain cells are all dead comatose unused (ahem).
Except the last few days of December. I read through my Science and History, OK. However briefly -cough cough-
OK lah so I slacked lor, now must study hard :D I want to study hard. It must be the lack of studying from P1 to P6, and all the hard-work-energy have been saved up to be unleashed this year!
Ohmygawd I'm quite weird.
Today my group seemed to have opened up! Or actually I opened up to my group and became my normal crazy self again :O They were surprised lor, and commented upon my siao-ness and high-ness.
Teehee. Maybe they thought I was "quiet and clever".
I'm not quiet. But yes, -cough cough- I must acknowledge my cleverness
I also told people about my sixteen hamsters, and showed them the photographs in my handphone - but Rebecca insulted Sushi lor! Somemore it's the v. v. adorable photograph of Sushi lor! So I threatened to poke her, but didn't because I am kind and she said she'd track training the next day.
:D I think I'll get along super well with my group and class :O :D
Etsuko is liek, mean lor.
Seriously can.
Nuu I know she's my good friend but sometimes she puts me down and I feel very sad/bad leh lor D: Everytime I do something wrong or stupid or crazy and already feel sad, she like -
what's that phrase again? Oh yeah -
kicks me when I'm down.
And it's not once, it's many times already! D:
Ah. Anyways.
Today I wanted to buy myself a new notebook :D 'cos in a Moment Of Stupidity I defaced my old one -_-
So, yeah. But Popular @ Causeway Point don't have the kind I was looking for! Sad me! D:
Never mind. Monday I shall go buy :D Plus it's super cheap, like one dollar or something like that can! :D
OK I shall say allez bye-bye and scoot off to read more blogs/do homework :O

angel X mortal
Thursday, January 8, 2009
9:35 PM
Ohmygawd I'm laughing myself to death.
Firstly, I know who my angel is already! :D
It's all due to class blogs. They provide v. good information about your angel and also they might link to your angels' blogs.
Anyway. Something coincidental (also why I'm laughing):
my older cousin's name is Michelle.
my younger cousin's name is Rachel.
Michelle's mortal is Racheal.
Rachel's angel is Michelle.
(different people hor!)
But it's like so coincidental lor! :O
P.S. It was I, the Great Person, who found out who Rachel's angel was using some information she gave me! :D

last day of orientation
5:50 PM
I'm drinking bubble tea for the fourth day this week. And so far, there are four days this week.
Sad how my life is, yeah :D
In a flash of Inspiration, a Philosophical Nugget popped up in my brain. That is:
Secondary School Brings Out The Weird In Moi.
See, so Philosophical lor!
Anyway, I shall explain why this Philosophical Nugget rocks, and after that I shall talk about today, ze Last Day Of Ze Orientation D:
Reason (why this Philosophical Nugget rocks) One
I auditioned for Choir and GUZHENG.
Yes, freaking GUZHENG. I still can't get over it can.
Yeah OK. Choir is like, seriously cool :O I mean, I would never ever try Choir in Primary school lah but in another flash of Inspiration I got, I signed up! :D Which I somewhat regret and not at the same time. I doubt I'll get called back for the second round of audition, but I don't really mind, 'cos at least I tried.
I shall now talk about today's Choir audition (first round). I made Ting Ting go with me during Recess, even though her audition for Choir was scheduled for later, during Lunch (haha I'm so ewil :O), 'cos I was nervous D:
Anyway, lalala we walked there :D and it's like so freaky ohmygawd can! :O I went into a tiny room alone, and there were two seniors there, plus a few chairs and a piano. I was supposed to follow the note the senior played lah. At first I was like O.O and completely hyperventilating, but then I started singing lor. My voice was wavering and whatnot, 'cos of my nervousness D:
Which is why I think I cannnot make it to the second round D:
OK I shall now talk about Guzheng :D
I originally stayed back to look for my lost wallet (more shall be disclosed later :D) but then I decided to go try out for Guzheng :D
Spontaneously (like my tears)! :D
And lalala. Ting Ting decided to try out also, so Ting Ting, Hui Qi (a girl from our class), Nicole (group member) and I (:D) went to the audition rooms together :O We registered and then waited for thirty minutes.
Gah :O The band, practising along the corridors, was damn loud can! D:
Awkward once I stepped into the room with my bag (before that I warned Ting Ting to wait for moi :D). There were three teachers (yes, teachers! No seniors like in Choir! Ohmygawd :O); two of them behind a table, and one in front of the table near the guzheng. There was a sheet of music on the guzheng and one look determined I did not understand any of it.
I sat on the chair behind the guzheng and suddenly one teachers said "Good Afternoon" in Chinese. I stared stunned for a moment, 'cos I explicitly remembered a senior outside said we would get to choose the language to converse in!
But whatever. Because of my fluent biligualism (-cough cough-), I managed to converse pretty well in Chinese :D Except stuff like 'Squash'. What is Squash in Chinese, anyways?
OK. Many weird things. I think the Guzheng teachers were kinda thinking about selecting moi (many nods) but Guzheng was my third choice (behind, respectively, Squash and Chinese Drama). So ah, well :)
Next reason! :D
Reason Two
I lost my wallet.
I have no idea how I lost it. I realized my wallet wasn't with me in the Auditorium, just after Lunch. And I was completely freaking out and stuff because 1. my wallet costs twenty dollars 2. there was approximately ten dollars in my wallet = total loss would be thirty dollars.
Thus. My parents would kill me!
Anyways. Another reason why I was slowly dying was 'cos we would be in Le Audi for an hour!
Which meant an hour for someone to steal my wallet! I desperately hoped all NY girls were morally upright like me and would pass the wallet to the G.O or, at the very least, leave my wallet alone! :O
After an excruciating hour of singing the school song "in pitch", we were finally released :D I wanted to head to the swing near the entrance of the school (where I last saw my wallet) but Etsy made me go up and get my bag first.
After that though, all four of us (meaning Etsy, Ting, Sabri and moi) trudged to the swing near the entrance. No sign of the wallet! D:
So Sabri accompanied me to the guardhouse (approximately two metres away) to try to ask if the guard had seen the wallet or seen someone taking the wallet or SOMETHING, while Etsy and Ting went to the canteen. I said "hello" first, but the guard ignored me. So Sabri took over. She explained my loss - but before she even finished her statement, the guard interrupted and said (in a freaking rude tone lor), "I am not asked to find your wallet. If you cannot find your wallet here, go to the -mumbles-"
I was like, WTH lor! Not even asking her to help us find. And somemore she's damn rude lah! No eye contact at all, just reading her newspaper -rolls eyes-
So me and Sabri, pissed, left. I went to the canteen to find Etsy and Ting, and Sabri waited for her mother or something.
Anyway, back to the canteen. I stared forlornly at Ting's jelly D:
After Ting finished, I made her go with me to the G.O! :D We found my wallet there!
Thank goodness for the morally upright people!
Reason Three
I can now, spontaneously (somewhat) shed tears, imitate Xiao Hua from Campus Shrewd (the Channel U thingy), etc.
Ohmygawd leh!
Super cool siao!
I'm super happy now! I shall aspire to be Le Great Baker! :D
Anyways, more about today.
1. Cheering Competition
I screamed myself hoarse. Thank my smartness for sneaking a bottle of green tea in, is all I can say, except 113 rocks your socks lah. Ting didn't believe me when I said I could scream higher than her, so I demonstrated (v. kindly hor! She asked for it! -laugh-).
And yes, I scream well -smiles serenely-
112 was good too. Second to 113, of course -cough cough-
And we own 101 to 111, because they have approximately ten whole more students than 112 or 113 leh! :D
Cheers to 113 forever/two years.
2. Photo-taking
._. Self-explanatory, LOL.
3. Orientation Games
:D PSLs rocks! Xiaoennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn :D
4. Swing Club
Four of us (Xuan Li, Etsuko, Sabrina and myself) are the main members of the Swing Club! We uh, sit of the swing. I make people scream, I tell you.
Like, today:
Me: Woo-hoo! -makes swing move v. high-
Ting: Ahh!
Me: High or not!
Ting: Ahh!
Me: High! Fun! Tian!
Ting: -lets out ear-splitting shriek-
And whenever we sit on the swings, we're normally very high, as in, bouncy and super enthusiastic. And also we forget our punctuation.
Me: Zi-highhhhh!
Ting, Sabri: High!
(random person passes by swing)
Ting, Sabri, Xuan Li, Etsy: Hi! -big smile-
Random Person: O.O Hi.
All of us: -laughs-
Me: Hello have a nice day hor hello do I know you or something wait I donnnn't but never mind have a nice day nice night nice week nice year nice!
All of us: -laughs-
Random Person: :O
Me: High! Fun! Tian! -makes swing v. high-
Etsy: -screams-
Me: Niceness is underrated! :D
P.S. Viver has been separated from Mochi and is growing fur again. She is no longer bald.