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11. New camera ;D
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google vs yahoo
Wednesday, March 31, 2010
11:44 PM
French was awesome today :) for some reason heh. I love new books :D
Lessons were okay (survived LA, Chinese and Mathematics - in that order ._.), -shrug-. Tomorrow we're gonna do the Home Economics CUPCAKE EXECUTION YEY :D and Music, yey! And pitching with squadmates :D
Short post, but look LOL:

Sorry, a bit lame lar o.o

it is a car. with blue windows. and i think it's a teksi.
Tuesday, March 30, 2010
10:39 PM
O HAI! (I start like this 'cause it irritates Roob ._.)
Anyway hey. Today was epicly embarrassing! I didn't know there was LOA (aha I will kill whoever erased the whiteboard tomorrow. 213ers you all watch out.) D: and then I was in drama, in my PE tee and shorts.
Then squadmates came and I just rushed like siao ohmygod and forgot my skirt in the drama room oh my god D: and then... chionged to classroom, took bag, speed-changed to hongzi and went to the meeting place where Wei Ting was holding my skirt! Note: I ___ ___ in my "half-nakedness" (I quote... Mdm. O.).
Ah forget it. Anyway shooting is funz but I'm failz ): and zomg ___ are very prooo eh :D
omg weird writing LULZ NVM MIEE.
Bye, youtubing and ignoring my culture quiz.

its a saturday!
Saturday, March 27, 2010
9:09 PM
Woke up feeling quite horrid :( and at first I thought it was normal after-sleep-fatigue or something, but then I suddenly remember that my grandmother, sister and father are all sick :O All are coughing horribly, and my sister has high fever ._.
Anyway I seem to be fine now but -shudder- what if I fall sick during block test period zomg D:
Byeeee :D

burberry, stop running! :O
Friday, March 26, 2010
10:45 PM
I don't feel like blogging about today D: so I shan't.
Oh wait, what am I doing now?

she rubbed her eyes in fatigue
Thursday, March 25, 2010
11:33 PM
I slept from 8.40 to 9.50 just now. Which is why I'm staying up voluntarily... to blog somemore.
I will aim to make my writing clearer, and be more observant, and other academic nonsense.
Ahem starting from now:
Today was a cool day. Cool as in 'awesomez' cool, not 'got wind' cool. Anyway lessons were fairly nondescript. White Space was spent with Kellynn and Rebecca making up songs ._. Other classmates came back and I told Ying Tong: "I whiled away White Space," and she said "I'm not surprised."
I wondered briefly why the hell I hang out with people who make me feel small (small as in low self-esteem, and not small as in atom). In fact, now as I blog about it, roughly 3/4 of the people I come into contact with do that -points out-.
This will not be an emo-oh-god-life-is-against-me-wtf-not-fair post, because I am fully aware that it is I who shape myself! And others' perceptions of me. It's a wonder I've not decided to put my thoughts into action yet sooner. I will now!
After school was the cool part! Erm ohmygod yes :D went with squadmates to pass ysm her present made with LOVE LOL ._. We walked there and I got some exercise by running as Elaine chased me -.- It was really awkward though (the meeting of ysm and present-giving). We took photographs :D yeah but squadmates were all highing zomg. Especially Elaine -smirk-. Yey!
Hmm afterwards squadmates and I took a bus -.- back/walked across the overhead bridge. Where I met up with Ting Ting, supposedly to help time her while she ran 800m. But of course it was raining ugh. And Ting Ting was damn gey zomg she made me take the bus with her because she said she was gonna treat me to chawanmushi at West Mall. Gah and she lied when she said that.
Got off at West Mall, took bus to Woodlands Interchange and slept on the way. Then I bought bread at BreadTalk due to starvation D:
Sorry Yi Xin! I said I'd be VEGETARIAN for a day but after I came back I stoned until dinner (okay I didn't. I just stoned around dinnertime.) And I didn't realise the porridge had duck in it D: so I've decided to be vegetarian tomorrow instead :D
Lalalala finally I've come to the end of this post. I will end it with:

i feel empty all of a sudden.
Wednesday, March 24, 2010
11:18 PM
Wrote reflection but didn't give -.-
This is gonna be a cryptic/incoherent post, skip it.
I miss Four Awesome People and okay we've more Awesome People now but I still miss 4AP. And I really should get to sleep now.
Highed in Math today because of "parabola". Eh idk why everytime I think of "parabola" I think of ___ lol. It's ***'s birthday tomorrow :D wished her a happy birthday. Was that what started the missing-of-4AP?
Something after school tomorrow, don't really wanna go. But I've to. I'm starting to feel that homework is wonderful, except Chinese. Hmm.
___ changed her blogskin :O which reminds me how long have I not spoken to all of them?! Damn long siao.
They're all online, lol. No courage, never had it.

Wrote mortal's letter.

Sec 2 life sucks and I'm thinking how the blank I'm gonna survive sec3 and sec4! God why must life always bring us apart? It's not only the APs, but 213 too.
Imma start to enjoy lessons again. I used to.

And maybe I always have, even now, except I'm not doing the homework.

i remember it was a tuesday when i caught your eye
Tuesday, March 23, 2010
10:01 PM
Ladeeda today was like yesterday ._. so boring tsk :(
Oh. Anyway because I'm so free I will blog about my boring day in detail oh yes.
Erm first thing we changed seats, yey! Ohmygod yes my attitude towards seat-changing is so bipolar, neh D:
Watching TV nao :D so awesome!
Okay don't change the topic, Fiona :D
Okay forget it ._. I dowan blog le. I will do a reflection -clap-. And then I will do Physics Revision.
Sigh, I still miss Yanchie :) but Sabrina is awesome lar. Today we didn't talk much, to my surprise. Sabrina says it's 'cause we haven't warmed up.

Photo quality = horrid here :( but I enjoyed making it :D don't steal :O
Click on the image to bask in its awesomenez.

just another monday
Monday, March 22, 2010
5:57 PM
Yes, look at the title and you'll know it all. Today was okay. I brought Burberry to school :) and boy, was she a hit..
Actually zomg I don't know where all my weird sentence structures are coming from :O
Anyway as I was saying, Burberry was a hit -nod-.
Erm let me start from the beginning? Brought her to school in a renyuepai bag -.- on the school bus Burberry kept running, and her wheel was making an irritating sound D:
Oh then yes I brought her to class and contained myself for all of three minutes (three! Last year I just hopped into class, plonked the cage down and shouted that I'd brought a hamster. Yes. This year I am much more discreet :D). Then I had this really gigantic smile plastered on my face while talking to Yan Li.
Aiyah yes so then more and more people came to look at Burberry, who meanly didn't give me any face -throwfaces-.
Hmph go and bite me :( but oh well roborovskis are temperamental creatures.
Ermz. Yeah. After a while I went down with Ying Tong, Nicole and Sabrina to run! I did okay. I did a run-walk thing. Yes. Considered also :O
And then halfway I saw campcraft people and ohmygod so throwface to the maximum ohmygod Lai Jia Hui was smirking, seriously T_T and it's like, wth was I doing there?
Ta-da the answer: I was exercising! So was Ms. Ong, actually, which came as a shock to me and Ying Tong. Hello, seeing your Home Economics teacher/co-form teacher shooting hoops?
Disturbing, actually.
And after 'running', I walked around with Roob and Ting Ting, who came also! :O Did I mention that earlier? Well, me, Nicole, Sabrina and Ying Tong just came down and me and Ying Tong were walking around the court and the two of them (Roob, Ting Ting) came down. Ahem. So we erm, joined them in a school run.
After the run, we played badminton :D I like badminton whoo but I seem to have gotten bad at it ._. Anyway, never mind that :O we played, as I said, until we'd to go up to class.
Then Chinese! I paid attention okay :O I totally did :O I even TOOK NOTES :O Someone should buy me a post-it pad as a reward (yellow. I ran out.)! Of course when I took these extremely useful and beneficialtomycommandoftheChineselanguage notes, I'd no intention of getting anything.
Ladeeda then what - oh, it was Science! Which was Chemistry and not Biology, disappointingly! Our teacher seems nice (she's young :O) and all though, so I hope that I'll excel in Chemistry, grow up and become a chemist, duhhhh (actually, I've an interest in Etymology! It's awesomenez rolled into cheem-souding word.)
-clap- Anyway, lunch was spent being Ting Ting's photocopy assistant/eating with Kellynn, very slowly as I am missing two important thing. Oh, and the left side of my mouth's teeth are like hurting a lot D: so I only use the right side to chew ohmygod I will develop a disproportionate jawline ohmygod I hate extractions!!! (abuse of exclamation marks D:) Okay on a more relevant side,
after lunch was :O LA! And Mdm. Oehlers wasn't at school so we just went through TKaM tags :D and all~ which was funz you know. Han Yi's book is ridiculous. It's now coloured with post-its that are translucent and brightly-coloured! :D How amayzing :D -zibeis at my own less chock-full book with opaque and ugly dull post-its-
Erm then CME! Was okay, but emo. 'Cause...
Sounds wrong hor. But seriously I like my comfort zone and I know we've to break out of it... (sometime)... and definitely not now! I'm in the middle of an hormonal imbalance (oh come on, you know you are, too. If you are a person like me, you are, in fact, permanently hormonally imbalanced.) and you cannot tear my deskie of one term (but in actual fact, last year we were deskies for very long also!) away from me! Because (ohmygod I made an error in sentence structure I cannot start a sentence with 'because' ohmygod!) I will possibly die without Yan Li to chide me every chance she gets! :( and Sabrina's a great person and friend, no doubt, but we will mutually distract each other and then end up we both PHAIL PHYSICS! How can Mr. Tan allow such a tragedy to happen, especially since both me and Sabrina are such OBVIOUS, NATURAL-BORN PHYSICS PRODIGIES?!


Stop looking at me like that, Yan Li. I will not allow you to insult me. Because (ohgod) you know it's true I have a talent for the sciences, for I am an inquisitive creature. Pity that I cannot make use of my innate curiousity for all forms of sciences, languages, and humanities, in such a way that I pass all my examinations with flying colours fabulousity.
-tragic weep-
Well anyway yes back to the point: cannot change deskie! But -sobs- my life is like a Shakespearian tragedy. It is unfathomably suay. I was born under an unlucky star (actually no I am a very fortunate person. It's a wonder I've even managed to survive in NYGH until this year leh.).
(and ungrammatical D:)
Ugh I find myself slipping away from reality. Ermz.
Stop emoing Fiona.
Okay back on track! :O! Tomorrow we're gonna change seats D:
Wait, after CME was Class Contact Time. We did surveys and all, and discussed the change of seats (to which I say: pointless frivolity it is!).
And after that I was supposed to go visit Hui Qi with Ying Tong, Cheryl and Shin Yee. But I couldn't go into the boarding school (which Ying Tong and Cheryl put their stuffz down and all that, 'cause they're living in the boarding school now). So I was tired of waiting. And I decided that I should probably go home; the hospital mightn't allow Burberry :O to enter anyway. So yeah :(
Took bus to home and am now blogging/doing Chinese homework diligently.
Act tomorrow, am rather excited -:D-. Bye!

men who stare at goats OR ALTERNATIVELY, "shut your bloody mouth"
Friday, March 19, 2010
2:13 PM
I am miserable and curled up on a bed.

No I am not.
I am miserable and lying on a bed, blogging. I will put off my homework till one hour later as the pain/discomfort I feel is distracting me and therefore I cannot focus!
You ask in concern, "Why're you feeling so horrible, Fiona?"
I respond, "uhuhuhuhuuhuhuhuuhuhuhuuhuuhm."

Okay more in detail. Today I awoke, fresh as a daisy! At eight o' clock. I dressed in my long flowy skirt and psychedelic swirtly blouse shirt and bermudas and walked out of the door with my mother, carrying an equally heavy bag (it was the same as yesterday's actually ._.), because I didn't bother to pack.
We went for breakfast at Toast Box, and then we...
we took the MRT to -drumroll- Outram Park.
Ah yes yes okay I'd my dental appointment -.- Anyway as I was saying, we took the MRT to Outram Park, walked to the clinic and waited my turn.
Then, we went in! The dentist basically put in a new wire for the bottom teeth :) then she sent me down to another place (?) for my EXTRACTION.
The dentist there was nice actually. Before he started injected the anaesthetic I started screaming ._.
Then he injected it :( it hurtttt okay it did! :( And you know I even felt the anaesthesia coursing through my... nerves. Ohmygod seriously it was MOVING ohmygod. No wonder my nose is numb ._. (yes.)
After that the dentist started to push the teeth left and right :O until it came loose and I could feel it coming out ohmygod (as well as the blood pouring from the wound -gaspgasp-). And repeat.
And ohmygod erm. Then he pressed gauze to it!
Then I went up again to change the wire for the upper teeth. The teeth extracted were of course, in the upper row lar. Erm. Yes.
And ohmygod the worst thing is that my salivary glands totally overwork (Ahem TMI much ._.) But seriously ohmygod blood + saliva = evilness.
And my lips feel like gel. And I'm hungry but I can't do nothin' about it!
Erm yes continuing. Throughout the journey home I was massively irritated by the amount of blood produced. Though I was miserable, I found a kind of sadistic pleasure at walking around with a morose expression and slightly freaking out random people.
Liek wth D: and also the wound started to... hurt. Not hurt as in broke-your-leg kind of pain, but the teeth-extracted kind of pain. It's unique you know. And it pisses me off a lot.
Then at Causeway Point my mother decided that I should get a milkshake yey! And Panadol (for when the anaesthesia wore off. Which is not yet.). So yes we parked ourselves at Mos Burger and she took off to Guardian.
And then whilst she was walking about my gauze (which I'd replaced already so I'd no more gauze from the dentist, basically) suddenly dislodged itself from my wound and fell! So obviously I couldn't use it anymore (well I could, but that would be disgusting). So ohmygod what did I do? I did nothing -ahem-. Until my mother came back - then I told my mother that it hurt... only she didn't understand me. As my mouth was literally, bloody and full of gauze. I gestured until she did and she asked me to pui the gauze out; she'd run up and get more.
So I did lar. Unfortunately there was this tiny problem of what to put in my mouth while she was buying more gauze because I couldn't exactly let the blood drip into my mouth and do nothing right? So I stuffed a Mos Burger tissue into my mouth ._. like, bit on it.
And all the while random customers were milling about, you understand ._. no wonder people stared LOL. So I covered my mouth and just assumed a look of deep pain.
However I had vastly misjudged the amount of blood that could pour from facial wounds (it's a facial wound, is it not?)! Which is, FYI, a lot ohmygod! But what could I do D: (1. no more Mos Burger tissue, 2. and I couldn't even get more for fear of people seeing me looking quite vampirish, and not in the Twilight way) So I kept the tissue in my freaking mouth? While I tasted a lot of blood?!
Ohmygod?! And I can't even gurgle NOW, 'cause the dentist said the blood clot that would form to block more blood would come out. Ohmygod ew.
Okay nevermind. So I was stuck with a bloody piece of MOS BURGER TISSUE (so throwface alamak -.-) in my mouth, waiting for ages. It was probably only ten minutes but ten minutes = torture ohmygod. Give me a broken leg ANYDAY. Seriously :(
So when my mother finally came back, I rushed to the toilet. Unfortunately (yes, again) Causeway Point has this irritating and massively annoying and stupid thing about it, which is that the toilets were not conveniently available thirty metres away from you. So I went all the way up, ohmygasppppppppppppppppppppppppppp D: and finally into a toilet. While passing a lot of people. (Sidenote: Swenson's got a lot of people queueing leh! :O)
So yes in the toilet I speed-changed the gauze with the gauze that my mother bought... only to find that it wasn't gauze, but MAKE-UP PADS. I am perfectly serious.
But heck-care, just use.
And went back to Mos Burger, dropping all pretence of great pain by covering my mouth. And guess what, more people stared at me :( 'cause I looked really vampirish. You know... fanged. Does that give you an idea of where the extractions were?
Sigh, anyway went back and felt better! Now I just have to change the gauze make-up pads regularly. About once every twenty minutes :(
And ohmygod the make-up pads are from a brand called Swissper. Say it with me.
Tamade I should go do work now. I probably wouldn't be able to speak for the rest of the day :( or tomorrow ._.

haus of gaga yingtong
Thursday, March 18, 2010
11:17 AM
Disclaimer: Almost-incoherent languge.
Hellooooo! I should be actually, doing work, you know. But I want to blog about yesterday's Math project discussion at Ying Tong's house :O so... yeah. I think that blogging helps me remember, in a way! Which is good, 'cause when I'm feeling stressed I read my frivolous posts and feel relaxed. When I'm too relaxed, on the other hand, I read other people's blog posts and feel stressed. Ooh, awesome.
Yesterday woke up real early :( like SEVEN. Okay not very early for some of you -glare glare who is the biantai who wakes up at seven o'clock just to MUG? Ohmygod -stare at Yan Li--. Anyway yeah then did all the morning stuff, grabbed my bag and walked out the door (sounds easy? That bag was damn heavy. And somemore I thought I'd brought my resources but I didn't ohmygod! But it was heavy anyway.).
Took the MRT, ladeeda and -gasp- arrived early by 10 minutes for a change. Normally for these kinda meetings I'm late -cough-. Dunnowhyalso.
Andddd -drum roll-. Both Ying Tong and Roob were LATE. Tsk. So followed Ying Tong's directions and met her in the "open air" (I quote her ._.). Roob wasn't there yet, so Ying Tong brought me to her old house :D (which was nearby ._.) to take a looksee! Uh-huh then along the way she described Momocha's body in gory detail :( (Momocha died, yeah D:)! And erm. Yes.
Then we walked back to the MRT station (you see, the area her old house was at was about ten metres from the MRT station ._.) and met Roob!
Erm. Then :O we walked the long way to Ying Tong's house, and got bubble tea along the way ._. ._. ._. (this was not my idea! It was Ying Tong's!)!
Then up to her house :O and saw her brother, heh. Okay that sounded wrong but anyway went into her room and started work!
-work in progress-
Then somewhere along the way Ying Tong started youtubing (actually she turned on the radio? But her brother was chao funny and off-ed it heehee.) :O and then she played a few songs (like Cobra Starship de :O) and then she started watching the MV for Telephone. Ahem. And then we were all distracted.
But I continued doing work! And then I pestered Ying Tong for food, which she refused to get :O tsk. Finally she got me soyabean milk ._.
What else happened? Oh yes we'd a blanketfight, which is sort of like a pillowfight, except Ying Tong was mercilessly hitting me with a blanket and poor lil' me had nothing to fight back with. But it was actually called for, because I threatened to "push her off the edge of the bed" teehee :D
But Roob was really sane, ohmygod. And yes I just realised I'm portraying myself as a bimbo with all the ohmygods, ohmygod.
Ahhhhh -slaps self-. I'm spiralling into a dark abyss! I am, too!
I hate my keyboard it's screwy!
I love Burberry she's so adorable ohmygod! Her fur's growing long so she looks like a FURRY CATERPILLAR ohmygod! She bites and all but still, so adorable.
Ohmygod digressed.
Erm. Yeah then around one we all had to go. Actually Roob and Ying Tong had to go. But anyway so me and Roob waited for Ying Tong to -sigh- change (and iron her clothes... I know, right? So weird. And she does it on the floor? Who irons their clothes on the floor? Ying Tong, that's who.) :O and we all left :D along the way...
This is the epic part.
So I hopped along in pissed anger, shouting at Roob and Ying Tong who were depressingly, shoe-d. And then I gave them a kickedpuppyface, but all they did was laugh. And suggest that I buy new shoes with less than twenty dollars (I quote Roob "cheapskate shoes"). And Ying Tong kindly offered me her shoe, only to... take it back two seconds later.
Go ahead, laugh at my misfortune! (I mean that sarcastically.) -huffs-
Although I was complaining about how I'd look on the MRT.
Wtf, gang up on me! And so I walked along barefooted on the burning pavement. Ugh.
Went on the MRT (barefooted). Then I sat down next to this kind old man who said that I should tie the slipper's strap together and he even lent me a rubber band :D so I did (according to Roob's suggestion that I thread the rubber band in the buckle)! And it worked! But I still had the other shoe! So, guess what ohmygod! This other random lady who had been watching dug in her bag and gave me ANOTHER RUBBER BAND! :D! :D! So kind of both of them :) and nice to help a stranger :)
So I thanked them, obviously :D
And then yep that's it. MRT-ed home, and ate by my lonely self. Occasionally the rubber band would dislodge itself ._. but I just lifted up my foot, grabbed the slipped and tied it back LOL ._. ohmygod unglam xD
And I went to the library too! But ladeeda none of your beesness. Ohmygod geddit beeswax/business.
Ohmygod I'm slipping into incoherency so... bye :)
P.S. Megan Fox used to be a BANANA.

you know...
Monday, March 15, 2010
1:59 PM
I was thinking about how people always say that they'll never forget someone, or something.
Inevitably, they always do.
Today I must start on homework. Erm. I will complete my History assignment and probably start on drugabuse/commonwealth and TAG TKaM :D
I will do all these.

you spin my head right round, right round
Friday, March 12, 2010
6:59 PM
Disclaimer: Veryyy long post :D
Whooo I am BACK from LSC :D and blogging, of course!
Okay I'm totally not gonna blog about Days 1 and 2 'cause they aren't interesting D: okay a bit but not very memorable.
So! Days 3, 4 and 5: RESIDENTIAL CAMP WOOT.
Packing was okay. I brought like five bags wth :O and somemore outside the school there was a traffic jam totally -.- oh! And so unglam dragging all the bags around when all the secondary fours were there o.o zomg luckily I met Yan Li and Yi Xin who... were waiting for Cheryl Yau. Who ordered them to wait for her.
Quoting Yan Li:
"Cheryl tidak tahu malu!"
Oh and I forgot my sleeping bag wahh ):
Exactly, I know right. My freaking sleeping bag!
Erm. So... yeah -refers to camp booklet-. All the usual stuff, then AMAZING RACE :D it was raining, so we couldn't go to Fort Canning :( I was actually kind of looking forward to it leh D: anyway so Amazing Race was fun! :D! We'd this game of... plant-finding ._. Erm then... other stations :O I forgot the order but there was one about amoeba royalty, I remember. Then another called "Moo Quack Ribbit"? "Ribbit Moo Quack"? Aiyah something like that :D which was totally similar to the thingy we played before ATC last year (to find out if we were gonna be in Alpha, Bravo, Charlie and Delta).
Then. Oh lunch sucked D: zomg it was like... cold, hard rice... weird chicken... okayish, but slightly plastic tasting vegetables and... taupok that was super difficult to bite through zomg it took like 5 seconds to eat a piece.
Ah I'm abusing italics!
-screams around-
Then after lunch we'd this super long period of time, supposed to be for travelling back to school from Fort Canning (but since we didn't even go there -.- we SLACKED AROUND, did drama rehearsals :D chao funz okay! Like, listening to music, dancing around, singing along... zihighing! 213 love :D)
I used a most disturbing shade of pink/purple.
Jasmine is feeding me to gory details about OBS! :D D:
Then shower. !@#!$!#!@#%@$&$$%@!#^&&***)!#!@# lar, wtf. Why is it that all the people ALWAYS have this incredibly irritating habit of continuously knocking in two-second intervals? Walao not like we don't know we've to be faster. Does knocking this frequently help us get changed faster? No it does not. Therefore STOP IT WALAO! D:
Okay end of rant. It was horrible lar, to be honest :( but whatever -flip hair-. (I didn't bring soap ._______. so I shampoo-d my body. And my leg hair ._.)
Then more drama! We slacked around somemore :D
Then dinner! Marginally better than lunch :) but after that was the Talk for Parents-while-We Watched Movie, and my parents came! Yey! With my sleeping bag! :DI introduced my entire class to them leh zomg :O so embarrassing :O and I introduced Cikgu Hanim to them to! (Even worse LOL O.O This is what happens when I zihigh! :D! Yey!)
Erm then we watched Hotel for Dogs anyway! :D! Emma Roberts = chioness, Friday (the dog! Well. One of them anyway ._.) = adorability, movie = Damn Feel Good 8D
Ahah we saw lots of lizards and flies, and lizards eating flies ew. Plus Roob people KILLED WORMS 'cause she they flicked them and apparently they flew apart (literally? As in each of them flew into two pieces? Like cut into half like that?) zomg O.o weirdnez.
Ahah then debrief :D highing with 207 people and singing along to Baby xD Supper was -shrug-.
Erm slept chao late :O 'cause talking! And then Mdm. Yeo came to our class many times :O! Oh yeah and I brushed my teeth in class, then ran to the toilet (thank goodness 310 (where we were sleeping) was beside the toilet yey!) ._.
Okay whatever Thursday :D Nanzhong Quan zzz -.- breakfast (MILOyey!). Then telematch (fun! I loved 204's! Super fun with Roob but she was chao phail at the maze part -lovely smile-. But damn good at skipping :D so was Li Shuen and Han Yi. Okay digressed.) And 203's was chao fun also! I wore Kellynn's 'blindfold' (a scarf actually) like the fashionista I clearly am.
But we'd to like leave halfway to eat lunch, so that we could prepare for Mind Games while the other people ate (I organised the games leh! With awesome 209 of course :D) So... I was chao responsible and all that FOR ONCE can 8D didn't even eat lunchuntil I found the Facilitators' Route Map and explained and all :D (with Ying Tong! Yey Ying Tong yey!) then oh yeah. Went around after that checking on the stations :D before the classes arrived. 211 was -tsks- playing with cards when they were supposed to be at the stations, tsk -tsks at Kheng Fang :D-. A bit screwed at the start but then Mind Games got better and better yey! Walked around with Ying Tong (slacking, dropping in on stations and kachaoing people randomly, playing with Mr. Tan's camera when he was in the atrium marking our quizzes, looking at 206's Egg Drop (they used newspapers to lower the protective structure covering the egg! But it still broke ._.), lots of awesome things :D! And Ying Tong was like, "you're chioer than me! I can't believe that you're chioer than me!" ._. walao she moodswinged ._.) Erm.
Oh! Then me and Ying Tong danced :O (yesss it was chao feel-y then, you know? (:)
Then shower! As sucky as before's! It was better during the showering part, but the people rushed me until I didn't wash my hair properly and there was like, shampoo on it ._. so I went to the toilet to wash off -.-
Then we went down to the quadrangle to help teachers set up the groundsheets for that night's Sleeping Under The Stars thingy :D
Dinner! Best, ever!
More dancing. Ying Tong was sexydancing -.- but erm we were very... good.
Night Trail! ZOMG lots to say! We were playing with 212 as a group. Erm first was the announcement that totally freaked me out :D but I was screaming okay! Plus the 208/210 people were walking around in awesome makeup :D eh. I sang! Mercy and Somewhere Over the Rainbow.
I was NOT BAD hor -cough-. Speaking of which this is damn funny.
The first station was best, I thought. The clue was so simple. It was in the rooftop hall and there was this person introducing us to the games lar. Then this 212 person was super anti-climatic and asked her not to use the microphone 'cause the rooftop hall got a lot of echo ._. LOL -.-
Well~ we'd to close our eyes and walk/crawl under chairs, with random ghosts freaking us out of course :D so... zomg damn freaky when they bang the tables right above us? Plus at this one point inside of a table there was like... a PERSON? So when we crawled under the row of tables suddenly a pair of hands would brush against your back can?! Wtf O.O like trailing along...
Oh and Ting Ting was MOLESTED (O.O) by a dollghost who brushed her hand against Ting Ting's whole back, starting from her neck all the way to her... well you know. And then the dollghost said: "Are... you... happy?" in a freaky dollvoice D: thank goodness the most someone did to me was to scream in my ear damn loud -.-
I liked it! I did! There was this dollghost who didn't blink at ALL. Xuan Li was having a stareoff with her but she didn't blink can?! Wtf awesomenez! And we were commenting on her expression right in front of her somemore! Plus she was rockin' her makeup, man.
Zomg what is wrong with me.
Next... 409. (The clue was: 999 9. LOL :D) That wasn't scary at the slightest please ._.
And then... what... conference room?! They were playing this scary doll video that was gross D: but other than that... fine?
Toilet! Ah god. Damn scary/funny. Basically we'd to choose a door to open, and that door would either have our friend or a ghost in it.
Ah so... yes. We chose a door, then Roob offered to open it ._. I didn't wanna look, so I chose to look at the mirror (which had stuff scribbled on it in red lipstick ._. and random people sitting on the sinks ._.). Then suddenly the dollghost moved and I was like, "-scream- Don't move please don't move!"
Anyway then the door opened. But nothing happened. As in, no one screamed or anything. Then I found the silence unsettling and decided to scream -.- then Sabrina and the rest started screaming also WAHAHAHA damn awesome. Anyway the ghost was Roob's friend who ambled out LOL.
Anyway 212 and us were chao slowwww so we didn't get to finish all the stations. Never mind though :/ so. Supper! :O! And then we headed to our room to pack our sleeping bags, then went down to the quadrangle to sleep 'under the stars' :D
Relatively good sleep, even though I was in obscene fake-FBTs and woke up with my butt to the world -.- yep then. Oh but I woke up feeling sick: sucky sore-throaty voice and a runny nose! Actually I got the runny nose during the day. But the weird voice was from screaming during Night Trail I suspect :O More NZQ~ ._. gawd sucky. Hmm then breakfast :D more Milo! Went up to prepare for DRAMA.
I love this part! We got into costumes (me= nuclear scientist: Giordano Junior hot baby pink, slightly frilly dress belonging to my sister. So I wore it as a blouse; black skinny jeans; socks and someone's pink slippers; random tie; messed up, hair-sprayed hair (ponytail to one side, generally with random hair all over, my short-'cause-of-layering hair on the other side! Irritating. So I clipped up; hair colour (a bit :3), red/blue!); Han Yi's bathrobe as a lab coat xD)! Kellynn was super GLAM as a witch alright :D (her: black loose blouse with a zip at the shoulder; tight jeans, black obviously; slightly messy, also hair-sprayed hair; red hair colour; boots; cloak; hat!) Then Etsuko (epic clown suit belonging to Cheryl Yau -.-; blue leggings; different socks on each foot; shoes; weird pigtails, with one high one low -.-!). Rachel Wu was in orange, as a tiger.
Fairies - wings, pastel colours (mostly), wands! Unicorns - same, except no wings/wands :D, but unicorn hairbands. I remember Ying Tong (as a unicorn) had two pigtails! So did Roob (tree)! Trees - class tees and pants! Mean scientists - prim whatevers -flip hair-!
Ohmygod makeup! I'd... some eyeshadow, blusher, and I scribbled something black on one eye in a failed attempt to look Kesha-y. Kellynn had a lot of eyeliner, blusher, eyeshadow, red lipstick, and nail polish (red duh). Etsuko had blusher, red lipstick all over the sides of her face as well! Rachel Wu had a distinctive wang2 zi4 on her forehead :D Fairies had bluey eyeshadow, lip gloss (zomg yes Sabrina was so pretty :D so was Ting Ting!). Trees... didn't have? :O
Okay let pictures speak -smirk-. Aren't you pissed at me for making you read all that! Thank Han Yi for these okay! And Roob~ (whose photographs can be identified by the red thingy at the bottom.) And Kellynn~ :D (zomg more and more people pop up ._.)


Random rehearsal peek :D see me and Rachel Wu~

Lovely, patient 213ers -heart-.

Trees :D and clown!

Sabrina whee! Shine the star!

Haha camwhoring :O
Random Highing!


A picture of a picture of Kellynn~ LOL.

I LOVE THIS PHOTOGRAPH. Everyone randomly milling around, and Mr. Lim at the door preparing to take a photograph -.-

Class photo -hearts-!

AHA Kellynn got her REVENGE on Mr. Lim! Finally :D Who ask Mr. Lim take so many unglam photographs of us D:

Yi Xin looks cute here! Aw look at the sweet smiles :) Background: 310's shelf, Kellynn's Fuji Apple ._.

Hmph the dance people (Kellynn, Cheryl Yau :O) show off! Yan Li looking bemusedly at the camera ._.

Meanwhile... the people in front being more decent.

Look at the clown suit at the back!

Ting with Kellynn's witch hat! Pointing at... I don't know what :O
After bathing:)

Adorable Yan Li in adorable pink hoodie! :D!

Aiyah chio lar chio lar -sulk-.

-smirks at Roob's face-
-everyone looks bored-

Walao Li Shuen epicnez lar 8D
Love 213!

I quote Roob: "WSC chicks!"
Minus Etsuko, who was using the computer xD

The plant station, yes indeed!

I didn't mention this game earlier :O! We'd to like grab stuff from a box placed far away from us. Erm. Yeah with restrictions that I will not go into now but anyway with the stuff we'd to make a cool symbolic design, as shown above.

The Tie-Your-Feet-Together-As-15-People-From-A-Class-And-Get-As-Many-Basketballs-As-Humanly-Possible-Without-Touching-An-Obstacle-Station :D I helped tie knots!

Ooh blindfolded! Two people had to go inside the marked square and... and... one had to feed the other heehee :D You can see 202's Zara in here helping Huiting :D
Xuan Li and Huiting in the second picture!

Look at Nicole's disturbingly amused expression!
'Nother Rehearsal ;)

How can you not love us when we're so mad awesome? :D
Lunch/Dinner :O (I honestly forgot ._.)

Yan Li was hungry, I suspect :D

Quoting unnamed photographer: "sophia our dear monitress who refuses to let me take a picture of her chio face [hence i have to resort to underhand methods.]" MEHEH ZOOM IN.
I hope Sophia doesn't read my blog ._.
More slackingtime.

Ignore my weird expression -_-;


Compare Huiting's hair-swishing with Ting Ting's please :D
Ohmygod you've to look at the photographs below! Total awesomenez! Huiting was sitting behind all of us and we used her hair to take photographs :)



Yes I am aware that I'm EXTRAING just... focus on Yan Li, yes!

Looks freaking natural canz :O Sophia = pretty :)


-insert above reaction-

Roob! :D! Is pretty as usual.
-decides not to put Ying Tong's 'cause it's chao phail xD-
Okay I cannot resist:


They look like they do this all the time ZOMG :O

What happened next -.- violence tsk!
Mind Games

I tried telling Ying Tong that the floor was chao dirty! This taken in... I don't know, some random secondary 4 classroom :D


This is technically not part of Mind Games ('cause... taken before Mind Games... while we were blasting Blah Blah Blah by Kesha -covers face-). But look at the matching tees! Mdm. Lee's tee states "MDM LEE THE MATHEMATICIAM" HAHA SPELLING ERROR WTF.
Thursday, sometime


-chokes on biscuit-

I remember this incident really clearly.
Ying Tong thought I was going to molest her.
Look our dance!

Uh-huh. I don't look very dancey. BUT THAT'S WHAT YOU THINK.
-tsks at Ying Tong-

Ying Tong shakes to the beat.

-claps for my glam self-

Mr. Chow walked by as Ying Tong did this... or was it when Cheryl Yau pulled my hair?!
Quadrangle, under the stars night sky.

Drama (Prep)!

Kellynn putting on eyeshadow!

Cheryl the mean scientist! Etsuko in clown suit/leggings.

I seriously have no idea why the bottle of fluorescent neon glue is there leh. Little tube next to it is liquid foundation.

Told you Sabrina was chio le!

-bored look-
Also without hair tied up and all.


Adorable lovely unicorn: NICOLE! Please don't ask me why unicorns carry the 'unicorns' around.

Fairies! The reason why Roob dresses like a tree (with her class tee AND brown leggings AND olivey belty thing...) is...
she's a ...
Tree Fairy. I know right? So awesome :D


Ting Ting the Fairy!

Witch transformation almost complete! Remove harmless-looking camera, please.

I was trying to do the Kesha look, rememberrrrrrr....?



Fairies in a row! :D

Tsk why is the fairy camwhoring with the witch :O

Eek again. And Kellynn looks really freakily... witchy pervert here.


-me holds Toblerone-

Scientist adjusting attire.

Looks like I've gotta black eye :O


The unicorns and the witch... BACKSTAGE!

-squeals- Hair colour hair colour!

Mr. Ng almost blending into the background :O

Ting Ting's leg o.o

My sophisticated self drawing the numbers for Sudoku!

What happens next.
It looks like Yan Li was stretching that pair of legs right?

Artistic shot!

After Drama! Trying to wash off makeup :/
Anyway we didn't win T.T 203 did, and their's was totally good :D heh.
Anyway doesn't matter, as long 213 loved all of it! And yeah I did :)
We won Amazing Race though :D -gigantic smile- Haha yeah I love!
After that we ended our camp with two surveys -.- I dragged my heavy bags around and ended up going to KAP with squadmates, yey~
Yep! So... bye.