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i love my family and friends
i also love 213'10, 311'11 and nynp
i am a sone
i cannot live without entertainment


potential gifts

1. Threadless tees
2. Helvetica necklace
3. ARTBOX notebooks
4. Kind words
6. Books that I would like
7. Tintin comics
9. Trip to Taiwan
10. Good grades
11. New camera ;D
12. SNSD concert tickets
13. Money for aforementioned tickets ^^

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Han Yi
Ting Ting
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2/13 '10

time wasters

Some very long posts to waste your time.
(Compiling of this list to waste my time.)
5th September
Class Chalet '10


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i've moved!
Saturday, February 4, 2012
12:53 PM
this is the url
i don't know how frequently i'm going to post there though

oh look what the cat dragged in.. me, lol
Thursday, December 29, 2011
9:44 PM
blogging about chalet~ it's the first time our squad organised something of this scale, i think. i know i said i'd stop blogging but i woke up with the urge to write about chalet ;_; so, anyway.
yes! reached chalet @ 2+, when squadmates were still at school. thenjia sijia and i just hung around and practised for *that*. when ma'ams came i literally collapsed in shock because omg! i'm so glad we decided to part the windows on the door because if ma'ams had peeked through the fabric or whatever that would've been so much creepier omfg.
anyway we let ma'ams in and watched tv (ma'ams had a snsd mv marathon loooooool) until squadmates + 44 + 45 finally came, which was 7+. which meant we waited for 5 hours lol. but all was good because sharlene brought KOI. also because, yay! squadmates! and 44 and 45 ^^ at least the awkward atmosphere was lessened~ thenjia/sijia/i were just sittin' around, with the occasional discussion of the current tv show with ma'ams.
anywayyyy dinner. omfggg how awkward it was~ because thenjia and i were the only ones at the table with ma'ams. not that i'm scared of them or whatever (seriously). i just didn't know what to do/say and then ma'ams asked me questions idek how to answer and ughhh i just appeared very nervous. because i was (i lost my appetite lmao ;_; such a loser ;_;). anyway, after that we went back and bathed (but i didn't). anddd then squadmates played card games/werewolf with ma'ams and 44/45 while some of us went up to prepare for amazing race ;_; we seriously put in so much effort into the planning process okokok idk why the final result wasn't as good as we thought it'd be ;_; after an hour or two we rejoined the group, and then a while after ma'ams went to sleep.
the rest of us slept around 4?5? playing card games haha ._. i woke at 7+, when someone woke me up D': then some squadmates went out to fetch 45/wenlie, the rest of them went to buy stuff for the bbq, so in the end only khengfang sijia and i were left lol. i fell asleep again (but for a short while!).
when squadmates came back the organisers for the amazing race went to recce the place ^^ it was pretty fun i guess~ especially at the playground o_o
we went back around 11 and hung out for a while at the chalet with ma'ams until the rest of the unit returned from their bonding game.
after that... lunch!
after lunch, amazing race! as i said, it wasn't great. it wasn't a complete failure so kudos for that, i guess? imho it wasn't that fun, probably 'cause we scrapped some stations due to time constraints. how annoying ;_; i just hope it was sufficiently enjoyable ^^
then we went back to the chalet around 4+. squadmates went to set up for the bbq while some of us talked to 45. i really hope 44 didn't feel left out (they'd ma'ams to play with/talk to! right?).
thennnn 45 had to leave :/ and ma'ams came out to watch us bbq lol i admit i'm useless at most of it :/ i even put out the fireee lol.
BUT at least i'm good at flipping satays ^^ but squadmates came to steal my one and only job so at the end i barely did anything. oh well, at least ma'ams/44/45 enjoyed (????) the bbq! i only ate hotdogs + satay creyz i regret it. bbq food is delish :(
after the bbq, we'd squad performances and present-giving ^^ i hope the bravo present is okay for ma'am omfg D: and ma'ams gave us presents tooooo.
then i'd to go home. sigh. it was really late too :(
i'm so tired right now i can't even :/ tired + headache + possible fever dear goooodnessssssss crying. plus my math -________- and i feel sort of regretful about chalet. some parts of it at least. manz.
and yesterday was the *farewell* chalet, which means byebye to ma'ams and hello to a new year of being ncos.
i should sleep soon because i can feel myself becoming more and more incoherent but omggg my math ;_;
bye guys :( :( :(

Friday, December 9, 2011
3:20 PM
i'm back! from taiwan! and yes, i know i said that i'd not be posting here anymore. last post, i assure you.
well so. this year, i've been to taiwan twice: once with the school, once with my family. both trips were extremely enjoyable, but of course in different ways.
with the school it was all about freedom! walking all around a foreign country without any parents... it was unique. i loved it. i could do whatever i wanted (but of course i set my own limits). this time it was more about feeling the place, because we went on an island tour (sort of?). we saw more of the culture. (also, my parents bought a lot)(oh goddddd so expensive i tell you)(ugh kena pian4)
anyway, taiwan is special to me -inserts heart-. it really is. my first *proper* overseas trip was to taiwan, and the first experience is always special, is it not? (this sounds weird)(don't misunderstand)
i feel very awkward writing this, just so you know. i'm rusty D: ugh ugh okay never mind. i shall talk about the things i bought this time round, then! less of clothes and more of cute stuff + stationery, lol. I LOVE ESLITE, I LOVE IT. i recommend everyone to visit this beautiful place. it has many departments, so i guess it's sort of like a departmental store? the bookstore + the stationery omg -crying-. I WANNA GO BACK  ._.
the things i bought... i shall write about them.
tingting's present~ i actually didn't want to buy anything for anyone -cough- because i already bought stuff for them earlier this year, but i just saw it and felt that it was very suitable. i can write freely about this because i doubt tingting reads my blog hahaahahah. okay. it's basically an item she's used before, and it's pink and it has french *things* on it.
at the same store (actually, it was eslite)~ a planner for 2012. GDI I CANNOT RESIST THESE THINGS. notebooks are my weakness ;_; . (i went to a different outlet on my last day and saw more planners. ugh i wanted to buy them all but 1) my budget allowed it not 2) to be practical, one planner is enough for one year. THIS KILLS ME ;_____;) okay continuing this beautiful planner~ yep.
i bought something for sabrina too, though. once again, i felt a sabrina vibe coming off it. (don't worry, sabrina, it isn't hello kitty anymore)(i'm sorry i keep buying you hello kitty things)(i am bad at buying gifts :/)
what else. some owl things at one of the hotels' souvenir shops (we changed hotels every day o_o and this one was a resort-style in the mountains! it was cool because 1) in-room hot spring, yall!! 2) the fresh air). and, some cute candy (not really that cute, tbh. novelty items? yeah). what else? OH YEAH MY BROTHER BOUGHT SNSD MERCHANDISE AT XIMENTING. i didn't!! okay just one vitamin drink. but nothing else ._. he gave me two folders, though! i suppose i can use them at school o_O
and and and. OH YEAH SQUADMATES.
squadmates! you know that gun we take out, the one with rubber bands as ammunition? I FOUND SOME AT A HAKKA MARKET (?). so i bought one! actually my father bought three (!!!). anyway the good thing is, we now can have two games happening simultaneously... if we get a board too. yeeep.
okay. last but not least, that last day? it was free and easy, so my family went to taipei 101. we planned to, but we were distracted by eslite (my brother wanted to buy tintin)(I LOVE TINTIN, UGH). did i mention we took the mrt there? ~~ culture, yall! plus we took the public bus too (to jiufen, because the tour bus couldn't reach the train station on time)(i've to explain this. basically, the itinerary stated that to leave hualian we'd take a train. it was a 3h long and slightly nauseating ride. meanwhile the tour bus would take a winding mountain path to a place near jiufen, where we'd meet up after our train ride to this same place. however there was a traffic jam, so we took a public bus instead. yep).
where was i? okay, so the last day at eslite!! we bought like, 4? or 3 tintin books (the 3-in-1 edition). i also bought a passport cover! (i refuse to describe it because you will accuse me of being a bimbo. i admit my preferences veer towards the valley girl style.)(okay.)(hot pink and electric blue)(plus a pony)
(i swear it's actually very minimalistic)
and a pen, for someone, and OMG MY BEST BUY OF THE DAY, POST-ITS. but wizard of oz post-its, for the low, low price of 150 dollars. MY GOD. DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW EXCITING THIS IS.
but the little shop/booth i bought these (passport cover, pen, post-its) had lots of other stationery that were very, you know, my style. like more weekly planners that were paris/alice in wonderland/vintage/wizard of oz-themed. the nearby shops had wonderful items too but i ran out of money.
ugh i know that if i post this my image will be ruined!! again!! but seriously. if you go to taiwan please go to eslite (the branch near taipei 101), floor 4. anything from there that you think will suit me will do. thank you in advance :D
okay bye!! the scent of burning incense is making my head hurt terribly. bye yall!

new beginnings
Tuesday, November 29, 2011
11:39 AM
hi guys! it's been a long time without updates here, but i want some sense of closure (lol).
yes, you read that right. i'm discontinuing this blog. that's not to say i won't everrr blog again, because i might (?) but i'm definitely not going to be writing here anymore.
the reason for that is... i feel as though i've outgrown this blog. like a snake shedding its skin (!!), i am shedding my internet persona of "thepartypredicament".
it has served me well for many years. i started this blog when i was a youthful 13-year-old, and now i feel old. graduation from nygh (!!!) is almost upon me (okay not really. but it'll come soon, i know it ;_;).
that's why i can no longer bring myself to write here, because in this period i've grown a lot. in height etc etc but more importantly, in my... ? something? i don't know. in some ways i remain childish and stupid, but i've definitely matured... somehow. through np, through the ups and downs of 213... and 311.
and so.
this will be my last post here. if i make a new blog i'll inform you (you as in, my friends, not creepy people stalking my blog)! or not. lol.
farewell... until we meet again ^^
/edit 2 minutes after posting:
OH YEAH THE TAIWAN POST LOL. forget about it~~ because i'm going to taiwan again. the day after tomorrow. lol. thought you (?) should know.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011
7:54 PM
I am THIS CLOSE to getting SNSD concert tickets. 
^ ignore this foolish message. i was desperate lolol. i still don't have the tickets, but i'm okay with it. the chance will come again.

I'm so tired.
7:51 PM
I seriously am tired. More than usual, I mean, and I suppose it's 'cause I'm sick D: I actually rarely fall sick -_- but this time I fell sick AFTER ATC ;_; which is horrible because I'm supposed to be feeling healthy and happy and less stressed out but no ._.
Oh well. I'm bored. I've nothing to do. I suppose... I could do work? Like, in advance? (shifty eyes)(Fiona is not this type of person)(I want to change for the better, though)
Later I shall print out the Math thing Mr Tan sent us :D and I'll do the questions!
Recently I've been into Photoshop :3 it's fun~ it really is. I'm bad at editing photographs though :( But generally I like Photoshop. I mean, it's a skill. Right? -is not guilty-
Year after year... next year I will do well. But at the same time I'm trying to be realistic ._. and anyway I shan't share my goals on my blog, in case people judge me.
I hate people judging me based on my results. More or less, it'll happen. I'm not a great student. I'm not a complete failure either (CHERYL YAU ASKED ME IF I CAN PROMOTE. HELLO.)
I hate labels. Labels can help you identify things easily, but they don't show you everything. To be truthful, I dislike the SBGE/GEP tag. I think it's because GEPers are supposed to do well. I don't do well.
When that happens, people judge me even more.
Anyway I sound a bit crazed ;_; it's probably because I've a headache, argh.
I played Mario Wii just now, and I got 11th, 11th, 11th, 1st. The first 3 11th-s were because I was eating and navigating at the same time. The last win was when I focused.
Is this what it is, then? Maybe all I have to do is to focus.

Being a Bravarian
Sunday, October 30, 2011
7:24 PM
This year's ATC! was an interesting experience I guess, even though it was short. Being a sec3 is really different ;_; the rifle is heavier, and so is the burden. This is what we all have to go through anyway... so it wasn't too painful, in a sense. We expected it.
Bathing was the least stressful part of ATC ._. washing away the soil and the tiredness~ haha. And omg the squadmates used the hose .___________. (so did I actually)(but I was the one who was using it when ma'am entered the toilet omg)(ugh)
Night walk.. hmm. I think I might've been a negative influence HAHA because our post-it count was pathetic (I will not say it). I hope 45 doesn't learn from me ._. Changing parade :/ but I felt less panicky, obviously. Sec1 was terrible :( sec2 was slightly better, and sec3 is the best. Learning from experience! :D Which applies for everything. Okay.
Campcraft competition.. yey squadmates and 45, who did a great job. I've to say, this time it wasn't a complete failure -side eyeing my sec2 campcraft skills-. I know I'm lacking and I strive to improve... I hope I was okay. I think I was OKAY. But I don't know.. I should be more than just okay. (this applies for my everything omg)(being an NCO... :/)
Rifle-snatching was good imo! I tried my best, I gripped it as tightly as possible. Of course it hurt a little. It might've hurt a bit more because I'd an injury there. A small one.
I dreaded every second of that, though, because it meant one more chance for my rifle to get stolen ._. and when _ hit it it really hurt. Really did. Then _ did it and then I couldn't stop crying wtf.
I shouldn't have cried :/
Going to ignore the PT part because I am ashamed. I can't explain it, because I felt dizzy and nauseous and I was trying not to show anything because.
But I am still ashamed. Idk. I'm just going to skip over this then, while I sort it out myself.
Responsibilities. I felt the burden very strongly during this camp. Last year, even though ma'am wasn't there, I felt less stressful. Sec2, right? We couldn't be expected to be that great. (Yes I know it's not a very good perspective to take.) But this year... we're NCOs.
Anyway, I think I tried my best. Is that what counts? Even if it's not enough?
LOL angsty post HAHAHA partially because the SNSD concert tickets are all sold out .___. (I'm sorry, this completely spoils the mood but it's true!! Partially. UGH SO ANNOYED) mostly because now that ATC is over... we're in-charge.
:( that's really scary.
P.S. I feel regretful that I couldn't stay for the entire ATC. I also feel annoyed that I had no appetite during the dinner, which is stupid. I had a stomacheache before ATC, but it temporarily left me because of all the action when ATC started. Then it returned during the dinner. OMGGGGGG). I also felt annoyed yesterday because 1. HELLO, NOT LIKE I SIGNED UP FOR IT OKAY 2. I TRIED TO BE NICE BECAUSE I KNEW YALL JUST HAD A TIRING EXPERIENCE 3. BE NICER TO ME AT LEAST?  4. I had a stomachache... which was annoying me even more so I was really cranky and stuff. Haha.

running running
Sunday, September 11, 2011
7:07 PM
I'm running out of time. The clock doesn't stop while I feed myself excuses.
Wake Up?

Sunday, September 4, 2011
11:29 PM

LOL it's a bookshelf. It's kinda messy O_O btw those are CDs and uhm random books and a tube of Gatsby ._.
Cake! this is the cake we ate yesterday.
I am seriously spamming this function :3 it's so cute!
Some random paper bag + biscuit tin O_O
This is a small cake that uh, I MADE LOLOLOLOLOLOL. It's damn ugly I CAN'T EVEN. That's not a Teletubby, btw. That's a girl. It's supposed to be me LOLOLOL -judged forever-.
Omg this effect is really fun.
With some effect. Hmm erm what was it again. Er pin hole. Right? I think so ._.
Okay bye I've to sleep soon :3

Saturday, September 3, 2011
10:58 PM
Hello~ Today is a good day!
From tomorrow onwards I'll do work. Really.
Anyway today is a good day because my father bought me the camera *_*
It's this colour O_O omg I realise that it is really an offensive shade of pink... forgive me. And it's damn bimbo ohmygod everyone here is judging me right now ;_;
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Please don't think too badly of my taste ._. (referring to the camera colour, not the gif I put up there. You shouldn't be judging me because of that)(;_;)I originally wanted a more... subtle colour. But I wasn't at the fair so I really had no ideaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.
It looks less weird in real life though. REALLY.
And anyway whatever colour it is, it's an okay camera! And it's my first camera ^^ There are cool filters and uhmmmm the photo quality isn't too bad! Also hmm apparently there's some widescreen view or something with a "wide" in it. -claps-
Yey! I took some photographs of my birthday celebration (with my extended family) so uh I'll put up photographs... of the cakes (not me)(BECAUSE I'M DAMN UNGLAM IN THEM OMG LOL LOOK LIKE WET DOG).

creepy dreams
12:08 PM
lol what a bad way to start the day ._.
I'D A CREEPY DREAM :( about killing someone out of self-defense. actually, i didn't really kill the person... i just walked away when he/she/idk was drowning (omg how sick i realised. i am a sick person ;_;).
anyway it's a recurring dream. not consecutively, thank goodness, but i'm pretty sure the same setting appeared once or twice before (at a harbour, at night, stormy).
i think killing someone is my greatest fear. i know people have dreams where someone kills them, but i never have! instead i've dreams about killing someone omg -_-
then i'd a happier dream, but i forgot what it was about ._.
anyway ugh byebye.
(my birthday! in 2 days :D!)

hey you
Thursday, September 1, 2011
4:56 PM

happy day for me and you!
12:50 PM
Today was TDC! :D Every single celebration we have on Teachers' Day, I get really teary lolol. The emotions sort of overwhelm me. I suppose it's the mix of entertainment and sad moments!
Anyway today was really fun~ We did the Nanyang Bounce lol ._. Shuning looked like a smurf hehehe.
Then we went to the hall! Some highlights:
1. The parents dancing Gee. I... just. I can't. Right now I'm watching the original version to make up for it. Not that they didn't dance well... but.
2. Someone saying that Huiting was passing the microphone to someone next to her because the notes were too high ._.
3. Awards for teachers! Omg most stylish male teacher = Mr Chang. Then he went to say that he'd only 4 T-shirts ._____. I DIDN'T KNOW LOL. Oh and plus the clips were funny ^^
4. TEACHERS' PERFORMANCE OMG OMG OMG SO COOL @_@ We've a lot of talented dancers in our school. Mr Ting doing some complicated dance LOL (I can't even do a wave ;_;). FEMALE TEACHERS DANCING TO 2NE1 OMG (they're really good!).
Speaking of 2NE1... I think of SNSD. And thinking of SNSD I THINK OF SNSD'S CONCERT. AND THINKING OF THE CONCERT I'm thinking of my new camera! Actually I don't have it yet, but my parents said they'd buy it for me :/ it's not bad ^^ I THINK. Eesh so excited ^^
My birthday in 4 days! Right? Yeah something like that :3 Wish me a happy birthday, okay? :)

teachers' day :)
Wednesday, August 31, 2011
10:19 PM
It's TDC tomorrow :D! I'm excited... because the day ends early ._. LOL what ._.
Anyway look, I'm sharing some pictures with you!
From the karaoke session on Monday. HAHA SIJIA IDE.
Peeps (not kidding) that Melissa bought for 311 ^^ It's because of Ms Chan. LOL but they're so adorable :D (very... sugary though) (don't eat these in class) (not that I eat in class)
Kyaa omg!
LOL the eyes of the rightmost one ._. weirdddd.
What is in this Anna Sui bag!? (Also, why does my house have an Anna Sui bag in the first place)
Mysterious interior!

Myster- okay, just bad lighting lol I forgot to turn on the flash.
LOL you are currently like "wtf is this artistic arrangement. why is the sweet not in the boxxxx duh fiona".
BUT NO! It's my creativity @ work! (I... sort of cut corners and made the paper 1/4 of the size it was supposed to be... So there wasn't enough space... BUT I THOUGHT OUT OF THE BOX. LITERALLY)
Shiny gold wrapper. This box is rather BIG if you realise. It's because I decided to stop being stingy with the form teacher and co-form teacher.
Right now... I'm folding more origami.
-ends enigmatically-

Monday, August 29, 2011
7:31 PM
so today, we'd this gathering at k-suites (iluma)! with the majority of squadmates, 42 ma'ams and 2 44s. and also mr ho + mdm yeo!
it was fun i guess? lolol i cannot sing though :( okay i CAN but in a limited range ._. all the songs picked were either songs i didn't know or really high ones lol. it was fun listening to people sing, though :) hohoho.
btw i would just like to mention here that sunny is not ugly! omg!
oh on an snsd-related note, i hope sooyoung gets well soon :/ (car accident) and i hope she isn't in too much pain :(
anyway hmm yes! the karaoke! the room that we booked (or rather, the room that ma'ams booked) WAS REALLY HUGE. it had a billiard(s) table and a computer and a game console (xbox/playstation? idk) and... of course it was really expensive omg ._. $90+ for 1h.
yeah. we sang many songs! that's all.
after karaoke, squadmates and i went to bugis junction to eat! (pastamania omnomnom) and then we wanted to take neoprintz. but we decided not to and instead we looked for a squad-ring (or accessory?)! of course we didn't manage to find anything suitably priced.
yes and oh oh i bought bubble tea ^^
that's all, i think! i want to make full use of these few days of rest to... rest? improve my skillz/do homework.

good news? i guess.
Friday, August 26, 2011
3:30 PM
I'm glad I did well for IH :)
Wasn't expecting too much and this result is v good already thank you.
Anyway long holiday :D is good is good! I shall take this chance to revise :)

Saturday, August 20, 2011
10:41 AM
hello guys! i'm back! this hectic week is finally over. next week is going to be slightly less busy, so, yey ^^
anyway~ this week has been a week of Results. not just bad ones, but good ones too!
i need some sort of closure to this extremely life-changing week (not really but) so here it is! because i'm not a fan of disclosing sensitive information on public spaces such as this, i shall not use any numbers at all. instead i will use ambiguous words such as "good" and "bad". i won't even use adverbs such as "very" and "extremely". i will also mention How I Can Improve, because that is the most important thing in life.
okay. here goes ;~;
- pay more attention in class, even if it kills you
- revise daily (erm) (okay maybe topically)
- clarify!! and ask questions and generally be more inquisitive and less "i shall think about it at home"
- start revision earlier. this applies to everything, actually. but because i procrastinated on bio revision, my revision for everything else was pushed back as well ._.
- omg i am starting to feel uneasy because WHERE ARE MY TERM 1 NOTES? OMG
- did i even have term 1 notes.
- dear god since when has my chem been this.
- but the whole class didn't do very well!
- revise with other notes, not just ones the teacher gave (because you cannot understand them, fiona) (okay you do but they're not very helpful tbh) (is it just me?)
- revise topically!
- revise everything covered this term AGAIN PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF
- i blame it on not completing the paper in time.
- which is still my fault. write faster in future papers?
- revise more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- this is sort of difficult to really put a term like "good" and "bad" on, really.
- this is comparitively OKAY for my standards.... but i mean
- i need to improve.
- we didn't get into the top 4, but that's okay with me.
- top ten out of three hundred + is good enough for me.
- thank you!!
- also, omg so exciting
- but it's over. tbh i'm thankful it's over, i can focus on sias and new topics and maybe revision :)

I'm downloading MapleStory right now WTF HAHAHAHAHAHA but i really want to play it ;(
:( my P4 dayz omgomg lol. nostalgia :D!
also i must start to organize my files and everything or i will really feel uncomfortable. is that weird? i need to know WHERE my things are or it really kills me. if i lose them i will cry. but i don't mind placing stuff in a file called "OTHERS". what does that say? ._.