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the state of mousedeers and awesomenez
Sunday, May 30, 2010
11:31 AM
Malacca was... great. There are about a thousand words I can describe it with, and all of them are positive. This is as I am biased~ Everything with 213 seems good anyway.
Anyway, since Han Yi has uploaded her photographs (like zomg so fast :D), I shall kope them (thank you, Han Yi) and transform them into a picture post! Of course some of the more retarded photographs are taken by Hui Ting and so I will not post this post until I've put all the photos I can into it :D By the time you read this, my delightful post about Malacca will be complete! Edit: And damn long! Wtf spent like !#$ hours on this, better appreciate it D:
Alright, sit back and enjoy ;D
Oh wait some of these photos are from Cheryl, Ying Tong, Ying Ying or Rebecca. I will disclaim when necessary (is 'disclaim' a word? I suppose so)
By the way I just put in any photograph I like, not necessarily those taken during incidents I was present in. Understood?
Awoke at the normal time and took a teksi to school with my father. My father always takes the taxi with me ._. I've no idea why ._. but it's nice of him to do so :D Anyway, alighted with my gigantic Hush Puppies luggage o.o and a smaller purpley backpack. I brought the Hush Puppies luggage actually because it can also double-up as a backpack and that is cool.
And anyway, met 213 (yey)!

This is Rachel Wu with her ULTRASUPERGIGANTIC pink trolleybag that is bigger than mine. Haha it's bigger than everyone's lor, epic ._. Compare her luggage with Li Shuen's, that teeny big one next to it. When I arrived the people who saw my luggage gave me a weird O_O look LOL.
After a lot of chatting, comparison of food and taking of temperatures, we got on the coach :D
My two very awesome roomies! Ting Ting (left) and Hui Ting (right). And yes it is a fluorescent yellow sticker on their PE tees ._.
This is the purple monstery squish (Ox)that was making its way around the coach! And that is Yi Xin covering her face with it!

Because our class gave a stunning, Oscar-worthy presentation on The History Of Malacca the day before, we were given these two food items. The butter cookies were delish! Haha did I just shorten 'delicious'? Yes I did!
This photograph (Roob's) evokes strong memories of tasty buttery goodness.

Hui Ting eating said cookies! Look at the expression on her face; it spells utter joy! Photograph's from Roob.
My mother saw this picture on Friday and asked me why Yi Xin was mugging (even when on holiday) D: then she started talking about my results -cough-.

Mostly, we ate :D yes! Awesome gummies from Hui Ting, random pringles and all sorts of tasty goodies (ohmygod I just used the word 'goodies') :D! Above is Kellynn. As Rebecca posted it on Facebook, it is "pretty Kellynn with our yum yums" xD
We also talked a lot! About stuffz, like how our hotel was gonna be like and crap! Ohmygosh we were just freaking excited about everything! Like duh.
Alighting to check our passports :D I think.
Departure Hall :O Leaving our beloved homeland ._. -insert sob-
Artistic shot from Han Yi! Beginning of the Causeway, I think :D
This is Rebecca's artistic shot of the ocean while we were passing over the Causeway! Pretty eh :) it was like the sea was solid! Something you could actually walk on :D! Obviously if you really tried you would die or possibly get saved by fishermen, but it was a beautiful sight anyway ._. By the way, look at the date on the photograph -.- her camera is epicly slowww hahahaha.
Introducing... our two teachers-in-charge, Ms. Lok Chi and Mrs. Shirlene Tieh! Mr. Tan was -tsk- having fun in the US and he left us alone D: hmph. Ms. Ong was teaching her sabbatical.
Random shot of Rebecca and Kellynn and Ting Ting and Hui Ting (extraing at the back):
I'm not sure when this was taken :/ and I cannot trust the date on the photograph anymore D:
For the photographs below: I am not sure when exactly they're taken so if I'm wrong it's my fault, but don't blame me :(
At Yong Peng! This is Yi Xin, an awesome high friend! Is she grabbing a lollipop?

Li Shuen and her interesting expression.

Han Yi bought lollipops and gave one to me :D
On to lunch!
Can you see that
I am rooming with two camwhores ._. but they are lovely people -cough- yes indeed.
By the way these photographs below were taken on the way to the Chinese restaurant we were gonna eat at (lunch). Interestingly the restaurant was located in a resort?/golf club?
Kellynn French-plaited Ting Ting's hair! Chio right :D She also French-plaited Roob's, but that photograph has me in the background being retarded so I will not post it (haha censoring :D)

Ohmygod?! Is that Fiona in a MODERN DANCE JACKET?!
Yes. Yes it is. The jacket was warm.
Random photograph of two sexy of my friends, who are DEMURENESS PERSONIFIED, yes.
I love this photograph and I will post it here even though Ting Ting will kill me for it.
Roob's bun on her head ._.
Rebecca has a chao motherly expression on her face -.-
Surroundings of the restaurant are lovely!
Delish rice! Ohmygod I am CRAVING RICE NAO! (._.) Ever since going to Malacca, my appetite has become much much bigger :/

Cheryl has motherly tendencies xD Hui Ting's camera took this.
This tofu dish was nice :)
This is what our ice-cream looked like. Melted, and (slightly) gross.

Zipai! (Hui Ting's camera (HTC, haha))
Ting Ting and Hui Ting were taking damn boliao photographs lor! My personal favourite :D (HTC)
Act-sexy Kellynn! Ting Ting is demure. As always xD (Reminded of Elaine's "scandalous jiege!") (HTC)
Tasted okay though. After lunch we all headed to Mini Malaysia! I took off Kellynn's MD jacket though, 'cause it was really hot ._.

This is it! By the way, I'm tired of saying that all the photographs with weird dates are Roob's, so if you see a photograph with strange red dates on it, it's Roob's. Mmkay?
First we'd a cultural show. The dancers (?) were all very good :D! And one of them had the weirdest expression ._. But anyway,
The stage for the show!
We were blowing bubblegum before the show started! But I'm really phail at it ._.
The guy with the odd expression is the one at the front. Is it not strange ._.? And somemore he kept it on for the entire performance, which is amazing :O
Yes zomg they are wearing pillowcases beneath their shirts xD and red noses ._. One of them kept pushing his nose up, LOL ._. Like -dance dance push up dance dance push up-.

And they dressed up as females too :O just to entertain us I suppose (since I don't think it's part of their traditional dance -.-?). Yes the person in red shaking his head frenetically is a dude.
After their performance, they got random people up to dance! Including a huge part of our class, and Mdm. Lee and Ms. Chen and etc. people!
Look at Cheryl trying her best to stop Ying Tong from embarrassing herself, LOL.
I find this hilarious xD especially Cheryl's look of concentration!
Ying Tong's dance steps slowly become crazed clapping/hopping around LOL.
A circle (I don't know how to describe this) of dancing people~
After the cultural show we headed to the different houses. Basically, erm, Mini Malaysia contains 13 different houses, modelled after the 13 types of houses from the 13 different states! Yes. I hung out with random groups of people, but in the end I didn't get to see all thirteen of the houses D: which was a pity, 'cause the ones I saw were all really cool! And a few were creepy :/ 'Cause 1. mirrors! Rawr! 2. red beds (and my overactive imagination ._.) 3. freaky mannequins :X I can't remember which house was which very clearly, actually -_- but eh the first one (Sarawak's, I think :D) was the epic coolest (in my opinion) 'cause there was sort of an attic. See for yourself!
See?! That's the attic I'm talking about, although it was relatively similar in size to the first level, so maybe it was a second level? I don't really know what the hell I'm talking about.
The view from the second level! With cute Nicole peering into the darkness xD The steps were just teeny carved-out parts in wood! As can be seen from the below picture.
There! A bit scary right :)
Clearer (HTC)!
Especially when random pieces of bamboo were cracking/cracked and everything. So you had to look really carefully before taking a step ._. it was a bit scary. Han Yi freaked out when she accidentally stepped into a hole o.o (so would I actually :X)

Another picture of the staircase, HTC!
Okay, other houses!

I forgot where this was :/ but yes, I am standing at a weird angle -cough-.
Why is Ying Tong sitting so glamly :O?
Haha Li Shuen taking artistic shots.
Touch :X Maybe I wasn't supposed to oh dear ._.
From Hui Ting's camera (Same pose, different angle ._.) :D
This house has a cart-like seat-like bench thingy :D that is good for camwhoring on LOL. (HTC for the first one, Han Yi's for the second)
Last house we went to! Also had a second level, only the steps were so much freaking steeper :/ and there was nothing on top. Except dust. HTC.
Spot the Ghostly Hand (mine xD)! (HTC)
I shall put this here even though I look weird :D (HTC) and yes I am holding a cap (it's dryfit okay xD) and a tube of sunblock (Lai Jia Hui spotted it at one of the houses and asked me indignantly "what kind of NP cadet are you!?" and I replied "a sun-protected one") ._. Eh hello it's branded okay :D
Hmm left Mini Malaysia shortly after this photograph, haha. Ohmygod look!
C'est les monkeys! (HTC)
A very disturbingly close-up shot of a monkey's rear (HTC).
Ooh this is cute :) (HTC)
After this we went to wells!
Cool right :) HTC. Apparently, the water is safe to drink (for the locals) but we (the Singaporeans) mightn't be used to the amount of minerals. So we only can wash our hands with the water from the well ._. and it brings us luck! But we can't pour the water from the bucket back in (if we've already used some of it) 'cause it brings us bad luck. Or something.
The same well. (HTC)
Someone's hauling the bucket up~
I tried it once by throwing the entire bucket in ._. then it splashed up on everyone HAHAHAHA :D but I mean, I was successful okay. Lots of water was in that bucket! And then someone from my class embarrassed me by saying "NPCC wor" (with the 'wor') .____. And then the tour guide (ohmygod! How can I have gone this far into the day without mentioning Eddie/Ah Qiang, our tour guide!? He is the awesomest person because 1. he can put up with 213's retarded behaviour such as singing lame songs 2. he is just awesome lar) Eddie taught us the right way to throw the bucket such as to maximize water with minimal effort :D
Then we went onto the coach again to whoosh to a temple with two wells and a 'hollow heart tree' (directly translated). From what I've learnt from HTP (the Geography field trip) it could be a strangler fig :O
The well at the front: Hang Li Po well, which was poisoned twice. That is why a wire thing is above it. (HTC)
Ooh reflection!
Temple :D with Zheng He outside ---
Eddie is treating Zheng He as if the latter was the former's buddy. There is a sort of story, that if you touch Zheng He's head and put it to your head you'll gain knowledge; stomach (strictly above belt LOL ._. because Zheng He was a ... eunuch, you see.) you'll gain wealth and etc.
In the temple Eddie showed us something miraculous about the water from the well at the back!

The tree (HTC)

LOL the water from the well at the back is awesome! It has a high iron content, which is why...
The water can overfill the cup, literally.
A clearer view, courtesy of Han Yi.
Another view, with the hand there (is it mine?!) to make the water more visible (HTC).
The well from which the miraculous water came from.
For some reason I like this photograph :D
And this is the starfruit tree beside the well (HTC).
Macroed, I'll bet!
We saw a meowmeow too! A meowmeow is a cat, except I've taken to calling cats 'meowmeow's .____. It ran into the foliage :(
After this temple trip we took the coach to our hotel, Hotel Rennaisance :) Went to level 7 with our suitcases to get the room keys, then me/Hui Ting/Ting Ting went up to level 15 and saw our pretty room for the very first time! Highed a lot, LOL, 'cause the beds were just so soft and comfortable, and my bed (single) was bouncy :D Hui Ting's and Ting Ting's (double) had a gazillion pillows on it though -pouts-.
By the way, the hotel room photographs are all from Hui Ting so in case I forget to put HTC ._. you know where it came from!
And here is Kellynn and Roob gatecrashing. Ting Ting, Hui Ting, and I decided not to bathe ('cause going out to dinner later anyway) so we just changed into shorts. And in the above picture, Ting Ting looks like she isn't wearing anything underneath hahaha. By the way she was probably answering a prank call (Sabrina's, confirm. Sabrina a bit boliao xD).
See me bounce on my bed! Yes I am that unidentifiable person with a mass of hair wildly flying around ._.
Hahaha. Another camwhore shot ._. (HTC duh)
I think we all look chio here! At least (for me) normal (and not retarded). And yes, we are zipai-ing in the mirror LOLLOL.
After that went for dinner at some random restaurant! The food was pretty okay. Our table played games like Fuzzy Wuzzy and the number game, etc. I am damn phail at finding the patterns zomg D:
Went back to our hotel room. I was the first to bathe and during my bath Hui Ting and Ting Ting took many many photographs rawr! Tsk exclude me :(

Somehow during the night, our window (with had an awesome view in the day) became like mirrorish :O which explains all the pictures which look like the one above ._.
Here's one with me and Ting Ting. Me = that sleepyhead (hahahahahahaha okay not very funny).
Kellynn and Roob and Etsuko took lots of photographs in their room too :D :D (as seen from Facebook) and some of their bouncing shots are FREAKAWESOME. See them below:

Eh. After all three of us bathed we basically snuggled onto the double bed and slept together :O sounds damn scandalous right .__. but no. We were talking and playing a variation of "I have never". Instead, our game was "I have ever" and it was DAMN PERSONAL AND SCANDALOUS I tell you :3 We have agreed to contain everything spoken that night in the BUBBLE :X Ohmygod sounds a bit weird. But anyway it was funz and bondingish and I love us :) -cues aw- Squadmates, I love you too lar! ;D! By the way, the snuggling was of the innocent variety! I love their pillows zomg! And we were eating kitkat bites too, and everyone knows that kitkat bites instantly unsickify any kinds of situation :D
Ooh. Anyway something creepy happened: Hui Ting accidentally locked the toilet door, ohmygod! It was damn frightening lar we were totally scaring ourselves :X then the nice hotel dudes came in and fixed it (it was actually just a matter of turning the doorknob and certain way ._.)~ Haha :) Anyway I slept after they offed the lights (Hui Ting and Ting Ting, not the hotel dudes). Like, immediately :O (I am such a guaikia.) While they were doing... okay, shall not go there lalala.
Breakfast at the table~ Delish! Lots of food and I didn't know what to eat -.- so ate a bit of everything haha. Squadmates dragged me away once or twice xD (HTC)
Then to MOZAC! Took the coach there :D oh and MOZAC is on a really, really high... hill :/
See see?! View from MOZAC. The students have to climb up everyday, imagine that :O HTC.
Semi-class picture taken at MOZAC! Almost everyone is in it... except me D:
I tell you ah, MOZAC was really welcoming and stuff.
See? (HTC) They had the... drums and the colourful things (oh no I can't believe I don't know the term ._.) and involved all of the students :O Which is so nice and cool of them :D
We watched a small silat performance, then it was the opening ceremony... (HTC)
The hall.
First they had the speeches of welcoming and stuffz. The Malay principal almost made me sleep (sorry :X) because it was really very long and I couldn't understand a word of it :( and I'm feeling guilty oh no :/
Then was the corporate video from MOZAC!
Then was... their performances :D
The dance was cool! All the dancers were like almost-laughing, LOL xD it was very.. fun, atmosphere-wise :)
They pulled the Modern Dancers (who were backstage waiting to perform) to dance! LOL. HTC.
Then the singing! Cool to the max; the female had a most awesome voice :O Lilting and totally... I don't know how else to describe it :D
Wonderful performance!
Later was the spiritual one :O people started clapping to the beat, which I refrained from doing as it wasn't... apt? I don't know I mean... it's supposed to be spiritual and about their love for their god and you... clap? Sort of trivialized it? I don't know lar.
They gave us Cactus water, yey!
After their performances were our school's! Modern Dancers with Chinese Dancers (woo~), OM, Wushu, then choir :D~
The dancers totally rocked :)
OM was really really funny xD (look at Xuan Li hahaha).
Wushu~ Sabrina was cute and unwushu-y.
And choir (plus two HMP students! Mathea and... I forgot her name. It starts with 'J', I think. Erm. They were both incharge of Mind Games (LSC) along with me :D)! Probably the biggest hit? 'Cause when they sang Singapore Town the students sang along :D and they sang two malay songs too, and it was -cue claps- :)
Guitar pros!
And choir!
After all that we had some fun games to play, sorta? The first game was unscrambling of the malay words and we (Ting, Hui Ting and I) were clueless xD luckily we'd random dudes from MOZAC who totally helped us. Like, gave us chao obvious hints and stuffz xD xD and they were super amusing too! When they didn't know an answer, they'd go to the MSP table (so-called "the MSP table" 'cause... the group there was made up of Ying Tong, Yan Li and Cheryl Yau -.- all the MSP students tsk!) and kope answers haha! But Roob's team was still faster (despite all our help).
After that station we went to the library for a crossword puzzle! Same people helped us :D and I think they fell in love with Ting and Hui Ting, 'cause:
Am I not right? Totally. This was taken at their canteen (with HTC), after just TWO GAMES ohmygod D: that was so sad :( not enough time lar! Anyway erm after that two games we ate a customary meal :D it was quite tasty! I finished the whole plate awesome or what. And guess what - we were going to have lunch later! With free flow of ice-cream :D While eating, some of the girls gave us these cute flowers-attached-to-eggs (symbol of fertility) and eh, some little packets of petals/leaves/grasses that produced a nice scent, sort of like kueh (._.! Truth!) :D
After eating we slowly trickled into our coaches. Some people and I just got onto the coach when we spotted the rest of 213 taking pictures with the MOZAC people! :O! So Hui Ting and I rushed down to jostle in (zomg a bit buyaolian xD)~ I don't know where this lovely photograph is now, sad D:
But then I lost my flower-attached-to-egg and the scent packet! I left it on the coach seat, but when I came back it wasn't there :( I don't know why D: but I was kinda moody?
The MOZAC guys sending us off :D HTC!
Why so happy? LOL. (HTC)
Another view from MOZAC :D HTC. It's brilliant right? And oh yes, a small group of MOZAC guys stood at around the benches and blew our coach kisses zomg xD
Sprawling hills! HTC.
On to lunch! At the buffet place heehee. I ate like bobochacha and cream of mushroom and other fattening dishes! But they. were. all. so. delicious :( how to resist, you tell me D:?! Haha it was really not bad but I couldn't eat any main dish 'cause I ate the MOZAC lunch earlier xD
When we got back onto the coach, Roob gave me her flower-with-egg-attached, and Kellynn gave me her scent packet. Ohmygod that is like, so sweet of them! (and that was damn bimbo ._.) Really I was truly touched and now the flowers-with-no-eggs-attached (eaten~) and the scent packet carries memories of MOZAC and my friends :D But wait, I don't know why I've two flowers :X zomg if you gave it to me please tell me because I truly forgot argh O_O

Who gave me the yellow one?! ('Cause right now I've one red flower and one yellow flower ._.!) Photograph's from HTC.
Han Yi took this cute photograph xD wth xD
Anyway after that we went to the Baba and Nyonya museum :D! It was brilliant and cool~ but no photographs allowed inside and I am not bothering to graphically describe every single feature of the museum. So.
Taken outside.
Anyway, after the entire visit we bought souvenirs! I bought
1. An awesome purse, inlaid with black beads and mother-of-pearl diamond-shaped material on red silky fabric.
2. A handphone pouch that looks like a kebaya top with a pretty string attached
3. A largeish pouch made from differently-patterned fabrics
All of them are awesome and Kellynn likes the purse. Should I give it to her :O? (Kellynn, don't read this)
(Retarded much -_-)
Then we went to Jonker's Street :D! To tell the truth I didn't pay close attention (busy looking at my purchased goods ._.)
Temple! Went in for a bit :)

Ooh flowerz. Yep bees on the purple flower!
After this we went to shop! Given 15 minutes (not a lot :X). So Hui Ting, Ting Ting and I decided to go to Jonkers' Gallery! :D!
1. a cute keychain shaped like a dog
2. a black tee that's pretty cool at the front (random perfume bottles!) but the back states 'cute princess'. Nevertheless bought it with Ting Ting (hers is yellow)
3. pineapple tarts (at another shop). These are TO DIE FOR :D!
But you know the stuff at Jonkers' Gallery are massively overpriced... so the nicer tees were like 40 ringgit (and I didn't want to spend to much 'cause I thought there would be better stuff to buy the next day ._.) rawr D:? And I totally should've gone with Kellynn and Roob; they got freaking nice cheap stuff?! Like a dreamcatcher :D and other miscellaneous random chio things!
We were late to get on the bus, heh ._. After that though we went to the town square:

It's pretty :)
And Ting Ting, Hui Ting and I decided to look at the shops but frankly the stuff were commercialized, mass-produced souvenirs ._. (Lots of 213ers bought hats xD) so we headed to the people with the two snakes and one iguana!
And we took a picture! :D!
So cool :D The snakes felt... not bad, actually. Leathery and stuff (okay I realise 'leathery' is not a particularly good way of putting it .___.), but quite cool to the touch. The iguana was okay too :D but I pissed it off I think 'cause after I touched it, it was chao agitated and kept moving around ._. HTC.
I am only going to put up one photograph of a 213er with a hat, and that 213er is Han Yi, and I'm putting it up 'cause Eddie is doing some random action behind her, LOL!
Then took a class photograph, went to random other places!

And... A'Farmosa!
Climbing to the top was kinda hard :X steep to the maximum okay?
Trishaws were moving around :) and ohmygod I tell you, we were all trickling upward when suddenly a trishaw started blasting "Kiss Me Thru The Phone" by Soulja Boy. Freaking shocking to the maximum! 213 being the awesome class it is started singing along :D
Cheryl is classically buyaolian ._.
Up to the top! It meant lots of camwhoring :D
One of the phail jump shots D:

Statue of Saint Francis Xavier. According to legend, years after he died he still bled blood! And upon listening to this (Eddie was telling us this), Ying Tong gave me a damn horrified look and said, "what?! He bled?! That means he wasn't alive! He was in a coma!" and following this thought-provoking statement she pranced off.
Han Yi took a nice photograph of this tawny meowmeow!
After this we headed to the Portuguese Settlement! Boatz!
I like the view~

Roob is trying to piggyback me :)
What is Ying Tong and Cheryl Yau doing :O?!
And... Success!
By the way I've figured out what they're doing: posing for the camera! Look at Ting Ting!
Or maybe not -shrug- anyway~
After this, we went for dinner at a Peranakan restaurant :D! The food was okay, but strangely it wasn't spicy ._. Anyway our table was highing and singing songs :D! The chendol was freaking awesome ohmygod :D
Then after our food - demonstration on how to prepare one of the dishes! Kind of unhygienic -cough- but one must suffer for their art stomach.
Went back to the hotel! I bathed last this time. And while one of us was in the bathroom, the other two were creating a cool/sexy dance routine LOLLOL. Ting Ting and I started dancing retardedly to Paparazzi (I was singing .___.) ohmygod! And Hui Ting was so... bowled over by our performance she laughed crazily. Then when Ting Ting went in, Hui Ting and I danced to Bad Romance LOL wtfwtf arm actions ("lovelovelove").
But tsk, when I came out no one performed for me :(( Because we were all occupied doing _ -cough-. Ahahahahahahahahahahahaha it was quite fun.
Ate food and talked more! Mostly about one topic -coughs at Hui Ting-.
Ah, roomies! (HTC)
LOL. Awoke the next day to frantic rushing:
Messy beds, messy hair. (HTC)
Breakfast and then on to the coach!

Yes Kheng Fang it's MDM LEE!
Went to Kampung Cantik/Indah. Was really hot but overall, not a bad experience :)
Our guide there had a really stern demeanour though :X
First stop: Rubber-making! I forget to mention that I like Eddie's red hat :D
The rubber had a really unpleasant smell though -wrinkles nose-.
Second stop: Silat :D (HTC for the first photograph!)

Third stop: Top-spinning/gasing! I bought a top :) and my brother despises it, because he cannot play it well. Hmph.
The dude is a FREAKING PRO manz! Effing awesome to the freaking maximum! Ah!
Sabrina is indeed kawaii!
Trying our best ._. But seriously I'm damn phail at it xD
Station 4: Into the house! Went into a random Kampung house ;D the lady was totally hardselling this very cool (but expensive) cloth that can be made into -gaspgasp- different sorts of clothes! Which is awesome, but as I said, expensive :( but I'd fun watching!
Ms. Chen, LOL.
Stop 5: Drinking sprite and walking to look at various flora and fauna :)
Stop 6: BASKET WEAVING!! My favourite part, confirm! It was just so much freaking fun~ At first I was slow but then Ying Tong taught me the faster way and I became fast!
Started with this! We'd to soak the whole thing in water :D
Mine is not too bad :) kinda artistic -cough- haha!
Ooh that's Ting Ting with Kellynn's basket on her head xD
After basket weaving we'd lunch (at the same place ._.). Then we took the coach back to Yong Peng :O
(Yep, farewell was nearing D:)
Shopped at this random Yoyo place. Seriously. Bought peanut cakes and green tea coffee (yes! Kellynn made it for me when I'd a headache on the first day, and it was delish :D)~
Then went home :( the coach ride to Singapore was epicly funny (imitations of teachers and classmates!) and bondingish! Yes I love 213 :D
Ending off here, goodnight (History tomorrow ._.) :D and yes this post cannot fully express how strongly I feel about this trip, but it's okay, I tried.