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5th September
Class Chalet '10


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catchin' lightnin'
Sunday, November 28, 2010
9:07 PM
Alternating between HSM3 songs and SNSD ._. Also, class chalet! Yeah!
Chapter One: Getting There
Soooo I woke up at 11 or so on Tuesday (aha this might be a little late) and took the MRT at 12.30 ._. met Huiting at City Hall interchange with all our luggage LOL. People were staring, as if they'd never seen two teenage girls in short shorts (Huiting wore FBTs and I wore this... short thing) carrying 10kg worth of packet drinks, huge totes and jackets/sleeping bags each.
^ That's not a lot, is it!
Anyway... we got to Pasir Ris around two~ Walked to the interchange (I dropped my jacket T_T) with all our rubbish and took a bus to Downtown East (DTE):
^ Waiting for a bus.
Yeah! Then we met up with Xuan Li, who informed us that Cheryl was still packing (cue wtf face) and we couldn't get into our chalet 'cause her mother had the NTUC card LOL. Anyway stood around waiting for Cheryl and the others. I bought a toothbrush (uhm I kinda forgot to bring it ._.) and a drink and... chocolate for the class! And eh I went to lead some lost puppies to the meeting place as well (idk what kind of sentence this is ._.) :D!
Chapter Two: "No, sir, we are Not Gambling. Definitely Not. Nuh-uh."
Anyway checked in :D We were totally excited about the chalet ^^ The people who came semi-punctually: Xuan Li, Huiting, I, Etsuko, Dorcas, Shinyee, Jia Chun, Cheryl.
^ This is Etsuko who was glued to the phone speaking to -cough-.
Our bags! And not all of them ._. But I took this photograph at night during the BBQ, when most people were here.
I took this after the BBQ. Everyone was in the room watching 500 Days of Summer but I, obviously, had to be the last one to leave the toilet after brushing my teeth. So! I decided to take a random photograph blahblahblah. Lots of towels everywhere.
After a bit of randoming, we decided to wait for Sabrina, Ying Tong, and Roob before starting officially on our activities (cycling etc.)! So... we played card games. I WAS A SPECTATOR. Yeh hmm. When Sabrina came, Huiting and I went to bring her over to the chalet and then she bathed (in the chalet) and after that I GAVE HER THE SCRAPBOOK. Her reaction was not as overwhelming as I'd imagined (I'd hoped for something along the lines of "OMGOGMGOMGOMGOMG!!11one -hyperventilate-") but it was quite good nonetheless :D Oh and we got bored of waiting for Roob and Ying Tong so we went to cycle/the beach first. Sadly it started to rain -_- so... we went back to find Roob and Ying Tong already inside! Then moar card games etc.
^ R's photograph! We were watching the movie comfortably (okay for me not really, since Ting Ting was resting her body on my legs. But more or less so).
^ It was dark outside. Cheryl + the gang went out selflessly to first, help us buy bubble tea from Cup Walker and second, start the BBQ fire! I must warn you here that I went a bit dingdong during the BBQ and took like 50 photos of the whole damn thing and you might get a teeny bit bored.
Chapter Three: BBQ that lasted for manymany hours
Soooo yep! Somewhere in the middle, the people BBQing outside started blasting dance music and The Proposal became very boring. FOR ME. And so I went out to kachao people and subtly became a part of the crew, in charge of the butter. This is a v good job for me 'cause I ♥ butter and spammed it on! Which is whai the satay r tasty, guys.
Oh yeah did I mention we didn't have a butter brush so for a while Xuan Li/I used SPOONZ ._. then we were like "wth are we doing this" and went to Cheers (total life-saver) to get a 1. brush 2. FAN! And other people went out to buy more things liek lighters at random times too.
^ You can see the raw chicken grilling nicely. Actually at first the fire was a total fail LOL. It was only warm-hot in the middle and the sides/edges were just warm -_- so the first batch of satay was left on the grill for REALLY LONG and we flipped them over but they were Still raw -_- erm. Anyway with Xuan Li's expertise and Cheryl's ability to use a lighter, we got a toasty fire going! Red embers, see ^? Only my phone's colour balance is Screwed so the embers look purple.
^ Roob and Shinyee hard at work! This was after The Proposal ended (I can tell because Shinyee was inside watching it and since she is outside nao the movie must have ended already!), and suddenly everyone wanted to help ._. so uh yeah! This was when the fire got hot already, as you can see from that... burst of flames ._. LOL then the BBQers were holding random chicken wings up in the flame to "make use of the heat". I didn't really take photographs of the beginning (= before The Proposal ended) because... I was totes working hard on the butter-spreading.
^ I was spreading butter by the truckloads (Shinyee was like "Fiona that's enougHHH") while taking photographs wthwth. And yeah this is our chalet at night! Cosy or whattt (I mean small).
We had a lot of fires popping out of nowhere ._. Like this one for instance ^. I was really amused/fascinated by them so... loads of photographs of them -_-
^ EH! DO YOU SEE SALMON :D Yeah it's kind of weird to have salmon at a BBQ but it was really good!
OMNOMNOMNOM this photograph gives me the heebie-jeebies. Haha no it does not. It makes me feel hungry.
And more! By golly! (this is a Sabrina phrase) we really had a lot of food! SO MANY BATCHES O_O and somemore I ate very little ._.
Generally, the place was full of smoke ._. and my eyes got irritated (and Cheryl's eyes too... and actually many people's eyes ._.). But by the way halfway through my role as butterer was getting smaller and smaller and thus I wandered off to goodness knows where taking photographs ._. Oh but we had LOTS of food, 'cause Roob ordered for 25 people (and liekkkk 12 people came). YES lots and lots T_T
This is Ying Tong with some of the food (this was taken when we had half the box left in the icebox still uncooked).
This is Li Shuen, Jia Chun and some other people with the rest ._.
^ The rest.
Anyway as I was saying, my role became smaller/I got bored, and so I wandered off taking useless photographs of people eating/people inside the chalet microwaving stuff since we had only One grill and we had too much food to barbecue. Yes!
Etsuko microwaving garlic bread OMNOM they were nice... and garlicky. I went into the chalet also to wipe my phone, because someone (NOT ME) had dripped melted butter on the screen D:
And then I went out to take more useless pictures. Of course:

Our nice neighbours who didn't complain even when we were supernoisy ._. Compared to our neighbours the NEXT day... okay I shall not spoil the suspense for you.
^Random photograph of the BBQ grill in between useless photographs! This was our nth batch ._.
Raw satay is nom. OMG what am I saying. Satay is nom, raw satay is not nom.

^ USELESS PHOTOGRAPH! I like the light, I don't know why ._.
Dumdeedum BBQ fire once more... nothing much ._. Oh we'd squid o_o
And now for Rebecca's photographs! I'm not sure when they were taken so I'll just insert them all here, not in any order.
Ting Ting jumping from a bench. Well duh. I'm sorry to say this so... tactlessly but IGNORE HUITING'S BUTT.
Jumpin' around. Do you see me + Sabrina + Ting Ting + some other people not in the frame poking at the cats!
Michelle and Dorcas going O_O
... Classic expression of Jiachun's, in case you're wondering.
Ting Ting's happy face :)
Eating satay.
ME HARD AT WORK. Double exposure = coolmaxxx.
Chapter Threepoint.a: Meowmeows!
Aha! I bet yall must be "what meowmeows plz don't cheat my feelings, Fiona, thx". Or is that only me ._. Anyway! there was a pregnant cat outside the fence! Absolutely no suspense. But yes! And I was like "asft@#!" 'cause I like cats and I like taking photographs of them soooo I spammed photographs but this cat was a hungry cat and there was leftover salmon that someone dropped so we figured "why not" and so we fed a little to the cat but it was still hungry so we fed it two sticks and there was a girl and a boy outside watching and we asked if she wanted to feed the cat and she was like "oh no this isn't good for the cat" in Chinese and we were like "afstas!#" why never say so earlier but anyway we fed it to the cat already so OH WELL. Then it was still hungry and prowled outside the fence restlessly so we gave it chicken.
Then of course ANOTHER cat had to appear, but this one was really shy/smart. We had no more salmon so we gave it chicken. And it avoided me so I've only one photograph of its REAR.
The cat outside the fence. We approached it quietly but it was damn friendly :D and maybe that's dangerous O_O but oh well it was purring/rubbing its head against the fence (I... take that as a friendly gesture?)/eating all the salmon very quickly wtf.
Food! It was seriously hungry ):
After a stick of salmon.
Licking its paws!
Uhmmm acting emo?
Oh no wait it's sniffing at the leftovers ):
I TOLD YOU, THIS CAT IS WAY TOO FRIENDLY! Somemore it's pregnant! And my phone is very dirty yes :/ I rubbed it with hand sanitizer at home LOL.
My one photograph of the cat with its face in it ._. It's really cute ^^
A small break from the cat, while it was eating chicken:
BIG FIAR! Everyone was like "OMG!" and retreated LOL. We tried to cover it with all the chicken wings hahahahahahahaha.
And it worked :D
But the aftermath .___.
Then I went to kachao the cats again ):
The shy one ^ grabbed the chicken and went under a table or something.
Chapter Four: Movie "Marathon"
Anyway~ I cannot really remember the chronological order of anything that happened in the BBQ anymore, so... overall it was really fun! I wish I'd spent less time on the cats and more with the people wtfwtf ._. but oh well! And we'd SO MUCH leftover food -_- and uh, we BBQed marshmallows too ^^ yeah! After that people trickled back into the chalet and took showers! I was one of the first in -cough- and Jiachun, Huiting, Sabrina and I crazy danced to random songs haha ^^ super fun!
Rebecca took some uhm, photographs of it (not placed in chronological order):
Feelin' bored... this is before we started highing ._. And spot Huiting's :O face.
Sabrina is demonstrating a move to us.
... Well. Well.
This is after Huiting showered! But eh Cheryl is now enthusiastically... groovin'.
HAHA Sabrina and Cheryl!
... Good going, Cheryl.
After I showered (OHHHH but I hated showering there! So creepy ): 'cause the door to the shower couldn't close, and there was this gap, and the mirror was right outside and I was FREAKED OUT all throughout. And somemore we could hear the people from outside the chalet!! Because there was a window o_O), Huiting and I did jumpshots for Li Shuen and Roob (on the chair), The Avid Photographers. I WANT A DSLR TOOOOOOO.
^ You can see the indent!
BEST PHOTOGRAPH OF THE YEAR KTHX. By the way these two are Rebecca's photographs!
Itsnotfair T_T I'm v jealous of their cameras and mad photography skillz BIG SIGH. Maybe if I'd a proper camera I'd be good at photography too! Right?! Say yes. Anyway the awesome photographs ^^ I think Roob is going to send me ALL her photographs so I'll put them here later. As well as on FB. And I'm gonna place her photographs randomly through my post :D because I'm trying to appeal to a different demographic, see. ROOB YOU R ON MY BLOG LEH! (You owe me one for SSS.)Your awesome photographs ^^ There are some avant-garde ones T_T like they popped out of Vogue Italia or something wtf. THIS IS NOT FAIR, GUYS. I'M SUPPOSED TO BE THE ARTISTIC ONE. (Please don't comment on that plzplzplz.)
After the BBQ = much food in the fridge!
Anyway after lots of photography (Cheryl said I was a camwhore! I suppose that is correct to a certain sense.)/playing cards/prankcalling (HAHA FUNNY MAX)
(Roob's photographs:
Deciding which unfortunate dude to call.
... WHAT is this. Jiachun please explain this to me. IS THIS A MUGSHOT OR WHAT!
while everyone bathed, we all went into the bedroom to watch 500 Days of Summer!
^ Uhm awkward shower scene.
It was good, I suppose. I appreciated the cinematography and all, but I was paying more attention to the light sticks Li Shuen gave out -cough-. So yeah a lot of photographs of the light sticks heehee.
Mine was red :D
Huiting's (the person next to me during the movie) was green.
Ting Ting's (the other person next to me during the movie) was blue.
But the glow died very quickly ):
Although it seems strong. But when I wave it the glow isn't as intense anymore D:
^ Isn't as intense ):
I LIKE. Joined the bangles together and Ting Ting spun them around madly.
This honestly looks like a bird flapping its wings to me. Doesn't it?!

While the movie was ending, Ting Ting and I did this ^ ._. but I caught the ending, oh yes I did.
Sleepytime! I was one of the people who felt super sleepy after that so a few of us went to bed first. Meanwhile the rest of them proceeded to the living room to have a movie marathon, which was our original intention LOL. Apparently I am a selfish sleeper -cough-. But anyways!
Chapter Five: "Think LSC-style"
The next morning! Had breakfast (bread and nutella, dessert from the BBQ we ordered - yes, dessert), lazed around (some of us played card games. Yep.) and then we headed out to have fun bonding games. Yes.
Nice morning :)
I like this shot! I do.
Played games such as Murderer (both types), some random thing Roob taught us that was really quite fun, Game of Tempo, eh the Knot thing, and lots more that I cannot remember!
I was very annoyed during Murderer, 'cause for the first two games we played I was the FIRST ONE OUT. WTH. And then I warned the subsequent Murderer, but... I was the second one out for that game WTF. Not funny, guys. Damn bored T_T
The circle of villagers getting smaller~
And smaller still.
Dead person looking on in interest.
We'd forfeits too! I'm really bad at the Game of Tempo :/
Chapter Six: That Small Interval Between Games and Lunch
After all the games, we decided that it was time to go in and have a rest before going out again for lunch! Then we'd have cycling etc. So we tried to enter the rooms. Keyword being 'tried'. Somehow we left a keycard in the room, and the other room was locked. As in it had that stopper thing blocking our entry. I'm not too sure of the details, but in simple terms: WE WERE LOCKED OUT WTF! And so, to get in, we needed to get a master card, which = telling the counter people. But uh we had this teeny problem of having more-than-four-people-staying-over, which is erm, against the rules. And the evidence was all our bags and shoes.
Yes... definitely more than four people.
SO, UH, we were kinda worried. But she didn't attempt to go in LOL. And so we went in, had more card games for some,

(they played Bridge)
some slept and some watched movies! Xuan Li, Ting Ting, Sabrina and I watched Pixar's Short Films :D really cute. Then we all felt tired :/ Ting Ting slept.
Chapter Seven: Lunch
After a bit we went out for lunch!
Flip flopz.
I had some... idk, dumplings and ice kachang 'cause I wasn't hungry. I mean, I shared. Cheryl and someone (???) went out to buy the movie tickets :D! And uh, after that some of us (including me) bought ice-cream :D
I liked mine! Mainly 'cause of the ice-cream.
The pretzel wasn't bad when I dipped it in the ice-cream (which was really goooood!) :D The caramel was too much for me though, and somewhere near the end it began tasting like cough syrup. The caramel popcorn (! yes) at the bottom was just... o_o
See? Random popcorn wtf. Was not crunchy ): And too much artificially-flavoured Hershey's caramel syrup ._.
I'm not sure what flavour this is.
Sabrina's ... Japanese-inspired, "Lovers' favourite" (the board said so) thing.
Huiting's/Ting Ting's something-zilla ._. Had lots of Milo powder (? is that it) and chocolate fudge :)
Chapter Eight: Foiled Planz
We walked back noming the ice-cream :D
... I know I take a lot of random photographs.
Went back and we wanted to go cycle!
Even went out of the chalet and everything ):

Roob's wallet! Random O_O
Unfortunately because we are Damn Suay it started to drizzle -_-
After discovering the rain, we stoned outside for a while LOL. Sabrina ate her ice-cream (WHAT is Ting Ting doing?).
Xuan Li.... er, was lying down.

And I took photographs. As usual.
Cheryl is emoing! Okay no she is trying to cover her face. And Roob is photobombing.
Rainy ):
So anyway, we were left with the forfeits to do! Quite fun! Sabrina and I had a conversation in which we had to insert three sentences that the rest of them told us to insert haha.
Progressed to sleeping/prankcalling (ahahahaha Elaine and KF)/card games/blasting music I'm not too sure what was going on in the bedroom (this sounds kinda wrong). 'Cause I was prankcalling squadmates in the living room with a bunch of people heehee. I remember, we ran out of people to call (AHEM because the previous night Etsuko and etc. spent Some time on prankcalling dudes), so Li Shuen offered us her phone, and Sabrina and I were like staring at the names like Cyrus or something and then Li Shuen said: "These are all my father's business colleagues." and we were like O_O lol.
Xuan Li went to collect the cake for our birthday bashhhhhh I remember!
Jiachun was asleep~ Anyway uh, I'm not sure what happens next O_O We were prankcalling people in the living room.... and people from the bedroom doing whatever it was that they were doing came in. I think we did CRAZY DANCING in the living room (that failed) (below are R's photographs)
Dancing to Low! Favourite.
Ting Ting is prodding me with her foot :(
Sabrina's face is creepybeans :/
and then Roob, Huiting and I did a few jump shots in the bedroom that disturbed Cheryl (teehee) who was trying to sleep.
As seen:
Me. SUPER AWESOMEEEEE. The photography of course.
And Huiting! Her hair splits into two o.o
FLOP. Heehee.
Then when we went back into the living room people were watching That Thing You Do!
(credits to Wikipediaaaa. Everyone knows where Wikipedia is. I don't see a need to link it.)
:D! Halfway through the film I got a teeny bit bored and showered!
When the film ended we sort of eh? hung around. People were showering and stuff in preparation for 1. going out to buy dinner 2. The BIG BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION AND 3. HARRY POTTER! Yep. I took photographs, 'cause I showered earlier.
The ashtray someone stuck my candles in O_O I think Xuan Li. Haha.
Roob and Li Shuen with their cameras :D
Roob and Ting Ting. Uh... no comment?
Etsuko's earring :D! So pretty in the light.
Chapter Nine: Going Out for Dinner
So! When everyone was more or less done, we headed out! Some people bought Subway (like me), some bought bentos (?!) and some bought BK and Macs and all that.
So anyway Cheryl told us all to gather in 20 minutes. Subway had a short queue so we were done with our orders really quick, and went back to the original gathering place, where we met Ying Tong and the BK people o_O
This is Ying Tong at the food court, where we decided to gather at instead, 'cause Cheryl was inside.
Roob at the food court! We were waiting for unpunctual people -coughs at Etsuko-.
Sabrina at the food court. HAHA UNGLAM.
Anyway we all gathered and walked back to the chalet~ and ate our meals while we watched... the Asian Games. I think. Then prepared for uhm, the birthday bash! It's basically for all of us to celebrate our birthdays la haha. Spamz!
Chapter Ten: Birthday Bash and the Camwhoring that comes after it
Pretty candles in the dark :)
Cheryl made this I think?

The wax melted into a colourful puddle.
Not so pretty after we blew them out ._.
I remember we blew these ^ out before everyone was at the BBQ bench, 'cause they were melting very quickly. AND WE WERE ANNOYED WITH SABRINA AND TING TING, WHO WERE LYING ON THE BED PLAYING WITH SOMEONE'S iSOMETHING.
But we quickly forgave them and tried to light more candles.
Uh... oh yeah I remember the paper plate caught on fire.
For some reason we didn't have the candle... holders, or whatever you call them so we just stuck the candles on the cake :O
It was actually kinda disturbing, but we thought we would just scrape the wax off or something. Obviously not very thoroughly 'cause I totally ate some ._.
^ Delish cake?
These are Roob's photographs:
Us playing with sparklers! Oh I forgot to mention that. But yeah, sparklers!
The cake after we blew the candles out~
We tried to freak our neighbours out by chanting Shika and basically doing creepy cultish stuff. Actually I got damn freaked out by it as well wtf the heartbeat thing and all. SCARY ): and we were being loud .. obnoxious I guess? 'Cause Roob was taking photographs and apparently she heard some nasty stuff (I mean like, rude words in Hokkien la) from the neighbours (did I mention they were like 18 and looked like ahbengs). SO we packed up real quick and moved inside the chalet :O we were genuinely scared! 'Cause the recent slasherstuffz yez? We tried to tone it down~
Once inside, we ate more cheesecake, some people showered, and of course we prankcalled people ._. Lazed around in general. Then! Roob said she'd to go off home and Li Shuen too so we quickly took group shots :) Jump shots are WAY FUN.
This is our first one (from Roob's camera). It's kinda... creepy. WTF especially the first three people ah tsk.
Directly after. We begin talking. Why is Cheryl liddat O_O
Sabrina's expression here is... weird and SO Sabrina.
Then Cheryl decides, of course, to MOVE. Look at everyone's expression HAHAHA. Shinyee is like :/ and Ting Ting is EEK.
Uh after Cheryl moves everyone sort of moves. Spot Ying Tong's head! Wth Ying Tong what are you doing!
HAHA this photograph is damn EPIK.
After that classic jump shot I totally lost my balance and fell to the front, much to the displeasure of the people in front ROFLMAOOOOO. And Huiting happily swings her hair.
After that!
Chapter Eleven: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One. Also HSM3.
I know you aren't suppose to take photographs in the cinema!
Okay so, left the chalet CAUTIOUSLY and went to E!Hub for the movie. But we were early, so we decided to have fun in the arcade :D Around 9.35 we bought popcorn and drinks (RAPUNZEL SET FTW! I loveee popcorn especially sweet popcorn. What's not to like!); I shared the set with Ying Tong, Ting Ting and Huiting. Then went inside for advertisement galore, then the movie.
It was pretty scary actually. All that sudden snake shockers and random nekkidnez. BUT I shan't spoil this for yall! Watch it! It wasn't as good as I'd hoped for it to be, but pretty okay all the same. The cinematography was good :D! Transitions were a bit meh. If you didn't read the books the scenes might be a bit "wtf what just happened". But I'm sure David Yates made the second half better :) And the DOBBY SCENE! Ah I love Dobby :'( ♥ SARANGHAE. HAHA bet yall are freaked out. OH Emma Watson was good! Her acting in the torture scene :D
Okay wait I said I wouldn't spoil this for yall. Okay moving on!
Anyway we left the cinema, and everyone was freaked by the Bathilda Bagshot part LOL. Actually it was unnerving :/ and we were even more cautious returning to the chalet 'cause after all... it WAS nearing midnight ._.
Reached the chalet safely though, and then some of us went to sleep. The rest of us watched HSM3! Ah I love Sharpay :D I didn't manage to stay awake through the whole movie though :/ and fell asleep on the sofa ): and when I woke up in the night I saw my lone self on the sofa and everyone else on the floor wtf. As I said, selfish sleeping habits, Fiona. It's not really my fault la (IT REALLY AIN'T) but I feel bad all the same :(
Chapter Twelve: The Last Breakfast
Woke up cheerily. Actually, no. Woke up to Ying Tong lying about the time.
Managed to drag my sorry self out to brush teeth, wash face and pack thingz! Wao so many memories :( We'd trouble uh, clearing out the fridge. TOO MANY PACKET DRINKZ.
^ Etsuko and her Cherry Garcia.
Cheryl made us all drink one/two packets each hah.
Checked out, decided to all eat breakfast at Macdonald's! From now I will call it macdees. Or mickeydees. Or whatever la. Anyway yep! Breakfast at Macdonald's :D I bought a Hotcakes meal ^^ Lots of people were disturbed by my Hotcakes-eating Habit. Heh.
Some other photographs:
Sabrina's food! She is an avid collector of the Monopoly thingums.
! Our Monopoly thingums :D
All of Sabrina's.... extras.
Something McMuffin.
OMFG I LOVE HASHBROWNS! Macdonald's hashbrowns are DAMN AWESOME (/divine/delish).
Ting Ting's tray :D
My class is not childish.
After our meal we parted ways :(
Chapter Thirteen: Finally.
But yknow, so sian to go home so early! So! Decided to go out :D but eventually we decided to go to Etsuko's house LOL.
Waiting for Xuan Li's father to pick us all up. All = Xuan Li, Ting Ting, Huiting, Etsuko and myself. Thank you Prof Leong :D! After we got off we went to the playground, then up to Etsuko's house to... use FB/watch videos. OMG that = kpop! FINALLY. They listened to SNSD and uh, SS501 or something liddat I'm not very sure. YES I've influenced Huiting and Etsuko successfully LOL. Bah. So much for anti-kpop, yall ._.
After that, Huiting, Ting Ting and I went to BK to eat :D
NOMNOMDELICIOUS. And then Subway cookies/Old Chang Kee!
Goodbye :)