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1. Threadless tees
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3. ARTBOX notebooks
4. Kind words
6. Books that I would like
7. Tintin comics
9. Trip to Taiwan
10. Good grades
11. New camera ;D
12. SNSD concert tickets
13. Money for aforementioned tickets ^^

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Some very long posts to waste your time.
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5th September
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sigh? yes.
Tuesday, December 29, 2009
10:14 PM
Hello, I've been calling people 'dude's all holiday 8D especially my brother.
Hmm I'm gonna blog about Vivocity trip with Roob and Ting Ting! Didn't bring my phone (which was dead anyway. Why is it that my phone likes to die on me randomly? I didn't do anything to it what.) so wandered through Vivocity like some tourist D: until Ting Ting popped out of nowhere next to me as I was looking at the directory. Like a tourist.
Then we proceeded to Golden Village? And queued a superlong queue for Sherlock Holmes, and caught up with the proceedings of the month(s). Roob got a guinea pig :D I told you rodents forthewin le.
It's called Chunky and it looks like one of the G-Force ones zomg 8D
Anddddddd then after a long while, got our tickets! Wandered Vivocity for someplace to eat and finally settled on Subway ._. then went all the way up again, late by ten minutes -cough-. We sneaked in 7-11 stuff -chokes-.
And Sherlock Holmes was nice! Kind of un-Sherlocky, Sherlock was. But that's okay, 'cos he was unusually cool and Irene Adler (sp?) was pretty :O (uhm, I think)
I was high throughout 'cos there were many action scenes! Shall not spoil it too much for anyone so I'll just say that there was this really ironic LOL part :D
Then... went to the rooftop and ate our KinderJoy! Spent a long time fixing our KinderJoy toys :O (mine was a car, Roob's a fish-looking-thing-that-has-velcro-to-stick-to-fabrics, Ting Ting's a hermit crab. With an antennae.)
Mine was the boringest lor!!
Then, went to Daiso (ooh), the pet shop (which we kept mentioning as "Pet Society" instead of "Pet Safari", argh ._.) and the arcade (for about only two minutes, to walk around hor, don't judge us o.o!).
Then went to Carl's Jr and ate onion rings/fries with copious amounts of blood (omg ._.) chilli sauce :D while talking.
Both Roob and Ting Ting got me presents :O! But uhm. I.
Okay never mind -bright awesome smile-. I've to go now (rather D:) so bye? Yep bye.
P.S. I took the MRT with Ting Ting back home :)

movie marathon (sorta)
Friday, December 25, 2009
12:40 PM
Watched Avatar (3D) on Wednesday and Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel yesterday ZOMG :D
Now firstly before I forget, look here zomgz :D
Okay Avatar! Go look at Ying Tong's blog lar, she posted all the stuff up! But yes the visual graphics were cool and uhm, 3D and all! Plus the fighting scenes were chao dramatic LOL ._. The Na'vi are awesome, and the humans were really horrible D: to them! Materialistic creeps! -rants-
Ah just go see Ying Tong's blog! We christened the Happy Meal toy (Ying Tong bought the Happy Meal, not me :D) Leona 8D and then we talked about clowns ._.
Then yesterday's! With my brother! We missed the first few minutes 'cos we were buying popcorn ._. The tickets was almost sold out can or not D: and we got the bad seats at the front pfft D: But still~
I LOVE THE CHIPETTES THEY WERE AWESOME! Undescribably adorable ^_^
Eek! -goes all cutesy- Alvin was super-charismatic to the high school girls also lor :O ("Enchante, mademoiselle.")
Shall not spoil it for you, just go watch it -hearts- I would watch it again :D
Anyway yep bye :D
P.S. Gimme the soundtrack album for christmas hor! Which is TODAY! Merry Christmas.

it's like walking on broken glass
Monday, December 21, 2009
12:25 AM
Whoo I am BACK from my aunt's wedding! I did not take pictures ._.
Okay anyway so... it all started bright in the morning, 'cos my aunt and her husband (my uncle, in other words -.-) decided to drink tea at my house :O (the ritual kind, not the scones kind) Lots of relatives came.
So I hid in the room.
Then! Around nightish, my almost-entire family (except my mother, because she'd an allergic reaction to the pollen in the flowers my aunt was carrying in the morning -twitch-) went to The Hotel for the wedding banquet. Wearing cocktail chic.
Anyway~ so we went into the DAMN BIG ballroom with like 1000 manymany people o.o mostly business associates of my uncle's family.
Yeah so ta-da ._. waited a while, played uno with the wedding souvenir (pack of cards!), etc. etc. My grandmother was at the VIP table -sulks a bit-!
It started around eight. Cue dry ice, bubbles, and rose petals at every table thrown at the couple :D (seriously LOL :D) The dry ice was NICE ._.
Then speech etc. Then food :O
-skips food parts-
-skips again-
Ah the food was just 1. very expensive 2. rather not-bad :)
Around dessert-time my brother, grandmother, other aunt, etc., me decided to do something with the other wedding souvenir (i.e. mug) and the small mug-sized pieces of raspberry mousse/cheesecakes :O
-coughcoughsoauntieomgzomgcough- :D! Quite funny leh.
Then my family went out and got a taxi (but chao difficult to get D:). Not before my grandmother fell though D:
Okay end :O (what a sparse narrative! Is sparse the right word? I don't think so D:)

to where my dreams may lead
Saturday, December 19, 2009
10:46 PM
Fly Away by Corrinne May always makes me feel so nolstalgic D: (reminds me of Mr. Tan .__.) oh well.
Tomorrow's my aunt's wedding! The dress code is cocktail chic.
I repeat, cocktail chic ._.
So yeah anyway don't try to contact me because 1. my phone has died :D 2. I cannot access the internet, being at some hotel being chic 8)
Ladeeda 2010 is Soon and I think I'm still stuck in 1996.
P.S. Ignore my weird mood :D

contrary to popular belief
Tuesday, December 15, 2009
10:39 AM
I am not dead, merely half-alive.

what the sassafras (short update)
Friday, December 11, 2009
9:14 PM

Today I went out with my mother and brother to 313 (at Somerset (sp?))! Lots of food -nod- and uniqlo had an opening sale of sorts (jeans at $19.90 :O) :D!
But I didn't buy anything -cough- fashiony, because the Hercule Poirot was expensive D: I stood at the Agatha Christie section in the bookshelf for around a minute hyperventilating and tip-toeing (for some reason, not because I'm short or anything hor).
Oh yes then we went to my mother's office to... water her african violets ._.
Anyway I have to go now, so bye! Enjoy your (remaining) holidays, not much of it left ._.

how to save a life
Tuesday, December 8, 2009
4:52 PM
Almost four hundred posts already :O maybe I Really Should Blog Less D:
Lately I've been obsessively visiting the library as if it's chinese new year and the library is giving out free red packets (which doesn't make sense, since the library CLOSES on public holidays ._.).
Hmm. My orthodontist says that I've to extract two teeth :O! :O! :O! Okay it's not really shocking actually but I felt a need to waste space by typing countless :O!s :D
I believe I'm quite boring ): so here is some poignant food for thought -chokes-:
Where did I go wrong, I lost a friend
Somewhere along in the bitterness
And I would have stayed up with you all night
Had I known how to save a life
You will intepret it on your own and ignore my ridiculous frivolities.
Or you could just ignore me altogether.

play among the stars
Sunday, December 6, 2009
5:04 PM
Hello :D I'm finally here again :D with the geyest title imaginable ._.
Anyway yesterday we (meaning me, and my paternal side of the family plus some more family) went to Desaru (in Malaysia ._.)! I think it's spelt Desaru but actually I'm quite ambiguous about the spelling ._.
So, woke at around six (it's quite ungodly D: middle of the holidays leh) and packed/set off for Jurong East interchange o.o where we met several members of our family! Then the coach came :D and all of us piled on it :O and then erm. The coach made its way to the... checkpoint (?) at Tuas.
-cue checkpointy stuff, like passports-
I used my left thumb instead of my right, because my right thumb is scarred horribly thanks to eczema D: (when I renewed my passport some time ago the man said that if I used my right thumb there would be lots of "trouble" :O)
After that we piled onto the coach again and went to the Malaysian checkpoint! Where the same thing happened (i.e. passports) :D We sort of met our nice tour guide then -nod- who was a one-hit wonder with most of my family o.o (apparently his nickname is yan dao .___.)! And he crack jokes beyond my comprehension in hokkien (?! I really don't know D:). Overall he's a good tour guide lar -.- so! Went to some shopping mall and bought stuff/had brunch/walked around :D My parents bought charcoal bamboo (or bamboo charcoal) bread (ha! Really! It's black, which is cool :O but it tastes just quite like the common -insert your choice of bread- you buy at NTUC. Only we bought the charcoal bamboo bread at Lavender ._.) and random drinks :O plus a deck of Monopoly Deal (costs $10, around 20 ringgit :D).
That's it :D?
After the shopping we went for lunch (the trip took damn long D: like an hour ._.) at some seafood place :) the food was not bad :O (lobster! But I ate rather little in a bid to cut down on unnecessary calories for some reason D:)
Oh erm then we went to an OSTRICH FARM! I liked the ostriches (gigantic eyes, superlong lashes, intelligent expressions... what's not to like? Except the females plucking out their feathers to signify some sort of beauty that is.)! And there was a poor monkey in a cage ): And some of the ostriches randomly walked around and we could feed them corn :D (the pecking is a weird feeling ._.)! But unfortunately these ostriches are made into satays, hamburgers, etc. so... well, I didn't eat them D:
(sidenote: I find my writing style detached.)
Yes a bit disgusting right D:! It just seems cruel to me... (and I know it's a bit hypocritical I eat other meat. Hmm. I am cutting down though :O)
(sidenote: WHAT is with my use of ...s? Annoyed. By myself.)
Oh and the tour guide managed to get an ostrich egg (for omelette). Which is gigantic hor.
Anyway after that we went to a fruit farm :D it was very educational etc. but frankly the natural and organic fertilisers distracted me somewhat. My brother wisely/stupidly did not come; wisely because of the long walks/the smell, stupidly because AT THE END THERE WAS A FREAKING ZOO! Which had like, goats? and monkeys? and various reptiles like alligators/turtles? and like, WABBITZ bunnies :D! I like rodents :D oh and there were random chickens walking around too ._. plus another random ostrich in the middle of nowhere ._. hahahaha :D!
I LOVED THE RABBITS! One of the white ones had an injured ear (apparently because the monkey liked to pull it LOL :O)! There was a grey, quiet one which was the picture of innocence :D petting rabbits is so much fun!
-acts like toddler!-
I am excessively using exclaimation marks!
Ah anyway. After the fruit farm we headed for dinner :D at a restaurant :D then we set off in a boat and in lifejackets across a large body of water (I'm not sure if it was a river. I think it was.) to watch fireflies! The fireflies we saw were mostly in the trees, so that the trees were alight in glow :D! Pretty cool~ Although the experience was marred by the unidentified floating objects in the water O.O I dozed off though :/
At the end of the boat trip we set off for home!
That's about all, bye :D!

long time no blog ._.
Tuesday, December 1, 2009
8:49 PM
Hello hello again :D I've been rather inactive online lately ._. Thus! I am here now to attempt to compensate O:
Today was rather freaky/tiring/fun :D (at different times?) Campcraft Selection is actually... I don't know lar.
-irritating smile-
After that though, squadmates really were rather productive at... bonding.
And then some squadmates left (actually almost all) and only Lum Jia, Kheng Fang, Elaine, Jiahui (Then) and I were left in the quadrangle O: and I made Jiahui throw a bottle at me because I told an irritating story :D
Quite fun wor!
Okay I've lost any sort of interest in this post and I shall irresponsibly end now.