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Thursday, April 30, 2009
3:46 PM
Irritating lor the parental controls! I can't even see my own blog lah, eee.
And now this post page is very-screwed-looking with a lot of little white boxes with (weird) red crosses in them ._.
Today I'm supposed to go for act ._. but stomachache (and now I've to wonder how to get an MC D: oh well) D: Eeyer or not. Damn pain lah D:
I must stop using all the D:s! Use more :Ds.
Yes I ate a chococone tm from Macdonald's just now :D and now my stomach is not-as-pain-ed (O.O)?
OK whatever I am ranting. I know :D.
Hungry :D
Ohmy :D this is taking the smiley:D thing too far:D
Walao :D
Facebook :D
BS.com :D
-insert composition line i.e. a wave of nolstagia swept her into yesterday, into the memory that would never return-
Ehehe :D I'm really good at making composition lines right :D
I realise this is a crap post :D so I am pissed :D (yes, contrary to the smiley:D) that I am being so... unfunny! (what! I AM funny lah. Am I not -flip hair :D-? :D) D:
Oh dear I broke the :Dstreak.
Who cares :D
(not me :D)

Monday, April 27, 2009
10:51 AM
Ting Ting's best friend is opposite me in the computer lab. Chao noisy ._.
I miss blogskins.com! Seriously.
I miss Sylvia, I miss Kailin, I miss Yvon and Szeling and and..
Ariel D:
Aw. Fiona is feeling sad.
OK lame right ._. doing my photoshop now :D
Did you watch Star Awards 2009 yesterday!? Joshua Ang was ____. DYT was wearing a sky blue striped suit lor ._.
-no comment-
Oh well. Bye :D

Saturday, April 25, 2009
3:04 PM
Tada! I'm blogging you know :D
The other Fiona: Yeshiede!
Blogging :D about NAPFA yesterday and NPCC yesterday and FPS today.
OK so. NPCC first, ma'ams were early at the quadrangle in their PT kit :O Which is unusual. Anyway, fell in (while pondering about this unusualness) and YESYES HAHA! RECREATIONAL ACTIVITY :D Which means. Games lah :D (Which is why ma'ams were in their PT kit!)
So yep, my squad decided on Captain's Ball. I think -cough- I catch the ball relatively well OK :D not boasting or what lah D: Hmm.
Ma'ams didn't participate ._. only looked from the side and giggled (eh D:) O.O
-hops around for no reason at all-
Halfway through the game, we went for Uniform Measurements :O The coolcool uniform :D (I suspect ma'ams read my blog. I am a very sensitive person. Therefore, erm,) and then was quite awkward :/ 'cos we I didn't know how to wear stuff :/ (liek, the beret :D which is Frenchish) And then Jia Yuin ma'am was erm, helping me measure (something like that) which is weird (especially for the belt/skirt. Hint: waistline)(and then the skirt part she was asking me to turn and face my back to the other ma'ams to see if the skirt was OK somemore -shock-! The belt she and Amelia/Chuxi ma'am was erm, commenting on my ________ yes ._. -horror-!) ._.
Anyway! finished, went out for Captain's Ball again! Had to leave at 4.25p.m. for NAPFA, so Ying Siu ma'am sort-of-went-up-to-me-to-tell-me and I went to get my bag.
Then realised my valuables were with the ma'ams ._. so went back to where squadmates were... recrea-ing (ee! Ma'ams were playing with squadmates lah! EEEEEEE I WANT D: Tsk. NAPFA :/) :D Then raised my hand ._. to ask a ma'am to bring me to the NPCC room (erm. Yeshiede. She got the key what :D) and take my stuff. Said ma'am was scared I get hit by my very happy/excited squadmates (rawr! Eee I wanna play Captain's Ball with ma'ams too :D so fun :D and Elaine/Weiting said 41 ma'ams said our ma'ams loved us! -piaos- So gan3chu4ish lah. See. NAPFA D:) :D
And then said ma'am (Jia Yuin ma'am :D) was very breathless also ._.
Skip to NAPFA?
Yeah OK :D
I GOT 5 'A'S! Thank you family, thank you 113, thank you 43, thank you ma'ams, thank you Lucy and Jasmine, thank you teachers and erm, support staff, thank you dentist, thank you the guy who gave me the seat on the extremely-crowded-bus because I was actually sleeping while standing :O about 2 weeks ago, etc. :D
Muaha I can go Oscars' and take a prize le -fantasy in progress-.
OK end.
OK now. Tomorrow.
Err FPS was OK lah, woke at 5.30a.m and reached at 7a.m. Hid in the toilet reading a book until 7.30a.m. then received a call from Rebecca then met her then went to the Lecture Theatre together, where we were supposed to meet. Eeek! Saw lots of people; squadmates, 113ers, Lucy (who has not replied me D:), Rachel (cousin :D) :D etc.
Yepyep. Huh.
Then. FPS lor :D One classroom to ourselves - 401 de! And 401 is very artistic leh, got papermache cows hanging from the ceiling and whatnot. Read Kellynn's blog for more :D
After that went Etsuko's house XD (ate first :O) yey to do some homework ('some' as in 'some' :O).
Yeah and went playground (LOL). There's this spinning thingy that Ting Ting kept getting on (walao! She became damn dizzy lor and thought everything were doubles/taller/shorter/slopes -.- After dizzy, still went on more O.O a bit siao ._. I was swinging :D Etsuko and Ting Ting were ewil and pushed me unevenly so that I was half-sitting on the swing D:
Anyway yeshiede, that's about it :D Long post! :D! Must do rest of homework/revise Chinese D:/rescue Viver from the depths of the pillow -_-

happy not:D
Friday, April 24, 2009
7:16 AM
Rebecca's uninteresting bottom is next to the keyboard -cough-. OK (fine Rebecca I'll blog about your competition!) yes :D Rebecca is awesome at competitions :D
Well well! Yesterday yesterday I brought Viver to school :D yesterday I brought Viver, Hammie AND CHIPPIE. Yes. Only Viver/Hammie de cage was in the ugly renyuepai bag, and Chippie's was in a ... Cold Storage :D (Also erm. Quite ugly ._.)
Damn pissed at what happened during Lunch lor D: I told Yan Li not to let anyone touch any hamsters, right. Then got some random people come! and touch! until Viver and Chippie fought LEH (sorry why I bold the wrong word ._.). And the cage fell apart -.-
rebecca is damningly fast lar. cannot stand her already. shes SO awesome at comps can anot. ren jia jealous already ;D hahahaha. but she's lagging behind in work, so, fiona teo, will HELP HER! yesh.
Oh and after school we had drill practice with ma'ams. Irritating wushu people go and keep disturbing my hamsters also -glares at Sabrina-. Ugh. Until I very calmly and coolly (of course!) went over, grabbed the bag and took the bag with me :D So cool lah me I got talent for this kind of mission.
OK bell. This shall help to tide you over, yeshiede :D?

Saturday, April 18, 2009
8:04 PM
Woke up from my sleep after dinner; piaoed off while listening to random music :D and then got chased out with Viver (D:) and both of us went to the sofa. I tried to sleep and she had to wake me up throughly by dunno-go-whering D: So yes, I am awake :O
(Big deal!)
(OK extra ._.)
(I wonder how NYJF did for their SYF? Good I hope :D)
Hmm Viver is lost ): maybe my brother took her out D: Oh well.
(Why am I piaoing further and further away from my intended topic ._.)
OK yes. The thing is, I am feeling very detached and lost.
Yes. You are not hearing things, dear Reader. Fiona feels detached and lost. From 113, from school, from Lucy, from squadmates, from life, from mind. Indeed. Fiona feels lost and finds solace in her Kinder Bueno.
-eats kinder bueno-
113 seems... so yesterday.
(OK wait I did see 113 yesterday ._.)
School too.
Lucy seems so last week!
(Tsk. Never reply me D:)
Squadmates seem equally far away.
I think I am piaoing away can. Ugh. And seriously I'm being freaked out by a lot of people ._. and my mind has been corrupted by Ting Ting and Kellynn (D:!). Not a good combination.
Oh well. I need to piao off to do homework :D bye now. Perhaps I shall enjoy homework for once (sorry, I rephrase: Chinese homework :D) and not-fail my other blocks tests.
*I replaced 'drift' with 'piao' because drift sounds so emo! And I am not emo D: Resolutely not. On Monday you shall see a happy bouncy as-cheerful-as-always-Fiona who did-her-Chinese-for-once yeah.
By the way Yan Li I forgive you :)
P.S. Ting got JOSHUA ANG AND DAIYANGTIAN's autographs! I want (you hear that, Ting Ting? Go erm, PHOTOCOPY now lah!).

2:15 PM
Hello! Rebecca just left uh, we were doing our LA project :D (RAFT:D) which is due on Tuesday ._. Ohmygawd lah she had nationals almost everyday this week D: And she left her handphone D: ee. Ee. And I can't call her to say something like "you left your phone at my house lah stupid :D" D:
Oh well.
Yesterday was CLASS BREAKFAST ey :D ate leafy sandwiches while 112 ate their Big Breakfasts from Macdonald's ._. er. Yesyes 113 is a healthy class :O
Got back most results :D
-one moment of silence for my poor soul D:-
Deciding to jiayou and work hard :D
OK since this post is so shitty, going off to read a book/slack/complete RAFT. Then do homework :D tomorrow is revision ._.
Oh yeah today I brought darling Viver to eat with Rebecca and me at Macdonald's! :D! Hee. Viver kept squirming lor -.- and I put her in Rebecca's pocket I kept peeking into the pocket a lot until Rebecca hit my head D: so I took her out :D aw was adorably sleeping :O Hee!
Bye :D

Wednesday, April 15, 2009
7:10 AM
I am very angry with Yan Li now D:
You can go read her blog and see lah; so mean of her to say I'm 1. les 2. hypocritical.
I shall not elaborate D:
Yesterday we got Physics back :O
-one moment of silence for my piece of soul (O.O)-
Hmm OK Kellynn and Ting Ting and Ying Tong and Yan Li wrote poems to cheer me up in response to my sad poem D: :D
Ah I need a comb D:!
(Etsuko just stared at me in the -_- way)
You know I left a -cough- childish book in the school bus yesterday and today I saw it hung up with a clothes peg ._. Walao liek almost waving it in everybody's face!
(Erm, pun :D)
etsuko invades! i also leh, i was on hte bus on my way home yesterday abotut o take out my 8 days and found i left it in school! gasp!
Er. OK :D
I think I shall go now :D and let other people have the chance to use the computer XD so KIND me! :D!

friday:D (without ting ting)
Monday, April 13, 2009
7:04 AM
Wahahaha. Ting Ting is huhing at the title of this post but I shall. Heck-care her :D
Sidenote: Am at Yan Li's blog now and ... tsk! She calls me crazy! And got one chao long paragraph on Kellynn and mine is so typical! Bah!
D: Kellynn wants to invade -gives a Li Shuen expression- D:
Oh but she went away! so I shall erm, blog about Friday.
I planned everything can:
Wake at 9, Bathe at 10, Leave at 11 and Meet Etsuko at 12 :O
I know the periods are - unnecessarily long OK -coughcough- but still. I plan ahead!
-cue coughcoughcoughs from crowd-
-cue me throwing strepsils and me eating Kitkat (is Kitkat wor!) (Ohmy that 'wor' is super ahlian -_-) in front of said crowd :D-
OK. Yes I mainly followed my schedule and ended up early (the wonders of Planning Ahead!). Was supposed to meet Etsuko at the 'interchange' so I extraly walked to the bus interchange.
Dunno-do-what with my handphone there lah -_- and then erm, called Etsuko at around 12 'cos she asked me to ._.
Fiona: Where are you~
Etsuko: Er I'm coming. Where are
you now?
Fiona: Erm.
Etsuko: Ticket Office there ah? Or the place you
tap your ezlink card?
Fiona: Err the place I tap my ezlink card (I am a
blatant liar, yes D:) -start to walkwalkwalk very quickly to erm,
Etsuko: OK I'm... 300m from there. See you
Fiona: Huh orh bye -inwardly thinking: OMG 300m only!,
-end conversation-
Huh turned out I was early and Etsuko surprised me -.- OK lor, took MRTs :D near Harbourfront there (I think at Outram Park :O) Nicole called Etsuko and told her she was at Vivocity de Candy Empire le. Chao early can, even earlier than us ._. So Etsuko told her to meet at pageone :D but erm after me and Etsuko reached we decided to meet at Candy Empire XD (sorry Nicole for making you walkwalkwalk so much D: but it's good for your health lah O.O)
So skip to meeting at Candy Empire :D
Etsuko bought some candy :O then we went to level 2 and decided to eat at Terra Cafe! :D! While Nicole and I ordered stuff Etsuko went to get Rebecca who was hopelessly lost ._. Tsktsk.
OK then eat lor. I'd some nice thingy O.O Linguine Carbonara :D Yes! That. Was tasty :D plus this complimentary mush-cream soup :O (Ohmygawd I cannot believe I subconsciously merged 'mushroom' and 'cream'. So impressed with myself :D) and plus ice-cream! Hee. But was quite (?) expensive OK :/ $15 leh! For myself. The total bill was $55.40 :/ Bah! Ignore! And I was trying to be taitaish and waved the bill thing in the waiter's face O.O
Arcade! Played Table Hockey and a random drumming game (we lost like D:)
OK hmm. Went to Pet Safari I think :D Uber lot of hamsters (really! All types! SYRIAN also wor!) plus some guinea pigs and two rabbits. And DOGS whee. After we looked at the pets enough we went to buy hamster stuff for Momocha (Ying Tong's soon-to-be hamster :O)/Berry (Etsuko's de)/ VIVER:D
Hohoho Rebecca bought a swing for Viver (but erm! Viver don't like leh -_- so I give to Hammie who enjoys hopping around it :D)
Sidenote: 23rd April I'm so bringing Viver and Hammie to school for their first birthday! Must give them presents OK, 113ers! :D!
We saw a beautiful white dog too :O (I think it's a Japanese Spitz as well XD)
After that went to the water play area! Ohmygawd MAJOR ZIPAI SITE :D Took many classics poses ala baywatch and random stuff haha! :D! Was fun and we also splashed water ._. so our bottoms (er sound wrong) got abit wet. Which is when I discovered the disadvantages of wearing a white skort.
-coughs to distract you-
Yep we ran in the water OK! Muaha. And near the water play area are lotsa benches, got someone litter there so I took a picture using Rebecca's handydandy O.O camera :D to UPLOAD TO STOMP. Tsk! So inconsiderate. But at the benches we also took pictures :D crazy poses. I am proud to say I specialize in unglam shots of Rebecca
Went arcade again! This time we won the drumming game XD and played lots of Table Hockey (My ultimate arcade favourite please!) :D plus a bit of ParaParaParadise -.- I sucked at it lor! Don't ask :/ Got random people hog the DanceDanceRevolution (the names all so unoriginal de!) D:
After that went Daiso! Bought some hamster stuff too :D and Rebecca and I ended up buying some project thingy as well :D
I quote Etsuko's post:
we were all craving for dimsum
Walao where got! Only you lor!
Next went to random Rebecca shops XD Etsuko had to leave then, so Nicole too, then me, then Rebecca -_- (Stopped at Candy Empire for my candy whee! Was chao expensive lah five bucks) Took MRT to Outram Park together :D I decided to eat dinner with Etsuko since we were early. I shall quote her again 'cos I'm too lazy :/
had dinner with fiona! or rather she ate half of my dinner. :p as we were
heading to timezone again, she remembered her sweets were on the table...so she
chiong down and chiong back up with a desperate look on her face telling me her
sweets were gone. we were like, must ocmplain about their overly-efficient

Exactly! Ohmygawd so sad. I confirm the cleaner eat all my sweets lah D:
NEOPRINTS!!!LOVELOVELOVELOVE.even got this wind effect! the first set of
neoprints were lovely but then we wanted more...so take again!can you say
chio?(:another round of table hockey; fiona and i left T.T

Hmm yes. Etsuko did not mention a guy staring at me while she went to top up her arcade card. It's damn freaky ._.
Went home huh discovered my ezlink card no money and wallet also less than five dollars due to unfortunate splurging and cannot take MRT so walk to bus interchange and bus stop both no 961 called my grandmother was reminded of the fact that I could buy a card so I did but went home thirty minutes after curfew kena scolded.
End of this outing.

short post
Sunday, April 12, 2009
9:04 PM
This is gonna be a short post :D just an... update :D 'cos Campus Superstar is ON. As in the Finals. So exciting :D
Yep Friday went to Vivocity with Delafontaine :O was fun, but long, so I shall blog about it tomorrow at school (what are the school computers for lah! Obviously for students to blog ._. right XD)!
Hmm today I went Bugis :O (saw Nicole Chew leh! :D! So shocking. I was playing my erm, QuadraPop game on my phone and then heard someone very loudly shouting my name ._.!) after that went to my aunt's house (with the pomeranian Weiwei and schnauzer Lucky :D)! Eep! Played with dogs, looked at the baby O.O, merely observed my sister's Baby Alive doll -.- and did some homework :D Oh and my other aunt's friend brought his dog (yes yes, boyfriend fine :D). Ohmygawd a JAPANESE SPITZ!

I've no idea whose dog above dog is.
Anyway, the fur was damn snowy white please! Damn cool :D! Hee but Lucky and him got into a fight ._.!
Near the void deck and some parked cars I saw two cats :D One was a random, typical stray-cat breed :O who had brilliant green eyes :O (I meowed at him/her! and he/she meowed back :D) lying on a random truck -_- The another looked something like a Birman. Only fatter and the tail is shorter and I've no idea what breed that is -.- hmm. And so I meowed at it :O it was a bit scared I think and hid under some Toyota ._. then the driver came O.O (ha! balding old uncle) but the cat ran under some other car, like another Toyota (what is with this cat and the Toyotas!).
Aha I wanna go SPCA :D
OK er. There's a cat breed "Singapura", origin is Singapore, and it's quite ugly adorable. Oh yes it has big ears ._.
OK bye! :D!

Thursday, April 9, 2009
6:58 AM
Alamak my hair is tied messily again D: I dislike it rawr.
OK erm. About yesterday which was damn hilarious lah XD
History was OKish :/ good compared to Physics -_- and then I shall skip the rest of the day until end of school :D
I kinda got into an argument with Rebecca. Over some trivial stuff that's very complicated and concerning voodoo, pushing and being mean (mostly me lor this part D:).
Anyway it ended with Rebecca throwing the poor whiteboard duster on the floor and... storming off, shouting "I hate you for life" :O
Etsuko and Xuan Li were very unhelpful -does jawthing- and "ORH-hor me ._. But fine lah they also cannot do anything :/ and they're nice people (er for lack of positive adjective :D) :D Ting Ting and Sabrina also never wait for me so I made my lonely way down to wait for the Third Language Bus D: Actually first I went to SMS Rebecca saying erm, sorry. Then I went buy erm, green tea. And then she replied :D saying sorry also :D so nice right :D :D :D Then I went Popular to buy M&Ms heh XD (what! Tsk I can enjoy a bit and eat chocolate right :D) Unfortunately as I was walking out of popular, Ming Hui, Lucy (my angel :D) and a random NYJFer I couldn't recognise walked from the opposite direction. Popular has two staircases and I wandered to and fro between them for a while before finally choosing the left staircase.
But alamak lah, they still saw me -_- Ming Hui and the Random NYJFer suddenly shouted: "Hello Xinzhuo's mortal!"
I walked on faster.
The girl in front of me gave me a weird look -.- (like it's my fault like that lah!) but I shouted "hi" back and the weird NYJF-people started laughing liek siao?! Never mind my angel very weird de :D
Made my way to the meeting place and spotted Ting Ting and Sabrina :D I instinctively did the jawthingy XD
Some extremely funny and Ting Ting-ish stuff that happened:
1. Ting Ting made me wave to a random girl with an orange bag O.O
2. When I said I could shout and everyone there could hear me, Ting Ting tested me and wanted me to shout erm, "Yi Pin" (issit? ._. forgot le). I was like recalling the person when suddenly the person go walk beside me -_-
3. Ting Ting and Sabrina chao lame keep shouting to Lucy lah! and Lucy thinks it was me who shouted to her now! That Sabrina was very suspicious 'cos after she shouted go and pretend look up -.- (alamak so lao3tao4 lah!)
4. Jasmine recognises me le! Thanks to Ting Ting can -_- who shouted "Jasmine!" loudly when I pointed her out ._. so Jasmine looked back and said to her friend "just now I think I heard somebody call me". Spotted me (and my nametag). Went "ohmygawd is that Lucy's mortal?" to her friend and came over while I circled Ting and Sabrina to avoid her and her asking if I was Fiona. Also I tried to take off my nametag -_- which is pretty conspicuous right ._.! End of story (now she thinks it's me who shouted her name. Bah.)
OK lor then wait a bit and learnt how to say "undergarmant" in Japanese from Sabrina/Tootcake :D
Yey! Bus came le, Ting Ting was pushing me/asking me to faster (for what ey! Not like I'm very slow right ._.). So I tried to act-classy and ended up falling -_-! The bus driver was like telling me not to trip next time -.-
(Rebecca! and Etsuko! are erm. Somewhere near me :D)
Third Language Centre. No comment except I was writing Ting Ting de letter ._.
(Now Etsuko run off and Rebecca is beside me. She is asking me to type this -.-)
After rebecca quite wonderfully helped me to save my life. i went off to save outer space! then rebecca called me back to have dinner. she's NICE :)
Eeyer guess who wrote that -.- damn BUYAOLIAN :D
Eh. After that went to some place to celebrate grandmother's birthday! :D! Erm buffet can :O but still very expensive rawr D: Happy birthday :D
Oh wait! my cousins very lame. Actually it was me first, because Rachel (cousin) was calling her friend so I call Rebecca also ._. then Rachel and Michelle (also cousin) want to spoil the conversation and call me -_- while I was speaking to Rebecca.
Went home in my uncle's car!
Eek bell now bye.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009
7:04 AM
I slept for liek superlong and superwell outside the classroom just now ._. my eyes just closed lah D: not my fault lor :D And then random people kept waking me up can! Can or not! D:! For what lah I was sleeping very nicely glamly and not drooling on their bags or what tsk.
Anyway Sabrina and Nicole are kaypohly looking at me blog and causing me to having very horrible typographicals errors such as erm, "droling" O.O!
Sian ._.
OK maybe not ._.
Today's LA lesson is hotseating and I'm supposed to be Nanny O.O who is this old and psychologically-disturbed person ._. Etsuko very kindly lent me this flowery orange piece of cloth that smells flowery as well -_- for my part. Yey for Etsuko (I wonder where she got it :O) :D!
Ladeeda I shall bloghop :O
Therefore I shall bid adieu! (also because I've to collect class fund :3)

i blog again -superman look-
Monday, April 6, 2009
2:45 PM
In computer lab now :D 'cos I decided to be very very extra -.- and follow Etsuko and Jia Chun on their Fact Sheet thingies ._.
Eek the chair squeaks horribly -chair squeaks again- :O
Today got erm, Geography and Mathematics homework. Horribly difficult mathematics D: Algebra (Yan Li's favourite topic -_-) leh. Algebra zomg O.O
(Yes I do realise I'm wasting space by typing a lot of unnecessary stuff :D)
Muahaha NPCC tomorrow -neutral expression- :D Our ma'ams are chaojiwudi (yes! I am copying Kellynn -gives a big deal look-) nice lor D:!
(Irrelevant sad face -.-)
(OK fine, I'm sad 'cos we're not even half as nice as them D: I quote my NPCC NCO:
i think 43 liked the present (: not bad. ahahha. nvr waste our effort going
to jp. & gohyingsiu you are seriously 外冷内热,口是心非 lor. still bothered to hand
write + cut out the paper hearts one by one. :D i'm amused. ahahah. but the soft
copy writing of letter was funny too. saw the letter like expand so much !

Hmm I'm probably breaking some rule ugh. Never mind.)
I tell Jia Chun red blood cells are ugly le lor :O she disagrees. No but they ARE lor can ._. only they are useful and very nice cells, so I liek them.
(Eek I am aware I sound P2-ish -_-)
(Why constant references to P2ness! I am discriminating my erm, P2 juniors :O I must not do that D:)
(OK fine I sound P1-ish :D)
(Fiona you lanbeyhock lah -_-)
(Never mind. Stop talking in BRACKETS parentheses)
Ey. I've got headphones on, and every slightest movements brings me one step closer to pulling my head out D:
Ah yey LMS :O
Bye now :D I've got to ._. hmm?
So toodley.

theft O:
Saturday, April 4, 2009
4:45 PM
And then I shall skip to after Dance. You know, what, people's stuff got stolen! Seriously! Like Jia Chun's (handphone + money! Ohmygawd!) lah. I was still happily putting my History worksheets in my file, when suddenly, pandemonium broke out (when lots of people started realising their stuff were missing ._.). Liek zomg lor! OK fine, 4 people were stolen from O: from our class. Damn shocked, and I wasn't paying attention during LA. Please lah, people steal from you in NYGH can! OK fine actually I did listen :D Never mind. Down to lunch after LA. Announcement made about locking doors. I bought noodles, sat with Xuan Li (kena stolen from also), Sabrina, Ting Ting and Etsuko, and suddenly! Got three people walked by discussing the theft. "Handphone, ah, and PSP" ... We thought we're the only class affected, and so we burst out laughing -_- the people were looking strangely at us LOL. Spent the rest of lunch loudly debating the thefts :D the people from the next tables were all O.Oing at us, please! From there we started insulting 113 -_- and loudly debating whether, erm, Sabrina (Lau)'s de was Andy Lau or not -gossipy look-. After lunch, went back. Received announcement to GO HALL just as Rebecca told me the entire secondary three was affected. Zomg please! That thief is freaking scary can, damn efficient leh ._.! OK heh. Talk (basically all I know de :D) then back to class to search bags :/ Eek. Waited outside while some people went to report suspicious characters O: I wanted to also! but dunno who to report. Cannot anyhow report, otherwise later some innocent cleaner auntie become scapegoat ._. Anyway before I majorly digressed, yes. Finally checked all bags :D so went back to class. And then. CHERYL FOUND A CIGARETTE CASE (not moi, Rebecca -_-) So I kaypohly took it from her :D Mdm. Lee made us go to the General Office :D and give to the staff. So we. Did :D Ohmygawd I saw a policeman lah! A few, actually. Damn scary please ._. Haha he's very cute lor like: -sad face- You TOUCHED it already ah? HAHAHA we'd to sadly say, "yesh D:"



It was them after all :O

43 happy birthday!
10:26 AM
Hello people.
I suppose it's a bit boring I keep blogging about my squad o.o? Never mind lah I shall IGNORE YOU :D
Yesterday was Squad 43's erm, squad birthday ._. Yeah. Lunch we gathered at this table, with this gigantic tasty-looking-chocolate-cake O: and 20 packets of Milo :D
Are you jealous yet, the-people-I-ignore-and-are-possibly-at-home-watching-reruns-of-Campus-Superstar!
But cannot eat -.- YET, because some squadmates and the ma'ams not here D:
So waited. While waiting, shifted tables (very, erm, suayly managed to get the bench in between the benches with the 40 and 41 ma'ams ._. sitting. So awkward!), talked a lot and discovered we didn't have plates. I then proposed an ingenious idea of tearing apart the cakebox to use as "paper plates" but for some reason this suggestion was vehemently rejected D: What! It's innovative AND reusing stuff! Which is good :D
But anyway.
Soon the ma'ams (I mean the ma'ams we invited :D who are ___ __ ma'am, ____ ___ ma'am, ______ ma'am and ___ ____ ma'am! :D!) came and talked to the other 40 ma'ams ._. Cue me and squadmates giving weird looks to each other.
After a while the ma'ams came to our table and I got squadmates to shift the benches -_- because the ma'ams couldn't get in at all ._. but they go and extraly walked over to the other side! :O
Yep, I stuck the single candle in :D and lighted it :D (because I'm very erm, extra ._.) and while the people were discussing who would blow the candle, I again very extraly flapped my hand in front of the candle, and promptly extinguished it (extinguished-candle, Elaine!) -_-
So anyway, I proposed the environmentally-friendly-idea again and carried it out in front of the horrified/happy-because-of-my-environmentally-friendliness ma'ams XD but I was again extraly thwarted by Jia Hui who got plastic plates + forks/spoons from some extra stall! Bah!
Anyway started scooping cake (there was a piece on my "paper plate" before the plastic plates arrived :D so I dumped that piece on the plastic plate :D)
Jia Yuin (alamak give up ._. shall use their names!) ma'am was like, the spokesperson and she said something about the ma'ams not wanting any cake. As if lor, the expression is like "I-wanna-eat-everything-evil-laughter" kind of look lor. Anyway we were nice :D and gave them one piece (which -cough- disappeared quite quickly eh :O). Then we gave 41 ma'ams also (very large pieces XD) :D
Oh yeah. Milo :O Gave the four ma'ams a packet each and the 41 ma'ams some as well :D
After I ate cake ._. and took the Milo ._. I had to go follow Xuan Li and Sabrina :O to photocopy stuff :D so I did :D
OK ah act after-school :D
Have to go now :D continue later OK :D
Back :D no actually I didn't go out at because my brother very considerately decided to go to the library right before our lunch. Tsk.
Anyway, yes, act.
(I shall briefly talk about Science. I didn't bring my worksheet :O but pretended I did ._. Anyway was PRACTICAL zomg :D so fun :D looking at eh, onion cells through microscope :D the teacher said mine was very good can! except got a lot of air bubbles :O)
Was cool. First was drills. Whee, quite. OK. Not as bad as last time whee :D which means 43 is improving.
(All thanks to ma'ams and Elaine and Jiahui for their never-ending, yong3bu4yan2bai4-ness :D also the rest of us, for tryingtryingtrying :D)
(Zomg I realise I'm not bold/italic/underline-ing as much as before :O how can this be)
Anyway, yep, after Drills a Total Defence Lecture :D I kinda enjoyed it ._.
Then "Recreational Training", which turned out to be... one-on-one talks with a ma'am :O I was one of the last please, quite freaky ._. But I got called before -cough- :D
Had the talk with Chuxi ma'am :D she was nice as usual :D After that, ran to where the others were for some reason ._. and halfway through felt the erm, airiness at my foot there.
So I slowed down near the others and lifted my right foot up: behold! The half-separation of my sole and shoe -_-
So lame right!
Seriously it came out lah! Wth. So I told people and asked if they got erm, masking tape :/
And then finally Vanessa asked Amelia ma'am if she got masking tape -cough- because my shoe po4diao4 LOL. Amelia ma'am was peering at my shoe -.-
Eeks, my brother is back :D Bye :D (later I come back lah)
Eh. Back :D
Yep so ._. she made us go to the area outside the aesthetics department. Wait a while then Yingsiu ma'am and Amelia ma'am came :D looked at us weirdly so we fell in :Or
Turned out we didn't have to -_- Amelia ma'am asked me to fall out and handed me erm, a roll of masking tape LOL XD
I very embarrassedly went to a corner but the ma'ams like a bit evil? told me to just tape my shoe there -_- so I did :D with the help of some squadmates :D! Whee! But everyone laughed (including ma'ams ._.)
So debriefed :O a bit, the other ma'ams came. At this point in time the masking tape come out again D: so I got Jia Hui to ask? And then everybody was laughing at me lah :O mean! Anyway, tape le.
Oh yeah, Yingsiu ma'ams was quite sternly telling the rest not to laugh at me, "their squadmate", but you know she got this trying-not-laugh-also look lor please! So obvious lah!
After that the other ma'ams tease her :O
I forgot the rest le -.- only we were talking about the individual talks, and Yingsiu ma'am got the idea in her head we didn't check the notice board for our Routine Order (we did lah!) D: Then dunno-what-happen she asked us to fall in ._. and made us close our eyes, LYING about blind drills :O (how can lie! Tsk~!) Actually they were tying this cool knot-thing on our wrists :D Yingsiu ma'am was tying for me :O and she was prodding at my hand I thought I wasn't locking up (like. Clenching my hands tightly enough :O) so I go and clench even tighter! until I heard Jia Yuin ma'am (or someone?) tell her to tell me to unclench my fists. Yeah.
Anyway, end of it! Open eyes, and wao-d at the pretty knot-things :D there was "I (pinkheart) NYNP B43" on it; damn pretty can :D
After that the ma'ams made us close our eyes again, pretending they were gonna be asking questions :O lied again O.O actually haha, they put a box of m&m brownies and a card in the middle!
-tears fall out-
-sobs uncontrollably-
-drinks apple juice-
Anyway really wonderful and awesome of them please! They like almost wanted the thing back 'cos we didn't thank them D: (too speechless because of touched-ness what! Ah) so we got it back anyway.
I wanted to read the card out but the ma'ams say cannot.
Anyway, went canteen, eat and read the letter (confirmed JY ma'am write it out de!) :D
If the ma'ams are reading this,
which is possible,
I would like to thank
on behalf of 43:

-group hug ala Hannah Montana ._.-

You know just now Sushi got lost D: and now she smells dusty leh!
You know I finished my apple juice ._.
Haha yey for jargon.
Sorry for blogging weirdly and un-detailed-ly D: (or maybe my expections of my blog-ness have risen :O like my height) OK. No time what -gives a "what-this-isn't-an-excuse!" expression- O.O
OK bye~

Friday, April 3, 2009
8:45 AM
Catch you later :D