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11. New camera ;D
12. SNSD concert tickets
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there is something wrong wimme.
Monday, August 31, 2009
10:20 PM
I'm using 'wimme' (zomg that's so Kellynn ._.).
I'm shouting "YVES SAINT LAURENT!" at Yan Li.
I received a present from my mother's colleague, saw that it was French, and immediately shouted the house down.
And then now I'm being very ridiculous. I am listening to how people pronounce "Louis Vuitton" and "Ermenegildo Zegna" (seriously zomg) and "Jean-Charles de Castelbajac" (exactly. Jean-Charles the what?) and many others (Claude Montana reminds me of Hannah Montana O.O). Why am I doing this -.-
Forget it D: I am destined for a life of aimlessly youtubing and listening to French people saying things like Guy Laroche (on the bright side, I know how to spell Castelbajac.).

the best day :D
4:45 PM
Today? Fun. And there's no other word to describe it (well, there is, but that would completely spoil the effect, you see.)! Haha morning was normal? Rushing with Etsuko to give the muffins to the teachers (but Ms. Ong didn't come D: MC D:). Then rushing with Xuan Li and Sabrina the erm, cards :D and Ms. Khoo's cute present haha.
Oh, then the party was. Lame. It was because I didn't eat (busy with Ms. Khoo's present and running around giving more presents :O). Ah? Then oh, went down for the concert! Yey omgz Xiao En? Good. Zhuoya and Feiya? Good. Erm... then the other one who is also good. I only remembered Xiao En/Zhuoya/Feiya 'cos I heard more of them-frowns-. Yeah okay never mind :D
Hmm let's see :O there was the teachers' pictures flashing, then there was the cool drumming :D then that disc-throwing thing o.o (which was cool!). 106/109's? Saw Weiting :D Then the performance (parody of The Noose :D)! Xiao En as Barbarella was EPIC, ohmygawd 8D)! Then erm, award-giving? 113 was super hyper okay especially when our teachers (more specifically, when Mr. Tan was a nominee for the Most Humourous Teacher award haha!) were on screen :O! Yey then more performances. 403 :D was good! Ying Tong was "omg" when she heard the Sorry Sorry and the Paradise and that Rebecca was like "who?" (tsk so slow) Plus 203'07 :O (saw people!) and erm, yeah. 3-somethings :)
Ah! Then the second part :D! Mr. Stylish and Most Branded were very interesting LOL :O Christian Lacroix :O and heh Hermès.
I like saying all these names manz! I don't know why 8D
Also also. Then high high like zomg a lot :D oh then ended. Then went to NYPS! Took bus -cough- to opposite Coronation Plaza and walked to NYPS :D awesome. Seeing all the teachers, seeing ex-classmates were total "shootomg is that her?". :D! I think I changed a lot from last year, a lot of people couldn't recognise me :O (even Ariel! Tsk! We were staring at each other for like how long, then she finally said, "who are you?" o.o) And Mr. Tan Mrs. Chan chenlaoshi Ms. Peh! Oh yeah P6 ): P6 Mathematics D: (I actually miss it ._.) Plus a lot of random people/teachers/things I stood to "OMGOMGOMG" at for a while .__.
Ooh :O afterwards Etsuko, Yen Siang, Yi Xuan, Ariel and me, we went to eat :D then the playground near Etsuko's house :O haha tiring but fun :)
Whee! I wanna go back to NYPS D:! Okay okay. Saw Lumjia (O.O!) on the way to the MRT station from that playground and she gave me that O_O look HAHAHA :D apparently she lives there -.-?
Okay end post end post I wanna read my Harry Potter~ (yey Vivocity)

Sunday, August 30, 2009
4:45 PM
MSN conversations with Yan Li are always funny, because she's so cute -pinches cheeks-.
Okay erm we were talking about MY BIRTHDAY PRESENT. She was giving me clues!
y@n li says:
*its something you talk a lot about last time
*and no it isn't viver
*so it's not a hamster
the party predicament says:
*Oh, my god.
y@n li says:
the party predicament says:
*Yan Li you're getting me TOES?!
Okay but the point is! Today was Teacher's Day Present Searching Day! Whee :D the morning started okay. Then Travis and I went to find presents! :D! Erm -.- I would like to mention that his choice is very -.- erm, interesting. But it will mature over time. Hopefully.
He got his Science teacher an egg.
You know, those Lucky Number Eggs from Minitoons, those golden ones that you can plant seeds in. It has a vague connection to the subject the teacher teaches, though. And the egg was better than the squishy body parts thing.
Tsktsk, the state Minitoons is in now D:
Anyways, after that I bought mine! Which was quite cute :D and overcommercialized, but okay.
(Eh zomgz what's wrong with me why am I discussing this like this! Where has all my previous vapidness and frivolities gone to?! And oh no, why am I using the word 'vapid'.)
Erm, never mind .__. then bought random drinks and went to meet Etsuko :O! To make muffins! :O! Hahahahaha oh. Then we went NTUC ._. to buy ingredients? Travis freaked her out -_- with Chippie (YES OMG HE BROUGHT HIS HAMSTER TO NTUC).
Ah then went back to my house :D and started. And we're quite epic phail. Firstly, our flour-cocoa powder mixture was a shade of brown-purple. I am serious. This kind of colour :D
Which was a bit cool 8D but a bit weird. Secondly... our -cough- egg/butter mixture had the consistency of finely-mashed bean curd :O which was. Not cool and very weird D: so we decided to improvise! I mean, Etsuko decided to improvise! And dumped some more butter into the mixture ._. while I made unwarranted unnecessary comments about rising cholesterol levels :O
Tsk omgz! So much butter :O
Oh and then ermz. It became BETTER -cough- and vastly more appetizing haha :D
Then went KFC to eat.
I like the muffin cups! Polka-dotted okay!
Then we just. Baked -.-? Yey haha for muffins 8D yey for icing sugar!
Okay forget it :D my blogging has become more and more screwed over these few days ): which is sad ): ): ):
Oh, bye.

Saturday, August 29, 2009
9:08 PM
I am feeling charged O: and... I wanna organise my desk! And I'm totally nostalgic now. NYPS and Ariel and all that ): I even miss the guys :O so weird (and not sick okay D:)! Haha MONDAY!
Rachel Wu is being freaking sick zomg -.-
Emma Watson is now my wallpaper :O congratulations ._. (aha!)
I like Harry Potter.
Eh, I need to organize my desk.
Bye. Bye. Bye.
(So meaningless)

i'm not coherent. not at all.
8:08 PM
oh. myg.
i'm not feeling weird because of the chewy pasta. i'm feeling weird because of pop, like how many freaking days later (8days! okay lame pun aside). i think i'm really freaking 迟钝. ohmygawd.
after i finished my chewy pasta with difficulty, i went to a certain blog (clue: REPLAYYY.) and played that song. you know, the i will remember you one.
and certain indescribable emotional thingies happened. idk idk i didn't even cry i just blanked out and all the memories swam in my head again.
oh. myg. i need a picture ): please say okay to taking a picture when we ask, please? please? please?
zomg i feel stalkerish ._. speaking of which, i should go stalk already. yeah, put my stalker skills to action and things like that ._.
oh. oh.
oh. oh.
oh. oh.
(i am obviously not in a state fit to talk coherently, so bear with me, okay.)
erm. i like ying tong. she's nice.
(wth how is that relevant okay ermz.)
well well to end off,
jiayuin ma'am should come online because kheng fang has declared love for her.

chewy pasta pisses me off
7:43 PM
I am eating chewy pasta from Pizza Hut. I am very disappointed with the quality of the pasta. It's not good-chewy, it's freaking-overcooked-at-the-sides-chewy. Hmph.
The chewy pasta made me unreasonable to Nicole and I screamed at her (on MSN ._.) for erm, let's see, little reason. The reason for screaming was how the green thing on her tote irritated me because it kept hitting me. Yes, I know, so wonderfully substantiated D:
Tomorrow Etsuko's coming to my house to bake muffins because she has no oven ._.
I need to start on my homework.
I want people to come online ): I miss them! D:! I mean, the people consist of Ariel, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. People in general.
Erm, I should get started on my Chemistry so byebye for now 8D
I am forced to SMS something freaking weird -_- but I don't care I SMSed it anyway 8D
Erm, I just realized the reason for something ._. and I find myself so freaking selfish ): and I don't like feeling selfish one bit (normally I am rather self-centred, I just don't feel it -.-).
Well, anything now.

walao D:
10:15 AM
Fell asleep early last night ._. wtf. Wtf. Why is it everytime I fall asleep early, it's on a Friday?!
Oh no D: Rebecca is going to kill me because erm, erm. Of the BRP ._.
Thenjiahui is trying to comfort me with technical aspects, and failing ._.
Omgz I'm really so bored. BORED.
Come online! Please do! Any of you D:

honeydew plus cookies and cream
Friday, August 28, 2009
7:25 PM
Eh! Today was... not bad :) I wanted to study Culture in the morning (but I slept -.- walao -.-). Then PCCG :O (which was weird ._.) then Chemistry? (I was erm, multi-tasking yes ._. studying Culture/listening very ATTENTIVELY indeed :D But I promise not to do it again D:) Recess Ying Tong, Nicole, Rebecca and I were crazy haha. We were walking along the corridor, saw the ice-cream carts from above and totally SCREAMED omgz :O heh! Then went down :D and took from one. (Saw Weiting's mother :D!) Then erh, went to hang out someplace/study Culture. Then took another -cough choke cough- :O (from another cart AHAHA)
Oh, then bell rang. Culture D: ughugh total ugh .__.
Then Chinese! Was okay.
Then lunch (took one more ice-cream -coughs somemore- and ate tomyam! Tsk no wonder my throat feels weird D: it does D:)! Then art which was slack.
After school went out~ Coronation Plaza for a teeny while; Island Creamery (I ordered Cookies and Cream (which Nicole was "boring") and ?? (which turned out to be Honeydew -.-)!). Yesyes Rebecca kept stealing our ice-cream D:
After that erm... taxied (O:! Tsk not me is other people wanna take de see I'm broke ._.)! This part was completely wtfish and screwed D: and some of us were crying D:
Oh in the end though it was good :D and lots of thing were cleared up! Tada!
Happy now :D kinda. Oh. Vague post today -.-

Love you and the Toes 8D also, good luck for the erm, Speech Day ._.
And happy birthday me one-week-and-some-hours in advance :O get me presents! Ying Tong didn't even know it was on the 5th until today, tsktsk D:

four hours of sleep ._.
Thursday, August 27, 2009
3:39 PM
Note to self: Never ever sleep at one, again. Ever again. Yes.
Note to self: Don't forget the note to self above.
Okay morning? Basically sleep. Sleep outside class. Sleep in class. Sleep until Cheryl Yau shouted. Then slept again .__. then was flag-raising, I felt a bit better :D
Eh. Oh, yes. Then lessons ._.? Rawr rawr Geography quiz -helpless look-!
Ahahaha my brother wear his shirt back to front ._. -tries to ignore Rebecca telling me that I wore my shirt back to front before- whee.
Culture test tomorrow. I realise I've no idea what we're tested on -frantic look of nervousness-. Sad, or not ._. sad right. I know ._. ladeeda 8D
My life is very boring currently. Plus Thursday is always horrible (omgz yes Chinese Mathematics LA Geography Science -_- only today we'd History instead of Chinese). But I get home early :D :D :D :D :D
I wanna read Harry Potter 8D bye!
And this same flower that smiles today,
tomorrow may be dying.
Our lives are like a candle in the wind.

pad thai
Wednesday, August 26, 2009
8:07 PM
Ehmygawd :D! Today~ happyish :) it started horribly. Firstly, PE (and I didn't bring PE stuffz!). Secondly, Home Economics (and I didn't bring the peanuts and lime for making the coursework thing like I was supposed to! D:!). But then my grandmother called and etc. end up she say she would come during recess.
Alright let's start from the first period (LA -.-). I think I slept too late last night :/ and then I was staring at Mrs. W -.- then she said I SPACED OUT! I where got space out tsk D: -inserts ridiculous UFO smiley-
Anyway, after that Monty passage was PE ._. zomg I keep forgetting when is Tuesday and when is Wednesday and when is a holiday that kind of thing. Bah anyway! PE PE PE was okay :D uh, went to meet my grandmother. And the security guard ahaha 8D I know my grandmother is awesome okay erm. Yes. After that was recess (ate? -.-) then Home Economics.
COMPLETE HIGHLIGHT OF DAY! We were really efficient (thank you so so much Lishuen 8D great group leader and planner! Yes!)! Then we had most of the things done :D so we only needed to chop things up (omgz sound wrong :O) and marinate the chicken and make the pad thai sauce and (erh) cook the dish? o_o Well so! After all the preparatory work was done, we cooked the pad thai! We as in, KELLYNN AND I! Me leh! ME! -astonished look- Yey haha :D but of course Kellynn did erm, more of the work. But I was significant as well. Yes. Yesyes.
Ermz! Wahaha wonderful smell and feeling. Plus the padthai was freaking chio/delicious. We each got a 1/5 serving ._. but I totally inhaled it down :D it's super appetizing :D
Ah then... BRP ._. okay a bit slack :D then lunch (met Mrs. Lam :O)! Then Chinese (ah composition).
Then third language. French! Yeah controle. Yeah was unexpectedly easy...? (-cough-) I'm not gonna get an A1 anytime soon but D:
Okay don't feel bloggish. My shoulder hurts. And I saw four cats today :O two near the MOELC and two near my house. So yey? (Black cat :O with white stripe LOL.)
Eeee quiz tomorrow. Bye.

it's time to wake up,
Tuesday, August 25, 2009
8:41 PM
and smell the roses hibiscuses, or whatever flower grows at that place near the track. Today was very unmemorable (except you know). Chinese was okay, a bit freaky when wangls had some problems with the flickering screen and went, "现在是七月。。” Eh then she was trailing off deliberately D:! Freak me out tsk. Chionged WSM1 during lunch (zomg and I was chao free yesterday night what is this D:). And Rebecca was horrible tsk. She went to eat the sushi D: Haha assembly was cool 'cos the optometrist was a very... charismatic speaker (really! He's getting married :D sorry irrelevant fact. And omgz, I am not touching contact lenses for the next five years of my life seriously. Imagine giant something conjuctivitis. Don't google that at all :O freaking disgusting.)
Oh, then was you know. It was okayish :) we did third class drill test reporting practice? For like ten minutes ._. then changed into PT kit. Then recrea(tional activity) for about five minutes then punishments O:
Ugh don't wanna talk about it (I'm talking about it already -.-). Only that I felt very phail when everyone was doing circuit and I was ____. Thus I conclude:
The second-most-unfit person I know is me, and the most unfit person I know is me with gastric painzzzz D: omgz freak. And I'm sorry to the ma'ams who accompanied us because they completely lost their highness/chance to high with the unit D:
Oh then act ended. Then went toilet change :O then etc. Whatever.
I chionged to the bus stop from the bridge to get 961 and effectively embarrassed myself in front of squadmates and people who were behind. I'm sorry, I lose all my natural sensibility -cough- when I see 961 D: I don't know why (except maybe that I can only take 961, and also that it comes once every 30 minutes or something stupid like that ._.)
Oh and on the bus I was lugging so many stuffz :O I must tell you of this conversation I heard between three random guys. They were talking about History (I gather) because of the "L2 and L3" and whatever :O anyway the first guy was talking about his question, then something about concept. Then the second guy added on. Then the third guy said the most epicly laugh/cry thing I ever had the (mis)fortune to occur:
"But if you get the conception wrong, then how to get more marks!"
Don't get it :D?

conception \Con*cep"tion\, noun [F. conception, L. conceptio, fr. concipere to conceive. See {Conceive}.]

1. The act of conceiving in the womb; the initiation of an embryonic animal life.

I will greaty multiply thy sorrow and thy conception. --Gen. iii. 16.
Get it :D?
Oh never mind I'm being really weird today. French controle tomorrow -gasp gasp gasp-! Argh must study on passe compose and imparfait and zomg, I hate conjugation.

we aren't stalking you. really.
Monday, August 24, 2009
5:09 PM
P.S. I'm freaking bored, can? Please give me something to do/someone to talk to. Thankyouverymuch.
Oh, today was so busy ): like morning was chionging out the presents (and Kheng Fang was doing her Written Task tsk :D), then lessons (Chinese was... okay. Music was... slack.). Then lunch, went around with squadmates to find ma'ams and give them the repaired photo frames :D I kept the box with me until afterschool :O (LA was sleepy, Mathematics was livable and Class Contact Time was just okay I guess).
Eh, burnt out. I totally cannot remember what happened today except squadmates were very stalkerish 8D whee~
Oh dear my boring life. I need to do homework desperately.
Bye, and see you when I've something to say (which I don't know. So why am I blogging?
:O my MSN is working yes it isn't screwed anymore :D!
Ugh. I feel weak -.- (as in emotionally, not physically like Rebecca :O are you okay?)
Anyway. Yeah. I keep emoing listening to that song that dunnowho chose. Walao make me sad lor squadmate ):
Thank you, thank you.
(omgz sound like Oscar speech. Eh sorry spoilt mood)
Eh I'm thinking of Viver again. And then I'm crying again wtf.
We're not together, I will remember you.

Sunday, August 23, 2009
11:10 PM
Eh. I don't know O:
I should stop spamming MSN conversations with that weird "bye" emoticon. I don't know why I do.
Okay ignore me and my brain because I am irritated by Written Task 3. And yeah ):
it's over but it stays.
There is so much I can say, but words get in the way so
We're not together, I will remember you.

I didn't really want to say bye (or use that "bye" emoticon), but words got in the way yeah.
It was easier spamming the conversation with tuzkis waving handkerchiefs, easier than saying "bye".
But well. Bye.

four awesome people i love
Saturday, August 22, 2009
8:50 PM
Disclaimer: Hurray, mushy post.
Erm. Can you try guessing who the four awesome people are? Come on, give it a try.
Is it classmates :O?
(No, because I've 24 classmates, thankyouverymuch)
Is it squadmates :O?
(No, because I've 12 squadmates, thankyouverymuchagain)
Is it our ___s :O?
(Yeah, because I've only 4 of them and I love them all very very much)
Well. I was in the shower (erm. I think 43 all like to think in the shower, instead of singing "Umbrella" like the average person :D so we're all philosophical! At least me TJH.) thinking. Then thinking about what would happen if I chose RGS over NYGH. Which linked to my CCA obviously. Then was thinking how I'd never meet squadmates/__'___. Yeah, then linked again (what! Cannot blame me, go blame my neurons D:) to ___s :( and POP.
I've a lot of memories of ___s! Like how number1 checked my uniform and pushed at the creases really hard (hahahahaha), number2's expression when we said she was ma'am, number3 asking about my ankle, number4 helping me with my extremely-screwed salute that time. I've lots more memories.
Last act (seems so far away).
Squadmates' references to number3.
Spying on them.
Certain squadmates saying how much they love number1.
Certain squadmates saying how much they love number2.
Certain squadmates saying how much they love number4.
The times we made them angry.
The time I didn't fall in properly and number4 was saying something sarcastic really loudly.
The hurt I felt after that.
The love I felt after that.
Stalking their blogs (eh Weiting is best lor she stalk all the way to secondary one, and she was telling us about the chalet and missing slippers).
The times I lay in bed thinking about act.
The times I lay in bed thinking about how we made them sad.
The irrational happiness I felt everytime reading number1234's certain posts.
The irrational urge to make fun of TJH and number1.
The times my uniform was majorly screwed (omfg).
Recreation (omgz. So long ago O:).
Our love for them.
Our love for them.
Our love for them.
Our love for them.
4, 3, 2, 1, poof. But.

Don't be dismayed at goodbyes, a farewell is necessary before you can meet again and meeting again, after moments or lifetimes, is certain for those who are friends.

-Richard Bach

I got read RO okay.


one by one by one more
7:34 PM
AHA thinking of names for the Mathematics Written Task is epicly funny :D Eh! Brainstorming with squadmate :D thus, behold, my suggestion for the son (for her):
(deleted thanks to lameness)
Sorry was high :D
And then I'm thinking of really weird names for the family I'm creating ._. eh. The daughter's name is ADELINE SONG FANG (omgz thinking of Ariel Lim Song Fang -.- heh.).
Oh dear what to get for Ariel's birthday D: it's like in one week~ oh well bye.

2:26 PM
Yeah my blogskin! Changed :O -gasp-
Ohmygawd I used that skin for freaking long haha. Got irritated by it :D and finally decided to change yey. I'll probably change back/change to another skin very soon but whatever ._.
I never knew a plaster and chilli sauce could make me laugh and cry.

bang (-1)
9:24 AM
Well. (don't read this, classmates/ex-classmates/Texans! Superlong and NPish)
This is it.
Ma'ams have POP-d D:
And yeah I'm going to post a long long post about this. Let's begin with the POP present preparation! (omgz why am I blogging like this ._.)

Yey so erm. Went to Weiting's house and misjudged the travelling time a bit. Yes but I wasn't the late-st one D: hoho. Then while waiting for other squadmates, squadmates like Kheng Fang and Then Jia Hui were comparing the torso-to-legs-ratio :O and we realised Then Jia Hui is very improportionate also .___. and Kheng Fang stretched out her leg and did some advertisement-pose zomg o.o
Yey next when all squadmates arrived :O we were at erm, 7-11 :D buying stuff like Slurpees and mash(ed) potato(es) and Big Gulps and Teenage magazines -_- (okay fine that's basically everything we bought HAHA Zhongxin bought Teenage magazine also (along with Weiting obviously) and erh Then Jia Hui's mash(ed) potato(es) were stolen by us :D)
Yey I've to go now -.- for breakfast so I'll be back later.
Okay back eep my blogging style is weird today ._. Elaine forced me to add ma'ams FIRST and now she says she's afraid to. Eeyer what is this hurhur.
-distracts you with rendition of 大地回春 ._.-
Okay then we took a bus to Weiting's house and walked a lot :O yeah then we started the project! Some people were mixing the grout (wth I googled "grout" and then popped up things like GOUT PAIN RELIEF .__. and wahaha, some success story titled: "My Gout - Finally Gone") and some were (okay, fine, the AEP people like Yuqi and Zhongxin. Tsktsk that Zhongxin tsk, go 'touch-up' on Jing Hong ma'am's so much and totally ignored other ma'ams' until we told her to :D) drawing the pictures and the rest of us were applying grout/decorating.
Heh the decorating was okay :D because squadmates and I all have creativity flowing in our veins etc. etc. (omgz! I like Ping Ting ma'am's! (Not because it's pink) The seashell-surrounded-by-bead-like-items at the side :D! The original one was super chio but we spoilt it :X okay to be elaborated on later) yeah. Yeyness but the alphabet macaroni kept dropping out?! Eh then we spammed glue to stick 8D and we thought we were smart.
After a bit we'd to go for lunch. Which was chicken rice! And I told squadmates I was vegetarian (._.) because I just didn't like the sight of the chicken head lor! It totally killed my appetite can D: And then yey ate chips drank Sprite :O (so unhealthy-sounding ._.)
Then we started to varnish (thank you Weiting's mother for buying :D). Lai Jia and me :D (while the rest sandpapered or spammed glue -.-). It was okay at first de lor! Although the varnish was WTFing sticky D: eeyer. Then suddenly all the alphabet macaroni stuck to the brush instead of the grout D: (tsk) and then Lai Jia was cursing at it haha. But seriously very horrible ._. then Lai Jia was saying Jing Hong ma'am's photo frame was very awesome because none of the letters dropped out during the varnishing :D
The colours like, changed D:? Which would be okay except it was uneven ._. (the colours) Like totally eeyer we were hoping it would be alright. But then it started to rain so we packed up.
A few of us started making the cookie mixture and the rest were settling the song dedication (omgz)(OMGZ MA'AMS ARE ONLINE OMGZ eh my toes feet are shivering. Never mind.). Yes :D we rock :D the cookiezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz :D
Okay skipskip. Went back up and randomly sang songs on the sofa ._. Skipskip somemore. Oh this is the shittiest part. We suddenly realised that NO, THE COLOURS WERE NOT GOING TO CHANGE BACK and YES, THE PHOTO FRAMES WERE SCREWED BECAUSE WE SPAMMED GLUE (the glued parts were the parts which didn't change colour. -cough- Then Yijung ma'am's (spammed glue like siao omgz) was ... okay. Erm. So we had to redo.
But went for dinner first :O I was super hungry and ate a lot :D especially when Weiting's mother was commenting we didn't eat vegetables I totally went to grab half of the broccolis on the plate manz -.-
Weiting's brother is evil and mean D: he went to scare me to DEATH with his thousands of mealworms D: I know squadmates were saying yesterday during the squadtalk I screamed very loudly ._. but have reasons okay. As in 1. I didn't know he was going to wave the box of wriggling mealworms directly next to my head, so when I turned I was seeing all the mealworms ZOMG D: 2 .I was eating my dinner. Tsk exactly squadmates were encouraging him to scare me D: how mean D: of squadmates ._. (eh the mealworms were morbidly fascinating though. He kept them in various colourful containers O.O)
Plus just before dinner I was attempting to varnish and got my hands supersticky. The fork was sticking to my fingers D: (aha I've pictorial proof somemore with Kheng Fang :D) and squadmates laughed at me tsktsk.
Anyway unfortunately for us the shop we bought the photoframes from had NO STOCK ): So squadmates (the ones who were staying over) said they would scrape the gout (see lar! Stupid Google) grout off ._. (oh erm. Apparently I put too much on Jia Yuin ma'am's erm. But no lar it's because it had double coating. Lai Jia and I were trying to put double coating for the photo frames and then we put her's the first and just then we realised the photo frames were screwed. So yes. Really -._.-.)
Uh okay reached home late. At the bus stop (waiting for bus 13 ._.) WAS FREAKY! Eh I was reminding Lai Jia it was the start of the Hungry Ghost Festival and she started swatting me like I was a fly. Hoho ):

Next next day :) 41 ma'ams were briefing us briefly (-.-) at the quadrangle in the morning :O
Before act was rushing ): was screwed ): very very screwed -sigh-. It rained D:! So ma'ams were using the thingy to erm, remove the rainwater at the quadrangle. Then erh. Fine basically it was quite rushed? Ma'am asked if my ankle was okay and I said yes. (It was at that point in time! I wasn't lying D:!)
Okay next to parade! The raindrops on my spectacles were super irritating ): I'd to keep blinking raindrops off :O and then yeah _____ hurt a bit.
After that was post-POP basically -.-? Waited at the staircase for very long with Vanessa. Then some 41 ma'ams came to ask if we'd seen any 40 ma'ams so we said no. Then in like 20 seconds we heard 40 ma'ams marching to us there! Eh in one group somemore = intimidating D:? Then Vanessa saluted and put down her hand before ma'ams did so they skipped US D: so saddening D: D: eh D: -cries-. Okay but they came back in a few seconds and asked us to go over. Then Vanessa and I wondered if it was a ploy o.o then we were like hesitant. Then asked us somemore but we refused o.o until 41 ma'ams also gestured for us to come so we er... walked over. Then suddenly 40 ma'ams were erm, (what's the word?) jeering? I don't know D: the feeling is horrible ._. (something like they POP-d already so we didn't listen to them and stuffz like that :/) Anyway, they went off (not before showing us a picture of Lollipop O.O luckily I'd Vanessa with me because I've no idea what Lollipop looks like -chokes-.) and we fell in again. Ladeeda. Until 4.30! 42 ma'ams then told us to go up. So we did :)
Eh had food :O and 41 ma'ams' presentation was really awesome :D ohmygoodness Facebook profile pictures! And blog pictures 8D Plus the "For Thee, Ma'ams" was quite cute o.o
Then the cake (eh colourful) 8D oh but it was our performance first. Screwed. I kept touching my collar eh! Why (and I realised halfway wanglaoshi was right behind and probably recounting my CLC SIA PRESENTATION FAILURE -coughs-) D: (nervous maybe -.-) And I didn't look at ma'ams D: (no eye contact -.-) (okay I did peek once but then I started to tear so I quickly concentrated on the singing?) Heh but 42 ma'ams were very enthusiastic :D! Yey!
Then was game then 42 ma'ams' hilarious performance 8D Romeo and Juliet parody ahaha epic. We took food :D Kheng Fang's food rolled off her plate -_-
Then game game game game (not so many obviously but never mind), then 41 ma'ams' song! Then I wanted to cry again D: because the lyrics were touching :) ugh.
Then more games (Weiting! Sorry Sorry! :D) :O then 40 ma'ams' performance? Eh ): wanted to cry for the third time -.- (actually was laughing also because Huipeng ma'am was very funny beside me 8D)
Oh then present-giving. We realised then the photo frames' alphabet macaroni started dropping again D:! Then ugh. But haha I felt a bit.. 欣慰 :)? And we decided to fix the photo frames (with superglue :D) on Monday yeah! :D hope it'll turn out well :D
Oh whee balloons :D then 41 ma'ams' were cute :D
And then we went out, and were dismissed. Then went to find our NCOs (NP room!) but then no one, so went up again o.o and ma'ams were taking photographs 8D
Oh let's just skip to the pencil-present-giving :D ma'ams told us to close our eyes :O then omgz they stuffed the pencil in our pockets! Eep giggling LOL. I like mine a lot :D so adorable!
Oh changed into hongzi after that (chionged!) :O then went to meet ma'ams :D thus the squadtalk beganz :D
Oh erm well. It wasn't very touching or high or anything, but ma'ams told us a lot about DALT and OMGZ SCARY STUFF :O I screamed a lot eh. Especially the story about the man looking from the toilet :O -covers eyes- And bleeding eyes D: omgzomgz. But heh we sort of got highish on that? Bah it ended so quickly ): and nothing deep asked. Can feel the superficiality of our questions okay ): no wonder ma'ams were bored (eh Jia Yuin ma'am flipped the... thing. What's it called o.o) 41 ma'ams chased Jing Hong ma'am LOL :D and we wanted to chase Ying Siu ma'am too (the message we passed here and there -.-) but didn't in the end.
Oh I remember the fly buzzing around and all of us very interested in it O.O and the wallet bag :D and the pouch ma'ams sewed :D (hmm why is mine pink o.o I suspect it's something to do with my blogskin ._. but then I only used hot pink because it works with black ._. bah it doesn't matter :D because I like all nice colours)
Oh then some dude came to ask us to leave. Hmph.
Well, basically went out and waited until 10.10 for my father ._. slept in the taxi! Yeah sleepy like wtf.
Okay done. Long post :D it's nearly 2000 words ohmy :D you probably can't finish reading it all ._. tsk so incoherent D: tsktsk at me D: ugh.
Woke up today feeling sad.

pressure cookers (1)
Friday, August 21, 2009
12:15 AM
Eh still have a load of homework to rush, like rawr D:! LA and Chinese (eeyer). Can't chiong in the morning ._. so blah. Therefore don't do
Hmm okay before I HEAD TO SLEEP (omgz can you imagine tomorrow I've ting1xie3?! It's like omgzwtfz why wangls suddenly surprise shock us like this D:! Tsktsk D: how~) just wanted to say something that Lumjia posted in her blog :) yeah it's a very lame/cliched line(s) but somehow it sounds so nice okay :D possibly because of the context (which I am not going to post here, seeing as there is Sensitive Content, -chokes-). Also possibly because it rhymes.
United we stand, divided we fall.
It's all for one, and one for all.
(you see! Fall, all; RHYME! Right!)
Love you all :D~ (even stalkers like Sabrina XD) Bye (grahz my eyes are quarter
-closed ._.)!

circle (1)
Thursday, August 20, 2009
2:49 PM
What the freak sorry for the moodswings but. Yeah I don't get Elaine and Lumjia why are they so freaking secretive about it. Like Elaine is saying, "it's better if you don't know" but whatever D: I just need to know, or I'll keep thinking about it and I'll get frustrated ._. and yeah well I really don't want that to happen when tomorrow is *class breakfast*. So yes.
Squadmates are sitting in a circle *playing fun games*. So bye ._.
P.S. :D yey ahahahahahaha I like orange juice -.-
Eh and ah I'm proud of squadmates okay :) we really put in effort for this -gesticulates vaguely around- :D so erm, let us try to ignore the flaws and hope that ___ believe in "the thought that counts" ._. yeah so whee :D!
Ugh squadmates refuse to believe I'm awesome/not a bimbo D: and I'm not a bimbo D: I AM NOT A BIMBO! -bangs keyboard, much to Elaine's/Lyle's horror :D-
Whee Lum Jia is shooting something D: with Weiting's brother's toy gun ._. (that is strangely quite cool but I forgot the name ._.) ah! Later the bullets drop down to the neighbour's porch.
Eh I tell you something about Then Jia Hui :D! Yes she was saying (while striking a peculiar pose), "we rock on!" (the lyrics from Camp Rock -.-) LOL haha.
Then today Elaine painted her hand with glue O_O then Weiting's brother helped to paint her leg AHAHA.
EEK D: squadmates scold me already so bye. Yeah bye.

flashing headlights (still 2)
Wednesday, August 19, 2009
9:09 PM
Just remembered I witnessed a motorcycle crash today ._. like, it fell? On the road. Tsk eh but no one was like hurt or anything ._. chao weird a lot of people were like looking but actually it's only a random motorcycle and a dude in a helmet wandering around helplessly (a bit). Plus the crashing sound, which was really screechy D: then got the "bang" sound ._.
Yeah oh my mother is awesome :) she bought me ORANGE JUICE to cheer me up :D how awesome is that? -smiles- It's almost okay :O (almost).
Really horrible homework but I am starting to feel a sort of motivation like wao o.o and I decide my Mathematics' daily work needs to improve D: (okay, so do the rest of the stuffz) D:
Okay byez yoghurt's waiting.

antipathy (2)
8:06 PM
Lots to blog about for today. Point one is that HOW MANY PEOPLE ARE STALKING MY BLOG! (this is an actual question) Ugh this is terrible okay my mother stalks my blog and I didn't know it (of course ._. Which means she's a successful stalker ._. which means I inherited her stalkergenes :D) yeah. Hmm -suspicious look ._.-.
Never mind oh. Today was total complete shit? Like thankyouVERYFREAKINGMUCH, LA and History, for making my life HELL. Yeah manz I mugged like total bleah (the most, actually) for History and I get an A2. I missed A1 by one mark. Oh wao -.- but oh okay, if that wasn't bad enough, I'd to get a LOUSYSCORE for LA. Ohmygawd. And it's not only me, like the entire class had what - 3? - people who got higher than 20. Equals total irritating. Cue sobs, cue tears. Cue my heart crumbling because in term one I got an A1 and look, people! I DROPPED BY 3 GRADES (or more). Anyway yes, my antipathy towards Unseen is now very justified.
Enough of the angst (angst -_-) I shall pretend I've just started my post (no way, you've not seen the end of the ranting/emoness) :D so there.
Erm. Morning I discovered I lost my comb -gasp- :O how to tie hair like that hurhur ): but I did anyway :D yey for clips and yey for fingers :D! Okay then first period was Chinese. Bah ._. CLC SIA presentations! Whatever skip. Then History. Like I'm totally freaking unhappy about the marks I mean... -sigh-. Okay look I spent like half my life (maybe a teeny bit less) mugging for History and I got lower for it than Geography. But it's okayish since Geography and History are 50% each :O and yeah. My humanities aren't very good so well -chokes-. I will forget about History. And mug more. And wtf remember Chandragupta.
Oh, then recess. Emoed a bit ): did Mathematics corrections totally -.- because Mdm. Lee went to chase D: -hits self-. My daily work is horrible ahahaha ._.
Hmm then Home Economics we made Ondeh-Ondeh :D! Total funz :) plus the... resulting thingy actually resembled Ondeh-Ondeh okay! Tasted like it also :O! Which is better than expected ._. (the Home Economics teacher made the preparation look very disgusting O.O like halfway through she'll wipe her sweat with her hand and continue kneading the dough with the same hand D:)
Yey after that was BRP, kinda slack? Saw people in the quadrangle :O (heard them first :D) Oh then Lunch. Went to eat :O yey I like :D Yesyes!
LA -_____________- Mrs. Westvik had to go again ._. for her something appointment something. Went through the summary, got back marks. Yeah as mentioned (above) was complete horridness. Rachel Wu cried, Nicole cried, I almost cried. Oh wait, lots of people almost cried/felt like crying. Seriously omgz ._. don't get it :/ plus LA is double weightage. I'm gonna get kicked out of Nanyang (I'm seriously serious). Yeah have to study for EOYs like, now.
(oh not yet wait don't go let me finish my post can!?)
Oh yeah let me see 1/13 thinks basically some teachers are really biased against us. Totally. ___ like almost-failed us for the story-telling SIA, while some people from other classes got FULL MARKS for an IMPROMPTU thing. D:! Plus it's argh.
Oh never mind. Because label us all you want, won't you? We love it when you call us smart then smirk when we get A2. Yeah, fake-sob at your "low A1" and give us sorry expressions when we get B3.
Ignore that part D:
TOMORROW'S the start of the Ghost Month :O today I saw people burning stuff and got creeped out. Then I walked some more and heard this freaking ghostly sounding thing can?! Then was totally walking chao fast until I realised it was the third floor people singing off-tune karaoke.
Alright yey shall go now D: tomorrow doing homework and going squadmate's house! Then Friday class breakfast with 112, 212, 213, 313 and 413 ._. (I think, that's what Mr. Tan says anyway -.-)
So yeah bye.

poppin' pillz (still 3)
Tuesday, August 18, 2009
8:56 PM
Yeah second post of the day ._. I don't know I suddenly was like thinking... then felt really overwhelmed and oversomething ): it's tomorrow gone, Thursday gone, then Friday...
Okay never mind me. LOL I think I should change my name ._. to like "Fiooooooona" since Xuan Li keeps calling me that :D plus it's quite not bad right :D? FI-OOOOOOOOOOOO-NA. Haha chao funny XD
Tomorrow will be a good day I hope :D (today was okay, until Chemistry D: and the Biology paper was given out ._.) First period, Chinese (but) wanglaoshi on MC ._. then... History.. please an A1? Erh. Recess. HOME ECONOMICS PRACTICAL yey. It's slack like hell, totally require like approximately ten brain cells ._. (grah Rebecca's and Weiting's blog songs are killing my computer manz -.- delete tab delete tab done.) Then BRP which is fun :D then lunch. Last but not least LA -.- ahaha wonder what we're gonna do? Doesn't matter :O I will manage to not fall asleep and then I will proceed for French :O after that will go home and sleepz. Because yeah, I really feel really. Tired.
drip drip drip and the sound of water on the parquet floor

"151 countries, one fiona" (3)
6:27 PM
Slogans the generator like, you know, generated:
1. Gonna be a while? Grab a Fiona.
(yey! O: okay wait no, don't grab me ._.)
2. Life should taste as good as Fiona.
3. Fiona with the Less Fattening Centres.
(... seriously D:!? Okay wait it's good... sort of. If I were a doughnut.)
4. Do the Fiona.
(I will say this tomorrow a lot :D)
5. It's a Fiona Adventure.
(wtf so ._.!)
6. Just one Fiona - Give It To Me!
(-_- LOL.)
Yey bored ): PE was retardedly fun today, but.
Hmm hmm was sucky today though :/ did a lot of cardiovascular exercises = running, running, running, and oh, did I mention running D:? Okay fine the scope is larger than that but today running was all we did .__. and I tripped over Cheryl's... foot/whatever it was o.o scraped hands, knee, sprained ankle ): the hands/knees were okay but the ankle like progressively got worse -.-?! (Eh omgz I remind myself of LYLEEEEE :D)
Eep never mind. I need to exercise more .__. (haha my hands got cold again while running today D: this is saddening D:) yes. Skipskipskip!
Rawr, got back Geography and Biology. Freaking sucklikehell my Biology ): but at least I didn't phail like I did for Physics -sigh-. My sciences? Notgoodatall D: our class msg for the Biology test is damn high low, like 1.6?! What the freak. Why are my classmates so good D: Rebecca got better than me -chokes-. Of course everyone did (lowest in class... again.).
AHH NEVER MIND THINK ABOUT GEOGRAPHY. Yey A1 :D (borderline -.- like 19/25 ahahaha. Actually is 18.5. But round up :D Nanyang is awesome :D). Rebecca is damn pro also don't know how she do from 1_.5 she got the same as me?! Eeyer ):
But happyhappy for all my classmates and their freakishly good scores for everyfreakingthing :D! Squadmates must not (insert word) also :O
Ladeeda there's LA and History left. I just hope I don't phail LA D: or History, for that matter (omgzomgz TOMORROW there's History :O -yogic breathing-.)
I've seen the future and it's Fiona-shaped.
Pop goes the weasel.

single digit (4)
Monday, August 17, 2009
7:53 PM
AH I feel so drained manz ._. -gives a drained look-
I seriously hope I do okay for and well. It's coming soon like wtfz and there's so much to do and I don't freaking wanna do because it just brings it closer.
You probably won't understand never mind -.-
Okay so today got back Mathematics :D I'm quite... satisfied. With my daily work I should be barely passing though -_- but still it's a start.
Today's lessons were boring, seriously. Tomorrow's are more interesting :D think PE :O I like you know :D even though I've to run. And then my hands will go clammy like shitz (haha I don't know why D: maybe I've a medical condition -.-) and I'll be short of breath and yeah I'll basically hu1 leng3 hu1 re4 (eh I sound like I'm gonna die lor). But true ): strenuous physical activity (like LONG-DISTANCE D:) does that to me -.- (okay I really sound medically unfit D: canz. Like I'm obese/anaemic! -gasp- Shall research on anaemia (because I am not obese).
Hmm okay whatever. Went out with Ying Tong and Nicole to Island Creamery today :) for a while (omgzomgz I'm so deprived APPLE PIE/BURNT CARAMEL awesomez). Then squadmates called?! O: Oh dear I didn't know but I chionged back to Nanyang ): sorry Nicole/Ying Tong D: (and squadmates for making all of you wait D:)
Today I gave Kellynn her present I hope she likes it :) I also gave Etsuko her present -coughs-. I think the wrapping (which was a star-shaped box!) is nicer than the actual present okay -_- but I really couldn't find anything... suitable -coughs-. Oh well D: the next birthday is Jia Chun's I think (31st?) then MINEMINE so get me presents :D (omgz I'm reminding all of you in every alternate post like that! :D!)
Well... just to clarify:

Big enough yeyness. Squadmates must remember (LOL) haha :D orange juice also can :D (but preferably -cough- not from all of you -cough-. I'll finish it all in a single Mathematics lesson .__.) yey hurhur.
Remind me to collect the _ from _s tomorrow okay squadmates D: today I was busy (sort of? Eating ._. gastric relief what. No?)
EH laijia is laughing at my use of the word "phail". There's nothing wrong with "phail" but no you can't call me "phiona" D: (well. You can try :D and see what happens to your body parts.) Yes! So... phail, phone, phan, phurniture :O LOL.
Reading squadmates' blogs and my gastric is back -.- never mind I will ignore it D:
To fill up space I've decided to come up with a Wishlist for my birthday like Rebecca has done (about two months ahead of time ._. tsktsk so impatient tsk) :D yey see Rebecca you have positively influenced my decision-making -chokes-.
1. new pencilcase (my zipper's screwed ._. then randomly during LA lessons my black pen will drop out ._.)
2. black pen :D (omgz blackblack is nice D: blue is too, but black is better :D)
3. blue pen -.- (okay...)
4. green/red pen green/red ZIGS. Forget it, get me any ZIG and I'll love you for life :D (erm ._.)
5. life supply of instant hand sanitizer (Dettol) to sanitize hands (what? What. Tsk don't gimme that look okay it could be VERY USEFUL.)
6. rubberbandz :D (speaking of which, when Mdm. Lee was giving out the papers today I was like touching my hair very agitatedly O.O then Mdm. Lee gave me the weird look and I think I had a very pent-up-energy expression while saying "I just need to touch SOMETHING" -desperate look-. Hoho.)
7. anything that looks nice ._.?
8. Adidas shoebag (that's Rebecca -.-)
8. Eh... I don't know just give me anything you want (that is chiooo) :D that is not offensive D: thank you.
That was weirdz haha never mindz :D Iz willz usez 'z'z.
On second thought, maybe not(z).
Yeah okay I'm done with this random post :) so okay(z). I must phase (phase. This reminds me of somethings D:) out using 'z' ._. okayzzzzzzzzzz never mind ignore that sentence.

cup noodles
12:00 AM
My arm feels like it's going to drop off and I do not wish for that to happen D:

john little ._.
Sunday, August 16, 2009
6:44 PM
Today morning was shoppingish! First ate breakfast at Causeway Point ('cos my mother didn't want to buy home... 'cos my mother believes in walking and not being lazy and somethings like that ._. I could go on a lot about what my mother believes in, but I shall not). Yeah then walked around buying... shampoo -.- and erh, daily necessities (okay I know this sounds really suspicious like we're buying *tissue paper* like that but we were not! At all!). Buying daily necessities such as Toblerone chocolate and bread :D
Okay so after a bit of buying daily necessities we uh, tried finding my brother's belated birthday present (with my brother tagging along -.- he wants a yoyo. Yoyos, anyone?) and my classmates' (belated) birthday presents :D Then, my mother suddenly decided that my father's handkerchiefs were tattered and torn (although they look quite normal ._.) and IT WAS OF UTMOST IMPORTANT LIFE OR DEATH to buy new handkerchiefs at John Little.
Yeah :D so we went to John Little and found a lot of ties, cuff links, boxers, briefs, erm, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. but not handkerchiefs.
Frustrated, my brother decided to prod a random salesperson (who was arranging erh, boxes of male undergarments ._.) and shout very loudly, "Handkerchiefs where!" o.o
Then the person pointed in direction A.
(at this point in term a pictorial guide might be necessary)

There :D
So we walked to A, where there were things like electric fans, chocolate and a variety of bedsheets .___. yes! I was busy near the fans (like. Looking at my hair flying around ._.) while my brother and mother attempted (and failed) at their search for handkerchiefs. So my brother asked another salesperson (more politely -.-) and she pointed in direction B.
So we walked (again -.-) to direction B, and after a bit of pointless looking, my mother went to ask yet another salesperson WHERE THE HANDKERCHIEFS WERE. Okay so this salesperson pointed to direction C :D
And we found the handkerchiefs! :D! Hahaha I know so anti-climatic :D yey so my mother was carefully holding up around two boxes of handkerchiefs and comparing them one by one for about twenty times before coming to a decision -_- I was holding onto a shelf (which I thought was you know, nailed down) and it suddenly slid out of the position it was in O.O (I was like... "omgz this so fun ZOMG!") Then I pirouetted back to a standing position :D
(on second thought I will not waste more time drawing circles and lines on Paint -_-)
Yes oh so my mother and brother went to the cashier and pay. I went there in time to hear a most .___.-conversation! :D!
Brother: You and papa should have a hand-to-hand talk. (what? I've no idea why. I think it's something to do with the patterns of handkerchiefs or something like that)
Mother: A what talk o.o? It's not hand-to-hand.
Brother: Err okay then a mouth-to-mouth talk.
Mother: O.O
Me: Mouth-to-mouth how to talk -.-
Yey I shall end this lame post and go off for dinner :D adios.

Saturday, August 15, 2009
9:34 PM
Forget it I'm feeling a bit better now :) it seems clearer. But the statements still stand;
(oh thankyou Weiting I love you :D as well as squadmates)
(and classmates too :D)
(and family of course :D)
(and homework. I love brand new worksheets -.-)
yeah it's the pride before the fall
the high before the pain.

lyle est epic
5:45 PM
Ooh I tell you Lyle's (Elaine's new nickname ._.) conversation with her teacher is chao epic, canz?! :D Especially the teacher lor. I quote her o.o
Her: Hi wanna buy some books? (omgz can totally imagine the look!)
Me: -.-? (totally Lyle-ish face)
Her: Vocab yes? Grammar also?
Me: HEH no thank you.
Lyle = epicness :D
Erh I've work to do ._. then retest for Crime Prevention ._.
Never mind! Shall revel in the lovely memories of the funfair :D I remember everytime 113ers saw Mr. Tan we would shout "MR. TAN!" like chao loudly until the entire canteen can hear -.- seriously. Because right, we're his form class he never buy from us! D:! Exactly I know you're shaking your head in disapproval now! D:! Somemore he fuyan lie to us and say he will come buy end up never! Even wanglaoshi bought! :O (OMGZ just remembered MDM. WEE (BEE HOON) bought like, ten jellies from us like omgzwtfz o.o damn good! $10 in the box just like that :D and classmates were like very guo4fen4 they kept putting more and more in the packet until Mdm. Wee was like "enough, enough!" while airily waving her hand.) But in the end Mr. Tan blackmailed random people to buy the popsicles on offer-.- haha.
Ooh I wanted to go haunted house :/ but I'm very easily scared ._. later I pull some random person's hair and then she'll scream 'cos she thinks it's a ghost/vampire/zombie/whatever it is and then I'll scream because she screamed and the whole room scream and then the people outside also scream and then.
Okay never mind I'm being very lame -.-
Yeyness I epicly went to kill my toe D: by hitting it against some evil wall :O tsktsk at the wall now D:
Okay scratch that.
:D why am I so lame -_-
And yeah I'd better go now~ bye~
Oh wait. Yan Li has stuff to say:
aunt agony feels better thanks to 113-ers although none has been able to guess what she can't get over though tingting could try.
pepsi corrodes your teeth , so it's bad
i don't look motherish and i don't act like a grandmother.
Okay yes that's all (tsk okay D:)

Friday, August 14, 2009
10:55 PM
i like the way pepsi fizzes and the bubbles fade to nothingness.
i like the glowstickwristband.
I am going to ignore Weiting's post because I know that nothing I say/do will help. So why bother ): Only I've to say that 60% of that part is untrue (really, really ._.) :D go figure!

founder's day
9:47 PM
Hello today was Founder's Day :D also known as red and white day :D 'cos everyone's in red. Or white. (But REDREDRED pwns :D we all know :O) Yey erm. Okay start with the morning? I didn't sleep :O too busy to! Cheryl called me and asked me to take up the popsicles :D and etc. Then when we tried to put the ice and popsicles together in a waterproof container (i.e. Yi Xin's bag) = disaster that flooded poor Huiqi's table ): and we'd more disasters flooding Dorcas' and Sabrina's tables -_- omgz 113 so PRO o.o yeah and we bought like a TRUCKLOAD of popsicles, canz?! I don't know for who to eat also.
Oh dear I've to rush this post to the rousing chorus of the founder's day song in my head O:
Yeah went to the hall :O was cool in the gallery :D 113 separated into about 1397419273 10 rows and hogged a quarter of the space -_- so tsktsk of us :D and then Ying Tong and Ting Ting were being weird -.- they massaged Rebecca?! Rebecca was weirder lor she enjoyed it -.- and ended up Rebecca and I switched places with Ting Ting and Ying Tong -__- (tsk they drag me into it de lor D: I was fully paying attention to the speakers (as in the people-speakers, not the speaker-speakers).)
Hmm finally was end of the assembly o.o (we sang the founder's day song and the 90th anniversary song! Also watched a veryvery long video :D) then went up to attempt to salvage the situation with melting ice -.- I lugged a leaking bag down :O and then set up, etc. etc.
Oh, walked around with random classmates (Rebecca, Ting Ting, Sabrina, Kellynn, etc.) trying to sell stuffz :D (a bit fail, me). Yes! Saw squadmates :D! Bought stuff :D (I promised Jasmine I'd buy 207's pizza bread :D and I DID.) I almost went to 413 :O for the game, like I said I would (to Kailin). But I didn't. Because Ting Ting embarrassed me D: in front of the nicenice 413 person o.o thus I walked away I sincerely hope Kailin is not reading this. If so, SORRY D:
Oh yes the haunted room was very businessy it had a long queue. Oh! Saw a lot of ma'ams o.o walking around :D (like -cough- baked rice nail art milo) haha. Was on the second floor with Nicole, looking for Ying Tong when:
Me: -turns around looking for squadmates at the hall- -thinks that a random
person looked a lot like ma'am-
Me: -hurriedly turns back-
Me: -looks again, thinking "this can't be ma'am lar where got so
coincident- OMGZ IT IS- -walks chao fast-
Ma'am: -corners squadmates very quickly o.o-
Me: -gives squadmates the "ahaha" look while they had no choice but to play
ma'am's class's game :D-
Nicole finds Ying Tong and I decide to go play the game with squadmates :D!
So nice me :D

Okay then after the briefing we went in :D omgz seriously it's quite fun :D because right, it's all dark and there's the adrenaline rush :O which is fun :D I distinctly remember myself uh, saying "go away lar!" when the people came too close O.O haha and ma'am told us to try not to get caught too quickly (or waste money even though it's one dollar ._.). Ahahaha -declines to mention the time I was inside the classroom-. Oops ._. (oh! Got a glowstickwristband? o.o and squadmates didn't even though they caught the catcher? o.o why? Oh nevermind the glowstickwristband is very cool and... glowy! Yey o.o? Haha it still glows okay (now) (dimly D:). But it does! Yey :D!)
Walao half my post = eaten by Blogger ): what is this ): no mood.
Oh well shall trudge on.
Hmm briefly, had the mass-gathering at the field after the funfair. Was really close to people, like freaky much O: Kellynn and Yan Li refused to move ugh! And was super hot ._. Kellynn used my hand to shade her HAIR and I flapped it around -_- LOL.
Hmm was high - REDREDRED wonz the Candy Pandemic (er -.-) :D! YEAH manz :D and cheers!
Then went up to class to eat the rest of the jelly -.- (ooh we managed to sell all the popsicles amazing or what! Thanks to the "five-for-one-dollar" offer :D chao cheap.)! Stretched with Sabrina-san :D (to erh. Maintain flexibility, yeshiede. Very important ._.)
Was act next (our squad = ._. yes. I = ._. yes.)! Was okay actually except the first part (which we totally deserved). And laijia fell D: while running D: and did... something to her knee (scraped, I think?) D: so she went off. Yeah. Was super noisy O: while doing drills, with other CCAs somewhere nearby celebrating someone's birthday O.O haha. Oh yeah, ma'ams at the bench with laijia were cheering RED cheers :D yey red! (Yes a bit overreact -.-) And laijia had a ._. expression :D plus ma'ams also... erh, I don't know I wasn't really paying attention unless they talked loudly/we marched past. :O. Eh and then we had the actual POP rehearsals, which were fine except the parts when ants marched crawled all over my leg ._.
Okay I have to go and sleep early(ish) :D


Thursday, August 13, 2009
8:51 PM
On MSN! Yes! Happyhappy :) am doing something for the class O: (how unexpected O:!)
And ice popsicles and jellies! Go buy from 113! We pasted our posters all over the school canz! Mirror also have :D! While you're combing your hair/adjusting your fridge fringe -.-/whatever you do in front of the mirror ._. you can take a look and PROCEED TO 113 AT THE CANTEEN!
Whee :D get high now! REDRED :D am strangely light-headed eh! REDRED.
Oh omgz I think there's something WRONG with me O: -slaps self-.
Erm okay :D whatever go support 113, and squadmates' classes :D in fact go spend a bomb on frivolous things such as fake haunted rooms on second floors O: (which is scary by the way. The windows at least D:)
Ah I must sleep earlier ._. I slept outside the class today, cross-legged = my legs hurt. Like a lot D:?! Which is horrible ): and then if I sleep people like Nicole will secretly take photographs and blackmail me -gasp-! This is horrible and AHAHAHAHAHA
Waha highness. Elaine-the-plane's coming tomorrow :D squadmates are going to Sit At The Quadrangle (not me D: find me at class :D).
I keep making Elaine-the-plane -choke- on MSN :D which is fun! Yeyness! Okay omgz I'm getting incoherent D: (not that I was ever coherent, according to Then Jia Hui -.-) and Elaine-the-plane is worse :O she high until she siao O:
Okay I shall go now and busy myself with useful and productive activities -chokes-.

7:07 PM
I'm supersuper high! Whee! Because today is very highifying!
Having a conversation with Nicole that isn't exactly nice ._. nevermind I will not let that affect my mood :O
Today (in kindof chronological order):
1. CLC SIA presentation overoverover finally! It wasn't good lor ._. but anyway it's over, yes :D! Was really relieved. Yey.
2. Gave out fliers to random people Sabrina/Jia Chun/I saw o.o (omgz and saw ____s as well .___. hid behind some pillar ._. and Sabrina was shouting my name very loudly ah (never see also hear already ._.)) yey! Went around and Sabrina was pissed because I kept pushing her to people :D then at the library after giving a flier to one-of-our-seniors, she started flapping the rest of the fliers at my head very agitatedly like Mashimaro LOL :O haha then we both started laughing/suppressing our laughter.
2. Stayed back with squadmates until like five :D slacking/discussing somestuff :D whee and went to look at all the funfair's posters and class arrangements -.- Lai Jia Hui is very -_- now ._. her class table is diagonally opposite erm, her sister's (hahahaha).
Yey Founder's Day tomorrow! FUNFAIR. Whee :O and redredred! :D!
Okay nothing else to say. Going off now.

"barang-barang o tabete wa ikemasen"
Wednesday, August 12, 2009
9:32 PM
Am feeling agitated now ._.
Don't look at my post with the thanks and apologies it'll piss you off. Ouais.
Ladeeda. CLC SIA presentation, godie.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009
10:23 PM
I just realised I don't really care what you think about me :) in fact. I'm going to pretend you don't read my blog at all :D isn't that great? Awesome.

My internet is screwy ): tsktsk. Tsk at it.
Yey I like my blog. My other one. The one no one (okay fine, very few) people know about. Not even squadmates. -gasp- That's how... secret it is. Yes. My innermost thoughts O: (kind of) :D and no one will know!
I am so lame why am I blogging about this? Now everyone will stalk my blogger profile relentlessly until they find the NON-EXISTENT secret blog (okay joking. It's existent).
Tomorrow PE :D I'm so happy and I don't know why also. Yeah don't you love PE :O (I can think of a lot of people who don't -_- Yan Li you didn't read this :D)
Elaine is sick ): with some screwy symptoms D: (fever, flu, cough, the works) And I'm sneezing -sneezes-. Oh no infected by Sabrina -.- (who keeps sneezing and coughing like she has H1N1/covering her face like... I don't know.)
Ladeeda my LA comprehension is screwed. I've decided I hate Unseen the most, followed by Comprehension. I like compositions ._. (I'm not weird, am I? Forget it I know I am :D)
Ariel is funny:
I: you must make a choice.
the party predicament says:
: D
who was the first quadriplegic in zero gravity? says:
the party predicament says:
Oh no. Shall talk about my house's renovation! Yeyness. Now the house is 1. biggish/spacious-looking ._. 2. empty D: ah! Eeyer. But there's furniture (new) :D which is nice.

-coughs- Blogging in school SUCKS. Like sucky. Why like this like that like. Ying Tong you stop it ah tottemo tottemo larmay.


Okay shall go off now D: even though half of this post is at home. Thanks to screwy internet couldn't save leh! D:! What is this. Exactly lor I know so screwed. Yi Xin you stop it ah your big thing. Pencilcase.

Ying Tong's big pencilcase.

Okay bye.

8:40 PM
I wanna thank Ying Tong,
for being shallow and deep inappropriately and calling me a "_______ friend".
for hurting my feelings and HITTING ME ALL THE TIME thanks ah.
for throwing random tantrums at me for some reason I cannot freaking comprehend.
Yi Xin,
for helping me and randomly hitting Ying Tong.
for being lame and toey.
Ting Ting,
for randomly flaring up and laughing at sick things you come up with.
for helping in homework and being so awesome.
for being there. Always :)
Kellynn/Rachel Wu,
for being a dancy toe who goes off every recess :O and liking Yunho because Yunho is nice (he is./for being lame -.-
I wanna apologize to Yan Li, my family, and somepeople (well. You can think it's you if I've let you down and then feel happier).
Don't want to do LA -_-

Monday, August 10, 2009
7:01 PM
I should really stop blogging. Tsk.

4:59 PM
Stalkerism is random D:
Am at the library now being very diligent in doing my overdue homework. Yes. Not to mention the CLC SIA presentation tomorrow which I have not completed ._. am I dead? Oh yes.
I am feeling slightly more coherent than yesterday night :D which is good. Or my overdue homework would be very bad indeed, worse than it already is.
Why so many people :O go to NDP yesterday? And Rebecca SMSed me "WHERE ARE YOU NOW I AM WILLING TO SIGN YOUR TEE" o.o (I wasn't even at the NDP)(plus you know she perform in a boxhead and flashing lights :O can't even see her big face lor.)
Hmm lala it's late ): I'm so sad ): eek. I want to prank call Ying Tong :D but she refuses to pick up the phone D: which is sad D:
Yey yey yey yey yey I want oreo. Oreo oreo -glares at Nicole-.
Bye. My battery's dying out.

Sunday, August 9, 2009
11:31 PM
NDP was okay on screen. I've no idea what happened from chapters one to four because I was sleeping ._. Sleep is important :D aha. Excuses D:
Ohmy suddenly feeling emo and drifty. Like, distant and detached.
I'm aware a lot of people are pissed at me now but strangely I. Don't. Flicking. Care. :D
Hmm tsktsk Fiona so vulgar and unbecoming ._. freak I hate the way the pointer keeps running.
-runs after pointer-
Ah the euphoria of end-of-block-tests has worn down. Actually no, but the reality of homework is like. Here. Like,
Yeah basically my state of mind.
Oh I can feel myself gradually slipping into that sleepy mood. Ugh. Why am I not sleeping?
Oh yeah the CLC SIA presentation .____. am doing. Diligently. Really.
Am confused depressed dilemma quandary dieded.
Yey I'm really incoherent right now :/ what is wrong with me ._.

44 o;
10:49 AM

Ohmy so corny :D haha but Singapore = seriously yey. Patriotic me :O (tsk don't anyhow say I'm not okay I cried during NDP before .__.
Squadmates are... freaking out D: because we failed Crime Prevention and Total Defence. But we will jiayou and... PASS.
Okay I've to go for brunch -_-
I'm back and everyone is offline already -_- hee. Even Elaine-the-plane ):
That is sad ):
And I'm with Yan Li on webcam :D both our webcams are very lag ._. tsk we sound so bimbotic D: when we're BOTH NOT :O anyway bimbos are sort of... stupid and vain O: and erh... Yan Li is like supersmart (superpretty too although she doesn't wanna admit it :D). And I'm... reasonably average (in terms of intellect). As in compared to the rest of the people in my class I'm a bit... but never mind ): tsk. I have potential :O -coughs- (that's what teachers say. Every single year. Without fail. Which is sort of bad if you think about it.)
Ah omgz Yan Li's sister came to the webcam! I really went to cover my face okay D: tsk. Why she suddenly come O: eeyer -covers face-.
DAMN AWESOME ah. My house is undergoing some sort of spring cleaning (for the renovation and fengshui and whatever). And guess what my brother has a Batman blanket and I have a PPG one ._. how come I don't know eh. Never mind -.- don't judge me.
My family has been watching Rowan Atkinson movies ._. thanks to my brother -_- But oh seriously it's all Mr. Bean-ish. (the ones we watched, anyway, like Johnny English and Mr. Bean (the disaster movie) :D) LOL.
Ladeeda I shall go now and read the newspapers -coughs-. Uh huh yeah.

she's got a degree
Saturday, August 8, 2009
6:00 PM
in Food and Nutrition.
(guess who, onethirteeners :O)
Yey! This post will be about food.
-cue random people ranting about how random and pointless I am-
(Sidenote: I must resist the urge to LOL at Yan Li on MSN ._.)
Yesyes. I tell you right, if you don't know what to get for my birthday, you can GET ME ORANGE JUICE because I majorly loves it (omgz this phrase is bimbotic).
I mean, I like it very much indeed. It's even higher on my "I like it very much indeed" list of beverages than ANY SORT OF TEA (like, bubble tea or green tea). Because bubble tea/green tea is only for when I feel like it ._. -at this point in time some random person like Kellynn will comment that I seem to 'feel like it' a lot :O which is true. Never mind- but orange juice is for everytime!
Oh I feel frugal when I request for orange juice as a birthday present, as compared to Rebecca (tsk) who asks for things like Isetan rainbow files and faded slim-cut jeans. Tsk at her now :D
Ladeeda but if I get more than three people offering me orange juice on my birthday I'll have a epileptic seizure D:
Ladeeda! I tell you my sister went for an operation (for her tonsilitis) right -at this point in time someone like a random Texan person will comment that tonsilitis does not need overnight observation. But my sister has special conditions :O-, and came back right. And then OMGZOMGZ SHE GETS TO HAVE ICE-CREAM (because it's better for the throat :O)! And not just any random Cornetto lor! MY AUNT BOUGHT HER HAAGEN-DAZ.

(haha why did I hyperlink that?)
Ohmygawd ohmygawd hyperventilate canz :D but my mother says I can't eat it ._. she says I can eat the Moo's though -_- which is. Better than nothing I suppose :O but still. It's like so near yet so far D: pah D: why is everything so near yet so far D:
Irritating can or not.
Oh! I realise I haven't been going to blogskins.com for very, very, very long. Bah. Will do so in December ;) and catch up with Szeling/Yvon/Kailin/TEASPOON (now I know her real name it's Min ._.)/Jeremy.
Haha Yan Li wants to change her skin to something like this o.o I will not comment -lalas-.
Hmm on Monday people are coming to renovate our house :( and it'll be dusty. Therefore I shall go out on Monday ._. and do homework :D (I'm going out with someone :D who is really sweet and nice. And this sounds les :( Rebecca will probably call me les again ._.)
Ah people should really blog more D: tsk. Ting Ting/Ying Tong/Rebecca hasn't blogged about Friday yet o.o which means I'm the official no-lifer :D never mind.
I shall go now :O

third time luckier
Friday, August 7, 2009
10:21 PM
Hmm I'm doing Kellynn's present now :D going to give it to her on Tuesday, haha :D I hope she will like it .__. if she doesn't. Well never mind :D (at least I tried).
I'm starting to ENJOY studying. I think this is not natural among my peers. What is this D:?!
I'm Facebooking :O I'm not stalking anyone okay :O (Rebecca I'm really not :D)
Rawr, my korean is epic phail can ): All the rounded edges (THAT ARE VERY IRRITATING FOR YOUR INFORMATION D:)
You know everytime I pass through Civic Centre (to get home) I always see the Play! thingy. You know, the rental of DVDs/games one. And then on the side of the machine (?) there's this advertisement for The Unborn, which is basically a horror movie. Yes. Then I always tell myself to google it. And I never do.
Oh. This is weird. My parents have discovered the present for Kellynn O: tsk. He doesn't know what is DBSK. Tsktsk. Never update hor.
Now he's commenting on my studies VS. DBSK. Like D: how untoey. I feel guilty already :(
I can't give up at this point, no. I will jiayouz. Yeshiede.
(to do work ;D)

fly on the wall
6:13 PM
Disclaimer: I've no idea why I'm blogging so differently like a bimbo ._. so. Enjoy :D
Hello! Highing at home :D with a big gigantic Strawberry Shortcake balloon, whee (it's for my sister who is back from the hospital :D)! My father and brother were outside having bonding time... watching Mr. Bean -_- okay never mind.
Today! Went to school with a bag o.o (a small one) and recycled materials and in a RED TEE :D (the LSC shirt, basically ._.). Then uh. Normal! Until we went down for flag-raising :O it was super long D: and the speeches were... long ._. but saw ma'ams on podium :D yey so awesome!
Super high CAN YOU TELL! :D okay uh. Went up after that for the quiz and the mascot-making. Didn't bring thermometer -.- so went down (while doing the quiz halfway as a class .__. then half the class went down haha funny). Hmm ladeeda. Went up o.o again, then basically dressed Yi Xin (the adorable) up! Yesyes she chao cute de :) and CHIO :O with her bangs! Hoho.
Skip until we went rooftop hall. OMGZ IT WAS CHAO HIGH CAN! Got red and white balloons floating around randomly, every five seconds got people screaming 'cos their balloon floated away :D (hehe sounds sadistic ._.) Yeah and then it was even more high when the mascots paraded o.o hurhur. I think everyone did a wonderful job :D 107's mascot was very... mascoty (HAHA can't even see the person's face :D which is the point of a mascot right! And Elaine was the 'spokesperson'. Then Jia Hui was the 'spokesperson' for 102 :D)! Yes! Oh but when Yi Xin paraded there was like very little applause ): I kinda know why (hmm because of the GEP stereotype maybe? And 'cos Rachel Wu was very sexy during LSC D:). But still.
Okay never mind. Basically it was a happy affair :D yey! Sang songs also :O (and shouted "Mr. Tan!" when Mr. Tan tsktsk refused to come out and sing -_-)!
After we were dismissed went OUT with Rebecca/Ting Ting/Ying Tong :D (change of plans ._.) heh. Oh dear Ying Tong really throwface tsk. We wanted to go somewhere and she didn't know which bus to take. So we would go up one bus (Ying Tong said it was correct), and Rebecca had the sense to ask if it was the correct bus. Then the uncle would say no D: and Ying Tong would start laughing hysterically all the way down the bus -.- tsktsk lah she anyhow.
Ooh we finally went up :D Rebecca and I sat together; Ting Ting and Ying Tong sat together :D then Rebecca and I had a long talk o.o hee. After a while we all moved to the seats facing each other, like:

(o.o why did I draw it out -_-)
Whee awesomez O: yeah. Alighted, walked a fair bit! Then flitted from shop to shop - Adidas, Topshop, Fox, Dorothy Perkins, Cotton On, random shops that were interesting, etc. :D was quite fun even though it was REBECCA who suggested we went there/bought stuff :D
Oh then in Cotton On :D a song suddenly started playing -.- Ying Tong was like... "isn't this song familiar?" and after a while of the song playing and her bopping she suddenly hopped up and said: "ah Miley Cyrus!" WAHAHA YING TONG LISTENS TO MILEY CYRUS (Fly on the Wall :D) (ohmytian it's catchy okay D:)
Oh the random shops were nice! There was one called artbox :D and the notebooks. are. damn. chio. Ah! Cannot take it. But very expensive D: (the website doesn't show the nice ones -_- probably 'cos that's the UK website.)
What else? Oh, TOOK NEOPRINTS twice. The first time was after we ate ice-cream :D (oh I like mint chocolate ladeeda), in the middle of all the shop-hopping :O the second time was uh... after we ate at Pastamania (I think) :D then it was nicer. And then while decorating Rebecca/Ting Ting suddenly "AHH!" 'cos Han Yi poked her head in :D yes. CHERYL/HANYI/YANLI/SHINYEE WERE THERE TOO. Awesomely freakily coincidental, can?! Haha.
Oh after that we decided to mall-hop to Raffles City ;D whoo. Went to random vintagey/cute shops also! And we kept dian4ing each other O.O and I was super bimbo ): which is not natural D: (despite what squadmates say pfft). Every two minutes Rebecca/Ting Ting/Ying Tong would ask if something was nice, and I would be like, "ohmygawd, that is so YOU." Eeyer can or not LOL.
Anywayz! After a lot of walking around D: we finally settled for MACDONALD'S to sit down and have a (I quote Rebecca) 'h2h talk' :D which we didn't have. Tsk. Not counted lor that one; Ting Ting/Ying Tong/me were eating seaweed shaker fries while Rebecca spun coins .___. therefore! I conclude we should go out more often aha.
Oh wait.
Took MRT with Ting Ting. FUNNY. Because Ting Ting was bopping along to my songs -_- and singing (she thinks it's very softly but in actual fact people with a 3m radius can hear her ._.). Then I also ._. then people kept staring (at her) (because I am very good at changing my expression in a millisecond) :D ooh!
Wheeboing I end my post. Which is a weird post :/
I am broke D:

"i like quoting."
Thursday, August 6, 2009
8:28 PM
What was I thinking. All that panadol. It was not me D:
Argh okay what was said was slightly true. It could've been phrased differently though.
Weiting so sick ):
I hate how people make me think a lot.
I hate it.
I hate how feelings get to me this way.
Go and die.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY SINGAPORE! (by like... three days ._.)
My father is playing random songs. THE TING TINGS. And then he's singing along O.O quite funny. Okay maybe not (Love Story he fail).
What party party. Okay he stop singing already :D
Tsk now he complain it's noisy who ask him set to the highest volume D:
My sister in hospital D: under observation. Yeah.
My father is very tsk. He go say Taylor Swift a "horrible woman" o.o
Okay never mind ignore him :D he's still listening to You Belong With Me ._.
It's fine if you think that way.

i want ivory cupcakez
8:19 PM
Biography was. Not as bad as expected. Better than Physics but not much.
I'm probably not going to fail. I hope.
Tomorrow's National Day celebration. The bus stop at Nanyang's side will be a sea of red :D (and some whites)
Hmm. Going out with Cheryl/Yan Li/possibly Ting Ting (if she isn't going out with her beloved XX ._.), haha. I'm going to buy Kellynn's present :/ (yes. On her actual birthday. Which is tomorrow. Happy birthday!) hohoho.
Block tests are over? Yes they are. :D! No more mugging until midnight :) awesome.
My sister is in hospital D: for an operation. Eh. Worried.
My brother has another MC ): No wonder I feel unwell -coughs-.
See he just coughed.
I want kitkat yey. But I've a cough :O
I will practise self-control and I will succeed.
I feel like locking my blog ._________________________. yey me and Weiting shall synchronisedly lock our blogs -_-
Squadmates asked ma'ams what "team" they were in for Founder's Day. Red or white. What is this tsk so stalkerish :D
I shall not comment further ladeeda.
Red pwnz :O
Erm. Drowsy.

it's twenty to midnight.
12:01 PM
Staying up with Kellynn until 12 midnight! And we'll shake pompoms and blow balloons :D
Facebook is being screwed and Xiaxue is lagging. Why ):
Feeling tired and a bit reflective now. 'Cos it's night. And then my eyelids are like halfway-closed :O heh. I've one double eyelid and one single eyelid (don't stare at them okay D:)(omgz I know you stare :O) haha.
I think I prefer it when my father listens to Taylor Swift. He's listening to some... random song from his generation haha. Not exactly not-nice but... not my cup of (bubble) tea.
No cross-country tomorrow. Has to be awesome? Not really if you count all the speeches :/ haha song.
Looking forward to Founder's Day :) people come in red and white and sing together. What could go wrong O: (I am very optimistic :D)
It's eight minutes to twelve now.
It's seven minutes to twelve now.

Oh yey Facebook is working.
It's six minutes to twelve now.
And I don't think I understand at all. I shouldn't try to.
It'll make things worse. Probably D:
It's five minutes to twelve now.
Kellynn is... a fresh perspective. She's awesome at dance, really funny, a bit sick -.- (fine. Very. But she hides it well ;D) and overally friendly.
It's four minutes to twelve now.
I like my phone :D yeyness.
It's three minutes to twelve now.
Soon it'll be Kellynn's birthday :)
It's two minutes to twelve now.
And I can sleep rawr haha. I think I'll die tomorrow manz. How to survive when you're half dead?
Heck-care :O
It's one minute to twelve now.
Ah! So shockingly close. I'm wide awake o.o
It's twelve now.

(Happy birthday, Kellynn :D)


why am i titling this
Wednesday, August 5, 2009
10:27 PM
dont feel good.
in fact i feel very sucky.
how can bio cause someone such misery?
how can?!
all i need is sleep but i cant have it.

planez and superman
7:48 PM
Elaine the plane
who is pain (haha that's bread in French :D oh. But it's pronounced pan, you know like panweibo)
and so vain
and shame
(wtf is hame?!)
Stop it :O I must focus on. My. Biology. I'm blogging like I don't care a freak about it at all (which is blatantly untrue). But anyways! Tomorrow's LAST PAPER (I'm not counting AMC :D)
Ugh BIOLOGY -freaks out- shitcrapdie (tsktsk I seem to have become so vulgar like Rebecca ._.).
Hmm lala hmm lala. Today Ting Ting and I were singing You're Not Sorry and You Belong With Me randomly during recess -_- and Xuan Li! Xuan Li show off her singing skills, bah. Sabrina was being random and Sabrina-ish. Elaine the plane pointed out *someone* and Sabrina go make irrelevant comments about her skirt length/the-uncle-sitting-n-the-bench-near-the-pails-everytime's feet-touching. People want to touch then touch lah! (Eh.)
Elaine the plane being very idkwhat now.
------- 亿玲------- says:
I'm superman
the party predicament says:
------- 亿玲------- says:
Oh my gosh I heard about your fish!!!
the party predicament says:
the party predicament says:
the party predicament says:
what fish.
The reason why I put two dots instead of three is because I've an emoticon that splits into three and stacks itself up (following, it merges again) which I find disturbing.
Let me elaborate on Mr. Tan ah.
I tell you today he was weird. After recess Xuan Li, Ting Ting, Sabrina and I were walking peacefully along the corridors when we saw his very Mr.-Tan-ish-shirt (i.e. it was checkered). So we ran after him haha it's damn funny when he turns back and gives you a look manz! Epic.
Uh. I don't feel like talking about Mr. Tan -_- let's talk about National Day celebrations :D I don't hate Friday anymore! I love it!
-dance dance-
Red is nice. Hot pink is nicer okay okay Elaine the plane hot pink ftw.
(Heh! Randomest post in ages, this.)
Elaine the plane is being very weird and wtf :O
Eeyer see squadmates are so meanz ):
Lie to me! Say she lost an eyeball!
Okay I shall go now. Feeling dampened already -.-
ah Biology tomorrow chiongmug!
Feeling evil. Am quizzing Ariel :)
the party predicament says:
i'm superman.
要笑,也只能笑你的 愚昧无知 says:
so your late actor was a quadriplegic?
the party predicament says:
oh my gosh i heard about your fish!
要笑,也只能笑你的 愚昧无知 says:
you ate a bookshelf?
the party predicament says:
you and me are best buds right?
要笑,也只能笑你的 愚昧无知 says:
like, flower buds?
why would we be flower buds?
要笑,也只能笑你的 愚昧无知 writes:

the party predicament says:
okay so can i tell you something?
要笑,也只能笑你的 愚昧无知 says:
about wheelchairs?
the party predicament says:
i'm on drugs.
要笑,也只能笑你的 愚昧无知 says:
toey vapour? :-O
the party predicament says:
did you just lie to me?!
要笑,也只能笑你的 愚昧无知 says:
this is funny
the party predicament says:
how could you?!?!
(oi answer can)
要笑,也只能笑你的 愚昧无知 says:
the party predicament says:
(something more contentful)
(btw your drawing is horrible. the buds look like candles ._.)
You have just sent a nudge.
要笑,也只能笑你的 愚昧无知 says:
How are the toes?
the party predicament says:
i love you.
(you are supposed to respond.)
要笑,也只能笑你的 愚昧无知 sends you a truckload of TOE ESSENCE!
the party predicament says:
i lost an eyeball!
要笑,也只能笑你的 愚昧无知 says:
did you bump into the Toe Essence?
the party predicament says:
要笑,也只能笑你的 愚昧无知 sends you a wheelchair
See. Ariel chao funny -_-

i know you play pet society (confirm)
1:35 PM
Day two of block tests.
Uh... Mathematics first? Was okayish lor until the last question D: I hate number sequence. My brain is so random there's no pattern at all.
Oh then recess :D I ate :D (and warily looked around me ._. can see 41 ma'ams everywhere I turn, why?)
Next... LA. My fears for Unseen are now confirmed D: eeyer I don't like. I phail lor D:
Next: recess again ._. hohoho. Then Jia Hui is spyish. Elaine is spyish. Lai Jia Hui is spyish. Elaine dragged me to the centre of the canteen to surreptitiously *start a conversation with me* (no, actually we were guang1 ming2 zheng4 da4-ly looking at people).
Sabrina went to comment on skirts.
Okay then Geography. Idiot paper D: it tested the locations of agrotechnology parks lah. Exactly how would I know where is Sungei Tengah.
(Ting Ting says hi :D I'm at the library :D fourth floor :D not the third floor :D)
Hmm. Mr. Tan was weird during the test. Sabrina thinks he didn't know the answers to the questions so he went to anyhow invade Rachel Wu's/Etsuko's/my privacy by very openly looking. Tsktsk.
Oh he went to stretch his neck on the notice board (don't ask me how he does that).
After Geography is now :D thus I shall go off now and revise my Biology :O

squiggly lines and wtfs
Tuesday, August 4, 2009
4:28 PM
Day one of block tests.
Okay so... Chinese first? Not really confident for Chinese ): yeah so. But the cloze was easier than expected. Actually the questions were all okay except a FEW (they sucked a lot) :D hurhur. Also my answers were chao short D: ugh. Never mind. I think I'll pass .__.
Then break. Revised History a teeny bit. Ate. The canteen was super crowded I don't like D:
Anyway, yes, History. It was OMGZAWESOMEZ :D yes! Even the last question :O which was 8 marks (why is it 8 marks?! It's supposed to be 6 lor.). So I wrote more ._.
Okay I've to revise for LA (technique), Mathematics (ah freak) and Geography (I think I'll pass too :D). So bye.
No wait.
After History :D went to Serene Centre with Ting Ting/Xuan Li/Sabrina :) was really not quite productive ._. no thanks to Ting Ting. Hmph (please please I'm very productive :D). And ate as well (not Island Creamery D: because people were broke -cough-). Yeah. We revised a bit of Geography though -.-
Alright I shall end now I've a headache.
P.S. My brother is sick again. I think he's got H1N1 lor -_- or some form of chronic pain ._. Maybe he's a hypochondriac :O
Maybe you're thinking too much.
Friendships don't always have to last you know.
If you keep thinking about it and stressing about it, you're going to make yourself very very upset. Why bother?
It'll hurt you, the people around you and it won't help one freaking bit.
Take a step back, and use a different perspective (omgz LA :D Mrs. W would be proud! Okay maybe not).
And yes. Sometimes things are never what they seem to be.
OMGZ I like!

Ah my change from deep to shallow is very fast you know.
Rebecca! I WANT!

eutrophication only
Monday, August 3, 2009
8:09 PM
Disclaimer: Now very pissed at self because self cannot remember the functions of a root hair cell ._.
Freak. Blogging again and I should be mugging. Never mind. I will find happiness in the fact that I do not need to memorize the caste system using acronyms like "BKVS(O)" - Burger King Very Stupid (ohmygosh!).
Ting Ting does that.

01. Who was your last text from?
Erh. Elaine :D telling me about her bus -cough splutter-. The bags.

02. Where was your default picture taken?
It's of Viver :) it was taken uh...on the table.

03. Your relationship status?
What? Putting single sounds very invitish. Unavailable for comment.

04. Have you ever lost a close friend?

05. What is your current mood?
Freaked out, stressed out, -declines from making some irrelevant lame comment like "I want to eat out". Of course I wasn't going to.-

06. How many siblings do you have?
One brother and one sister :D

07. Whats your brother(s)/sister(s) names?
Travis and Trina. All so hip right :D

08. Where do you wish you were right now?
Uh... in my bed. Sleeping. Having a crazy cough/cold D:

09. Have a crazy side?
Wait, the use of 'crazy' in 08. was completely unintentional. Really. (HAHAHAHA I MANAGED TO EVADE THE QUESTION BY SIDESTEPPING YES I PWN!

10. Ever had a near death experience?
Yeah. Almost drowned -gasp-.

11. Something you do a lot?
Talk a lot of useless stuff and entertain people.

12. Angry at anyone?
Me? Never. That was a lie D:

13. What's stopping you from going for the person you like?
The art of effectively sidestepping a question is very cool :D

14. When was the last time you cried?
Today -_- the auntie at the stall gave me a lot of chilli lor! And then I started crying D: it wasn't about anyone, really. You can stop giving me doubtful looks :O

15. Is there anyone you would do anything for?
Myself :D (oh dear so self-centralized (OMGZ I really subconsciously typed that.)centred.)

16. What you think about when you are falling asleep?
Block tests... POP... mostly. The rest I'm thinking about my-cold-and-how-I-can't-breathe-properly.

17. Who was the last person you talked to on the phone?
Kheng Fang.

18. What is your favorite song?
I don't know.

19. What are you doing right now?
Doing this freaking quiz, walao, stop asking stupid questions can?

20. Who do you trust right now?
I trust. No one -heroic James Bond look! :D-

21. Where did you get the shirt you are wearing?
Does it matter? Really? Would it please you to know I'm wearing whatever I'm wearing now?

22. Have you kissed someone in the past week?
O: no. Hug also no. Ohmygawd I'm so deprived. Scratch that.

23. Who is your friend that lives closest to you?
Dorcas lor confirm!

24. Describe your life in one word?

25. Who are you thinking of right now?
-coughs- No one. Like. Really.

26. What should you be doing right now?
Mugging for History and Chinese.

27. What are you listening to?
Myself sniffing every two seconds.

28. Who was the last person who gave you a hug?
Ting Ting :) I comforted her please. I'm chao good de.

29. Who was the last person who yelled at you?
It's not counted as yelling right... okay it is... but a bit inconvenient... ah heck. It was my father. Don't you bother.

30. Do you act differently around the person you like?
Ye-no. I don't know.

31. What is your natural hair color?
Black. It's slowly turning brown ._.

32. Who was the last person to make you laugh?
Yan Li -.- over webcam (YES OMGZ YAN LI ON WEBCAM.)

33. Who was the last person to make you sad?

34. What do you hear?
Stop asking pointless questions. I'm still sniffing.

35. Is your hair curly or straight?
(Eeee Elaine your joke is very leng3.)
Straight. Very. It's not rebonded though :O

36. Has anyone ever called you "scrumptious" before?
Not that I know of O.O

37. Do you have a best friend?
Yes :D Best friendz. I'm very sentimental you know -sniff-.

38. Held hands with the opposite sex in the past 3 days?
(Aw. Elaine's father displays his fatherly care.) Yes. My father also.

39. Do you use smiley faces on the computer?
I glare at you D:

40. Have you ever changed clothes in a vehicle?
Oh. Good idea -cough-. I mean, no.

41. Are you happy with life right now?
This week is freaking stressful can ):

42. Are you currently jealous?

43. What jewelry are you currently wearing?

44. What were you doing on friday night?
Erh... mugging for History ;D

45. Have you ever had your heart broken?
Not technically.

46. Have you ever broken someone's heart?
Yesyes confirm have.

47. Is there anybody you're really disappointed in right now?
Not really...

48. What was the last reason you went to the doctor for?
About two hundred years ago. My grandmother doesn't like too much of doctors (even though my neighbourhood doctor is quite friendly). Yes. And my domestic helper/mother/sister/brother all fell sick this two weeks. Rawr D:

49. How late did you stay up last night and why?
Midnight! Was printing LMS and.

50. Have you ever dated someone longer than a year?

Thus conclude.
My mood is very unstable now.
I feel like killing something and reading a nice book about fluffy cats at the same time.
Don't judge me.