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angels on sunset boulevard
Tuesday, November 24, 2009
2:00 PM
Rawr D: I'm sad. And freaked out (!).
Sushi (my hamster ._.) has cataracts ):! That's an eye condition that makes her eyes look... cloudy/white. I can't really see it in dim light because it only affects a part of her eyes (and not the entire eye thank goodness :O) but still! And then when I actually turn on the lights (-.-) it's like... I wanna cry D:!
I've a fear of losing my vision! D:!
On another topic, yesterday (or today ._.) I'd a dream! It kind of centred around the phrase "the fear of irrational fears" (I know so weird right :O). I distinctly remember googling "the fear of irrational fears" and getting this very long scientific name in Wikipedia! Something that quite strangely ended with (photosynthesis). No joke o.o
Oh but also recently I'd this even weirder dream. In the dream I received a call from this actress/singer (I think because I see her in the channel 8 nine o'clock show ._.) saying she didn't have a dress, and then we (?!) met up in some shopping mall to get her dress (?!) for Nicole's piano concert (!?!?). Oh and I was thinking about what flying pokemon I should use to enter the concert with (.__.) while going to the toilet and then in the toilet I suddenly saw four ma'ams (!?!?!?!?!??!)! :O!
That's kind of about it.
Please marvel at my weirdness.
Now I'm going bye :D

guns won't help you
Sunday, November 22, 2009
4:10 PM
I haven't been here for a very long time, have I? When I logged in (just now) I realised that both my class blog AND my squad blog have been updated. Yes. Thus showing how I have SLIPPED IN BLOGGING. Sorry to all ._.
It is not my fault, I repeat, NOT MY FAULT I have slipped! For 1. my laptop is under maintenance 2. I'm too lazy to use the desktop etc ._. Then when I actually want to use the desktop, of course the internet (and Internet Explorer) has to screw up and take an hour to load right? Of course.
Anyway yeah so this is really a once-in-a-lifetime update D:
I think I'm not in tune with my feelings/the keyboard/my blog -GASPPPPP- D: 'cos it's like... I'm here? sitting? and typing? but nothing meaningful appears. But lately I've been doing lots of reading! My writing style is changing ever-so-subtly (come on since when do I use phrases like ever-so-subtly? I never lor.) :O and I really should get onto my holiday -cough- homework -cough cough- but well, plenty of time -displays classic procrastinator's attitude-.
Bah! Pah!
Fiona is weird ._.
My life mainly consists of reading nowadays. Yesterday I went to Novena (for my brother's tuition, and Novena is excellent (zomg I forgot how to spell excellent :O! Like how I forget Pokemon names. But never mind.) when you're cooped up at Woodlands reading. So yes, yesterday my mother, my brother and I went to Novena and ate at the coffee connoisseur :D rawr then erm we went to a bookstore (MPH :D) to buy BOOKS!


(If I believed in the abuse of exclaimation marks you'd have seen many more !s than usual. I mean, like, it is abnormal to see 2000 exclaimation marks in a day. So if you are, get help. Like seriously.)
Ahahaha do you feel the passion of the mystery fiction and Great Books flowing? (this is a rhetorical question! Answer it not!)
Okay I'm a bit high and jittery now -twitches-. Hmm okay never mind. After that book trip (very pleasant!) we went to Donut Factory 8D to eat. Donuts.
Oh then we went home tralala.
How boring ):
Oh yes! Shopping (!). Some days ago I went to Bugis with my mother and grandmother and sister to eat :O then we shopped for wedding outfits (my aunt's wedding, and the clothes for my grandmother -.-) :D I basically enjoy shopping of any sort (even cutlery. Admiring details on forks is actually one of my passions.) so yeah! Plus I bought a tee. And a vest (!?) (-sigh- the consequence of believing in a good salesperson) to match the tee!
And my grandmother bought nothing (erm what ._.).
Anyway I've to talk about this dress (zomg you heard right a D-R-E-S-S :O) that my mother bought. It's for my aunt's wedding you know ._. but still a dress.
I am not comfortable in it (it being a dress D:)! But I will survive -end of rant about dresses-.
Is that all? I think it's all.
P.S. libraries are excellent and marvellous places! I go there every four days. I kope books.
P.P.S. bye.

all ribbons and curls
Wednesday, November 11, 2009
11:14 PM
I meant to say this yesterday.


Okay her birthday is over but never mind -.-
And this today.


(actually I don't know her personally but ._. never mind)
And another.


Sweet sixteen ahahahahaha like Elaine says.
I actually can find a lot of weird sweet sixteen songs on the internet, but they are all extremely unsuitable ._.
On second thought, maybe I shouldn't put them here o.o
Last of all!

one month (or so) early ._.

That is all for this mediocre post.

actress (actress)
Tuesday, November 10, 2009
10:24 PM
Okay I finally finished The Amber Spyglass ._. After a long time but still! I'm crapping ._.
Today is my mother's birthday :D! And unit outing ._. (eh so suay why same day D: then I leave my mother at home alone with her birthday leave) (yes her company got birthday leave! So she took it.)
Okay so unit outing was fun 8D except the fact that I felt like vomiting randomly during the course of the running D: But overall it was bearable and high! My group was Hawk Girls :D so we modified the Hot cheer and it became
I got a fever
I'm hawk (this part is chao irrelevant -.-)
I cannot be stopped
Heh. Anyway I like the quiz thing! (Except I got breathless halfway and was frightened. Like the air was suddenly strangely oxygenless :O and I couldn't breathe properly D:) New facts new facts. But I forgot what http stood for :/ (dumb D:) and I forgot the names of the members of DBSK (so pathetic ._.) D: So overall not very good :/
Anyway it was fun. I'm rather loserish at charades though ._.
Anyway. I'm bored. Life is rather meaningless to me right now, there's no direction (all aimless wanderings and such). I'm not a very driven person but I appreciate some sort of... road (my vocabulary is failing me!). But anyway yes I just have to set my own goals then to try to create some sort of feel.
Okay I don't know what I'm talking about ._. I'm probably quite incoherent -_-
So bye (and sorry for the sucky contentless posts, really)!

the amber spyglass
Sunday, November 8, 2009
2:44 PM
Hmph yesterday I lost to my cousin (younger than me D:) at SQUASH! I now have an intense loathing for squash. And table tennis.
-gives a hopeless look-
I am trying to comfort myself. It isn't my fault that I've no ball sense at all D: I shall continue to believe that my cousin is a very sporty and active person, while I am not, so obviously I'd lose to him what -forced smile-.
Okay onto a sadder subject.
Cookie died ): from... (Ying Tong just kill me now) a tumour. Yes. Because Cookie was inbred, you see (his parents were siblings! Scary or not ._. we totally didn't expect Hamleto to erm... move so quickly lar D: they were like 3 weeks old ._. tsk). Thus a tumour.
Anyway D: we decided to... let Cookie live the rest of his life happily (hello! "A hamster with a tumour may live a normal and happy life but try to avoid any sharp objects as these could cause the tumour to burst.") but well yeah. I suppose he was rather happy :D and actually come to think of it he's quite old... two years? Which means Hammie is three years old (!) and oh well the inevitable will come soon.
Imagine me, being exposed to deaths at such a tender age :O
(like Viver D:)
(I miss Viver like !@#$!# much zomg -cries-)
(But I am brave, and all that.)
Anyway I've to go now, bye :D
P.S. I'm reading The Amber Spyglass by Philip Pullman :D

Friday, November 6, 2009
9:12 PM
It's the last day of school! And to be honest (tbh)(not Tan Boon Hian ._.) I've no freaking idea how I am going to occupy these two months. There is holiday homework, but I am reasonably confident I'll be able to complete them in around a month (or less :D)(erm. Not factoring in the procrastination that might possibly occur). So, I ask myself, the other one month, how leh?
Here are some ideas:
1. Go library and read books! Kope all the books I want 8D
Am feeling very kiasu ._.
2. Go to school everyday to stone!
Too far away and no, so pointless :O
3. Go out with people!
:D so funz. But I'll be broke in two days or something like fifty-seven minutes.
So probably I'll do all three? Since 1. the library is awesome 2. I've to return to school for various events ._. 3. going out is fun, what. And balance you know.
I realise this post is weird and pointless -.- let me uh, narrate the happenings in my life today.
Morning went down with squadmates :O assembly and level closure.
Then uh... cleaned up classroom, etc. etc. Lunch! Something unfortunate happened between so-and-so and so-and-so-two (so-and-so slid a cookie box over to so-and-so-two, then the bowl of food dropped on her skirt. Then so-and-so-two was damn angry and randomly waved the bowl at so-and-so. Flecks of the food flew everywhere, including on me. Thank you very much ah. Thank you.) so my hongzi had this elephantine patch of chawanmushi on it.
Do not ask.
So went toilet with Nicole and so-and-so-two -coughs- and Nicole washed that patch on my hongzi (thank you :D) o.o so-and-so-two managed awesomely to wet her entire skirt so we went to get a new one at the General Office.
Ladeeda -hums-.
After that... collected report books/took class photographs :) my results are like _. Fiona = fail D: especially compared to the rest of my class -raises eyebrows dangerously high-. Walao eh tsktsk who got 1.0 msg huh.
-glares at Yi Xin :D-
Anyway! Set off for the ISO (Individualized Study Options ._.) exhibition (that I volunteered for yesterday -_- to replace 213 seniors who were busy at dramafest). Actually quite boring, even if you didn't consider the fact that I'd seen all of it before ._. but still :O not bad I did learn stuff. I felt damn tired during the oral presentation though ):
Hmm then went home directly from Republic Polytechnic seeing as my house is damn near :D (Cheryl and Ting Ting were supposed to go to my house! But it was late! So I let them off from the goodness of my heart. In exchange for money. To buy bubble tea.)
Okay bye :O I'm actually quite philosophical/contemplative now. But thoughts, sometimes too long to be expressed just like that (someday maybe I'll blog them out! But no, my metacognition is so fast it's freaky o.o).
P.S. I Will Remember You by Ryan Cabrera (erm, spelling?) was playing during some class' montage in the canteen's TV :3

sentosa today!
Wednesday, November 4, 2009
6:08 PM
Yes! Today we went to Sentosa (Palawan Beach :D) for fun. And a sand sculpture competition.
But anyway yes we went there (in our tops and bermudas ._. and slippers ._.) :O
First we played dodgeball/captain's ball/volleyball/talked etc. Then it started to rain D: so we sought refuge in a shelter. Then we ate pringles and waited for the rain to stop. When it did, we ran out to this random pavilion :O, put our stuff down and did random stuff. Some of us decided to sit near the sea and talk, which then somehow progressed wto filling this deep deep (knee-deep! The people must be damn free ._.) trench we found :D with WATER.
Yes obviously we weren't supposed to touch seawater... but we used pails leh, not counted right.
Then somehow this became a 113-bonding-project, and we ended up with three trenches and linking canals :D made entirely out of sand and seawater that rushed in! I tell you so cool can or not so cool :D!
I shall pester some people to post pictures on Facebook and then I shall kope :D!
Anyway so funz 8D
Oh yeah then we camwhored and it rained. Again.
-pissed D:-
But at least we managed to complete the structure :O which is really majestic and awesomez 8)
We also weren't allowed to go and buy stuff from the shops at Sentosa, but while the second rain was ongoing more than half of us flooded into 7-11 to buy Slurpees/Big Gulps/instant noodles/whatever else o.o
Okay end :D
(I'm not in a very writy mood lar ._.)

the sun, i swear, is
Tuesday, November 3, 2009
11:50 PM
Hello everyone :D I am feeling normal.
-normals around-
School is ending soon ._. act today was rather abnormal actually :O maybe it wasn't gastric pains but a mild symptom of stomach flu. My father has it (!) D:
Promotion :) yey.
I should sleep now D: Thursday I'm skipping school for CIP :O at Republic Polytechnic (at WOODLANDS :D like within walking distance of my house! A long walking distance but yes.). Basically it's quite slack (?) according to Xuan Li :D and somemore we're helping out for the IRS exhibition (which some of us from 113 are going to on Friday ._. including me -_-).
Anyway byebye, goodnight, and etc. enjoy your holidays? I'm planning on sleeping early :D and leading the healthy lifestyle I have never led.
Thank you ._.

do you floccinaucinihilipilificate?
Sunday, November 1, 2009
9:18 PM
I forgot about the stuff on Thursday and Friday (other than ATC ._.)
Which is why I'm posting now. I can't really remember much, except the DISC (personality test) was rather accurate. Of course, such tests cannot truly measure a person's personality, but rather only the surface. Obviously you've to admit that one's personality is so much more than a title (in DISC's case, D, I, S or C ._.) or a certain adjective (dominant? Interesting/impressive? Sure/steady? Calculative/careful?). And the depth of the grey areas' is a lot of emotion, unspoken and unable to be measured by mere words.
Ahem you as you can see I'm in a very wanna-fight mood now.
On a irrelevant note, I dreamed about ma'ams shouting fire drill during ATC yesterday night! I told you the impact of ATC is vast :O
Okay then Friday was chao slack :D and then the talk was okay. The speaker was rather funny :D and really... confident about himself (I mean, come on lar, he's balding and he's trying to get us to say he's hot. And I bet he was damn happy 'cos we DID (thanks to his sweets)). There was apparently this section about pornography -_- which was lame. As it consisted of one slide asking this question: "What would you do if your friend asked you to watch pornography?" (something to this effect). And then the speaker spoke about blogs.
I find this part very... unsubstantiated and pissifying. Unsubstantiated as the speaker used a certain Singaporean blogger's blog as an example of a inappropriate blog. And pissifying because certain people kept agreeing with the speaker and/or looking back at me!
Okay the pissifying part isn't certain people agreeing with the speaker, because we are all entitled to our own opinions, but looking at me. I find this uncalled for because I don't even read Xiaxue's blog that often anymore please -_- and what makes you think I adore/worship Xiaxue (come on I didn't even adore/worship her previously)? And anyway it's rude to stare unnecessarily. Obviously you think I'll be affected by this blatant attitude (which I was, wonderful, clap for yourselves!).
Okay now to the unsubstantiated part. The speaker print-screened her blog etc. and then started talking about her excessive use of expletives, excessive mention of taboo topics, excessive this excessive that (all very Bad, mind you), and then finally, how she was irresponsible and controversy-seeking.
-inserts large chunk and deletes ._.-
I feel like drinking orange juice.

12:35 PM
ATC '09 is over :O I'm still in a state of drowsiness/shock over it can or not hahahaha I just woke up ._. yesterday night when I came home I ate a lot, drank a lot and slept a lot (without watching Death Note 2 my father recorded D: tsk me) o.o
Shall not elaborate much on ATC except it really gave me a lot of takeaways (zomg I don't mean the instant noodles/canned food). As in, spiritual takeaways ._.
Okay the first day for example, campcraft competition. The theme for the gadget-making was supercalifragilisticexpialidocious :D when I heard it I was like boomz shocked :O 'cos it was damn familiar and then my heart skipped a beat and a tingly feeling and all that.
But I forgot what it meant -_- please give me a diao look now please.
Okay second day... ohmygod PT PT PT PT PT PT PT -boomzed expression-. Woke up to run (!) and do circuits (!) and I can't deny that I thought of giving up nearing the end. But I didn't :O which I am shocked by also, thank you very much. And I'm kind of proud of myself for that (seeing my stamina huh ._. 2.4km run/jog/walk (whatever) my timing is like _ can) :D
But then the CSI (yes it's what you think it is ._.) was okay as well :O I like the frogjumping zomg! Boing. But my arm power is really cannot make it ): at the koi pond I died (sorry D:) and my arms kept involuntarily collapsing -raises eyebrows to a highly disturbing level-. It was quite disconcerting ._.
Oh then PT competition -dies-. Freak zomg -dies-. It was -dies-. Okay the first few stations. I totally cannot do so much! But the last few stations didn't require a lot of strenuous arm work (weird phrase ._.) so they were okay :)
Then... then what. It was the quiz thing (I forgot the name! D:). Yes. I am very lousy at this D: like at the atrium I'd easy questions like "who is the right marker for 41 ma'ams?" (only the ma'am asking the question phrased it slightly differently) and "DESCRIBE THE JAPANESE FLAG" oh god I totally blanked out and almost described Malaysia's.
Anyway the next very memorable thingy was outdoor cooking? Squadmates and I spent like 10 minutes opening a CAN (erm). But ah let's forget about it.
CDC. Let's forget about it also ))))))): I am very disappointed at myself. I was freaking out at that time zomg.
And then cheering competition :D Charlie Charlie Charlie wahahahahahahahaha.
Okay I think I'm talking more than I should and I should go eat breakfasty lunch. So bye (:
P.S. Charlie :D~