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Wednesday, September 30, 2009
4:58 PM
Kailin inspired me and now I'm pondering over somethings. I can't deny some people have changed my life significantly more than others. But all the people I know have affected my life in some way or another, no matter how small.t
Strangely enough, the people I meet through... other mediums are largely more involved in my mind processes than anyone else. Their influences are really quite long-lasting. Three years ago and I still think of them now.
But well I've grown, and never can things be as they were before. Even if it were possible, the feeling will be different. Not new, perhaps? Or maybe the thrill of emotions is all it takes for us to be hankering after more.
Enigmas. When you've known more and the enigma isn't so much of an enigma anymore - does it make you happier? Does it, really?
P.S. ignore this pensive post ._.

4:35 PM
Please don't ask me what the title means .__.
Ohmygod I totally forgot today no third language until I saw Cheryl Yau/Ying Tong/Yan Li going for their Malay ._. then I was hit with the realisation that TODAY NO FRENCH!
The next lesson on 14th! Which is incidentally when our EOYs start ): but Mme. Tournay says she'll let us study in her lesson 8D (after she goes through our French exame fin d'annee or something like that though :O) yeah~ my French teacher is cooler than yours.
Okay anyway today :D was funnish :D it was LA :O which meant the bookcart circle thing :/ like four of us sit in the inner circle and discuss this topic Mrs. W gave us, and the rest of us in the outer circle listening. So... I was like the last batch D: hmph. And the last to speak D: apparently I talked a lot...? (That's what Roob says, anyway) :O -gasp- I don't know why ahahaha it's pathological (?! random word -.-). Yes.
Then PE! Was theory O.O and this bit. We were supposed to play games. But we did not.
Then recess! :D! Ate ._.? Oh then Home Economics, we made carrot cake (western :O). Actually... carrot muffins o.o was not bad actually. I'm just not sure if it's cooked -_-
Oh BRP did History SBQs D: tsktsk. I wrote a lot leh, crapped like ~@?#!@?. Oops :D
Gah Chinese was okay as usual :) then end of school! Short post :O
Am eating now. So bye~

tien c'est parfait, tu vas m'porter
Monday, September 28, 2009
7:59 PM
I've decided that for this post I'll blog for myself and myself only. Blogging for other people means that I've to try to live up to standards. I don't like being judged. It affects my self-esteem, which is already quite low already hor ._.
Disclaimer: Quite long!
tomorrow's french eoy, idk how i'm going to pass it. i mean i know myself and what i've done (in this case the lack thereof). i'm pissed with myself. and... i'm trying, but idk, it doesn't all work out the way i want it to, does it? do things really go right, always?
stupendous sigh :O
okay about today! love mondays to the max manz :D mornings are always free for random slacking/chionging of homework o.o heh. so today slacked in class moping, chionged to toilet to... think O_O then called nicole to discuss something. it's not a topic i'd openly discuss, cos it will definitely hurt some people :/ and i feel mean actually. but still, it's all for the greater good (reminds me of harry potter :O).
ahem yes then did random stuffz, forgot le ._. went down with yingtong and yixin to run. only i wasn't... running, per se, just talking/cheering them on/doing core muscle thingies :O but i ran a bit idk why -.- to keep up with them and talk? yeah then i totally didn't want to stop :O but strange inexplicable reasons.
oh yes when we went up it was lateish ): then mr. tan walked in. kellynn cut bangs! i like :D she looks modern-dancer-ish. i think. it's just in my opinion, idk why aussi :O
ladeeda first period chinese! wangls wasn't here ._. so did comprehension ._. yingtong and her phone's music were distracting me zomg D: i did very little. am not happy :O cos it just means more work, and god knows i've enough of work already.
ladeeda actually i've not been doing work. and i KNOW i can. do work, i mean. i've the capacity to (in my opinion). but~
but tilde, yeah.
hmm after chinese? music :D fun with the garageband. i must say -cough- i've an eye (ear? -.-) for blending orchestralish/FRENCH HORNS with uh, more modern/rock/pop/whatever genre it is now, like rock-pop, or rop or pock (zomg LOL) :D heh. i like loops~ it's like prerecorded, and awesome, because i. do. not. need. to. play. on. the. keyboard. (which is good, because my sense of rhythm is uh... not very applicable on keyboards and such)
whee then recess/lunch. walao shit got a lot of people in the canteen ._. hate hate mondays' recesses/lunches (whatever you call them lar :O) cos sec ones to fours are all squeezed into that area :O pfft. then turn left turn right see *people* :O
was with yingtong, nicole and roob! went koi pond, came back to canteen, went back to koi pond (hmph make me walk D:) and went back -_- to the heritage room, cos we were supposed to have this english bookcart reading/sharing session thingy. but mrs. w wasn't at school :O apparently, so we'd to go up again. to do a comprehension ._. that was scandalous cos it was about this african lady who erh married this african man but who had a baby with... the farmer's son. who was white. ahahaha then the white dude went to poison the baby, tsktsktsk.
oh then hmm math? D: was actually okay .__. grah my compound interest/hire purchase is horrible, can go die :O after that was class contact time! cleaned up the class (most of the classmates). i erh, went around spreading joy and boosting morale.
hmm don't ask me to elaborate it's a bit embarrassing yes? but then again ._. i'm tidak tahu malu (O:? is it like that eh ._.) (loosely translated as i don't know shame! wahaha). whatever lar.
oh, then mr. kong (is it :O?) went to talk to the gepers in 113 yes. about this irs exhibition? ._. i like mr. kong leh, he's erm... idk gives that approachable feel yeah. anyway the exhibition at republic polytechnic! which is at woodlands! which means i can WALK to my house leh 8D best thing: we're DISMISSED FROM THERE awesome w00t! :D! i promptly invited all the 113 gepers to my house -.- waha.
oh then went back to class and i'd to let the air out of my inflatable globe :O mr. tan suggested i sit on it -.- and i did. it worked leh! it did :O and it's infinitely more humane then... lets say... letting the air out at hanyi's face yeah :D! or worse still smashing it on her head ._.
tweedle then went library with yingtong to borrow 'shallow' books :O we're really quite shallow D: saw weiting~ (zomg never see her for how long already :O) and yeah paid fines -.- tsktsk the fines people accumulate are horrible! my record was ten dollars and i thought that was super horrible already but it seems that i'm rather deluded since there are people who owe up to thirty nine dollars and forty cents. i'm not even joking leh.
anyway! borrowed meg cabot -shamed-. you know you can't resist meg cabot manz, seriously :D plus this book about french and american ._. like this american lady married a french guy and they live in france and it's titled FRENCH TOAST ._. and it's about the differences between cultures and "the mysteries of the french". heh. it's quite... informative/insightful but it's a bit boring also, leh. give me meg cabot any day.
oh went home after that ._. was reading on the bus and forgot to sleep ):
then reached home, etc. etc. etc.
okay shall continue french exercises now :O i've to brush up on my conjugaison (as usual). i swear if i just UNDERSTAND the freaking conjugaison i'll score an a, no problem.
for sabrina: you're using basque -points out-
Point to note: Hello it's not working it still seems like I'm blogging for an audience :O but no matter ._.
Shall eat KFC yeah manz :D

:O (like me)
Sunday, September 27, 2009
9:54 PM
You know,
if you're not revising (like me) you should just GO AND DIE (like me) because you'll die a moderately more painful and torturous death during the EOYs (like me. I die twice). Therefore, you can just drop dead (like me) and no one will even notice. Why?
(Here comes the punchline, wait for it
continue waiting
it's okay if you wait
just wait
just do it
waiting will kill you meh
don't complain hor just wait
wait for donut also take longer what
right? like donut empire
or palace
i think it's empire
donut empire
complain for what
this is a tilde
yes, the squiggly ~ tilde
it's awesome
what do you mean the ~tilde~ thing isn't working
and you are very aware
of the fact
you are still waiting
hello, stop annoying me
you annoy me
complain somemore lar
you'll wait for eternity
i feel like -inserts twilight quote-
this is the part where i click the 'publish post' button, yes
and deprive you of the awesome/not-so punchline
but i'm way nicer than that
despite what you might think
yeah, i'm nicer than you
impatient koot (lumjia's phrase! awesomez)
impatient koot
cannot wait ah?
wait will kill you ah?
drop dead like me lar :D
ain't that awesome?
actually, no
if you do
i'll be stuck with
an impatient koot
like you
haha! that rhymed
i'm a poet and i didn't know it
okay that didn't
rhyme, i mean
nonetheless, poetic~
yey tilde~
okay zomg i'm rambling
it's giving me a headache
i'm thinking of a punchline
Because they'll ALL be revising.
Ha. Haha. Funny or not -weak grin-.
I guess not.
Bye~ (TILDE)

"Look," she said in her warm voice,
Saturday, September 26, 2009
10:27 PM
You know the feeling you get when you read a book (books, in my case) and you start feeling like the world is not reality but the book(s) are?
Yeah, that's what I feeling now.
(Cathy's Ring. I so don't do mysteries. Tintin.)
(Why did I type "tingting" o.o)
(j'adore la (it's la, not le... I think :/) bibliotheque 8D et les livres)
I could blog a list of all the books I love :O but confirm cannot fit in .___.
Anyway, the gist is: today I slacked.

"you're using japanese -points out-"
Friday, September 25, 2009
5:31 PM
First things first: XUAN LI CAN DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION REVOLT. Walao seriously please look at this:

Side-by-side comparison of Game one and five. This game is basically pressing the arrow keys okay, similarish to DDR :D Please try to ignore my results because erm... they are not important. Yes. Focus inside on the fact that Game one was hardest (and thus more points) while Games two-five were sort of... level two. And Xuan Li got damn high :D
Ignore my score I tell you!
Anyway, today was a slack day 8D first was PCCG, sexuality education :O Mr. Tan came in halfway to do something and then several people like Rachel Wu said "you're not allowed inside, Mr. Tan!" Wahahaha his expression was priceless. Anyway the atmosphere was chao SICK, tsktsk people like Cheryl Yau (zomg she suddenly perked up when wangls said we were going to do sexuality education :O seriously :D) were looking at the secondary four SEd (Sexuality Education) syllabus and expressed interest in this topic about... giving in to temptation. What kind of temptation I wouldn't know -coughs-.
Yey okay next period was LA! We did a comprehension timed trial without the summary 8D was cool~ I preferred it to erm. Normal lessons -chokes-. Heh.
Then recess :O ate :D following was Chemistry~ (plan! Okay random) then Chinese~ (went through stuffz!)
Lunch :D was... okay? Went koi pond with Sabrina/Nicole/Ying Tong O:
Ladeeda art. I was being weirdly mean during the last few periods :/ like my method acting was too good or something -.-
Anyway :O I went home instead of mugging with squadmates ): because I wanted to break my reach-home-earliest-record! (How frivolous, I know) But I did~ and reached home at 3.15. As opposed to 3.20.
Five minutes is a lot okay!
Yeah so bye :D (abrupt ending o.o)

... he = poisson.
Thursday, September 24, 2009
7:35 PM
Well hello, orale is over and done with! To be honest it was better than expected :O but erh... it wasn't all that good :/
Okay never mind me and Ting Ting missed the school bus ._. so we bussed to Cold Storage @ Jelita (zomg where is this? Did I spell it right? ._.) and bought drinks and M&Ms 8D then walked to MOELC -.- (it's quite far hor! VERY far hor :O!)
Yeah, then put bags at the canteen and slacked a bit, I went up to my testing-classroom only to find that the examination was delayed by fifty minutes o.o so sat around feeling nervous with french classmates/slapping myself (truth)/talking. Yeah, felt super nervous (plus saw Xin Jie ._. his voice is now very deep ._. and saw AYZ :O) D:
Okay so we kind of talked about our examiner... who looked like a fish (fish = poisson!). Yes. But he was BEYOND NICE I tell you :D (ermz ._. he was just really erm... nice. Yes. If we didn't know the question in French he'd repeat in English 8D Whoo I like~ :D)
Oh my orale was at... 5.10. It was supposed to be at 4.10, actually ._. which no doubt gives you an idea of HOW MUCH WE WERE DELAYED BY D: (waha pity the 5.45 people lor) D: anyway because Xin Jie was there I was freaking out ._. and before the examiner (thereafter known as Monsieur.) could open his mouth, I was at the door nodding ._.
Oh so anyway my picture was of someone's birthday party ._. (got balloons in the picture leh! Damn big :O) and my topic/sujet was... loisirs (leisure). TOTALLY WTF I tell you WHO studies about leisure manz!
Okay never mind. Went in, talked. The picture was... okay. I could mostly understand his questions :D except I didn't know what were cherries in french ._. (instead I said there were fruits ._.) and there was this ambiguous-looking platter of goodnessknowswhat that I proudly proclaimed "salade" (with a satisfied smirk, okay) after a long pause. Then Monsieur leaned forward (he was leaning forward all the while :O) somemore and "hmmmmmmm SALADE?". Then he "pourquoi pas" (why not) -.-
My loisirs was sucky okay! I was like... "j'aime la natation" (I like swimming.) Which is a lie, because I don't swim o.o Then I wanted to talk about reading :O and before I could talk about my dream job -.- he cut me off to talk about SWIMMING. Walao! And asked questions I didn't understand D:/took a long time to answer, like. Who do you do the activity with? Then I pausepausepause "mes amies" (my friends). Then he said, "Which activity do you do with them?" Then I was like -blank stare- ._. (because of course, it was all in french) ugh D: then after like one minute (?!) or something I finally said "la natation".
Oh, he spent thirty seconds telling me to be less nervous ._. ._. so I "oui" all the way :O and my "au revoir" was the loudest -_-
Never mind stop thinking about l'orale :( have to mug for written examination plus actual EOYs :O bye everyone :D (TGIF tomorrow :D chao slackzcv)

parlez vous francais?
Wednesday, September 23, 2009
9:32 PM
I'm sorry blogging has been slow D: with all the EOYs coming up, well... (excuses :O)
But well there's nothing interesting happening in my life .__. today we'd Home Economics :D practical (!) and made snowskin mooncakes 8D
Okay first I've to tell you about this thing that happened in the morning. I was in the school bus van, combing my hair rather peacefully when suddenly the van jerked o.o so the home economics stuff (uh, apron, cloth, plastic containers, oui) in a small 7-11 plastic bag dropped and rolled to the steps of the van.
Just as I finished tying my hair (i.e. a second later) and wanted to pick the bag up, someone went to open the door (for herself to get into the van -.-) and the bag got... squashed against the door frame; between the van and the door (hello hello got the cracking sound hor D:). After which, she closed the door, thus creating this gap, you know? Between the steps and the door frame. Yes. Then my bag decided to drop out of the van, leaving approximately 5/6 of itself in the van, while the rest of the bag (following this logic, my six-dollar apron/cloth and the microwavable plastic containers also!) trailed outside it.
I was chao shocked.
And then when we reached the next destination, the door opened again, and someone's domestic helper kicked the ridiculous small 7-11 bag to one side -inserts sad face-. I've no idea why this affects me so much, but it DID, argh! I was very sad because someone kicked my 7-11 bag which had nothing inside! And no, I was not thinking of the environment!
Okay I think I'm overreacting ._. Never mind~
Anyway home economics! Snowskin mooncakes :D there were flavourings; strawberry, pandan, durian. Did anyone use pandan? We (as in my partner and I) decided to use durian (my partner being interested and me being neutral :O) and I ended up erh... stirring in a drop, literally a drop. Oui. Despite being distinctly unduriany (zomg is it only me who thinks of Duran Duran :O yes I know it is ._.), yes, our mooncakes were BOOMZ (wahaha okay sorry couldn't resist) and nice! But at MOELC some people -glare- made me drop them -glare- and we all know how horribly... malleable (for lack of better word) snowskin is, right? -glare somemore-
Ladeeda, tomorrow's a difficult day D: plus -sighs- ORALE! And I totally cannot speak French! What am I doing in a French class?! -dies-
Okay calm down.
-deletes despicable and pathetic EXCUSE of French-
That's five sentences, no? Horrible grammar D: therefore shall delete.
Okay yey shall chiong Math now D: I've been sleeping earlyish (like eleven! That was really quite P5 ._.) these two days and I don't want to disrupt my sleep cycle unnecessarily o.o therefore au revoir.
(Good luck to all who are taking tests/examinations soon 8D I'm interested to know about this year's PSLE performance 8D)

Sunday, September 20, 2009
11:52 PM
Hello people, Fiona is updating 8D
(considering I update almost every two days, it's not a big deal ._. never mind :D)
Today I... erh...
Okay, let's skip the front part -smiles innocently and pretends I studied like DAMN HARD in the morning and woke at six. Yeah-. At around 5.30p.m. my family set off for Takashimaya. I brought my entire file of revision/homeworkstuffIplannedtodo wahahahahaha but in the end I only read a portion of the Geography Pollution notes ._. (D:) Well ._. ermz then walkwalked to Takashimaya :D (zomg :O Ion! I didn't even go there lar, just saw (briefest of moments :O).) Eh anyway we were there for the Mooncake thing, you know? Like lots of shops/hotels gather their mooncakes for people to try and buy! Yeah.
And therefore I ate a lot! Not a lot ._. saw a lot! I actually aimed to erh, sample from every stall -coughs-, but erh, fortunately I did not -.- whee. Bakerzin's are not bad :D and Haagen-Daz was cheapskate slightly miserly and didn't let us sample! Eeyer! (To be fair, they weren't even selling mooncakes, just creamy chocolate-smeared cakes vaguely the size of a traditional mooncake, yes.) Yey I like :D my family bought two of the erm, yam (?) mooncakes (I've this impression that they're Teochew or something ._. yeah so it's basically a huge chunk of yam wrapped in flaky pastry with a swirly design! Yes! Aha I found a picture:
teochew mooncake  003 by Pablo86.
Credits to this person's flickr.) and six snowskin assorted mooncakes. Three chocolate (because my brother doesn't like mooncakes in general (tsktsk, I know D:) and chocolate leh! Chocolate! -waves in your face-), one green tea, one blueberry and one othersomething I forgot. It was not bad :D like mochi (ermz the Japanese dessert :D with the chewy skin and ice-cream inside! Yes!), only shaped differently :D
After we bought all the mooncakes we went to find someplace to eat :O but it was damn horrible ._. all the places on the third floor had WAITING LISTS -faints- so I sat on some random seat somewhere and read Tintin -.- in the end we ate steamboat (waited for one hour... plus :O)! Was really expensive though ah D: then erh, halfway through my brother got pissed because I was reading his Tintin book -cough- and he hit my head damn hard zomg I think I have a concussion and I can FEEL my brain cells dissipating and my intelligence quotient (IQ) rapidly decreasing.
I'm joking (I hope .__.) about the concussion and brain cells thing, but the hitting thing was truth :(
Anyway! Went home in a taxi.
Just now my brother tried the chocolate snowskin thing and there was macadamia in it! But he didn't like it -.- (picky eh ._.) and didn't know what it was -.- When my mother explained it was a macadamia (enunciated quite clearly hor), he went: "I don't want to eat the cambodia! (I have kindly linked to Cambodia, if you wish to know about it and the similarities between a macadamia nut.)"
Wahaha my brother is lame :D and my mother wanted to call him FERGUS, you know (Fiona, Fergus. Not bad -coughsnigger-.) -smirk-.
Okay I bye now okay shall mug hard tomorrow, no joke -inspired and determined look-.

"for the last time, it's pasta mania."
Saturday, September 19, 2009
6:41 PM
Ah let me analyse EOYs. Because if I'm going to die, at least I should know how horribly, right?
1. LA:
Kill me now.
2. History:
No wait, kill me now.
2. CLC:
Let's just forget it.
Fiona gives up on analysing EOYs. She shall mug French.
Ladeeda. My grandmother says "pasar malam" instead of pasta mania ._.
File:PasarMalam001.jpg and [PastaMania.jpg]
(credits to Wikipedia and erm, eatfirstthinklater respectively)
Waha, they're so similar you completely can't tell the difference leh!
Shall piao off and do work, bye :D

Friday, September 18, 2009
8:15 PM
Fly fly fly fly fly all over the world. It would be okay if we actually communicate un-face-to-face on a regular basis, but no. We do not. Therefore I am pissed with you, and I don't care if I'm unreasonable.
Another You:
Irritating, why do you have to care about your grades?! I know I'm sounding very kao-ridiculous here, but I don't care. First you say the person above is being mean for wanting something, and then you end up doing that 'something' yourself!
The Third You:
Walao you unreasonable person you.
I am a reclusive person who enjoys mugging and watching latenight channel eight dramas. I also like chocolate, especially Hershey's kisses and cadbury boosts.
Forget it lar, I'm not making any sense here.

pitter patter
6:02 PM
It was raining really heavily just now D: and my ponytail was dripping rain like Then Jia Hui drips sweat .____. the thought, squadmates, is quite uncomfortable, yes :O
Quite ridiculously, there's really little homework this weekend. Most of onethirteen's homework is erh, Chinese, and for Roob's/Yingtong's/Hanyi's/my class we've very little for that too ._. uh yeah.
Remind me to buy a new file, a chinese assignment book and a compass(er) (sp D:). I shall complete French revision and my Geography homework today, yes (Geography being one of three sets of homework ._.)!
Wahaha Cheryl listens to Gwen Stefani cannot imagine it 8D
I washed my wallet! I know I'm weird -.- but yes! I washed it and a ten-dollar note floated out can! I'd no idea where it came from until my grandmother came shuffling an hour later asking if I'd used the ten dollars :O! Fortunately the note was plastic :D (yey for plastic notez -_-)
Alright shall blog about today (for Yi Xin's benefit :D)! Whoo slept in class -.- (oops :/) woke up really weird :O and went down etc. etc. Wanted so much to sleep in the quadrangle -ashamed- (waha see Yan Li I am NOT tidak tahu malu lor! Am not lor! Or bimbotic, kao). Then... PCCG? Eh without Mr. Tan it was weird o.o seriously, because wangls is so sensible, and the style is totally different from Mr. Tan's, like he anyhow anyhow everything. (What! Really what!) Haha next was Biology. My multi-coloured notes on the book Han Yi gave me :D! I enjoy filling pages up in tiny handwriting, it makes me feel like I write a lot like that HAHAHA okay sorry ._. microvilli! Okay sorry.
Hmmlala recess, was kind of screwed please -.- but still~
Hmm then Culture -snigger-. Culture teacher got a HAIRCUT (zomg general response: he no hair still can cut meh? Wahaha.). Also, he was lame (as usual) and he was absolutely right when he said his art wasn't very good (the supposed acupuncture point was at the ... ... part -twitch-). Ying Tong tried to squirt water from my nike water bottle into her mouth but there was a slight problem -smirk- and the water squirted from the gap between the bottle and the cap on her skirt/hongzi!)
Yes then history ._. it was normal, neutral, whatever :O during lunch we signed up for CmPS :O I hope we'll get through ): and this project work thing really creates rifts in relationships can ): like Roob (minorly) and Ying Tong (majorly). See? So horrid D:
Which was a(nother) pencilcase! I totally can strike that off my list already O: but stressed D: because which pencilcase to use, the one Ying Tong and Nicole gave, or the one Xinzhuo and Jasmine gave :O? Answer: the Op one for normal pens etc. and the Myuk one for my countless decorative stationery ._. so smart 8D (thank you Xuan Li for agreeing with me. Yes you did.)
Ladeeda erm art was slack. Tsk camwhored in maclab -ignores comments-. It was like stopmotionish? Totally funny the video playback whee :O especially Nicole and her weird actions :D Sabrina _ during art (almost wrote "act" -_-) D: and I cheered her up because I am awesome and you know it.
Ouais shall work now bye :)

pian4 wo3!
Thursday, September 17, 2009
10:20 PM
Eh you know! My retarded post about the ozone layer is WRONG, Ms. Khoo says the "hole" is actually a dent in the layer lor, walao!
All the people lie to us! They say what Australia got hole above it! Where got! I'm very angry now! What if some random ozonologist (erm -.-) read my blog and thinking "hahaha this person kena bluffed man"! And when I'm angry/fakeangry I use a lot of Singlish and exclamation marks!
-breathes in-
Okay can. My hair is very irritating, it keeps flying into my face. A lot of it. I feel the URGE to cut it all off with my nice pair of scissors. Really cannot stand it.
-breathes out-
Tomorrow is slack, yey 8O I've enough of slacking ._. (really. I think.) and I shall start revising ala Cheryl Yau tomorrow :D (ohmygawd wasn't that an awesome analogy?)
Yi Xin is not coming to school tomorrow ): eeyer wangls lied to us also D: (okay no ._. it was Yi Xin's parents who insisted on her staying at home ._.)
Shall bloghop/walk/run/jog/briskwalk. Ouaiz.

5:56 PM
Ms. Yeo was telling people about Yi Xin today :O
Eh ohmygawd look :D

"haemoglobin binds to four oxygen molecules"
4:27 PM
Whee today is THURSDAY which is a HAPPY DAY. Therefore I am HIGH!
High-ish, in any case ._. whoo :D
In the morning I didn't sleep -gasp- but rerevised Chemistry :O and yes, it was raining :D and the quadrangle was wet :O so we didn't have to go down to the quadrangle for flag-raising, which means more time to rerevise :D yey!
Okay anyway Chemistry block test ._. it was fine, (much) better than Physics or Biology (hmm that's actually not difficult to do considering my marks for both of them ._.). But I don't know, I think I heard too many "it's easy!" from all the other classes :O so I'm having rather high expectations for myself ._. (not 'high' in like... Yan Li's case for example. But high for me :O once again considering my results for the block tests one and two) which might end up disappointing me, yeah D: Mrs. Siew told us to write our expected mark on the coverpage ._. grah. I lost a lot of marks already, I just know it ): at least three, -sigh-.
Anyway after that was LA -_- which was quite funz since it was bookcart day :D then erm, recess ._. stressing over the secondary two project thing is totally wtf. Troubles, troubles.
After that was Chinese! Strangely memorable :D we ended up revising Biology ._. because the teacher using the other conference room (the conference rooms are connected, you see 8D) was 1. using a microphone 2. therefore rather loud 3. explaining about haemoglobin and active transport O.O haha totally couldn't focus on the comprehension ._. and I learnt that haemoglobin binds to four oxygen molecules :D whee.
Okay enough about Biology .__. ermz then Geography. Sat with Ying Tong because Yi Xin wasn't here today D: (miss you leh Yi Xin :O! Mrs. W was asking about you LOL.) and then in front of Roob :O
Ladeeda ._. lunch ate the yoghurt ._.
Then Mathematics, okayish :O? Construction construction D: I missed the first lesson on that okay, and I don't know how to operate the mathematical instrument (this is really a hyperbole. I am not joking.)!
After school ate some more yoghurt D: I'm eating a lot (and spending proportionally so) D:! Shall save up :D and do homework ._. (sianz) and write letters (Yi Xin's! I haven't replied her birthday letter).

you know
Wednesday, September 16, 2009
10:16 PM
when you know too much it gets boring.

9:00 PM
Hello today is awesomely bloggable BUT I've my Chemistry block test tomorrow. I'm just blogging so I won't forget anything ._.
Well... I slept in the morning again ._. -twitches- haha erm. Tired :/ (grah I must sleep at eleven tonight! Yes :D!) so yeah in any case, woke up feeling okay. But my arms were numb D: and took super long to recover D: tsk at them (._.!) ._.
Well well first period Philosophy :D (not LA ._. thank goodness lar -thinks of my horrible Mehmood passage-) :D and it was quite funz listening to the presentations. Philosophy is awesome :D I like it (kind of ._.).
Oh, then was PE. Totally freaking scary. The first part was okay (running :O surprisingly I was okay 8D yey -ignores comments about the number of rounds- then the muscular endurance/flexibility thing, which was okayish until this part). Oh then we went to the fitness corner (monkey bar :D). Then blah some people went up (ohmygawd hold for twelve seconds leh!) and were good. Then Yi Xin went up. Jumped and held onto the bar, actually :O (-shock-) She's really... damn good. Then, let go. Fell.
Fell and 1. her legs (the part near her ankles) hit the metal step-thing really hard (there was totally a clunking sound :/ ouch) 2. the part just below her lips hit a stone or something. Actually I didn't know she was gonna be that bad, I just thought her leg was like hurting like _ but then she covered her mouth, and looked up.
Blood (a freaking lot of it too. It was like all over her hands, staining her PE shirt and running down her arms, ohmygawd). She didn't cry though, even when Ms. Yeo came running and everyone was sort of panicking (understandable actually) and Ms. Yeo cleaned the wound to the best she could (but what the hell lar, Yi Xin had a really DEEP cut and she's braces. Freaking painful can or not!? It's like wtf ohmygawd.). Yeah I really admire Yi Xin; she's brave, she didn't cry, she didn't blame it on anyone, she was optimistic throughout (okay she actually contemplated going to the clinic for her stitches then COMING BACK TO SCHOOL zomg?). And yeah it's really inspiring :O I totally didn't know what to do lor (when Yi Xin lifted her head I went "ohmygawd", turned one circle and faced Yi Xin again, "ohmygawd"ed again, then repeat). And Michelle Lee/Han Yi/Etsuko were like PALE like PARCHMENT, completely colourless because of the blood..?
Hmm. Roob and Ying Tong and Cheryl and I stayed with her in the general office while Ms. Yeo and one other nice PE teacher came to send Yi Xin to a clinic in a cool van 8D heh. Then the four of us (extended recess, people :D because we were accompanying Yi Xin) drank stuffz in the canteen.
After that went up for Home Economics, was revising tingxie because it was a slack period ._. then went for the briefing! I want OM, seriously ._. but I'm not confident of myself and that's really bad D: but oh well :O (tsk self-esteem problems. Tsk stage fright D:)
Whee lunch! Ate and did random stuffz. Went up for Chinese :D tingxie was weirdly cool. I'm really going to be sad when wangls leaves for the global classroom shanghai thing ._.
Anyway after that French! I stayed AWAKE -gasp-. Was okay, really. Mme. Tournay scared me by the oral. It's wtf I completely cannot speak French what am I doing in a French class.
Oh and now I'm back :D I should study Chemistry since I've nothing else to expound on :D so bye people, wish me luck.

like a diamond
Tuesday, September 15, 2009
10:00 PM
diamonds are multi-faceted, are they not?
they are pretty, glossy, on the outside. bonded carbon molecules and such.
but on the inside? scientists all don't know, but in fact, they are scattered.
yes, scattered and broken. they merge when scientists look at them, then break up when they're not being scrutinized by a microscope.
pretty on the outside.
ugly on the inside.
like the ozone layer.
it protects us from hurt, because we know we can rely on the ozone layer. yet, the ozone layer is leaving. a gaping hole is forming, and it's getting bigger, and bigger.
why won't they stop?
by destroying the ozone layer, they are destroying us, one by one.
number one, i know my analogies very nice thank you -cough-.
number two, don't even try to pretend it didn't happen, because we all know it did and if we keep escaping from this stark reality diamonds will never be ideal and the ozone layer will never be mended (okay fine, the ozone layer analogy a bit lame, but i'd to put it in because i'm learning about ozone depletion in geography, see? that's why.).
actually this post is quite retarded but stop laughing and think.

i'm tired, and i don't want to think.

things to note
9:08 PM
Ladeeda today was funz :D kinda. Despite sleeping about one hour earlier yesterday I felt super sleepy still wtf zomg D: my sleep cycle is very screwed, yes. Totally collapsed on the desk in class (squadmates popped (._.) in halfway through to disturb me lor D: tsk at them haha. But someone said I slept un-unglamly 8D and I was feeling quite happy until Elaine went to pop burst my bubble by saying something like "really..?" tsk) zomg. And when I woke up it was very bleary and... bleah ._.
But whee! Chinese first period, was quite uneventful :D? I paid attention canz. Erm then philosophy~ not bad :O recess was spent... eating ._.? I think, yes :D
Then was Biology (-sigh- just serves to remind all of us the endofyears are coming really, freakily soon :O). I copied down multi-coloured notes. Tsk at Yan Li because of this conversation:
Me: -shows Yan Li my awesome colourful and very right-brained notes- -beams-
Yan Li: Haha mine is boring -shows me her normal and sensible notes-.
Me: -smug expression :O but still-
Yan Li: Bah at least mine helps.
Me: D:!
See, she's so mean. Therefore tsk. Oh then was Geography? Passed damn fast like wtf.
Then lunch! Palpitations to the max okay. Met squadmates :D went down together :D and ate :D then slacked around doing nothing for a while ._. at around one ('cos we've LOA)(not our fault our lunch ends at twelve fifty-five ._.) we went to change. Several... unfortunate things happened which greatly delayed us -cough-.
On the bus! Cheered cheered ._. was funz :D even though we (squadmates) weren't that clear :/ about a few cheers/songs ._. but never mind we'll jiayou together right?
(Can totally feel the hollowness of that statement~ Rebecca once said "I thought NPCC was bonded?!" and had a weird look. We are... mostly? Or not at all ._. -gaspgasp-)
Hmm lala then arrived! Triple funzness :D I LOVE it, believe it or not! The P5s were so cute 8D and small -evil look-. But they'd the strange habit of calling us "teacher". Or worse, "auntie" -_- (tsk lar we're all young okay D:) LOL. But they were rowdy ._. there were periods of time there was like one big queue mass of people stretching until the traffic light there O.O and they were jostling and shouting "OI I wanna see the question leh 'cher!" eeyer O.O tsk I didn't get a chance to book anyone -sad look-. It was either I was chao busy until my signature was like random scrawling, or no one. Tsk ._. especially the last part, I was bored ._. and watched grass grow.
Oh~ SBS transit station~ (my station, yes) was creepydark. Plus got lizard -looks at Jialing-.
Aha okay took photograph went back to bus. Cheered somemore :D I think squadmates were higher (a bit :O?) but ermz we can do better :D
-tries to ignore the hollowness of the statement-
There was this slightly funny incident, it was 4.01p.m.
So I told Weiting (sitting next to me), "hey, it's four-o-one :O".
Weiting said (very excitedly): "401! THEN JIA!"
Muahaha you can go imagine the rest.
Oh went back to school debrief yeah. Talked in school with squadmates/met Cheryl (zomg I missed that polygon topic thing! Apparently it's effing difficult D:! I'm dead.) and Yi Xin.
Ooh went back at seven (around there). So now I'm here. Blogging.
When I should be studying tingxie, revising Chemistry and doing something about my atrocious French. Parce que it sucks.
Au revoir, les enfants.

Monday, September 14, 2009
5:58 PM
I am threadless. No, not that hipdelahip (._.) tee site (zomg I like the tees from there. Go buy me one (or two) like now D:), but my home economics' thread. I've run out of pink thread for the inner ears and the nose of the mouse I am sewing.
Ladeeda, let us ignore the mouse for now (my blanket stitch is way, way screwed D:) and let me make an announcement that will surely shock you (or not).
Blogging is Boring.
Yes, there, I said it. Blogging is boring! Rawr! Which accounts for my recent... lull.
I should really have titled this blog post "hershey's kisses" because 1. I like them 2. I am eating them. But no, threadless it is.
Anyway (I digressed ._.) I'm blogging now because school has reopened! And it's customary to blog about the first day of school (reopening), preferably with strong emotions displayed (such as excited whoops or "sianz ._." in every paragraph). Thus.
Oh, the chocolate is really quite nice 8D (irrelevant, but still~ ._.)
Anyway, today was okay. Quite... normal. I ended up notchionging my leftover holiday homework. Instead I erh... 1. slacked around trying to do aforementioned leftover holiday homework 2. went down with squadmates to ask ma'ams about stuffz/very (un)suayly happened to see some ma'ams O.O 3. went up allegedly to chiong homework, but ended up a. receiving my copy of HARRY POTTER AND THE HALF-BLOOD PRINCE from Xuan Li/Sabrina/Ting Ting (walao now I know why I receive so little presents already ._. because everyone do joint-presents :O (okay to be fair hmm that book is kind of expensive ._.)) b. teasing Roob about themoment (hmm? What? Ask Ying Tong.) c. doing nothing in particular because I am airheaded.
That was morning! Then Chinese (fairly well :D), Music (awesomez I love Garage Band, but no, Mr. Lim, I will not use Apple), lunch (one hour~ partly bliss and partly sadness. The bliss was the front part (uh... not really "bliss" per se but happy enough 8D with squadmates and four awesome people I know~ zomg Popular chase O.O cheat our feelingz D: then went to canteen, saw Ying Tong and Nicole. They asked me to go to the pond 'cos there was apparently a dead fish D: I did but couldn't find any dead fishes ._. so went back to canteen and after a bit went to the pond again with Ying Tong and Nicole :O zomg saw it, disgusting. Some(mean, cruel, evil, take your pick)person managed to kill a fish (unwittingly?) by placing a pebble on a fin. Therefore the fish flailed around (this is all guesswork and inference) and it ended up dead. When we saw it, it was probably decomposing and random fishes were eating it eeyer. I saw this random fish TUG TUG TEAR at the flesh (I'm sorry if you're eating). So yep, this is the sad part!), LA (grah ._. sleep-deprived me D: wtf I'm always sleep-deprived like that eeyer D:), Mathematics (okayish 8D) then class contact time (bah :D).
Ooh, after school was zz. Equal totally zz but never mind :O felt damn sleepy lor like wtf wanted to collapse on something (floor also can) D: but I managed to liveeeeee. Oh then ate a bit as well. Went up to do sewing stuffing (and to bother Xuan Li :D) ._. heh I still need to sew the entire mouse up D: and the nose, poor nose. Glued on :/
Ahahaha see I'm damn awesome :D I shall go now, and do homework plus eat a lot of chocolate and drink orange juice.

Saturday, September 12, 2009
11:27 PM
Eh I'm like superprocrastinator of the year, thank you very muchz (not).
Hate it hate it. September holidays ending soon D: (sucks!) In any case, I'm glad :D my sewing is done! Finished! Feels damn good ._. grah not looking forward to Monday, definitely not -sigh-.
(Plus points :D are good.)
Eh I don't know I feel damn fed up with life -mutters-. Like it's super boring and meaningless (no, I'm not suicidal, 'cos suicide means drama (internal) and drama is tiring. See D:? FEDZ UPZ.)
Erh homework suddenly seems damn fulfilling shall go do now (shall try to :D)! And yeah zomg it's another phase (eeyer).
Am feeling the blogging bug slipping away faster and faster D: how horrible D:
Anyway, blogskins.com feels cool again and I'm letting go~ (of another person .___. Rebecca/Ying Tong/Elaine shut up O:)
Wellwell. Life's a fickle-minded thing.
(This is a *different* post from what I usually sound like ._. weirdz.)

anger makes me hungry
Tuesday, September 8, 2009
9:47 PM
Am very pissed at my brother now.
First, he takes my ZIG (Hanyi's gift to me! The purple one!).
Then, he finds no use for it (take for what? Walao.) and throws it at me.
But his aim is very horrible.
Therefore, instead of flying remotely in my direction, it manages to fly out of the window.
Does that explain it all already? My brother, took my birthday gift and sent it to hell.
Now, if I manage to find it (miracles exist! Oh joy!), I will probably celebrate with a pyjama party. If I don't, calculators will become murder weapons, because scissors are cliched and I don't want to stain my Famous Amos box.
I'm sorry.
I meant, I will force him to pay up :D which is much kinder, no? :D!

guess what?! it's MON-FREAKING-DAY.
Monday, September 7, 2009
5:45 PM
Whee I'm a bit high and! There is something wrong with me, because I'm actually clapping and moving my body (er -.-) in rhythm to the catchy music from my brother's Crazy Planet (game) from his Facebook account!
Yes! My brother is a FAKER ahahaha anyhow go and pretend he's 13 :O when he's not! Yes, obviously.
Shall blog about yesterday and my rapidly increasing-by-the-nanosecond-waistline. I am not a very diet-sort-of-person, but I am eating too much D: as in, seriously. I shall astonish all of you with my dinners on Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday, I ate 1. ramen :D (Ajisen!) 2. a sidedish, plus I koped from my grandfather's sidedish (see! Ohmygawd I'm so mean! I stole his food!) 3. ice-cream waffles (mine) 4. ice-cream (my brother's, my sister's, and my grandfather's again) (note that my grandfather's ice-cream included one chocolate scoop, one cookies and cream scoop and also one unidentifiable scoop I ignored) (note again I only took ermz, a fraction of their ice-creams). On Sunday, I ate 1. two heaping plates of extremely unhealthy food such as pineapple rice, curry, etc. etc. (zomg D: I was so guilty I took a lot of broccolis as well ._.) 2. many bowls of honeydew sago (sans the sago, mostly)!
OHMYGAWD I AM GROWING FAT! I need to exercise.
Okay back onto yesterday. Erm... yeah my cousin's birthday celebration (yes, my birthday on Saturday and my cousin's on Sunday. Cannot ah!) :D it was quite cool 8D 'cos of the billiard, and the karaoke. Except ermz, he invited 15 of his friends along (15 -_-) HAHA. Chao funny zomg :D one of his friends can sing very well :O totally sound like the person in the karaoke lar (said person is Jay Chou. Or JJ .__. or someone).
Ooh and they drank whisky O.O could totally smell the whisky :O from one metre away or something ahahaha!
Whee fanfics 8D whee Facebook 8D whee Kevin SEE bye.

1:00 AM
Can't help feeling horrified :O reading my oldold archives from my old blog now ._. (actually, just last year). Am kind of... overwhelmed looking at my blogging style previously o.o 'cos it's so different from now, and to think that I used to think my blogging style was awesome :O
Wao it just... wao ._. Comecome I let you see :D one of the very oldest posts I can find :/
-cough- maybe not.
Oh well, journalistic something is making me do this ._.
//because i'm so damn boliao.

Yep. I deleted my old blog @ takethemrt.blogspot.com.
And why? 'Cos my dear mother requested me to do so.
She used emotional blackmail! D:
Being the kind-hearted person I am, I readily agreed to delete my blog, my face in tears.
Yepyeps! D:
But then a wave of nostalgia and determination swallowed me in whole, and I decided to rechope the URL, and now I'm setting this blog to 'Private'.
Yeah, no chance of me being a Blogger Princess this way, but *sigh*.
I'll wait till I'm in secondary 3 or something before I become one. That's not too late, is it? :D
Cut all this crap. I changed the blogskin and finally I'm posting! Ah, so glorious is the day!
Who am I kidding lah. Damn hot. .___.
I just registered to be a runner for Blogskins.com Press! :D Wish me luck in becoming the youngest and most adorable member! :))
OK, I'm eating Nasi Lemak now and my nose is running again!
*Runs to catch escaping nose*
Got you! :D
*Runs to catch tissue paper box*
Hehe. I hope that food + disgusting bodily fluids thing didn't scare you.
Didn't make you think the bodily fluids in question dripped into the food...
Eww. D:

Ohmygawd I can't believe I posted that HAHAHAHA. Freaking ridiculous O.O
Ermz well ._. strange. I've changed a lot and (dare I say it -gasp-?) matured somewhere along the line too -has a vague look suddenly-.
Also, my SMAPP is completedish and I am rather happy for once, today :)
P.S. Exercise. Ice-cream waffles and honeydew sago is not helping your keep-fit-plan, which was already destined for disaster (the only difference is how fast disaster arrives).

it's september the fifth
Saturday, September 5, 2009
11:50 PM
And I'm 1. Facebooking like crazy 2. Reading Harry Potter fanfics 3. MSNing. Well well. Not bad, I must say, very... slack -cough- (bleah need to do homework tomorrow D:!).
But never mind, I love today. It's like a normal Saturday?! except erm, people dedicated posts to me aw :D and my family went to Ajisen for ramen, then Galere (ermz. Something spelled like that :/) for ice-cream waffles tonight 8D hahaha :D!
Okay so :O it's gonna be over like really soon :( I'm going to stay up way way late reading fanfics oh dear :D (thank you Kailin for introducing though!)
I am suddenly reminded of a certain conversation last night at eleven plus, when I added Sylvia, Kheng Fang and Weiting to a conversation with someone O.O ohmygawd. Somemore Weiting so sick D:
Haha you know I'm actually DAMN PISSED with my unfunny and vague posts! It irritates me to no end ._. but I'm lazy :( that's so sad D:
Oh, but I'm also sad because all my Viver pictures are in my phone (that I lost) D: there could be some somewhere though -looks around with that very aimless expression- ._. but whatever lar. Viver will live on in my heart (I hope D: her image is... fading so fast so quick I sometimes feel really, really scared and ohmygawd. I never want to forget her, and perhaps that makes all the difference? I don't know.).
Shall not emoify/deepify this post because I am a frivolous person at heart and it is only befitting I post frivolously and vapidly on my birthday, yey ._.
Oh I have to go now, my mother is chasing me out D: how sadz!
So yes ): my mother is ranting at me now D: I shall escape to another room okay? wait.
Yes! I enjoy inflatable pillows. Actually no, I don't. I just wrote that statement because I see inflatable pillows.
I should go now, so that I can finish the fanfic, so that I can start homework early tomorrow! Monday I shall revise Physics, because it feels like a good thing to do -hums a tune-.
I wonder how Ying Tong did today?

Friday, September 4, 2009
11:58 PM
Freaking excited! Sylvia is counting down :D
It's two minutes to 5th September.
And I'm playing Pet Society 8D and various Facebook games ._. tsk O:
It's one minute to 5th September.
And I'm... still playing various Facebook games. A dog just barked ._.! Ee! My grandmother gave me a present haha.
Bye :D (off to continue my Pet Society ._.)

birthday eve :D
9:11 PM
I'd like to thank everyone who've wished me a happy birthday (in advance) :D as of now erh. They include Yi Xin, Roob, Ying Tong, Yan Li, Xuan Li, Etsuko, Nicole, Rachel Wu, etc. etc. And squadmates of course :) and Weiren (over FB ._.) and Zhixin (over... my tagboard) thank you :D
Actually, it is possible people smsed me birthday wishes, but I lost my phone so... oh freak it ): hmph.
As for the people who've given me presents... -cough- Most of the people 1. aren't planning on giving me anything 2. procrastinated on buying/making the present, tsktsk 3. no time. So yeah.
Anyway, thank you Yi Xin for that cute note in the morning (next to me as I slept ._.)!
Thank you Roob for the LOF STUFF zomg :D I love the pouch (although no phone to put inside ._. aha never mind my father lent me one of his phones -.-) and! That speech bubble thing, which is supposed to be put on the hair, only it looks very dangerous (erm. How to elaborate here? Anyway it's dangerous, 'cos when that metal thing bounces it could very well cause severe damage to the cranium :O) so I put it on my pouch instead! It fits damn well :D
Thank you Yan Li for the (wait for it) (wait for it) (wait for it) BONSAI! Hahaha funny or not -.- it's supercute but I'm afraid I'll kill it oh no D: plus must prune :O tsk. I should grow green fingers.
Ermz! Then Han Yi, 'cos she was ermz, guilty -cough- she didn't get me a present. Then she went to buy three ZIGs plus a notebook during lunch for me OHMYTIAN thank you SO SO SO MUCH :D (haha okay she read from my blog wishlist haha).
Hmm! I'm a bit nervous people get me a lot of Order of Phoenix-es. Even though I like that book, I do not need three copies of it. WHY NO ONE GET ME PHILOSOPHER'S STONE, HMPH. Walao ):
Okay, bye. Yeah bye. Bye :D

damn it damn it!
Thursday, September 3, 2009
9:16 PM
Am going to cry now, because I like my phone a lot.
And I want it back! Pissed at myself like totally.
I shall practise yogic breathing and do Math BRP.
Bye ):

Wednesday, September 2, 2009
8:17 PM
Just to remind some classmates -cough-,
Kellynn is getting me Harry Potter and the Philosopher's/Sorcerer's Stone!
Nicole is getting me Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets!
Ting Ting is getting me Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire!
Xuan Li and Sabrina are getting me Harry Potter and Half Blood Prince!
I don't mind multiple copies! Seriously! Get me erm, the Order of Phoenix 'cos mine is seriously in a horrible condition ._. (tsk I never touch it for one year :O then become like this already D: who take! Okay fine maybe it was me.)
Tsktsk you can get me Harry Potter related books, I don't mind. Not random Harry Potter merchandise though, they're quite useless indeed.
Ladeeda! Ms. Ong was super today :D funny! Cheryl was like, "erm, teacher?"" to ask a question, then Ms. Ong went, "yes, student?" Heh it was epic okay! And she talked to us about erm, respect for teachers and that sort of thing. Which turned out to be funny again, because we kept bowing ninety degrees when we saw her :D after school we saw her, with a 113 senior (she's now in pre-University :O so erm, elder-ly)! And bow.
Tweedledee load of homework so bye! Remember my birthday is in approximately 52 hours!

l'occitane (sp?) en provence
Tuesday, September 1, 2009
8:11 PM
Whee hello I am back. And better (I hope)!
Okay making this fast. I've homework -chokes-. So :O went out with Ying Tong today, to Vivocity. Stop tsktsking at us D:
And it was fun! We ate at erm... Sushi Tei. And the sushi was tiny. And we saw the factories behind the cable cars (o.o) polluting the air, tsk :O
Then randomly walked a lot. Pet Safari, random fashion shops -frowns-, and Ben and Jerry's! Mall-hopped to erm, the Raffles City one ._. yeah. It was totally like Vivocity -frowns- (erm, it had Adidas and Six and L'Occitane and Pedro and Bysi and whatnot -.-)
Eh why I remember.
Okay bye. I'm a boring person 8) that needs to do her homework (I'm sorry I can't be perfect D:)
Also. ADDICTED TO HARRY POTTER I want to jump into Hogwarts like now ): and I finished the last book! Eeyer shall re-read. My heart is really aching like zomg o.o I guess I don't really like endings, good or bad. 'Cos it all ends (what! Correct okay)