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just in case i don't have time
Sunday, October 31, 2010
1:15 PM

Hello everyone! This post is for the 213ers!
If you aren't a 213er erm can skip! Or you can read this (like Kheng Fang will), but I WILL KNOW.
Aha! Okay anyway 213 I think I mightn't have time to write individual notes on paper for yall before school ends (quick start crying nao) so ): I must write something here! In terms of Shika roles.
ENSEMBLE (from left to right): Sabrina, Nicole, Yan Li, Jia Chun, Han Yi, Etsuko, Rebecca.
Ensemble! You guys are the best! -cue cheer- I mean like seriously without the ensemble Shika would be so much more meher! Omg I just coined a new word! OMG SOUNDS LIKE MEYER. Okay never mind. Yes, much more meh-er ): and we mightn't even be able to progress to encore night. So, yes, YOU GUYS R DABOMB. Those startling Shika stares that give the audience SHIVERS! Correct anot, audience. The all-black outfits that are cool :) Your amazing dedication and tolerance of pain. I remember that time Rebecca gave us all a heart attack :/ Thank you for all the effort you've put in, tears that you've shed, and sweat that you've... perspired out (omg English fail). WE LOVE YOU ♥
Some photographs!
By the way why is Han Yi always the one doing something different LOL.
Okay here we see (left to right): Sabrina, Jia Chun, Han Yi, Etsuko, Yan Li and Nicole. TSK ONLY YANLI AND NICOLE SMILE HAPPILY FOR THE CAMERA. Roob wasn't here yet ):
Our main characters! Ying Tong and Dorcas/Mom and Katrina :)
Dorcas your acting is just (Y) you are a natural (Y) I really respect your ability to just let it out (Y) on stage where everyone's looking (Y). That makes you a very unique speshul individual just FYI! Our very talented Best Actress (Y) :D :D :D rock on!
Ying Tong your acting is also very (Y) omg! Your emotions can really be FELT can or not CAN!? And I admire your ability to keep in character even when whispering to me on stage (when I grabbed you you said in my ear "i really don't know this woman" -innocent look- LOLMAX)!! And also... you're very talented also la :D you portray the character of Katrina really well. CASTING WIN!
Hello you two thanks for all the effort you've put into Shika: to memorize all your lines, to really FEEL the character, the costume fails (I am referring to Dorcas lol) and all! Also the many many rehearsals, the stage frights, the... yeah. Thanks a lot :D
My counterparts! Ignore Sabrina (hiding face with phone), Jia Chun (acting Lady Gaga), Han Yi and Ying Tong LOL. ALSO IGNORE HUITING'S FOOT.
But guys! Yixin and Huiting :D! My fellow punks who are so punkish.
You know Yixin, I remember that first day during drama lesson, you said to all of us "I don't know how to be punk". RUBBISHBEANS. You are such a good punk nao 8D! With your hair, your outfit, your entire attitude - it has changed! All for Shika :) I really admire your acting skillz and your effort in sustaining the punkness/sadness :)! It's really great.
As for Huiting, you are a NATURAL PUNK :D! Haha. Swishhair. Your acting is really... good and I know you try very hard to portray the suitable emotions in your lines :') you've put in so much for this play! And your costumes and your makeup - haha yeah I know they mean a lot to you! SO THANKS A LOT HUITING FOR ALL THE SACRIFICES!
And next person...
You're so nice :) and kind :) And even though this might backfire sometimes (ahem remember second day of rehearsal you said "let's kai1 gong1" and everyone was lazing around lol) MOST OF THE TIME we respect you for it! Indeed. You can also be firm at times (like insisting on my stage makeup T_T that made me look like I kena punch. But never mind.) which is awesomebeans. All in all without Xuan Li this play would be quite horrible :/ thank you xinfinity :D
Heyho everyone the person who is tilting her head in an actchio way at the bottom left is Li Shuen :D! SHE IS INCREDIBLY TALENTED IN MUSIC :D all the awesome sad piano pieces in the play are mostly hers :) yes. Without Li Shuen our play would SUCK SO BAD. Also Li Shuen and her assistant director :D! Working with Xuan Li and working with Dorcas and working with... everyone lol. SO YES THANK YOU LISHUEN FOR YOUR EFFORT :))))
Ignore my friends at the back -cough-.
Cheryl ah cheryl. What can I say D; you've been SUCH a well of... strength for all of us! Granted you are very decisive and erm strict with us, but that complements really well with Li Shuen's/Xuan Li's style. You keep us on track, making sure we don't deviate too much from our intended plans -cough-. However sometimes you also make our main character Ying Tong laugh/get distracted (OMG THAT TIME YOU WENT SUPER CLOSE TO HER FOREHEAD) and give us all some fun heehee. Without you our play will confirm die on stage ._. So Cheryl :) thanks for all that you've done.
INTROTEAM! Sophia, Shin Yee, Rachel Ng, Rachel Wu, Ting Ting and Xuan Li :)
You guys MAKE THIS PLAY SPESHUL with your melodic voices :D! Singing the awesome introsong! No but honestly :) thank you for doing your best to PROJECT and to stand out :O Because our intro is really, freaking awesome. Yes. THANKS TO YALL AND THE ENSEMBLE :D!
I has got nothing to say, Jamie. Your scripting and your team are all very awesome and good people. I respect your chiongness and your prompt editions and your working with the rest of the production team to make the script the BEST ONE possible.
Without you, Huiqi, everything would flop around on stage! You had like three pairs of spectacles and the handphone on your body ):! Sometimes we don't see the hard work that the crew members and the production team go through BUT IN 213 WE DO. Okay and in a lot of places also la... but I'm just saying. HUIQI YOU GO!
Okay it seems like I've forgotten a lot of people ._. sorry la!
To Publicity: MY FELLOW PUBLICITY MEMBERS! I know I haven't been really active in your discussions due to having to rehearse ): but numberone: INTRO(Y). Numbertwo: POSTERS(Y). Numberthreeeee: FB(Y). You guys are AWESOME ♥
To Scripting: I say already right!! Your script is wonderful pl0x! I has limited vocabulary so sorry :(
To Sets/Props:
HEYHO! Good sourcing of props (lol actually we don't have a lot ._.) and anyway you guys contribute a lot in other areas :) Thank you all the same! Imagine if Ying Tong had no bag -gasp-.
To Sounds/Lights:
OMG I SPEECHLESS. -pause- Okay.
Without Sounds/Lights people our play would be damn lousy max!! For serious! The lighting effects are GREAT. The sounds are GREAT. Haha but the AV team confirm not very happy lol ._. Omg my content is getting moar and moar lousy. Sorry :/ but yes! You guys make a hugeee difference in Shika :D
To Costumes/Makeup:
HAHAHAHA my three good friends ._. Thank you for making me your guinea pig and spamming eyeliner. Thank you for transforming everyone into someone drastically different and more creepybeans! And for all your makeup wasted on us!! And for choosing the costumes so thoughtfully (I love Dorcas' shirt. Just saying.)! And... and... yes! It isn't easy and you guys rule for that alone! Yeah!
To Fundraising:
How can we forget you :D!! YOUR DELISH HOTDOG BUNZ AND YOUR DELISH PACKET DRINKS!! :D! Good job guys!
Okay I'm tired. I have a fever. I should go do something constructive, like my lit ment. Which I've not Started on and I'm gonna be DEAD. I'm hungry. I'm sick. I am watching Shane Dawson ._. Bah! I shall eat.

Showcase B
Friday, October 29, 2010
10:17 PM
Watched Showcase B!
Also didn't go for act T_T I wanted to go home la honestly but I told my father to come already ): anyway.
yeah i was sick/in pain! Actually I'd the stomachache and then accidentally I discovered that I'd a fever too (Y). So I SLEPT IN CLASS ._. like, on the floor (OUR FLOOR IS BIOHAZARDOUS) .__.
Also received a Box!
Yes Showcase B~ it was pretty good but I think Showcase A was better T_T but that's just me... because obviously SHIKA IS THE BEST correct not. For me at least omg overconfidence!
Ah well. I have rashes ._.

dramafest pwnz math/science
Thursday, October 28, 2010
10:32 PM
Haha on the subject of results gotten back today I shall elaborate no further... except that it was really a SOBFEST. But Sabrina helped me calculate overall marks and it wasn't THAT bad. OHMYGOD MY EOY SCORES SUCK TTM.
Anyway, Dramafest = important. Right nao I'm super tired, and I suspect my contact lenses are in the wrong eye, and whatever. BUT YEAH WTF IT WAS AWESOME.
Okay I must post about this in complete detail because IT WAS SO MEMORABLE! Yes!
So uhm getting back Mathematics, I cried like wthwthwth 'cause ARGH MDM LEE ): Sorry Mdm Lee x200000000000000000000000000000000 omg I don't know what happened I let her down and OMG T_T
Okay compose yourself Fiona.
Yes got back dismal results and eh then changed/slacked around! Then around 2.30 went to auditorium for LAST REHEARSAL omg! Was cool~ watched the Showcase A plays once more and then we were dismissed for DINNER AND MAKEUP! We ordered Canadian Pizza ^^ and each of us had two! Yeah and makeup. My makeup at first was really ... (THANKS TING TING!) and oh yeah I dropped my contact lenses in the toilet in the morning, so I got my parents (cough) to bring new ones to school for me! Yeah then I forgot I hadn't changed into my contacts and I had the really ... eyeliner + eyeshadow on! So I walked to the main gate to get the contact lenses from my parents around 5+ and it was really embarrassing ._.
Anyway Huiting helped me put the lenses in! If I did it myself I'd probably spend a lot of time trying to get the damn thing in my eye and in the end I'd stab myself with a spork! Yeah. Thanks Huiting :D
Went back and got my makeup redone by Xuan Li O_O! STAGE MAKEUP WTH! Hahaha super high eyeshadow O: and blusher was... (Y). I was really irritated by my weird vision though ('cause I put my contacts into the wrong eye ._. like my left eye has a higher degree yes) and KEPT RUBBING IT T_T
Anyway! 206's performance, 212's performance (which we didn't see 'cause we were at the holding area/backstage) and THEN OURS, OMG.
But whatevs I felt such strong emotion during one part of the play I was tempted to cry o_o and OH YEAH DID I MENTION BEFORE OUR PLAY, the punks + Katrina totes tried to get in character ._. Yeahhhhh I think it was rather successful (?).
HMM! Then yeah my acting fail I know thanks. Errrr after that we left for intermission! Went to kachao my parents LOL and saw Yi Xuan and Andrew Chia and Lin Qi wts O_O! Also saw Sabrina's parents! Also saw ma'ams ._. which was really embarrassing ARGHZX I looked like I kena punch in both eyes.
Also bought bubble tea ^^
Went back into our holding area for the remaining plays~ then WENT UP TO THE SECOND LEVEL FOR MONTAGE + ANNOUNCING OF WINNERS/ENCORE PEOPLE. OMG Unglam Photos Much O_O! Especially my "what you want" hand action (damn gangster in a bad way wts) ._. but the rest were fine la.
Mr Ng took damn weird photographs O_O like some of the empty auditorium O_O
Hmm uhm then let me tell you what 213 got. It's very annoying.
Special Mention from the guest-of-honour, some experienced stage actress. She said we put in a lot of effort (trudat) and stuffz! AND OUR ENSEMBLE WERE DABOMB.
GOT INTO ENCORE NIGHT!!!!! The guest-of-honour said something like "special mention not mean get into encore night" (something liddis) BUT BOTH OF US (213 and 211) DID LOL.
Yeah that's all. Honestly, that was all the titles given.
Which mean we EVERYTHING ALSO TAKE WALAO. I think the other classes a bit "213 that good meh what turf" ): and I screamed a Lot O_O
Mdm O: "Best production... 213!"
213: -screams like siao-
Mdm O: "Best ensemble... 213!"
213: -screams moar-
Yeah. Plus I'm REALLY TIRED plus I've a really horrible stomachache that sporadically attacked (?) throughout the day ):
Anyway I'm really grateful our hard work has paid off (hello marking days we came to school from eight to five can?!) :D and that we got into encore night! :)!
The other classes that got in were.
211 with their damn funny play. OMG LOL KHENGFANG HAD SUPER THICK CATERPILLAR (Rebecca says) BROWS, SUPER RED BLUSHER (somemore is CONCENTRATED ._.) and a blue ribbon on her sock HAHAHA. BEST (Y). Also CHERYL THAM (Y). Comedy! Heehee. Oh wait yeah ASHLEY = AWESOME ALSO (Y). "Hot pink tie!" And I love this quote:
"New Zealand the air got so polluted one meh?"
203 with their romantic comedy! Okay la it's about gender equality... but ohmygod hilarious! The actors were all either funny (OMG LEAF COVER FACE)/good! Like that ooiweijin (Sabrina calls her that) and her awesome wushu (well it figures, since Weijin is from WUSHU :D!)! They got Audience's Vote!
Heh! Then 206!! Didn't get to watch :/ But it had to be really awesome.
And then 213! :)!
Okay I'm supertired I am typing this with my eyes closed. Ohgosh I feel quite horrible and tomorrow's there's interclass games (!?) so... OMG -cries-.
Sosososososo in pain right nao save meeee.
Eh watch encore! 3rd Nov! $2 only! Very cheap!
213ers my mother said when Que Sera Sera was playing some of the aunties (ermmm women) were SINGING ALONG LOL.
Also my father said Yingtong was good! Also I am tired.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010
7:33 PM
We got back Geography and LA today.
something sucked and something rocked was awesome ._.
Yeah so...
GEOGRAPHY SUCKED. Even suckier than History FMLTTM. HP, indeed. Not anymore :/ recently I've been having second thoughts about HP and I finally realised that it's not for me. I mean yes I love the humanities but I WILL NOT BE ABLE TO SURVIVE IN THEAR. Overall a normal class is more suitable for me, yes. I'm already flopping in 213 so why would I want to flop in 314 ._.
But yeah HP has motivated me for most of the year and I'm grateful for that!
Okay moving on.
GEOG SUCKED. Really honestly. Like... a B kind of suck. And okay, I'm not kidding you, but I always thought my humanities were good. If not good, at least A2 standard. BUT NU OBVIOUSLY NOT.
You see I cannot muster up the appropriate sadness for this horrible result!! I think it's 'cause of (1) I don't really care about Geography as much as I care about my History, and I cried a lot yesterday already ._. (2) LA cheered me up a LOT.
Okay right here right nao I am going to boast. Yeah so if you didn't score that well for LA (D:) and you are feeling horrible I suggest you skip this part. 'Cause honestly I don't want anyone coming to me/tagging that my LA is awesome (LUCKY FLUKE REALLY. One of my better days!) but I suck for being so boastful and stuff! YEAH. Somemore my Geography damn lousy la T_T

Okay so for comprehension I got 15/25. HAHA that's not very good is it. BUT for summary I got 21.5/25 which is awesome :) I'm really happy with my comprehension + summary result, actually (mostly for summary) but during the going-through I was kinda... moody and Rebecca thought that I felt unhappy with my marks -_____- Okay like I WAS NOT THINKING ABOUT MYSELF. I was thinking about other people and how to CHEER THEM UP. Because even though I scored well for this aspect, my friends didn't and I CARE ABOUT MY FRIENDS. So I was pretty subdued. Somemore my comprehension + summary = A2 haha. Aiyoh Roob you are really horrible T_T somemore give me the URGH look.
Okay anyway. Erm then I was freaking worried for unseen and expository ._. Like honestly I was rocking back and forth and trying not to freak out. THEN I GOT MY UNSEEN BACK AND IT WAS LIKE 23/30 WHICH = A1 and I was SO HAPPY 'cause unseen is not my strong suit yeah! AND THEN I GOT MY EXPOSITORY (actually I'm not sure if I can call it an expository, 'cause I did the personal recount LOL ._.) AND I GOT 27/30. OMG DID YOU HEAR THAT 27/30!!!!!!!!!
Omg my heart totes stopped for a second I SWEAR and I squealed, like a baby pig (i.e. piglet). OMG highlight of my day can. Also the marker wanted to have a 'chat' with me (seriously and I really went to talk to her please don't ask me about it it was a terrible experience I've no intention of reliving) and also, the montage! As in the English Society montage. So yeah understandably I was real happy and I WAS BLUSHING HAHA but other people did not-so-well and Kellynn called me "gay" for getting my score ._. Oh ): So despite my score I was also very .__. throughout, wtf.

Oh wait. We went for the Pompeii thing today wth IT WAS DAMN WEIRD especially on the bus ._. then 213 was singing random songs and there were sec4s behind (read: ESTHER MA'AM) and it was altogether quite mortifying. Also Cheryl Yau kept calling attention to the fact that I forgot my nametag T_T oh but the exhibition was good! A bit creepy yes and very sad.

today is yuqi's birthday
Tuesday, October 26, 2010
10:14 PM

8:49 PM
Here I will post Really Nice Photographs (in the case of Yan Li, not really HEEHEE) that sort of document 213's Journey these few days :) Treasure them! And then next time in sec3 or sec4 or even further on in your lives, when you think of 213, you can come to my blog haha :(
Photographs from Lishuen's camera (thanks, Lishuen :D) :D
Jiachun and Etsuko, from yesterday.
Also from yesterday: YANLI! Porcelain skin T_T which I do not possess.
Sabrina at her best.
Ohmygod I have two thousand photographs of Sabrina here THIS IS NOT MY FAULT. Everyone loves taking photographs of Sabrina 'cause she's so cute :D and thus... yeah. So got a lot la!
Hanyi and Sabrina, from today in the quadrangle! That messy-haired person behind is Huiting lol.
Introduction people! Our introduction is really (Y).
Ensemble! I really really like this photograph a whole lot :O Huiqi took this photograph, I think :D
I like!
SPOT LISHUEN SHIELDING HER FACE FROM THE SUN. Also spot Huiting, Xuanli, Yingtong, Yixin and me (if you can).
Shika ♥
(Will update accordingly. By the way, I am NOT looking forward to the montage ._. I think Mr Ng took photographs of me/Huiting/Yixin 'cause of our slightly visible hairspray.)

such a sight to see
8:16 PM
Hai, guys.
-starts crying hysterically-
To summarize the results I got back today,
Chinese Paper 2: Also very sad (as in not unexpected, but the paper one results sort of pulled my hopes up a bit. Then boom it all crashes down again). BUT OH WELL Chinese was never my strong suit... except in P1 I was like a Chinese whiz.
Chinese Paper 1: PLEASANT SURPRISE :D :D Fo' real. Like, my yingyongwen got 15 (yall should stop saying "fifteen nia~") and my zuowen got FORTYSOMETHING. Like, a HIGH FORTYSOMETHING. Okay my Chinese is really really bad and my zuowens' scores are all... damn bad. YEAH SO A HAPPYBEANS AM I!
(Okay that sentence completely made no sense, grammatically.)
But History oh god. I had a mental breakdown. Uhm like I started crying in the Conference Room, then back to class, it got more and more intense. Then I started thinking about Math and repeating "omg I AM GOING TO FAIL MATH". Which resulted in me laughing and crying hysterically and then finally I sat at a corner and HAD A HEART ATTACK. I swear my heart actually hurt. And I was half-hyperventilating and taking really deep breaths and crying dissolving in tears, according to thesaurus.com (sorry lack of vocabulary) etc. etc.
This was very embarrassing.
Uhm then back to the toilet to put on my contact lenses and costume change! Makeup change! WAH SO EMBARRASSING in the quadrangle .__.
LOL wait then yeah makeup. Wasn't as kuazhang as yesterday but yeah still Very Plainly Visible.
Then we'd the rehearsal!
Okay then squadmates and I went back for act debriefing session and then when we were almost ending, Cheryl and the main cast SHOUTED MY NAME DAMN LOUDLY and ma'ams stared at them and at me wtfwtf thanks guys.
Also. Erm. Cannot take it LA tomorrow GEOG tomorrow and the Pompeii thing tomorrow. I actually know quite a bit about Pompeii already wtf?! but I don't know how I know all these stuff ._.

I LOVE SHIKA '10 ): Okay yeah I have a weird expression. But everyone else looks so chio pretty :D YEY.

Monday, October 25, 2010
8:06 PM
(WAH VERY ARTISTIC! i did not photoshop my arm.)
hai guys :D so excited teehee for dramafest! 213 is really going to rock it, we've gone all out!
TODAY was really full dressish! as in the thing i remember MOST about today was... THE MAKEUP.
yeah Obviously the makeup committee decided that i should be their First Victim and GAVE ME SUPER KAO EYELINER. HAHA. okay yall don't laugh! i sacrifice for 213 and dramafest can ):
lishuen took uberawesome photographs but they aren't up on facebook yet so~ MAKE DO WITH HORRIBLE PHONE QUALITY PHOTOGRAPHS that also feature a lot of me ._. HAHA.
by the way my hair is Still Pink wtf.
amplify eyeliner by a hundredfold and you'll get my eyeliner thanks.
also sabrina is really pretty (especially with hair up omg!), YES I KNOW don't stalk her you PEDO.
huiting giving the classic "what you want" face.
here we see some people vaguely doing something.
oh wait yingtong's hairspray is freaking GLOW IN THE DARK i swear. my mother said yingtong looks weird HAHA she tells it like it is. seriously yingtong that outfit is not punk at all. somemore, like what cheryl says
Erm WAO DAMN PUNK! squadmates please don't say anything PLEASE DON'T.
eh cheryl yau our dear SM! yeah. my fringe is damn screwed and pink though. YES THAT PINK STREAK wth.
hmm that is all! when lishuen posts stuff up on facebook i shall put them here :) and make yanli's life MISERABLE omg so mean ):
WAH THEY ARE UP LISHUEN READS MY MIND (after freaking me out about the Woodlands M_ thanks).
here are bigass photographs.
i notice that people always take sabrina's side profile, the one with the earring ._. DAMN HUGE DIAMOND. okay shall not draw attention to that fact that will encourage thievery. erm look such bridal-photo-ish look (FOR SERIOUS).
HAHA i find this photograph funny i don't know why.
okay that is all. according to lishuen she chose them based on her PHOTOGRAPHY SKILLZ shown so. and i chose some selectively also yeah.
omg i r tired of seeing my face (yes i just typed "r"). HEY PEOPLE, TAKE MORE PHOTOGRAPHS TOMORROW WHOO!
erm. by the way our ensemble = awesome. yingtong and dorcas are also awesome. yixin and huiting too :) i am just ermmmmmmm so-so wheehee but NO MATTER.
tomorrow is full-dress in auditorium.
tomorrow also spells HISTORY AND CHINESE (please do not make really lame comments like "no it doesn't").

Sunday, October 24, 2010
10:57 PM
Ohmygoddd so soon?! After results?!
I might faint any moment.

rohan gotobed
2:44 PM
HAHAHAHA damn funny.
apparently this 12-year-old dude named rohan gotobed was casted as the young sirius black for deathly hallows. HAHA GO TO BED.

real mature, guys
10:50 AM
omg T_T i am currently having spasms of nostalgia (......). okay that was probably the wrong phrase to use but you GET IT, right?
i miss pokemon! MUCH. god it seems so far away now ._. i remember i started playing (yes, cannot is it?) when i was in p2 and my parents gave me a GAMEBOY (hahaha) for good results (back then i'd good results).
so it was like:
1) firered/leafgreen
2) ruby/sapphire
3) emerald (i mostly played this yeah because the ruby/sapphire was an uhm, unauthorized version (MADE IN MALAYSIA CAN) and screwed up after a while wth)
i totally wanna play platinum (yes i know it's an enhanced version of diamond/pearl, whatever) and HEARTGOLD/SOULSILVER (cannot believe i missed out on this! grah too busy for pokemon. until now ;D) and you know black/white is coming out soon! GENERATION FIVE LEH! wao if you don't play pokemon you would probably not understand any of this. i am rather, an Avid Pokemon Player (for serious).
anyway i also want mysterydungeon but sabrina says it's not that good ._. DID YOU KNOW SABRINA PLAYS POKEMON TOO and somemore she's even more Technical than i am o_o omgwtfbbq sabrina and i have many similarities.
1. our parents are Exactly the Same Age.
2. the siblings thing
3. we both play pokemon!
but right now, i'm concentrating on reading Deathly Hallows! yey.

que sera sera
Friday, October 22, 2010
7:35 PM
HAI GUYS! I know I said I'd blog on Saturday but I really have got Nothing to do now, so, why not? :D! Okay there are a Lot of Photographs zomg o_o (is this good/bad! I think it kinda distracts people from my writing. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing wtf)
Anyway. I am waiting for the images to load~
Oh okay!
This is such a bad picture of Burberry!
Hello! This is where we went - Plaza Singapura's GV!

-awkward silence- Uh... this owl is real cute isn't it.
This too.
OMG isn't it chio isn't it chio (okay actually it just looks normal). I stuck it on (I also gave squadmates cat stickers!) and I went through a LOT just to take a photograph of it can?! Because it's on the back of my phone after all, I decided to take a photograph of it in a mirror. After failing to locate the toilet (actually I thought the toilet was damn creepy and squadmates didn't wanna follow me T_T ALSO THEY THOUGHT I WANTED A MIRROR TO ZIPAI! WTF DO I LOOK LIKE THE ZIPAI-ING SORT?! Do not answer this question.), after failing to take a photograph on random slightly-reflective surfaces (such as the rubbish bin what turf), I finally saw a mirror on the bottom of the pillars in the cinema! Okay I don't know how to explain this but, yeah. Basically I'd to kneel to take this photograph can?! Oh god I am so Dedicated to my blog :O
DO YOU WANT SOME POPCORN :D? I love sweet popcorn :D (actually I like most sweet things ._. Obviously)!
Here is the salty popcorn!
Here is, uh, someone walking.

Khengfang told me to take this photograph! She = childish! (Hahahaha I am not childish, thanks.) Why do people even LIKE Big Bird, I don't get it. He's not even... cute? And his voice is annoying.
I was never a Sesame Street person!
Shortly after taking the photograph of Big Bird, we proceeded to...!
-cues cheers- Who doesn't love Daiso?
Yey for mittens (?)
Jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way~
Actually ah, why do they have Christmas stuff already it's only October.

Didn't know which to post so I decided to post both -_- THIS IS SUCH A POINTLESS PHOTOGRAPH x2.
Sidenote: At this point in time, I fell asleep (at like seven can you believe it O_O) and then I woke up at eleven (forced to) and staggered to my grandmother's room and FELL ASLEEP ON THE FLOOR. Okay so today is Saturday.
Once again I am waiting for the images to load. SIGN SIAN EOYS ARE OVER, I'VE DRAMAFEST STUFF and SOMEMORE GOT LIT MENT ): you know what. Imma HECK CARE lit ment stuffz until like. After dramafest. Yeah. JIAYOU FPS/THIRD LANG/HSSRP PEOPLE!
This is lovely Elaine with our tickets! Yey for Bestseller. You know what, I would watch it again! I REALLY WOULD :D it isn't that bad, especially since I have already... SEEN IT ALL. Yeah and the actress' acting is quite good :D She's also quite chio, but that is besides the point.
All these are from Dramafest rehearsals!
~ I reached school at 6.40 LOL. It was all quite surreal, 'cause it was TOTALLY like a normal school day, except no one was at school except for 213ers/some random people coming back for CCA o_o
See?! People lying down in the volleyball court what turf!
Yey we went to this place for warm-ups and voice projection practices! Covered space and stuff. The rest of the people thought we went MIA and were angry HAHA. Anyway it was quite good on the first day. Although the audiprac was ... seeing as our script wasn't even PRINTED yet. Spent a bit of time running through stage movements etc. and played improv games! (Most of which can be found on FB, thanks to Li Shuen. I UNTAGGED MYSELF THOUGH.)
Oh yeah wait the photograph ^ has the sun in it! It was a rich orangeyellow, kinda like the egg yolk in mooncakes o_o

LUNCH! Nicole's head looks abnormally oval in this photograph 'cause someone was behind her and that someone's hair looks like it merged with Nicole's hair wth. OH YEAH THE MACS! Lots of Macdonald's meals.
Hai guys, lots of drinks.
Read DU ZHE!
... FRENCH FRIES WERE FIRST MADE IN BELGIUM, NOT FRANCE. That's what Belgians say, anyway. But this is not relevant.
French fries!
We ended the day at fiveish, watching Whose Line is it Anyway? heehee.
From Deathly Hallows! I like Dumbledore's humour :D "I prefer not to put all of my secrets in one basket, particularly one that spends so much time dangling on the arm of Lord Voldemort."
This is Sabrina's new phone. SO BIMBO CANNOT TAKE IT (hahahaha). Also erm, it's a weird shape! AND IT'S TINY, JUST LIKE CHERYL'S!
Uhm. "Always," said Snape.
Day Two was super sian! Everyone was damnnn tired and after lunch we just flopped around and hardly did anything :/
After rehearsal ended, Huiting, Sabrina and I went to SOGURT! My first trip there T_T
Sogurt! Cute max!

This is Sabrina's!
Mine ^
Mine's the AWESOMEST :D
After going to Sogurt, we went to Island Creamery to buy a tub of ice-cream... FOR MY FAMILY la. We are not greedypigz. Bought Apple Pie ^^
Then stopped by 7-11 to buy a drink, 'cause Sabrina was "thirstybeans" ._.
Whoohoo DRAMAFEST is going to rock, I CAN FEEL IT :) Did audipracs with costumes today -cough-. Y'all must come for Dramafest :D!
Went to Golden Rooster for lunch~ This random flower is rather pretty.
THAT'S ALL. My mother went all the way and bought me MAKEUP for Dramafest wth she is more excited than me ._.
Also we have rehearsals on Monday let's go go go!
P.S. Look out for my bag during 213's performance ;)