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Tuesday, October 19, 2010
5:55 PM
Disclaimer: DAMN LONG POST O_O
Math Paper 1 was really so much easier than Paper 2 :): But yeah no full marks.
Anyway the highlight of the post is supposed to be THE OUTING WITH SQUADMATES. I totally ditched Huiting and Tingting who technically made the appointment (I sound like a hair salon wth) first but T_T Sorry la hor! Anyway went out with squadmates. First we went to Curry Wok to eat but IT WASN'T OPEN LOL. So we went around and finally decided on Golden Rooster. Again.
But anyway we ATE and then made our way to Plaza Singapuraaaaa~ where we decided to watch a movie! Yeah so I wanted tong2yan3 but Sharlene wanted Bestseller. In the end we decided on Bestseller 'cause the timing was better and such. YEAH ANYWAYYYY.
Half of the popcorn was gone even before the movie started lol we are pro. Hmm. I have VIEWS on this movie yes I do. SPOILER ALERT I'm gonna describe the entire movie.

The movie started with this author getting interviewed 'cause of her bestselling book (yeah wow) but suddenly it stops 'cause she was charged with plagiarism for her latest book. BUT SHE DENIES IT. And then there's this part where she gets calls from her editor and she shouts at him and says that she didn't plagiarize and then she goes into hysterics and the electric lights go a bit haywire lol dramatic effect. Then her entire career is basically in shambles, and she goes on HIATUS for two years LOL.
Andddd I kinda forgot what happened next. Oh! She kena Writer's Block. Her editor suggests she go to this small town's villa, 'cause many other authors have gone there and gotten inspiration or something. Yes. So she goes there with her daughter. There's this dude, The Sheriff's Son, who calls her daughter pretty. The townspeople seem nice, but actually they're quite noisy and a bit irritating lol. Anyway, at the villa, she discovers this creepy old lady who goes there to stay O_O The villa is kinda old and there is a roof problem. As seen when the camera pans to this black waterstain indent kinda thing wtf.
Okay this random part where she tries a lot to write but she has got Writer's Block right? So she is really frustrated and her perpetual PMSyness is not helped by the fact that her daughter keeps playing with a "friend" (wow this is reallll creepy o_o) and sings random songs and shit. So she gets really annoyed. There's this part where at dinner, she has a conversation with her daughter and her daughter runs upstairs (this happens all the time in the movie -_-) and locks herself in the room O: and then her fingernail got slammed on and she plucked it off. Erm. Anyway. There's also a part where she goes into this locked/not-locked room (it's damn inconsistent) and it's an attic, sorta, and she asks her daughter "where is your friend" and her daughter points to one random part wtf! Oh and once she went up to the attic place again and her daughter's face becomes ROTTEN (okay not really rotten. Like... kinda... how to describe it) and she has this total flashback which is messy, confusing and brings the viewer no closer to the truth. Also she sees a dead body beneath the planks. But this flashback kinda inspires her I think? So she actually begins to write. FYI her writing room has thousands of photographs of the townspeople and two thousand post-its O_O
Okay then she undergoes a transformation where she wants to hear all about the ghost and the ghost's story!! 'Cause the ghost apparently has this traumatic death and the images she saw in the flashback are connected! So she is very interested and wants this information to write her book -_- But her daughter for some reason, doesn't wanna tell her. But I think she tells her in the end but I am not sure about this important part of the plot.
Some other plotlines: The villagers are so pleased that this famous "WRITER FROM SEOUL" comes to their town they have a feast (then closeup of them butchering a hog THANKS, GUYS). And it is mentioned that the Sheriff's Son has like, three other pals, all of them in some other place being a doctor/teacher/athlete lol.
We also see the author writing parts of her book, like "four men in masks" etc. IMMEDIATELY I THINK OF THE SHERIFF'S SON AND HIS FRIENDS OMG WTF!
I kinda forgot most of this ERM. Okay whatever skip to the part where she finally finishes her book, gets it to her publisher and signs a contract! She gets HUGEEE again and it becomes, yes, a bestseller, so she moves back to her cosy non-creepy apartment with her daughter. There is a touching scene where she is in the bathtub with her daughter and her daughter plays with a toy boat :D and when she asks why, it's actually 'cause she gave it to her daughter when her daughter was three! Although, wtf, she cannot remember that lol.
OMG THEN ONCE AGAIN SHE IS ACCUSED OF PLAGIARIZING A BOOK PUBLISHED IN 1992 O_O In fact it is exactly the same wtf!! So I deduced that the author who wrote "Tragedy's End" is actually one of the authors who stayed in the villa and stuffz. Okay yeah so she is incredibly frustrated and tells everyone that her daughter told her the story! AND SHE IS NOT LYING! Here we get to understand her husband more.
Okay yeah next scene shows her at a psychologist who asks her weird questions like "Where is your daughter?" I was also wondering about that 'cause in the previous few scenes we don't see her daughter. And then OMG BIG PLOT TWIST.

TURNS OUT HER DAUGHTER WAS A FIGMENT OF HER IMAGINATION! As in, HER DAUGHTER DIED. Remember that electric lights haywire thing?! That was 'cause while her mother was shouting to her editor, the little girl was taking a bath and she went to blowdry her toy boat. And then her mother screams, the girl drops the hairdryer in the bathtub and....
Well you know.
So all along her daughter wasn't with her!!!!!! WTF. And we see that when the Sheriff's Son says "your daughter is very pretty" he is referring to the Polaroid of their happy family wth! OMG.

She takes a while to accept this fact, but she STILL RESOLUTELY DENIES PLAGIARISM. So she wants to go back to the villa (WTF I mean you see ghosts and somemore you want to go back WTF?!), or more specifically the village. Where she investigates the nursery there (clue: there was a piece of paper announcing a missing person on the floor folded to become somethingyouputunderatablelegwhenit'sshaky and it said something about the nursery, the creepy old lady lives in the nursery) she sees her daughter yet again. Only of course it's not her daughter but a random boy ._. And then she investigates and steals a picture of the missing girl and her boyfriend who is, incredibly, THE SHERIFF'S SON LOL WHAT. More suspicion!!
Then! She sees the creepy old lady who is the missing girl's mother (ah, it all begins to make sense now) and this lady is actually also a bit dingdong. So she wants to give a Missing Person poster to the author, but it flies off and she is trying to catch it and BOOM SUDDENLY A TRUCK FLIES FROM OUT OF NOWHERE WHAT THE FREAK?! WTFWTF. And yeah the old lady died and I was totally :O and O_O rolled into one.
Hmm anyway the author goes back is damn shocked too and she goes into the main visitor's office or something~ where everyone sees her again and is angry, obviously, since she TOTALLY WROTE A BOOK ABOUT A SMALL TOWN HARBOURING DARK SECRETS. Yeah and then she suddenly sees a photograph of the same four of them in the room on the wall and she recalls the four masked men, etc AND SHE TOTALLY GOES BERSERK LOL.
The Sheriff's Son follows her out of the town and pleads her to leave, because they are all good people and stuff and they really didn't do all the horrible murdering things and that the missing girl left to marry a guy from Seoul and got pregnant and never came back and stuff. She doesn't know who to believe anymore, obviously, but she still thinks the villa is really WEIRD and she goes back.
She tries to figure it out, and sees a large car driving up. So she hides in a room. Anyway THREE PEOPLE (i.e. Sheriff's Son's friends) drive up and at once begin to act damn suspiciously by removing the planks wtf. The author is freaked by her discovery (that the girl was REALLY KILLED OMG) and tries to open the window but when it finally opens it makes a sound and one of the dudes attempts to find her. She is successful in hiding under the bed when suddenly HE COMES BACK AND WTF GOT FIGHT!!! And everyone chases after her like WTF! The first dude chases her UP THE ROOF where he falls and breaks his leg, haha. Then two others chase her, one of the dudes got momentarily thrown off by almost tripping and falling on a damn sharp tree thing protruding from the ground. The last one tries to catch up, but fails, as the author sees a truck and it turns out to be the Sheriff's Son. She cries out "dangerous men are trying to catch me I must escape" (something to this effect). And the SS says in this really weird voice "they are not dangerous". The author and I both had a WTF OMG CRAPPP SHIT DIEEEE moment.
Okay next scene, she is tied up and the SS is trying to figure out how she knows about the dead girl. He also describes the actual scene. Apparently he and the girl were an item, and she wanted to move to Seoul for something, idk what. He thinks it's his fault and tries to act-macho SO he gets his friends to wear masks and frighten her, so that he can act-macho la. But this girl was more spunky than any of them thought and she makes someone's mouth BLEED wao O_O he's damn angry and knocks her FREAKING BRACES OUT WTF WHO DOES THAT?!?!?! -freaked to the max-. Also they fight her la (and also the SS, to keep up pretense) but she accidentally kinda trips over a rock while avoiding one of their attacks, and manages to get her head stuck in the fence DAMN SCARY WHAT THE FREAK! I mean like the back of her head was impaled (?) by the freaking iron tips leh EW T_T They are obviously frightened and since the villa was undergoing repairs they take the chance, wraps her in some translucent plastic and hides her under some planks in the attic o_o Meanwhile they are digging up the planks and one of the guys, who is really pretty stupid, talks about the dead girl and his last memory of her, thereby pissing everyone off. The dude who broke his leg (also the athlete lol TOO BAD) is said to be useless by the one who is actually digging, is pissed and goes downstairs to sit on a chair. He looks up and SEES THE INDENT THING WTFOMG AND.
Okay then the scene goes to the SS and the author again, they are rudely interrupted by crippled dude who shouts that the dead girl's body is NOT THERE WTF OMG. And everyone is damn pissed and wants to know where the author moved her, because a dead person cannot walk.
Then these dudes start FIGHTING -_- they are damn loser lor! Really honestly two guys start strangling each other, one of them DIES. They hear a sound and it turns out to be the author's husband and we see the SS knocking him out with a large object wtf O_O And he was dragged to the garage or whatever it is.
And then hmm when that one dude dies, the other one (not SS not the dead one not the one with broken leg) decides that everyone is crazy (astounding revelation) and decides to run. He kicks the broken-legged dude when the latter attempts to follow him o_O anyway, he tries to start the car up but FAILS, so runs forest-ward and in this very ironic ending, HE TRIPS OVER THE SAME BLOODY TREE BRANCH AND KENA IMPALE ON IT WTFWTF!
Okay then we see the SS being real calm, and the author manages to break free of her bonds also and she silently (she's damn good at this lor!) goes to her husband and tries to cut his ropes too. Unfortunately, before she's done, the SS discovers her and goes like "Mrs. _!" (whatever her name is I forgot la) and this is really weird O_O So formal WTH. He tries to find her all over the house, saying it's only an accident and shit, and she hides pretty successfully. Then he plans to leave the house, BUT SEES HER IN A REFLECTION (God this movie is FULL of reflective surfaces!!! HATE MAX DAMN FREAKED OUT BY THEM ARGHHH) and lunges toward her. She is prepared for it, however, and slashes his forehead with a knife. She bolts and attempts to start the car. Fails but keeps trying, and then suddenly the SS's head pops out in the car window WTH he is damn hardy. Then she manages to start the car (finally!), she totally drives but he CLINGS ON TO IT WTF?! She swerves wildly and throws him up but unfortunately she also hits a tree -_- but also fortunately without the tree, she'd have driven RIGHT into the lake ohgod -_- She is damn freaked and tries to the move the car, but fails, and then the dude comes stumbling to the car again (WHY IS HE NOT DEAD YET WHY?!) and she has no choice but to put the car on reverse... thereby in the end pushing him onto the FENCE. OMG POETIC JUSTICE.
The Sheriff arrives (...) and is obviously heartbroken. The woman tries to get back into the villa to save her husband but upon the sheriff's "Look!" she turns back and is rewarded with a bullet, thanks. Next thing you know she's out on a boat with the sheriff, who reprimands her for not leaving like he told her to do. Also he reveals that HE KNOWS ABOUT THE GIRL'S DEATH. The author is shocked, and the sheriff promptly reveals that he was the one who KILLED THE GIRL WHAT TURF! Apparently that night he sees the four of them running out of the villa, and thinks nothing of it. Then he goe up to the attics, spots blood on the planks (well. I have got nothing to say except WHY SO CARELESS?!) and opens it up. Open the translucent plastic thing too and sees the girl... ALIVE. (OHMYGODDDDD) She pleads for help, he strangles her. (WTF IS WRONG WITH HIM AH?) Then we see him trying to throw the author off the boat lol. His pistol drops into the water too. She makes a whole lotta sound, and her husband who Miraculously escapes, hears her. But she still falls into the water, with a heavy weight attached to one foot. She struggles underwater, and here we see a lot of a HUMAN SKULL WITH HAIR -______- what turf ._. She grabs the pistol that he dropped earlier and SHOOTS and unrealistically the bullet hits him, STRAIGHT AT THE HEART (wah damn pro). Yes. He also falls into the water and they both struggle to get up. The author, being the protagonist, manages to get the heavy weight untied and she manages to GET OUT. Her husband drags her out of the water and tries to resuscitate her.
Then the feelgood ending: she survives he survives buttttt
Athlete: don't think he dies, just kena a broken leg and then cannot be athlete but this is DAMN GOOD COMPARED TO
Guy who actually does the digging up of planks: strangled by the SS, because he kept insulting the SS -_- he also insulted the athlete wtf why he so tactless one. Also he hits his head on the spade, as if strangling is not bad enough. EW.
Guy who tried to escape: Welllll impaled on a tree branch and somemore suspending in midair WTH thanks, guys.
SS: like the dead girl
sheriff: drowns
That's all I've to say. DO NOTE THAT
Does this seem PG to you?! THIS IS MORE THAN SLIGHTLY DISTURBING IMAGERY. There is a lot of blood and hitting of heads by heavy objects! Also omg, do yall think her 'daughter' was actually not a figment of her imagination but the DEAD GIRL'S GHOST transformed into her daughter's image. OKAY EW ):
After the movie we went home. Thanks, squadmates, for a lovely time~
Wah SIAN tomorrow I must wake up at five again T_T Dramafest oh dramafest.