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oh, this is good. ok it's bad. no, good.
Tuesday, June 30, 2009
5:50 PM
What exactly? Hurhur, no idea :D
Second day of school. It was OK, the new seating. During the Chemistry period our teacher didn't come in D: (she did give us like, powerpoint slides and stuff O:) and Ms. Khoo didn't come (relief teacher that was quite nice :D! I took notes in Sabrina's pink pen XD she said I wasted lots of her ink D: oops!)
Yeah maybe it'll all be OK.
Miss Ariel, miss Viver like siao D: gonna cry I think.
-breathe in-
New friends are cool but different, you know?
-breathe out-
And sian, not doing homework! Ah! Mr. Tan gonna kill me D: D: D:
(ohmygawd, I still miss her D:)
Teehee, thinking so much nowadays. Freaking philosophical.
I do wonder if people can see through me. Into the artistically-talented and rhythmic side :D
(Ohmygawd I am really bipolar why am I smiling?!)
Oh and, Etsuko and Rebecca have made up. I think.
Yeah. Good to know.
It'll hurt less someday.
Stop. Being. Emo. (You're getting teenybopperish, Fiona! Cannot!)
On the bright side, I'm talented, I can do this, stop laughing/sniggering at this, I can overcome all to become a better person, I'll love other hamsters more, I'll love myself and whatnot.
Have faith D: (ohmy, am feeling so much better already.)
Yes, haha! Viver FTW, and you know, that feeling never ends :D

first day of school
Monday, June 29, 2009
6:18 PM
Yey! First day of school :D haha I miss holidays already! How :O
Never mind. It was pretty normal :O Ting Ting wore illegal earrings, tsktsk! Somemore got a STARFISH on it lor!
Ting Ting's awesome starfish looks like that :D :D
Hmm, wait a while I've to do my online quiz thing. Shush :D
Yey done :)
Ying Tong brought me a souvenir from Shanghai! :D! It's like, a choker/necklace like that ._. with a, erm, swirly thing on it? Yes :D reminds me of Macdonald's flavour burst :D whee. Speaking of which, the Causeway Point Macdonald's flavour burst has TWO NEW FLAVOURS! :D Yey! One is erm, Tropical Orange (Vanilla and orange? I don't think so. Then again, we never know ._.) and BUTTERSCOTCH! Ohmygawd ohmygawd butterscotch = love. Once I went Swensen's and ordered a butterscotch ice-cream with erm, butterscotch topping! butterscotch is awesome!
Enough about butterscotch. Let's talk about caramel :D
OK talk about seating arrangement :D I think my new seat is nice lor! Got Sabrina, Ting Ting, and Rebecca/Kellynn/Nicole/Ying Tong not very far away as well :D in any case, it's a good seat (?). Smack in the middle. Thank you Mr. Tan ._.
Ladeeda. Music was fun :D I like the teacher.
CLC we've two teachers now (sort of :/).
Ms. Khoo is no longer our co-form teacher! D: But the new co-form teacher also quite nice :D she's actually our senior, yey :D (apparently from very long ago haha)
OK, bye.

shut up.
Sunday, June 28, 2009
9:10 PM

feeling pissed for no reason!
Friday, June 26, 2009
4:27 PM
Look at the title.
Look back here.
Yeah as the title states... feeling chao pissed now! Don't know why!
It's the freaking weather confirm... damn hot please D: (went out just now and my hair completely burn off lor. Now I am bald.) hate hate hate ):
Plus the number of cases for H1N1 keep rising! I'm pissed 'cos why-still-no-holiday-extension? Bah! Later the entire school get then you know! Tsktsk!
My brother hog the fan! Ugh.
Back to mindmap, bye.

sugar and spice
2:11 PM
The Sugar News Of Today is...


(By the way, Sugar is my hamster, not a random cube of sugar I think to be a pet and was accidentally dropped into boiling water D: However, if you really have a cube of sugar dropped into boiling water, I suggest you leave the water to evaporate :D)
(Sugar gone for two days can! Now she's super skinny (almost as skinny as Chip! Who is as skinny as a BABY hamster. Like:
"OMGZ DATZ TEH HaMsTeR'Z sizE?" you cry, flinging your handbag around, hitting a poor dude on the face O:
"Uh-huh ):" I say))
But there is sad news...

The Spice News Of Today is...


I don't listen to his music lah but I suppose he has affected many people... :O whom I don't know -cough-. Never mind erm -feels awkward ._.-. Plus his family and fans and friends ):
RIP MJ :D your music changed the world.

aw damnz.
Thursday, June 25, 2009
10:27 PM
Recently I like to put 'z' behind each word can canz! :D!
It's super... I-don't-know? Just feels twit, which makes me feel different.
'Cos the current me has a freaking headache, a History mindmap, a Chinese mock paper, a Chinese workbook, Mathematics extrawork (thank goodness it's not a lot ._. I will do all Mathemathics tomorrow :D I think .____.), Mathematics work (._.), Crime Prevention to study for. Oh yeah, and practise drills.
My head is hurting so much more D: also have I mentioned I'm getting more and more vulgar! It's true. Every few problems I go "one two three fourrrr" inside my head :O (only you know, "one two three fourrrr" isn't really "one two three fourrrr".)
Awesomez or not.
I like my half-completed Hinduism mindmap... it's pretty colourful :D I love colours :D ey? Though it doesn't help that after all the research, I've decided to embrace Hinduism O.O
It's another phase.
(Hmm. Like the Lucy-phase... the A-phase... also why ___ ____ ma'am also got say "A" and "A" ey? Never mind.)
(The downloadable-games phase.)
(Xiaxue-archives phase.)
I deeply suspect I've a phasey-life :D
Hurhur ._. I find a need to organise my life like -_- seriously ohmy. I feel a bit floaty without it - the organisation.
If you couldn't tell this is one of my Philosophical Posts, with spacey and deep thinking.
Hmm. My mother found my blog ._.! Thanks to Han Yi, haha. Apparently my mother was searching for 'History' (due to my History mindmap :D) and erm... apparently in Han Yi's recent posts got a lot of "history" and "hate" and whatever :D Han Yi linked me right... so :O
Slept at three in the morning yesterday after addictedly looking at House sypnosises, whee :O it's... A PHASE hurhur -.-
Woke at I-don't-know ._.
I freaking need to be organised! One two three fourrrr it lor.
(Yesyes! One two three fourrrr shall be my new swear word. Awesomez :D)
(Mr. Tan Ying Kiat last year taught us something like that :D I love P6 can... I miss P6 teachers ._. oh, damn. One two three fourrrr D:)
You realise this monologuey blog post is quickly spiralling into emoness ._.
Ariel has been the best lor; her toey conversations on MSN with me? Awesomez :) makes me feel so much better! :D!
Shit. Since P4 I've been not really using my brain cells (exclusive of sudoku times, etc. etc. and retarded IQ quizzes I'm unphasedly taking in a bid to prove my intelligence. Sucks to be me. Sucks to feel insecureee.), seriously. And then... my head is hurting because I'm thinking way, way, way too much huh?
Actually no, this post was meant to confuse you with all the twisty digressions. Confused?
I am ):
I realise rambling is not a good way to counter my Organisation-Need. It is, in fact, exacerbating it D:
By one two three fourrrring hook or crook or snook or pook or dook or took or wook o.o, I'm gonna follow my plan :D and get my life on track :D
1. History Mindmap, very very important like one two three fourrrr ):
2. Mathematics extra work/work (Freaking pick one and STAY WITH IT Fiona! Stop trying to cram everything in by a day and end up you complete a total of LE BEEG ZILCH!)
Tomorrow de Tomorrow
(hee I love :D)
1. Mathematics work/extra work :D
2. Chinese mock paper :O
3. Revisionz.
I shall not plan beyond that :O 'cos it's awesome :D and if I do I'll end up deviating ):
Goodbye :D
Love you all :D

Wednesday, June 24, 2009
11:45 AM
Short post )):
Sugar is lost :OO
Mochi is dead DDDDDDDD: (Nicole don't cry OK!)
All my fault .___.
(Yes I'm irresponsible~)
(my mother is next to me ._.)
(Tsk after Viver's death I stopped crying already! So weird -.-)
(And I promise X1000 to at least make sure all the hamsters have enough food/water daily! Ohgawd I does not wants a repetition.)
(RIP, Mochi Angel :) )

virtual cooking
Tuesday, June 23, 2009
2:50 PM
Cracking virtual eggs is no fun D: (why? People cannot play Cooking Academy ah :O)
Tsktsk, Rebecca should feel DOUBLE ASHAMED her post about the geography thing was so short, bah!
Reminds me of the time we were at the overhead bridge in the morning and Rebecca was making some comment about bird you-know-what ._. and then without thinking I said,
Wahaha lame or not :D
Awesome lah O: I am very unproductive today, playing downloadable games very hardcorely D: ugh.
Oh! I scored A+ for the -cough- Egg Cracking examination! Awesome much :O
Whee I love Hinduism :O
(Sorry, ignore that)
(Eeeyer cutting dough is HARD!)
(Oh yey I got B ._.)
(And pancake flipping is so not my forte ._.)
(B as well O.O)
(Damn my sauteing skills -_-)
(I must stop banging the wooden table in frustration and anger.)
(I must stop speaking in brackets and having a self-conversation.)
(I want ice-cream.)
Bye ._.

yo awesome people
Monday, June 22, 2009
11:02 PM
Hello awesome people out there who have not contracted H1N1/awesome people who have unluckily contracted H1N1 but are recovering, or going to, or whatever.
Guess what?


Ugh. OK, I cannot lie (journalistic integrity, tsk!) on my blog so I must mention I'm a teeny weeny happy, 'cos I've a mountain of homework to complete. No ATC will mean more time to complete those, duh :O but mostly I feel sucky.
I imagine ma'ams (especially 40 ma'ams D: D:) will feel suckier. All their preparatory efforts gone to waste :/ (and it's gonna be 40 ma'ams' last ATC lor! Walao cancelled. Shit you H1N1 D:)
If I could, I would group-hug with the entire unit now, but I can't, so too bad ._.
Awesome lah. I hate no-ATC.
Yeah yeah back to happier stuff like er... aha! The Fascinating Geography Traffic Thingy with Rebecca :D haha OK. But it's so late D: I don't feel like it!
OK I suddenly feel like it.
Erm yeah, woke at... six-fifty-ish ladeeda. Brushed teeth etc.? And then took MRT with my father :D (thank you papa! LOL he doesn't even know of this blog -.- never mind :D) to Bishan, where we were supposed to take the Circle Line to Serangoon :D yey! I love the Circle Line lah.
OK but Rebecca called, and ended up her mother drove to Bishan MRT station there :O yey!
Erm... drive to the random overhead bridge; counted vehicles haha. Then Rebecca and I walked to Rebecca's house :D! She gave me the grand tour ._. and I ate breakfast there as well :) The porch is super nice can~ I like the garden whee :D tsk they got TWO living rooms lah -.- and one person got one computer each -_-
Hmm, slacked around in Rebecca's room after that :D talked, did some geography (her) and homework (... me, haha), walked around the room, read (me -_- oh I read Maya's book :O sorry ey!), listened to Lily Allen :D I especially liked (hee) **** You! :D! Oops never mind.
Oh yeah! Surfed the internet (played weird/sick games ._.) (bloghopped for ah lian stuff O.O) and camwhored/zipaied ala ah lians! REBECCA IS DAMN PRO AT ACTING AH LIAN PLEASE! Me? No lah -innocent beam-. I think she'll post photographs though O.O on her Facebook maybe :D It was really fun lor! And then after all that she randomly go try to tie my hair -.- bah! Act-hairdressy lor!
Hmm, then around one we set off to the overhead bridge again :D counted more traffic -_- then headed back to her house, waited a while, got into her mother's car (with her sister :D) and her mother dropped us off at the SGCC :D yeah then went to a random place to eat :D Father's Day :O so it was super crowded! I'd lasagna (after like thinking for super long and Rebecca was chao pissed lor (also 'cos I kept reading Maya's book ._.)!) , and she had a Norwegian Grilled Salmon Steak :D Rebecca tried to squeeze my cherry tomato thing, thinking it was a LIME. Hello,
http://dogsbestfriend.files.wordpress.com/2008/01/cherry-tomato-pristine-variety.jpg and http://www.ahacook.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/03/lime.jpg very similar is it?
Anyway, I almost finished mine lor! Except towards the end I suddenly felt very herbivorous/nauseous D: so Rebecca helped me finish ._. and then she got me a green tea ice-cream and herself a very delicious/brainfreezey strawberry yoghurt :D
While eating those, we walked to the bowling place there and bowled. Eeyer the people next to us were GOOD (relatively speaking, -cough cough- :D) lor, and then Rebecca was sucky and I was suckier ._. ._. (I have you know the last time I bowled was in P2 hor! Already not bad already :/)
Left after two games :/ yeah!
Hmm.. her mother came to fetch us again :O yep. That's all I guess.
Whee see Rebecca I BLOGGED it's your turn :D!
Yey. I suddenly don't feel like blogging about the chalet at all you know -.- but I'll get to it someday :D probably some random weekend :O got photographs you know :D :D
OK I go now :D it's late :/

Friday, June 19, 2009
11:37 AM
Back from my Costa Sands Resort (Downtown East) chalet :D was super actually, except the toilet is a bit blah, and I walked a lot a lot ._. but still, went biking, and Escape Theme Park, and swimming and... eating, haha! Ugh, didn't manage to fit in Wild Wild Wet time D: sucks lor I don't like! I want to go Wild Wild Wet -throws tantrum ala my sister- D:!
Strangely I don't feel like blogging now! Sucks! D:!
Go library now ._. I'll blog over like, two hundred years D: then a wonderful detailed post will appear! :D!
OK bye.

new phone
Sunday, June 14, 2009
9:13 PM
I've a NEW PHONE! Exciting or not! 'Cos ah, my father went to do, er, something at somewhere lah, and then got the phone ._. hmm. Anyway the thing is, the phone is TOUCHSCREEN de D: (look, call me weird, but I don't-really-like touchscreens. What's the big deal ._.? Somemore I'm very bad with sensors D:) Nonetheless :D it's quite nice :)
Wait, let me show you what the nice phone looks like:

only... in white :D!
Wheeeeee because I'm lame and free... I shall give you a long long description of why-I-like-it, and why-I-don't :D


1. Touchscreen (explained already XD)
2. Themes (OHMYGAWD major ranting ground. The themes... SUCK D: seriously.
First, guess how many themes there are...?

Answer: 2.


And if that isn't enough, my Readers...

(fine, not same per se, but ey, everything is exactly the same except there's one green one and one red one. Confirmedly the designer was thinking, "Christmas is here, lala, 'tis the season to be jolly, etc. etc.")
3. All the games are trial versions. Therefore after about ten seconds they kindly request me to buy the freaking game -_- (what, game also must buy! Irritating D:)
4. Even the main page (the page with the time and welcome message and whatnot) requires me to scroll around. The thing that's pissing me off is mainly that Viver's photograph is elongated O.O and then I scroll here, cut off her head, scroll there, cut off her body, scroll some more, cut off everything and all I see is the interestingly pixellated scenery of a wooden hamster house.
5. It is not amusing to scroll for the picture you want when you have three hundred of them (唐诗三百首! Wahaha.), and you do not want to scroll through one hundred and fifty-seven.
Well now, look! Five cons! :O!


1. It is pretty/chio and SLIM! No more fat phone :D (not to mention shiny, glossy, appealing to the mynah and the elephant (no scientific basis, but true. Everybody loves my phone :D plus it's good-to-zhng! Ahahaha -bimbo tendency is now very strong!-.)
2. Freaking good camera :D it's all really really clear, unlike my old one D: (oh, how I wish Viver would live to today D: so I could take clear photographs of her :D)
Sidenote: My mother is lecturing me on 乐极生悲 ._.
3. Erm, I suppose the stuff is rather cool.. kinda ._.
Ohmy only three pros -.- ah well, never mind. Parents give de (as an early birthday present -_-) cannot reject right :(
Also I've run out of library books O: and I've to go now :) pack stuff :D

Saturday, June 13, 2009
6:45 PM
Today was DELICIOUS :D (ohmy I'm sounding damn bimbotic can ._.)!
As in, you know.. yummy.. tasty.. (er..) good?
I'll like you to look at this very important quote:
so, yesterday we had supplementary. bio-math-bio. then after that, i went to causewaypoint with fiona! it was probably our first QT date. hoho! we did alot of talking, laughing, eating and finding :D
ate at Gelare, the icelemontea there is gooood!
then we walked around, (bought fathers day gift. BOO to all those who FORGOT) and went to take neos. wahaha. my sister sez fiona looks CHIO eh! :D so cool. actually, think about it, she is ey!

fiona is chio. (PLUS, it rhymes. awesomezzxx)
go check out the pictures on FB. i love smmhhcvr.
wheee. and i love fiona!
What? You are saying I purposely quoted Rebecca to bring attention to the fact that her sister thinks I'm chio?
Tsktsk how can you assume like this! I'm only quoting her, 'cos she put my blog link bigbig there! :D! How nice of her right? Yeah, so I'm paying her back returning the favour! :D!
(Although I'll like to ask how "fiona is chio" rhymes?! It doesn't what -_-!)
On another hand I think I'll stare at the neoprint now! Muahahahahaha!
(I am actually chao humble. I'm only pretending to believe I am chio because it is important to make other people feel important, no? So Rebecca can think that I value her opinion! See! So smart of me. Cannot take it ._.)
Aw Chip is so adorable :D
OK erm. Yeah, woke up at ten-something, then went to another room to sleep -.- ate lunch at Ichiban! Yey :O ohmygawd was super filling :D
Sidenote: Pizza is here :)
OK erm, went home etc. etc. had something on so went there, came back was drizzling a bit.
Domestic Helper (DM): -lamenting about wet clothing etc.-
Me: -reading 8 DAYS! Yes the issue about Gianna Jun (._.)-
DM and me: -walk until we were quite near the block le.., suddenly DM exclaims!-
Me: -blissfully unaware-
DM and me: -caught in rain, DM pulled me to under a tree despite my protestations D:-
Me: Oi! Why like this!
DM: Wait for the traffic light lah!
Me: Orh ._.
DM: Tch the rain so heavy! (Fine, more like "aiyah" but whatever)
Me: Exactly lor... but getting less heavy le -smile!-!
-rain go and purposely more heavy, plus ominous splashing sounds, plus hit my face D:-
Me: -shriek!-
And this kept repeating until I decided not to comment about the rain.
-traffic light turns green-
:D haha. Super wet, like entire body lah :O eee.
OK I have to go pizza-ing now ._. bye :D~

Friday, June 12, 2009
11:11 PM
Today was an.. almost perfect day :D yes! What made it not so perfect O:?
Erm, Nicole not being there ): and The-Arcade-Issue (retarded people who lost, and accused Rebecca of cheating. Hello? I can take Rebecca's big fat wallet and throw at you lor! Only I'm too nice :D)
Hmm, OK, did CLC SIA, went out of Nanyang, and on the overhead bridge I saw ma'ams O.O a bit freaky lor! D:!
Me: -talking to Rebecca, sees ma'ams, falters, then continue making retarded conversation like "you know what?" "what?" "do you know what!" "WHAT."-
___ ____ ma'am: -pauses on step, blinks at moi-
Other ma'ams: -erm, chatting?-
Me: -continues inwardly cringing and having Cold Shivers (Chivers) in nervousness D:-
Ma'ams: -walk on-

I almost hyperventilated lor (yes! During my CCA thing, er, the First-Aid briefing got talk about hyperventilating! :D!)! Ohmygawd haha.
Tsktsk anyway, I left the CCA-thing earlier when ma'ams asked if we needed to go. I confirmedly you are frowning at me and saying, "Why, Fiona, but you were going out with your friend! That is not important!"
Although this is true, I'll like to clarify that before I went out with Rebecca, I had to go put the stupid CLC SIA in the pigeonhole OK!Tch Rebecca was very kaypoh and look at other classmates' de (HOW CAN right! Haha Cheryl/Sabrina all of your SIAs were scrutinized, tsk.)
Waited for my bus at the bus stop (shortly after bumping into ma'ams, remember?) with Rebecca for my entire life like that ._. finally it came (just as Rebecca almost-gave-up and took a taxi -_-) :D
Talktalktalked in the bus.. yes :D went Causeway! Er, the first thing we did was change :D Rebecca was wearing a blouse and a short skirt and leggings :O (oh, and Charles & Keith slippers. They are slippers, not flats. S-L-I-P-P-E-R-S :D) Yeah haha I was wearing a OFG red tee and an OP skirt -declines to mention the length of the skirt, but actually it got material inside to erm, prevent you-know-what :D-
Came out, went Galere to eat :D the food was nice XD and Rebecca taught me how to eat glamly -_- thanks ey ._. I like Carbonara :D :D oh and Rebecca had her mushroom-thing XD we both had ice lemon tea, and.. oh, yeah, we shared a cake O.O (ice-creammmm). She made me pay $10 only you know D: when it cost WAYYYYY (oh fine, about $5 more ._. but still) :D Rebecca so nice, see!
Eat le, went random shopping :D Rebecca was fascinated by the vintage stuff at one of the stores hm.. and Arcade to take neoprints :D (oh shoot, where are my neoprints?! Ah in my bag, never mind.) and played random games :D
Whee, went Espirit also :D Rebecca looked at a lot a lot of stuff, including several $100 pieces she lieked (but erm, no money heh ._.). Oh, and a babydoll dress :D that was $60 :O
She made me try on an $80 colourful dress that looked ... on me ._. (she said it was nice, but it's a bit revealing leh! As in erm.. OK fine it's not revealing at all -_-).
Whatever! It's $80!
Did a lot of running around looking at stuff after that.. and then Rebecca went home :)
(I have you note I'm blogging right now on Notepad.. 'cos my father went to do something to the internet D:)
(Got to go, dinner :D bye)
(Sorry for short posts D: I PROMISE I'll blog about the Fascinating Geography Traffic Project well! It's on the 16th, by the way.)
(OK I really have to go :O)
I love my life now that CLC SIA is over and done and gone and whatever :D
Plus I realised this post ain't so short after all! Who'd have known :D

Thursday, June 11, 2009
11:11 PM
So far, 296 people from UNKNOWN countries have read my blog. It's a bit disturbing, whatever ._. (exactly where do these people come from! Ah!)
I'm back on blogskins.com :D not exactly but erm, close enough.
I must print out my CLC SIA, bathe and sleep - as soon as possible (ASAP! :D). Tomorrow I've to wake early-ish, to get to my CCA thing on time. And then hand in CLC SIA.
Have I mentioned Nicole is not coming tomorrow?! D:! Oh well. I suppose... Macdonald's ice-cream shall have to do -sigh-.
Wheeboing :O siansiansian.
CLC SIA (I confirmedly swear it's taking over my life. Luckily it'll be over tomorrow :O (the SIA, not my life O.O))
I think I just cursed myself eeyer!
Hmm, byeaye people. 5755 from Singapore, 4 from France and 22 from Canada :D

bs with a bang
Wednesday, June 10, 2009
11:10 AM
Yesterday I received a ping from Yvon, which led me to the blogskins forum :D there was a totally fun thread there (ironically ey, it was set up by this guy who kept saying he would leave blogskins.com, but really kept coming back ._. therefore irritating the bleah out of many many people, including me :D and then he kept insulting people lah ._. aptly his username is nervouswreck, also known as darkdegree (ARE YOU USING ONE OF HIS SKINS?)(No lah to be fair his skins are all rather nice :D).)
OK uh, yeah. Whee, squadmates all posted at once lah! Like synchronized like that ._.
You know Singapore is gonna have a Flash Mob? Major fun :D
Hmm Ariel my typing speed increased! O:
Haha I know this is a blah post. I'm not really thinking properly you know. My head feels like it's stuffed full of cotton wool .___. (yes! It is eleven! Why, people cannot wake at ten plus plus is it D:!)
Things to do today: CLC SIA CLC SIA CLC SIA.
Kellynn's SIA is 92 pages, how on earth did she manage that.
Mine is barely a quarter of it (erm, not true but close D:)!
And Nicole's is 42, I think. Lucy's was 30+ at most :O
Oh whatever. Heck-care this for now ._. I must complete it first :D maybe I try to complete ALL by today, yey!
(A bit impossible hurhur D:)
(Never mind Fiona Shall Try.)

random ramblings
Monday, June 8, 2009
1:03 PM
It's been long since I changed skin D: maybe I should? I don't feel like skinning (alright, fine, I've got no time at all lor D: CLC SIA should go and take a vacation in Bintan or something ._.) and I don't really want to use another blogskinner's skin O: feel a bit wrong, haha.
I tell you I want to make a image layout. Imageless is so yesterday (fine, no, but they require a lot of thinking. Ugh.)!
People should blog more ._. ah, my brother is listening to Japanese death metal O.O (OK, he's actually watching NARUTO -_-). Sounds like death metal to me, still. OK he's listening to death metal.
Why only one squadmate blog about URD! D:! Oh well. Maybe other squadmates blog le :D
Oh, and Rebecca asked me to tell you all I'm not offended by her non-contactability -.- yes. Hmm, that is true, by the way, so apparently Yan Li shall not viciously shall Rebecca XD
I feel remarkably bubble-tea-ish. Also blogskinsish. Yeah, I miss Sylvia and Yvon and Kailin and Jeremy and teaspoon/kooky ._. :D
I feel like making a skin like ohmygawd! I resolve to finish all of my CLC SIA and spend the rest of the time skinning :D yes! I think it is possible to complete everything in two days, right? :D
The clock strikes five, did you make it out alive?
P.S. Oh by the way, if you voted "I hate it I'm never/not coming back!" on the blog poll yeah, FREAK OFF SHOO! (sorry I couldn't help not being horrible and mean) and stop repeatedly voting -_- it's immature.
P.P.S. I like my hair! I now use organic shampoo ._. from Organix! -shakes pompoms- It's great, but don't use the Citrus Mango thing. It smells -.- (to me lah, I suppose you could go Watson's and sniff ._.) horrid. I'm using the Peppermint Tea Tree shampoo + conditioner :D never tried/smelled the Shea Butter/Lavender Soy Milk/Cucumber Yogurt/POMEGRANATE GREEN TEA ones before (and why such weird combinations?! WHY!) hor. The Vanilla one smells delicious, and almost edible. You want edible hair you go buy lor. Available at all Watson's stores :D
OK I shall do my CLC SIA now, bye. Really.

omg i'm scaring myself :O
Sunday, June 7, 2009
10:05 PM
Haha I tell you what's so freaking funny OK! I'm scaring Nicole and Kellynn (Nicole, especially. She keeps asking me to stop it and that she will get nightmares ._. Kellynn just says I'm siao -_-) by...

Yes 'cos I let my erm, voluminous hair down and my lips are naturally very red :D not to mention ey, the webcam makes me look very very pale :D
Perfect can! I think Mediacorp hire me and save on calefare costs can already (what? I'm a natural :D)
I quote from our MSN conversation (Nicole, and I):
NICOLE!!~ -YAYY : D says:
canyou please TIE UP UR HAIR U LOOK SO GUI-ish
the party predicament says:
the party predicament says:
she sleeping :-O
NICOLE!!~ -YAYY : D says:
lemme see sugar!
NICOLE!!~ -YAYY : D says:
or or honey
NICOLE!!~ -YAYY : D says:
or SUSHI<3
the party predicament says:
all sleep lah!
the party predicament says:
NICOLE!!~ -YAYY : D says:
all the hamsters??
NICOLE!!~ -YAYY : D says:
even chippie?!
NICOLE!!~ -YAYY : D says:
the party predicament says:
Yes, 'cos they're tired )):
the party predicament says:

Play/stop Save as
NICOLE!!~ -YAYY : D says:
NICOLE!!~ -YAYY : D says:
very SCARY!
NICOLE!!~ -YAYY : D says:
and ur lips so red!
NICOLE!!~ -YAYY : D says:
go drink water
NICOLE!!~ -YAYY : D says:
very scary!
NICOLE!!~ -YAYY : D says:
like horror movie!
NICOLE!!~ -YAYY : D says:
NICOLE!!~ -YAYY : D says:
omg dont smile like that
the party predicament says:
i put lippie what :D
NICOLE!!~ -YAYY : D says:
its damn freaky.
NICOLE!!~ -YAYY : D says:
the party predicament says:
NICOLE!!~ -YAYY : D says:
the party predicament says:
NICOLE!!~ -YAYY : D says:
NICOLE!!~ -YAYY : D says:
NICOLE!!~ -YAYY : D says:
NICOLE!!~ -YAYY : D says:
dont like that
Ahahaha. And then when I close-up on my face (ey? 'Cos I wanted to record my laughter, cannot ah :O) it's chao scary actually -_- I tell you ey, I also tied two pigtails ._.! And act-cute. I mean acted-cute XD Kellynn was snorting OK! Not that I saw her, but ey... can FEEL her snorting lah! Funny :D hee.
Whee :O I shall go now, 'cos it's super late?! Yeah ._. toodles!

Saturday, June 6, 2009
6:55 PM
Today my entire family went swimming-costume-shopping -.- (haha :D)
Yes so I bought a swimming costume. I shall not elaborate in case you conservative people go and tsk at me (seriously OK. But it's not very obscene lah. Also my mother is very UNconservative, tsk!).
Oh well. I love Ariel to bits man, she's completely helpful and great :D while Rebecca is not replying my SMSes D: (fine I never SMS her anyway! Haha!)
You people, go and FOLLOW me on Twitter :D! I'm very Twitterish, I think -beams-.
Gawd I hope squadmates had fun yesterday at the dinner :(
Fiona jiayou :D!
Now ah my father is liking That's Not My Name a lot. He went and copy the lyrics into a Word document and saved it ._. he is also planning on MP3ing the song O.O a bit weird hor ._.
Never mind. My parents are young at heart.
Bye :D (go follow me now!)

Friday, June 5, 2009
12:36 PM
I'm readdicted to Les Choristes all over again! Listening to Vois Sur Ton Chemin :D :D ohmygawd I wanna watch Les Choristes AGAIN Eee :D out of all the Les Choristes songs I liek Vois Sur Ton Chemin the best! It has a beautiful tune :) cette chanson est magnifique!
Yesterday I was playing That's Not My Name by The Ting Tings (hee) and my mother was humming along to it O.O! And then in the bathroom I distinctly heard my mother saying "that's not my name" and then my father saying "that's not my name" (followed by some irrelevant comment about Kit Kat ._.). Waahaha actually it's a bit disturbing .__. never mind!

That's not my name! Ahaha.
Tsk. Tsk. Can't go for the Unit Reunion Dinner today ugh D: it's super late lah O: until ten you know -_- I reach home is eleven le O.O my mother say cannot go D:
Oh well. Better to do my CLC SIA -.-
Never mind .__. I shall go now :) bye!
P.S. Lyrics for Vois Sur Ton Chemin! Go Youtube or IMEEM to find the song, OK :D:
Vois sur ton chemin
Gamins oubliés égarés
Donne leur la main
Pour les mener
Vers d'autres lendemains
Donne leur la main
Pour les mener
Vers d'autres lendemains

Sens au coeur de la nuit
L'onde d'espoir
Ardeur de la vie
Sentier de gloire
Ardeur de la vie
de la vie
Sentier de gloire
Sentier de gloire

Bonheurs enfantins
Trop vite oubliés effacés
Une lumière dorée brille sans fin
Tout au bout du chemin
Trop vite oubliés effacés
Une lumière dorée brille sans fin

Sens au coeur de la nuit
L'onde d'espoir
Ardeur de la vie
Sentier de gloire
Ardeur de la vie
de la vie
Sentier de gloire
Sentier de gloire

é lé é
i lé é
é lé i
i é lé
é lé é
i lé é
i lé é i é

é lé é
i lé é
é lé i
i é lé
é lé é
i lé é
i lé é i é lé

Vois sur ton chemin
Gamins oubliés égarés
Donne leur la main
Pour les mener
Vers d'autres lendemains
Donne leur la main
Pour les mener
Vers d'autres lendemains

Sens au coeur de la nuit
L'onde d'espoir
Ardeur de la vie
Sentier de gloire
Sens au coeur de la nuit
L'onde d'espoir
Ardeur de la vie
Sentier de gloire...
See upon your path
Kids lost and forgotten
Take their hands
To lead them
Toward other tomorrows
Feel in the heart of the night
The wave of hope
Ardor of life
Pathway of glory
Joys of childhood
Too quickly forgotten, erased
A golden light shines steadily

Lyrics from this Youtube video!

Thursday, June 4, 2009
8:28 PM
Today had the Road Safety thing :O I was almost late OK D:! Eeyer so scary, ugh ._. anyway... it was fine? yey -_- not very interesting though -cough- :D a lot of people were being irritating and kept talking please -.-!
Currypuff now :O it is not bad :)
Oh hoho. Did I mention some random pervert/dog O.O went to dig up Viver's body?! Shit lah, damn disgusting and horrid. Her body is like decomposing le can ._. so... yeah, wanted to rebury. But that would be very difficult D: so just piled a bit of soil on her body D:
Ugh. It's so lucky I'm more spiritual ._. I kind of wish the cleaner would dispose of her D: but not quite, maybe x( sucks!
I can remember Rebecca's best best BEST friend's name (Juliana Shariq Mujtaba). Oh dear! I'm so stalker.
Can't wait for the 16th :D I will jump on the trampoline, experience the feel of entering a three-storey house (tsk! So big for what XD), go look at the treehouse and.. and... yeah, something -_- oh maybe do homework (yes I'm so loserish :D whee).
I've dedicated this entire week to doing my CLC SIA. I must finish it soon D:
Oh! I'm eating the most delicious cheesecake, liek DUH! :D
OK I go now lor -.- bye!

9:14 AM
I tell you ah D: Lucy (my Angel :D) recently go and post up icons.
And then along with that she go and insinuate my blogskin got a lot of empty space..! (Which is kind of true -_- never mind XD) Therefore I show her I got artistic talent de I will also post up icons. They aren't professional, but still maybe people will like them :D (also if you like them cannot steal without asking ME.)
First one:

The shape is erm unique. Fine I'm not really fond of the empty spaces ._.
Second one:

I lieky :D
Third one:

Normal-icon-sized, but a bit... weird :D never mind.
Please note that ALL of these were done on Paint (yes, the lousy Paint on your PC -.-) (what! My GIMP screwed D: and no Photoshop, ugh D:). Also the third one was done in under five minutes!
I need to eat my breakfast what :O therefore I shall go now. Bye :D

my life is quite okay
Wednesday, June 3, 2009
9:28 PM
Hello people. I have decided to use proper English for once. Yes :D
Etsuko go and change blog O: so now I cannot stalk her. I am very GOOD at stalking people ohmy! Yes :D I can remember everything (fine, almost everything ._.)!
It irks me when people don't update -_- then I cannot stalk! Correct?
Anyway I agree with myself ._. doesn't matter if YOU don't agree (Unless you're from Texas :D or Ang Mo Kio -_-)!
Eating an extremely hot dish ._. I am actually drinking plain water -shock, horror- :O! I've decided to drink more -nods- so that by the time school reopens I'll be healthier and happier... er, yes!
Whee. Oh! The fork I'm using has only THREE pointies O.O not four. Why O:!
I borrowed the sequel to Cathy's Book :D from the library! Major happiness :D the illustrations are supercool times maybe a hundred :D
Tomorrow I've a CCA thing on! Don't SMS/call me -.- I'll get really irritated (by myself! I hate missed calls. That time ma'am called me it became a MISSED CALL ohmygawd I almost hyperventilated before redialling. Then realising I couldn't redial because her number was withheld, ugh -_-) D: anyway... Road Safety O: I plan on arriving one hour earlier so that I've enough time to randomly disturb people, yey.
CLC SIA go die please!
Today went out with Ting Ting and Xuan Li :D SUBWAY THE BEST! Especially with the new meal thingy, the $5.90 one :D it's better than Macdonald's lor~ haha! I extremely loves the gigantic cup :D
Zoe Tay and Fann Wong are giving each other evil looks on TV right now, channel eight yes .___.
Oh dear, how horrid. My screen has shrunk.
Byebye D:

my commentary on teeveeeh:D
Tuesday, June 2, 2009
5:29 PM
Yesyes I tell you my today was damn wasted on slacking -_- never mind :O I will jiayou de :D after the Ellen Degeneres talkshow I'll continue on my Mathematics and finish today!
I'm totally addicted to the tune of Pokerface can .__. not as in, really LIKE it. Fine I liked it until I very extraly went to wiki it (I just like to know the meaning behind the song! Cannot ah D:!) and...
erm... the meaning was a bit sick. And aha.
Too bad for me Ellen is gonna be interviewing Lady Gaga eeyer! Grah :D and she'll be performing... yes I suppose you'll know. POKERFACE:D
I tell you Julianne Moore wrote a children's book series! Now Ellen and Julianne Moore are discussing the evils of dodgeball.
'Cos Julianne Moore kena hit by dodgeball when she was a child ._.
OMGOSH random woman who won... something is doing cartwheels/frontflips/running a lot .______. hahaha! Funny like a lot. Oh my this lady is stuffing money into her shirt O: hee.
OK haha :D OK wait this woman is crying O.O
Yes! Lady Gaga is gonna perform!
-waits for it-
(Ooh Harper's Island is chao scary OK -sobs- it's a bit like an Agatha Christie book O.O what was the name? Ah, heck-care XD)
(Save The Earth! OK sorry.)
Ooh. Pokerface is playing :D whee XD
OK end le.
Why Susan Boyle like that anyway ._. ._. ._.
Never mind I shall not kaypoh. I shall go now :D goodbye!

my 220th post
11:12 AM
Disclaimer: Chao incoherent and random post .____.
Extremely happy O: so many posts le, see -points up-! Ahaha most of them are crap anyway :D but really, you SHOULD read my archives! Got some very funny posts de :D
Irritatingly, I have not eaten breakfast D: No wonder I am underperforming!
(Also, it is very nice of Mr. Le Bigmouth not to call me stupid :D only 'underperforming' ._.)
Yes I know I'm blogging incoherently, it's 'cos I've not eaten breakfast! Makes sense right :O
Currently, Etsuko, ~ (~ is a person, not a random symbol) and Rebecca are having a flame war on my tagboard. Wait, is it a flame war if I'm not involved in it? The war, I mean.
The best thing for all of us to do now is to just ignore each other as much as possible. NO WAIT, talk to ME, 'cos I'm supernice and not biased :D -cough- fine maybe sometimes I'll secretly agree with one side or the other but whatever D: friends have different opinions and still get along fine! Unless you hate the friend, in which case how can you be friends...?
Ohgawd I'm being very incoherent O.O plus my arm hurts! I am searching for breakfast recipes on http://recipegoldmine.com/. Supposedly, it's better than a thousand cookbooks? Anything lah, I don't even have a thousand cookbooks.
Viver D: I actually don't miss her already lah! OK I do, just I'm not as sad :D but I still got that hollow weird feeling D: a bit only :D I must do my CLC SIA D: I'm slacking like dunnowhat can!?
Xiaxue should post D: I want her Bali post :D yes! I don't know why I anticipate her posts so much... I think it's because her life is so much more interesting than mine, ugh ugh. Now if someone sponsored me for erm... eh... a pet shop (or a Bali trip, hurhur) right, confirmedly I blog better also. Instead of now lah, blogging about my non-existent breakfast.
In fact I got an urge to rename this post "my non-existent breakfast", since it centres around "my non-existent breakfast".
My arm still hurts.
I shall go make my breakfast and transform it from non-existent to... non-existent, because it will be all in my stomach. Or maybe I go out by myself later and eat lunch at Macdonald's :D yes I shall do that!
-immediately deletes the thousand-cookbooks-site-
Ooh things to do today:
1. my extra-Mathematics
2. go library :D and borrow books about fashion/****iness/journalism (what? Does it affect you in any way that my taste in books is more... frivolous? No right! Exactly. The Interns series is actually quite very good. Hmm, yesterday I saw the second book of the series lying serenely on a table, shrieked (yes, in the library. Fine OK! I didn't shriek, just made a stiffled-shriek-sound.) and grabbed it in disbelief.)
3. Macdonald's (note to self: take money -_-)
I'd better remember to take my ezlink card to the library also .__. yesterday I FORGOT. Hid the books behind some shelf XD, walked peacefully home, took card, walked to library again, grabbed books very happily and went to borrow :D
Also remember to watch the Ellen Degeneres (correct spelling? :O) show at around five on Channel... five ._. and that Channel eight show at... eight. So weird!
Not really never mind. Bye.
P.S. OKTObite - you know the one titled A Very Silly Story - is showing now. Also it is very lame.

Monday, June 1, 2009
4:23 PM
I'm so happy right now I could cry.
Whee. Everyone = offline. Also, dinnertime.