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eyeliner & cigarettes
Friday, April 30, 2010
7:24 PM
Chinese block test, I mean :) not as bad as I thought, actually. That's because the topics were all ones we did before in class! So much easier like that :D and I used quite a number of ming2ju4s like how zls told us to do ._. erm, hopefully I pass?
Anyway here is the list of things I have to do:
1. Geography revision
2. LA Poetry file (I like my poems 1 and 2! I really do :O hopefully Mdm. Oehlers does as well -.-)
3. Philosophy
4. LA SIA (settle with group ahem)
5. MA SIA (rawr)
6. Mathematics Written Task (Mdm Lee says she'll officially "release" it as homework in week 8. But start now lar :D)
7. IH SIA (rawr)
8. Chemistry SIA (not too bad)
9. CLC SIA (dead and overdue ._.)
10. Prepare for Drama Assignment (D: I hope it'll go okay. Manz ._.)
That is all! I wish my blog readers a happy labour day! Muahaha :O
P.S. Jia Chun calls me a Mogu Mogu Monster because I'm addicted to it! Mogu Mogu (and I quote Roob who is awesomefast at running and went on stage podium to receive three trophies today!) is "happiness in a small bottle -holds up hands retardedly and mimes holding a bottle-" :D)
Doing Geography notes nao! I better get an A1 for it :(
P.P.S. Ohemgee LA block test! Apparently according to random sources of information the average is like 10+ and the highest is 21 and got people get 3. Sincerely hope it's not trueeeeeeeeeeee D:

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run around in circles, why don't you?
Thursday, April 29, 2010
8:38 PM
Meh meh Chinese tomorrow -dies-.
Today in the bus I was really sleepy and fell asleep standing up ._. and then when I finally got a seat I was awoken once by this Malay lady who 无端端 tapped my shoulder -.-? I think 'cause I was falling off the seat ._. Then I awoke again when my lemon tea fell off my lap ._. Then again when the NJC girl next to me got off! The NJC girl smiled at me o.o LOL she's so friendly and nice! Hahahaha I wish the world had more people like her :)
Speaking of weirdness, I had a weird dream a few days ago about a _ O.o the setting was my classroom and it was after school or something then _ came in with some random person who went over to the person behind me (Jia Chun, LOL :O) and talked and _ followed the random person!
Then it ended at this point, mid-motion, because I was rudely awakened :( tsk I require sleep!
Meh meh sheepppppp.

"at its peak, exciting"
Wednesday, April 28, 2010
9:49 PM

not any longer!
9:18 PM
I will not have that extremely depressing post at the top of the page anymore!
-points down-
No! Parce que it is a thing of the past! And WE SHOULD LEARN FROM HISTORY! Ahahahaha!
Today was History, so I'm a bit high now! I bet I failed it :D!
(This is what all my classmates say, with varying forms of expressions. So I shall copy them, being the brainless airheaded copycat that I am.)
But whatever :O it was only 20 marks DIE seriously... and oh no, the next block test is Chinese on Friday ohmygod ZUOWEN!
I am really bad at zuowens. And I confirm cannot finish in time :(
I shall think about that later :) nao the more important thing is to bask in happiness after finishing History.
Oh but seriously, I'm happy if I pass Chinese ._. Just please a PASS :(
Hmm. After Chinese it's Mathematics and Geography! I'm quite comfortable with both of these so happyhappyheppynez! :D
W00t o.o at squad blog now.
Have I mentioned that touchyfeelyness makes me very very uncomfortable .______.? Like mushy stuff ugh cannot stand it. And Never Touch Me.
I don't even hug my family lar, so deprived! I cannot bring myself to do it.
But I appreciate and uhm, reciprocate squadmates' feelings :D
Uhm. Back to the original topic I was gonna blog about, which is my nailclipper!
I can't find it! I need it to cut Burberry's nails! (It's a small small one. So I use it to cut her nails lar. Obviously I don't use it myself ._.)
Oh! There it is!
Goodbye! (exclamation mark abuse rawr)

did you hear about the morgans?
Saturday, April 24, 2010
11:18 PM
Let two members of our squad be AB.
Let one other member of our squad be C.
AB, I know you think that you've settled the situation. Yep, you think it's settled, but it's not. There's more than one party involved in every argument ("takes two to tango"). In your whole explanation of how your 'plan' is going to work, you didn't factor in C.
Your current 'plan' is very simple: ignoring C until the hurt/pain/bad feelings go away. Newsflash: Where got so easy?

I'm just trying to be objective.
It's fine if you think I'm pissing you off. I understand that you all have been really hurt by this, I acknowledge that you have the right to still be angry, I empathize with your feelings, and lastly I know that you need time to heal.
But does time really heal everything?

12:41 PM
I shall not be vindictive.
I'm just really thankful that _ understand now, and yes, I'm a bit extra to say this even when I wasn't there yesterday?
Sometimes (all the time) we think of someone as something, but they really aren't. Unfortunately for me, whatever you see is whatever you get. I look dumb (according to jym xD) but I'm not (according to myself) :D! So there.
I wish I could've been there yesterday, instead of killing my hand. (Omg it still aches!!) SO NAO WHAT?

look at vanessa :D
12:48 AM

je suis tres fatiguee
Friday, April 23, 2010
7:51 PM
i am very tired ._.
this is as i slept very little last night, as seen from my eyebags and general lack of energy.
my right hand hurts (still). this is how it will hurt after chinese block test. zuowens=death to fiona! hurrah.
i am also having a headache.
this is as i've just completed my worksheet for math! even "challenge yourself". it was not as challenging as it looked. also because of some stuff i heard today, rawr :( that got me thinking about chinese.
omg weirded out by my recent behaviour. today in quad i was senselessly staring at the floor/stretching, to the interest of squadmates heh.
i am feeling very measured. i also feel very flexible. please do not think that i am self-praising. yes, i am, but it has been proven that i am more flexible than the average toenail. certain toenails are more flexible, but that cannot be helped. i can put my legs over my head, which is slightly obscene, but nevertheless, i will aim to get my legs down down down.
i also aim to do a split. toenails generally cannot do splits, so i think i'm better than them, even at my level.
chinese secret societies are interesting! ms ong is a great teacher :O and i am a very inquisitive student, as can be seen from my love of answering questions. okayy that didn't make sense.
for some reason everytime i speak ms ong laughs! am i that amusing to see! i believe that it is because of my singlish.
"because, right," etc. is what i will say! and apparently this is haoxiao! haoxiao = funny!
my brother is being crazy. he is shouting at my grandmother. this saddens me to a certain extent. now he's shouting at my domestic helper, who cannot defend herself due to her command of the language. this saddens me also.
my brother resembles a chicken eating two worms. one worm who cannot speak english, and the other worm who is old and has weak bones.
i feel creative today! is my writing not creative?
i believe that i am having a fever. i feel hot and cold at the same time. this could be due to the fact that there was a heavy rain today, and i got soaked through while running home. drip, drip, drip.
splatter splatter splatter.
ah! what a splendid day it is!
i am delirious. say it.
"i promise"

c'est la vie -sigh-
Wednesday, April 21, 2010
12:26 AM
Rawr today = suckyday! Quite lar :(
First was NAPFA ._. 2.4km run/walk LOL :O it was horrible tskkkkkk. I was lucky to have 1. very supportive friends like Ting Ting, and Roob, and Ying Tong, and Yi Xin, and Etsuko, and Nicole, and all the others who encouraged me throughout :D and 2. Xuan Li's water bottle filled with cold water (thank you so very much, Xuan Li :D!) :O so that I could 1. drink water, which is not as often as compared to 2. splashing water on my face ._. I think I was a bit crazed during 2.4 lor ._. at the last round I totally opened the bottle and WHOOSH the water came out in a torrent. And funnily my spectacle lenses fogged up :O which means that the water was very cold and/or I was very hot -.-
Anyway~ over~ over~ over! So I will not care about it. But argh my timing for 2.4 is only _, and _ is a _, which spoils my 5 items' row of 'A's! Just like last year rawr ):
Never mind.
I will tell you all about a dream I'd last night. It was kinda about NP, hmm. Started with me waking up in an air-conditioned room (my parents') at around 3.30?! And the first thing that leaped to my mind was not that I missed school -.- but that I was late for NP?! Wthomg man.
Anyway :O the scene in my mind skipped to in the cab, and I was dressed in like shorts and a tee o.o Afterwards the scene skipped to me holding the uniform cover and running to the toilet with Then Jia. Please don't ask me how Then Jia appeared O.O
The weirdest thing was, the school I was running in was not NYGH, but NYPS! Zomgbbq ._. (yes I feel a need to enlarge the font, cannot ah)
Gah never mind. After the dream I awoke almost immediately ._. tsk I woke up in the midst of my REM sleep mode (actually I don't know if it's REM. I'm not going to google to see if I'm right!).
(Aha I'm right!)
Ohmygod -slaps self- what is wrong with you, Fiona?!
Anyway today had drills for act -pauses for effect-.
I think contortionism is very interesting! The human body is a fascinating thing :)
P.S. I need to work on my flexibility .____.
P.P.S. And my Chinese.

on the brightside
Saturday, April 17, 2010
6:36 PM
I really like nevershoutnever! Actually only two of their songs: "on the brightside" and "what is love?" What is love? is really applicableish to me whoosh D:
I'm sort of tired now :( and je ne sais pas why! Rawr. I should getting started on CLC SIA, my grade for Chinese is seriously chaojiwudi worrying D: tsktsktsktsktsk ARGH not making any sense -slaps self-.
I realise that when I type things in - and - I often do them in real life. Even things like -slaps self- and -raises eyebrows- and -weird expression- heh.
But~ oh~
I'm worried for my CSM hurdling ._. HURDLES LEH siao. Did on Friday with Elaine and Then Jia :O and was epic phail ._. I'm seriously hoping that I was that fail because of my stomachache and not 'cause... I lost the talent okayness at hurdles!
Meh I don't care anymore D: look at my ecareers.sg report! My possible occupations include these:
Occupations that are similar to your pattern of interest
Choreographers 28 14 99 71 57 14
Broadcast Journalists 14 57 85 71 57 28
Costumed Actors / Performers 28 14 85 42 57 14
Artistes 28 14 85 42 57 14
Actors and Actresses 28 14 85 42 57 14
Producer-Presenters 14 28 71 57 71 28
Musicians 28 14 85 28 57 14
Composers 28 28 85 28 42 28
Translators and Interpreters 14 42 85 71 28 42
Dance Instructors 14 28 71 99 57 28
Interior Designers 42 14 85 42 71 14
Kindergarten Teachers 28 28 71 99 42 28
Child Care Teachers 28 28 71 99 42 28
Lecturers 14 57 71 85 28 28
LOL whut hahaha dance instructor. But quite cool hmm I've lots of artistic ones leh :D :D :D
Reality Check.
Back to the real world -zonks out-.
Where is Neverica!? Ying Tong oi!
Recently found out that *** was actually in a *** before leh omg!
"You're only as tall
As your heart will let you be
And you're only as small
As the world will make you seem
And when the going gets rough
And you feel like you may fall
Just look on the bright side"

what is love? (nsn)
Friday, April 16, 2010
8:05 PM
Rawr lots of things happened that I'm gonna blog about. First off, NAPFA! All 'A's :D which is really quite surprising and awesome :) so I'm gonna keep up. Next year's gonna be tough D: Oh and anyway... proudest of all for my Standing Broad Jump :D and maybe Sit-and-Reach :D
Ohkay what's next? Hmm. Wednesday went to support Roob during her nationals :D and she did well whoo -cheer-. Did my math worksheet at the stadium (when I wasn't cheering duh). After that I went to Lot 1 with Ting Ting to attempt to buy indigestion pills (antacids) for the Science SIA experiment on Thursday. But we both had no money ._. so... to cut a long long story short? We asked Kellynn but to no avail, so only I bought one brand (my mother actually :D) and we borrowed from random people ._. sigh ._.
Thursday! After the experiment was French! Took 156 :O we almost decided to pon it ._. but 156 came in time! Walked like 20 minutes from Cold Storage Jelita (sp?) to MOELC, rawr D:!
Then class ._. ._. ._. Monsieur Gilbert teaches a lot of vocabulary! :D!
Friday (today). Should start on CLC SIA D:? Nevershoutnever is awesomez.
Incoherent because my stomachache is and still is distracting me, D:

cool :D
Sunday, April 11, 2010
2:45 PM
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turritopsis_nutricula ah! Like biologically immortal siao :D
Wikipedia = awesomezomg. So are random websites with random information that are awesomez to know!
And doing Math nao ._. I realised my vocal range is tiny urgh! D:!
Ladeeda chao high for no reason! Can't wait for school, yay!
-something's wrong-
I mean, can't wait for school, yey!

double chocolate chip cookies :D
Saturday, April 10, 2010
4:25 PM
Yesterday and today morning = epic tiring D: I don't even know why, hmph ): anyway. School yesterday was quite okay, 'cause we'd like DOUBLE DRAMA yey :D Don't you love it when your LA teacher is also your drama teacher? I love it :O
Anyway yes pretty nondescript, yesterday was. Then was act! Ohmygod me and Sharlene were like retardedly standing there feeling quite stupid ._. when falling in ._. hmm and yeah we did round lash and double clove hitch O: my double clove hitch is getting failer and failer but I shall improve :O my round lash's tension is this is not a Campcraft Journal, Fiona.
Okay so yep! Quite fun 'cause while me and Sharlene did ma'ams were highing behind us LOL -.- and after a while Then Jia Hui and I did round lash with ma'am :O only... I was fail again! Took chao long and somemore never finish tying double clove hitch :(
Anyway moving on moving on. SQUAD TALK. Tsk squadmates and I are fail at squad talk D: last year even 4 awesome people were saying that we were damn boring LOL (even on POP night ._.). Anyway yeah :O HARRY POTTER. I have like, freakingobsessedwithbooks phases and they are overwhelmingly scary in my head D: like when I finished the last book I actually cried ohmygod!
Rawr after act Elaine and I rushed for huangcheng :O we changed and stuff, and the worst/best thing that happened, was that MA'AM SUDDENLY CAME IN and I was like -smile-, -sees ma'am-, -awkwardness-, -feels like laughing-, -laughs when Elaine finally sees ma'am and actually pulled me to one random corner to hide LOL wtf like ma'am didn't see us like that xD-.
Walao zongzhi it was epic embarrassment D: and somemore ma'ams were all like milling around the benches (where I put my bag(s)) and I was too ashamed to go there. So at the canteen, I used Elaine's phone to called squadmates (Weiting). So, I was like asking her to take my bag to the canteen, and she was like where's it and I describe it and stuff and she tricked me! She said she cannot find it and I quote, "Is it that auntie one?". I didn't even know how to respond to that lor ._.
So Elaine and I ran back to the benches and squadmates started clapping! Eeyer so evil D:
Okay enough about this. Erm so we chionged to the bus stop, caught a bus and took it to Opposite the Treasury.
Then followed a huge group of people to Victoria Theatre (it was way cool! Random old people also went leh. Ohmygod I'm ageist, no I'm not. But seriously like all walks of life were walking together!) (Hmm Elaine went to Victoria Theatre for her choir SYF before. Can you believe it?! ELAINE IN CHOIR :O).
Throughout the bus journey I was complaining to Elaine that I didn't want to go for huangcheng 'cause I was just so tiredddd and I don't know why :( it was just a tiring day lar. And she'd to put up with it thanks Elaine :)
Okay! So, entered the circle seats :D Awesome I love circle seats :D uh then waited lor.
It started quite promptly (rather). And guess what... I loved it whoosh! I loved huangcheng! And I'm not saying this to make jym happy either! :O
It was a bit morbid though :O and jym was calefare! Ah! Totally epicool (look, new word) when she started speaking ohmygod :O A speaking calefare 8D
Hmm anyway huangcheng = awesome!! And at the end the people saying the acknowledgements were funnyawesome zomg :O especially when they were thanking YES 93.3 :D the whole intonation was chao perfect and hilarious :D
I loved the little parts when they were asking us to switch off our handphones and when they announced the intermission! So cute! :D!
And my mother while waiting outside got a shock when all the daoju people chionged up and down and screaming and waved their flags LOL. I know if you never go for huangcheng this doesn't make any sense but I don't care eep!
Okay after huangcheng I was less high. And cranky. And very sleepy! Somemore I didn't eat the whole day D: D: D: and my mother wanted to eat her dinner. So we dropped by the coffeeshop but I was too tired to eat lar -.- then I went home and bathed and felt like I was hungover. Only I wasn't.
And today was HSSRP Symposium. Was almost late :( on the bus! 'Cause I woke at seven and like got ready at seven twenty (actually I ran to the bathroom and fell and I heard my neck crack! As in obviously not crack, per se, because I'd be dead, but a teeny cracking sound ._. and from then on my neck hurt like shizzaz :O it's still hurting now leh ._.). Anyway took a taxi dumdeedum and I totally love the driver man he was chao fast :D so I wasn't late, LOL.
Took bus to RI with Roob and the others :D was fun. The presentations at the start were not bad hmm :) the guest-of-honour was quite interesting but spoke for quite long .___. and then yes! Oh yeah I remember I got a SHOCK when I saw _ there :O like O_O kinda shock. But _'s group's presentation was excellent -nod-. Rebecca said so too -nod-.
And the dudes who asked weird questions were very good entertainment -.-
Lalala refreshments were not bad ._. after that we went to room 7 for another session :D not bad also and very thought-provocative.
After HSSRP I'd tuition rawr. So yes, superpacked schedule right? After act I'd to chiong for huangcheng, slept at one and chionged for HSSRP, then chionged for tuition with so little sleep! :O!
And I'm not sleeping now either rawr bye.

the more it backfires on me
Thursday, April 8, 2010
8:58 PM
Yo wassup ._.
Starting phrases like the one above ^ are exactly things that make people disbelieve me when I say, "I got into LMP."
But what! I did lor O: and HTP too :O (shockingnez) O.O. LOL :D Quite funny if it wasn't sad :O
See look at Nicole's conversation:
the party predicament/ accendingmelodia says:
*hai o hai.
NICOLE! says:
*me bored.
*oh, you got into LMP?
You see?! You SEE?!
Ugh. Ugh.
Tomorrow's act will fully be weird I tell you only me and Sharlene will report on time .___. LOL -.-
Anyway, the thing is, I have to -slap self- get into HP and prove people like Cheryl Yau wrong. Walaoooooooooooooooooooooooooo please have an iota of confidence in me can or I really can't make it ): if I tried and I still cannot make it -.- then never mind, 'cause 1. I tried 2. you all believed in me!
So go away haters. Go read FML endlessly.

what does that have to do with a telephone
Wednesday, April 7, 2010
8:25 PM
LA block test today! Rawr I don't wanna talk about it D:
Besides the block test today was quite fun ._. French was awesome LOL it was about l'amour ._. and for some reason Ting Ting highed during the whole lesson hmm.
Ladeeda I'm bored. Nothing to blog about ._. so yeah -nod- bye.

Pasta Mama
Sunday, April 4, 2010
8:38 PM
LOL whut ai shall talk in weird language for this post :D
Look at Roob's and me's conversation, how funny!
*I'm like barely going to sch this whole week, you bettuh take notes fur me.
*Haha kay sure np
*i will =D
*I doubt that!!!
*Be more affirmative
*Haha must help me collect hw aso!
*dont say that!
*i saw bagus and was like
*Haha wtf!! Bagel's are an angel.
*i spoke to huixuan on friday.
*we talked about you :D
*:O omg like f to f
*Face to face?
*no -.-
*ofc not.
*and please stop making up weird expressions omg.
*i thought that was the new wtf.
*Haha I like!
*So what you guys gossip bout!
*Hoi! Don't avoid my q!
End of weirdnez.
After the conversation my mother called me out to eat pasta! 'Cause my brother wanted pastamania, but my mother didn't allow D: so in the end she cooked -.-
My father went, "How do you like your pastamama?"
Okkayyyyyy -.-
I fail at blog.

i need to talk about it
Friday, April 2, 2010
9:44 PM
Miso died... quite a while ago but I didn't blog about it ):
Let's see.
+ others ): I think around two from each litter died, and there were three litters :O and my mother gave two away to her colleague.
Today was rather fruitful. Was horrible at the start -.- Ohmygod epic-most fail ever D:
Never mind.
After that I finished the glog -pats self on back-.

you runnin' yet?
Thursday, April 1, 2010
11:40 PM
Hello I've decided to do something different today, for a change. So clickity below :)

And here :D

(disclaimer: sorry it's not complete copy/paste error -covers face-)
Okay! Now LA's over and done with... what was next? Oh, HOME ECONOMICS :D We'd the cupcake execution, did I tell you? Well, we had the cupcake execution. Erm. Like baking the cupcakes we did the coursework about! (Or rather, Roob did most of the coursework about. Because of a certain promise she made and broke -cough cough-. The rest of us did stuff too lar.)
So uh it was VANILLA CUPCAKES WITH STRAWBERRY TOPPINGS AND INNINGS AND DECORATIVE GEL ON TOP! Yey! "Innings" = we put the strawberry bits inside the cupcakes :D (as you could guess :D)!
Okay wait going too fast. Eh yes so after LA we rushed to the kitchen, where Ms. Ong talked for quite some time. Then we started! Ohmygod it was a tasty blur of activity, and delicious smells pervaded the air! Oh yes! Chocolate chips and vanilla essence are HEAVEN! Don't contradict me.
Stuff I remember: mixing butter and sugar (I was chao uptight about all the butter getting onto the sides of the mixing bowl and not in the middle, as THE BUTTER SHOULD BE. Otherwise how to mix ._.?! But Huiting was like, "no Fiona it's OKAY trust me" LOL). The mixture, when we added the egg was lumpy -cough- at first but soon became fluffy and delightful, like cotton candy, yey!
Oh and Kellynn and Roob cut the strawberries I bought :D (which were expensive as usual. LOL but one... container of strawberries was $8, while two containers were $11 -.-)
We put the strawberry bits in the cupcakes' middle, and covered them with more batter :D

Like this, see :)
Then yep baked! Whoosh awesome aromas were piaoing around (weird sentence -.-)

Baking! Baking!
I must tell you about Li Shuen's group's cupcakes. They used mayonnaise instead of egg (because some weird person online said mayonnaise was softer or something... LOL!) :O And ohmygod all the oil was boiling in the oven, seriously. And the cupcake casings became... charred. Slightly. LOL the cupcakes looked like chawanmushi xD so cute! But not... very... delicious :( tsk so wasted the cupcakes would've been damn nice if not for the... mayonnaise (LOL LOL). Because they used strawberries too :D!
And other groups were not bad too (obviously I'll say my group was the best :D because it was it was it was) :D Cheryl's group's peanut butter/chocolate chips, Dorcas' group's Nutella (?), Ting Ting's group's APPLESAUCE/cinnamon/apple/oats :D Scrumptious (I didn't try all of these. But confirm damn hao chi one.)
Oh hai! After we baked, decorated with strawberries and decorative gel :D (pink and purple!) :D so cool rawr but Ms. Ong took Kellynn's chio one for testing ._.

Picture courtesy of Roob :) The criss-crossy one is mine! The star one is Rachel Wu's, the dotted one is Kellynn's-but-she-gave-to-Roob, the one above the dotted one with the explosive design is Kellynn's-that-Ms.-Ong-took, and the hearts' ones are Huiting's :D

Ms. Ong said we'd to give one to Mr. Tan. So Kellynn decorated it! I love the translucency of the decorating gel :D
Ladeeda cleaned up and stuffz, then went for recess :D which was epicfun as usual.
Erm next. Science? LAB yey I love Chemistry (slightly) (more than Physics)! :D We made SOAP, awesomez or what? I liked it :) but the scent of the soap is oil? It smells like palm oil for mine ohmygod, and people who took SESAME OIL are really suay (in my opinion) ._. Because they'll go around smelling like food?! LOL ._.
Roob sprayed her... deodorant into the soap! And I used her deodorant too (it smells of roses, whoosh nice :D). Right now my soap is more or less solid :O and it smells marginally better than at the start. And it works 8D
Okay after Science was eh, white space! Slacked around lar.
Recess; more epicfun! I realise my spelling in this post is freaking screwed rawr never mind :D
Erm. Chinese was passable, actually :D We learnt about gonghan ._. rawr am I looking forward to writing gonghan?
That was a rhetorical question.
Hmm then music! Me and Ting Ting stressed over chords and stuff o.o
Then after school I went out with Ting Ting and Sheryl Tey :) to West Mall to gorge on food nom nom nom glog glog glog ('glog' is onomatopoeia-glog, not jargon-glog) :D (I mean, I was just sitting there while they ate... uh-huh.)
Went home feeling drained out (and no wonder, with such a fruitful day!).
P.S. If not for a change-of-plan, I'd been even more tired!
P.P.S. I want to pitchhhhhh -gasp-.
P.P.P.S. The word “lethologica” describes the state of not being able to remember the word you want.

From TKaM play! I look chao auntie I know .__. because I was eating Honey Stars. You cannot blame a person for eating Honey Stars. Koped the picture from Huiting, by the way :)