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typing in small letters
Wednesday, October 28, 2009
7:58 PM
stressed (!)
but this is not the point is it.
the point is uh we've gotten back all our results and today i went to the french festival at moelc ._.
results-wise, it was mostly averagely-good. sigh am disappointed for chinese go die please go die. happy like idkwhat for maths hahaha i never thought i'd be able to get 90+ for any examination paper in secondary school (actually yes ever since p3 i've not been getting any 90+ ah).
hmm then the french festival was cool. calligraphy (actually penmanship haha) was fun, then crepe-making :D (yey! for crepes. which are nice.) then cheese-tasting zomg :O i actually find them okay. even the blue cheese ._. (it has a unique taste o.o but eh after the first try it gets okay :D)
byebye everyone.
p.s. unit cip yesterday was fun! but not a lot of rubbish heh. s'okay we bonded slightly :) so yeah.

duel masters (!)
Monday, October 26, 2009
8:39 PM
Once upon a time
I believe it was a Tuesday
When I caught your eye
We caught onto something
I hold onto the night
You looked me in the eye
And told me you loved me

Were you just kidding?

Cause it seems to me
This thing is breaking down
We almost never speak
I don't feel welcome anymore
Baby what happened
Please tell me cause one second it was perfect
Now you're halfway out the door

And I stare, at the phone
He still, hasn't called
And you feel so low you can't feel, nothing at all
And you flashback to when he said
Forever and always

Oh, and it rains in your bedroom, everything is wrong
It rains when you're here and it rains when you're gone
Cause I was there when you said
Forever and always

Was I out of line? Did I say something way too honest?
Did you run and hide like a scared little boy?
I looked into your eyes, thought I knew you for a minute
Now I'm not so sure

So here's to everything
Coming down to nothing
Heres to silence
That cuts me to the core
Where is this going?
Thought I knew for a minute but I don't anymore

And I stare, at the phone
He still, hasn't called
And you feel so low you can't feel, nothing at all
And you flashback to when he said
Forever and always

Oh, and it rains in your bedroom, everything is wrong
It rains when you're here and it rains when you're gone
Cause I was there when you said
Forever and always

Didn't mean it baby?
I don't think so

Back off, baby back off
Did you forget everything?
Back up, baby back up
Did you forget everything?

Oh, and it rains in your bedroom, everything is wrong
It rains when you're here and it rains when you're gone
Cause I was there when you said
Forever and always

And I stare, at the phone
He still, hasn't called
And you feel so low you can't feel, nothing at all
And you flashback to when we said
Forever and always

And it rains in your bedroom, everything is wrong
It rains when you're here and it rains when you're gone
Cause I was there when you said
Forever and always

Didn't mean it baby
Said forever and always.
Hmm Taylor Swift's voice is very distinguishable :O and good for blasting at high volumes -smirk-.
Oh okay I'm losing the point of the post, which is -looks at title- ahem, Elaine's weird highness today. We'd knots rerererererererererererererererereretest (something to this effect) D: with uh 40 ma'ams -inserts neutral expression-. Yes and then we all passed in the end. But not a very good pass. And I felt rather disappointed/guilty at myself throughout :(
The first time it was rather blase, with the accent (Like BLASAYYYYY ._.) D: very nervous and radiating-heat-ish ._. (No high hopes ._.) Then we'd this twenty minute water break, and Elaine started modifying the "Sorry Sorry" dance into this set of. Obscene. Ritualistic. Actions. -cough- Certain individuals might feel slightly uncomfortable at this point (for various reasons) and I will make everyone more so by saying that that set of obscene dance actions was to celebrate MASHIMARO.
-coughs and dies-
Shall not elaborate. Anyway then we went back to the test area and only four (!!) of us (!!) failed ._. inclusive of me. Yes.
Then again and there were the three of us left.
Then again (and I must admit that at this time I was really feeling very low-self-esteemish. Perhaps I think too much.), and finally we passed :D
Oh then was Unit Lunch :O while ma'ams went out to get food, something adventurous happened (fine! I know! Adventurous is the wrong word to use in this context! But! Whatever.). Anyway yes nothing important hmm. Then the actual lunch :O eh our group so quiet!
Never mind tilde.
Oh then ATC stuff :/ am worried, very very worried D: -randomly does hand actions-
Tralalalalalalala squadmates stayed back to revise Total Defence/play basketball 8D so there.
End of day. Very exciting.

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my new hair
Sunday, October 25, 2009
12:35 PM
I am sorry I am starting this post with such a frivolous title. I mean, "my new hair"? The phrase is brimming with frivolity and vapidity. "my new hair". Doesn't that just show how frivolous I am to care about bimbotic things like hair?
What is wrong with me.
Anyway, yes, I cut it, layered it, washed it, whatever it (I didn't however, rebond/perm (!!)/colour it. Rebonding is pointless since my hair is more or less straight, perming reminds me all too strongly of my grandmother's previous hairstyle and colouring is... full of harmful chemicals that damage your follicles (I mean, the teachers in our school wouldn't like that, would they?).) o.o so it's sort of curled at the ends and shortish and WAY TOO THIN.
I totally feel air-headed now can D: (okay very lame pun)
To summarize, I don't like it. Mildly. I've a mild dislike for it. But it'll grow - nothing time can't fix right? RIGHT?
See this is the kind of bimbotic nature I am portraying to the vast cyberworld/the minuscule portion of the vast cyberworld that reads my blog (is this even grammatically correct ._.). Pralala.
-floats off in a cloud of flowers-
Currently I am pissed with my nylon that curls (like my hair ohmygod) D: I am not touching it until it uncurls -glare-.
Okay actually I'll just try to straighten it.
Yesterday after school was exciting...ish. There was a heavy/torrential rain. And I didn't bring an umbrella. And that meant I walked a distance of around 300m (okay not a lot, but hello raining can) in the rain o.o I attempted putting my plastic bag above my head but 1. it was too heavy 2. quite pointless actually since rain continued to pelt on my body ._.

The front of Causeway Point. I will not bother to rotate the picture. You can't see them in this picture (because my phone's resolution is basically quite nil) but there were actually waves of rain water pouring in from the road ._.
When I reached Civic Centre (opposite Causeway Point), my hair was dripping wet. My arms were too, as well as my legs and my shoes were totally submerged can ._.

Random void deck o.o flooded!

.... Pikachu mat.
So more pictures of taken during revision:

HAHAHAHA I think the sun is a nice touch.

This is the kind of pointless thing I do D:

Roob's star!

The white stainless steel board Michelle/Rachel gave for my birthday :D it is useful!

Erm. Yeah. Stack of papers/files!

Animal Farm :D

Chippie trying to eat the bonsai Yan Li gave me -gasp-.

Sushi being adorable :D as always!

"Who me?"
"Yes you!"
-starts Cookie Jar thing-

Irrelevant picture. THIS, Roob, is Udders.
And then there are pictures from yesterday's yesterday. I reached school at six and felt really sleepy ._. but I didn't sleep bah.

Carpark. I tried to take pictures of the fish in the koi pond but it was too dark ):

View from atrium. Sucky composition ._. and it's really unclear.
I want a new phone! (._.)

ERM I could say that this shot was deliberately dark like this to give a haunted effect. Yeah.

Oh yes Elaine's mashimaro :D given to her by Then Jia Hui and ... who? Lumjia? (oops :/) But anyway so cute :D plus -cough-. You know, mashimaro.
Yes end!

I like textures! Trying to learn. It's screwed/crude/clumsy D: maybe I should have blurred the texture more. Or it's the opacity ._.
Okay never mind knots knots knots bye.

happy endings, now i know
Thursday, October 22, 2009
4:14 PM
Today went back to school for knots practice :O gah the knots test is tomorrow D: and I'm blogging. Hmph never mind shall continue later :D I hope I pass -crosses fingers- so that I don't have to go to school on Monday - that would suck. Waking up at 6 (or thereabouts) when THERE IS NO SCHOOL sucks D: and the bus trip sucks also pfft.
Today at KAP Macdonald's (o.o) I saw lots of people I'd no intention of seeing. Such as Jasmine -glare- and JARON CHONG AND DELWYN GOH (wahaha Sabrina -smirks-) o.o
Ladeeda I cannot find the phone-computer thingy. The wire thingy. Therefore cannot upload the photographs... OH CAN I just found it.
(to be continued whenever I feel like it :D-

nothing to figure out
Wednesday, October 21, 2009
3:28 PM
Bored. Shall play downloadable games excessively.
(update later :D)

"and you might think i'm bulletproof but i'm not"
Tuesday, October 20, 2009
8:09 PM
Hello people :D it's TUESDAY -gaspgasp-. One more day, people, and then FREEDOM! ('Freedom' reminds me of the one of the LA composition's choices o.o)
Tweedledee I have never felt so liberated this year! It's like it's like the very compositionesque "it was like a stone dropped from my heart" or whatever (tsk I don't use cliches like this normally hor! Cannot blame me if it's wrong ._.).
Okay maybe it's actually supposed to be in chinese but... whatever 8|
Okay, last Friday I was distracted by the computer -cough-. Then Saturday as well (momentarily D:) (but I did read lots of Science stuff -cough- really!). Sunday was reading ._. (hello, introducing freaky book: Sweet Miss Honeywell's Revenge (actually the "revenge" on the cover is in capital letters, like REVENGE.). Then below is: A Ghost Story.) but lots of geography. Monday was geography and science chionging :/
All the while I was blasting Taylor Swift songs! Ying Tong's repertoire of songs is amazing and a life-saver thank you for sending me the songs :D
-inserts corny heart here-
Eh god. Anyway today was Science first. MCQ and Chemistry was okayish, but I think I screwed Biology and Physics :O Biology was hard okay :/ Physics was slightly also. The Biology paper had this diffusion/osmosis/active transport question disguised sneakily as a POLLUTION QUESTION tsktsk. I'm not joking okay it asked questions like "what effect did the excessive fertilisation have on the soil?" and "how does this affect the plant?" walao how I know ._. Tsk D:
My experiences this year have proven that I should not take any form of Science ever again in my life lest I screw them all up (!) Alas D: my Science is horrible :O ergo I should not take it.
Okay failed attempt to sound Shakespearean ._. hmph ._. never mind latin is good too: COGITO ERGO SUM! (wahahaha somemore is philosophical).
Ohmygod digression. Yes. Science, then Geography. Kellynn and I made a grave mistake that ended up wasting five precious minutes of the test time (!). Tsk us D: and my hand totally died -waves dead hand in your face ala Dumbledore (the late Dumbledore D:)- okay. Hmph. But it was relatively easy :D
Okay I really should go study for Mathematics but somehow the idea appeals to me not.
Tralala. For French lessons we're gonna have activities! Like petanque (with an accent over the 'e'), which is essentially French cricket (I think? That's why Mme. Tournay said? I think ._.) :O I'm trying very hard to grasp the idea of this activity you know. My aim and spatial dimensional estimation of objects hurtling towards me is not very good you see. Take for example, my badminton. During my occasional flashes of brilliance -chokes-, I actually manage to get the racket to come in contact with the shuttlecock, and the shuttlecock actually -gaspgasp- moves in the general direction of my opponent. However during the rest of the game I am mostly flopping around missing shuttlecocks in various ways.
(I'm trying to be humble -smirk- -humble smile-.)
And somemore the bat (or whatever the thing to hit the ball-like structure is! How I know!)'s surface area is rather small, is it not? My badminton phail then my petanque phailer :O
Shall not mope around lamenting on my lack of athletic ability (I stress that this genetic defect is because all the talent has gone to my cousins -glare cough glare somemore-. Either that or -delicate cough- it's hidden.)
Recently I've grown obsessed with the idea of hidden talents :D
Tralala again. I'm in a writish mood! Happiness.
Now that it's nearly after the EOYs, I can (?) start planning for after-EOY activities (yay! or yey!) :D
Of course there will be outings with Ting Ting/Rebecca/Ying Tong/Nicole/Sabrina etc. And squadmates :D!
Wahahaha exciting.
And then there will be library/photoshopping faces -smirk-. I'm very interested in Photoshop leh (it's the blogskinners' influence o.o All the blogskinners are good photographers you know. Like Sylvia for example :D). Maybe blogskinning?
I will post photographs up here soon :D not of me, of unglam people like Ting Ting! Or maybe random stationery in some artistic lighting -chokes-. All of them edited in Photoshop yay/yey! Textures are awesome and I like playing with hues and saturation :D
Somemore... Oh and oh and oh and oh and oh sleeping.
P.S. Today Ting Ting and I wanted to go to Udders (in the end we went somewhere else, also with Etsuko :D). Then Roob was walking with us to the bus stop yes, so:
Me: Go Udders ah?
Ting: Udder ya (LOL the 's' dunno go where ._.)
Roob: Huh?! -extremely shocked/confused expression-
Me: Udder. You dunno?! -shocked look- (wahahahahahahah dropping the s is addictive :D)
Roob: What's... udder?!
Sabrina: -laughs damn loudly-
Roob: What!
Me: The cow the you know you know...
Roob: -contorted expression zomg- WHAT?!
Sabrina, me, Ting: -laughs-
Ting: It's ice-cream lar (you toot)!
Roob: Orh chey -.-
-my explanation on how Roob should experience the heartlands-
-my hysterical laughter-
Then a while later Roob was talking about how we should go to her house:
Roob: My house there got Frolick.
Me: What.
Roob: Frolick -smile-.
Ting and me: FROLICK?
Roob: -pause- The yoghurt place? You dunno?
-meaningless meandering for a while like this-
Ohmygod LOOK:
It is important that the whole teat, not just the teat end , is disinfected.
Hahahahahahahahahahah bye ._.

firstly, WHAT THE HELL.
Friday, October 16, 2009
6:08 PM
What the hell lar! I'm sad D: 'cos I cannot do this year's PSLE Mathematics questions! Eeyer D:! Ohmygod I feel my intelligence slipping ah no (!) This is a very touchy subject for me. If you think about it, the only thing that's even remotely different/good about me is that I... am... in... the... GEP. What? It doesn't prove anything, you say? I disagree. The fact that I got in means something... I think. Anyway, in any case, it makes me feel less sad about my noticeable lack of other talent. (ignore. Is self-centred D:)
But I cannot do this year's PSLE Mathematics question! The one from here, about ratio and sweets and chocolate. Hmph zomgwtf how to do ):
-feels very sad and stupid O:- Tsk! Which means that I've NOTHING! -feels self-esteem slipping away- This is horrible. P6 Mathematics is SO MUCH HARDER than secondary one's, which is twisted.
Also, yes, NYPS' principal Mdm. Heng is going to take over as NYGH's principal next year because Ms. Yap is going to the SEAB (-coughs and looks pointedly away- The Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board) :O! -gasp in shock-
Okay irrelevant 'cos I am here today, breaking my hiatus (breaking o.o? Okay never mind it's just my lack of intelligence don't mind it) (actually it's my vocabulary. Which is even more saddening because MY TALENT IS WRITING! I'm sorry if you can't see it here. Or anything else. It's just hidden, cannot is it?) to blog about the examinations.
So far, it's LA over, Chinese over (-cheers damn loudly-), History over (-dies of happiness-). And Mathematics' (Touchy subject -glares at PSLE Mathematics' question-) paper two over :D yes! LA was... I don't know, okay? ._. It's quite neutral actually. My composition was BLAND -huffs- and it was about "a person" I "enjoy spending time with". I wrote about this character named Ting Ting, but only because when I looked across Rachel Wu I saw Ting Ting. And I was suddenly reminded of Ting Ting's very distinctive lame laughter! You should note that the Ting Ting in the story only has about twenty percent of the actual Ting Ting in her, and the rest is mostly made up .___. Unseen was surprisingly okay ._. but I thought my block test two (unseen!) was okay too, then I got a B4 thank you very much whoever marked my (and the rest of my classmates') paper. Then the comprehension/summary :O comprehension was okay, the last few questions were hard(ish) :O the summary was fine fine fine don't talk about it D:
Stop being suspicious it was really okay hor.
Anyway Chinese yesterday :O! Composition was okay, maybe even good (!) but a bit cliched -coughs-. I wrote about "My Happy From Helping People Sister" (O_O but you get the gist. It's a direct translation.). Essentially it featured me, my sister and (!) someone's grandmother. But not about crossing roads, or dropping oranges. Eek but my yingyongwen (letter o.o) was a bit short you know -sulks-.
Hello! Paper two! Awesome. Neutral. I am never able to tell what kind of marks I get for languages-slash-humanities because it's always 'okay', and 'neutral'. But I never have that problem with Science, thanks to the fact that I screw up 40% of the questions -inserts smoulderingly unhappy expression-.
But this will change -cough-.
Anyway yes today~ Mathematics was actually good. Except the bonus question which Roob did! -recoils in horror- I mean no offence meant huh but Roob is not exactly famous for her mathematical genius and/or prowess. And somemore the answer is correct! I say that as Roob's answer is the same as Yan Li's and Xuan Li's. Did that strike a chord? YAN LI?! XUAN LI?! BAH.
Hmm then History I shall. Breathe in. And out. I am confident ._. I screwed the last structured question HAHA not funny ): and ... ah well never mind. I shall pass Geography with orbiting colours and textures!
Tweedledee am worriedish. For Geography and Science. No, you don't have to point the facts that I have failed my Physics and Biology out. I realise that.
Therefore I shall go :O and eat my dinner oui. Then I shall revise something ._.
So bye.

Friday, October 9, 2009
4:28 PM
Hello hello. I'm uh... blogging because I'm on LMS now and I thought I should update 8D I probably won't be blogging till like after EOYs D: which sucks, I know.
But seriously this is horrible! My revision, as in.
Oh god I'd better make this fast. So basically today was okay. Highlight of the day was definitely on the bus, on the way home, I was grabbing a pole. Yes. Then there were steps right beside my foot.
Then the bus jerked suddenly, and I totally couldn't control myself and uh, went spiralling around the pole (while still holding on to it) and I somehow managed to get to the lower level. In other words, I swung around the pole -.- and hit some unfortunate girl (who then said something very rude tsk).
Okay ladeeda yesterday I played badminton :O and I feel arm muscles developing -cough chokes-. Well no but I like~
Okay bye.
P.S. Good luck to the upper secondary people (like uh Michelle and Kailin and etc.) :D for their examinations :O good luck to lower secondary people too! Including me :O
Okay really bye 8)

sylvia is awesomeshizzaz 8D
Sunday, October 4, 2009
4:29 PM
Hello people :O
Sylvia is awesome! And her tutorial is as well :D
I was like, uh, trying out the method and look!

A quote from a book called Wicked. It's a PLL novel (look below for further information on PLL)

A quote from Pretty Little Liars, one of the series I'm reading now 8D it's an awesome read :O but it's a bit creepy yes.

In my opinion the quality is deteriorating. Oh well D: And yes, the yellow is weird .__. but ahaha I was erh in a weird state of mind. Yes another PLL quote! Ohmygod I'm obsessed o.o
But look here~

OHMYGOD where is this from. brightblinds I think (correct me if I'm wrong 8D).
Okay, fun's over. Back to work D':

shake shake jelly juice drinks
Friday, October 2, 2009
8:27 PM
Disclaimer: Interesting but disjointed post. You've to read a few times to get it ._. I think ._.
I'm sick, walao. My nose is throbbing. I think.
Whatever lar I'm just very screwed D: I can't breathe leh ohmygawd. And my throat is... kind of dead, actually. I might as well don't speak seeing as my voice is horrible.
This is All Cheryl Yau's Fault :O hmph. She keeps sneezing in class wahaha actually it's kind of entertaining but still when you're sick you start to complain.
Anyway! Today was Roob's birthday celebration! And tomorrow is her birthday :D I'm quite pleased actually with the overall result, because it's quite fun lying to her and pretending "oh no, I forgot to bring your present!". That kind of thing? Her expression? Priceless.
I sound mean but it's the sickness, I swear.
Tweedledee anyway this all started a few weeks ago yes! Nicole, Ying Tong and I were planning for a celebration at Island Creamery! So erm yeah we ordered a cake! Which was $28! Which is actually not very expensive if you factor in the not-having-any-other-presents part yes -coughs-. But still we decided to invite more people and lessen the cost :D (and we also made up a "Top Ten People You Would Invite To Your Birthday Party" facebook quiz. This quiz is non-existent. Rebecca FELL FOR IT MAJORLY LOR! And it turns out the people we'd thought of inviting were the same ones she listed. So anyway we tried to invite all the people she said lar :D)
Okay so the people on the exclusive -chokes- guest list are...
1. Me
2. Ying Tong
3. Nicole
4. Ting Ting
5. Yi Xin
6. Cheryl Yau
7. Yan Li
8. Han Yi
(this is strictly not in order, -cough-)
Oh anyway~ yeah that's basically the whole background? Collecting the money for the cake was an awesome job please I tell you. Being the co-treasurer of the class -cough- (what, cannot is it? I volunteered for this position, you know -benevolent look-), was quite useful yeah :D I was like collecting the money from all the guests and Roob got suspicious so I said I was collecting class fund. See conversation excerpt:
Ting Ting: Yes lar I know lar pay you tomorrow!
Me: TSK everyone pay le except you leh!
Roob: -concerned look, I kid you not- What's wrong? What four dollars?
Me: Class fund lar! You pay already right?! They never lor! Eh wait you got pay or not ah? -looks at random sheet of paper I was carrying that did not look remotely like a class list. It wasn't even A4-sized.)
Roob: Uh yes lar I pay already don't believe ask Kellynn!
Me: Ah then!?
Roob: Orh chey.
Sidenote: my brother just threw a book from the toilet and I think it might have flown out of the window leh.
Sidenote: Okay it just hit the wall.
So you see, it's quite fun indeed. Plus all the planning, like group one (Cheryl, Yan Li, Han Yi, Yi Xin) takes bus and sets off for Island Creamery first :O then group two (Nicole, Ying Tong, Ting Ting, me, Roob. This is because Ying Tong pranced over to Roob and said "Friday (today) we go I.C. okay? -bright smile- You, me, Nicole and Fiona!" Ting Ting was erh actually supposed to be in group one, but she almost blew it, tsk. So we'd to change the groupings. Ting said "remind me to wear my contact lens!" Roob said "why?" Ting Ting said "because today I'm going your birthday -" I -glared- and said "Eh Roob I asked Ting Ting come I.C. with us can or not? Can right :D!") would proceed to delay Roob~ Then finally at Island Creamery they
(group one) would burst out and we would all sing a song.
Morning! Was okayish (except for my blocked nose ._.) and like almost all the guests went to touch up on their presents 8D Roob was like in class asking Yan Li where we were ZOMG FUNNY 8D
Yeah then PCCG! Sexuality Education! It was actually not very sexuality-ish actually .__. but that's because we're secondary one and we are not emotionally mature enough to handle more sexuality-ish topics seeing as if we were exposed to these horrible elements we would immediately go out and have relationships with sexual overtones (hello, this phrase is from the worksheet.) (Also, I am being sarcastic. I am trying to.)
Then heh was Science. Mr. Tan ponned -.- so Mrs. Siew came in and we did a worksheet! This is also when the conversation between Ting Ting and Roob occurred, the one featuring contact lens.
Recess! Quite boring .___. because watashi is broke. Saya no money. Je ne have money pas D:
Hmph then hmph Chinese! Walao ): was in zhengls' class, which is SO different from wangls'! I was erm counting money in class yes. For a short period of time yes. Like a minute or so. Then the rest of it was doing changwensuoduan. Frankly, changwensuoduan is the LEAST of my problems D: (hello as in I get acceptable-by-my-standards marks for it D: unlike the rest of the questions yes you get my point/drift yes hrmph.)
Then hmm History! Gawd I shall die for humanities because there. Is. So. FREAKING. MUCH. to do -sobs-. Oh well shall try to mug with Sabrina :) or... someone yeah. Or myself, maybe.
Tweedle lunch :O sat on a random staircase to talk o.o about first impressions -_- it's actually a topic that's been erh 'beaten to death' (P6 Math teacher's words, not mine :D but this phrase has sticked :O) :O
Then art! Totally hyped for the surprise party 8D staged a conversation on the phone as well saying I'd to talk to squadmates after school (sorry squadmates ahahahaha :X) for around 15 minutes. It was a ploy to delay, you see.
Anyway, in class, I kept chionging in and out of 112/113 and running here and there leh. So fun :D and then Kheng Fang and Jialing randomly came in (HAHA) so Rebecca was totally fooled and she thought I really had to meet squadmates .__.
Anyway~ then some more time was wasted thanks to Ting Ting and her contact lens -_-
Walked to bus stop (slowly) and Ying Tong insisted on not taking any of the buses .____. This wasted around two minutes. Then got on bus, got out. I insisted on wearing my jacket .___. This wasted around another two minutes, and one more minute because the jacket I was wearing is difficult to zip. It is actually quite irritating leh D:
Anyway went up to Island Creamery but it'd no seats. I managed to see Cheryl Yau's big head (and uh, the rest of her upper torso) popping out so I regularly searched for her behind Island Creamery :D and she blew balloons! :D! So anyway, funz 8) Roob saw Yan Li's distinctive bag and this girl who was conveniently doing something near it and went, "oh that random girl has the same bag as Yan Li." heh. Ting Ting and Ying Tong managed to uh delay by like a lot (while the balloons were being blown ._.!) by making Roob sit next to Ronald Mcdonald and talking O_O okay yes they are awesome. But I kept seeing Han Yi/Cheryl! Like behind the bushes :O and then I lured Roob into I.C. (instead of on the bench outside next to Ronald Mcdonald) by frantically exclaiming that there were seats. This was a lie. So they came in, then I gave them the disappointed look and said, "you see lar! People take already lar!" Then I shot Roob an accusing look for good measure :D So we proceeded to go out! And the four of them (Cheryl Yan Li Han Yi Yi Xin) FOLLOWED us with the big balloons leh! Walao and Roob totally didn't notice lor!
Then we hit Roob hard with balloons :D
Then we went inside :O miraculously some dude vacated his seat leh! :D! And Cheryl Yau managed to get the people next to our table to shift, and we linked tables :D so yes! Took the cake~ and had erm technical difficulties with the candle-lighting (poor Cheryl and her poor thumb and the poor lighter D: and Ting Ting's finger accidentally dipped into the flame ohmygod :O)! Oh then Cheryl Yau was erh not strong enough to cut the ice-cream cake. So I did. And the marks (when I pressed onto the knife :O it was really huge and metal and scary D:) are STILL on my hand ohmygod O_O but I'm not very good at it, yes. I managed to break one slice into two pieces .____. (but I ate that slice hor).
Anyway yep that's about it! Took videos, opened presents (ohmyGAWD Cheryl Yau's/Han Yi's presents was awesome :O! My birthday also never give me hmph!)!
Had intellectual discussion about if the birthday-person is too smart then a surprise party would be pointless. Not saying that Roob isn't smart lar, but erm erm she is not observant enough. Speaking of which she was actually confused when Ying Tong, Nicole and I presented our card to her. Because she couldn't tell which paragraph was written by who! Even though our handwriting is like totally different -_- and Nicole was misleading her hehehehehehehehehe.
Okay that's it! Was an awesome day :D