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i love my family and friends
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4. Kind words
6. Books that I would like
7. Tintin comics
9. Trip to Taiwan
10. Good grades
11. New camera ;D
12. SNSD concert tickets
13. Money for aforementioned tickets ^^

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teachers' day :)
Wednesday, August 31, 2011
10:19 PM
It's TDC tomorrow :D! I'm excited... because the day ends early ._. LOL what ._.
Anyway look, I'm sharing some pictures with you!
From the karaoke session on Monday. HAHA SIJIA IDE.
Peeps (not kidding) that Melissa bought for 311 ^^ It's because of Ms Chan. LOL but they're so adorable :D (very... sugary though) (don't eat these in class) (not that I eat in class)
Kyaa omg!
LOL the eyes of the rightmost one ._. weirdddd.
What is in this Anna Sui bag!? (Also, why does my house have an Anna Sui bag in the first place)
Mysterious interior!

Myster- okay, just bad lighting lol I forgot to turn on the flash.
LOL you are currently like "wtf is this artistic arrangement. why is the sweet not in the boxxxx duh fiona".
BUT NO! It's my creativity @ work! (I... sort of cut corners and made the paper 1/4 of the size it was supposed to be... So there wasn't enough space... BUT I THOUGHT OUT OF THE BOX. LITERALLY)
Shiny gold wrapper. This box is rather BIG if you realise. It's because I decided to stop being stingy with the form teacher and co-form teacher.
Right now... I'm folding more origami.
-ends enigmatically-

Monday, August 29, 2011
7:31 PM
so today, we'd this gathering at k-suites (iluma)! with the majority of squadmates, 42 ma'ams and 2 44s. and also mr ho + mdm yeo!
it was fun i guess? lolol i cannot sing though :( okay i CAN but in a limited range ._. all the songs picked were either songs i didn't know or really high ones lol. it was fun listening to people sing, though :) hohoho.
btw i would just like to mention here that sunny is not ugly! omg!
oh on an snsd-related note, i hope sooyoung gets well soon :/ (car accident) and i hope she isn't in too much pain :(
anyway hmm yes! the karaoke! the room that we booked (or rather, the room that ma'ams booked) WAS REALLY HUGE. it had a billiard(s) table and a computer and a game console (xbox/playstation? idk) and... of course it was really expensive omg ._. $90+ for 1h.
yeah. we sang many songs! that's all.
after karaoke, squadmates and i went to bugis junction to eat! (pastamania omnomnom) and then we wanted to take neoprintz. but we decided not to and instead we looked for a squad-ring (or accessory?)! of course we didn't manage to find anything suitably priced.
yes and oh oh i bought bubble tea ^^
that's all, i think! i want to make full use of these few days of rest to... rest? improve my skillz/do homework.

good news? i guess.
Friday, August 26, 2011
3:30 PM
I'm glad I did well for IH :)
Wasn't expecting too much and this result is v good already thank you.
Anyway long holiday :D is good is good! I shall take this chance to revise :)

Saturday, August 20, 2011
10:41 AM
hello guys! i'm back! this hectic week is finally over. next week is going to be slightly less busy, so, yey ^^
anyway~ this week has been a week of Results. not just bad ones, but good ones too!
i need some sort of closure to this extremely life-changing week (not really but) so here it is! because i'm not a fan of disclosing sensitive information on public spaces such as this, i shall not use any numbers at all. instead i will use ambiguous words such as "good" and "bad". i won't even use adverbs such as "very" and "extremely". i will also mention How I Can Improve, because that is the most important thing in life.
okay. here goes ;~;
- pay more attention in class, even if it kills you
- revise daily (erm) (okay maybe topically)
- clarify!! and ask questions and generally be more inquisitive and less "i shall think about it at home"
- start revision earlier. this applies to everything, actually. but because i procrastinated on bio revision, my revision for everything else was pushed back as well ._.
- omg i am starting to feel uneasy because WHERE ARE MY TERM 1 NOTES? OMG
- did i even have term 1 notes.
- dear god since when has my chem been this.
- but the whole class didn't do very well!
- revise with other notes, not just ones the teacher gave (because you cannot understand them, fiona) (okay you do but they're not very helpful tbh) (is it just me?)
- revise topically!
- revise everything covered this term AGAIN PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF
- i blame it on not completing the paper in time.
- which is still my fault. write faster in future papers?
- revise more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- this is sort of difficult to really put a term like "good" and "bad" on, really.
- this is comparitively OKAY for my standards.... but i mean
- i need to improve.
- we didn't get into the top 4, but that's okay with me.
- top ten out of three hundred + is good enough for me.
- thank you!!
- also, omg so exciting
- but it's over. tbh i'm thankful it's over, i can focus on sias and new topics and maybe revision :)

I'm downloading MapleStory right now WTF HAHAHAHAHAHA but i really want to play it ;(
:( my P4 dayz omgomg lol. nostalgia :D!
also i must start to organize my files and everything or i will really feel uncomfortable. is that weird? i need to know WHERE my things are or it really kills me. if i lose them i will cry. but i don't mind placing stuff in a file called "OTHERS". what does that say? ._.

kanpeki na bad girl yo
Tuesday, August 16, 2011
6:57 PM
i should really be sleeping, but history sia is due tomorrow..
i feel feverish :/ and headachey, ah.
nevermind i will press on!!
math... math. we got back the math results. what can i say? graphs are definitely not what i'm best at in math .___. seeing as the entire paper is graphs-filled... (okay i'm exaggerating a little. but just a little)
forgive me if i don't really make sense now.
anyway happy things! we got into quiz!!
i am really glad that we did :) team 1 and 2, let's jiayou for finals! semi-finals before that ._. what is this ._.
our chinese sia team should really start on the script; the presentation is on friday ._.
i shall post 2 clips of a single snsd member singing.
try to guess who this elusive person is! they're adlibs, though, so you can't figure it out from the song HAHAHAHA fiona is so ingenious.
^ from oh!
^ from an alternate version of tell me your wish

come let's guess! you can reply to me in my tagboard i guess. or formspring. or in real life or whatever.
elaine, please don't answer.
edit: HAHA I REALISE I ACCIDENTALLY REVEALED THE ANSWER because the name of the file is "sunny's adlibz 1"/"sunny's adlibz 2" lol ._.
okay bai.

hopeful streetlights like shooting stars
Saturday, August 13, 2011
12:11 AM
So! Another update on my life, just to keep this blog from dying ._.
Chemistry today was half-spent on waxing lyrical about Girls' Generation and half-spent on focusing on the task! at! hand, which was Volumetric Analysis ._. I tell you, the teacher is seriously Mr-Tan-like, in the sense that she can talk and talk about one topic for ages and no one is really getting it. But she goes on and on and on and our minds gradually drift to more exciting topics (i.e. SNSD).
Hmm. Block test results are gonna be given out soon NOOOO :( I'm really worried for Mathematics omg ._. (Speaking of Mathematics! The current topic is pretty easy HAHAHA but omg my Term 2 stuff :/)
Quiz team! Our round is on Monday :/ Please if someone up there is kind enough PLEASE DO NOT LET MR TAN RETURN MATH PAPERS ON MONDAY I BEG OF YOU. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE thanks.
Ah yes but team one yall did well! :D! BUT why did you try to lie to Mdm Yeo :( she took revenge by lying to us. And it made me really very.. idek HAHA it made me very loud and OTT. Then when Mdm Yeo broke the good news to us I was screaming like siao confirm tomorrow shi1 sheng1 (HAHAHA omg I am reminded of PE today).
ANYWAY OF COURSE WE'D TO DO SOMETHING ALSO TO GET BACK AT THEM LA. So someone (not me) came out with the idea of... okay never mind.
But they fell for it lol. Except apparently my acting was lacking in several areas. For example, it was quite unnatural OOPS ._. And also I think I was too loud trololol. But that's not my fault~ I'm naturally loud la so I Was Just Keeping In Character.
Aiya next time this kind of thing happen I shall just cry in a corner and up my believability (?) factor by a hundred.
Tomorrow is quiz training! Team 2 we must jiayou ;_; (so that we've a chance to prank others LOLOL wait no that's not the focus)
RAWR RAWR okay I shall go nao zaijian.

let us welcome piterababy!
Tuesday, August 9, 2011
4:40 PM
Do you remember the name 'Piterababy'! Anyway here is a link detailing that. click for more information
Anyway hmm for my brother's birthday, my mother gave him a hamster o_o I've no idea WHY he wants a hamster when we've 2 already ._. but anyway yes. It's completely his responsibility, so I guess he'll take care of it? -suspicious to a certain extent-.
She's quite cute! Ohohoho. And hmm, it was quite funny in the pet shop, due to this conversation:
Anyway I recently discovered the LONDON RIOT(S) but I rediscovered it again this afternoon on Tumblr ._. anyway I hope Britain pulls through this :/
On a happier note, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SINGAPORE! I spent approximately one hour watching the mNet (Mnet? idk la) 20's choice awards before I decided that no one of interest was appearing. So I left to do IH SIA.
Then when I went to the TV again, I saw f(x) performing! My sense of timing is great.
Nothing to add. Zaijian! OH WAIT YES GOT SOMETHING. I DREAMT BRIEFLY OF SNSD ;_; This might sound creepy but it really isn't. If you think of something before you sleep, you are more prone to dreaming of that something yes? Well, before I slept I was watching a program featuring them so yes.
It's infinitely better than having creepy dreams ;_; I had them during the block test period and omg so creepy/morbid/eek D:
Okay really nothing to add baibai.

run run run run run
Monday, August 8, 2011
9:56 PM
HAPPY BIRTHDAY SINGAPORE! although it's not the 9th yet, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY ^^
ah, today was national day celebrations! parade was okay (omg i saluted when i was not supposed to) i guess, and then the collage thing was pretty good. it was really shocking when after the celebrations i saw the crumpled heap of gigantic paper O_O WASTE PAPER ._.
ooh yesterday i watched mr simple lives on youtube o_o it's very catchy and it's playing in my head right now~ but i shall replace it with mr taxi ._.
also! we'd quiz training after celebrations ;_; then after that we went out! (this sounds glamourous but actually it isn't lol currywok O_O YSM O_OO_OO_O also bubble tea :D)
gah i've IH sia and chinese sia and quiz to mug! WHY SO SAD D; (haha don't tell anyone but i steadfastly refuse to do anything tomorrow starting from 2.30. WHY 2.30, you ask? because the mnet thing starts then! f(x) will be there! plus i am going to indulge in a channel 8 marathon HAHA)
(i might do some work at night...)
(i have to do work at night omg sad life! MY NATION)

btw for quiz team people, from my mind:
South Africa - Pretoria
Germany - Berlin
France - Paris
Singapore - Singapore
Sweden - Stockholm
The Other S-country that is not Swaziland (Switzer?) - Bern
Malaysia - KL
Indonesia - Jakarta
Vietnam - Hanoi
The Philippines - Manila
Cambodia - Hmm.
Laos - Double Hmm. I guess you've got to check this out yourself.
East Timor - Erm let me google this.
OMG what a cute name! Dili!
Brunei - Aiya.
Myanmar - omg I'm so bad at this -is crying- (GGGADADA clgnsd fsahaijfa i googled this and now i forget. again i forget)
Italy - Rome
S. Korea - Seoul
N. Korea - Pyongyang
China - Beijing
Taiwan - Taipei
US - Washington, District of Columbia
Iran - Tehran
Iraq - Baghdad (please distinguish the two. I do this by 1. watching Invincible Youth hohoho 2. Iran/Tehran)
Israel - Jerusalem
Norway - Oslo

Anymore? COME AT ME BRO :3