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i love my family and friends
i also love 213'10, 311'11 and nynp
i am a sone
i cannot live without entertainment


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1. Threadless tees
2. Helvetica necklace
3. ARTBOX notebooks
4. Kind words
6. Books that I would like
7. Tintin comics
9. Trip to Taiwan
10. Good grades
11. New camera ;D
12. SNSD concert tickets
13. Money for aforementioned tickets ^^

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Some very long posts to waste your time.
(Compiling of this list to waste my time.)
5th September
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not my cadbury boost!
Thursday, September 30, 2010
10:56 PM
arghomgwtf why does lizzie get together with chaz wtf not make sense (this sentence too). and omg luke cheats on lizzie wth?!
anyway! real life.
uhm, today was french eoy -_-
and tomorrow we're getting back bio block tests. but AHA i know what i got 'cause mr tan told me wthwth ._.
anyway goodbye :)

a reviser
Wednesday, September 29, 2010
9:41 PM
French EOY tomorrow :O
Comfort food = HL milk + Kokokrunch!
Tomorrow is a Most Horrible Day wthwth. And after French EOY I need to go home and Chiong History ._.
Procrastination brings no good wtf!
I knew that long ago but I always manage to repeat my mistakes omg I have really no self-restraint I need to slap myself and stuffz.
-slap slap- (I will really do this in real life as 213ers will attest to wts)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010
10:14 PM
What do we really know about each other?
Even your closest friend, the person you think you know every single thing about, could be someone totally different from what you perceive her (in my case) (except I don't really have a best friend) (but it's confirm not a guy la whatever) to be. So what about the people you hardly know?
I feel very disturbedddd because I don't like closed books! Hate them D: It's so Devastating to suddenly realise that your perfect image of a somebody doesn't really exist omdomd (this is not a typographical error. oh mon dieu.) SHATTERED HOPES ):
Haha you know sometimes (no, often) I feel really shallow on this blog like I'm being judged by the countless people that read it (okay not really countless). A random dude from Ohio (OHAIYO) (okay SEE that was exactly the kind of thing I'm talking about. The Ohio person will think I am childish and disrespectful) (coincidentally that's exactly what I am ._. Yes, childish and disrespectful fit me perfectly -_-) could chance upon this blog and form unflattering impressions of me! Or worse still erm the people I actually know wthwth (my mother, for instance. She reads my blog wthwth I KNOW RIGHT. Go away, mother).
Anyway I really hate this feeling ^! The inadequacy and... inferiority! And with each sentence I type I feel like it's gonna offend someone or create a wrong image of me (actually it's the Right image of me, because I am Honest on my blog, but I don't want people to know that I'm this embarrassing la wtf).
Therefore the only solution I can see is to post random pictures of bunnies to distract yall.
-straight face-
I am appealing to your inherent maternal instincts.
Do not Judge me.
Or I will Cry ):
Can't you think of me as a Deep, Intellectual Individual.
Okay a bit impossible.
But I'm superskilled at psychology omg. I am profound la!
It saes "o hai".
This looks remarkably like Burberry.
This too HAHA WTF okay this is appealing to your Emma Watson Is Awesome instincts.
I think all roborovskis look the same ._.
P.S. I've been rereading My Life With George ):

9:53 PM
(omg a bit zihigh)
Today was a Marvellous day indeed!
In the morning I waited for Yuqi! Then we erm did last-minute touchups and ribboningz and uhm.
We wanted to wish _ a Happy Birthday but NOOOOO Yuqi went to put her bag in her classroom and I was scared ._. so oh well~
Anyway it's awesome! Kudos to Yuqi for her awesome idea + artistic ability that I lack. (We decided to omit the erm potentially stalkerish photograph because it is very... personal-looking yes.)
Anyway! Then I went down to quad with squadmates and flopped around. Then uhm dance! Second last lesson D: I will totally miss it rawr even though I am most decidedly Not a Dancer, but dance is FUN. I like ermmm stretching my limits (literally). Yeah ):
And hmm then PE! BADMINTON and table tennis (I am n00b at this D: but yingtong etc taught me ^^ merci beacoup :D)! I suck at badminton too la but I have occasional flashes of brilliance. So there!
Then ICT! Last lesson omg! I really liked ICT 'cause it's slack. Manz ._. Then Chinese.
Lunch! I cannot remember what I did.
Then LA (I was halfway asleep. Rachel Wu would say that I was fully asleep but I disagree). Grah ): Mdm O's voice is seriously melodic wtfwtf.
Hmm Math. It was okay.
Chinese remedial ): then BADMINTON AT THE HALL omfg ._. I totally Regretted it when I saw some people but Sabrina made me stay and told me to 'watch out' (i do have violent tendencies).
Then went home.
Okay I r bored I go nao bai.

i slept the day away
Monday, September 27, 2010
10:30 PM
I am in an unusually good mood~
I shall put a tilde after each sentence to annoy the heck out of you~
Hee~ (is this a proper sentence?)
Okay forget it I'm annoying myself D:
Today was French oral. I screwed it.
But actually it was rather funny ): because of my epic failness. Yes. I shall give you an Example!
Teacher, who looks a bit like the lady here says:
"oh. Soooooooo you want to change your school because you don't like your school because you don't like your teachers and the homework is too difficult and you don't like your friends because...?"
Me: -tries desperately to think of something coherent-
Me: -stones for two million years-
Teacher: -raises eyebrow inquiringly- (yknow her eyebrows are very expressive. Which is good.)
Me: Because.... they don't like me.
Teacher: You don't like your friends because... they don't like you.
Me: Oui.
Teacher: -laughs-
So it went very badly.
(I am talking to Sabrina now.
She says:
*she look like some market auntie
*no look like she know french O_O)
Obviously (in regards to "it went very badly"). But it could've been worse o_o And after oral I showed Ting Ting les chats! Yknow last week I saw a record-breaking number of four cats :D! And I took photographs of all of them yey shall post them (and my birthday photographs .___.) after EOYs. I will.
Ohmondieu I've not done my History homework. Evidently I will drop dead now.
Ohmygod, that reminds me of today lunch! Humiliation!
Okay so the story is, erm, yknow Banana Box, and we'd like 2000 drinks sponsored. And of course we couldn't sell ALL of them (I think we sold around 3/8 of them ._.) and thus we left the remaining packets there languishing in the SAC.
Then Mdm Teo told us we'd to move them into our classroom or donate them to the school... and obviously why would we donate them to the school. We are not charitable souls.
So we moved them! YES! Though I feel accomplished~ :D! It has to be around 50kg that I carried up to 213 ._. which is a puny amount compared to Sabrina's (84kg. BUT SHE WUSHU HOR HER ARM MUSCLES ARE VERY STRONG OKAY.) but whatever. Milestone :D!
Anyway it was really tiring D: and embarrassing wtfwtf. We walked through the canteen perspiring and carrying 12-18kg worth of Yeo's green tea/whatever and random people stared!! Argh. But it is over and I will put it behind me like the warrior I clearly am! (Ahem.)
Oh but wait we didn't move all of it back to class ): we had not enough time or manpower (mostly a manpower problem D: 'cause lots of us were having an Important Dramafest Discussion and some of us were... not there to help)! Which SUCKS it means the school is going to take them! WTF -angry face-.
Anyway as I mentioned somewhere above -gestures vaguely- I have not done my History homework, and I will proceed to do it now (HA! Right).
P.S. I finished my Hercule Poirot! SAD. I really love him to bits! It's like when a story character comes to life and when you're done with the book you're so SAD (yes way to go Fiona your vocabulary is astounding) 'cause you suddenly realise he's not real after all.
Ahhhhhhh like Harry Potter! I will emo now (I am so frivolous I cannot take it).

i am a huge liar
Sunday, September 26, 2010
9:30 PM
Today was a rather productive day :D only that, uhm, at the peak of my productivity I just went to sleep and I just woke up -_- undoubtedly I will sleep at TWO today D:
And French oral is TOMORROW ohmondieu D:
I am going to finish my Complete Collection of Hercule Poirot Short Stories very soon! -sadface- I LOVEEEEE HERCULE POIROT :D
Hmm, I suppose I should get to work.
Only that I've the most intense sudden craving for HL milk and Honey Stars ._.

watch this space
Friday, September 24, 2010
11:29 PM
Oh come on, cheer up :D
Credits go to Katie Sokoler!

how interesting, fiona
9:24 PM
okay i said that i would be on hiatus. BUT I LIED! and anyway, this is Very Important okay?
I feel
post a post that is
i feel it too.
because why? i am a Perceptive person!
i can also read body language quite well i think.
which is how i figure out that _ always wants to make herself seem better than me, even though i seriously am not much of a threat ._.
i can tell when someone is pissed at me (often).
but do i make amends?
depends :/
khengfang just told me i'm emo! I AM NOT! i think emoing is a shitty way to live life. come on get the freak over it already.
okay now khengfang is throwing me some weird stupid definition question: "WHAT IS EMO". well, obviously..
it's quite obvious i don't mean EMO like youknow, self-hurt type of emo in this blog post. i mean the very sad this is ALL EFFED UP/NO ONE UNDERSTANDS ME kind of emo. erm kind of like _'s. if you are cutting yourself please get some halp? and not from me thank you.
okay i suppose i need to elaborate. my stance on emoing, is that indeed, we should think about things/incidents and reflect upon them!
but when the pain/anguish/regret gets TOO CLOSE to your heart, please rip that stupid thing/incident out and trample on it.
it NEVER pays to enter that realm of darkness and loss and agony and regret because you will find it Increasingly Difficult to escape from it! and it's just a vicious cycle of emoness and you'll end up being TRAPPED in your insecurities and your memories (and you know, these memories will probably be exaggerated in your minds so that you subconsciously twist the memories to the Most HORRIBLE thing ever, when the incident that occurred isn't even that significant.)
i mean la come on it's just ONE THING, that probably isn't that important anyway, but you treat it as it's the most life-defining moment. that is probably definitely not a good mindset to have; you're blowing every single thing out of proportion. are you going to live each day like this? with regret, with tears, with anger? Is it worth it? and don't tell me it's just ONE EMOING INCIDENT cause don't lie, that's rubbish!! the problem with emoers isn't necessarily the THINGS that they're going through, it's their MENTALITY that's causing all the pain! once you get rid of that mindset (it's not easy but it is infinitely better than spending your life in suffering) you'll be a happier person.
okay i go do jiang now.

5:15 PM
i shall post what i will do after EOYs so that whenever i come here (which is often, because i am very obsessed over my blog) i will be motivated!
1. i will go out with friends! to IC (for people like ting and sabrina) and orchard (for people like yingtong and roob). I REALISE that my friends can be split into different layers of likes/dislikes/personalities/characters/whatevers, and i am like a radio that can tune in to various frequencies! what an apt analogy.
we will have fun and eat ice-cream (and grow fat, but heck that EOYS ARE OVER W00T)!
2. i will spend 2/3 of my birthday money. actually i've spent a lot of that already ): but oh well! i will spend it on books like the ones in my wishlist, and this cool cat breeds' encyclopedia or something like that because it is a 600page monster of full-colour glossy photographs of adorable cats, and i like it. and i don't have a cat but it is potentially useful. also i like knowing random trivia about anything. also i want to identify the cat breeds of the cats @ MOELC ._. also it is only 9 dollars or something like that (I KNOW RIGHT. with the popular card discount.)
3. i will read blogs~ and blog~ and read hercule poirot~ and i will do lots of things~
i am distracted by sabrina and an idiot.

to be honest (TBH)
4:32 PM
okay! thank god it's friday, because fridays are awesome!
i decide that this will be my LAST POST until EOYs are over, as i really need to pull up my socks, get crackin', etc etc. so yes, HIATUS. until it's all over and then i'll be back!
i give all of you permission to HIT ME/SCOLD ME if i break my hiatus O: (unless it's for important reasons, like hugo/burberry dying D: or something. which isnt likely)
okay this last post will be meaningful!
haha meaningful indeed. but honestly we've like !#$!@ history revision questions, and the list of topics to revise is So Dauntingly Long. i am having second thoughts about choosing history for next year D: (need to ask someone about it D: D: GAOGE) (this sounds like i'm v friendly with gaoge, which is not true) (what i meant is, ask sabrina to ask gaoge about it) (wait, is gaoge even taking history?)
oh well :O
erm, yes another thing!
no seriously when my metabolism drops drastically my weight will also inversely rise drastically. this means i've to stop eating the wedges from school.
okay this is serious!!
mr tan has been nothing short of nice and genuinely-wanting-to-help-my-sucky-physics, but i repay his kindness by WHACKING HIM. accidentally. today. i accidentally hit him while spinning around in class (actually, spinning 10 times, it was a game~ i played with sabrina and she lost. but anyway while spinning for a brief moment my imagination brought me to some field of daffodils and whatnots (forgetmenots! HAHA joke) and i was literally spreading my arms and feeling the wind.
then i hit him .________. and i stopped for a moment to make sure i didn't knock his teeth out ._. then i continued spinning -_________- because of the adrenaline ):
and i was Damn Hyper in class today! like walking about being ridiculous and generally being very ADHD-ish ): i wonder if i really do have it O_O 'cause michelle had it (michelle = my cousin). or it was just a sugar high or something, but i was not logical at ALL. i am VERY BIPOLAR. after that highness i was really down and started talking to mr tan about trina -_-
and you know i've not been treating mr tan with respect D:! i mean, i do respect him because i wonder how ANYONE can do physics for so long etc and he knows his stuffz but i guess... idk. actually 213 treats mr tan a bit differently from the other teachers leh! 'cause mr tan is just... mr tan :O
but i am very horrible, end of story. and OH my physics is wayyy bad good job, fiona.
which is why i took a mooncake (EXPENSIVE OKAY) and put it in a golden box and stuck an apology postit on it and i will give it to him on monday :O i am not trying to bribe him.
okay and from now on i will treat everyone with the due respect!
i personally feel that i am very self-aware. i think about the things i have done and i am really conscious of them? basically, i...
i don't want to elaborate lol.
okay i got my history essay question back today ^^ i gives myself pat on back. i also give half of 213 a pat on the back (like honestly? 11/12?! WE ARE KRAZY KLASS OR WHUT) and a hug! a virtual hugs because i've a phobia of human contact (OMG SELF-DIAGNOSIS) yes! i'm pleased with my results (the ones given back yesterday and today :D)!
ICAS: high distinction! also top something percent in singapore. good :O! but xuanli did way better zomg 3 marks more :D
FOR HEIDI WITH BLUE HAIR: yey an A1 for a change ):
LA SPEECH PRESENTATION: A1 :D loads of people did better :D but i'm okay with my markkkk i expected worse ._.
argh okay sabrina burst my bubble by telling me she got 18 for her LA speech presentation. OH GOSH THIS IS ARIEL ALL OVER AGAIN.
no. it will not be. i will cease to be annoying, needy, clingy and horrible.
erm and history, yes! basically these two days have been happy and hopefully this will continue! yey okay now i shall slackkkk for a while then revise francais! omg yes oral on monday, written test on thursday, then EOYS! ARGAD!3.
j'adore hercule poirot :)

uhm oh yeah
1:11 AM
EESH i should really be sleeping but i just printed out some... stuff. yes. PRINTER INK D: okay shall tell myself that it's all Worth it!
eh but today was a fine day at school! it was bleahhhh but LA cheered me up considerably :D :D i like my ICAS score :O congratulations to xuanli and yanli and all you pro people :)
OH AND MY HEIDI WITH MY BLUE HAIR HAD AN UNEXPECTED SCORE. but it was for the better o_O but idk how i got that score ._. oh well! it's good what, right!
did yingyongwen today o_o has got to be my longest yingyongwen yet ._.
TOMORROW'S LESSONS D: (or rather, later today's)

Thursday, September 23, 2010
9:29 PM
my history T_T
okay! quick update on life:
okay this sounds really wrong. but like erm dance worked me out! yes you know the lie on your back lift the leg into air and pull towards face that move ): achey! like seriously whole body ache o_o
yey i set record, no?

le petit nicolas
Wednesday, September 22, 2010
11:19 PM
today french was awesome!! LIKE SERIOUSLY GOOD.
we revised subjonctif and stuff until break, then after break WE WATCHED LE PETIT NICOLAS!

yey the boy playing nicolas is so cute! in a pure and innocent sense.
and they are so adorable in the movie! the schoolboys wear long sleeves and SHORTS HAHA :D

it was adapted from a book! the comic-y kind of feel is very obvious in the movie. i mean like the scenes just... flow from one to another. for example, this boy, clotaire, was punished and he goes to a corner, and at the corner there is a door, and he opens the door, walks through, and appears in his house and his father scolds him (it tallies with nicolas' narration you see). so it's really cool!
and the humour is just childish and fun! HAHA OMG.
basically nicolas is a normal schoolboy. there is a lengthy introduction that introduces the main characters (wao thank you captain obvious) and then a lot of credits O_O then the actual movie starts: nicolas' classmate, joachim, has a baby brother! and joachim says he hates his brother and stuff.
then somehow nicolas gets the idea that HE is also getting a brother, because his parents' conversations are delightfully misleading. and then these conversations are not about nicolas' brother and how they're going to throw nicolas into a forest, but rather that nicolas' father decides to invite his boss for a dinner.
and there's a lot of incidents that happen because nicolas wants to get rid of his brother ._. VIA KIDNAPPING.
okay i decide that i cannot explain the plot fully because it's very intricately woven, so you need to watch it! WATCH IT :D
okayyy i've to go sleep now! gday mate!

bio is over
9:28 PM
i had an adorable hamster gadget on my blog just now under "popularity-affirming widgets" ._.
but i removed it, because i felt really guilty whenever i left the tab open for too long and the hamster started sleeping and then when i moved the mouse again it would follow the cursor like a devoted pet and i felt really horrible and mean to like, leave the page and i was basically kind of miserable so i took it away.
yes i have major issues.
i also had a
type-it thing ^ but i also removed it because the link was the disgusting default shade of blue and i didn't bother to edit the template; it's easier to remove the widget ._.
anyway CHINESE LA MATH bye.
p/s/ screwed bio MAJORLY by making a stupid careless mistake ): it cost me a LOT.

8:53 PM
TODAY IS MIDAUTUMN'S (right? yes it is)!
MR TAN SENT 213ERS A REALLY ADORABLE SMS :D which is nice of him! you know, i will really miss mr tan next year D: where am i going to find such a form teacher again D:
AND I MISS 213 D: (already, yes).
Why do we have grow up!

8:47 PM
Hamster: "This lively pet hamster will keep you company throughout the day. Watch him run on his wheel, drink water, and eat the food you feed him by clicking your mouse. Click the center of the wheel to make him get back on it."


wanna be on top -fans self-
Tuesday, September 21, 2010
8:05 PM
and after bio yuqi and i will Get Cracking ._.
hugo is really adorable :O
i did not hear anything yesterday o_O (this may seem weird and irrelevant but i enjoy putting cryptic-ish random comments about random people into my blog posts, cannot ah)
and i sincerely hope
that when i go down for lunch tomorrow
nothing embarrassing will happen.
(but knowing my friends,
that is not too possible)
i want sushi.
(sushi the food not sushi the hamster)
although i want sushi the hamster too T_T
also i am HUNGRY D:
but i am doing bio and i don't feel like eating.
i think etsuko's obsessed with chick vs dick now .__.
also WANNA BE ON TOP? (this is 213er inside joke)
yay hugo
not hugo ^ but close enough :D he keeps doing this pose :D but he also keeps crawling on my knee and his nails are way long D: (reminder to cut them)
okay idk feels weird to use yay still O_O why do i use yey anyway? WHY? no one i know uses yey. like srsly i think i saw someone on blogskins using yey and i just felt that it was a cool spelling (i was young slash innocent) and i just used yey. FOR THREE WHOLE YEARS OMG.
yeah like seriously my blogging style has changed so much!! GROWTH AND MATURITY explains it (most childish thing to say, ever O_O)
I AM EMBARRASSING. There is not ONE single post that is acceptable D:
Oh okay I found one, dated March 2008 ._. (ohmygod that's like in P6 which is not very long ago)

//very waited.

To crap with the English of the title, I've to rush! :(
OK so damn sorry aboutthe lack of updates horh.
D: My lappie was confiscated to my mum's office!
Plan to sneak onto computer desktop on Monday.
... stop laughing D:
okay I really cannot take it I was really childish and omg-y and wtf-were-you-thinking-y and tactless and ridiculous and shallow and disgusting, in general.

Monday, September 20, 2010
7:19 PM
argh it is probably not the best idea to eat while revising a certain bio topic.
i cannot concentrate AND,
i feel kinda nauseous.

window pane
3:50 PM
today wasn't bad! it was pretty bleah but something i received cheered me up ^^ actually the letter was on the floor -_- and then mr tan said "ehhhh fiona your thing" (because it had my name on it). and i was like O_O
bio on wed! mugger = not me. i hope that i won't get addicted to anything these few days because when i am addicted i go hardcore ._.which is not good.

laura kirkpatrick
Sunday, September 19, 2010
10:15 PM
ugh i fritter time away.

this is a Good Idea
Friday, September 17, 2010
11:30 PM
sometimes i think about it
and wonder why i am so obsessed
it doesn't make sense
i don't know it at all
there is so much more to explore
what's in my mind seems perfect
but we both know it's not.
sometimes i wish people would just Say what they feel about me. it could be cruel (like "you are v fat and v ugly and v horrible and just suck as a person so just Die already" or something very astonishing. like sabrina saying "you are -insert profanity here-" omg that would be SCARY :O) but at least i would know, and i can stop second-guessing.
also i lied.
i said i would sign off.
but i am still here.
this is why i am floundering in the sea that is school.

it is sleepytime
10:20 PM
OOH ITS A FRIIIIDAY! I AM SUPER (say this in an American accent) EXCITED ABOUT JIANG.
okay no, i'm not! but tgif or i will die (tgifoiwd?) D:
anyway today kind of sucked! lol.
first period: PCCG! spent a lot of time in the hall with mdm heng thanking the sec 4 leaders lol and giving them A YOGHURT VOUCHER. i want :( haha actually but NO the sec 4s deserve it because they have contributed LOADS to the school! aha. like for example, the eating in corridors thing :D (context: student council got the school management to allow the student body to eat in the second third and fourth levels! like randomly! and we had this probation period and stuffz but IT IS WORTH IT. as testified by the 2000000 people walking around eating today.)
anyway erm. pccg! sexuality education ._. sabrina was "yuck"ing beside me, in a very sabrina fashion. but i heckcared her 8D
and oh after that DRAMA. changed into my skimpy outfit (actually it's not that skimpy. but i'm VERY CONSERVATIVE OKAY!) and all. then entered the room. thankfully huiting in her VERY AHLIAN OUTFIT and NICOLE'S MODEL-LY LOOK sort of took away some attention from me. oh and rachel wu's tee+denimsomething+shorts+BOOTS! hahaha omg best.
anyway first group was rachel wu's! briefly, it has to do with clockwork, and this girl (played by rachel wu) who totally confuses her real life with her life on her TV show. her real name is HELENA, but her tv name is BRIDGET (or something) and she totally screams to her parents (jiachun the mother and xuanli the father) that she is bridget. which is strange but that's the point. roob looked totally geek in her sweater + specs + bangs! good job :D! oh and yingtong and huiting were the may and mel people who are in bridget/helena's tv show, and they are erm, classic bimbos + BACKSTABBING PEOPLE OMG! yanli was a random girl. who was quite creepy, 'cause she said everything in a singsong voice, and hugged a teddy bear and flopped around. but awesome acting 'cause if i tried to do that i would probably expose myself or something -frown-.
and next was OUR GROUP! i totally forgot my lines at one point (= awkward silence) but nicole saved the day. and my accent was weird (because i was using a FAKE AMERICAN ONE, but then i said that line in a halfsingaporeanhalfamerican way, which is. fail). OH AND EVERYONE LAUGHED AT CHERYLYAU, even mr ng and mdm oehlers ._. i think it was pretty well done la guys :D! WE DID IT! lishuen gave everyone nice cards. mine said that i was a good britney ._. but my posing SUCKS! roob and kellynn said nicole was making... expressions while posing, which i didn't do. EXPRESSIONS like winking or whatevs. omg zibei AGAIN. also nicole was VERY TALL and i was short next to her.
-end of zibeiness-
hmm third group! about the discrimination against the mentally retarded/intellectually disabled. mainly, it's tingting as the main character, katrina, who has an intellectually disabled mother (played by dorcas). and the rest of the students in her school (sabrina, shinyee, rachel ng, huiqi) were REAL HORRID and sort of said nasty things. and huiqi doubled up as a old school friend who told katrina to do the right thing, 'cause katrina was kind of ignoring her mother and feeling ashamed of her. also yingying was a principal, and yixin was a very cute cute cute random teacher LOL. it was sad maxxx ): ): ): i cried. and actually it wasn't THAT emo. okay it was quite, but not THAT emo. so i don't know why i cried. but some parts were really impactful :)
then changed out of skimpyclothing! so what are we doing for dramafest ah?
HMM OKAY NEXT. i bought mogumogu.
then was bio (meh same as usual).
anyway i was v nervous D:! LA omg. sabrina said i did okay, and so did quite a few people so i guess i was? chinese was .___________. but heck la ):
so anyway all three presentations are OVER AND DONE WITH (drama, la, chinese). although too close for comfort (i am the only suay person who had to do All Three Presentations on the Same Freaking Day, in such close proximity somemore.)
oh and mdm o freaked me out by saying that she needed to ask me a question about my presentation O_O! omg scared lol.
okay after chinese. lmp! i erm might have dozed off slightly because i was REALLY TIRED ): and actually it was really interesting :D omg :D CREATIVE NONFICTION YEY.
after lmp i went out with yingtong and r ._________________________________. raffles place~ also met their mothers O_O very weird O_O HAHA but they're all nice la :D :D :D
also i am very sleepy now, and also i have not finished my jiang homework, and so i will sign off now. goodbye :)

question of the day
Thursday, September 16, 2010
10:57 PM
(i was not there because i zao-ed)
also today mdm lee told me that she found my blog. in a real creepy way.
if she is looking at this (omg so Weird), "HI MDM LEE YOU ARE A GREAT TEACHER :D"
it's true lor. mdm lee should read kellynn's blog instead. in fact, i shall provide a link:
yey i am so considerate.
also tomorrow i will die!! drama + LA presentation + Chinese presentation GO DIE PLEASE. on wednesday it was gonna be LA + chinese but i didn't get to present for LA OR CHINESE. and today there was no LA, and we did a zuowen during chinese. so.
also drama D: D: D: am scaredddd.
okay i shall sleep now!! no i shall revise bio.
(Righttt sure you will, fiona)
eh and i would just like to say:
weird much.

embellishment of truth
Wednesday, September 15, 2010
8:07 PM
hi all.
i lost interest in blogging! no really.
because idk it's just so.
Weird. to have people reading what you're feeling and stuff. and my blog is (i've said this many times before) VERY PERSONAL and if you read it you probably know quite a lot about my life. which is weird. like cheryl yau said in her LA speech, social media is affecting us!
okay i don't want yall to think cheryl yau influenced me this greatly -_- erm. okay you know what, i just feel Judged when people read my blog!
so don't read it! click the red 'x' NOW!
when i was younger i wanted to be famous o_o
but now reality is Cruel and i realise that 1) i has got no talent to speak of 2) i will not become famous for doing nothing as tabloid magazines will destroy my career before it even starts 3) i like my privacy!
eh, today was weird. ting and sabrina are both VERY IMMATURE PEOPLE that keep embarrassing me -.- it gets annoying, and then it's not funny anymore.
math today was FUN. i like logic and paradoxes :D :D :D (yes we finished the syllabus, and mdm lee is giving us ENRICHMENT TOPICS o_o)
and erm. la was okay i suppose; all the speeches. also, tomorrow is my chinese speech :O like i'm a teeny bit freaked out. public speaking is not my forte (thank you, captain understatement).
i've the most irritating barely-there headache! oh gosh.
okay little anecdote.
yesterday i was on the bus and obviously i fell asleep. because i am a tired student.
and then eh i BANGED MY HEAD AND GOT A BUMP. and hello not ONE BUMP BUT TWO BUMPS. this is as i first banged my head against the poster at the front of the bus (i was seating at the front row. you know there's this... partition that separates the driver from the first row? yes i bumped my head against that) REALLY hard, and i thought it was bleeding (it wasn't). but it was damn painful and i think i passed out (HAHA no actually not). then i dozed off again, and this time i banged my head onto the WINDOW. so now i've one bump at the front of my head and another at the side. this is why i am STUPID.
also i'm anticipating drama! not my own group's performance (-_-) but the other two groups'! omgosh haha. yixin's group's is about discrimination against mentally retarded individuals DD: idk what xuanli's group's is about O_O but IT'LL BE INTERESTING.
also i am worried about subject combinations. should i take triple science ._. it's very very safe that way :O i mean i'm not a mugger but science is... science. yeah. and if i try to understand it i definitely can. but i've zero interest in it! ZERO INTEREST IN PHYSICS especially lol. biology is okay i guess. and chem too. but nonono D: i don't likeeee.
2 sciences + 1 humanities should be better? BUT GEOG/HISTORY?! no idea argh. geog is ermmmmmmm easier to study for i guess? not as... skill-based? idk haha i suck. and history is so Risky omg!
hp ): you know i still want it/am v interested in it but i'm pretty sure i'll Die in it so. idk ): ): ): i really don't know THIS IS ALL SO CONFUSING.
i am very moodswingy now! and i admit my mind is working very strangely now omg. i'm jumping from one topic to another o_o
i saw a funeral today but i thought it was a WEDDING O_O because i've never seen such a funeral before, honestly, and i didn't see any.. coffins or what O_O and somemore there were nicely placed tables with lilies on them. according to my mother it is a Soka funeral.
you know uh maybe i'm not suited for academics. perhaps i shall grow up and become... an artist. YEAH SURE THAT'LL HAPPEN.
T__T am depressing myself.
p/s/ am pissing myself and the people around me off. good job, fiona. good job.

a quick update
Monday, September 13, 2010
6:00 PM
before i attempt to finish my clc sia presentation stuffz.
ugh today was embarrassing max. i embarrassed myself not once, not twice, but Thrice. that's right.
omfg super throwface ): i have no more face to throw )):
also uhm.
YEAH I FOUND BURBERRY. she escaped on sunday 'cause she somehow made a Hole in the freaking cage O_O and uh, she ran out? 'cause she's super tiny anyway :O
so yesterday i was v worried about her, since roborovskis are not only TINY, they're VERY FAST too and god knows where she went ._.
but fortunately, she was still in the house. okay narration of events!
woke up.
went to mother's room as i'd left my facial wash in their bathroom -_- (win)
suddenly felt a Presence behind me as i walked into the doorway (of my mother's room. actually it's my parents' room but idk why i call it mother's room. okay nevermind ._.).
turned around, scanned the floor (instinct?)
nothing in the room, but in the corridor outside of it!
looked closer to make sure it wasn't like, a cockroach. (omg EW what if i'd pounced on it and grabbed it and it turned out to be a COCKROACH OMG ._.)
ascertained that it was burberry.
(only i was agitated and said it like "BURBREEEEEEEEEEEEEEE")
grabbed her as she squirmed around.
held her up like a trophy
+ shouted for grandma to come.
+ woke her up. oops ):
but anyway burberry is safe nao! who knows what she might've eaten (!!! i will not think about that. no.) or scuttled on. oh well ._.
anyway i've to chiong work now bye :)
hey yall!

You just gotta ignite the light
And let it shine
Just own the night
Like the Fourth of July

Cause baby you're a firework
Come on show 'em what your worth
Make 'em go "Oh, oh, oh!"
As you shoot across the sky-y-y

meganfox and blakelively
Sunday, September 12, 2010
7:08 PM

^ not funny meh hahaha.
(but she does have a lot of semi-nude photographs)
(also i am googleimaging her for the purpose of my LA presentation)
(whatever you may think)

Saturday, September 11, 2010
10:17 PM
Am dingdong.
ZOMG my brother actually sings Eenie Meenie with her FRIENDS. They're P5. OMG HOW GAY/WEIRD is that O_O Is it not weird? Generation gap? ):

bakerzin mooncakes
7:04 PM
^ See title. They are Awesome omg :D
Yay mid-autumn's festival! yue4 bing3 jie2 (this is a Joke I know it's called zhong1 qiu1 jie2) :D
Haha I am trying to splice the video of Alejandro so that 213ers will have the erm, sexual dancing (?) of Lady Gaga and the men (who are probably gay anyway) on the big screen! Ha! I could just take a screenshot you know, but I am very concerned that 213ers will not understand the full extent of sexuality present in the video.
Which is why Movement is vital in this case.
And I'm wasting time ): Good bye ):

mckoy banos
5:40 PM
I'm probably very slow in saying this, but -

very artistic what!
Also hmm.
Also hmm.
I need moar Meg Cabot books. Am probably digging own grave :/ TOUCHWOOD I'm almost finishing the Size 12 is not Fat/Size 14 is Not Fat Either book D:! How, now.
(I think I owe the library some money so that is out .__.)
(I could pay back the fines!)
(Good idea.)

I am very bored.
1:07 AM

Product of boredom.

new skin :O?!
Friday, September 10, 2010
11:24 PM
^ should i change my blogskin featured in the above url?
haha it's a damn oldddd url :O from back when i was actually close with blogskinners SIGH SIGH SIGH D: MEMORIES :(
also i remember vaguely using this skin last year o_o i only remember because of ysm's and jym's argument (?) if my blogskin was considered pink or black hahaha :)

"omg you're such a loser"
9:32 PM
Manzzzzz I am very discontented with life right now ):
I am subconsciously rebelling against the uncreative, boring routine that my life has seemingly fallen into, which is why I am not doing my homework on time.
^ Excuse.
Also I want to change my blogskin, but I can't find one I like/am lazy and/or have too much of a headache to find one I like/AM UNCREATIVE AND THEREFORE SUCK AT BLOGSKINNING AND THEREFORE, can't make one I like. (I've never gotten the hang of using "thus"s and "therefore"s.)
Also I'm reading (I wrote eating, I'm serious O_O) all the books D:! Like the ermmm books my mother bought for me (that I chose). Nothing intellectual, sadly, but I shall be brave/stupid and uh, put it here.
- Airhead: Being Nikki by MEG CABOT (Meg Cabot is awesome! Whatever I don't care if you don't like chicklits)
- Heartless (Pretty Little Liars series' second last book)! Yeyyyy but actually I once hated reading the PLL series 'cause it was too dark and not light-hearted enough :O that was when I was emoish ._.
- Gilda Joyce: The Dead Drop (Ohmygosh :O I like Gilda Joyce books 'cause she's 1. a very lovable character 2. a SPYYYYY :D/mystery-solver/PSYCHIC. How awesome is that. Actually I think I like this series 'cause I've secret desires to have a similarly exciting life ._.)
- Size 12 is Not Fat/Size 14 is Not Fat Either (2in1, Meg Cabot)! Sabrina gave this to me :D :D and I regret to inform her (through my blog because I am a coward) that I've managed to ermmm Slightly wet it (as in it dropped in a SMALL puddle) and now it has a Few water stains (? no idea what to call them) and uh. But still readable and I enjoy it greatly :D! Thank you :D
^ Adorable chibi Pikachu!
When I was young (Okay maybe not that young coughcough) I used to play POKEMON GAMES on my DS :D~ Haha but sadly I've fallen out of touch ): the latest game I played was Diamond/Pearl and a bit of HeartGold/SoulSilver (but my brother's game) You don't understand this, do you?
Anyway I still heart Pokemon!
^ Bordering on lame.
Did I mention I bought a very expensive but awesomely adorable PIKACHU PLUSHIE (not sure if you can call it that 'cause it's really quite big. Life-sized? For a Pikachu, that is ._.)!! -hops around excitedly-
And ooh okay Bio papers ):
And MATHHHH gah I'm trying to ignore Math but I FAIL at it 'cause the empty spaces on the paper makes me uncomfortable.
I LOVE new papers! Don't you! It's like clean and not crumpled and it beckons invitingly. And then I spoil it by writing on it ): Sadface.
I think I've mental issues haha .______.

5:57 PM
Taylor Swift is awesome!
^ I like :D
But I like this too!
Julia Sheer is amazing :D

don't piss me off!
Thursday, September 9, 2010
8:10 PM
RAWR i wanted to put my title as "DO NOT PISS ME OFF" in its capital letter glory but i realised i edited the css of my blogskin such that the title is always in small letters ._.
anyway! just now i shouted and the room echoed my shouting loudly. why (did i shout)? because I AM PISSED.
so much thingz to do and i've not done Half of them and i am Screwing My Mood up and if only i'd done moar on monday and tuesday and wednesday and today -_-
i have a headache ._. yes i will shut the computer down Now. and omg i am becoming increasingly disturbed by the fact that people actually Visit my blog. my blog is a very PERSONAL PLACE! and then random people i don't know (which is actually fine ._.) and RANDOM PEOPLE I KNOW! (OMG :O) are visiting it which is not goodddd.
okay i shall tell yall five facts about me~
1. i am very pretentious (no elaboration)
2. i am buyaolian (hai there, captain obvious)
3. when i was in primary 2 i played a spinning game (you know where two people grab onto each other and spin around madly and it was really fun Back Then) and as a direct result of that game (okay actually me and my friend played it differently; our backs faced each other and we spun around. the normal version is where we face each other and spin around) I CHIPPED MY TEETH and ermmmm it was an emotionally wrecking experience that shattered my self-confidence. you know how i chipped my teeth? WELL, i basically flew off (!! Am serious. because my friend was heavier (erm) and i was lifted off the ground and her grasp/my grasp slipped) and landed face mouth-first on THE CONCRETE FLOOR (which is really dirty by the way D:). can you imagine it omg D:
4. i am a failure at keeping on task ):
5. I am Not Keeping on Task now.
6. i am playing a bimboooo in drama. okay you know what scratch bimbo out and replace it with MODEL (haha) but a bimbotic model. also i am uncomfortable in my costume. which is one, a TANK TOP (ewwwwww i am v conservative okay), two, a VEST (which is better as it.. covers whatever the tank top exposes), three, a DAMN SHORT SKIRTTTTT (erm actually i'm fine with this 'cause i'm wearing shorts inside). and yes. i have to strut and pose liek a model zzzzzzzzzzz -__-
(okay i edit this ending 'cause it creeps me out)

i've loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night
Monday, September 6, 2010
7:45 PM
HEY YALL! This is my Thank You/Birthday Post :D! And yeah I said I'd post this "next week" but ermmmmmmmm (Monday is unproductive.)
Anyway major thankz to these people:
Yuqi - who wished me a happy BELATED birthday on Saturday, Good Job ah squadmate ._.
Adelle - who wished me a happy birthday on Saturday
Roob - who also wished me a happy birthday on Saturday. This means that I overhyped my birthday and therefore people are wishing me a happy birthday prematurely D:
Adelle - On Sunday this time LOL
Roob - See Adelle. Only Roob wished me a "merry christmas" LOL I love you too!
Nicole - :D!
Elaine - yeyyyy squadmate I heart you too!
Ting Ting - I quote "Thank you for being such a jolly chicken" hahaha :D Yeyyy.
Sabrina - as an afterthought I quote again "Is her number ___? Or do you know who that is :/ BTW HAPPY BIRTHDAY~"
Mdm Lee - 'cause on Thursday after remedial I buyaolianly told her that my birthday was on Sunday haha :X She told me to "have a blast" LOLLOL.
Yi Xin - who also tried to call me MANY TIMES (like erm 10) to sing me a birthday song but I lost my phone, suayly D: sorry! But thanks all the same :D
Lucy - starting off with "Omg I forgot" eesh! But thank you angel ^^
Kellynn - ^^
At midnight on Saturday/Sunday Zhenghong and Ariel added 2000 (or thereabouts) NYPS people into our MSN conversation O_O! But thank you :D
Zheng Hong
Sean Lo (O_O)
Wei Ren
Some random dude I forgot ._.
Yu Qi
Khengfang for the 1235132th time haha
Glenda ma'am
Esther ma'am
Oh haha a lot of people O_O this is gonna be a pain rawr.
In order!
Wei Ren
MPC (I'm lazy to write his name out erm MATTHEWPETERCHIN! there I said it)
Zheng Hong
Kheng Fang again LOL :D
Ariel :D
Lin Qi
hoyishu (oi xuan li why never wish me happy birthday D:)
Vivian :O
Gui An
Yang Yi
Shinyee (who called me Princess Fiona THANKS)
Claire (and)
Cedric (-frowns intensely-)
Lim Shi Ying (do I know her O_O? I think vaguely maybe yes)
Hui Xuan (Roob your friends are nice :D)
Jia Hui (from 207! But not Lai Jia haha omgosh a bit confusing. Ermm Ting's squash friend!)
Daniel Wong
Clarie (113! Also did I mention my mother expressed consternation at Clarie's profile ._.)
Zhi Xin (:D I know you read my blog you said so! HAI)
Random Lynn Loy (I am Pretty Sure I don't know her o_O but maybe I do RAWR I don't know la)
Sara-Ann :)
Lumjia! Who called me gey ):
Han Yi
Then Jia Hui!
Simon Tang
Marvin o_O
Whoever the asterisk this is Tay Yong Sheng O_O: 정영승
Daniel Sng
Jialing :D!
Gaoge (Sabrina thank your angel for me ^^)
Cherise (as I said, Roob, your friends are very nice)
Darrel Long (whotheheck?)
213ers like Ying Tong :)
And I'll post photographs of All The Presents, really :D chuffed! to receive all your gifts yey but I'll wait till after Wednesday 'cause I'll get a few more on Wednesday o_o? (I... hope)
P.S. I'm putting my presents to Good Use! :D!

Sunday, September 5, 2010
10:04 PM
I managed to convince my mother that my math teacher is not mdm lee but in fact, mdm sanjitha. what's worse, my father actually AGREED WITH ME and said "i mentioned it before" and lies like that.
it is actually a bit sad ._.

a lesson on the use of words
6:31 PM
Hai everyone! This is my first lesson on the usage of some terms frequently used by 213ers! You may claim that I am not properly certified, and that is true to some extent! However, I trust Wikipedia!
Let me give y'all an Example. For example, a certain Teacher is making inappropriate comments about a Student (ahem). For example, "let you fall into my arms" and being a leetle too interested in said Student. Now, 213ers would call him a Pedo. Otherwise known as a pedophile or a paedophile. This is wrong!
'Cause, PEDOS are people above 16 who have a PRIMARY or EXCLUSIVE threeletterwordual preference for children who have not gone through puberty! That's right! I mean kiddies.
For people whom have threeletterwordual preferences for teenagers, or pre-teens who are already pubescent, they're called either
HEBEPHILES have threeletterwordual preferences for those aged from 11-14, or whatever your early puberty stages are in!
EPHEBOPHILES have threeletterwordual preferences for those aged from 15-19! Yes, that's right!
Omg ARGH my birthday is spent unwisely D:
1) I slept in the library -____- and I didn't even know the SECURITY GUARD was trying to wake me up O_O
2) I am not eating now.
sigh ): Thanks to all the people who've wished me a happy birthday though :D!

i has got reasons to be sad!
Saturday, September 4, 2010
11:22 PM
imma do chinese (!) filing on my birthday.
i am also very depressed by people liek HANYI who've done half of their work lor, confirm D:
i shall blog about today's birthday celebration NEXT WEEK -_- but it was fun ^^ okay bai!
p.s. i drank wine! a cup of it :/ :/ :/ it Sucked.
p.p.s. i drank wine 'cause my uncle/aunt gave it to me as a birthday present. Best.

progress report oops
Friday, September 3, 2010
11:31 PM
Reading my progress report now (and deciding if I should break the news to my parents slowly/let them read it themselves).
Combined Humanities are okay, Chinese is "-_- but I thought you are a 华人" (honestly I feel a teenybitbad D: okayokay shall read moar books and not shirk from reading responsibilities), Math is okay (ha because I improved! And Mdm Lee said so too :O), LA is O_O (wao okay Mdm O wrote a long comment this is why she is a LA teacher), Science is okay! In fact it is quite good ._. omg! my LA oral communication is DAMN HIGH WHY AH?
Anyway~ today people gave me birthday presents :) I'm very happy (lack of vocabulary) and grateful to these people (in order!):
Li Shuen~
Yan Li~
Hui Qi~
Yey! Technically it's not my birthday yet but Cheryl Yau felt guilty for not getting me a present and so she repeatedly wished me a "happy birthday, Fiona!" Haha and Yan Li/Ying Tong bought a tinklything for art (it's the gadget where you turn a handle and music plays! Yeah it's the Happy Birthday tinklything) and they played it for me haha so cute :)
Thanks everyone I know I'm very buyaolian and this will hopefully stop after my birthday .__. (last year I tried to hype everyone up by asking them sing me a happy birthday song in each class. But they daoed me until last period D: D: D: D: D: D:)
Anyway erh YES I've got a very irritating headache D: painnnnn.
- 5 bio papers
- 4 math papers
- like two thousand LA papers. no joke ._.
1) 4 compos
2) around 6 unseens in total
3) 2 comprehensions + summaries
- LA talk in term 4 week 1
- drama presentation in term 4 week 1
- history sbq stuff
- all my overdue chinese homework D:
- worksheet LIN
- random stuff i have lying around o_O
p/s/ cheryl merci pour la cake! i know what cake is in french but you don't.

Thursday, September 2, 2010
11:39 PM

it took too long it took too long it took too long
6:18 PM
Yo guys! I'm realllll excited for tomorrow :D! Presents presents yey :D (although sigh D: _ ah nevermind rawr who ask my LA fail Chinese fail everything fail -_-)
Anyway Aly and AJ! People (like erm Rachel Wu Sabrina!) introduced me to them -_- omg yeah la I'm very deprived in primary school I hardly listened to any sort of music okay :O which is why I am so fond of trashy pop hits.
Anyway you all lied to me! AJ is not the one with curly hair!
Haha same question ._.
Aly and AJ in a photos.. Celebrities, People -
Erm Aly is the one with curly hair and AJ is the one with straight hair! Although wait erm they both have wavy hair in this photograph oh -_-
CD lable -  Celebrities, People -
See see :D
Anyway I like Potential Break Up Song :O (I don't know what to capitalize or where it's joined la)! High/low notes o_o
Also! Erm these harpists are cool :O
Potential Break Up Song + sign language!
(they disabled embedding D:)
You Belong With Me + sign language!
Major cool 8)
My LA speech about the negative effects of American pop culture on youths is going well? Today during LA I googled images :/ bad bad idea omg -_- ewww so gory/violent! Sabrina stared in horror at one particular video and said "NONONO CANNOT PUT LATER YIXIN CANNOT TAKE IT." D:
I should do homework! Bai ^^
P.S. Today's conversation between Xuan Li and I:
Me: Eh! I'm a bimbo in our drama play leh!
Xuan Li: -without looking up from the laptop screen- Duh.
What! I am not bimbo okay D: 'cause bimbos are stupid :3 and I'm not stupid! Eh did you know bimbo is derived from an Italian word meaning "baby/very young male child" and it was first used to describe brutish/unintelligent men!
Anyway homework ._.

i want candyfloss
Wednesday, September 1, 2010
10:38 PM

uhm wha?
3:36 PM
woke up to my brother splashing me with water. yes. you saw that right.
and i thought it only happened in movies and primary school compositions ):
anyway! woke up for brunch (AHEM i slept late last night!) at crystal jade!
apparently, today is my chinese/lunar birthday! uhm, wha? yes. apparently so! and i'm not complaining. crystal jade = awesomez!
erh actually it was quite meh today ): i was in a bad mood.
after eating, went to popular for short while, then to metro!
i went to the toys' section to look for my brother (yes) and then i went to the barbie section. this is not as frivolous as it sounds. barbies are now, way, way cool. they're so fancy nowadays! in my time they just had two thousand different outfits. but now, they can:
- be styled! as in you can change the hair colour/curl it/rebond it/whatever la i didn't really look.
example ^
- be made up e.g. lip gloss.
- have tattoos ._. only one of the models, though :O it's called H2O Design Studio, which is actually pretty cool :)
and horrors of horrors o_o
this is gey ^ barbies are for six-year-old girls! which means that six-year-old girls love twilight too omg ew.
- have cars
- have pools
- have jets O_O
- can go camping -_-
- can be brides
- wear bikinis
- go on party cruises
okay i think that's enough O_O anyway, this is just part of a growing trend of the sexualization of pop culture icons! i tell you!
okay i am getting increasingly incoherent. shall work on LA speech script bai :)

3:25 PM
I am Inspired to become a more artistically-inclined person!