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i love my family and friends
i also love 213'10, 311'11 and nynp
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1. Threadless tees
2. Helvetica necklace
3. ARTBOX notebooks
4. Kind words
6. Books that I would like
7. Tintin comics
9. Trip to Taiwan
10. Good grades
11. New camera ;D
12. SNSD concert tickets
13. Money for aforementioned tickets ^^

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Some very long posts to waste your time.
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5th September
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sockhop beneath
Sunday, January 31, 2010
11:31 PM
Oh, my :D I've been reading some of my blog posts from last year - just a few. And I think to myself, "how different I am" and "I was so funny last time lor" and "Now, not anymore D:" because I am a jaded person, thanks to homework.
I used to crack lame jokes! Insult people! Blog about bimbo stuff like outfits even though I knew ma'ams read my blog!
I was worse during P6 though (._.) :O
But anyway... I've decided to be open and what. Yeah.
Starting on Monday, because Monday is in 10 minutes. I shall allow for 10 more minutes of jadedness to slowly seep away, and be that... cute adorable irresistable person I was last year (stop choking. I know you agree secretly -smiles brightly-.).
Okay I said stop choking ah.
I need to learn to embrace the simple pleasures of life, like eating faux-Italian ice-cream, faux-Italian pasta, speak more faux-French, drink more Pokka milk tea (because recently I've been too embarrassed by the gigantic amount of bubble tea I drink to buy bubble tea anymore. I mean like, the aunties actually recognise me leh. How throwface :O), erm. Speak more to (ex-)ma'ams, listen more to Mdm Lee and Mr Tan, revise Geography without cursing volcanoes and start pondering "WHO FOUNDED SINGAPORE?!" :) Even though I've to do work, yes, it's part of life, I can do work happily and not drag my heels and feet or whatever around it. In fact...
I should really finish my jianbao now.

Saturday, January 30, 2010
10:23 PM
Vanilla Twilight/Fireflies!
But anyway.
Just LOOK at the title. Just LOOK at it, manz.
Can you pronounce that? Can you!?
P.S. Scroll.
P.P.S. The largest painting on Earth is a 72,437 square foot smiley face.

when violet eyes get brighter and heavy wings grow lighter
9:55 PM
I've decided that ma'ams are awesome!
-spontaneous outburst is now over-
Anyway yes. Why am I here?
I wonder myself.
I love the concept of infinity, it's really fun! As fun as the fact that there are no ants in Greenland, Antarctica and Iceland.
And zomg the University of Alaska stretches over four time zones :O?!
Not bored already, bye :)

sapphire lake in tossing pride
4:48 PM
Tralala! Went out with Ting Ting today to do Science SIA :O (or at least start on it ._.) I met her at the library :D at ten haha. Well.
Basically at the start we were searching for books, and trying to get wireless@sg to work on Ting Ting's laptop (but it didn't, walao D: Therefore we couldn't access the internet D:) Then after an hour or so, we decided to go and eat at the cafe on the first floor! :D!
Tsk I'm now broke. I blame it on Ting Ting, because she made me get the oreo cheesecake ._.
Anyway afterwards we went to the fourth floor to get more work done :D (there were a lot of nice books there okay! But the name of the floor is kind of weird: "vergingallteens". It doesn't make a lot of sense, either. Ting Ting and I decided that it must have some sort of hidden message in it :O)
Okay, then at two we decided to leave the library :O walked around and around :D (plus I got a drink, yey). Discussed current affairs and wandered around in NTUC -.-
Oh! Oh! Then I spotted a pet shop and we went in! It had guinea pigs, rabbits, hamsters (even syrian ones :D and ones with red eyes :O which is cool. Kinda. Some of them kept biting, and the roborovskis were chao fast at running lor ._.) and chinchillas :D zomg awesome right?! The chinchilla was freaking adorable (oh, by the way, Ting Ting. You said the fur of the chinchilla was soft, right? Apparently many people think so too and that's why they kill chinchillas for their fur.) (ohmygod what a disturbing nugget of information.) can or not! Oh and the hamsters were all like, right out of babyhood! They were tiny and silky-furred!
Ah :D
Okay well. After thirty minutes or so we finally deigned to take a bus home (for Ting Ting)/to Jurong East Interchange (for me ._.). I fell asleep and thus went through another loop of the bus ride -.-
Anyway yep that's all! I might be going to Roob's house tomorrow for more SIA stuff :/ so yeah. I plan to blog more frequently :D

just don't see the signs
12:44 AM
I am crazy.
Just now I went to the bathroom, locked the door (still dressed) and then proceeded to wash my hair (still dressed), wash my face (still dressed), then I walked out with a wet hongzi.
I actually didn't feel like bathing but I'd no choice but to bathe ._.
Anyway! Friday. Today wasn't so bad; I'd expected worse (not only 'cos of third class but also 'cos the Math written task and the History assignment was due today. I started yesterday.)
Tsk at me.
Okay so... First period PCCG, okayish. I hope the Mind Games for the LCS is a success lar seriously :D I would like to extend some hiphurrays to 209 :D
Next... LA? Yeah. We did some discussion about TKaM 8) and then we got two new pieces of homework (one's an essay).
Thanks a lot, Mdm. Oehlers.
Recess! Printed History assignment (which I completed on Thursday :O much to my own surprise, thank you very much ._.) at the computer lab, chionged to eat, chionged to the History room (saw nobody!), chionged back to class (saw nobody!), chionged back to the History room (and saw the entire class, along with Ms. Ong. Who was late. Which is why we didn't see anyone OHMYGOD the History room and my classroom are like on opposite sides of the building can D:) and had History :D
I think colonialism is fun. As I think genetic mutation is fun.
And I asked Ms. Ong if Napoleon was short LOL -.- We got another History assignment -.-
Oh! Then after History was Math. Math is... Math. Went through stuff, handed up my written task and all. Then homework: enrichment worksheet. Which is quite doable :D (finished it! Almost :X)
Lunch~ (a thirty minute lunch?! Children in Italy get three hour lunches can or not! Apparently yes, they can. Us? Not so much D:). Anyway printed Math SIA stuff ._.
Then :D was :D Science :O And Mr. Tan was sick or something, so it was basically a free period (to discuss the Science SIA) :D! I love free periods! Ting Ting, Roob and I totally discussed lor.
Tomorrow (or rather. Today, later) I'm gonna meet up with Ting Ting to do parts of the SIA :D so yeah 8D
NP :D! (okay I think non-NPers can skip this? :O)
So. Third class drill test, everyone was understandably nervous. We spent an hour in the toilet, checking/rechecking our uniform haha :D
Okay so erm. Started off with third class of course ._.
I screwed up majorly zomg -dies-. I cannot face this world -dies-. My timing was... 1. soft 2. retarded (zomg I can just die now argh). I kind of hate my right hand. When it's supposed to move ('scissors action') it doesn't. When it's not (-shall not cite example lalalaomg-), it does.
Well anyway D: after my screwedness was blind drills.
-pauses for effect-
We were so funnily horrible .__. and we kept accidentally hitting other squadmates/ma'ams O.O
Hahaha anyway we attempted to do sizing and was naturally quite epic. Fail, LOL ._.
Hmm~ then squad talk. Not much, actually (which is sad oh dear). Ma'ams didn't say if we passed or not, which is scary ah D:
Whoo now it's time for my bus adventures :O -gasp!- There wasn't much, actually ._. I saw a stray dog (like a pomeranian :D so adorable yeyness!) or whatever dog randomly just running along the sidewalk lor. There wasn't even anyone in front of/behind him/her :O
Erm. And that's kind of all.
So bye :D
P.S. My blogging is RUSTY. Never mind my writing spirit will come back soon. I hope :D

Saturday, January 23, 2010
12:32 AM

funny-facebook-ballon boy



Friday, January 22, 2010
8:22 PM
Today was... hectic, for sure :O
First it was PCCG, which was rather fun because we played a game :D then it was (I think) drama :D which was fun 'cos drama is always fun :O
Recess. Squad drills but only like three people came D: so I randomly did some drills -nod-.
Science after recess! A quiz a quiz oh no. But anyway, I kind of like Physics now.. a little. After Physics was... LA! Yes! All the TKaM presentations :D My group is presenting on Monday.. I'm a tinybit scared :(
Ohoh. Then. Recess. Which was spent preparing for our presentation on Monday -.-
Afterwards was Mathematics D: and I landed myself a remedial (yes, already).
But it was okay actually :D :D :D
After remedial I went for act :O
Then yeah.
Mostly? Mostly mostly today was embarrassing and possibly I might never recover ): but Friday's over, Saturday's here. Which means a better day.

ignoramus (instant porridge)
Thursday, January 21, 2010
5:36 PM
I shall ignore people who like my previous skin better.
So confused lately D: it's like yes/no? Oui/non? Wtf/wtf?
So yeah. But since secondary two everyone's commitments have increased, definitely.
I want to get into the Humanities Programme (I think) so I've to work harder? D:
Just a short update; I'm in no mood to blog happily -sigh-. I feel less and less inclined to blog or write! This is terrible.
Oh well :) Jiayou everybody! Squadmates, classmates, whoevers, jiayou :D!

IPhones aren't all that. Hmph.
Sunday, January 17, 2010
8:25 PM
Hellooooooo. I'm blogging on my mother's iPhone. Yeah, you heard that right.
My mother has a new phone and I don't D:
Yes. It's painful to type here, though. Like, massively troublesome.
Well. I want a phone with a good camera, and plenty of memory space. Then I can take more photographs of hamsters, yey!
Okay, I have to go off now. Goodbye :D

what's a sundial in the shade?
Saturday, January 16, 2010
6:35 PM
Change of blogskin! Not mine, obvi(ously), but Kailin's :D
(Rawr I do miss blogskinners D:)
Well. It's kind of gloomy, but whatever. I like the rose :)

i have a dream
1:11 PM
Whoo I am blogging, finally ._. This week has been rather hectic D: There's the LA project, Maths Written Task, Physics homework (but this is quite easy lar. For some reason I find this year's Physics easier than last year's. Maybe 'cos we learnt Electricity in P5 :O?), and etc. Grah.
Right now I'm doing the LA project's photo montage :D I must make it good and prove to Cheryl that I can be of slight use as well. -cough- Yes.
Well. That's all for now. Erm. Bye :O?

Wednesday, January 13, 2010
9:07 PM
My brother scratched me with a sunflower seed and in a matter of minutes, an 'X' popped out from my thigh (as in, literally).
French is okay. M. Huet is not as good as Mme. Tournay but she's off in Brazil so... o.o M. Huet is kind of accent-y though.
Will it ever be enough?

ongoing obsession with homework
Saturday, January 9, 2010
10:04 PM
Believe it or not.

oh, yes,
Friday, January 1, 2010
10:33 PM
Sushi broke her leg. My sister heaped her toys in the cage and somehow her leg broke! D:! Chippie was fine though. Pfft. Even though she was marooned in the middle of the cage like a lost little thing D:
Anyway, yeah. Gotta go.
New Year Resolutions? Oh yes.
1. Uhm, love my friends unequivocally.
2. Be nolstalgic now and then (like, about Viver and four awesome people), not all the time.
3. Protect my hamsters from evil brotherness forces.
4. Do my homework (as in actually do my homework, not do half of it and chiong the other half in school D:)
5. Stop giving out potentially damaging facts about myself on the internet (i.e. this blog) (look at 4. for example).
6. Be spiritual :D and philosophically think about the world.
7. Exercise, 'cos I'm actually expanding at an unusual rate. Really leh ohmygod -cries-.
8. Save, because money does not come easy (contrary to popular opinion!), and money does not automatically pop out of ATMs whenever you pass by POSB.
9. Be nice to my family :D
10. Purchase at least 10 cookbooks, to improve myself and create tasty pastries such as creme brulee EFFORTLESSLYOMG.
11. Read deep and thought-provoking works of fiction, and not trashy (!) clique (!) chicklits (!) ... like I have not been doing for the past two months. Really.

10:25 PM
Ah why is it that emoness is so contagious D:? After reading certain blogs I'm suddenly very emo-like D:
Why! Why! Why! -sobs- (zomg I think POP is finally getting to me. Hurray for slowness.)
Why am I thinking about POP tsk so irrelevant of me. I shall think about homework, and school in 3 days, and meeting 213 '10 :D
Anyway I really have to start Working Hard, with capitals W and H.
On another sad note, being disconnected from squadmates and... others is really getting to me zomg. I think I'm developing a split personality named Anna, who suffers from viral infection of the bone marrow in her leg.