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Friday, July 31, 2009
10:38 PM
hiatus until block tests end.
read my freaking archives if you want.
end quick.
My father threw me the earpiece for my phone :D but he refuses to let me download songs onto it (the phone, I mean, not the earpiece) ._.
I listen to what? Beyond Samsung is it!

afk that's what i say.
9:21 PM
Squadmates are being ...
What is this Weiting you remove that part D: okay! Pleaseplease. Rawr.
Today came home I slept. I was not studying.
Which serves to make me feel worse. Woke up, revised History with Yan Li, then bathed then ate, then took medicine (yes the fever went up I told you already right? Never mind :D), then.. now revising History/doing Mathematics.
Going to do Revision Booklet/workbook like !@#$ over the weekends :) and revise humanities. Yes. Heck languages.
(Oh did I say that? I did. Hmm.)
Maybe not heck them totally just... spend less time on LA. Unseen can kill me.
And then BIOLOGY. Why am I blogging?! Yes.
Take temperature, continue History mugging until 10 at night. Then start more Mathematics. Yeah.
POP rehearsal on Thursday. I hope I can go :) I cannot miss out on act again .__. ugh. Stop it ah squadmates :O
Belok ladeeda I like it.
I know it hurts.
Yes it does.
And that's why the tears keep falling.
The above portion isn't for ME lah. Tsk.

spherical geometry
4:34 PM
I feel like blogging in chronological order, so...
Okay today reached school and was later joined by Rachel Wu :O she forced me to listen to DBSK songs ): and I was playing my handphone game and ignoring her, haha (oh! But I got a new high score while Wrong Number was playing! Hmm...). So yes, ate my medicine and drank water, then went into the classroom. Cheryl Yau told me Nicole wasn't coming D': Get well soon, Nicole-the-duck :D!
So... skipskip until wangls and Mr. Tan came in, haha. I was coughing a bit lot (only I was trying to suppress them ._. so every few minutes I was -stifles cough- like that D:). Yeah wangls was nice and went to the General Office to take a mask for me :D (eyey I asked Mr. Tan ._. then he was lazy preoccupied so he asked wangls to go down ._.) haha. PCCG was slack, overall, because hmm... it just was. PCCG always is :D
That Kellynn eh! I asked her to help me tie the mask she went to tie it like super-tight :O and then I couldn't BREATHE can?! Three seconds -adjusts mask, takes deep breath, puts mask back properly-. So halfway through (Mr. Tan was... idon'tknowdoingwhat ._. bonding with Cheryl lah, confirm.) I went up to her and glared and asked her to adjust :)
Yey! Hmm after PCCG was... eh. Chemistry! Yeah :) went through worksheets :O I got highest in class for my PR2 :D (that's what Cheryl says at least -.-). I haven't got first in class for any single thing since P5 okay, so was weirdly shocked -_- eh. I plan to get A1 for my Science EOYS :O (what am I writing OMG! Am I serious?! Seriously?!) Ha. Must mug (oops).
Okay never mind. Chemistry ended, then went down with Ting Ting for recess :O ate jelly :/ (I know! It's bad for the throat :/ whatwhatwhat was I thinking. Ah forget it.)(Ahahaha but Elaine also! And she also unwell D:)(eh? Why is my post so Singlishy D: Mrs. W would disapprove.)
-really coughs-
Recess ended, and it was... Culture :O superslack lor please (but I took notes okay okay I did okay okay and the culture teacher was awesomely funny as usual.). Yeah, wrote letter to Ying Tong while the teacher was digressing or something (last week he went to expose his stomach to 113 .____. eh. Quite disturbing.).
So! History :O went through those structured questions :/ freak lah mug for History D: (well. I didn't FAIL, but it's not an A1 either :/) then went for lunch! Basically, practised drills with squadmates-slash-went down for recess-slash-ate-slash-laughed at Mr. Tan :D joking. Erm. It was students-teacher bonding :O You know you know, MR. TAN BOON HIAN DIVES :O! He said de. Ting Ting went to spiral off to his outfit while diving tsktsk eh.-slash-went to find squadmates-slash-brought Mr. Tan to see squadmates (since Elaine and Lai Jia Hui also taught by him :D he says 107 is a naughty class :D (exact words, serious))-slash-epic conversation:
Said conversation
Elaine: -eating her don'tknowwhat!- Mr. Tan! Fiona is in love with you!
Me: What?! O.O -sits down laughing-
Ting Ting and Sabrina and Etsuko and Xuan Li: -evil chorus of agreement D: what is this?!-
Mr. Tan: -gives the Mr. Tan look- Don't all of you? -chuckles like it's very funny like that-
Elaine: Er?! -face contorts-
Ting Ting and Sabrina and Etsuko and Xuan Li: HAHAHAHAHA.
Me: -gives the "er?" look at Mr. Tan- Are you sure?
Mr. Tan: Don't all of you?
Me: Er... yesyes if you say so. MR. TAN DIVES!
Elaine: -chokes on her don'tknowwhat-
:D damn funny right :D exactly. Whee.
Okay bell rang, went up for art :O Zzz the teacher is chao blah. She acts like we don't know anything ._. (even, yes, opening Photoshop. Thanks but no thanks, we can see the icon.) And then it was basically boring. Yes.
Went home ._. after that. Didn't go for act because... felt unwell. I'm feeling guilty enough even though I didn't randomly pon de lor, I was AM feeling unwell. Elaine too :(
Cannot end unhappily D: okay! Erm. SPHERICAL GEOMETRY is CHAO interesting I tell you! INTERESTING UNTIL CANNOT INTERESTING ANYMORE!
(wahaha reminds me of the culture teacher. He said: 太阳很阳,阳得不得了!-has the Dr. Ng look ._.-)
Okay end byez. Got to mug for History, Geography, Biology, Mathematics, LA, Chinese; it's just basically everything. Yeah.
8.00 at night now.
The fever's back. And higher.
Can go die please ):
Jiayou Fiona. You can do it.
I think.

Thursday, July 30, 2009
9:26 PM
i'm still sick. high fever.
wtfwtf i wanna go school tomorrow (idk why.).
pleasepleaseplease ):
i think i'm going to cry (omg? hot tears heh.)
i'm taking medicine again; about five kinds o.o
why am i blogging like this? oh never mind.
why is this freaking happening to me now!? (okay okay fiona cannot ji1 dong4 or your temperature rise... or something ._.)
so close to block tests? wtf. i cannot miss lor, my daily work a bit risky -.-
andand. apparently i owe zhengls THREE reflectionthings, when i've handed them up (albeit late lar ._. but). i can go die already. what is this ):
and mugging! i was planning very happily to mug today lor, ended up asleep and with high fever .________. wtfwtf D: it go up for what -_-
omg but thanks everyone (: especially uh, nicole and cheryl and rebecca and yanli and ying tong and rachel wu and kellynn and squadmates :D
yeah i mean. going now yes. yesyes.

limelight + fever
Wednesday, July 29, 2009
11:13 PM
Disclaimer: Superlong double post :D
Short post okay, because I've to go do homework -.- (ah I should stop blogging manz. Addicted D:)
And today was Limelight :D chionged from French class (today was very brainless during French please ._. our usual teacher was on leave lah, then my angel (LUCY :D I wrote your letter :D I just hope I didn't leave it in MOELC -_-)'s teacher (M. Huet -_-) was teaching. He's really quite boring please ._. and then I FELL ASLEEP IN CLASS for the first time in my life ._. French class :O tsk at me all you want okay, let's see how you'll fare when you don't understand what your French teacher is rambling about because of his accent, and you can't even begin to decipher it because he's speaking in FRENCH D:
Okay never mind. Headache, but shall continue :O
Eh yes chionged to Esplanade and waited for Rebecca -____- (saw ma'am :O and promptly engaged myself in a random brochure) yes then went in with Rebecca?! Haha left with one minute you know D: but we just waved the tickets in the usher's face D: almost literally.
Okay the concert was... not bad :D I liked all the songs! :D especially the Japanese ones :D yey! Haha one hour passed chao quickly ._. heh. Then uh, we left? went to find Nicole :D and Rebecca was talking to her friend :O and Xuan Li and Nicolette were there as well :O (tsk that Ariel eh thought Limelight was on the 15th -.-)
Uh I shall skip the parts about the money I SPENT D: and I DROPPED MY PHONE PLEASE! It still works ._. a bit amazing, no :D
Anyway was on MRT (to Orchard 'cos my father wanted to buy breakfast for my sister tomorrow ._. don't ask me why we've to go ORCHARD, I also don't know ._.) and OMGZXCV SAW MA'AM :O chao chao weird! Right next to me lor! Never mind uh.
Yeah then went Takashimaya and walked a lot -_- then ate a bit ): then went home, did homework etc. :O slept chao late :(
Yes today is very bloggable. During the first period (Chemistry :O LAB :O) I started getting gastric pains D: (confirmedly because I ate a bit only, last night~ and didn't eat breakfast D:) so right, Jia Chun was halfway distillating the Copper (II) Sulphate right, and then I was trying not to move .____.
So ladeeda I ren3 until recess (Mrs. W was mean D:) Then bought noodles :O (ate like ONE-THIRD please! Felt like throwing up ._. plus that Ying Tong and Rachel Wu go and drink the soup tsktsk.) and drank Yi Xin's milo (thank you so much it helped :D) and bought chocolate milk because... Nicole said it would help (it did leh :O). Chionged up to class and brought the milk to board room -______-
Uh then was Chinese ._. hurhur. Was drifting in and out of consciousness (read: almost fell asleep -.-). Ey but then the gastric pain is really... erh, painful please ): plus drank milk and ate sweets! Classmates/teachers are so nice :D Ms. Ong/wangls ._. gave me weird looks :/
After Chinese? Geography and Ms. Khoo was absent (in Germany D: lucky her!) Went back to classroom and collapsed in my chair to... rest. Yes. Rest is important. Uh it was quite funny.
Cheryl Yau: -says something I didn't catch because I was sleeping resting.-
Me: -awake- Whatwhatwhat I tell you I'm not sleeping okay! -takes off hair clip ._. why? I also don't know.- -promptly falls asleep rests again :D-
-rests for don'tknowhowlong-
Okay maybe it isn't so funny ._. anyway, the second time I woke up I saw Nicole taking her temperature and thus decided to take mine as well. Yeshiede.
AND MY TEMPERATURE WAS 37.5 degree celsius LAH WTF!
Moped around in class a bit, then took my temperature a few more times (Cheryl Yau stuffed the thermometer down my throat ._____. tsk.) and each time the temperature was around there.
Okay I'm going to skip this big chunk that consists of Nicole and I visiting the toilet -_- and taking temperature until she got 37.8 D: (and my thermometer spoiled! I think water splashed on it lah)
So uh, went down to the General Office (ladeeda was lunch by then). A lot of administrative work; basically Nicole had to go home D: and yes. I told them my temperature was 37.5 lor, but they were like saying it wasn't the trigger temperature D: (whatever!) I waited with her at the Auditorium until her father supposedly came :D
Then went to canteen and found squadmates! Talktalktalked.
Chionged up because it was Mathematics and Mdm. Lee is chao punctual (only, it was Thursday and they've this meeting or whatever lah :D so I went up and she wasn't there yet). Took my temperature again o.o (my thermometer revived! Yey!) and it was 37.8, ohmytian ): Cheryl and Sabrina immediately practised Social Distancing, while Ying Tong and Rachel Wu and Kellynn were like hugging me?! Especially that Ying Tong eh, tsktsk. Went down to the General Office again. And then the person recognised me:O (and said Nicole was in the isolation placethingy) They used the ear-thermometer and my temperature was 37.9 :O
Okay skip skip until reach home yes. That's why I'm blogging at 2.44p.m.
Ladeeda taking temperature again :O hehe. I think it went down already.
Oh yes! 37.3 :D (but then it might go up again ._. it always does lor! I was waiting with Nicole and my temperature was low also! D:)
Okay I'm byeing. Do mugging and whatnot.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009
9:10 PM
Rawr my mother is laughing hysterically at my skirt ): is it that funny?! (Don't even think of answering this question D:)
OMGZVXC. My mother is calling me a duck O.O (stop laughing, squadmates!)
Reading Weiting's post D: am suddenly reminded of how my classmate went to hmph at NPCC by saying it was boring ._. and GG was better ._. (tsk!) how insensitive. Heck-care lah.
Pissed. Ah my revision is chao screwed please ): and tomorrow I've to go Limelight :O it's at freaking Esplanade D: what is this manz! Reach home = four in the morning ._.
Right ignore me I don't know what I'm doing.
Today during last part of act 41 ma'ams took us :O heh. It was kind of... different :/ I don't know lah don't ask me -_-
I'm pissed. Irritated? Not sure at what. My feet hurt.
I will go now and do WORK and ensure I don't fail my block tests.
Bye :)
I want to go to sleep but there's work to be done.
Never mind I shall persevere :O yeah.
Rebecca get well soon so that I can insult you please? :D

Monday, July 27, 2009
8:44 PM
From now onwards I will not post about CCA-related thingies.
And I will not read CCA-related thingies.
Okay bye.
Okay I give up D:

rain on me,
7:06 PM
My brother is... shrieking in pain right now. Yes. He shrieks every few minutes -.-
Both he and my sister EXHIBIT H1N1 SYMPTOMS. Hmm.
-cue shock gasp abhorrence antipathy aversion detestation hate hatred (._.) loathing repellence repellency (-.-) repugnance repugnancy (-_________-) repulsion revulsion-
As a responsible citizen I should stay at home in case I've H1N1 and spread to the entire NYGH population (HAHAHA even random 401/402/403/407 404 people like my cousin ._.) :O
But then I need to go to school. Why? Only just so that I can listen to the teachers speaking about their respective subjects and commit important facts to memory to be used in the upcoming block tests, stupid.
Oh no I'm getting so rude ._.
Okay on second thought my parents will make me come to school ANYWAY, so there's no point thinking about this. Note to self: bring functional ODT tomorrow.
Lalala. I love thesauruses :D Mrs. W told us to expand our vocabulary right, thus and therefore I shall go and search for symptoms synonyms of "sick".
On second thought you ownself click, eh. Can use in your compositions/blog posts -stares at squadmates-.
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I feel sick (ill, ailing... green?! (wtf), infirm, under the weather, lousy (er)).
Hmm should eat my dinner now. Practise good hygiene and all ._.
-washes hands-
-dance dance-
-washes hands somemore-
-dance dance-
-washes hands in a very OCD way D:-
(Go to school or not?! I don't want to miss POP rehearsal D:)

Sunday, July 26, 2009
8:52 PM
Taken from squadmates' blogs :O
I don't know why the change in mood is so different :/
Be creative and dig deep within yourself for the answer. There's no limitation on how you should answer the questions.

If you already answered what the question asks of you, skip it and type ''NIL'' instead.
Then here we go...

If I was an American...
ANS: I would go visit the Statue of Liberty :O (eee so boring :D)

If I was a Japanese...
ANS: I would bring Nicole and Sabrina along to act-Japanese together ._.

If I was a member of a platinum selling group like N'Sync, Destiny's Child, etc...
ANS: KEEP THE MONEY ROLLING IN BABY! (Elaine is so materialistic D:!) Become very charitable and donate. Of course :)

If I was an only child...
ANS: I would be very selfish and self-conceited (yes, more than I already am.).

If I was a rock star...

If I was Hannah Montana...
ANS: BLOND HAIR OMGOMG (I've to agree with Elaine :D)

If I was homeless...
ANS: I'd find my donatish-self and get my donatish-self to give me ten cents.

If I was Perez Hilton...
ANS: (Tsktsk Elaine doesn't know who Perez Hilton is! :O At least I know he's male... I think.)(Oh see I'm right he is a celebrity gossiper. Bah. I also can. Okay maybe not.) I would gossip. Duh ._.

If I was Barack Obama...
ANS: I would bring change to the world :D (for the better)

If my life was a hit musical...
ANS: I would dance and sing in random cafeterias ._.

If I was fighting in Iraq...
ANS: I would move to a hit musical set.

If I was an animal...
ANS: I would move to a hit musical set.

If I was a lawyer...
ANS: I would earn lots of money -cough- bring justice to Singapore. Yes.

If I was an actor...
ANS: I would try to make the producer of the hit musical star me in another hit musical.

If I was Paris Hilton...
ANS: I would flame Perez Hilton totally! I'd go on Twitter and tweet about Malibu :D

If I was an astronaut...
ANS: I'd quote Neil Armstrong and say "That's one small step for [a] man, one giant leap for mankind." when I step on the Moon's moon :O

If I could rule the world...
ANS: I would be very Barack-Obama-y! For some reason.

If I worked in a school cafeteria...
ANS: I'd make sure a hit musical star refrains from singing/dancing in it.

If I was home alone...
ANS: I'd mug. Of course! Yesyes! Don't even think of doubting me!

If I wasn't home alone...
ANS: I'd mug more.

If I were the opposite sex...
ANS: I would fall in love with my un-opposite self o.o Okay maybe not -refers to Beyonce's song-. Never mind uh.

If I were a gadget...
ANS: I'd move to Japan manz! And meet act-Japanese Singaporean girls :D

If I was a website...
ANS: I'd be my blog -ah- :D

If I was a gangster...
ANS: Uh. I'd move to Iraq.

Well, this is reality... But let's have fun. Would you replace the life you have now for any one of the things you mentioned?
ANS: I'm not sure :/ I need to carefully weigh advantages and disadvantages and come up with action plans :D

for sqms strictly ):
8:37 PM
firstly, stop being kaypoh it's very private okay ):
okay now squadmates can proceed to read ._.

(seriously. don't read this.)
what happens inside you when you let someone down?
no, wait.
what happens inside you when you let a lot of people down?
it's getting cliched. you post this, i post that.
when are we going to do something about it?
i miss the euphoria.
but sometimes euphoria goes and it never comes back.
if we don't do something about it, it'll never come back.

i don't think we have the right to complain how wtf our lives are.
because it's all our fault.
grah. i hate maths (mood spoiled ._.) D:
okay no just go away.
i hate being cowardly, but a coward's what i am.

Thai Food Is Very Interesting
3:55 PM
Ah! No! Home Economics is chao ._.ish. I know Thai food is very interesting and all. There is no need to find pictures of erm.. pad ka-prao. Whatever that is D:
Eh! A lot of classmates' birthdays in August and I haven't even started *getting presents* (okay, just so you know, I haven't even thought about getting presents -_-). RAWR.
Lala did Mathematics just now :O and felt sianz. So I'm now researching on pad ka-prao. Yesyes.
Whee. Wait! Elaine likes the homework I have?! What is this?! I give you everything lah! Tsk.
Elaine is shouting "Mashimaro" in our conversation :D (to be fair she didn't even use caps. But, eh, can FEEL the passion... and love... yes.)
-suddenly reminded of something that happened during last act! YESYES YUQI! CHUXI MA'AM LIKES TO DANCE :D-
-eats a strepsil-
-feels like eating pad ka-prao (tsktsk cannot blame me you know it's erm... fried meat with basil leaves. Yey ._.)-
-suddenly inundated with vegetarian feelings! :O-
Ah, heck. Bye.

things i need to do
Saturday, July 25, 2009
2:07 PM
1. One Chinese mock paper
2. Half a Chinese mock paper
3. A Chinese worksheet
4. A Chinese newspaper report
5. Mathematics workbook questions
6. Mathematics revision booklet questions
7. Study for History
8. Research on Home Economics thing o.o
9. Rewrite Injustic composition
10. Write a poem on Circus Cat Alley Cat
11. Get started on the CLC SIA powerpoint
12. Study for Biology
13. Study for Crime Prevention
Wish me luck D:
Ladeeda I like clouds.
What I am feeling now is nothing words can say.
I don't like the feeling of knowing so much and doing so little.
Rawr. Can someone tell me why I've mood swings like this?
Lots of things to be done. Last act seems so long ago.
Hmm lala. So many things happening this year D: (Viver. 43. Block tests. Squadmates. Viver. Viver. Ma'ams. Rebecca, Etsuko, Nicole, Ying Tong, Rachel Wu, Kellynn, 113. NYNPCC. Viver.)
I ache -_- I've been sitting with an entire stack of worksheets on my lap for three hours already D: (but it hurts more inside. Ohgawd.)
I think, I should, go.
Maybe if I don't look at it it'll go away? Probably not.

spangled pink tights is a phrase from my book.
Friday, July 24, 2009
9:58 PM
I promise to update happily once I've finished this worksheet.
AH I'm terrified by my sister ): because she always manages to find something to hit me with. Yes. Including THE CALCULATOR I NEED FOR THIS WORKSHEET give me back lah!
Eh why are there American Ginseng Slices (with honey) on the bed o.o? My sister is throwing a nail-clipper at me.
Now my father is stepping on me/my bag ._. eek. No D: I shall concentrate :D and try to do a complicated maths sum without the use of my trusty calculator.
I think it's better if I use the calculator.
No wonder my back hurts manz my sister threw a porcelain figurine at me can!
This is why yogic breathing is useful.
WAHAHAHA I cannot stop laughing at the allwoman! booklet-thing next to me (my sister threw it) :D and if you're wondering why, this is how it looks like:

Ohmygawd. I LOVE Weiting's teacher:
shindong : fat
kangin: going to be fat
yesung: gay or transavite
ryeowook: transavite
eunhyuk: qian4 bian2
donghae: the only normal one
:D tsk you spell 'tranvestite' wrongly D: (what? What do you mean how I know how to spell it? D: are you INSINUATING something?! Tsk.)
Ahem. Back to worksheet.
HAVE I MENTIONED Mrs. Westvik gave me a low mark for my composition ): so I've to rewrite (whatever lor D:) D: Bah.
Je suis triste parce que mon LA ne peut pas devenir pire.
The wonders of Google translator.
Yesyes what did I say :D?
Ugh squadmates should stop talking about the-incident-mentioned-in-Weiting's-blog ._.
_______ said that my *cough* chest area *cough* is under-developed and i need to grow? she also told laijia. erm...that made me wonder if people with bigger boobs pay more money for bras, because they need more material? ok...sorrysorry...
Erh. I shall refrain from commenting .______.
Whee the worksheet is done :D and I shall go now :D (the post is completed anyways :O)

spangled pink tights
9:24 PM
Was contemplating whether to blog or not ._. whee. Be glad I did. 'Cos I've an entire list of things to do including one-and-a-half-chinese-mock-papers. CHINESE. Think about it D: Ah.
Today was quite interesting. The lessons were neutral as usual, but lunch was fun :D (okay fine, not my actual food D: 'cos it was disgusting can. The drumstick was like wtfbbq .__. and then it DROPPED OUT OF THE BOWL (and Mdm. Lee picked it up with a piece of tissue paper o.o)) D: Anyway I ended up eating almost-all-but-not-all of the noodles ._. because my appetite was affected ._. (AHAHAHA chao funny Jamie saw the drumstick and was like "Eee! What is that!" in this very horrified tone manz :D).
And then after putting the bowl in the bucket (o.o) Ting Ting and Sabrina and Xuan Li and I saw my cousin :D! We went to say hello and attempt to play basketball :D and ended up seeing Yan Li and Cheryl and Etsuko and ... uh... I-forgot-who on the swing! 'Cos right, YAN LI WAS EATING (zomg you should see the number of meals she has a day it's about one O.O).
Haha yes eating a chocolate ice-cream :D and it was dripping all over D: (on... her skirt. And blouse :O) and then *someone* (what? Who so mean eh! Exactly tsktsk!) went to extraly extra and pushed the swing hard D: (THIS IS THE FUNNY PART)
With a shriek!
And everyone was laughing like idkwhat please! Yeah XD
Okay stop highing.
Skip all the way to act lah. I'm not going to post some blah about how we disappointed ma'ams again, how we should really practise more and all that kind of crap.
It's not what we all need. I mean please, we should actually do something about it.
It's ma'ams' last parade. Their POP. It's sad enough; why make it even sadder for them?
(you should always be deeply suspicious of blanks in post :O)
Okay erm. Act was... not very good hurhur. Did drills. I liked it when we combined squads with 41 ma'ams :) but 43 should try to -cough- raise our standards so that it's not too too obvious :/ yeah.
Lalala. After act when highing with squadmates; we tried to practise but more and more people got cramps D: (as in, the LEG kind) D:
Okay I really should go chiong everything now. Mmmkay bye.
P.S. I'm not too sure why I'm blogging so emoly eh. Why eh. And why do I have two tabs on Wikipedia? Why am I looking at Hiroo Onada and Parabola curves?
P.P.S. Today in classroom after-school-and-before-act went high. Ugh.
P.P.P.S. AHHHHHHHHHHHH. I should stop trying to create an image for myself. Why care? (Ooh chao philosophical canz :D)
P.P.P.P.S. Today Weiting told me something momentarily disturbing after act D: -cough-. Not something I was interested in knowing ):
P.P.P.P.S. Oops! I missed out a 'P'.
Ah heck. Goodbye :D

"what is this song ar."
Thursday, July 23, 2009
7:58 PM
Elaine and Then Jia Hui both won't tell me what's freaking wrong ugh.
Elaine is acting like some mystic canz.
Oh okay.
Then Jia Hui told me.
I really don't know what to say. It's a bit weird analyzing your posts.
I wish I could come up with something corny and appropriate at the same time.
Lala. I must stop thinking so much D: it kills my brain cells, not that I've a lot left.
Shall I dig up excerpts?
"A is a really nice and friendly person, even though I don't know her that well. "
"she's so funny and spastic and nice lar."
and some more.
Ohmygawd so weird why I am doing this.

Okay. Chao obvious until cannot obvious anymore.

Maybe we're reading this all, all wrong.
I really hope so.
Ah! I must stop throwfacing o.o (the entire chunk above is supercorny and what!) tomorrow is electionz. I like :D
And tomorrow's lessons are superslack I LIKE.
Aiyy tsk I don't care already lah ): throwface then throwface lor (this is a direct translation ._.). Whee.
I shall go read Nicole's blog since she asked me to :D

Heckcare. Shall be happy :D and Fiona-ish :D
Whee go to sleep now.
Good night.

4:23 PM
Hello people :D whee :D am finally back ._.
Today was... okay ._. really. Quite neutral, except for recess -_- I tell you eh, tsktsk. Squadmates are very bian4 tai4 (not me okay I don't go around spying at people O:) D: Somebody had their PE today and squadmates pulled me over to watch?!
(Yes I know you're O.O too :D)
What is this! Somemore try to spy end up being very conspicuous. Tch not like me :D.
Anyway yeah, after school had remedial ._____________________________.
Then after that went to uh, do the banner-thingy. For teacher's day, you know. Yesyes :D (I know I'm so nice :D go volunteer :D unlike Ting Ting and Sabrina, tsk. In library doing dunnowhat D:). Xuan Li and I were the only 113ers there ): so sad! So don't blame us if the banner looks like -insert expletive of choice- here D: (here's a big hint to what it looks like already. The side is okayish :D with hearts and all. But then the bigger portion is er. Very... unique. YESYES D: I shall not mention who did what part D:)
Ladeeda. (AND A FREAKING PALM TREE!)(Fine this is all Ting Ting's fault D: somehow.)
Hmm. Finished the thing and quickly walked off to wash our hands :D yey! Xuan Li went for her something ._. and I went to the library :D (tsk. Saw Mr. Tan -cough-. He asked me if I'd finished my work for the nth time in two days, and I replied "yes" for the (n+1)th time ("yesyes" is counted as two yeses, correct? Exactly.)) :D
Okay I shall go bye :D work to be done -cough-.
P.S. No, I do not need a strepsil.

i'm doing math and it's all elaine's fault
Wednesday, July 22, 2009
10:21 PM
Ahhh my internet is down ): and I can't survive without it D: (fact ._.). So I'm blogging on Notepad to relieve stress (o.o).
Yesyes :D I'm doing my homework like I should. Before Maths tomorrow (ohmygawdohmygawd I'm actually typing MATHS instead of MATHEMATICS :D how uninteresting!)
Today was French. Was okay actually ._. I always dread third language and it turns out to be fine -_- (just a little bit boring sometimes -cough-. I was dozing from Jurong East onwards and I woke up every two stations (quite promptly too :D) :D)
(But you aren't interested in my sleeping patterns, are you, Ang Mo Kio person :O!)
This no-internet thing is very irritating. Isn't as though I haven't tried to fix it! I suspect my father dong4 shou2 jiao3 D: go and mess around with it now I cannot use already lah! Tsktsk. (It just occurred to me that he really did that deliberately -sad-. Bah.)
D: why my Maths quizzes always get like borderlinepass de. And then my teacher has to give me extraworksheets, and then I get almost-perfect scores on them ): it's probably because of time management (the lack thereof ._.) and... and... an astonishingly low self-esteem D:
(Do I look like I've low self-esteem to you? Do I (this is a rhetorical question.)?!)
It's eight thirty, but my grandaunt is saying it's nine ._. tsk. This habit always makes me nervous D: but at least it works, haha :D
Hmm hmm. I actually typed out something about last act, and then I went to DRAFT it instead of posting it :D whee! Now nobody involved -cough- will know~ (unless you hack. Please don't try to D:)
I realise my writing style when I'm blogging for an audience (mainly classmates, squadmates, seniors (uh), random Texan people, etc. etc.) and blogging for no one (except myself, of course) is pretty different. It's kind of more toned-down. And way cornier ): which is Rebecca's fault, really.
Thinking of Rebecca I think of her friend Hui Yuan (who is nice) who is in my French class! Who got called out by Mme. Tournay today :D for Mme. Tournay to talk about her uniform .___. and then ended up the Nanyang uniform is best - all white ._. Can see the "blanche" here and there, so fun :D!
(Fine not really -cough-.)
Rawrrawr. I need my internet to stalk people to uh, go onto LMS and mass-print History notes! Freakadelic (o.o) D:
My mother is talking about the dessert she bought! Yey! I shall go away a while to eat. The dessert, I mean :D (TSK! My grandaunt thinks my mother bought LIZARDS .____.)
O.O my mother bought enough to feed my entire extended family/our family for breakfast, lunch and dinner and supper :O
Bacccckkk :D yey. Ladeeda it's nine (really :O). I WANT TO READ SQUADMATES/CLASSMATES' BLOGS D: (stop it ah Elaine Lim you stop it eh. I know you're going to shout someone's name at me - just don't. Tsk O:)
(Or I'll shout -cough- also :D)
Okay I think I should gooooo now ;D
Finally the internet is fixed! Thanks to my mother :D
I like~

Tuesday, July 21, 2009
11:06 PM
I really shouldn't be blogging now, tsktsk D: I should be doing my revision (for Chinese). Yes.
But I'm high! A bit. No wait, a lot! I'm just not showing it O:
In fact, I'm suppressing the erm, highness. Yesyes. Shall display.

(So pyramid-ish :D Elaine would approve (it's not exactly a perfect specimen haha... but it'll do. I think.) :D)
Why am I high? I don't know. I think it's the Historical Anniversary e-mail I got for some reason ._. (ohmy, blatant lying D:).
Lala I just read several blogs ladeeda (to clarify, I did not check them every two seconds. This is despite what other squadmates might say. It never hurts to be prepared :D)(andand they are not ma'ams' blogs O:).
And then the other reason is because I'm revising. Never mind ignore that :O
Tomorrow third language and I don't want! Rawr. Shall not go into details :D (reminds me of today during pioneering :O I was describing my idea to my team! And then Kheng Fang reminded me of a technicality I'd slightly forgotten about -cough-.)
Elaine is professing her love for two things that start with M. The first is Math(ematic)s :D -cough-.
Oh no, she's signed off. I think I better go too D:
Why am I editing?
Sabrina: hello fiona.




funny anot

anita desai.



must jian3 fei2


is fat

thus must jian3 fei2

what is your problem fiona?

this is funny.

funny anot

100% -

I hate you, Sabrina ):
Stop "orhor"-ing me D: it's not funny eh!
-gives Sabrina a LOOK-
-Sabrina returns the LOOK-
-I randomly strike a Superman-pose! Yey!-
(Oh I am suddenly thinking readers must be confused about all my poses ._. and I am not a Bimbo-Auntie D: D: D:)
(I tell you eh, Kheng Fang zilian also!)
(Doesn't look like it, right?)
(You cannot judge a book by its cover!)
(Might as well got no covers ._.)
(Tsk nevermind tsk .___.)
Okay I should go now (blogging in class is F-U-N :D)!

the last act D:
8:35 PM
Oh yeah.
(Ah! I found the post about A already ._. -cough-. You can think about it... more :D I'm not giving any answers. Oh but the feeling has... tided over. Yeshiede.)
I was really worried for act you know. Because squadmates haven't practised for so long ._. ah and then well. It was BETTER THAN EXPECTED :D yesyes.
We did pioneering, which was fun, only that... our shoerack was a bit creative yes, but not really completed, per se ._.
And then ma'ams said we'd attitude problem D: (okay fine, they really didn't say that. But it was along that lines hurhur.)
And then after that we'd this really long and awesome :D talk. Eh, even though this is our current-NCOs' last act with us it was still really enjoyable :D thankyou.
Oh but I'm not supposed to say anything -whistles-. Tsk. So difficult to resist.
I must practise yogic breathing. Yeah. Tsktsk that Elaine Lim and that Then Jia Hui were super kaypoh to tell ma'ams something. But it's not obvious what! It's not that obvious, right (This is a rhetorical question, you're not supposed to answer it)?
Rawr. And then someone gave an obvious hint about something :D I was looking at the ceiling :D
(I did not just write that. Fine, I did.)
Eeyer the talk made me all deep and philosophical (yes, why Kheng Fang don't like me D: I'm philosophical also!) and sort-of emotional ._. This sucks!
I really need to talk about the talk o.o!
But I can't!
-moral dilemma-
Okay fine. My strong sense of duty and promise overrides my irrational urge to blog happily :D lalala.
Elaine Lim is venting something on her blog :O then she go and lock it. After which she'll probably delete the post/unlock her blog, which defeats the purpose of venting, no D:?
Oh well. Ladeeda. I need to invent a method of typing something in a post but other people can't see ('cos ma'ams confessed they _ _ _ _ -space- _ _ _ -space- _ _ _ _ _! Eek.) Changing the font colour doesn't work (at all) D: especially since my background is half-here-half-there ._.
Bye ):
-desperate need to blog it out!-
P.S. My skin's background is actually pink, unless you mean the place for the posts and sidebar. Uh-huh.
I'm not really sure what I'm feeling now ._____.
Is this the start, or a beginning?

Monday, July 20, 2009
10:41 PM
And it's quiet.
The night is dark but your face is illuminated by the light of your laptop.
It sits on your lap.
You think, and you reflect.
You roll over on your bed and close your eyes.
Are you drifting?
Drifting like the driftwood in the big, big sea.
The boundless blue and the chilly air.
Does it threaten to envelop you, so that you forget who you are?
And forget who you loved?
Her face, her smile, her laughter.
It's burned into your mind.
You cannot disregard it, yet!
You cannot stand the feeling of it growing blurry,
day by day,
hour by hour,
minute by minute,
but are there anymore seconds?
How long will it take? for you.
To forget.
It's reflection-time.
And I'm not emoing, people. I'm just thinking.
Thinking like I should.
I'll be fine, tomorrow, people.
Fine like always :D
(and back to happiness. I'm a happy person, people.)
(NOT a joke :D)
(You can tell right? My previous post has thousands of :Ds)
(Freaking tag :O)

10:16 PM
Today was... okay. Kellynn was new.
Haha but, I don't know D: I feel like I'm piaoing from Nicole and Rebecca -sigh-.
I cannot think so much D: or I'll grow white hair, or something :D
Anyway! Today after school, (slept on bus ._.) then walkwalk suddenly a person (o.o) pop out. Yeah, and then it was something about a charity about providing textbooks for needy children. Then she asked me if I would want to donate.
So I said yes :D
And then all throughout basically, I was thinking highly uncharitable thoughts:
"ohmygawd I'm so nice :D" "cannot believe I'm so nice!" "broke already still so nice ._."
Haha yeah.
Then erm, back home I went to polish school shoes (as in, literally use the Shoe Polish) and boots! My boots must SHINE :D yes I think they are (not very brightly, but yes ._.) :D
Oh, but tomorrow we don't have to wear full uniform ._________. which is good because we would have about ten minutes to change D: untoey!
Anyway... yes, after polishing shoes I... alternatively read my library book (MEG CABOT :D)/did some homework. Rawr. I should be doing revision now -_- Yan Li shall remind me to revise tomorrow, yesyes :D
Oh, tomorrow's the start of CCA AGAIN, haha! Which means less time for revision -sigh- oh well. POP is really soon, like next week. Damn. I dowandowandowan iwillmissthem.
Okay, nothing else. Today's class contact was abit slack ._. and the period before that was CME (during which we did some family particulars thing -.-). So I passed my family particulars to Mr. Tan -_________________- for some reason LOL. Sabrina and I were laughing 'cos Mr. Tan had the "ey why you give me this leh?" look :D
Yey bye! I'm going to bloghop -hops- and then go sleepz.
Somehow, I think I'll need it.
(Sleep, I mean, in case you (yes, YOU O:) think too much. Tsk.)

Sunday, July 19, 2009
9:15 PM
I am going to ignore dearest Weiting shouting her head off about Super Show (whatever that is).
I am going to ignore dearest Elaine who is... watching Harry Potter! Why is everyone watching Harry Potter on channel 5!
Weiting is listing the names of all the people in Super Junior D: She is a bit scary.

Okay. If you say so.
I wanna blogskin like idkwhat D: rawr! :D

you're delusional
2:35 PM
Yan Li and I are having the most random conversation :D
y@nli says:
are you THAT busy
the party predicament says:
of course.
y@nli says:
the party predicament says:
the party predicament says:
i'm listening to sick songs ;D
the party predicament says:
the party predicament says:
hmm lala.
y@nli says:
the party predicament says:
WAHAHAHA chao funny.
y@nli says:
oh yea
y@nli says:
y@nli says:
what disease may people suffer from if they have chicken rice meal too much?
the party predicament says:
the party predicament says:
obesity :D
y@nli says:
ohh okay
y@nli says:
it came out in the block test once leh

you a conversation
Saturday, July 18, 2009
8:57 PM
Ladeeda. Work to be done.
Maybe, just maybe.
It's okay between Nicole and Rachel Wu now.
Don't mess it up, okay? Just don't.
Not for me, not for you, not for us.


class politics are screwed.
3:17 PM
It's been a long time since primary school ended, huh?
And suddenly - gone are the days everyone were friends - kind of.
Even when he called you a toot and she said she said she was better off without you.
At least, at least, there was someone you could always rely on, no matter what.
Secondary school comes.
And suddenly with it, comes a whole new feeling.
The world seems much too big, your friends are drifting away with another classmate.
You look around for a familiar face, but she's gone off with your ex-schoolmate.
You look around for a familiar face, but she's gone off with her CCA BFFs.
So where are you, exactly?
Your best friend's not your best friend, because in this new light you've seen another another face in place.
Your best friend can't be your best friend, because your classmates hate her to the core.
Don't you see how screwed it is?
That day in geography.
hanyi was with lishuen
shinyee with dorcas
huiting with michelle, rachel ng with jamie
yanli with huiqi
cheryl with nicole
etsuko with sabrina
xuanli with tingting
yingtong with yixin
fiona and rebecca.
kellynn and rachel wu
yingying and jiachun
sophia was alone.
Are you sure this is what you want to be?
Everyone knows, but everyone lies.
Inspired by Kellynn.
Inspired by 113.
Look at us.
We don't need a hugfest or anything.
We just need a start.
Stop looking at her like that.
Stop sandwiching her in between.
Stop trying to find out if she's upset with you.
She'll be if you continue talking.
It's difficult I know.
But we'll keep through it together, right?
Tell me we will.
Just a yes is all I need to know.


11:22 AM
A lot of people are finding our class... tense. Yeah, that's the word (not eerie, ey, Rachel Wu -_-).
I don't know ._. it's like I find it normal O: like I'm in the eye of the hurricane O.O but truthfully, nothing can shock me now eh.
I shall bother about more frivolities like Kellynn's birthday present! It's GOT to be something about Yunho/DBSK ._. eeeyer :D not to mention I'm broke (Squadmates will know! Haha.) D:
Things to do this weekend :O
1. Homework
2. Revision for block tests
3. Buying presents? Hopefully heh.
Twiddledee, Yan Li's ignoring me on MSN D:
Squadmates should blog about yesterday at Weiting's house! Tsk. BLOG!
Ladeeda I'm fairly excited for this year's NDP :D I'm actually excited for every year's NDP -.- only in the end I don't turn on the TV and watch it ._. this year I will! To see Gurmit Singh! :O
ART AND SURREALISM is funz. Some of the pictures are really cool. I decide I like vibrant images such as these :D
Pralala I'm bored D: shall continue work :D

gather your rosebuds while you may.
Friday, July 17, 2009
9:21 PM
Hello people. I am not emoing; I repeat, not emoing .___.
Okay now eh, yes, about today :D funfunfun 'cos Friday is normally rather slack, yeah. And somemore today our school celebrate PCCG erm, Racial Harmony Day :D Ying Tong, Etsuko, Cheryl, Sabrina, Hui Ting and Yi Xin wore stuffz! Whee haha. They took a lot of pictures canz :D 'cos we brought cameras for art :D
So... PCCG. And then next was :O? Hurhur I forgot ): never mind.
It's all rather forgettable ._. except culture! 'Cos we went with 103 yes, and our teacher was funny as usual please! :D! (I took notes 8D) His 'gather your rosebuds while you may' was like, 'ga-der your rosebud while you meh' o.o (oh dear, I'm so mean D:)
Anyway yes it was pretty okay for a culture lesson O:
Oh and we'd CHEMISTRY IN THE LABORATORY :D firefire! :O
Never mind okay, after art (last period, and we didn't even get to take photographs! Rawr!) went down to meet squadmates! Yes go Weiting's house! :D!
Okay skip the bus here and there parts ._.
Her house is three-storey eh! :D! And got a lot of hiding places :D first thing we did was eh, bake cookies! Like, from scratch -nods-. With LOTS AND LOTS OF CHOCOLATE CHIPS :D! Chocolate chips ftw.
Oh and while waiting for the cookies to bake/whatever, we did these:
1. Go to Weiting's room to bask in the air-conditioned air and read Teenage (fine, the reading Teenage one is...me ._. yes! Got talk about Super Junior and DBSK canz :O plus an interesting article about.. some poison thing ._. which I couldn't find -_-)
2. Play table floor tennis :D
3. Throw the rubber ball (mostly me! :D Weiting's brother right, he chao cute :D let me throw his toy up the staircase :O and it always bounces down a lot! And then and then I burn a lot of calories 'cos I run around chasing the ball o.o) :D
4. Play the piano and sing!
5. Be very zilian :D
6. Play HIDE AND SEEK. The first round Lumjia and I were hiding in the storeroom! Super funny, because Weiting's brother and Jialing were trying to lie to the seekers the room was locked :D my fingers hurt, because I was holding the door hold in place -_- haha :D
Okay, that's about it. Weiting's family is all very nice de! :D!
Alright I've to go now wheeboingz!

Thursday, July 16, 2009
8:56 PM
Disclaimer: Really really blah post. Read, canz? :D
It is rather a poorly-concealed dig at me, but it makes sense.
Good night people.
Being in 113 is new, it's tough, it's a perpetual catfight, but it makes us grow (it's like HORLICKS ahahaha!)
I'm sorry I can't make it ): omg, I don't care I'll keep asking my mother D: I'll biah like shit.
I'm really honoured :) haha. Corny or what :D?
I'm sorry I'm always AFKing when you're talking. Most of the time it's me who "gtg" D:
I promise to be more... active okay? SPCA ftw :D (haha).
Ting Ting, Sabrina:
I'm sorry I'm such a blah sometimes. Really, heh. Especially Ting Ting :( 'cos I shout at you :( and Sabrina :( 'cos I keep ranting to you :)
Ying Tong, Etsuko, Rachel Wu:
Erm. It's weird but you all affect my life. Corny D:
It's a bit weird but I don't know why I keep going with my classmates instead of you all -sigh-. Love you to bits.
I'm feeling emotional and spiritual and saintly. Thanks to my classroom-BFF and my er, Ariel-BFF o.o
Yeah. Study. Bye.

too fast too far
5:56 PM
I'm copying everyone's URL and putting as my blog posts' titles can! :D! Ladeeda so... today was okay I suppose. It was pretty good for a completely-blah-timetable D: (ohmygawd, LA, Science, Maths and Chinese in one day O.O only Science was taken up by the ISCA D:)
Yes. Uh, first period was supposed to be Chemistry, but there was the ISCA .__. so yeah. I completed the paper in about -thinks- thirty minutes? Felt super-tired after that can D: 'cos I slept chao late last night ._. and the night before. Aha.
But even though I was tired I couldn't just (光明正大) sleep there right? So ostentatious O: heh. So I put my head upright and uh... dozed off/became semi-unconscious like that. Awesome :D I actually become very energetic and all when I looked at the clock and thought there were five minutes left, when there were actually fifteen O.O I somehow became very drowsy again ._.
Anyway after that was... LA. Sleepy (still ._.) but listened to Mrs. Westvik and read my book all the way through the period! Irritating D: when the bell rang and I was almost finishing. Seriously! Left only about fifty pages a bit.
Then... recess? I dragged Ting Ting down with me and she saw some people she didn't like D: oh dear.
Rawr. Chinese, I think :D had spelling (the Chinese version). And Han Yi and I learnt the wrong one (this is entirely possible D:)! RAWR.
Well. I should get full marks for the next one :D
-determined look-
Erh, okay, next was... Geography. Took notes, messily ._. Rebecca asked me sensitive questions like ey, "** *** **** *******?" Plus she slept! :D
Then lunch :D :D ate with Ying Tong and Nicole! (Saw our Culture teacher eating haha. And then I was sitting directly opposite him O.O) Plus *kicked fish*! :D! Awesome much canz. (Not really kick-fish, per se. Haha we aren't that cruel canz D:)
Sidenote: Kheng Fang is asking me how she should decorate her CLC SIA. How I know? o.o
Ooh then Mathematics after lunch! Normal I guess.
After school! I led Ting Ting to the Board Room (tsktsk. I don't believe for a second she really don't know how to go there lah!) ._. and er, somehow integrated myself into the remedial -_- haha. Did seventeen questions from the workbook? :D Not bad whee.
P.S. Demi Lovato's MVs are always very explosive can. She move a lot lah.
P.P.P.S. Lucy owes me a letter. So does Rebecca ):

more than just chemistry
Wednesday, July 15, 2009
9:33 PM
I know! I know my title is very copy-Kellynn :D heh. CHEMISTRY is fun! Yeyness.
Super high now. No idea why, heh. It's probably Ying Tong and Nicole's fault D: they kept laughing like siao today can!
-cues hysterical laughter from them ._.-
Anyway, yesyes. Doing homework, don't talk.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009
5:20 PM
Recently, Ying Tong keeps... "pralala"ing .__. It's super weird when I'm at her desk trying to invade her letters and suddenly she starts talking and "pralala"ing :D
Speaking of letters, Ting Ting and Rebecca owe me letters! D:!
And speaking of Rebecca, there will be CCA next week :D (ey? When I think of Rebecca I'll think of track (amongst other things, like paper-aeroplane-maker o.o) and naturally CCA :D) Yesyes! Our government is cool and in! :D!
It's very irritating about H1N1. I hate having to take my temperature everyday can ): it's so blah ): I don't mind the staggered recesses for the upper secondary though (seeing as I'm only secondary one .___. I bet secondary threes and fours are pissed aha D:). Yeah, it's kind of refreshing not having to queue for twenty hours and trying to figure out whether it's Wednesday or Thursday and whether there's anymore sushi left ._.
Haha, today I annoyed Mr. Tan! Funny like siao please; he was interviewing people like Yi Xin :D :D and then I went out and gave an innocent look and said I was "taking a breather" and "a bit of fresh air... pralala" :D And Mr. Tan asked me to go back in! D: So I went to the benches and irritated him for a while :D And I told him that 107 (WYIN in particular) thought his mercury was lame D: (but funny :D) and he became chao philosophical and said...
"Everything in the world is lame." (o.o?)
Tsk, you don't understand?! D: How horrible, you have the mind equivalent of a... an oreo crush :D Never mind, it's too profound :D -sagely smile-
(What do you mean I don't understand too! I understand very well! D:)
My sister is attempting to murder me with the yellow-and-blue knife from her, eh, cooking-thing-game. And oh no! she's pouring scented thingies on me .__.
Ladeeda bye. Hungryz.

a mundane and possibly pointless update
Monday, July 13, 2009
5:01 PM
Hello :D talking to Sabrina on MSN now :D apparently she's no idea what the punctuation assignment is about o.o (despite being the LA rep, tsktsk! :D)
Alright, so today reached school and went to find squadmates at the benches near the canteen there :D saw a lot of people .__. including Cheryl Yau -_- and ma'ams O:! Haha. And then squadmates throw my face away lor, especially when _______ ma'am walk by. And then Kheng Fang gave a look to Elaine :D and then I extraly went to give a blur look at everyone! :D So fake can~
Anyway, took Total Defence retest after that. Rawr. Was... okay I suppose. I hope I don't make squadmates fail and retake D: (-slaps self-)
Anyway, after the test went back to class :D and gave my present to Ying Tong! Haha. Actually it was a toy for her hamsters o.o (she wants right? Exactly :D) Momocha likes it -hops around-.
HAHA now Sabrina and I are tsktsking at Ting Ting together :D
Anyway, the rest of the day was pretty nondescript .___. Ladeeda lor. Mathematics (gah! I can't bring myself to type... 'maths' -shock-) got a lot of homework ):
Tsktsk Sabrina keeps asking me if random stuff are 'funny anot' .___. Excuse me Sabrina saying tsk. twenty times is NOT FUNNY can!
Lalala. What was I saying? Oh, yes, I desperately want to change my blogskin ): I don't care if it's not made by me already! Actually I do care. Hmm.
Okay bye I shall go change my blogskin to another one that is veryvery plain and possibly boring :D I don't care already haha. Yey.
P.S. Sabrina become auntie already! She went boasting about her one-dollar-book-buy! Haha (but seriously ey, zomg, ONE DOLLAR! for a great Hercule Poirot :D)

when it's 5.21
Sunday, July 12, 2009
5:19 PM
It's 5.22 in the evening :D my Patchwork Four is almost done :)
There's the Total Defence re-test tomorrow... I don't want to disappoint squadmates D: and ma'ams.
Rawr! Ladeeda cannot wait for September holidays :D (my birthday! Give the presents!)
I'm going to do a Ying Tong (o.o) and insist everyone gives me presents! Including you, Rebecca :D
(Oh, gawd. Ting Ting and Sabrina stop it! Don't think sick .__.)
I am mentally scarred for life D:
Tralala. Pralala.
It's 6.27 in the evening now :O!

how disturbing...
Friday, July 10, 2009
11:20 PM
My mother seems to expect me to be more mature and possibly stop posting my MSN conversations all over my blog (I'd like to mention that I only posted one such conversation in about twenty thousand years. Alas. Details.).
Let me see. What does she expect me to do?
1. Read educational and enlightening magazines like Forbes (Awesome. I can randomly pick a phrase and not understand it at all. Look! Inspired by Katy Perry's song ._. Intelligent Investing. Hmm.)
2. Complete all my Mathematics homework by tomorrow. This is not impossible, but unlikely. Very unlikely.
3. Experiment with fonts (Segoe UI is actually rather pleasant-to-the-eye. Did you know Segoe was named after a road in Wisconsin? Marvellous,the beauty of Wikipedia.)
4. Comfort Nicole on MSN because she is facing hefty emotional troubles and she must not face it alone! Yan Li is offline so I'm taking over her role as Awesome Aunt Agony (my alliteration is wonderful! Like Rebecca's! I must refrain from spluttering.)
5. Comfort myself on MSN because there is no CCA next week. Normally I'd be slightly happy because going home at nearly 6.30 in the evening is not a good thing, especially since the public bus would be really quite unspacious, but ma'ams are going to POP after that.)
I am fairly impressed. No Singlish and uh, my grammar is nearly-nearly-perfect :D
I think I shall bloghop to Li Shuen's blog and then hop over to Kellynn's. Kellynn's blog has a lot of links (mostly working) :D
Alright, bye. Good night, world.

6:34 PM
Ladeeda! :D Today passed really quickly I suppose. It was a bit unreal-like D:
LA read this book called The Last Book in the Universe. I like it :D
After school went KAP with squadmates yey. Rawr I love french fries :D
Weird urge to revise for humanities for some reason. Agriculture suddenly seems fun O.O and History O.O haha.
Home Econ(omics) is yey! Having practical next week, yey~

pop the bubble
Thursday, July 9, 2009
7:39 PM
Ma'ams POPing, squadmate leaving.
Somehow I don't feel so happy anymore.
No matter what, wly.

false alarm
6:13 PM
Ahaha everyone! Sorry I haven't been blogging for so long D: busy busy me :D
Anyway, tomorrow is Ying Tong's birthday. I really don't know what to get for her. Maybe I'll make a nice pretty card instead. Can right?
-covers face ala Sapui ._.-
Rawr. And today is very bloggable.
Firstly... it was superweird between Rebecca and me I don't know why -_- morning I was collecting class fund (yesyesyes? I'm co-treasurer cannot ah! Tsk and Mr. Tan tricked me can, co-treasurer got no merit-points or whatever they're called! Irritating! Yan Li told me to be nice and charitable ._.) :D and she was er... talking about her 2.4/SMSing. Haha.
Anyway... first period Mathematics ._. quite okay I suppose. The quiz was easier than the previous one :D but the bonus question was more difficult D: I heck-care it. Then LA. Supposed to be Philosophy, but wouldn't you know it! Some logistical thing again. Bah!
Sushi is killing herself by struggling to fit in some corner D:!
Okay then... recess. Afterwards was? Oh yeah, Chemistry. Had a relief teacher who was quite nervous but okay, I guess :D and Chemistry is cool :D I tell you right, nearing the end of the lesson the fire alarm went off! And then I was very happy, because after Chemistry was?


Yes. But apparently it was a false alarm. There were about 21397949141974 7 more false alarms after that O.O tsktsk. Each time it was (averagely) one minute and freaking annoying. So noisy and somemore cannot skip lesson ._.
Okay but Culture was actually -gasp- not bad! :D The teacher is superfunny O: he spent about five minutes searching for our classroom -.- haha. And I took notes you know -shock- :D
After that was lunch.
And then History. Whee.
Afterschool! Stayed in library being lame to Nicole and with Ying Tong .__. then was at the track while Ying Tong and Rebecca did their 2.4! :D! They did well (according to -cough- me ._. but really.) :D :D!
Yey I'm so happy! Quite, rather.
Got this whatever Chinese thing to do ._________. rawr. Goodbye :D

stop hiding already.
Tuesday, July 7, 2009
5:42 PM
Ladeeda! Superexcited for Ying Tong's birthday can :D Yey her! Yey me!
Today was a superslack day -_- I didn't bring my PE attire :O tsktsk. And we did muscular endurance O.O including hanging on the monkey bars :D!
Ladeeda hmm. Music ._. separated into alto and soprano O:
Whee and then got Patchwork 3 during LA :D I got __/50 ._. which is an okay mark.
And after school went to the library with Ting Ting :D I made her borrow Agatha Christie books lah! I am great!
Not much homework today :D
Okay bye.
Haha very buyaolianly koped this quiz from Ying Tong who buyaolianly koped it from Wyin ha! You know what this means?! It means I'm not the only buyaolian person!
Okay, (sorry I'd to squeeze a lot my social circle is tiny ,
1. Ariel
2. Yan Li
3. Cheryl Yau
4. Rachel Wu
5. Rebecca
6. Sabrina
7. Ting Ting
8. Nicole
9. Ying Tong
10. Yi Xin
11. Xuan Li
12. Elaine
13. Then Jia Hui
14. Lai Jia Hui -_-
15. Jia Ling
16. Vanessa
17. Agatha Christie Yvon
18. Jeremy
19. Dejun (hurhur ._.)
19. Kailin
20. Teaspoon XD
21. Sylvia :D
22. Viver
23. Hammie...?
24. Mochi
25. Mocha
26. Momocha!
27. Chippie
28. Romeo!
29. Cookie O:
30. Miso!

1. how did you meet 10 (Yi Xin)
Nanyang :D

2.what will you do if you had never met 6 (Sabrina)
Hmm. I'd lose a toot deskie and friend (aw :D) D:

3.what will you do if 20 (Jialing) and 15 (Teaspoon) dated?
Impossible zomg O:

4.if you could marry 6(Sabrina) and 14(Lai Jia Hui) who would it be? (tsk I spelt Sabrina as 'saprina' ._.)
Neither O.O

5. did you ever like 9(Ying Tong)
oh tian! my luck?! NO! Yes, haha :D in a friend-way.

6.have you ever seen 4(Rachel Wu) cry?
You mean the real kind or the acting kind O:

7.would 4(Rachel Wu) and 12(Elaine) make a good couple?
Definitely not. I hope.

8.would number 1(Ariel) and 2(Yan Li) make a good couple then?
I don't think so. How peculiar :D

9. describe 8(Nicole)
Nicole! Here's your "big long" paragraph ey! :D! You're awesome and lovable :D and you like to do that lotus pose (er ._.)! And you're very friendly and enthusiastic and high and and and cheerful which cheers people up :D (-_-)! See big enough long enough? It's sincere, by the way.

10.do you like 12(Elaine)
Yes hello squadmate there! :D

11.tell me something about 17(Yvon)
She's an awesome blogskinner and great listener :D

12.whats 7(Ting Ting) fav colour?
O: I don't know! D:

13.what will you do if 1(Ariel) confessed that he/she liked you?
Watch in horror at the unfolding scene and pinch myself when I've had enough of the shock.

14.when was the last time you talked to number 15(Jialing)
Ohmygawd so long ago D:!

15.how do you think 19(Kailin) feels about you?
Ey... idk ):

16.what language does 13(Then Jia Hui)speak
O.O English? Chinese? Malay (a bit) :D

17.who is 2(Yan Li) crushing on?
AHEM. -coughcough-

18.what grade is 16(Vanessa) in?
Same as me?

19.whats 5(Rebecca) fav music
Lily Allen, Kris Allen :D

20.would you ever date 3(Cheryl Yau)?
No O:

21.is 11(Xuan Li) single

22.whats 10(Yi Xin) last name?
Heng :D (I think :P)

23.would you ever want to be in a serious relationship with 7(Ting Ting)
Uh -twitches-...

24.where does 18(Jeremy) live?
I'm not a stalker! Tsktsk!

25.what do you think about 20(Teaspoon)
Teaspoon is cookie-eater :D!

26.what is the best thing about 4(Rachel Wu)
Her laughs? And her... idk? O.O

27.is 21(Sylvia) hardworking?
In certain things, yes.

28.what would you tell 14(Lai Jia Hui) right now?
Yey squadmate! Yes, this boring.

29.how did you meet 9(Ying Tong)
Nanyang :D

30.whats the best and worst thing about 2(Yan Li)
best: She's aunt agony :D
worst: She's not really.

31.are going to know 3(Cheryl Yau) forever?
How am I supposed to know? O:

32.how long have you known 26(Momocha)
Since Ying Tong bought lah.

33.who is 24(Mochi)

34.are you or did you ever have a crush on 28(Romeo)
No D:! Tsktsk hamster.

35.do you have a crush on 27(Chippie)
Chippie?! Why would I have a crush on CHIPPIE?!

36.would you kiss 25(Mocha)
Probably not ._.

37.have you ever hugged/kissed 22(Viver)
What do you think D: miss her so much D:
(♥x infinity, corny.)

38.is 29(Cookie) your BFF?
Nope. My hamster :D

39. what do you hate about 23(Hammie)
He is like a ninja turtle! Wahahaha.

40.whats your relationship with 30(Miso)
Pet-friend/pet. Ahem.

nicole is happy~ n is for nicole
Sunday, July 5, 2009
6:25 PM
Hahaha. Having MSN conversation with Nicole now, funny!
Ladeeda I copy and paste :D

NICOLE~ says:
we all meet up?
the party predicament says:
the party predicament says:
You and me only >< style="color: rgb(255, 102, 102);">NICOLE~ says:
hey thats bad.
NICOLE~ says:
because right
the party predicament says:
the party predicament says:
Of course we must discuss what to do as well o.O
NICOLE~ says:
i hardly ever listen in class, then you will distract me by dancing and doing all sorts of fiona-entertain-ish stuff!!!!
the party predicament says:
the party predicament says:
I will notz.
the party predicament says:
the party predicament says:
-does hmph emoticon-
NICOLE~ says:
the party predicament says:
Bah, anyway even IF it's bad we does not have a CHOICE.
the party predicament says:
We confirm cannot chiong on Tuesday lor!
the party predicament says:
1h please.
NICOLE~ says:
whatever! i dont care.
NICOLE~ says:
i have alot of stuff i havent done.
NICOLE~ says:
including reading animal farm.
the party predicament says:
the party predicament says:
So tomorrow you cannot go?!
NICOLE~ says:
NICOLE~ says:
is this project thing the final.
NICOLE~ says:
or just a draft?
the party predicament says:
Ey? Idk O.o
the party predicament says:
I ask Yan Li.
NICOLE~ says:
the party predicament says:
She never respond -_-
NICOLE~ says:
NICOLE~ says:
NICOLE~ says:
NICOLE~ says:
i am angry because brp sucks.
the party predicament says:
the party predicament says:
*at this point in time I happily change my personal message to "brp sucks ._." ala Nicole*
NICOLE~ says:
NICOLE~ says:
the party predicament says:
the party predicament says:
the party predicament says:
the party predicament says:
the party predicament says:
Tomorrow going or notttt :(
the party predicament says:
NICOLE~ says:
NICOLE~ says:
i go ALL THE WAY to woodlands AGAIN?!
NICOLE~ says:
the party predicament says:
the party predicament says:
Of course not LOL.
the party predicament says:
I'm going your house.
the party predicament says:
Or er, something near lah.
the party predicament says:
Like your area.
the party predicament says:
-flaps arms-
the party predicament says:
Perhaps we go library?
the party predicament says:
Is there a library near your house? o.o
NICOLE~ says:
NICOLE~ says:
you coming to MY HOUSE?!
NICOLE~ says:
cant na!
the party predicament says:
NICOLE~ says:
and how come you so nice come MYAREA O:
the party predicament says:
the party predicament says:
You dowan ar! Then come my house :D!
NICOLE~ says:
the closest library to my house is either amk library or bishan library
the party predicament says:
Pfft. Of course is last time you come here and now I go there!
the party predicament says:
NICOLE~ says:
last time i got go there meh ._.
the party predicament says:
the party predicament says:
Good point.
the party predicament says:
Nevermind lar I da liang bu xing meh?!
the party predicament writes:
-handwritten chinese characters briefly fanning the flames of egoism-
the party predicament writes:
-see above-
the party predicament says:
Hemhem how.
NICOLE~ says:
?!?! 0.0
the party predicament says:
the party predicament says:
So we either go Bishan or AMK library, yesyes?
NICOLE~ says:
NICOLE~ says:
amk no cubicles.
NICOLE~ says:
bishan na.\
NICOLE~ says:
NICOLE~ says:
i wan go cwp buy the omni pen!
NICOLE~ says:
or or
the party predicament says:
NICOLE~ says:
i show you the pen tmr.
the party predicament says:
Maybe :D
the party predicament says:
Maybe you go CWP :D
the party predicament says:
Because the library is beeg what.
the party predicament says:
Biggest in Singapore :D *actually I'm not sure -cough-. Should be lah. Should be right! :D At least the art collection is*
NICOLE~ says:
NICOLE~ says:
NICOLE~ says:
alot of ppl there
NICOLE~ says:
bishan la!
NICOLE~ says:
at least got cubicle
NICOLE~ says:
and then there also got cheap bubble tea! : D
the party predicament says:
NICOLE~ says:
(the void deck area)
the party predicament says:
LOL, anything lorrr.
the party predicament says:
CWP where got a lot of people hurhur.
the party predicament says:
Got those computer cubicle de.
NICOLE~ says:
NICOLE~ says:
bishan alsoooooo\
the party predicament says:
the party predicament says:
CWP got beeg pens.
the party predicament says:
NICOLE~ says:
the party predicament says:
I mean, pens.
NICOLE~ says:
the party predicament says:
Aiyy okay lar.
the party predicament says:
But idk how to get to the library D:
NICOLE~ says:
the party predicament says:
So you must go to the mrt fetch me ):
NICOLE~ says:
i go j8 and fetch you
NICOLE~ says:
haha yea
the party predicament says:
the party predicament says:
the party predicament says:
NICOLE~ says:
NICOLE~ says:
you taking circle line or red line
NICOLE~ says:
red right.
the party predicament says:
the party predicament says:
NICOLE~ says:
come out from CORRRECT EXIT okay!
the party predicament says:
Last year!
NICOLE~ says:
.___. they changed alot since last yr.
the party predicament says:
With my mother and brother for an eco-project thing.
the party predicament says:
This year also oo;
NICOLE~ says:
okay i pick you at the... uh. coffee bean.
NICOLE~ says:
the party predicament says:
Went to Reb's house there.
the party predicament says:
the party predicament says:
NICOLE~ says:
the party predicament says:
Tomorrow can yi qi zuo gong ke!
NICOLE~ says:
the party predicament says:
Because ey, I am very good at gong ke!
the party predicament says:
-lala emoticon-
NICOLE~ says:
NICOLE~ says:
yea!!!!!! -claps-
the party predicament says:
NICOLE~ says:
the party predicament says:
the party predicament says:
What homework you left with hmm?
NICOLE~ says:
wait sekali ni you jia xing h yi n yi liu gan!!
NICOLE~ says:
japanese homework
the party predicament says:
NICOLE~ says:
and we do brp only, period.
NICOLE~ says:
then we go HOME.
NICOLE~ says:
NICOLE~ says:
we have to go there EARLY to chope cubicles. *Nicole's auntie-side resurfaces~*
the party predicament says:
NICOLE~ says:
so uhm
the party predicament says:
NICOLE~ says:
we go there at 10, the time it opens, then CHIONG up! :D
Ahahaha adorable Nicole :D

w is for wheee
Saturday, July 4, 2009
7:27 PM
Whee I don't know how to explain the alphabetically-themed titles ._. printing LMS notes now. Rawr.
I think I like Chemistry! It's almost as interesting as Biology (not by a lot) and Physics (by a lot) and it's much less complicated. I love hot chocolate :O
Hmm. Youth Day! I'm going to watch OKTO on Youth Day I don't care! D: Harry Potter please! The new movie seems nice :D
Yesyes, going to the printer now, excusez moi (oh no I've to relearn all my French conjugation and vocabulary. What is piscine? Oh, swimming pool.).
My life is freak-boring. I cannot believe I have to resort to blogging about swimming pools.
Oh, today I tried the butterscotch flavour burst. Eh... it's not bad, except that the butterscotch tastes suspiciously like... maple syrup O.O and some Tropical Orange got smeared on my cone! Tastes weird lah (and this is without the ice-cream) D:
Oh no. I accidentally mass-printed the entire powerprint slides in colour. How horrid for my my father's finances D:
Oh, yeah. I borrowed two new Agatha Christie books from the school library a few days ago :D Yey! Then I spoiled the fun by Wiki-ing Sleeping Murder -.-
Rawr! I forgot that I get pissed with people typed 'through' as 'thru' (like Mrs. Lam does D:). Except when people say 'drive-thru', because seriously? Drive-Through D:?
Yey me~ Biology Biology. Grayscale grayscale.
(Shit ohmygawd I printed slides instead of handouts!)
(OK I deleted the queue-thingy already ._. huffpuff!)
(Rawr. My printer is jammed lah.)
Bye! :D

c is for calculator
Friday, July 3, 2009
9:24 PM
Doing Mathematics now :D lalala.
Hercule Poirot is so cute! Not the Rachel-Wu-thinks-Kim-Bum kind of cute -cough-, the adorable kind:
And so that you know ey, I'm not the only one who likes him can! Sabrina also! :D
Whee. What else? Ying Tong's birthday coming up soon :D I'm superduperdunnowhattoget. And I'm not going to type out my entire train of thought here, in case Ying Tong sees it ._.
Whee. Oh I disinfected my laptop and phone (kind of lah!) :D Awesome ohmygawd! Actually I used -cough- instant hand sanitizer.
DSC00026.jpg image by madeleine_kuan
Dettol~ (yesyesyes? Is there anything wrong with using hand sanitizer to disinfect stuff? Tch! It always pays to be prepared and do something instead of sitting there hoping to suddenly receive a sticky pad for your laptop (HAHAHAHA during PCCG today Mr. Tan kept talking about sticky pads lah! And we were all laughing especially when he described it in depth ._.) :D) (Ladeeda sticky pads apparently remove dirt and dust from between the keyboard :O yey! (shit when I googled sticky pads I got results for china silicone bras. No link lah!))
Rawr Sushi is dirtying my cleanish laptop D: D:!
P.S. The real gambling dude is here! Back, I mean :D yey yeah!

y for yey
5:16 PM
Yey it's going to be a long weekend :D with Youth Day :D
No CCA next week ._. bleah! Stupid H1N1. Irritating.
Rawr what else?
Rebecca asked me to blog about her -_- yes. So I shall :O
Erm... OK? Ey.
Rebecca is a nice person? :D
(Rawr, so weird)
Yeah she's an awesome friend really, if she likes you -.- and then she'll laugh at your jokes even when they aren't funny or whatever o.o (MY jokes are funny lah :O! Li Shuen's are better though :D) but then again, she'll expect you to laugh at her jokes haha.
Ey... she's very corny O.O which is kind of good I suppose. And emotional ._. which is also good.
(Rebecca said to say she was good what!)
And she treats you to stuff, LOL :D
That is all.
Ey, the rest is very corny tsktsk!
♥ her lah (as requested by her ._.).
Today was completely slack lah!
First period was PCCG :D (slack), second was Chemistry (fine, not very but the teacher is good awesome!), then recess. Afterwards was Culture! but ended up having Chinese :O pretty OK. After Chinese was History, but our teacher is. In. FRANCE! Kao! Irritating D: eeeee. Francefrancefrance!
OK next was lunch... then Art :D ohmygawd tch we were at the back of the class practising blowing into people's ears! O.O That Rebecca lah, kept blowing at my ear so I blow at Ting Ting's ear so er... yeah. I tell you Rachel Wu and Rebecca are experts in pulling people's buttons -_- (do not attempt to emulate, please.) Tsktsk!
Oh whee. I've to go now, bye (promise

rawr people rawr
Thursday, July 2, 2009
3:27 PM
Ohmygawd, super pissed someone thought Viver's blog was a SPAM BLOG D:! Irritating D:
Anyway, am at library :D Rachel Wu just left O: (we were doing French :D! Not slacking -beam-) Ohmygawd have to chiong LA for tomorrow D: D: it's a composition about injustice ._. how to write~
Spent too much today :(
Okay, goodbye :D!