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Saturday, February 28, 2009
8:47 AM
I am blogging! :D!
This will be a longish post :D (hopefully -cough-) to make up for the weird posts preceding this. So, yeah.
Yesterday was completely cool :D and fun! 'Cos of 1. mini YOG 2. 113 ;D 3. ermIkindaforgot. I shall have to type quickly now anyway, 'cos I need to bathe D: Yesterday both bathrooms were occupied and I was feeling tired so I erm, sort of dozed off on the sofa. And the next thing I know, my brother is making Viver crawl over my arm in the bright sunlight! Morning! -_- And Viver squeaks when he touches her XD ha! Poor Viver ): And then after a while of peering at Viver hazily, I gave up, when to my grandmother's room and slumped on the bed :O There's a ticking clock in there, and when I finally looked up a bit I saw a thing moving in beat. And so I straightened my body and realized (quite slowly) that that thing was my foot.
Ah I digress ._.
Anyway, lemme start from morning, before assembling. OK so I learnt a bit of the second dance :D will practise a bit later. Then PCCG. Most of this period was taken by the extremely long assembly -.- but the remaining time we rehearsed most of our performance yey!
OK finally PE! Rebecca (hereafter known as Rebekky -nods head solemnly-) was shouting at us to change quickly O: Rebekky so enthusiastic about PE :O
Actually the rest of us also! (erm, quite lah ._.)
BECAUSE OF MINI YOG! -shake pompoms-
Basically erm it's like a Mini Youth Olympic Games (self-explanatory I hope?). We split into teams, known as 'countries'. And then compete during events XD Woo yeah. The teams: Jamaica, France (us!), Timbaktu (O.O), Korea and Alaska (I can see Russia from my house!).
-cough- In my team: me (._.), TingalingadingadingasingasongaBILLABONG!, Sagebweegebweegepuipuipui!, Xuan (-.- a bit anticlimactic hor this part) and Yi Xin the pole dancer.
During the preparation all of us were shouting and stuff. Plus exchanging greetings in our native way XD i.e. kissing people on both cheeks (for France). Haha we freaked a lot of people out! :O
Anyway, first event was 75m run :O Sabrina represented France! -shake pompoms- (She got second, by the way) And then, hurdles. Moi. (my hurdles are kind of good I suppose :D) And all of the competitors were really nervous but all of us displayed wonderful sportsmanship -clap clap- by cheering one another on. By competitors I mean everyone in 113 :D It's really cool and feeling-y (if you get what I mean -_-). Anyways, yes, I forgot to mention. For 75m run and hurdles, we're separated into two groups each, due to -cough- the lack of space XD So the teacher takes our timing and then see whose time is the shortest XD
Anyway, first three hurdlers ran, and me and Rachel Wu (the second two) cheered them on :D Then... us. My heart was beating very weirdly O.O I could feel it beating, and beating, and beating, until yes! the start! At first, me and Rachel Wu were about the same, and then... I got faster and faster until the last hurdle, I jumped high above it and...


But we were supposed to run past the cones.
So Rachel Wu won.
Disbelief, disappointment, then, a tinge of sadness, but this all passed quickly when my classmates started hugging me and Rebekky telling me, "it was a good run". And following, happyhappy! (walao sound quite retarded?!) XD I would have won, but honestly I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm quite happy (Fiona your vocabulary needs to be improved lah!) glad with the knowledge that I'm the fastest hurdler among the five competing hurdlers. (Confirmedly not as fast as Rebekky though XD)
OK yeah. During Ting's 800m thing France shouted at her and told her not to give up (this sounds weird but yes). She got third (not bad already le, considering the distance D:). Xuan's long jump was pretty much the same :D but... overboard so she was considered disqualified D: Yi Xin didn't get to throw her javelin XD 'cos no time ._. Anyway, Jamaica was the overall winner :D
I'm proud of my team still :D (I am tempted to add, "YOU GO, GIRLS" but I have decided not to)
OK then recess :O I bought a lemon tea and no food at first and Kellynn was shocked :O She said I was starving myself so I purposely bought one plate of ramen to spite her -evil look- In the end, yes ._. no time to eat so we chionged and got a container, poured ramen inside, chionged up late for Science, Mr. Tan made us chiong to toilet to change back into uniform, we chiongedly changed, chionged back, but Science went absurdly slowly and boringly ._.
Anyway, after that was CLC. Was going quite OK at first but suddenly the fire drill rang. Kellynn screamed -_- I shan't elaborate on the hysterics of my group XD anyway, walked to boarding school, spent a long time there talking :D and erm, went back in time for Lunch! I stole a fork, bought Apple Tea (stop lecturing me! I'm hopelessly addicted :O), hid the fork in my wallet (and tried to look natural while doing so. Succeeded :D), went back up and ate my now-dry (but still a bit warm) ramen in class! :O Amazing right. Normally when I eat in class I eat things liek Oheya XD (titbits) and chocolate :D! This is quite exhilarating.
Alright. The rest of the day was prettaye boring :/ Oh yes, NPCC :O A senior spent 10 minutes teaching me how to tie a knot :O yey! I liek that senior :D
Ohmygawd can't wait for Mondayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy: LSC! :D! -feels outrageously happy joyous- And I plan on getting ribbon to tie friendship bands XD (now armed with the technique, ironically due to NPCC ._.)
Ohkay end lor. Haha still a bit weird my writing style (grown rusty le O:) but whatever! Haha -
oh tian I really should bathe now.
P.S. I returned the fork.

Sunday, February 22, 2009
10:16 AM
Yesterday at night my grandmother was feeding the hamsters and found Cafe/Latte was dead and stiffened. Seriously yes.
I'm not sure exactly who's dead ._. they look quite the same, but nevertheless I feel guilty. I never play with Cafe/Latte, or Latte/Cafe for that matter, because well, 1. they are boys and boys stink D: really lah 2. 15 hamsters is just too much. I might be giving excuses, but well. Yes, I was affected by the death but not in the crying way with me shaking a handkerchief at the body and sniffing.
I've promised all the hamsters time and again that I'd play with them, but this never happened. And now Cafe/Latte is dead! without any love. Sure they get food and water (mostly O.O sometimes my grandmother forgets D:) and a regular change-of-bedding but no actual playing or stroking, even.
I really feel guilty about this.
I feel much better letting it out :D
Yey I liek Monster House so I shall go watch it now -_-
:D toodles (gah my posts are getting boring leh -sad- Nevermind my life will get more interesting de :D)

library cip
Thursday, February 19, 2009
2:40 PM
La :D It's Library CIP later ._. rawr. I can't say I'm looking forward to it, bleah. Haha yes in library with my Agatha Christie books.
Yey I found my NPCC seniors' blogs so easily -_- Erm, just google lor.
Today lunch was after LA :D and I forgot to bring down my wallet again. Cue Xuan Li, Ting Ting and Sabrina not lending me any money D: even when I erm, threw a tantrum -cough cough-.
Ha, so I stomped off in mock-anger and ran around the canteen looking for classmates. Finally borrowed $1.20 from Nicole :D thanks a lot :D
And then bought lemon tea -.- during the transaction some stationery fell out from my unzipped ugly pencilcase rawr.
Picked up stationery, took lemon tea and spotted the ewil trio. So I shouted "Sabrina!" and ran after her. And she attempted to run away -_- but I chased after her and...
my correction tape flew out.
Seriously lor XD~ hahahahha we were all laughing 'cos got people stare at us O.O
Anyways. Grr, CIP in a few minutes ._. eep. I feel like randomly typing.
ojadlknkgaolgjlfn HTR jbdkfgFO NAOGJT0O49Q3OJLKNLDljjkpskfpkgak fepkfafkd.

Monday, February 16, 2009
3:41 PM
Woo here I am! blogging on Etsuko's computer. Yes, I'm at her house :D
Gah tomorrow I'll have to present :O my story and bring Viver. So I'm trying to decide how to go to NPCC lugging that ugly Ren Yue Pai bag.
I hope no one

etsuko is towelling her hair! well i was anyway. hmm.

(that was Etsuko by the way -_-) steals! :O my Viver D:
OK lame. Today Rebecca called me a lamo! D:! How could she lor please, so what if I watched Schoolhouse Rockz?
(Why are you looking at me like that?)
(Stop it!)
Peach tea :D Just now Etsuko bought a can of Coca-cola :D and she made moi pretend it was me who

etsuko looks cool in her dark green with a single pale pink stripe adidas cap! weehee!!!

(Ee so ... zilian :D) bought it! Grah. See so weird.
And now I must announce that Etsuko is hopping around her room singing, like O.O
OK shall not float aimlessly in the realms of blogging (?) so... heh. Message to Lucy: the cookie was instant-mix de! So it tastes nice! :D! Haha but yes I have to admit my baking skills surpass erm, the peach tea's.
Ladeeda. Feeling weird now? :D
Gawd why do I have the feeling this post is awfully disjointed D: On Friday I took the wrong bus and passed by Clarke Quay, the Parliament House, Esplanade and saw the Singapore Flyer -_- Ended up in Geylang! seriously lah.
OK bye ._. Etsuko is making me do homework -gasp-

of course im hardworking and task-oriented!
btw i realised i can make a srsly cool dao pose in my adidas cap. *hops around*


v'day yey.
Thursday, February 12, 2009
4:27 PM
Right. Valentine's Day to me essentially means cookies and chocolates and flowers to be given to Ting.
Right after blogging this, I'll (in order):
1. bathe
2. do homework
3. do flower arrangement XD for the lucky Ting ('cos she was shameless enough to ask for roses! But no roses for her >:D just erm, the flowers on my plants ._.)
4. bake heart-shaped cookies
:D See, a beautiful schedule.
I should go bathe now.

viverviverVIVER! -chase-
3:54 PM
Yesterday I brought my darling Viver to school for LA story-telling rehearsal :O
Sidenote: She's crawling all over the keyboard :D
OK she erm, ran off le! O.O Then go down my arm, my skirt and - ey now on the bed :O LOL. Never mind.
OK so yes, Viver! I put her in Mochi's cage, and put Mochi in her cage ('cos obviously cannot lug a 3-storey high contraption to school right -.-). Last year when I brought Viver to NYPS, the cage was placed in a red and blue ugly GNC bag D: this time the cage was placed in a slightly less ugly red Ren Yue Pai bag :D
Muahaha so anyway, a lot of people were v. excited about Viver :/ And then I put my French books on top of the cage (so no one passing by would think a cage was inside (of course got air though). So until I took Viver out, no one could tell! :D!
By the way this is Ren Yue Pai:


Kellynn and Rachel Wu damn funny can -_- I was playing with Viver, and they walked by. I immediately go show them the hamster, but they ignore please! Then put down the bag, suddenly started shouting, "I want I want I want!"
And Nicole Chew! Tsktsk! Ohmytian she screaming "Viver" so loud :O Like that everybody know already lor!
Ah heck care :D Nobody scolded moi anyway, yey. I'm not elaborating :/ Very sian ._. (yes I know you read this also sian. It lacks the energy le! :O!)
OK I must go search for Viver to give me inspiration :O :D
-finds Viver-
-stares at Viver-
Oh! Yes! Viver is not skinny! I DO NOT STARVE HER OK D:! She just has a high metabolism rate lah -feels myself trailing off-. But I don't starve her I don't ever starve my hamsters! D:! -brandishes Viver-.
OK I skip to Third Language OK? So erm, got up the bus... - EEK VIVER JUST JUMPED OFF MY SKIRT! -search- -find- - ... and then put aforementioned Ren Yue Pai bag on my lap :D then fell asleep O.O I woke up at the Centre just in time, uh, thanks (no thanks, actually) to the bus jerking that make me hit my head really hard on the window lor. Untoey. Walao Ting and Sabrina laugh at me can! D:! So ewil.
Anyway, walkwalkwalked to class, put Ren Yue Pai bag under the desk. Then Ting and Sabrina came by and made me go down to the Fitness Corner/Obstacle Course with them - plus with Viver as well! :O! So anyway, went down lor. And then Rachel (mon cousine) and her friend came along also :D The first part was OKish, did tricks and stuff :D plus bleahing. And Sabrina so what de lor, keep saying Viver respond to her. Ey excuse me she never lor :O! full stop and and oh yeah. I tried to put her on a beam thingy, the rounded metal kinds and she suddenly froze. Eeee so shocked :O (me, not her). She froze 'cos she was scared lah I guess :/ which is normal. -shakes finger at myself- I should stop treating Viver kinda like a circus animal to show off -cue Circus by Britney Spears!-. Hmph. The next time I bring Viver (for the actual story-telling) I will not let anyone play with her. NO ONE.
OK so that's about it. Ohoh! History is nice :D 'cos the teacher lets us watch this really cool documentary, Nefertiti and the Lost Dynasty (I can imitate the person saying this leh :DD!). And then one of the archaelogists speaks with an accent :/ can't place it though. Haha.
That's all? The Valentine post (yes) will be coming up later :D! :D!
Today the bus I was in kept opening its doors for no reason at all wtfh!? So scary O.O And I was inches away from the entrance/exit please. If I let go of the railing hor, I wouldn't be blogging here. Quite unappetizely smeared on Bukit Timah Road, yes, and definitely not blogging.

i am blogging -gasp-
Tuesday, February 10, 2009
10:27 AM
Today the Dance teacher didn't come D: (and I liek dance lah) so we'd to go to the library. Cue mixed feelings? In the end we went to the Library, third floor, where there are computers. I mean laptops :D
So I'm blogging on this uber cool laptop with a toey keyboard that makes a efficient sound. Something like that anyway. But all the words and images and what-what-programmes are freaking elongated lah. My ICT (computer) assignment, a PowerPoint thing looks weird (For your information, I'm doing on my hamsters~ :D).
Anyway :D Etsuko shook her head in a very disappointed manner that strangely reminded me of my mother, so I moved away from her O:
I'm technically supposed to be doing my ICT/LA but I'm blogging here instead O.O LOL nevermind I will do those later.
Gah NPCC today ._. I dislike staying back! D:! Then I reach home super late and that means less time for homework D:
I realise I'm narrating v. weirdly -_- Blah whatever~ :D
OK I'm signing off now :D (also typeracing :D)

EEEEEEEEEEEEE why my typing speed suddenly decrease D:

and so the monster strikes once more
Sunday, February 8, 2009
3:58 PM
I'm feeling very mixed up now. It's about Ariel (again, yeshiede. I'm feeling jealous :/).
Ariel and Szeling. I mean they're quite eh, pally now. Pally as in friendly and wtfh, I'm scared Szeling will become Ariel's best friend and Ariel and I will drift apart and...
Right now we're having this game, and... it sort of feels like I'm excluded. I quote:
. s z e l i n g . says:
Psht. Ariel create Chinese one, then I translate.
. s z e l i n g . says:
So yours is poetic Chinese and mine's poetic English.
I am probably making a big fuss but that's really how I feel you know ._.
Gah. Homework (XD), bye.

Friday, February 6, 2009
9:53 PM
Oh yes, yes, I'm talking about my Angel (Lucyyy :O) again.
You see hor, erm, it's like super weird and awkward between us :/ mainly because of yours truly -.- We hardly ever talk in real life, except for... the basic greetings like hello and random shrieking -_-
A bit lame right! So today, about half 113 were at the benches ._. and suddenly someone (Xuan Li I think :D) pointed to the canteen and shouted,
I immediately turned and ohmygawd was really her lor, eating, erm, ice-cream (irrelevant fact but whatever :D). And then I started freaking out? 'Cos erm, I dunno lah super weird -_- Anyway I attempted to run away-slash-hide behind rubbish bins (really lor XD). Unfortunately I have some very extra friends and walao they threatened to go tell Lucy-slash-shout at her to come can!
For extra measure:
And then Xuan Li was grabbing my arms :O like acting like that (heh) -.- And then she very seriously asked me to "calm down" and also asked, "what is wrong?"
And I equally seriously looked at her and told her about feeling zibei - 'cos ah, -takes deep breath- IsucklahsocannotgetintoNYJFandthenbothLucyandXuanLigotintoNYJFpleasebutIcouldn't getintoNYJFleh.
After some tussles, Ting and Sabrina came. They VERY EXTRALY told Lucy about me can!
Wtfh I trusted them you know! -angry XD-
So erm, Lucy came and waved.
Ahem, then you know is lah, I erm,
It's becoming typical lor. Angel approaches, I scream and run away -_- I mean it's quite frightening I'm talking to Xuan Li and then walao! Out pops a Lucy!
So anyway, after running away I decided to go buy chicken rice.
Bought already, walked back, and saw Sabrina clutching her food-slash-spying on moi -.- Ignored her XD and Lucy started talking to me O: I didn't run away this time :D
Oh but after like - one, two? sentences - she went away to take care of an emergency (homework?! O.O) XD
OK so. Bye (my mother is complaining about my failed tingxie DD: Resolution: STUDY THIS WEEKEND DAMN HARD :DD)

my luck is changing for the better!
Thursday, February 5, 2009
3:52 PM
Go ahead and read the title!
-waits patiently-
OK a bit hyper now :D because I'm happy :D yey :D
1. Miso and Romeo both came back! Miso hid in the storeroom; we only found him yesterday after waiting-slash-eating XD and Romeo came back two days ago; grandly walked out of kitchen -_- shan't elaborate though 'cos BSOD:
2. I found the skirt in the classroom -_-

Yes! Omgomgomg. I'm hypering. Now homework -dies again-.

nuu -sky falls down-
Tuesday, February 3, 2009
7:48 PM
I'm too depressed to act sensibly/blog extensively. Reasons:
1. ROMEO AND MISO DISAPPEARED! Their cage door was open, I've no idea why or how, but omg I love all my hamsters what if Romeo and Miso dead leh? Ohmytian noo -dies-
2. I lost my skirt at school (stop laughing le lah~) and inside the pocket is the super expensive watch my mother bought me liek omg! It's close to a hundred dollars lah please, if I lose it I die ._. Plus ohgawd how can any sane person lose her skirt?! Luckily I evaded the security guard 8D or I would have dunno-how-many demerit points already bleah.

uncompleted homework
Sunday, February 1, 2009
10:38 PM
Gah. The HOT (Higher Order Thinking, ahem) questions are completely O.O. This resulted in them being uncompleted D:
I should really do my homework properly but omg it's like damn difficult can?!
Plus all the e-learning :O so scary rawr ._. Never mind I shall
as always.
Oh but Jasmine's post cheered me up considerably! As in the Onion. (O.O sounds weird. Ah, never mind.)
Let me try to copy and paste that part...
ok cannot ._.
Ahem so I shall just link her yes?
(wao look I'm so enthusiastic -dances around-)
It's the unbelievable post, because she dedicated a whole post to my post about the CCA results! -gasp!-
Hahahahaha she seems to think Ting Ting is cute XD because she patted my head lol! (which she is, actually)
Sorry I'm a bit no-sense-ish (see, I told you) now -_- a bit sleepy too even though it's only around 11.