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i love my family and friends
i also love 213'10, 311'11 and nynp
i am a sone
i cannot live without entertainment


potential gifts

1. Threadless tees
2. Helvetica necklace
3. ARTBOX notebooks
4. Kind words
6. Books that I would like
7. Tintin comics
9. Trip to Taiwan
10. Good grades
11. New camera ;D
12. SNSD concert tickets
13. Money for aforementioned tickets ^^

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Some very long posts to waste your time.
(Compiling of this list to waste my time.)
5th September
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haven't blogged for ages!
Friday, June 24, 2011
7:45 PM
i'm on a long hiatus T_T i didn't even realise i wasn't blogging :/
DOES THIS MARK THE END OF MY BLOG? no! i hope not, at least ._.
back from STC, survival training camp lol. it wasn't badddddd, and i did successfully (!) step out of my comfort zone, which is great ^^ but of course i'm glad to be back at home, showering regularly.
(perhaps i'm overcompensating ._. i spent 40 minutes inside the bathroom and washed my hair thrice haha)
some highlights of camp!
surprisingly, it wasn't as tiring as i'd expected it to be :) not because i'm fitter (I WISH), but because it was only 1h+ lol. obs was tougher T_T (especially with the heavy bags NO SIRE I HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN -cries-)(can you ignore my random weirdness) i kept dropping my water bottle though ._. especially when suddenly we'd to do a hornet drill (3 steps: RUN, GET INTO POSITION, RECOVER)
(not my picture ._.) (yeah that's the position!)
after recovering i somehow tilt to one side and my water bottle (in my bag) rolls out LOL. then the people at the back will have to pick it up for me, thankyou ._.
2. jetty jump!
to be honest my group didn't actually jump from the jetty. we jumped from the pontoon, which is much lower -.- but anyway~ it was fun~ and quite scary, to be honest, despite the height we jumped from O_O
3. intermediate rope(s) challenge
GAH SHAKY SHAKY D: i've acrophobia lol. i used to have dreams of leaning against a banister and the banister breaking apart omfg!! just typing this is making my palms sweaty -_- anyway yes it was pretty scary in a weird way. i wasn't really thinking of falling (i looked down but it didn't make me feel worse O_O), but i suppose subconsciously i was actually freaking out a teeny bit. 'cause the tightrope (NO JOKEEEEE A TIGHTROPE!!! it was shaking like mad... due to my legs shaking like mad. we'd a harness, and this trapeze-like thing to hold on to, though. BUT STILL) was really scary. then the horizontal ladder too, but this time i'd NOTHING TO HOLD ONTO (technically i'd nothing, but i clutched the rope attached to my harness and clung onto it) and i feel really creeped out. it wasn't THAT shaky, but when my legs shook it shook as well!! FML at that point lol. worse still was that the ladder wasn't just ONE ladder, it was TWO! separated by a few inches of air. this point was probably the part i hesitated most at... that i held onto a structure (it's too complicated to explain properly) and hopped? across :D lol good me. after that i walked really fast across the ladder xD
the third part!! it was a log, which wasn't THAT bad... then it was basically grabbing onto a trapeze and swinging back to the building lol. flying fox is probably more difficult than that, to be honest, yet! i was really high up in the air T_T -is tearful-
anyway i managed to do it HOHO.
4. cleaning up? HAHA i know, really weird for the last part of stc to be memorable.
but i think it was fun 'cause our group did stuff (i.e. cleaning up) together, and we chatted and bonded over the task~ ESPECIALLY SINCE WE GOT SO MUCH STUFF TO CLEAN WALAO T_T (at least not the toilet though)(actually wait, we got a toilet too, but a smaller one)(17 people cleaning 2 small toilets, one canteen, one foyer and one walkway!!! wtf)(also a field) (BUT WE DID IT WOOHOO)
that's about it! stc = fun~ i guess :) once you get through the first day nothing's too difficult!
5. campfire
the fire... was pretty. the stars... were beautiful (or maybe they were SATELLITES hmm but nice all the same). the performances were freaking funny! lots of performances incorporated elements from our camp, which made it more relatable, especially when the lines were quoted from the instructors themselves haha. the instructors were also not offended!! and they gave a comment that was related to the play. e.g. final destination (a group name) did a skit on something like final destination (a movie)(basically everyone dies la) got this from the instructors: "you shall survive... till tomorrow"
okay that's all! sorry sabrina for not finishing my TW post. it's not that i'm not gonna complete it, it's just that i severely underestimated my photo-taking capabilities!!! (I'VE 600+ PHOTOS)
so i'll try hard to finish it... soon.

since i became a snsd fan...
Wednesday, June 8, 2011
10:30 AM
my entire life has changed! i'm not even kidding wth. and it's not just me, it's the effect that kpop/any idols, actually has on individuals. if you haven't been affected, well, good for you, but don't disbelieve the extremes people can go to for their idols (not me though. i try to be as neutral as a fan can actually be).
i don't even look like a kpop fan! especially not of a girl group ._. but i've learnt that there are some things that when you try to fight against... fight back and bite you in the butt.
when people ask, "WHYYYY snsd?" (with possibly an intrigued smirk plastered on) i reply something noncommittal and change the topic lol. because i'm not even sure why. their songs aren't mindblowingly fantastic, sometimes even very ... (insert word of choice); their dances are synchronized yes, but almost all other prominent idol groups are too. PLUSPLUSPLUS, i can't even spazz over their new looks (well i could, but somehow i don't) v excitedly.
this is really complicated but i've come to the conclusion that their personalities cinch it for me.
their songs are mostly good/catchy, and all huge hits. or smallish hits. but HITS, nonetheless! (even in japan)(hello 1st on oricon)(do you even know what i'm talking about?)
their dances are sometimes bordering on oversexy (HMMMMMMM), but their choreo is always excellent (thank their choreographers lololol) and synchronization is there, too! ('cause they practise a lot)
but their personalities on variety shows! are funny~ and i refuse to believe that they can put up an image all the time. therefore i choose to believe (perhaps stupidly) that these people i see are genuinely this funny and lame and personable. as a result they're so relatable (this is not a word, is it ._.).
that's why i like snsd!! and now for the TW post.

sorry for incomplete post
Monday, June 6, 2011
11:26 PM
i wanted to say "beck from taiwan! wuz uber fun like i don't even! here is my post about it"
but i was too lazy.
this is what i gon do for the next one week :)
1. LA SIA stuff
2. blog about TW :D
3. homework..

Friday, June 3, 2011
9:11 PM
oh god my earphones screwed up in one side, somehow DDDDD: (i swear they were completely okay before i left the computer ARGSDKa;dmamdad i'm pissed ._.)
taiwan trip was amajjjing ^^