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4. Kind words
6. Books that I would like
7. Tintin comics
9. Trip to Taiwan
10. Good grades
11. New camera ;D
12. SNSD concert tickets
13. Money for aforementioned tickets ^^

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Some very long posts to waste your time.
(Compiling of this list to waste my time.)
5th September
Class Chalet '10


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i feel sucky
Sunday, May 31, 2009
5:41 PM
Hurhur. Sucky D: not 'cos of Viver OK :D 'Cos she's still there -points to heart-. Corny whatever :D
I feel sucky because I'm being very mean to people. Granted, they might be mean and conniving and horrible first, but two wrongs don't make a right. I have no right to judge her (fine I do). I've no right to make her feel bad.
That's the problem with this world. How people are constantly making each other feel bad just to make themselves feel better.
Grah. I just want to... explain it. So no one gets hurt but they learn from their lessons. Problem is, that's impossible.
Whee O: Yan Li's latest post is making Me Reflect. So thought-provoking. It's also mainly the reason I'm blogging this out.
Yes I've a horrid feeling E is Etsuko and F is... myself. Makes sense, correct? But cannot be so obvious right ._. maybe can. Don't know. Don't really care now.
Camp Rock :D! OK bye. Also my CLC SIA is not really completed heh XD oh well O:

Hello. I'm sick of it. Really sick.
I'm going to be like Kellynn and freaking stay out of it.
Sorry Etsuko.
Sorry Rachel Wu and Rebecca.
Sorry everyone.
-fades to oblivion as Demi Lovato shakes her head while singing "This Is Me"-

random and possibly retarded post
1:01 PM
Ahahahaha Rebecca is so funny lah! She did the EF Prequiz and strangely... she doesn't remember doing it -_-
OK, doing CLC SIA now .___. a bit sian ugh! Never mind :D
So happy that 43 is happy! OK relatively O: apparently ma'ams asked if we had problems in our squad (according to Elaine ah -.-).
Confirmedly squadmates don't know what to say! Hah! I completely regret not going D: idiotic sprained ankle O.O (ohmygawd! On the way to the bus stop from my classroom I kept imagining ma'ams were there and basically avoided anybody's eyes -_-) and gymnastics is OVER lah! Rachel Wu not changing CCA O: oh well, her choice :D
Yey whee Road Safety on Thursday hoho :O must REpolish boots le. Without Viver.
Aw man D: but seriously, yesterday my mother was unnaturally nice to me OK! Eeyer. And then today she will let me watch Camp Rock (ey? Nothing wrong about that what! Demi Lovato is... IN lor! In in in in in! Yes, Hannah Montana is so yesterday (actually ah, she is very last week but never mind. The movie about her seems nice though :O (aha! The movie is a ploy by her company to bring her back to IN-NESS :O! A conspiracy -gasp-!)))
Oh dear I just confused myself a lot -.-
Eee! Rebecca offlined on me! Why like that D: (she went to check if her other homework completed also by her 'fairy person' ._.) her house too big ah :O
(Yes hor actually her house so big how to find all the homework ah? Must search how many rooms, tsktsk! :O)
Hopefully by the time I go to her house there to do the fascinating Geography assignment on traffic she would have BOUGHT A TRAMPOLINE! :D!
I am eating chocolate (SWISS OK :D) using my mouth. This seems perfectly normal except the chocolate is... on a plate. Yes. So I'm clawing at the plate with my teeth and hoping that chocolate will enter O.O (Cannot must strike off D: sound so unglam!)
Fiona resolves to complete her 1/5 of her CLC SIA today and... some Mathematics -cough-. And then watch Camp Rock!
By the way yesterday I went to watch NATM2 right? Quite enjoyable leh! Only there was this weird relationship between the protagonist and erm, a life-size-figure-of-Amelia-Earhart. Ew. They kissed lor .____.!
Oh well, their choice O.O but seriously damn funny lah :D! Ben Stiller FTW (yes I suddenly become his fan, cannot meh D:)! Ohoh the Albert Einstein bobbleheads were cute :D all hail me! The One Who Has Watched Night At The Museum Two Unlike You From Texas Or Ang Mo Kio Or Erm I Dunno Admiralty Also Can Lah.
Oh speaking of which, my old idol Mr. Lim Kok Boon is leaving our dearest NYGH for... the MOE. Pah D: why :O sucks oh dear D: he's superfunny and nice :)
Home Economics next term -insert MSN's :O face-.
And I shall go now wheebye :D long happyish post :D
(I still miss her so so so much :D less though. I'm starting to remember her with smiles instead of tears. I still wanna hamster and I'm planning on calling her Thunder. Tribute to Viver and I's relationship :) I'll give Thunder all the best :O like seriously. Including pretty pink bedding like Xiaxue's hamster! :D!)
(Neh I'm tearing again.)

list of things to do!
Saturday, May 30, 2009
4:41 PM
Things to do:
1. Visit Viver's grave everyday -_-
2. Mathematics Factorization/Expansion Prequiz
3. Mdm. Lee's extra-homework-for-me-cough.
4. NPCC stuff
5. Biology supplementary (Ey. This is for everyone lah!)
6. CLC test paper
7. CLC assignment book (again! This is for everyone :O)
8. CLC SIA (nuuu I hate D:!)
9. biaism :O as in revision.
Yey at Canadian Pizza now :D :D :D Lasagna here I come whee!
Also ah, Responsible Readers you can call me to erm, remind me to complete thesee tasks OK :D (ey? I mean Nicole and Yan Li and Rebecca... not you from Texas)
My brother commented on MY ENGLISH O.O
OK I better go now bye :D
Oh look! Xuan Li was very nice to post all the homework on the class blog... mostly for erm, "blur blocks" like me -cough- :D
NTEGRATED MATH! (i apologise for any headaches ._.)
`Sign expansion quiz
`Ace-learning at least 10 questions per subtopic (Mdm. Lee still hasn't assigned the stuff anyway -.-)

`Mind map on religion

`Traffic survey (efficient eh! tingpui! XD)
`WB pg 51-56 if you haven't done (like*cough*me)

CHINESE LANGUAGE AND CULTURE! (that was a mouthful. handful. er. nevermind.)
`CLC SIA (yes, i'm going to die... so know that you're not alone. some more i xie zuo leh ._.)
`Photos for miao2 xie3 wen2 in term 3
`Workbook (do we do the whole thing?)
`Mock paper

`surprisingly, and amazingly, and thankfully,
NOTHING! Sabrina you are lucky; don't need collect stuff at start of term -.-
To remind myself :O all above are by XUAN LI.

3:08 PM
I am at Woodlands Community Centre!
I tell you ah. My results are superly bad O: as in really. If you don't see me erm, next year, confirmedly is I transferred to Canberra Secondary le lah .____.
That is why, this June is must bia!
(OK erm I've no idea what BIA is spelled like -_- it sounds a bit between pia and bia O: but pia sounds too much like piak! so well :D bia it is!)
I tell you ah, wireless@sg is super amazing! It's how I'm blogging now!
My brother just called me a "stupid idiotic sister with no brains" (because I refused to let him use MY NETBOOK :D) without pausing :O!
Whee. Things to do this June include... massive biaism D: going out :D NYNPCC -shakes pompoms- :O
Mr. Tan is very Le Bigmouth OK D: he went and told every single thing I did wrongly this semester to my parents! Also the part about how I may need to transfer out of NYGH (not necessarily to Canberra Secondary .__. my grandmother's alma mater also can ._. seriously OK it's Christ Church High? or something. I don't really pay attention (oh no D: I know I'm horrible.)). Ugh! But I dowanna, repeat, dowanna D: leave NYGH and 113 and NYNPCC(B43) lah! Therefore, bia more, go out less and just put in as much effort left in my CCA .__.
I remember on Thursday I put Viver's cage (with erm, her dead body D:) next to me and polished my boots :D It was satisfying actually... except I had to keep twisting my head so that my tears wouldn't fall on my boots (and spoil the shiny effect O.O). Bah.
Woodlands CC has a Canadian Pizza outlet :D I want lasagna :D
OK I better go now! Goodbye :D

11:30 AM
Sorry I know my latest posts are damn crap lah OK. Emo shitz D:
Ah... Viver :D I love and miss her so much. Cried a freaking lot yesterday OK O.O tear-ed even more (-_-) but seriously... during gymnastics I was really crying and shocking Rebecca (she tried to comfort me ._. but made me cry even more -_-) and Rachel Wu. Haha they were giving the O.O? look to each other lah! And then, after hobbling to the bus stop, cried there as well. On the bus, even more. So I pretended to have a sudden case of fatigue .___. and faced my bag while crying. Fell asleep after a while O.O when I awoke -cough- at my stop ah, this auntie (who was there when I started crying) was looking at me strangely :D so I gave her the weird look back XD
Well well :O Sabbaticals are over D:! Was super fun... I learnt lots of stuff XD and the TRAMPOLINE O:! Ohmygawd super cool :D I like both trampolines and that small acromat thing -.- Confirmedly Rachel Wu and Li Houng gained the MOST lah :D new CCA! Whee :O
(but not me! Ey I got talent at trampolining de lah, PLEASE :O!)
(not that I'll change CCA -.-)
(Eeyer but I wanna TRAMPOLINE! :D!)
(Ohmytian, look at the acromat!)
OK erm. Some of us got to know each other better, which is... not always a good thing, you know?
-raised eyebrow-
Later I'm going library! I remember last year December I went every day (OK, almost).
Now I'm missing Viver again ohgawd. Never mind :D I hope she hasn't been dug up .___. the flowers she was buried under (with the soil of course -_-) are almost all gone D:
Also remind me to... ask squadmates what happened yesterday at act! Or maybe I'll ask now.
Toodles :D (yey! Watching NATM2 today :D)

still sad D:
Friday, May 29, 2009
5:36 PM
Aw Sushi (:
I still think of her a lot. I can't help it - I'm enjoying myself, laughing :D and suddenly - the memories flood back and I start tearing. Then I start crying.
The littlest things make me think of her again. I can't believe it.
There was still a long way in front of her. Her life D:
I feel so empty 'cos she's gone. Gone.
At least I've 13 more hamsters (true). I love them but... not as much I love Viver. I miss her so freaking much.
I just want time to turn back again. I want Viver back D:
OK now I've just started crying very unglamly. All that's left of my darlng is...
memories and very lousy photographs taken with my shitty phone .___.
You know it seriously is so weird, because it has become a habit for me to reach home, grab Viver and read a book or something. Today I reached home (didn't go for NPCC because of a sprained ankle D: D: D: my life is sucky ugh), went to the room and teared.
As in tear-ed.
Now I'm taking Sushi... but it's so different! I want my Viver back so much...
OK now I'm having trouble breathing.

Oh no D:


So so much.
So so so much.
Hello hello.
I really appreciate your kind comforting OK, but don't worry about me.
I'll be fine (soon) :D yes.
It hurts a lot to know Viver isn't with me anymore, physically, but I'm quite sure in no time I'll be extremely spiritual -.- I still have a long way in my life and when my life ends... Viver and I will be reunited :)
I feel it :))
OK now I'm crying again ugh -_- I feel like having a baby hamster :O and calling her... Vida O.O!~
Erm. OK lah never mind O: I will read my book to distract myself XD
So bye :D
(Ooh! I hope my mother brings us to the cinema to watch Night At The Museum TWO! That time Mr. Tan (Ying Kiat, not Boon Hian, -cough-) let us watch NATM was chao nice :D haha!
Hurhur. I suppose Viver dying is a lesson huh? It really feels damn dream-like lor O.O there's still a hope within me that she isn't dead (weird, I know). Stupid.
Oh well :D I love Viver and I'll NEVER REGRET IT :O
Goodbye :D

Thursday, May 28, 2009
4:21 PM
I can't take it anymore.
Ode to Viver:
I'll always love you, and everyone else too. You touched my heart like no one will ever will.
It's all my fault you died, you don't deserve it. Come back to me, soon, OK?
Somehow I don't feel like studying for my Total Defence Test. I'll get to it.

paper aeroplanes
Tuesday, May 26, 2009
9:49 PM
Hello hello.
Today's Sabbaticals were fine :D yeah did Forward and Backward Roll .__. but then hor, on the trampoline I freaking hit my erm... armpit bone O.O it still hurts when I breathe deeply you know D: ugh ugh D:
I have to go soon ._______. OK ah. Hmm yeah. Viver is like, getting better :D :D :D!
Whee tomorrow going Arab Street for the Malay Sabbaticals :D can go buy crystals to blingbing ala Xiaxue O.O
OK I bye le hor :D bye!
Sometimes I feel so horrible I love Viver more than anything or anyone. (Jasmine is .______________.ing at this D:) But seriously, she's seriously looking Horrible. And so small. Her face is completely ._. looking and I'm really scared.
Really X10000000 scared. If Viver dies I think I shall die too.
Sometimes I wonder if I'm doing anything right. Probably not. Since all my hamsters are going to do sooner or later.
It'll cost a lot to bring her to a vet, but I don't care. I can even forgo my peach tea and whatever to save up and everything. Just, please, Viver cannot die.
My heart is hurting. It seriously is. Like, physically.
I must stop hitting myself with a pillow.
Ohtian I'm crying. And sniffling, feels quite good .___.
I love Viver so much so much :D

Monday, May 25, 2009
7:53 PM
I am now looking at Xiaxue's ex-hamster, Picolove on her blog.
The sight of the very fat/chubby hamster is making me feel guilty over Viver's sickness. And Romeo's tumour (sorry, typographical error in previous post. ROMEO ROMEO not Miso ._.)
Tomorrow I've remedial with Mdm Lee .___. regarding (no, not my file :D) my Task D. Godiepleases ):
Nanolove (Xiaxue's hamster :D) is adorablez. Tomorrow got Revision of Drills and Knots and Lashings :O whee today some of us stayed back to revise :D happyhappy.
OK I shall go now O: bye :D

Sunday, May 24, 2009
9:54 PM
Viver is sick.
Our squad is falling apart.
So are my studies.
Where is the meaning.
I needs ice-cweam D:
Viver is not that sick quite sick. And I feel like such a shibai and shitty hamster owner. I don't even manage to give my hamsters proper/basic care ohgawd. And Miso has a tumour/abscess D: and Miso/Romeo both stink lots .__.
Our squad just has _ people detached O.O let the rest of us try to drag them back :D
My studies are steadily improving. Really.
The meaning is in love and laughter.
Later my father will be back with a Cornetto. BAH! He forgot -_-
There's STILL always the sunny-side-up :)
and oh, can't wait for tomorrrow. Sabbaticals :D

thank yeh.
Thursday, May 21, 2009
6:27 PM
I must accept the fact that I sound horrible over the microphone on computers despite my wonderful voice in real life.
And yes, thankingtime!
for being so incredibly toot and lame and cheering me up always :D I know I cheer you up also XD also for sharing Sabrina with me so that she is now my NEW BEST FRIEND haha! Hurhur, you're just really fun to be with OK :D don't emoshitz or obsess over XX (wait till the holidays at least please!)... too much.
for being my class bestie! And erm, being so generous and giving me lots of stuff FOC .__. I feel so beggarish lor :O but hoho. Never mind. Oh and cheering and motivating me (liek, during the hurdles. And yeah.). Just for being there :) (I refuse to use the :) smiley! So overrated and passe!)
yes, you'll always be one of my friends :D thank you so so much for being so nice and lending me assorted stuff XD for these four extremely-happy years! Sure, we might have ups and downs, but we're still friends, aren't we? Hurhur, don't feel lonely (I somehow feel the 'hurhur' detracts from the emotion of the sentence. Bah.) OK :D You'll always have... me. And 113 -_- and Yi Xuan and Yen Siang (and ey? Everyone lah :D)
for introducing me to the greater life -_- yes! I feel so much more... mature? (O.O?!) Yes lah admit it you are the Grown Up Person XD Plus you comfort people well :D I'll never forget you (and when hor, next time I become delusional and you become a pro psychologist ah, remember me OK and give me free treatment)(because I'm delusional what! No money what! Cannot ah D:)
don't like, feel sad you're lumped together hor. You just make me feel all same-ish, 'cos you people cheer me up lots! And then combine together (Yan Li cheering me up when I'm sad... and Sapui being chao lame ._.) be Le Poof! Tres wonderful.
Yesyes I love 113 and squadmates :)
and family and friends :)
and seniors :)
Love Viver most of all :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D!
EDIT. 'Cos erm, my computer blackout and no-battery-fied, not my fault. Right :D haven't thank finish yet ._.
haha for being so cheery and enthusiastic and highhighhighhighhigh (I'm not even exaggerating ._.!) :D it means a lot, especially when I'm feeling a bit ___ yeah! And for going down with me for recess whenever I've no one to go down with (-sad look-). Hurhur, and for inviting me to Tooning's birthday party XD
see I didn't forget you! You've been a horrible person -_- tsk! Always being so Ying-Tong-ish lah! Which is just so real. Huh O.O no idea what I'm talking about, never mind! Just. Well, thanks.

for feeling in the gaps! It's so strange and fascinating O.O how all of us with different personalities and whatever get along like this. I mean, we all know this happens but when it happens to US it's an interesting feeling .__. Yeah. NYNP without all of you would be erm. Less interesting/fun :D so rock on (so passe!)(never mind.)! Hurhur. Thank you ma'ams too :) for putting in so much effort for us.
Operation Opulence Season Two yesterday :D quite fun(ny), especially when the same two schools came three times. New experience (and lesson) :D
And then today, Open House! People loved the SHOOTING GAME yey! And ___ma'ams de friends came O.O? Also my cousin (see I'm so cryptic lah!) who threatened to TAKE MY PICTURE (with the big and professional-liek cameras -silent scream-) :O anyway. Ma'ams tried to promote NYNP to Xuan Li O.O (she got the O.O expression)(Xuan Li, as in). Anyway... pretty successful? There was a queue for the games lah OK :O but people didn't want to look at the booth .__.! Except the uncles who went to admire the rifles XD oh well. We can't expect too much.
Now I must finish my PW3. Bye.
Ohgawd I have an inconvenient writer's block shit. I have only written erm.
OK never mind. Bye.

5:45 PM
Patchwork 3 is Driving Me Crazy.
'Cos I don't know what to write D:
But still, can't wait for Sabbaticals :D I'm in gymnastics .__.__. but then, so is Etsuko/Tingpui/Rebecca :) Yeyness lah :D
I miss the good old days -_- (oh dear emoalert :D)
But it all comes crashin' down on me
when everything was so... carefree? And boys could smile at girls -.- without. You know -gives weird look-.
faster, faster, faster
Tsk! I tell you. Ting is obsessed with XX. This is as Rebecca says, erm, "very worrying -worried expression-"!
like a wind pulling all the dregs of my past
Not like Rebecca is very innocent also lah ._. and why is 113 so freaking OBSESSED with BOF?
my present and future, and they spin faster
Which is Boys. Over. Flowers :D (if you don't know). OK lah the guy is quite cute I suppose...?
until they become one, threatening
Never mind.
to overcome me.
Oh look :D I can use this weird interval method in my Patchwork right! Wonderful I shall get started!
To you from Texas or AMK!:Yes it was all not real. Stop worrying and do your homework.
To you, you, you and you and you: I am not having trouble coping OK. If I do... NP is not the reason.

Ohmygawd why become so anti-climatic ._.
Yes! tomorrow got PE! Haha will we play badminton XD
Fiona is feeling happy. I don't give a flying freak :)
And I wanna go library :D finally paid off my $10 (your eyes are perfectly normal :D) school library fine.
Books are meant to be eaten!
CLC SIAs are meant to be ignored -.-
Fiona must do her PW3 now. Au revoir et salut.

3:47 PM
Yesterday was CSM :D Rebecca was super enthusiastic when her seniors were running lor -_- and when her batchmates too lah XD
Oh yeah like when 104 went on the podium thing, I explicitly told her not to be so loud lor. And then:
Rebecca: WHOOO! GO MAYA! -claps very loudly-
Me: -does the shy-away-i-don't-know-her!-look-
Random other people: O.O
Rebecca: -hits my arm- Oi why you never cheer! I asked you to cheer!
Me: Erm orh, OK lor.
Rebecca: -claps and cheers even more loudly-
Me: -claps-
Rebecca: Oh-eee! (-_-) -glare- CHEER!
Me: -a bit pissed- Fine!
Rebecca: One... Two... Three... -cheers like mad-
Me: -cheers even louder and claps enthusiastically!-
Haha I know I rock lah (completely unrelated piece of sarcasm, ignore)
But frankly uh. CSM was a bit boring ._. nothing to do (D:) even drink milo from the milo van ._. (and the milo is not even nice lor! Eeyer!) and watch the races XD
Which is fun but it gets kind of boring. And then saw ma'ams marshalling :D and ma'ams performing :D Also uh, got stopped by ma'ams at the gate there. 'Cos not dismissed -.- (tsk so throwface lah!)
Hoho have I mentioned Nanyang teachers did us proud :D (Ms. Yeo -cheer-! Mr. Shone (I think O.O) -cheer-! Mr. Chew! -cheer! I am so gonna tease him about it lah! Did Mr. Lim (the art teacher) participate? I think NO right ._.-)
Anyway! I seriously crave Macdonald's now :O I mean, yesterday was also le francais controle deux et l'orale! Shocking or not!
Bah. Was. OKish? My grammar sucks like blah D: OK never mind!
Skip to today :D fun. After recess 113 made dumplings :D! Wheee~ saw lots of parents. And I seriously embarrassed myself:
(Nicole talking to a parent about something)
Rebecca: Hello! (to parent)
Me: Hi. Ey Nicole your mother where ah? -looks around-
-Rebecca PINCHED me as said parent pointed to self O.O-
Tsk throwface or not! Throwface right D:
And somemore her mother recognised ME from the WEBCAM and I was making ____ faces ohdearmeandgawd.
Kellynn's father's name is TIGER .__. -startles- My father's name is Leo! 'Cos his father try to be funny and call him Leo Teo! Muahaha!
-slaps self- Cannot be disrespectful D:
The dumpling-making was OK actually. Mostly was a parent doing XD until we accidentally stumbled on a photographer taking pictures of Ms. Yap (principal) O.O and then Ms. Yap was supposed to be 'showing' us how to make dumplings.
After that was finished the photographer said something about retaking photographs and all of us (Rebecca, Jia Chun, Kellynn, me, Rachel Wu, etc.) dispersed -_- but! Rebecca and I had to go back again (because the rest were at the back and were thus hidden ._.) and take photographs AGAIN! This time we had to make the dumplings :O
I was OK lah! Until the tying part ._. and then er. Got a parent/Ms. Yap took over and I quickly ran away ._. Yan Li was nice to give me a TEABAG (... it was a present for answering a quiz question OK -_-)!
Recently you know, Viver has been wetting herself!? As in liek, the water bottle de water drip on her because she lie directly under it! Then I've to go and take tissue paper dry ._.
Oh yes I bought my Home Economics textbook today :D at Popular :D (along with a Mathematics textbook and a Toblerone. And I now owe Popular 30 cents D: (yes I am poor cannot :O)) read it on the bus (fell asleep ._____________.).
Whee I shall go and bloghop more now! Oops, and do my Patchwork 3 :D so bye!

pile up pile up yeah
Sunday, May 17, 2009
9:11 PM
I got a sudden urge to say:
Ugh. So much undone ._.
1. Somemore Mathematics filing D: (but thankfully it's mostly completed :D)
2. Physics filing (oh yes. I owe from ___ weeks ago. And now Mr. Tan SMSed me! Muahaha he is now my contact :O)
3. shaonianwenzhai reflection (Triple blah lah ._. Oh looked that rhymed! I'm gonna irritate people by saying that randomly tomorrow! So blah lah! Imagine Blah Lah Ah H -_-)
4. Patchwork 3 -.-
5. CLC SIA -.-
6. History reflection D: (I am going to do this now! :D!)(Not to mention random corrections ugh!)(Never mind shall chiong those tomorrow.)
Hohoho. I am very irritated by the lack of interesting information in MY post about erm, Ms. Lee's wedding! -_- or not. So.
Cannot wait for Sabbaticals lah. No homework :D
I am happy to announce...! (OH I SUDDENLY REMEMBER LE FRANCAIS CONTROLE DEUX ON WEDNESDAY.) It's OKish now in 113!
Neh. On 31st May go Plaza Singapura (5p.m to 8p.m.) to support Kailin OK :D 'cos maybe I cannot go. So random Texan (O.O) shall have time to fly over!
I'm serious! :D!
I keep having the urge to mention Texas or Ang Mo Kio in my posts. Funny that.
(And KK hospital, Ward 22 -_-)
(River Island outlet at Vivocity -.-)
(Hong Leong Finance Pte. Ltd. O.O)
Fions FIONA (eeyer I called myself FionS!) stop it :D
I wanna watch Night at the Museum (2)! :) in fact I shall do History and watch a DVD at the SAME TIME :O
So byebye now :) yeshiede!
(Have I mentioned I've Microsoft something 2007 on my netbook!)
(For all not-as-twisty people, yes, I do.)
(Have Microsoft something 2007 on my netbook.)

a quiz:D
Saturday, May 16, 2009
10:29 PM
65 Questions You've Probably Never Been Asked!

1. First thing you wash in the shower?
Hair. I think.

2. What color is your favorite hoodie?
Don't have leh! I do have a erm, HOODIE-LIKE. Which is white. Hmm.

3. Would you kiss the last person you kissed again?

4. Do you plan outfits?
Of course :D (yes so bimbo-like!)

5. How are you feeling RIGHT now?
Blank and slightly disappointed.

6. Whats the closest thing to you that is red?
Ooh a teddy bear's santa hat.

7. Tell me about the last dream you remember having?
I don't remember having dreams -ugh-.

8. Did you meet anybody new today?
Yes. Suppose so.

9. What are you craving right now?
A warm shower and sleep :O

10. Do you floss?
Do you? (Waha I'm so smart to avoid sensitive questions about personal hygiene :O)(Stop saying I don't floss OK. My oral hygiene is better than yours, the dentist said so.)(Really, we've school check-ups -nods-)

11. What comes to mind when I say cabbage?
... Lettuce?

12. Are you emotional?

13. Have you ever counted to 1,000?
No! So disappointing!

14. Do you bite into your ice cream or just lick it?
I sort of stuff it in my mouth. No actually I don't.

15. Do you like your hair?
Very much.

16. Do you like yourself?
... (Tsk why this quiz go ask so profound de questions!)

17. Would you go out to eat with George W. Bush?
Maybe if he pays and Barack Obama is there :D so I can get autographs :D

18. What are you listening to right now?
A Chinese Miohome advertisement. Now some Maybelline New York thing ._.

19. Are your parents strict?
Nope, not really.

20. Would you go sky diving?
Yes! :D! With Ying Tong (._.)!

21. Do you like cottage cheese?

22. Have you ever met a celebrity?

23. Do you rent movies often?

24. Is there anything sparkly in the room you're in?

25. How many countries have you visited?
0! OK one. (Stop saying it's Malaysia!)(Well no it's not Penang.)(Nothing wrong with Genting Highlands bah!)

26. Have you made a prank phone call?
No. I think I've been missing out.

27. Ever been on a train?
MRTs definitely, some random steam trains, no.

28. Brown or white eggs?
... is there a difference other than

29.Do you have a cell-phone?
Yes -_-

30. Do you use chap stick?

31. Do you own a gun?

32. Can you use chop sticks?

33. Who are you going to be with tonight?

34. Are you too forgiving?
Forgiving but not overly.

35.Ever been in love?

36. What is your best friend(s) doing tomorrow?
Probably mugging. Watching Doraemon.

37. Ever had cream puffs?
Yes :D

38. Last time you cried?
Today. Slightly.

39. What was the last question you asked?
You know I purposely went "hello?" for this question O.O

40. Favorite time of the year?
Holidays :)

41. Do you have any tattoos?

42. Are you sarcastic?
Kind of. Er? Ho.

43. Have you ever seen The Butterfly Effect?
Enlighten me.

44. Ever walked into a wall?
Lampposts counted? (Not that I walked into one before.)

45. Favorite color?
Hot pink. No seriously. Teal.

46. Have you ever slapped someone?

47. Is your hair curly?

48. What was the last CD you bought?

49. Do looks matter?
INNER BEAUTY! -cough splutter- I'm serious. Looks matter just a bit.

50. Could you ever forgive a cheater?
Don't think so.

51. Is your phone bill sky high?
I wouldn't know .__.

52. Do you like your life right now?

53. Do you sleep with the TV on?
Non aussi.

54. Can you handle the truth?

55. Do you have good vision?
I pui No D: (actually I did, around 8 years ago.)

56. Do you hate or dislike more than 3 people?

57. How often do you talk on the phone?
Don't know ._.

58. The last person you held hands with?

59. What are you wearing?
Skorts and sleeveless + cardigan (went out ._. must bathe later ._.)

60.What is your favorite animal?
Hamsters/dogs/cats. Uh-huh :)

61. Where was your default picture taken at?
My thigh. Yes I placed Viver on my thigh (which was covered in my pants, by the way) and took a picture. Anything wrong?

62. Can you hula hoop?

63. Do you have a job?
I am a student!

64. What was the most recent thing you bought?
Haha ice-cream :D at Orchard :D

65. Have you ever crawled through a window?
No oh dear! How delinquenty -shudder shudder-.
Whee damn sleepy. Yawning now. Feel like collapsing and not bathing (D:). Would be encouraging fungus growth (and I see your disgusted face. Go blame my biology teacher lor. She'll probably be in her erm, Matrimonial Home :D with her husband :D or something -.-) but whatever.
Blah, shall sign off. Bye.

6:43 PM
Why does secondary school life have to be so complicated?
I'm going to start not-hating anyone in 113. Yeshiede.
Etsuko feels... lonely D: it is a fact that Etsuko and me aren't best friends/particularly good friends anymore, but alamak! Why become like this.
Rebecca and Etsuko. awkward.
Yan Li and Etsuko. improving.
Kellynn and Yan Li. weird.
Kellynn and Rachel Wu. kinda-besties-in-113.
Rachel Wu and Cheryl Yau. weird.
Cheryl Yau and Ying Tong. old friends.
Ying Tong and Nicole Chew. good friends.
Nicole Chew and me. improving.
Me and Rebecca, me and Etsuko, me and Yan Li, me and Kellynn, me and Rachel Wu, me and Cheryl Yau, me and Ying Tong, me and 113.
Why is it so complicated?
And also why am I so self-centred .__. (bah! Never mind! Gotta go now :D)
(Don't come and tell me so-and-so (eeyer! My English teacher in P3 used this phrase lah O.O!) and so-and-so's relationships are different, 'cos I know things you don't (being everybody's friend). Yeah. It's very possible YOU know things I don't, but let's leave it that way unless... you wanna tell me. And you're the party involved OK. For example huh, you're ey, Rebecca and you think Etsuko loves you. Hmm. She might. Or mightn't. (How CRYPTIC! :D)
Kailin is currently telling me how impossible inclined pull-ups are XD on MSN :D
Pandemonium, ugh.

cannot take it!
5:17 PM
Today was Ms. Lee's wedding :D :D :D so I met Kellynn and Nicole at the AMK MRT station at... 7 in the morning (therefore I woke at 6 ._.). Went together to Kellynn's house and her father fetched us to the church! :D! Reached at 7.30 O.O (and Mass was supposed to be at 9 LOL) so lamed around :D :D saw Ms. Lee arriving :D looked chao pretty!
Skipskipskip to after the wedding (because although it is extremely emotional and spiritual -nods-, I do not have the talent to engage my audience ._. -nods- so Sad! D:). Went to Takashimaya with Rebecca, Nicole, Kellynn and Ying Tong. Hmm. Walked a lot -_- (thank you very much Rebecca dear -hearts, only I cannot put the triangular-bracket-plus-3-thing 'cos this entire chunk will be eaten by Blogger, so blah! D:!- for paying for the taxi fare!)
Ohkay went 7-11 to buy drinks :D :D :D I shared a BIG GULP with Nicole (separate straws .__. I am very saliva-conscious D:)! :D!
Hoho then went take neoprints :D (then Rebecca left before she could edit them D: D: D:! For her erm, Fancy Lunch XD) never mind it's OK Rebecca! We saved you one piece :) (consisting of 4 pictures haha)
OK what else. Oh yeah, then went to walk around randomly + EAT PEPPER LUNCH! Only it started raining halfway :O wahaha so funny! but we jaywalked D: and got all wet. Bah!
Hmm went to buy ice-cream :D then went Taka again O: to try-on-clothes-and-NOT-buy-them D: so mean of us D: but it was a wonderful idea at that time .__. I tried on this really nice black trenchdress :O (shocked right! Wahaha yes I've suddenly developed a lieking for... dresses :O! Cannot ah)
Nicole is ANOREXIC. Whee.
Bought ice-cream again (-faints-) then went home! OK end of day .__.
Yesyes! Later I'm going to a restaurant for a family gathering! Yes!
Eeyer see I'm so hyper today O.O oh well.

so b(l)ah.
Friday, May 15, 2009
8:54 PM

Hmm! I am having serious moodswings can ._. so can ignore all my emo posts and ey, focus on the Happier Ones :D ho! Went to the museum today whee :D :D :D! Was fun X1000 lor. Rebecca was ey, Rebeccaish as usual O.O

Now that I've blogged about her SHE must now blog about me! -happy-

Chippie is missing :O Ms. Lee's wedding is tomorrow! :D! I've more or less settled the outfit problem ._. I think .___.

Bah. So bah!

Thursday, May 14, 2009
10:10 PM
Just. WELL. Hmm? Oh I just realised I'm failing everything, yes?
And it feels like shit.
But what the heck lor. I will jiayou. Before I fail my EOYs I suppose -has disturbingly nonchalant look-.
Actually I'm very sad de only you cannot tell right? This is called, Readers, a (freaking) facade. The 'c' is the French kind with the erm, tail O.O. Yes!
First WHY is the class blog not displaying but the songs are playing?! Like Unfaithful (by Rihanna :D) is getting on my nerves majorly ugh.
Second WHY am I so disappointing?
Third WHY do I feel so alone? And that Life Is Meaningless?
(Oh like Kellynn ._. I can go tiaolou with you leh Kellynn. Only I hope you aren't serious, because I do want to live and get As for all my subjects :D)
I feel a bit numb now. Like I'm not really feeling sad/disappointed. Because why, my life is Meaningless!
And I keep typing Meaningful ._. (must be an omen yeshiede.)
I just really feel like crying suddenly. But I cannot!
No. Which is even more disappointing than the first one. 'Cos I just cannot bring myself to work hard.
Oh no I suddenly got a piao~y feeling oh no.
I am going to faint.
I must work hard. But I feel so unmotivated and ugh.
Everyone is getting straight As except me. Great.
I need a hug. And I am crying.
Sorry I can't be strong.

6:44 AM
Number one: HAPPY BIRTHDAY HANYI! (who is my classmate, all kaypoh people. Yes, in fact now I'm in class and Cheryl and Li Shuen are wishing her happy birthday profusely :D I should go too only I'm shy -shy look-. No lah! I am planning to announce it extremely loudly in class ._. thereby earning her more "happy birthdays"! Smart not!)
I cannot believe I wrote an entire chunk in PARENTHESES (ugh!? Li Shuen wrote a song for Han Yi O.O)(If you are finding it extremely thoughtful, go read Li Shuen's blog at http://hippo-battery.blogspot.com/ .)(Why I advertise! ._.!)
I think I'm reasonably happy now. It's not like my life is perfect, but I think I've learnt to accept all the _______ and try to work hard(er) to make stuff happen.
Yeah :)
Tsk I really should relink! Rawr O:
Oh yeah, I got into Top 8 for 80m Hurdles :D (being number 8 ._________.) oh well. It's better than nothing yeah :) and people say hurdles are hard.
Are they (no lor D: but walaowalao I don't know what was wrong with me I kept almost using my left leg/taking extraordinarily small steps before each hurdle to get to use my right hard. Tsk. So unglam also D:)

Waha Cheryl is here O:!
OK she walk away le. Etsuko is beside me, sounding very tired!
Tu est fatiguée D:
Je suis fatiguée DD:
Etsuko invades! I'm not tired...oh wait I am. Even though I slept for
8.5hours yesterday. But still tired mainly cos i'm feeling very discouraged and
unmotivated and hurt and disappointed and sadD:
O.O Etsuko almost put a :D face (XD!).
Yesyes why so many adjectives O:
I owe about ___________ teachers ________________ worksheets/assignments/various thingys.
Etsuko: Exactly lar! On the result for physics yesterday you owe Mr Tan at least 3
assignments/practicals leh!
Told you.
And Chinese teacher also D:!
-Sabrina pops out- Sabrina don't extra lah!
So kaypoh!
Then might as well tag lor! Tsk O:
Sabrina: -spins pen unsuccessfully-
-screams randomly-
-starts dreaming about
Rebecca: oh yeah. rebecca got first for hurdles leh. so pro. she's my new idol lar.
:D sigh. how come people are so perfect, she's pretty, smart, athletic, and
and.. erm. so much better than my other friends! :O anyway right, that day, i
was dreaming about her when bird shit fell on me leh. MUST BE A GOOD SIGN. :D

Eeyer :O! -shuddershudder-
I feel extremely unbookish now! There's 10 OUT OF 10 (you know, the princess diaries :D) next to me (in Ting Ting's hands ._.).
Whatever lah Rebecca says book-reading is er, not her image but guess what! She _.
I keep replacing words with blanks oh :O or initials like A XD
OK I shall go now. Before I get bored with -gasp!- MYSELF.
Kellynn is at my back and Etsuko/Rebecca are at my sides :D so idol leh me! Oh now Sabrina also join! And Kellynn/Rebecca just had a synchronized "WALAO~~~". Yes! Ying Tong here! Yi Xin here! Oi Ying Tong block with her head lah.
OK better.
Whee! I am so idol!
OK lah I better go bye.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009
9:26 PM
Suddenly hor it all is very clear!
(-shudders at myself for being so obsessed with A. OK lah she's nice but ._.-)
Anyway! Hurdles today. Walao so suck lah .__. especially with all of Rebecca's tracker friends (ohmygawd so fast/far/pro D:D!) yes. And then, well.
Just sucks lah. Tsk. Oh yes then went for act lor :D
I shall not elaborate ._. I got a very uneasy feeling lah, throughout -shudder shudder- D: but we played games :D (I volunteered leh O:)!
OK shit post never mind.
Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee suddenly very high :D
Yesyes disjointed post -.-
Ahh third language tomorrow :O
mostly D:
Oh dear.
Go see squadmates'/classmates' blogs le bye :D

Sunday, May 10, 2009
5:21 PM
I don't know what to do when I'm so sick of it.
I don't know what to do when I try to not think about it.
I don't know what to do about feeling that way.
I don't know what to say.
I don't know.
Let's call her A.
A is a really nice and friendly person, even though I don't know her that well. And I don't understand what I feel about A (OK this sounds really les .___.) but still. It's a kind of admirish/wanttobefriendsish feel you get in P1 (or in JC, I wouldn't know -looks at you in a AHAHA way-). So yes, mainly it's IDK.
And A is mostly taking a lot of space in my head now.
The thing is, when I see A, it's normal and all. I'm overdramatizing my emotions because I'm so I'm emotionally deprived.
And that's the truth. But it doesn't stop me from thinking about A.

Uh I wonder if this is how Yan Li feels? Not to be mean, but I think I'll feel a bit better knowing.
Whee homework is decomposing with an aim to fossilize. Gogogo.

i cut my hairrrr O:
5:00 PM
Surprised? I am (superduperly ._.) :O
Why did I even agree to cut my hair! Now it's merely shoulder-length and probably take a WEEK to grow to my usual length.
-Readers have the -.- face-
-Readers start to marvel at my hair's efficiency-
-Readers have the -.- face again, because they undermine my emotions! Tsk! One week is a very long time indeed!-
Whatever lah D: my fringe is much much less thick (as in there are less hairs ._. so cannot act-emo le D:!) which is ... OK. But you know my hair length is only shoulder-length! (as compared to, you know, a-few-centimetres-below-shoulder-length). Also it's not as layered D:
WHEN I TIE MY HAIR IT LOOKS REBECCA-ISH LAH! (the length, not the curliness)
I think I'm going through the Obsession-With-Ma'ams-phase, just like I underwent the Obsession-With-Angel-phase.
____________ particularly (squadmates will know!).
Hmm I guess. So confusing and my homework is still fermenting, quite sadly.
Oh dearie me.

11:21 AM
Lots of lots of lots of things have happened these days O: thankfully it's all over.
Yesterday was Vesak Day :D went to a Thai temple, then my aunt's house and finally to my paternal grandmother's house to celebrate my cousin's birthday! And she (cousin) had to dampen my mood by telling me very happily That. She. Told. ______ ma'am. I. Lost. My. ______. UhjASdaDHFKAFAHAN.
Eeep. She also very happily informed me of _______ ma'am's response (which was not very positive at all D:).
Well anyway, Friday! Yes :D! I was confirmedly the most excited -.- woke at 4.30 in the morning rawr. Had to cab to school, no thanks to the time - 5a.m. when I reached the interchange -.- so anyway reached at 5.20 (walao why the taxi driver so efficient D:) ahhh. Waited for squadmates behind a Soyjoy/Star Trek poster-thingy at the bus stop :D
OK yes, then changed etc. etc. etc.?
Skip to the Parade OK :D it was very emotionally-charged (O.O) and erm. Yesyes very exciting.
My vocabulary seems to have left me.
Yes it has D:
Oh dear.
But NPDP was great. Seriously. So was the rest of the day, mostly, 'cos I felt kinda special :) in my uniform :D
Although it did not help when Kellynn suggested I abandon my hongzi to wear the NP uniform for the rest of my life .____.
I look so bad in hongzi meh?!
OK I shall go watch Moonface now.
Not that there's anything wrong with MOONFACE :D
(A bit inappropriate right ._.)

yesterday i was overwhelmed
Thursday, May 7, 2009
6:47 AM
Yesterday my sister went to the hospital .__. (Nicole is :Oing)
Yesterday I felt very stressed.
Yesterday I had mild insomnia and lied (I deeply suspect this is the WRONG WORD D:), I mean, LAY in bed for an hour, tossing and turning (this sounds like I jumped out of a composition lah! -_-!).
It's a lot, a lot, a lot of stress, too much stress, so I'm overwhelmed (hence the title).
Especially since my uniform is:
!@#!#$!$!#!#!$!@$!SG@#%@$!!$!%3950 uf0au9t B NA nfoW CAI AEJFqj ksGBA FDKJ ASN G9AOTEAWO HSOIAWGHAOJFIAWH RV04817598Q2URW9W9U19413414252018936802952008028508!@#$!%@@.
Like that.
I shall not elaborate on the suckiness of it, except my beret is like a cupcake and my skirt is wayyy too long .__. I sincerely hope ma'ams will come look at this so that they have a mental preparation thingy. 'Cos my uniform sucks. Lots.
(i has Le Dramatique Effecte)
(I agree:D)
(Au revoir then!)
(Merci et vous!)
(Actually I'm not sure if that was right.)
(Was that?)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009
10:00 PM
Please don't ask why the title is bombombom. It has nothing to do with NPCC (to all squadmates ._.) but rather, the rerun of My Classmate Dad on OKTO today (go watch it, it's kinda loser to watch reruns (of OKTO:) but let us heck-care :D
Ugh I've 10 more minutes left to blog .___. tomorrow got:
1. Culture (which I have not studied for. It is counted in Chinese -nuu! look- which is kinda ___ D: I shall chiongstudy tomorrow :D because actually I've studied a little. And stop looking at me like that.)
2. French (D:!)(Cannot help it, never do homework .______. and grah, seriously, I normally just feel like sleeping lor D: but I must persist and not-quit :D yesyes!)
3. LA assignment on Lidka's mother + Biology worksheet (which are both due on Thursday ._. never mind I shall chiong as well (D: I must do my homework properly! Yeah right.) :D
4. buying uniformstuff :D (which is a lot of stuff -.-)(Did I mention, we got our NPCC uniforms today! -hop around-. Ohmygawd is chao complicated I confirm iron/wash wrongly and end up the beret burst into flames and the skirt got one gigantic hole lah D:)(I was trying on the shoes! which were loose D: by the way, and the sound is veryvery loud :D!)
OK I shall do a bit more bloghopping and say byebye:D

my awesomely wonderful life (ohyes I'm being sarcastic, can you tell?) (You can't! How horrid!) (Why am I self-conversationing?) (Nicole says it's con
6:55 AM
My life is awesomely wonderful because yesterday Viver fell from a really high height and squeaked and dunnowhat and might have a concussion and might die as well.
(Tch I wonder if I'm taking the :D thing too far ._. I think so)
(I think so too)
(Let's stop.)
(OK :D)
Nicole and Ying Tong are being LAME next to me and staring at this post. Ying Tong sez (look! new word O:): RAWWWWR D:
Aw D:
I miss Viver if she dies I shall -insert horrible action-. Seriously D: I was crying in the bathroom yesterday D: (what! Cannot meh! Not like you cry in the broom closet!) (OK er that was me, too ._.)
Alamak Lai Ying Tong is putting her extremely and unusually large head in front of the computer D: Tsk. OK I shall go now.

Viver :D:D:D:D:D:D