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Tuesday, June 29, 2010
9:29 PM
Briefly (because I've a sestina to chiong);
- I ran 4 rounds without stopping today during PE! Okay this might seem very astonishingly trivial to many people but it really means a lot to me okay D: I've always battled (?) with a mental strength issue and now that I can actually prevent myself from stopping I feel very much... better. It just gave me a sense of achievement lar erm haha. I'm going to continue the good work :D
Whenever I felt like giving up I asked myself "WWANCOD?" And it helped -claps- :D
- Zuowen was bringhome today. But I've to chiong the rest of it tomorrow 'cause... I'm chionging sestina now (rawr sigh procrastination).
- Act today was spent at the Discovery Centre LOL, for Total Defence course (Silver)! It was quite cool, especially when we split into our ATC companies (Alpha ^^ And yes don't remind me about the ATC post ._.) to do a presentation! Ma'ams drew all of us in a building and my 'face' was ":3" I don't know why heh.
Okay bye :D
P.S. Mars bars!

she rubbed her hands in glee
Sunday, June 27, 2010
10:52 PM
J'adore Glee! Watched episode 3 on xinmsn (don't judge me LOL) and I really totally like Mercedes' singing :D even though I don't get some parts of the episode 'cause I've never watched Glee before ._. I'm gonna watch it endlessly (when I've time lar)!
Also, ATC! Sian I haven't blogged about it D: and I don't feel like starting now :( well okay I will just briefly mention some thought-provoking aspects of ATC and then somedays later I will narrate (?) :D
- PT! My PT sucks. Come to me, mental strength! Alpha '10 NCOs are right :D from now on I will not slack during PE lessons -serious nod-.
- Okay this is not thought-provoking in the slightest but CDC was really funny especially when Lai Jia Hui took ma'am's piece of paper (she thought it was a live animal LOL) and then ma'am wanted it back but since squadmate thought the paper was supposed to be an animal she didn't give it and then I took it and put it in my pocket and then ma'am went to me and broke character and said she really needed it haha! Also when (another instance) another squadmate (I forgot) was tending to another ma'am and she was holding onto ma'am's hand, and accidentally touched a blister, so ma'am said in her CDC-voice, "very pain" (only in Chinese but I cannot find my language bar so I will translate 'hen3 tong4' into 'very pain') and squadmate was all concerned in a CDC-way, until ma'am broke character and said that it was an actual blister haha!
Okay not very funny LOLLOL.
- CDC: I am super fortunate to tend to _ during CDC 'cause she was really just sitting there and not moving unlike other ma'ams that were sortof scaring me D: also my head bandage is a bit fail heh.
- PT! (again)
- Campcraft ohgoddddddddddddddddddddddddddddz.
- Highness!
Okay I don't make sense heh bye school reopening -instantly becomes somber-. Sian bye.
P.S. Not looking forward to putting in contact lenses tomorrow -_-
Also hahahahahahaha erm I find Justin Bieber's song "Never Say Never" (ft. Jaden Smith) very funny! As in Jaden's rap part seriously it is punny! Excerpt:

I be tryna chill
They be trying to side with the thrill.
No pun intended, was raised by the power of Will

Like Luke with the force, when push comes to shove.
Like Cobe with the 4th, ice water with blood.
I gotta be the best, and yes
We're the flyest.
Like David and Goliath,
I conquered the giant.
So now I got the world in my hand,
I was born from two stars
So the moon's where I land.

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aloe veraaa
Saturday, June 26, 2010
6:12 PM
LOL ATC '10 is over! I'll blog about it when I've finished my homework.
This is a short post about contact lenses. I should be doing my homework, but I thought I'd better get the hang of putting in contact lenses so that when school reopens I won't be late for school -_-
I'm not very good at putting them in/taking them out. To give you a brief (yet effective, I should think) idea of my ability at doing so, I'm going to tell you how long I sat at the optician's while she was trying to teach me: three hours.
Okay ._. Erm so well obviously I'm superbad at it heehee.
Alrighty, gonna go eat :D And yes I finally got them in LOL :D
P.S. ATC left me with a lot of bruises D: (even one on my hip ._.? I think I accidentally smashed my hip against the stretcher during CDC while trying to lift ma'am up D: Rawr I'm so bad at CDC D:)and muscle aches. And 'cause my socks were damp when I put them I developed some... wrinkly soles that hurt superbad (I don't know why I'm joining 'super' and 'bad' ._.)! Grah it isn't as damp now (?) or as white, but my foot looks like it's been caned (bright red marks O_O)... and it hurts almost as much (Okay no haha not so bad).
Edit/ OMG I MIGHT HAVE ATHLETE'S FEET!!!!!!! (grossed out -_-)
Anyway yeah bye :D


atc tomorrow
Wednesday, June 23, 2010
11:52 PM
Crying myself to sleep because I'm scared.

heppy birthday, trina!
Tuesday, June 22, 2010
11:11 PM
It is a good day (almost)
Good part:
MY SISTER'S BIRTHDAY! (see title :D)
Took pictures with my webcam (I am serious).
The birthday girl (how cliched :/)
Caek, from Prima Deli :)
Me holding up candles and candle holders! The candle holders are star-shaped!
Erm I don't know how to explain this. Semi-nudity on the part of my brother, and the dude behind him is my uncle, Ivan (He became my uncle at six years of age ._.) And the smiley lady is my lovely mother!
Ivan lighting the candles!
Yey cut cake!
Family photograph :D Yes I'm toot in this I knowwww :3
Am not looking forward to end of this week :( honestly.
Also, contact lenses! As expected I look like shite in them :)
Goodnight, sleep longer.

hello seattle
Monday, June 21, 2010
10:42 PM
Gah I think I pulled a muscle in my hamstring D: Like, my butt hurts a lot when I walk :O for like two days now .__. I hope it doesn't hurt during PT haha xD
Actually I wasn't emo before this. But after reading _ I suddenly had a weird sad mood D: 'Cause when people are sad I'm sad too, you know.
Yeah homeworkkkk, ATCCCCCC, and contact lenses!
Compared to so many people I'm super heckcare zomg. Good/bad?


i wish
12:04 AM
Today was streetsales again! Sigh it's really too bad Orchard is flooded, or we could go there :) Orchard is actually more of my element :/ and I don't know why D:
Anyway so we sold the adorable little teddy bears around HDB Hub at Toa Payoh in two groups (Me, Lai Jia Hui, Yu Qi and Khengfang, Weiting) :D At first it was sucky D: and very very sunny zz -_-
But progressive improvement! And around an hour or two after we started, we met Weiting and Khengfang who sold like three (while we sold one!) so I jokingly (!) said that I wanted to join them and to my shock/horror Yu Qi and Lai Jia were like "go lor!" Wtf backfire ._.
So anyway I joined Khengfang's group for a while, but we didn't get any sales. When we met Yu Qi and Lai Jia again (like five minutes after) they got two sales more zomg!
Thus the conclusion then was: Fiona is a jinx! Wah saddening.
(Sidenote: My fullstop key is screwed.............)
Meh anyways I did make contributions lor. Funny/memorable quotes:
1. Me: "Hi guys!" (in a damn gey/gross/unnatural voice zomg)
2. Squadmates and I were disturbing this couple LOL like we kept plugging the bears and how it was Father's Day and how the dude should get a bear (I keep typing 'beat') for his girlfriend then when he refused and escaped I shouted: "Your girlfriend is secretly disappointed in you!" omgomg O: (I can't help it D:) Then squadmates and I all said "Have a nice day!" xD
3. "Have a nice day!"Actually I can't really remember x) Overall it was not bad, quite funz :)!
And awkward.. -.-
To Papa:


Saturday, June 19, 2010
9:46 PM
Omigosh you guys (typically bimbo starting phrase), guess what O:?
I'll be (yes, Fiona, me!) getting contact lenses!
Now pause for a moment and imagine that (actually, don't D:)!
-gasp- Hahaha I feel like laughing but I suppose contact lenses are more... convenient LOL ._. But I'll probably definitely stick to spectacles during ATC :/
P.S. I'll look horrible in contact lenses! Meh :( I am suddenly reminded of this conversation that happened once between Ying Tong, Ting Ting, Yan Li?, and myself.
Ting Ting: -talking about contact lenses versus spectacles-
Ying Tong: -assures Ting Ting she looks awesome in contact lenses-
Ying Tong: Some people just cannot wear contact lenses they'll look ugly!
-awkward silence as Ting Ting looks at me-
Me: Eh! What!
-nervous laughter on the side of Ting Ting and Yan Li?-
Ying Tong: Oh not you not you!
Tsk you see my friends :( it is no wonder that my self-esteem is like merde.
Anyway~ I'm kinda excited LOL new look what!
Okay gotta go ^^ bye :D
J'espere tomorrow (CIP)!
Also, I found a cool site that actually lets you find out what wand you'd have in Harry Potter!
My results:
(Click to enlarge)
Alright, I'm really going now! Bye :D

I want M&Ms so badly.
Friday, June 18, 2010
3:40 PM
Meh one week left before school starts again! If I'd finished all my homework in the first two weeks I'd be pretty excited for school starting.
Well anyway I crave chocolate :D
And I want the new Olympus Pen (I know) E-P1! Despite its irrelevant name, it is an awesome camera, yes it is! All my blog readers should like, make a Facebook group and buy it for me together. Yes. I'll bet that there are at least twenty people who read my blog (possibly more!) and that means each of you have to pay only about thirty dollars (Yes, it is $600 .___.)! And it is such a worthwhile investment 8D
I'm bored. There's nothing to do online (actually there are LOTS of things to do online). Ohmygod I will read about medical marvels :D
I could do my homework but that does not appeal to me. (Ohmygod it hasn't appealed to me for three weeks already -_-) Argh force it down my throat!

cigarette stained lies
Wednesday, June 16, 2010
6:20 PM
Today = wasted day! I suddenly feel very loserish and helpless 'cause of my homework!
Haha actually how shallow is caring about homework :( it is merely a teeny little thing in the vast concept (?) we call life.
But nevertheless in this limited part of the life I've been living, homework is a massive thing! And so are results, and school! Can you imagine your life without school? I can... ish. But can you?
Anyways I'm been lying in bed the whole day ._.
Never mind rawr. Katy Perry's California Gurls video is out! It makes me want to eat cotton candy -phwoar-.
Let's see erm. Ah I hate endings.
Goodbye D: I suddenly feel like eating Italian food :D
P.S. Feel sick D:
Haha most ridiculous/funny video ever?

california gurlz?
Tuesday, June 15, 2010
7:40 PM
You can't possibly not love their dance! Hahahahahahaa.

pretty in pink
Sunday, June 13, 2010
8:03 PM
My mother decided to gimme a present ohmygod!
Look! Just do it!

Do you see it (Besides the fact that it is luridly pink haha)?!
My name -squeals-! It is just unbelievably cute LOL!
Thanks, mum! -advertisementy voice-;
I know you read my blog.


dude from detroit!
1:29 PM
Watched The Karate Kid and I'm glowing!
Sorry haha, came back at like three yesterday from the cinema and I was still hyper :D
Anyway I shall not spoil the experience for all you people~ I will just briefly talk about the plot.
So, erm, Dre Parker is this dude who moves from America to China, 'cause of his mother's work. So he goes to China, hates it because he got beaten (for real o.o) by a group of Chinese teenagers. This is 'cause he talked to a Chinese girl and danced for her ._.
Next day, he goes to school (and surprise! Guess who are his schoolmates! The group of bullies and his object of affection!) and... they bully him again :/ and then finally he can't take it anymore, and he tries to get his revenge by throwing a barrel of dirty water onto them one day. But they see him, run! run! run! And he gets caught and severely beaten up. But at the nick of the time Jackie Chan, the maintenance man comes to his rescue. Cue fighting scene with Jackie Chan trashing the bullies and making them slap each other.
Jackie heals Dre's wounds with an ancient Chinese healing method. And then Dre's impressed with Jackie's kungfu, tries to make him teach him. Fails in doing so (for the moment) but they both go to the kungfu teacher of the bullies together. The kungfu teacher is really evil and mean, by the way. So in the end Jackie makes a promise to the kungfu teacher that Dre will participate in the upcoming kungfu tournament.
Yes that's all I'll say :D I love it whoosh! And I think other people did too, so it's not (just) my low standards speaking.
Jaden Smith is muscular eek. And he was 12 (in the movie) when he kissed his schoolmate .__. Oh but I liked Jackie Chan in this movie :)
And lots of kungfu (not karate -.-) stuffz that were brilliant. All the Chinese kungfu people were really good :D Okay I shall stop here now :3
Goodbye :D

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the karate kid
Saturday, June 12, 2010
8:26 PM
Heyyyy everyone! It feels like I last blogged really long ago D: which isn't really the case but whatever.
Briefly, CIP on Thursday was quite fun :D in the morning I saw ma'am o.o which was freaky and I did somethings faintly embarrassing -_- shall not talk about that ladeeda! Oh and we got a lot of donations in the morning!! Like a father-daughter (... I think) couple gave $30 in total?! That's super awesome ^^ In total we got about EIGHTY DOLLARS whoo go us (Lame -.-)!
In the afternoon it was much worse in comparison :/ (I've making the actual ":/" face in real life... which distorts my features but I can't stop doing it! :/! See, I'm doing it again.) Yeah.
Friday was ATC briefing ladeeda! I'm skiehrd D:
Hmm and nao today! Procrastination zzz ._.
I'm gonna watch The Karate Kid tonight at around eleven! I'm not really a movie connoisseur so movie reviews are not gonna affect me; I'll still love it (because I'm easily satisfied like that D:)! Jaden Smith! has a cool name haha :D
My schedule is kinda packed, but not really? I seriously need to slap my stationary -insert body part- into action anyway :/
:/ (ohmygod no offence... but when I attempt to do the ":/" face it looks like I am spastic... in the medical-condition-way, not the pop-culture-anyhow-use way).

bet you missed me!
Wednesday, June 9, 2010
2:04 PM
Hello all :D I shall blog about yesterday ;D I did streetsales (CIP :O); my shifts were from 9-12 and then 3-6.
So, I awoke! at around 6.30 in the morning (why so early? you ask) and changed into class tee and skirt etc. kinda stuff. Waited a while for my mother so we could take the MRT together ^^ (LOL it's because erm ._. we needed a license to do the sales on the street, and my printer had no ink, so erm my mother kindly offered to print it out in her office ahahaha .___.)
Anyways, took the MRT and my mother bought me and herself some random Breadtalk bread. We walkwalked to her office, took the lift up etc.
Tsk why am I talking about this? Anyway after getting the license I walked back to the MRT station and took a train to Raffles Place! Met up with Ting Ting and Sophia there :D and waited like !@#$ minutes for that slowpoke Sabrina -_- (haha alliteration!)(zomg I just realised that 'slowpoke' is a pokemon! As in I knew that all along but I didn't make a link between 'slowpoke' and 'slowpoke' :D)
Let me retype that phrase:
Okay. Erm. So when Sabrina came, we walked to where we were supposed to meet the brighTEN people, but GASP they weren't there! 'Cause of the (I quote one of the smses one of the organisers sent us later in the day,) "persistent and f*ing annoying rain". Anyway we found them huddled in some random corner ._. We got the tin cans :D and the merchandise (cute lil' pens and even cuter badges!)! Then we split into pairs - Sophia with Sabrina, me and Ting Ting, and took the same MRT to Orchard where we began our streetsales!
-change of tone-
At the start it was really sucky :/ 'cause people totally ignored us/didn't want to donate. Hello ten cent also cannot ah -.-? Somemore carry the bigbig LV paper bag walk around lor.
"In your face!" the bag screams.
Anyway D: we got the momentum going after a while (I seriously/honestly think I've a natural flair for this :O! Once I've gained more confidence lar :/) :D and everything became so much easier :) I started zihighing -_-
Oh and Orchard road was chockful of angmohs Caucasians and other tourists :D we could tell because they were all talking random photographs of Ngee Ann City and the statues etc.!
Example (I koped this image from google randomly)
Meh I thought mean thoughts about the people who didn't donate and made stupid excuses (and those who had qianbian faces ._.) D: My karma is now zero.
We moved from place to place, mostly. Until it was 12 and we went back to Raffles Place ^^
Aha! This is the fun part :) going out with Ting Ting and Sophia was cool (Sabrina was -tsktsks- dining with her mother so she didn't go with us! I called her a fly.) We headed to Raffles City Shopping Centre and entered this restaurant, the Shokudo Japanese Food Bazaar 'cause Sophia wanted sushi :D
Here's what it was in a phrase: Not that good.
Shokudo's concept is rather cool, actually :D we are given a purchase card each, and there are lots of food stations in that bazaar, where we can walk around and buy different foods (from the different stations) with our purchase cards! Sophia, Ting Ting and I decided on buying from this Japanese/Italian pizza-pasta-baked rice station :O
The food was actually quite delish :D but the portions were tiny to the max -.- Their service wasn't exactly good - polite, yes, but they took around twenty-five minutes to give us our food. This wouldn't be (much of) a problem if they hadn't said explicitly "the food will be ready in ten minutes" (for me, seven minutes for Sophia and Ting Ting. I ordered pasta and they ordered pizza you see :D). It was even writted on our receipts lor -.-
So after twenty minutes the three of us got slightly impatient and went to the station again. There was a woman being pissed off there .___. apparently she ordered something but the people forgot her order and made other orders first, while her order wasn't made yet :/ Anyway we got our food!
Okay this is all. Afterwards, 'cause the portions were teeny, Sophia and Ting were still hungry (to a lesser extent, me too~) so we walked around the whole place looking for moar foodz. Rawr, we totally regretted eating at the bazaar place 'cause other places (like the food court!) had much nicer-looking (and cheaper!) food zomg!
And the more we walked the less hungry we felt so in the end, we went to the basement and bought pretzels! I'd cinnamon sugar and Ting Ting had chocolate :D (And zomg both Sophia and Ting Ting didn't quite like cinnamon sugar why D:)!
We watched a performance put up by a random dude (while waiting for me to finish my pretzel :D) (I remember his name, it's Johnny Toronto and he's from Canada!) until he packed up, and another person was gonna perform. She took ages, though, so we went up (after I was done) and we saw Johnny Toronto again xD
Hmm after that we went to Citylink! Explored it (it was chockful of coolnez) and went to the Esplanade xD to take a look. Then went further in. At this point in time Sabrina's dining appointment was over, so she called us. It was funny 'cause it's like she calls and we tell her where we are, then shortly after that we move onto another place, and she calls again, and it goes on and on.
(Sorry, not very funny. It was a be-there moment ._.)
Hmm anyway we finally met at a cute sushi (yep) eatery that I forgot the name of! But it was nice and Ting Ting covered my sushi in wasabi D: I ate it though, and this wasabi was shiok (shioker (._.) than Sakae Sushi's! The last time at Sakae Sushi, Ting Ting dunked my sushi in wasabi and it wasn't that hot. But this time she only put a leetle (relatively, lar) and it was... PHWOAR! xD)
Erm we headed back to Raffles Place lateish, and we set off again!
This shift was about the same, probably more exciting though ;D at first me and Ting Ting tried to go to Bugis (yeah I know). It was really a good idea - effing many people (think Bugis Street and around the temple) and karma! (think the temple) and things like that, but after a while we both decided that it wasn't going to work out ... 'cause we were more comfortable speaking in English ._.
Went around Iluma for a bit to see if we could try the hippier/younger crowd (I'm not saying that Bugis Street is not hip. I'm not D:) but... nooo.
Went back to Orchard with little time to spare. Surprisingly our takings were almost as much as our first shift's :O
Some funny/memorable things that happened!
1. We approached some ah bengs, or at least some ah-beng-like male people, and they donated quite a bit (about three dollars in total ._.). Then randomly after they gave us their money one of them asked one of us "eh you got older sister?" zomg O_O Freaked out! Afterwards I was talking to Ting Ting about it:
F: "I think hor, he was asking you that question because he thinks you're -"
T: "He was talking to you!"
F: -possibility of this floods in, slightly creeped- "He was NOT O_O"
T: "Yes he was!!"
F: "Noo!"
T: "Yes! I think he ask you because you look damn lian -gestures- and your sister would be even more lian!"
2. A group of Singapore Polytechnic guys started talking to us -.- while giving us five cents. Yep. But I'm not complaining! It's better than nothing!
That's it. Or maybe not, but I'm tired D: So yeah, good dayyyy.

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vigueur de la vie
Sunday, June 6, 2010
1:58 PM
Heyho everybody! Vita Con Brio is over :O and once again I feel unmotivated to anticipate.
Well anyway :( it was really funz 8D and I think the schools had a lot of fun too? so it was a SUCCESS yey! Station 6 (my station) was the most fun (erm my lack of vocabulary shows)/perverse one lor! No seriously it was damn funny :D
It's too bad my part of the station ('cause the station was split into two classrooms, with two people in each classroom) couldn't take -coughinsertschoolcough- :3 because ACS (Barker) showed up! Anyway ACS came to our station many times -_- and one of them was freaking hilarious wahahaha with the eye-sleep-mask thing xD
The person in question wore a mask like this:
Only the actual sleep mask was super feminine and had Rachel-Wu eyes and purple eyeshadow... and the worst thing was that the features actually fit together in a not-bad way zomg O_O
Hahaha everyone laughed like siao zomg.
The RGS people were cute! As in ._. I was reading instructions to them, and the part I was reading was about the getting-out-of-classroom-and-you-have-to-be-in-a-PT-position when one of them gave me a wide-eyed innocent look and said "but our muscles will hurt" LOL.
Oh and I was actually kinda sadistically beingstrict and stuff :O
Anyway after Vita Con Brio, squadmates and I headed to KAP for... *fun*. After a bit, Kheng Fang and I went to Beauty World to purchase *recycling materials* (You probably won't get what the asterisks mean ._.)!
Anyway rawrrawr worrying! These few weeks will be torturous but I will cling on to life with both hands and firmly pull myself up to salvation.
Good day and bai~
P.S. I might be getting new spectacles ^^

greyson chance!
Friday, June 4, 2010
5:38 PM
He is... good :):
(And he has a cool name :D)
Ohmygod ohmygod ohmygod SQUADMATES YOU WERE RIGHT. I feel stalked (I am stalked, damn it o.o)!
Anyway, bai!
-freaked out-

Wednesday, June 2, 2010
11:53 PM
This is my... 500th post woah :O! I'm getting old D:
Anyways, Nicole and I are going out on the... okay I've no idea what the confirmed date is anymore, but anyway we're going out sometime to watch KARATE KID :D!
So Nicole decided that she wanted to wear something Japanesey, because erm, she was in a Japanesey mood or something ._. But anyway we both decided that we both should wear something Japanesey/Koreany/other-countryey.
Being the highly technology-reliant person that I am, I turned to Google.
Google! All hail it!
Erm anyway, I googled "how to dress like a japanese" (no seriously I'm really good at googling. Really (this word contains hidden meanings, like shadows flickering in the dark!). And Yahoo! Answers, wikihow, etc. kind of sites popped up. Following my search trail, I found this awesome website that you all should visit just because it's Japanese:
There! Now if that isn't awesome I don't know what it is. Harajuku is really fascinating and ever-changing :D
Some really, really, really _ outfits that I saw and felt like sharing with you all since it is almost twelve (midnight) and tomorrow I've to wake up at five thirty! -bright smile-
(By the way ALL the images below contained in this post are from style-arena.)
Whoo manz mix-and-match :O
Somehow that flowy-skirt-like object reminds me of Johnny Depp in Pirates of The Carribean.
Okay rawr it's really late nao I'd better go. Also I really respect all the people who dress in the Harajuku-style; it's all about individuality you know :)
Eh, eh, goodnight :D (I mean, good morning -_-)

titbit of information
Tuesday, June 1, 2010
9:08 PM
I just realised (again) that my brother's birthday is on the day of the Youth Olympic Games ^^ how cool is that ohmygod?! :D! He will celebrate it watching the Nanyang people dance!
I was reading my erm, private blog, and I Can't Believe I Forgot About Viver's Death Anniversary.
I Can't.
It's probably because of the excitement of post-Malacca but... oh no oh no.
Viver La Vida
28th May 2009
always remembered

whatcha know bout me whatcha whatcha know
6:55 PM
Hello everyone.
I'll bet all of you don't know that one of the missions in (my) life is to be able to sing this song:
Indeed it is rather frivolous mission in life, but zomg the song's cool :O
And the fact that I think being cool is important shows that I am a highly insecure person who requires the validation of other people! When you put me down you are actually hurting me in a very deep and erm, personal way. Yes. Your harmful words may inadvertently cause me to... binge eat on Hershey's Kisses D: which is both good and bad, 'cause Hershey's is awesome, but at the same time binge eating leads to a higher fat percentage in the body, which gradually leads to obesity (and everyone knows obesity is bad and gives you a higher risks of many horrifying health problems such as a blocked artery (or three), etc. etc.).
Ohmygod I'm just bored. And headachey. I am slowly but surely turning into a goth!
Imagine me as a goth zomg :(
Drink 8 glasses of water a day as it is a detoxifier :D
Everyone should spam my formspring, because as I said, I need validation. If you don't spam it I feel that my blog is visited by no one, and I feel sad because it means I'm boring and stuffz. Erm. And I think I'm an awesome person! My lack of formspring spam slowly causes my self-esteem to deteriorate :O
Hmm today I attempted to do something kitcheny and the substance I put in the microwave managed to burn a hole through the bottom of the plastic container oh tian -shudders and faints-. I shall post the photographs I took of this another time to scare all of you into oblivion.
By the way, I got a new bicycle! It's actually a... family bicycle? (at the very least it's a my-brother-and-me bicycle) but whatever. It was on sale (._.) for like seventy dollars (only!) hehe. So on fine Sunday, my parents and my brother and I went to Plaza Singapura and visited Carrefour and bought it. We also looked at hamsters and we ate at some random, unmemorable place called Hot Tomato or something (I only remember it because of the tomatoes! They are firmly etched into my brain!). Ohoh we almost went to Pepper Lunch, but the bicycle was too heavy to lug around Orchard D: Somemore I was the one carrying it hmph (okay to be fair I wanted to. Because I remembered the rifles of ATC and decided to train my muscles! -cough-).
J'adore pretzels coated with cinnamon and sugar! Cinnamon and sugar is like... hugs and kisses ohmygod! Instead of touching me, you can give me a cinnamon and sugar pretzel and I'll be touched all the same (get the pun?! Touch/touched?! Hahahahaha not funny ._.)!
Goodbye. My grandmother unceremoniously turned on the light and robbed me of my inner Goth feeling. Instead the sunflower in me is unleashed.
"O hai!"