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i love my family and friends
i also love 213'10, 311'11 and nynp
i am a sone
i cannot live without entertainment


potential gifts

1. Threadless tees
2. Helvetica necklace
3. ARTBOX notebooks
4. Kind words
6. Books that I would like
7. Tintin comics
9. Trip to Taiwan
10. Good grades
11. New camera ;D
12. SNSD concert tickets
13. Money for aforementioned tickets ^^

introduce yourself

all is well


Han Yi
Ting Ting
Wei Ting

2/13 '10

time wasters

Some very long posts to waste your time.
(Compiling of this list to waste my time.)
5th September
Class Chalet '10


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missing regret (v)
Tuesday, August 31, 2010
11:51 PM
i miss

it's been so long.

oh, wait, i forgot to mention
9:04 PM
Mr Tan teaches one class Science now -_-! 'Cause their Science teacher is injured or something la omg! Why get English teacher to teach Science .____.
And Mr Tan = HOD! Mr Tan = Pro!
I am a mean-spirited, horrible, selfish, immature person.
I am sincerely apologetic.
The prevailing belief concerning relationships is that they are fragile and complex, and often trying and tough to maintain. This common perception works like a self-fulfilling prophecy- that is, the more we believe relationships are hard, the more likely we are to give up prematurely. And if we believe that relationships are delicate and easily shattered, we're more likely to treat them as disposable. No one wants to get hurt, and so if we think something is easily breakable, we'll probably invest less emotion and energy in it; we wouldn't cherish it as much as something we believe is enduring.
As quoted from Sabrina's blog :) I think it's true :O Self-fulfilling prophecies remind me of HARRY POTTER!

whear is the playground
5:49 PM
from after jiang, at iluma! iluma is coolbeans (this is a word sabrina likes to use) :D! really creative and interesting :) yes! support the local arts scene :D
nom i want.
my mother and i went to eat at empire state :D it's real pretty, but the food in our opinion was just okay! :O the serving portions are huge though :D
pretty lights! the design is really cool, like
awesome not! like HOLES. my mother and i sat in a HOLE.
the lights remind me of... strawberry and cream sweets :O
quite similar la.
the view from the HOLE.
and the food came a while later!
mushroom soup. it's erm chunky yeah i did not like it :/ felt like vomit! okay that was not an appetizing description.
omg this is called the something sunset, and it SUCKS. it SUCKS. the person who made this drink was HIGH on SOMETHING; i just know it, 'cause the syrup content in it isDIABETES-INDUCING. somemore the syrup tasted like cough syrup, omg :( i added half my glass of water in it and it was STILL sweet -_- wth. you have been warned.
i folded this heart while waiting for the pizza to arrive :D!

clearer shots!
didn't take any photograph of the pizza because i forgot -_- anyway, after eating, we left!
i remember this shop! honey & bee. ting ting and i came here once and there was a joke made!
ting: why is this shop called honey & bee o_o
me: 'cause pull & bear lor.
okay this set is from school! like yesterday!
very blurry shot of the roses on ting's table! ting ting is good at folding roses :D
closeup! chio not :D
from me to her :)
the sunflower! ignore the staple -coughs-.
from sabrina to me :D it contains a nice jiayou message :D
omg i reveal my full name on the interwebz! cybersafetyfail D:
today while walking home i saw a lady.
this lady had DAMN BAD FASHION SENSE. i'm sorry for being blunt. her fashion sense was so *epic win* that i remember what she wore.
this is what she wore:
- some plastic jacket (idk what that material is caused, so imma call it plastic! it looked plastic and cheap)
- denim hotshorts (this is not even the disgusting part yet, WAIT FOR IT WAIT FOR IT)
- some ugly white-flowers-on-black-blackground-patterned tights that reached to her
- white and pink socks
the last item is a killer omg cannot unsee the horror!

my expression ^
anyway, yes today was teacher's day celebrationz! haha zomg this will be a detailed post :)
went to school, waited for sabrina to come so that we could put basket + flower together! this is how a flower looks like:
sunflower! :D
the result of my efforts last night D:
i also made a cardcase for mr tan! it's a really nice one :O it has a quote from a famous physicist on the back, which is "pick a flower on earth and you move the farthest star"! and his name :) so i think it's nice!! and mr tan was MOVED lor confirm :3
sabrina did the baskets! three cheers for her, 'cause they were infinitely harder to do :/ she couldn't finish though, so i helped her in the morning!
folding! different stages of basket :D
we then glued the handle into one piece.
and did this o_o ^
one of each colour! freaking pretty and cute :D!
sabrina forgot to bring the photoframe for mr tanyingkiat TSK so i folded boxes -_- yes a bit cheapskate :( but hello got 4 frogs in the 2 boxes leh! for him to play with HAHA.
by the way we finished the baskets during the class party :O yeah! class party was really awesome and funz :) eateateat, shouted at mr tan and ms ong to come to 213 over the phone, finished the notes etc.! and after class party was the concert!
omg freaking emotional during the concert haha! the emcees were definitely very loud :O and enthusiastic, yes. anyway 101's performance (dancing to "oh") was weird o_o as in. their dancing was pretty good, but oh does not relate to teacher's day ._. anyway!!
PSG's performance was really excellent! omg all the mothers and fathers dancing! it was quite disturbing actually O_O i wonder how their children felt LOL. i know xuanli was groaning throughout the fathers' performance LOL. xuanli's father was super cute in his outfit LOL he looked like a schoolboy xD haha awesome ^^
the teacher's performance was even more disturbing O_O (MS ONG OMG O_O)! i couldn't bring myself to look at ms ong (chiew inn) but ms chia and ms sabrina were GOOD wao! :D! and the male teachers! that random new chinese teacher was so hiphopey :O :D! impressed haha new side of the teachers :O
the prize presentation for the teacher awards was great too :) haha omg epic quote of the day: "she says she's sick, but i believe she's malay" heehee. and mrs siew was chao cute haha "do you love chemistry? yes or yes?"
ahhh i was overwhelmed by the feeling of love in the air! the montage was total breaking point :/ especially when 213ers cheered for mr tan omg! mr tan is a wonderful form teacher :'D he really cares for 213 la! even though he abandoned us to go to US with 401! eee i don't wanna go sec3 ):
anyway no sad thoughts NO I WILL BANISH THEM FROM MY MIND. erm. montage yes :D! i wrote ms ong (history)'s message ^^ montage was super touching! the people behind us were damn !@#$!@# loud though D: (HELLO ACTUALLY DIRECTLY BEHIND ME). deafening max o_o
did i miss anything out? oh yeah the performance by the china students was really touching :) the teachers were cute when they were young! though there were a few gender confusion issues LOL. and yes the yog people :D!
after that, gave presents to teachers :D (and the geog brochure HAHA mdm chia's pigeonhole was really funny! all the various presents - plus two geog brochures heehee. ms ong's pigeonhole! tsk random people put mrs amy lim's presents into her pigeonhole -_- weird -_- anyway mdm lee ^^ we went into the hall and found her :D! and gave her the sunflower + basket :) oh yeah, this is how it looks like:
without the short notelabel :D
yes so we gave to mdm lee! i also wrote on the notelabel that i would hand in my corrections on thursday, which made her laugh :D and then the moment was disrupted by random 414ers (?) screaming some teacher's name O_O! freakout max.
ting and sabrina found out that they didn't have present for their fps coach so this is a spare one we made! i'm glad we made extras :O the hershey's kiss is courtesy of tinggg :D
to mdm o! her sunflower is a bit dead :/ oops D:! anyway ting, sabrina and i were at the chinese department window looking for zls when mdm oehlers walked by! so we shouted "MDM OEHLERS" chao loudly oops :D gave her her basket and asked her to put zls' basket on zls' table :X anyway yeah mdm o said "this is a square flower" ee! never mind i will improve HAHA :D
erm after that waited for sabrina to come back from printing her brochure :O and slacked in class haha :) folded a small something for mr nick ng, because someone (yanli i think) said his pigeonhole had two (??) presents or something :O which is sad la! so i folded a box (a teeny one HAHA) and a hopping frog (ermmmmm well the best i could do in that short span of time while waiting for that sabrina to show up in class tsk!) and i wrote a short note. i started off like this:
"Hi Mr Ng!
This is SoDonKey."
class joke la. the first few drama lessons i was the last one to sit down so i became a sotong.. then a turkey.. then a donkey -_- so a portmanteau was formed! sodonkey D:D mr ng didn't know my actual name until pretty far into the year -______-
anyway! yeah put the present into mr ng's pigeonhole! a lot of jc seniors :O i think i saw 40 ma'ams (not think I DID SEE THEM :/) so weird! so i hurriedly ran away.
erm on the way out, sabrina, yanli, xuanli and i saw etsuko returning from her debate party (or something) and we were made to wait! and etsuko brought sabrina along haha.
anyway the three of us (yanli xuanli meeee) sat at the exact same spot they left us and waited for damn long. and i tried calling them! then sabrina pissed me off by telling me they'd LEFT -_- and "why you all never wait for us" WTH WTH WTH WE WERE THERE HELLO WALAO EH.
yes my reaction to her sms was like that ^ damn pissed rawr D: and so the three of us made our way to nanyang!
on the way in i saw esther ma'am walking out O_O
(o_o seems to be my favourite expression ._.)
oh! then we went to find random people haha. i went with sabrina to find teachers! and etsuko left with yensiang and yixuan shortly after to eat? or something :/
okay this part is too complicated to elaborate! so i'll do this in point form.
- erm, met ariel :D!
- gave presents to teachers!
- saw mr tan ying kiat multiple times -_-
MR TAN TOLD ME AND SABRINA "where's ting ting i would like to grill her. and XX also." (he didn't say XX, but XX's real name -cough- HAHA facebook relationship fail) so ting was damn freaked out she got me to pass her present to him ._.
- didn't see chenlaoshi OR mrs chan D:! oh well.
- sabrina left D:!
- ariel and ms mok had a weird interesting conversation about the DPRK LOL. dprk = ariel's new obsession :) and ms peh was nice!! she'd a BIGBAGFUL of presents ^^ and she told her students to give us some made in candy sweets :D!
- went to library! read a lame anthony horowitz book ._.
- left at three something :/ rawr! took bus back home~ i love taking the bus when it's empty ♥
yeah that's the end of today's events :D nyps is awesomeeeeeeeeeee but they took away the playground (refer to title).

i am not dead, per se, but
Monday, August 30, 2010
10:24 PM
I am dead for LA speech.
I am dead for CLC presentation.
I am dead for drama.
Rawr ):
P/S Quarter way through the flowers! Hate sunflowerz MAX nao.

cinematic and dramatic
10:02 PM
Am. Stressed.
Let me tell how many freaking flowers/cardcases (HAHA quite chio lor) I've to fold.
1) Mr Tan BH
2) Ms Ong CI
3) Ms Ong LH
4) Mdm Chia
5) Ms Chen
6) Ms Lim
7) Mdm O
8) zls
9) Mdm Lee
10) Mr Tan YK
11) chenlaoshi
12) Mrs Chan
13) Ms Peh
14) Sabrina's Science teacher, Mr Pang (actually Sabrina says "I DONT CARE HIM" and "CONFIRM HE DONT RMB ME ALSO" haha but. Yes.)
15,16) Randomly see who give who O_O yeah damn awesome :D
Anyway am dyingggg. The Geography brochure is SCREWED UP HAHA. It's portrait AND it's columnized (?) into 3 can you imagine :O! Formatting error -_- Now it's tall and thin O_O
Okay I gotta go! Katy Perry assaults my ears.

i need to get my priorities straight
7:46 PM
I, am, putting, way too much effort into this crappy Geography brochure! I am actually painting (oui you heard that right) TWO A4 sheets of blank white paper greenish/foresty just. For. This. Assignment. When I could be doing Teacher's Day's gifts, or some other thing. I am PAINTING PAPER. Because the paper I bought just now was too thick (!?!#!#$ wth why this kind of thing happen to me) and I am stupid. So I need to make paper green and I decided to paint it!
Though I'm like, succeeding :D it looks good leh :D But still.
Argh tomorrow is Jiachun's birthday! :D! I enjoy arguing with Jiachun she's so comical :) Lishuen was secretly laughing at the both of us! Super childish! But I'm mean la :(
Anyway! Tomorrow is Teacher's Day! I am going back to NYPS :D! And oh gosh presents :/
Ahhh anyway! I shall write about Why I Am So Buyaolian In Reminding Everyone About My Birthday! It is quite frivolous-sounding but it is sort of a psychoanalysis (only not so in-depth) of my character! Or an aspect of my character. So it's interesting what!
So yeah in 213/with squadmates/randomly I'll announce that it's my birthday, and this really irks many people. Like I can tell. Wth do I still do it? Well, firstly by loudly announcing it, it catches the attention of people! And I am an attention-seeker O_O (haha stating the obvious) yes and since being loud/obnoxious gets me the attention I subconsciously crave, I am loud/obnoxious. Yes first point.
Secondly! This concerns the vulnerable side of me. Erm, 'cause I was never really popular or whatever you call it, so these few years on my birthdays hardly anyone wished me "happy birthday", or gave me presents, or whatever. Which is sad. Especially since I have always dedicatedly wished people happy birthday the least you could do is to wish me one too ): Anyway erh so I was DAMN SAD. And this year I decided, I will not allow my birthday to pass like that anymore! I will take action! And that explains my behaviour. Although this behaviour is not good and it is irritating MAX and I myself would be irritated MAJORLYYYY but it I still do it D: So far it seems to be working though .__. Like Yan Li and Kellynn and Ying Tong have gotten me presents (oh no I am jinxing myself I can feel it) :D! Which is nice of them :D
Thirdly! This is regarding my superficial side HAHAHA. Which is that, erm, I like presents -twiddle thumbs-. So eh, yes I like presents and birthdays are prime times (O_O) for present-giving! Omg this totally spoiled your opinion of me didn't it :O
Never mind! It's true anyway ): don't tell me you don't want presents. But actually underneath the materialistic front there is another reason. Like, WHY DO I WANT PRESENTS. 'Cause presents, especially meaningful presents, show that a person cares for me (zomg so ewwwwwww) and erm treats me as a friend/whatever :D? So yes! Receiving a present reaffirms my belief that you (i.e. present-giver) treat me as a friend, yeshiede.
Okay I shall get back to painting the forest. Toodley :)

the girl who carried
Sunday, August 29, 2010
4:05 PM
There was once a girl who carried the burdens of all the world on her shoulders.
She walked around school with these heavy burdens every day, the weight almost suffocating her - but never really engulfing her. Sometimes she felt that she wanted these troubles to squeeze her in between the cold hard concrete floor and itself.
Everyday, people with long downturned faces would come up to. her and say, "Little Girl, I'm sad". And then they would walk along with the girl, telling her all their troubles. While they spoke, their faces became less tense and they started walking with springs in their steps. While they spoke, the girl felt her shoulders weigh down more and more.
At the end of it all, the people would smile brightly at her and say, "Little Girl, thank you!"
Then they would prance away happily, with nothing sad in their minds.
The girl would stand at a corner and smile back, but that smile was empty. She was in fact, terribly troubled by all that they'd said; she'd think day and night about their problems and try her best to help them in whatever tiny way she could.
With each passing day, the girl became more and more tired. But she was unwilling to tell anyone that. She thought to herself, "I would be terribly selfish if I showed that I am tired. People would not come to me and tell me their problems, and then they'd be sad."
So the girl continued with her ways. More and more people became happy, but the little girl herself was sad. One day, all the burdens the little girl carried came crashing down on her. I was there to see it. And I cried, because this little girl was my friend, and I was one of the people that told her my troubles, and I watched her become pale and haggard without reaching out to share some of her burdens. And I realised how much this girl had helped me in my life, and I cried harder.
The burdens of all the world spread themselves out on the cold hard concrete floor, covering the little girl in the process. I desperately wanted to save my friend, and pull her out of the burdens she was drowning in, but I could not reach for her hand in time.

closer to my heart
2:06 PM
Show encrypted text

I wanna read LMP books :O~ LOL.
Summer birds :O

password-protected post
1:54 PM
Show encrypted text

you never knew blogger posts could be password-protected, don't lie!

balloon bunnies
12:22 PM
bio suckz!
i don't get anything at allll. if i fail bio (likely), i'll of course, blame myself, but i will definitely blame the bio teacher as well for 1) being so incoherent 2) giving out weird notes.
i will try not to fail bio ):
on a lighter note,
ORIGAMI I SUCK AT IT ): idk how to fold an iris! it is really difficult for me D:! i suck at it! but i am not giving up yet.
this is as i folded a balloon rabbit ^^ but honestly all the petal folds and frog folds and whatever folds are going over my head.
i am only good at making 1. boxes 2. hopping frogs 3. hearts 4. hearts with stands 5. hearts with wings 6. easy flowers (such as a 2d rose and a 2d tulip) 7. balloon bunnies.
oh well ):
-goes back to bio-

Saturday, August 28, 2010
6:06 PM
Gah I am an irritating attention-seeker.
failed LA D: D: D: crossing fingers D: D: D: please do let me get a remark please D:
SO MUCH HOMEWORK ): I shall finish up Geography brochure NAO.
Erm my to-do list for today (what's left of today -_-)!
1. Geography brochureeee
2. Booklog wtfwtf D: -ignores for now-
3. Teacher's day presents D:
4. Dance!
5. Biology assignments :/
6. Type out History SBQ because right now it is. illegible.
Okay I shall not be too ambitious because that would be bad and at the end of the day I'll look at my to-do list and say, "wtf did I do" and the answer would be "nothing" 'cause I was too intimidated by the sheer length of my list!
Also Chinese is The Homework I Hate Most now. Give me Biologyyy please.
(I realised that my posts in lowercase are more informal and I use 'bio' and 'math' and 'geog' freely! But my posts in proper capitals are like 'Biology' and 'Mathematics' and 'Geography' even though it's really weird-sounding o_o but oh well! My idiosyncrasy makes Fiona Fiona!)
Although truthfully my blogging/writing-in-general style is everchanging O: previously, like in P6, I used to be really upset by the realisation that my style is not actually MINE, y'know, but I've matured since then (I hope) and I am no longer as affected by it! Because my style is mine in the sense that I choose what I read and following that logic, I choose what I change my writing into (subconsciously)! Right or not :D
Okay I've digressed. GEOGRAPHY BYE.

this is why i love sabrina 3
Friday, August 27, 2010
10:47 PM
i've a series of posts about sabrina -_- cannot help it, she's lame/funny and awesome! and she is forgiving and.. lame. and i'm really mean to her sometimes but she doesn't mind! and she has the CUTEST HAIRSTYLE + EXPRESSIONS.
"Yuck I hate Kermit!"
Recently 'cause of Bio I've been thinking a lot about Trina's condition (sounds weird here ._. but if you know me you can ask me O_O and perhaps I'll tell you).
It's not fair.

of kittens, piercings and paper lilies
8:14 PM
I do not have any sort of piercing! Evidence :O
Spam photographs I took over a long span of time :D!
THIS IS A DAMN AWESOME DRAWING OF CHERYL YAU (the head that is saying: "Hello! Never Do Is It! Angry I Tell You!"). It's quite mean ): but it's damn freaking funny and a good depiction actually :/

After jiang! Koi had super long queue D:
I like the straws! Hygienically packaged :D

Okay this is the rose from Romeo and Juliet presentation/drama performance yeshiede! It was wilting. And now it's dead :(
I love the adorable equestrian logo :D! And SEE SEE PEOPLE GOT CARD LEH.
*People = I.
Blurry shot of the shiny YOG logo. Cameras never take good photographs of iridescent items (or maybe just mine oops :/)! But still imagine it ^^
On the way there! Do you see the Merlion (with a bad hairstyle) :D?
Oh I remember the driver drove to the wrong turf club (the one near our school) and caused us to be late (the correct one is the one near WOODLANDS).
As I was saying! Card leh!
We're thear!
Two damn horrible photographs 'cause I was lazy to take! Also no LH Titan D: (Mario Gamboa's horse)
Okay these are third language photographs~
Omgz no cat?!
Oh there it is :D
But it's not the cat with the name I gave it (which I forgot hmm :/)! It's a different one! Where's my cat D: -throws tantrum-
But this cat poses damn nicely :D
Okay! So these are my origami masterpieces ;D
Froglette (left) and Frog (right) in love ^^
I taught Ting Ting and Sabrina how to fold them too!
This is Ting Ting's frog, known as "Toad"/"Captain Yellow".
Erh idk la Ting Ting's Yellow Frog is confused about his/her/its identity D:
Yellow Frog with Sabrina's new wallet/pouch thing! That is underwear.
This is T-Froogi, Sabrina's biantai frog D:! She tried to seduce Frog.
Poor T-Froogi is dead D:
To continue:
Froglette and Frog in the tote bag!
Froglette can jump really high :)
And that's all!
Oh wait.

Sunflowerz :D
Okay that's really it :)