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Being a Bravarian
Sunday, October 30, 2011
7:24 PM
This year's ATC! was an interesting experience I guess, even though it was short. Being a sec3 is really different ;_; the rifle is heavier, and so is the burden. This is what we all have to go through anyway... so it wasn't too painful, in a sense. We expected it.
Bathing was the least stressful part of ATC ._. washing away the soil and the tiredness~ haha. And omg the squadmates used the hose .___________. (so did I actually)(but I was the one who was using it when ma'am entered the toilet omg)(ugh)
Night walk.. hmm. I think I might've been a negative influence HAHA because our post-it count was pathetic (I will not say it). I hope 45 doesn't learn from me ._. Changing parade :/ but I felt less panicky, obviously. Sec1 was terrible :( sec2 was slightly better, and sec3 is the best. Learning from experience! :D Which applies for everything. Okay.
Campcraft competition.. yey squadmates and 45, who did a great job. I've to say, this time it wasn't a complete failure -side eyeing my sec2 campcraft skills-. I know I'm lacking and I strive to improve... I hope I was okay. I think I was OKAY. But I don't know.. I should be more than just okay. (this applies for my everything omg)(being an NCO... :/)
Rifle-snatching was good imo! I tried my best, I gripped it as tightly as possible. Of course it hurt a little. It might've hurt a bit more because I'd an injury there. A small one.
I dreaded every second of that, though, because it meant one more chance for my rifle to get stolen ._. and when _ hit it it really hurt. Really did. Then _ did it and then I couldn't stop crying wtf.
I shouldn't have cried :/
Going to ignore the PT part because I am ashamed. I can't explain it, because I felt dizzy and nauseous and I was trying not to show anything because.
But I am still ashamed. Idk. I'm just going to skip over this then, while I sort it out myself.
Responsibilities. I felt the burden very strongly during this camp. Last year, even though ma'am wasn't there, I felt less stressful. Sec2, right? We couldn't be expected to be that great. (Yes I know it's not a very good perspective to take.) But this year... we're NCOs.
Anyway, I think I tried my best. Is that what counts? Even if it's not enough?
LOL angsty post HAHAHA partially because the SNSD concert tickets are all sold out .___. (I'm sorry, this completely spoils the mood but it's true!! Partially. UGH SO ANNOYED) mostly because now that ATC is over... we're in-charge.
:( that's really scary.
P.S. I feel regretful that I couldn't stay for the entire ATC. I also feel annoyed that I had no appetite during the dinner, which is stupid. I had a stomacheache before ATC, but it temporarily left me because of all the action when ATC started. Then it returned during the dinner. OMGGGGGG). I also felt annoyed yesterday because 1. HELLO, NOT LIKE I SIGNED UP FOR IT OKAY 2. I TRIED TO BE NICE BECAUSE I KNEW YALL JUST HAD A TIRING EXPERIENCE 3. BE NICER TO ME AT LEAST?  4. I had a stomachache... which was annoying me even more so I was really cranky and stuff. Haha.