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finally now
Friday, January 28, 2011
8:55 PM
finally i'm blogging! today was quite interesting, i guess.
so first thing in the morning was flag-raising, then class breakfast! class breakfast was full of food.
then lessons? nothing new.
then was act! okay actually i didn't want to go for act, 'cause i was really coughing a lot and sneezing violently and generally felt unwell. but then i sat at the table with squadmates and decided to go anything, because my campcraft is so horrible and i wanted to see how squadmates did stuff! so yeah sijia and i were sitting out (coughing very frequently -_-) and watching squadmates. we did some stuff too, like... bowline and door flaps.
after act was the interesting part! so khengfang was hungry ._. and we were planning to go coro to eat with some squadmates but in the end just the two of us went -_- i didn't actually feel like going, 'cause i was having a headache, but khengfang was insistent and I AM NICE so... i went with her!
uhm, then we went up the bus and when the bus stopped at the coro bus stop i asked khengfang to press the... button that triggers a "Bus Stopping" flashing sign. but she didn't!! and she didn't try to push out so ._. we'd to go to the next stop, which was super far away! (okay to be fair i was at wrong also... a bit) so i was ranting at khengfang all the way to coro which is a very long walk HAHA i think i might've overdone it. but oh well.
so we went to the golden rooster and dabao-d food but ate there ._. anyway we were talking about some funny thing that happened during act (namely vanessa and the fly! HAHAHAHAHAHA OMG I TELL YOU. vanessa was speaking about something and a fly kept pestering her so she was very seriously talking while swatting the fly away but it kept returning omg it was damn funny. so i was laughing but my throat became super itchy and i started coughing and coughing and then when my coughs subsided i was laughing again at the fly thing and this cycle continued omfg i really couldn't stop, even when squadmates were glaring ._. my throat itchy la!! eeyer. then jiexima'am asked sijia and i to drink water ._. which helped a little bit but my throat hurts DD: YEAH AGAIN WTF. not as bad as last friday's :D so i think spamming lozenges and water will help :D and panadol, which i've to take 'cause of my flu -_-) and khengfang started laughing hysterically ._. but the thing is, she was drinking water also? SO SHE SPAT THE WATER OUT IN MY DIRECTION and my fried rice was ruined -_- -_- -_- -_- seriously water was everywhere ._. even after that she was laughing somemore.
so anyway i bought another packet of fried rice (i know i could've just eaten the first packet. but EW?!?!? NO WAY NO WAY D:) with khengfang's money (Y). but i'll pay her back la!
then the second interesting thing that happened was: it was really late when we left coro and walked to the bus stop near it. suddenly i saw 414'10's class tee and TOTALLY COMPLETELY FREAKED OUT and my feet just started moving really quickly ._. i really had a suspicion it was esther ma'am, because... idk i just had a feeling okay?! and i probably shouldn't have walked away; that's QUITE RUDE. but sorry i really.. really... don't know ._. it's probably just a force of habit o_o i always react very strongly when i walk pass ma'ams. i either (depending on which ma'am it is): 1. stare blankly into space, cutting off any conversation i'm having haha 2. start talking about some irrelevant thing very very loudly to whoever i'm with 3. turn and walk away. aha. aha.
anyway it really turned out to be ma'am :O and her friend. if ma'am reads this (which i really doubt): SORRY MA'AM D:! i didn't mean to dao you, ma'am :/
gah i should take medicine or something nao i cannot breathe ._. okay bai!

argh i haven't blogged in ages
Wednesday, January 26, 2011
7:18 PM
My life is pretty boring, anyway :(
but recent happiness!
1) MARKSMAN! AHAHAHAHAHA. I know some (2) squadmates didn't get marksman AND IT IS SO UNFAIR FOR SHARLENE D: D: D: and KF (if she only shot 15 o_o but she's not sure ._.). But I'm still very happy for myself because... well 'cause air pistol was an absolute nightmare -_- and I was the lousiest in the squad and all :/ but suddenly during the actual shoot I was not bad o_o? In fact I don't think my technique improved/changed at all o_o I did what I normally did. I guess Mdm Yeo gave me a sense of security, ha-ha. Also the revolver's trigger wasn't as hard to press (?) as during dry shoots! I wonder why :O
Anyway yeah MARKSMAN YO. Somemore is not like, 60. It's like, 67. HAHAHAHA. Okay shut up Fiona shut up.
2) Homework
I'm steadily (slowly, but steadily) doing work nao!
4) Exercise
Why do all my exercise plans fail omg I fatbeans. Actually I am. Okay? I Really Am. You just can't see it! I'm not fat as in... visibly fat, but visceral fat - you know? Heart attacks etc.? Google it, haiyo.
5) Exercise
6) Omnom
I love food T_T

Saturday, January 22, 2011
6:53 PM
just watched miracle fish!
yall should watch 31 letters from the previous inhabitants... kinda creepy o_o
anyway i've to go to my grandmother's house and when i get back i need to eat my medicine and sleep then tomorrow i've got to do my jiang homework and after jiang i have so much more work to be done EEK why did i miss school on friday :(

i really truly seriously
Friday, January 21, 2011
10:44 AM
i want to go to school! NO JOKE T_T i don't know why, but school seems so... active and busy and FUN, and i don't want to miss anything, not even math.
GOSH :( it's so frustrating being at home when everyone else is at school having lessons and being very bored as well but AT LEAST THEY'RE AT SCHOOL. i know this sounds weird but i miss nanyang D:
at the same time i know that if i actually go to school i might vomit because right now i'm feeling quite sucky ._. and i woke up at 9+ ._.
I WANT SCHOOL SO BADDD (this sounds a teeny bit WRONG). and i'm missing tingting's birthday! (this is actually a sudden realisation) oh man :(
from now on i shall treasure school life. ahhhh :( why am i sick at THIS TIME, SERIOUSLY. i could've gone to a doctor today instead of yesterday T_T mistake mistake. then i wouldn't have known that i'd a fever, and i'd ignore my throat hurting, and I'D BE AT SCHOOL DOING MATH/HAVING LUNCH NAO!

"a bimbo through and through"
Thursday, January 20, 2011
10:47 PM
I'm sick! Officially! As in I got an MC and stuff. Apparently my fever isn't TOO bad but my throat is super screwed up ew :( but strangely I can TALK O_O but when I swallow it hurts so badly -_- you can imagine how difficult and painful it is to eat D:
So I'm not going to school tomorrow... I would choose to go if I didn't feel so horrible, 'cause tomorrow is relatively slack, and we've a Math quiz, and ACT! My shooting is so horrible already wtf T_T omg I'm just gonna squeeze a stress ball :(
On the bright side, my weekend will be one day longer than everyone else's! -teehee- I'm going to use some of tomorrow sleeping in, most of it calling classmates/people/smsing them and doing revision for MATH (I might as well use tomorrow to revise for the Math quiz, yes/yes) and reading IH notes and History notes and... basically everything I haven't done!
Okay I seriously want to go to school D:! But I'm thinking about it, and PE = I obviously cannot do... I mean I've got an MC and I need rest and strenuous exercise =/= rest. And er, but shooting D: ARGH I shall not think about it :( rest is important. Rest is important. Yes.
Okay whatever. I shall go sleep nao it's SO LATE :( omg omg MATH QUIZ! -tired-

throat hurts a lot ):
Wednesday, January 19, 2011
4:41 PM
Good day! My throat hurts a lot :( and I've been feeling so unwell o_o I should go see a doctor tonight.
Dumdeedum work to be done BAI :)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011
8:11 PM
gah i've got a fever -_- my throat is so dry :(
anyway~ shooting was Horrible ._.
also~ actually i've got nothing to say. i feel like i've lost the passion to blog. or maybe i just don't have enough time to write erm, QUALITY posts. maybe D: i'll try on saturday!
hmm. the snsd/intel song mv is coming out soon :O in fact it might already be up!
oh and... life is pretty good. math is tiring, chinese is okay, la is not bad, history is kindafun, ih is... okay, the sciences are... very scary O_O especially biology wth!
anyway i gotta go, things to do! and i'm sick omfg.
OHOH YEAH i've a poem in the montage! WAHAHA. it's a very weird one... but a poem nonetheless. esther ma'am has a piece in the montage too O_O it's quite cute :D and funny.
and 213ers have entries in the montage too ^^ everyone jiayou! dumdeedum.

xin fa xian!
Monday, January 17, 2011
8:41 PM
they say you learn something new every day ._. well today i learnt that PITERABABY IS ACTUALLY A GUY! and now he is named Nike, pronounced nai-ck. my brother's decision so don't give me that "o_O" look.
eh eh so many photographs in my phone! i guess i'll upload them sooner or later. wow i've been busy-busy :O
obviously i've been blogging SO much lesser :( erm and i'm totally failing math already la :( technically the worksheets aren't graded, but... i'm afraid D: QUAD is supposed to be easy! and i guess it is. though somehow i just get stuck halfway :( the solution is: practice.
and i will practice! all my homework is now languishing on the sofa while i'm youtubing O_O fiona, DISCIPLINE D: okay whatever i'm printing stuff.
dum dee dum, act tomorrow :O hope i do as well as last act (or better, preferably).
(this does not, in any way, mean that i did well in last act! fyi.)
GOOD DAY FELLAS I LOVE SCHOOL :) no, truly, i do. minus math. LE BIG SIGH.
also... when will i be able to write so beautifully? -another sigh here- also, NEW PHONE! obviously i hop a lot in my head.

Friday, January 14, 2011
8:28 PM
mgomgomg please PLEASE PLEASE.
burberry fell and i think she might die omgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgogmogmogmogmogmogmogmogmogmgogmogmogm i suck wtf am i even a pet owner WTF.
please kill me.

hot and cold. just no.
Tuesday, January 11, 2011
7:33 PM
school's been okay. nothing that i dread particularly (well for chinese there's this SLIGHTEST bit of apprehension, but mostly it's been okay :D). i've been doing work that's required of me and sometimes not required of me, but that's good.
now i must work on my fitness regime. you must be going "fiona you have been talking about your goshdarn fitness regime for a-ges have you actually started" the answer is NO. i have not.
but i will. REALLY AND TRULY AND HONESTLYYYYY i will! cardio, you say? muscle strengthening thingies, you say? DIETING! you say (i mean... limiting my drink intake, mostly. i'm sorry if you think i'm overreacting but 1. THE WEIGHTING MACHINE DON'T LIE! actually it's not the weighing machine tamade it's the general feeling of excess... fats. 2. my metabolism is TOTALLY slowing down D:! or maybe it's just that i ate way too much during the holidays and my metabolism is struggling to keep up, whatever. 3. I MUST FIGHT THE GENETIC ELEMENT! yes. so i'm going to keep fit and keep get back my pre-holiday body fat level ._.
another thing about holidays.
during the holidays, i watched a lot of -coughcough- korean -coughcoughcough- shows. THIS IS BECAUSE why bother explaining korean variety shows are funny wtf. anyway yes so i'm afraid i'll start to suck at grammar and sentence structures and vocabulary and all that! omfg i'm probably paranoid but the fear! there it is! -points-
i'm totally scared! 'cause i want to be able to write well... and okay -flip hair- the writer's spirit FLOWS FROM WITHIN (wtf) but i need the proper words to express myself, yes/yes? so another resolution: READ MORE BOOKS. they can be frivolous shallow timewasting chicklits for all i care but at least their grammar is accurate (mostly).
next! hmm! 213ers and i are drifting apart :( i can FEEL it and maybe i'm being paranoid again wth... but probably not, 'cause ting ting shares (a semblance of) the same sentiments. so there! if you don't feel it, it's because YOU ARE IN A CLASS WITH MANY 213ers! so the feeling is less strong and not that evident... Yet. but you will. feel it, i mean. yes :( i try so hard to feel normal. i mean how COMPLETELY RIDICULOUS am i! for feeling that my friends of two years will think of me as a crazy idiotic lazy... person who was once a friend. actually i don't really feel that ^ but...
okay i'm incoherent. what i meant to say was that: i feel insecure. yes.
omg i realise i'm so freaking open on my blog!!! WTF!! fiona this is not your personal diary you cannot be so GOSHDARN TRANSPARENT wtf.
but 213ers, you read that right? please try to assuage my fears. omg i sound so SPOILT and demanding. but seriously T_T my social life is sorely lacking. and i do try to talk to yall... but sometimes it feels like you're talking to each other and ignoring the person-from-the-other-class.
anyway i'm sitting here being open like a book and worrying about my body (totally have body image issues! argh but i must attempt to get rid of them FAST (and i will do that by... LOSING FATS AND GAINING MUSCLE AND PASSING TWO POINT FREAKING FOUR)) and i should be doing work. yes. gonna do work.
goodbye :D! have a beautiful day aheaddd.

blue peppermint
Saturday, January 8, 2011
1:36 PM
it's saturday! i've started doing work already -gasp-. and actually i think my social ineptness is really helping my work la. e.g. during math, we're put in index number groups and i don't really talk to them (and they talk amongst themselves and i feel even more unwilling to talk to them ._.) so i DO WORK INSTEAD! omg la. i actually feel the ... drive to do the examples WELL! and fast! yes. for once in my life o_o and just now i was doing supplementary exercises on the textbook - get this - for fun. HAHA SO BIANTAI! (but er i gave up after 5 questions ._.)
anyway~ life is okay. it really is. i'm going to accept cruel truths and i will live on happily! act on friday was really weird o_o actually it wasn't that tiring but i got really sleepy and confused at one time in time and omg new timings and commands :O :O super confusing :( oh well the more practice i get the better i'll remember them. and my feet were cramping! i think it's because i haven't done drills for REALLY long :/ oh well!
since it's the weekend, and i haven't been on the computer for a while (i mean actually for random facebooking/fun trivia/watching youtube... not printing periodic tables and doing LMP), i'm going to have fun today!
things i need to do:
1. do biology AS1.1! in fact it's printing now. as in the research.
2. cut my hair!
3. read chinese notes laoshi gave! but i think i left them at school x.x so i'll read them on monday instead :(
4. read IH notes again?
5. erm complete supplementary exercises? seriously. i think i forgot all about simultaneous equations D:
that's all i think :O i wrote all the things i'd to do down but it's somewhere else and i don't want to go out and get it O_O so yeah.
goodbye! and marvel at my new hardworking persona.
oh btw huiting "OMGWTFBBQ" is an internet meme. http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/omgwtfbbq

success rate fail
Thursday, January 6, 2011
8:54 PM
hello! it's the third day! and it still feels so foreign wtf like today after history (by the way, the history teacher is SUPER WEIRD -starts crying-. i want normal ms ong back) ting and i headed for 213!! okay so the route to canteen/213 was basically the same, but i was thinking of the 213 classroom!
but no! my classroom is on the first floorrrrrrr. gosh ):
PE tomorrow. i am so unfit! but i've started _ and WOW THERE ARE EFFECTS -excited-. meet the new fit fiona, please.
i'm writing letters to 414/401 people (well some of them o_o those that i've corresponded semi-frequently with in the past) 'cause i feel insecure and sad and shallow.
why do i think of my friends as such! well i guess it's true anyway.
also well. gaining fats. whatever! embrace your body! etc.! but i still need to exercise because i am generally unfit anyway ._.
saw 301's precalc books today! calculus is something i hear of only in the princess diaries, so that was very fascinating :D
okay rundown of my teachers:
1. mr tan: i want mdm lee. and i feel very guilty for saying this 'cause i know mr tan is a very hardworking and smart person who is COMMITTED to his passion i.e. teaching math. but still. mdm lee T_T
2. chenlaoshi: hmm chenlaoshi is nice! ahaha but zhenglaoshi is nice too. so... i guess i don't really mind (don't kill me eh, ting ting).
3. ms boey: okay this is so weird chem lessons! the first lesson with her was REALLY EPIK. she's very high ._.
4. - i shall stop here as BREAKOUT has started. like the 9 o'clock show. yeah. goodbye, and good luck for everything.

day two.
Wednesday, January 5, 2011
10:58 PM
aha! so it's the second day of school.
was pretty much hohum. all i can say is: I MISS MR TAN I MISS MDM LEE I MISS MDM O LOADS ): also the other teachers but to a lesser degree... sorry ):
anyway prep test! yo. was pretty easy (dare i say it?!). yep. mcq :O which is totally awesome for us yey.
my new year resolutions! i realise this is a TEENY WEENY bit late but better late than never:
1) exercise and cut down on refined carbohydrates
^ SERIOUSLY I WILL GUYS. i don't want any diseases :O
2) work hard on all subjects, paying Close Attention to math and chinese.
^ ... aha does this need elaboration?
3) maintain bonds with 213, and attempt to befriend three11ers! yes. right now i'm pretty dao. everyone around me = talking and i = sits thear/look over to jiachun/tingting/huiyuan ._. actually huiyuan and i don't really talk but whatever! we will in no time!
4) limit computer usage! HAHA okay scratch this computers are GOOD. i shall keep telling myself that and maybe one day i'll believe it :)
i will become a fit/toned (OMG REBECCA IS LAUGHING NAO LA CONFIRM), friendly, focussed fiona. see the alliteration? see it?

school, again.
Monday, January 3, 2011
11:18 PM
school today! wow.
about today... what i noticed particularly wasn't the addition of new people to my life, but rather the absence of important people ): actually since it was the first day, 213ers didn't seem to go away. it felt more like... sabbaticals? kind of like that. as if the separation was only temporary. i guess i couldn't believe it.
anyway school started HORRIBLY. okay. so yeah i woke up at five thirty and left the house at six and waited for the school bus (slight digression: I AM SO OLD! Every time the door of the bus/van opened I was expecting to see a familiar face but no! Lots of sec ones and the rest were sec two PSLs ._.). It came at 6.05.
However I reached school at 7.15! -exclaims- There were a LOT of new people and the bus driver got lost and spent 20+ minutes searching for block 351. I didn't just make that number up; it really was block 351. He kept repeating it o_o
Anyway yes - spending 1h+ on a super crowded/rocky bus/van was the first bad thing. The second thing was that when I reached school, obviously everyone else from 3eleven (I'm trying to hide my blog from my classmates ._. In case they google or something. But that is stupid... but oh well ._.) was there already? SO THERE WEREN'T ANY SEATS LEFT.
Okay there was one that I saw, but it was super far away from every one I knew. In the end I just put my bag down next to Ting's table and went to look for 213ers etc.
Okay so third horrible thing. A group of us were at 314 talking, ironically, about how the class was so silent. And then we totally didn't realise the WHOLE SCHOOL was silent... until our ex-vice principal popped up in the doorway and went all "!!!" on us :/ okay it was really mortifying running to the quadrangle in time for the national anthem wtf T_T remind me never to do things like this again.
Oh yes, Ying Tong gave me a evil-warding-off-thing (uhmmm) from Turkey :D it's pretty and blue and so thoughtful of her :D
Also... okay I shan't mention the fourth thing 'cause it's not that bad :O but of course I prefer being close to the people I am familiar with. By the way when we got back to class after flag-raising I got another seat at the front... away from 213ers ANYWAY -_-
Okay highlight of the day! Was not orientation. Okay actually orientation = second highlight. But first highlight: Sabrina finally gave me her scrapbook + card things! AHA! She felt that the scrapbook was too ugly (actually it's fine la) so she made card things that she put in an envelope that is REALLY NICE OMFG I can't believe I bragged about my own skillz -coughcough-. I suppose my average artistic ability didn't surprise yall huh ._. AVERAGE.
Okay never mind erm yes! Super nice ^^ T_T and my happiness and omgness was steadily climbing until IT REACHED ITS PEAK! Which was a revelation of Sabrina's that made me very touched.
Orientation, yes! Compared to last year, this year's orientation was so much better. You realise I totally and completely skipped OBS briefing. That is because it wasn't interesting anyway. OBS... idk. I shall have to freak out when it comes ._.
Anyway~ yes OBS briefing ended late -_- we were supposed to meet ma'ams at 1.45 and the briefing ENDED at 1.50 or something ._. so yeah... squadmates and I changed and met ma'ams and set up the booth etc. SCREWED U WTFBBQ ): okay never mind.
I was... okay? I guess I was more outgoing than last year. I managed to convince a few people... I think. But lots of sec ones expressed interest in NYNP! Yep. Okay technically they said that they'd put NP as their UG choice. But whatever. SAME THING :3 I hope there are lots of 45s!
Ah okay debrief. I TALKED TOO MUCH -_- I think I do things in extremes a lot. Either I don't speak up at ALL or like in this case... I respond to half the questions ma'ams posed ._. but I'd lots of ... things I wanted to share! Yes! Indeed. And my vocabulary was screwed.
Instead of MODELS (as in campcraft models) I said "thingies". When I knew perfectly well it was models. But in that split second my brain died on me and the word "thingies" just slipped out. And instead of COMMITTED I said DEVOTED. W.T.H. is that?! Eh omfg embarrassing.
Okay shall sleep zomg it's late. Tralala goodbye ^^