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Tuesday, March 31, 2009
8:00 PM
Ohmygawd. Today was freakishly exciting and bloggable, it's almost unbelievable O:
Sidenote: Ugh Steven Lim is prancing around on OKTO please, damn disgusting. I choked on my laksa -.-
OK yes, start with the block test :D sucked lah ._. All the things I studied for didn't come out please, and then all the pendulum stuff pop out. All Mr. Tan's fault D: HE set that evil paper tsk!
-this major bigbig part taken down because of reasons-
OK just ignore me OK. I'm blogging weirdly.
omg spilled laksa on my netbook now the keyboard is screwed.

Sunday, March 29, 2009
9:37 PM
Cold because of pain,
and childish amusement then
cold because I am.

Scream your hurt out,
'cos nothing's gonna change.
It'll all be the same.
When you turn around the pain will linger.
It's staying.

Trash the hopelessness,
'cos I think there's always someplace better.
But when you think about it,
when you do something,
you'll see, it'll all go away.

Will it or will it not?
What's the reason for this.
Can you tell me, 'cos I don't know and I don't care and I don't wanna see.
It still hurts.

Never read my book (The Effects of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds, whee) yet D:
I love it though :D
Sorry ah that emo part you can ignore lor. I only wrote it because I was feeling very cold, no thanks to the fan lor!
Stop LOLing.

5:40 PM
I must stop playing with fire D:
Today I kept lighting the tea candles (reusable O:) and basically being very flame-unsafe ._. Eek. But I took lots of photographs :D with my lousy handphone-camera D: so it turns out a bit blur D: Oh well lah, cannot be helped unless you kaypoh person go buy me a proper camera :D
Hee OK continue reading my blog and (are you spying on Adrian Pang?! Stop it!) erm, buy. The camera. Yeah. Must be pretty and glossy de OK :O
I dropped sunflower seeds into the melted wax O.O Haha looks pretty :D And then I go burn the chopstick ._. smelled like joss sticks lah seriously ._. wth LOL.
I didn't burn myself :D Whee :D
But cannot continue this horrible habit D: Later I accidentally burn down the house and enter KK hospital ward 22 how.
By the way, I wanna watch Hotel For Dogs leh ._. Reallyreally D: 'Cos it's so adorable, no? All those widdle dogs :D Aw :D
Hmph! Did you WATCH IT ALREADY? D:! How could you (and not invite me also! -tsktsks-)!
I hope the next time you watch a movie I hope you erm, erm. CHOKE ON POPCORN and END UP IN KK HOSPITAL WARD 23 (so I can torture you whee :D)! Muahaha :D I shall promptly beat you over the head with a broom I borrowed from the cleaner :D And when she asks for it I shall give it back ._. and borrow a VACUUM CLEANER.
OK let's not be gory :O I would just poke you -innocent smile-.
OK lah bye. I bought a new pencilcase, and it's those kawaii types Rebecca hates. Too bad whee.
OK lah byebye!

earth hour! :D
Saturday, March 28, 2009
8:34 PM
My mother is lighting tea candles (-_-) one by one and putting them in the tea-candle-box, because I demanded the fan ._. LOL heh D:
I noticed some people in the HDB block next to mine turned off theirs lights at like, 7. And then now their lights are on -.-
According to the Earth Hour website I should blog about the importance of Earth Hour etc. but sorry hor -_- preachy stuff are not my cup of tea(-candles XD).
Heh. Heh. Lame attempt at cracking a joke, like Rebecca ._.
Whee. Candles are glowing, ala Deepavali O.O!
Ohmygawd my brother managed to overturn a candle. I dunno how he managed to do that.
I feel like screaming for him to stop playing with fire D: but -
freak where's my mouse?!
OK I found it -
I'm enjoying my candle-lit dinner of erm, fried rice -_-.
Haha lame joke again ._.
OK bye. I don't think I did any homework today -ponder-.
Yes I didn't.
Oh I found it ._.


oh, gawd
6:42 PM
Warning: NPCC (duh -_-) post meant for my eyes :D and maybe other relevant people like squadmates :D or kaypoh people like you ._.
Like my squadmates I feel freaking guilty lah.
I admit previously I didn't think much of drills, of practising. I suppose this is part of my nature erm, being slackish. But then this few weeks, I'm thinking and thinking about how - how the NCOs/ma'ams have been putting in so much effort for us; shouldn't we reciprocate? Show them we care and we can?
Now I'm feeling even more guilty because I know my drills are not - satisfactory.
On Friday during act. the band was playing extremely loud music that strongly resembled a Disney movie theme song -_- St. John's was also drilling near us, and their drills were freaking good. I erm, overheard some ma'ams commenting on this lah, and seriously lah I cannot stand it!
Their sergeants were scolding them for not pointing their toes when hentak-ing (aha! jargon, this is why I tell you if you're kaypoh you also won't understand de :D); and we? Our ma'ams were scolding us because of our formation. Fine, not even scolding, just - expressing disapproval? (ah heck dunno how to explain lah ._.)
Can you see the difference? We don't even know the formation procedures and all that.
Ohgawd, I can't stand to see ma'ams cry. They make me feel like crying too. And then I was thinking of Nicole's ordeal, when the choir sang not-satisfactorily and then the seniors started crying and then Nicole and her batch also ._.
My mother is happily preparing for Earth Hour. She bought an entire box of candles, and an entire box of lighters -_- And then now she's describing "Earth Hour" as "The Big Day", like my great-grand-uncle-on-my-father's-side's granddaughter is getting married like that.
So excited for what ah O.O
Must do homework. I've dug up all -cough- homework (mostly :D) and I plan to do them during Earth Hour :D so exhilarating, studying under candlelight Did you see through my ploy? Hopefully my worksheets catch fire lor. :D
Joking. I must bloghop.
Also ah, squadmates what're your email addresses! Why am I so outdated and out-of-times and out-of-touch and out-something de! Like my great-grand-uncle-on-my-father's-side who's a hermit living in Amazon rainforest :D Brunei :O Mandai jungle -_-
This post is remotely funny. Yey -hopes-.

can i get frivolous?
11:25 AM
I am very motivated to... erm, post due to the smell of smoke coming from dunnowhere, hopefully not from my next-door-neighbour's house ._.
Haha weird or not! I'm doing a personality test which asks very sensitive questions such as: do you waste time! -guilty look-.
Elaboration on NPCC-thing: my squadmate's blog. I'm not really very good at erm, more emotional posts -cough-.
But I've got something to say, if any of the ma'ams are seeing this (and can all my classmates stop asking, "ma'ams? What ma'ams?" when I talk about them ah! It's veh irritating please, halfway through "Jia Yuin ma'am is quite nice -" then suddenly Nicole will be liek, "Huh what ma'am?". Then I've to say NPCC senior -_-). OK probably they're not ._. But I feel damn shitty lah please. For us they did pumpings in full uniform; the first time in their whole erm, career (?). And somemore the pumpings are not for Physical Training but Punishment. Our punishment.
Whatever, I really appreciate their spirit. Sounds trivial but it means a lot. Ohmygawd I love my ma'ams and squadmates, even though I never did want to join NPCC. I still think I'd have loved NYJF better, but I've got to make the best out of this situation, and anyway NPCC is lovely :D
Enough of rambling emoness ._.
Yesterday Lunch I'd to chiong out Chinese comprehension (it was supposed to be mostly done during Chinese yesterday, but half the time I was stoning and thinking (blissfully) that still got a lot of time left -.-), so I asked Kellynn to help me buy eh, Shredded Chicken Ramen (-_-).
Sidenote: I suddenly got an urge to hug all my seniors -.- like Lucy and Gaoge and all my ma'ams (uh this is the weirdest lor please).
So end of lunch she came back with the Shredded Chicken Ramen in a purple-but-ugly plastic bag (actually the description of the plastic bag is redundant -_-). I erm, ate some of it in Scieence and CME . Quite openly (excuse me how do you lift a spoon to your mouth without letting the teacher see/suspect? Especially with the ugly plastic bag lah!). Kellynn and I were passing notes and in the end she said the Science teacher SAW me eating so I decided to pay more attention/do some Chinese.
Fiona you suck.
OK you don't.
Erm, then CME was cool, we've to do this CME project thing ._. Haha I plan to do a ____. Rebecca and I had the same idea -.- so weird. She was scolding me lah! For what! Tsk. I taught her how to sing Shouxin somemore leh. Meanie D:
Speaking of which ah, Rebecca mentions me far too often in her blog. Almost every post :O I shall be... happy? I've made such a ... erm, POSITIVE influence :D
-sigh- I think I'm getting very freaking boring on my blog. I can actually dislike reading the latest posts, which is very Unnatural due to my narcissistic nature. Eh well. Even Rebecca's blog is more interesting, and she posted posts like:
yes. again. like after 3 days. because my previous one wasnt funky enough(:
Which proves my blog's eh, boringity. Heh.
Never mind I will cheer up. Then later I will go buy my notebook ._. Popular is awesome! :D!
Bloghopping is fun!

11:07 AM
I am worried. I am also very sorry for launching this confirmedly-not-entertaining-and-possibly-damn-boring post. But who knows :D I might make this post awesomesxvc :D
My brother is hollering, "I don't understand Chinese!" for some reason. Let us ignore him.
OK now let's get started: what am I worried about (also why am I speaking typing like this ._.)?
1. Viver
She's undergone a Personality Change, and keeps on biting me and running very fastly D: I think this is caused by my brother hitting her D:! D:! I must stop him.
2. Block tests
Eek I must revise soonish :D
3. Lack of money
-_- I cannot believe I'm having this problem. Alas I am. I must control my spending! Stop buying a bowl of Japanese rice (already $2) and sushi ($1) AND apple tea ($1.10).
Just buy the apple tea :D Anyway the Japanese rice abit weird-tasting sometimes ._.
Sidenote: Ugh why is my mother shouting at me lah. I told her I would eat my breakfast le lah!
OK that's about all. End of a boring post...?
No. Wait. Yesterday was NPCC and we made our NCOs cry/vehsadindeed. Guilty - ashamed - angry - sad at myself. Ahahaha, I'm finally getting Philosophical. And while we're at that, why not have a Philosophical Nugget :D
Go die please D:

the first block test O:
Thursday, March 26, 2009
6:12 PM
Today was LA block test, kinda scary. Before that I was slacking and not chionging my freaking homework, which upsets me because I'm afraid I'm being a paikia like Kellynn ._. (at least Kellynn tries to do right!)
I mean, half-paikia because I don't have the paikia look, and probably won't have until I 1. cut my fringe slanted-ly 2. dye it peroxide blonde 3. get purple highlights as well 4. and black nails! I am probably mixing punk and goth and ahlian but never mind LOL.
I feel kinda pissed, because the Firefox is not letting me Delete Private Data (don't ask me why I want to do that, it's private). OK fine -_- 'cos I go watch Xiaxue's Guide To Life OK -shies from camera-. The latest one OK! It's damn sick hor by the way O:
I wanna pon Squad Drill Practice tomorrow to go train for NAPFA ._. Sorry ah squadmates D: I feel damn bad about it le can or not. I almost failed 1.6km run/walk (Alamak you people stop laughing please) le and now is 2.4km. Can go die please ._.
OK where was I? LA block test? Yeah, the invigilator was our Chemistry-teacher-to-be, who has a Japanese name but is actually Indonesian O.O and married a Singaporean or something I suppose. Haha :D but she's quite nice lah. I shall not elaborate on the block test -_- it was... OKish :D Yey :D
Gah Fiona what is wrong with you?! Where is your enthusiasm!
Exactly, Fiona! What is wrong with me?! My enthusiasm is where?!
Why don't I fry chicken wings?!
Fiona is not a chicken wing!
Sorry ah a bit de disoriented O.O you can tell, right -.- Ooh, you know NYGH got this Nanyang Superstar?! WTH hor O.O So far I think Rachel Wu is joining. And Etsuko?
Today Rebecca is chao boliao, keep going:
-waggles finger-
So I say:
-flap chicken wing! while simultaneously doing the chicken dance ._.-

Hah. I think overall today not bad...? Ey forgive moi for sucky/sleepy post -.- that is possibly not entertaining at all. I feel damn tired -.-
(Also I'm very horrified that I lied to !@#$!@#!% people about falling asleep on the sofa yesterday and thus not doing my homework D:)
Oh well. I need green tea to perk me up, googling "Nanyang Superstar" is not working, rawr D:!
Maybe Xiaxue will do.

run baby run
Wednesday, March 25, 2009
7:33 PM
Forgive me for using such a lame title ._. I am quite pissed now because my brother just knocked over my bubble tea and wasted 100ml. Plus someone just voted for the Hate thing on the poll, which is saddening.
I shall emo a bit first.
Then I shall erm, feed my pet in Pet Society -.- Wait ah!
Ugh. I've to install Flash and what lah! OK never mind continue blogging first ._.
Today erm, during Lunch was our Squad Drill Practice! My squadmates are nice :D Yey. LOL. OK never mind. After that I went back to classmate to meet Etsuko and Ting Ting to Run!
(Yes that accounts for said lame title)
Ahaha yes, moi, run :O Interesting.
We'd to take off our skirts (got shorts underneath lah, what're you thinking -_-!). And then I finally noticed the shorts I was wearing was 1. not school shorts, 2. but obscenely-short-mao4pai2-(fake)-FBTs -_- OK lah don't have the logo or what, just look like FBTs. And if you don't know how FBTs look stop hiding under your mountain rock please, here it is:
Short or not! OK maybe not ._. but the material is absolutely flimsy and a teenybit seethrough can. But Etsuko made me put down my skirt.
At first we ran ran ran down to the first floor, then ran a bit more around, then I suddenly no-stamina at the canteen there, so I ran towards Nicole (and her friend). Grabbed Nicole's skirt and covered my legs -_- while having an animated conversation which also included us pulling at her skirt O.O
Then Ying Ying, my saviour! came and helped me buy lemon tea 'cos 1. I was thirsty 2. and I didn't want to go to the stall in my obscene fake-FBTs ._.! Haha yep so she bought le and... I saw Ting and Etsuko (who'd completed 2 rounds around the first floor zomg ._.). I rejoined them! and erm, finished about one more round. Also saw Ms. Yap (also know as our principal :O who smiled at us as we round. Ohmygawd imagine my shock:
Me: -talk to Ting Ting, turn head, SEE PRINCIPAL, shocked lock-
Ms. Yap: -smile smile-
LOL -_- Then, ran up to second floor - around corridors and saw Xiao En. Ting and Etsuko chionged - but moi, being incredibly un-stamina-ish - ran a bit too slowly and Xiao En was like staring at my shorts please. So I screamed and ran back up to 113 -.-
That's all lor ._. 'cos I've got Math and Chinese eek. Bye.

Monday, March 23, 2009
6:19 PM
I'm really really really -puppy eye- sowwie -end puppy eye- I er, never neber blog for sho long D:
Eek why am I act-cuting (O.O) like Kellynn ._. Hah.
As for the not-blogging thing well... I forgot everything le.
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA (ohmytian why am I laughing like this -_-).
OK lor, sorry lah D: but lucky for you :D I remember this part from yesterday.
So my mother decided to take me out for ... shopping. Yes. At Cold Storage -.-
So buybuybuy then I suddenly decided I wanted bananas ._. (thanks to the Marigold banana milk advertisement lor! Tsktsk) So my mother reluctantly allowed me to grab a bunch and gave me some money to buy the bananas :D As I queued up I realised the bunch of bananas were not put in a plastic bag ._.
Yeah who cares right -_- HAHA I tricked you; now you think I care about frivolous things like bananas-not-put-in-plastic-bags! I do not -acts unlike someone who cares-about-frivolous-things as possible-!
Ahem. Anyway hor, after buying the bananas I go donated 50 cents to the fund-thingy :D Yey.
Then I started eating the banana in public. After that I waved the banana peel around in Guardian like I was sprinkling Magic Banana Dust everywhere to bless the Poor and Unfortunate People With Calcium Deficiencies, and in Chameleon like I was Magicking the erm, Ah Lians who buy blingbling by the truckload (by the way, I was there to buy the hair-rubber-bands because my house run out ._.) :O
Imagine you're an aforementioned Person, and then you see someone randomly eating a banana/waving the banana peel -_-
OK end of part. I am happy to note that people are actually answering my poll instead of ignoring it :D!
Yey! I got secret to tell you :D
Haha :D
Lame or not!
-nod head-
Am I nice and all-wonderful and all-forgiving?!
-nod head-
-nod head-
Are you really listening ah ._.
-head fall off-
OK I got to go le ._. LA SIA D:

Saturday, March 21, 2009
5:48 PM
My father did some complicated monitor-to-monitor linking thing, so basically I'm typing on my laptop but the thing shows up on the computer o.o
Yep. Yey. This might be temporary though (I might get a new laptop :D).
Oops, thanks for tagging :D!
OK I got to go le -_- still have a teenybit of homework leh D: Rawr. But at least I don't have to redo my SIAs :D

Thursday, March 19, 2009
7:33 PM
I am both amazed and appalled at my level of idiocy.
First, I am. Not. Pleased. to announce that I procrastinated and therefore... yes, the homework remains undone (granted I did do some worksheets!).
Anyway, you see that poll -points-? Yes, that poll.
That poll has four options, basically:
1. you're addicted to my blog
2. you find my blog interesting and read it when you've time
3. you're (sadly!) neutral
4. you hate it! (-suppresses emotion-)
Anyway yes so far, 4 votes have been cast, 1 for ADDICTED, 2 for INTERESTING (but not yet addicted D: but gonna be addicted soon! Really!), and 1 for neutral D:
So just now I was happily viewing the results and my heart felt a spasm of bliss when I saw that someone was addicted. Yes, a little twist and turn and whatnot in my body.
I was faking-nonchalance when I announced this fact to Nicole, but secretly zi-highing in the comfort of the living room (and green tea :D).
Until I suddenly remember it was...

who voted for the addicted thing!
Lame or not!
I shall go now and hopefully finish my worksheets today. Then tomorrow I shall do my SIAs/stalk people (on Facebook?)! :D
Ooh Liyin tagged me :O
In response to her tag: PSLE results too lousy le D:
(actually this is untrue, I could've gotten in but... it's like borderline ._. And NYGH is funfunfun! too :D)

i am a genius!
12:56 PM
I am most amazing because I just thought of a brilliant idea. You see, I am not disciplined and therefore my homework remains undone. However I keep using the computer for erm, leisurely purposes -coughcough-. So I've decided to do a running commentary of my homework via blogging!
-stunned silence-

-coughs from readers-
-shifty looks from readers-
-glare from me-
Eh. What is this -tsktsk-! So unsupportive lor you D: Never mind. I shall triumph!
The commentary shall start!
I am now taking out my Holiday Homework File (yes, I did pack all my holiday homework into a file. I am not completely hopeless you know).
I decide to do:
1. History
2. Mathematics
And therefore I shall do my History and Mathematics. During this period of time I shall not blog but rather, amuse myself by sneaking looks at this page while doing my homework. I shall also resolutely ignore the 8days sitting prettily on the glass table approximately half a metre away from me. Yes. I shall not look.
I shall do said homework now.
Oh no how to do the History worksheet ah?
-readers: O.O!-
Oh dear never mind I shall do Mathematics ;D

I must.
I'm going to, now :D
Very pleased to announce I did an entire question without looking at the laptop!
I'm really not doing my homework!
What is wrong with me!
Never mind I shall erm, rest a bit first -hopeless look-.
Oh dear this really ain't working -sad-.
No wonder you all stare at me -sad-!
I feel like going, "oh, bother" like Winnie the Pooh but I shall not.
It is only three. By four I must finish my Mathematics and that Chinese worksheet. Yes.
Will update then (:

Wednesday, March 18, 2009
11:22 PM
I think I just saw my pre-GEP-best-friend's blog. Through ZHIXIN, yes.

I cannot sleep.
I cannot understand why this seems so minor but actually is very ZOMGish. It's been three years (erm, kinda). Eek.


(my life is very dramatic and coincidental. I know. Stop laughing le lah. I'm seriously serious OK! LIYIN LEH.)
Bye I shall stalk Zhixin :D


I am proud to announce I've been stalking many blogs, including:
1. Zhixin's (:D)
2. Liyin's (:D)
3. their class blogs (:O)
4. some of their classmates (XD)
Muahaha beware of moi! I want to be a Professional Stalker can :D so fun!
Heh. I must say XXX (Liyin's classmate) is a -nod head- blogskinner-like. Yeshiede. Yun Wen is in Liyin's class :O
Never mind I'm digging up a lot of names from my past ._. Anyway very pissed with myself because of !@#$% posts :O give me encouragement, people.
For fun I shall do a poll related (obviously :D) to my blog's popularity! Yey! Everybody must do this poll, I don't care if you're currently residing in KK hospital or Texas (!)(quite impossible LOL) or something lah, just. do. it. (Yey like Nike :O)
Yes I shall go create the poll now -laugh evilly-.

science and afterward
7:37 PM
I woke up at 9.30 with seriously messy hair like:
O: so Gatsby-liek. Anyway, yes, I woke up with artistically-messy hair and proceeded to drag myself to shower. Spent 30 minutes facial-washing and 10 minutes actually bathing -_- Oh dear. Then, yep, bussed here and there to NYGH :D arrived at 11.30, and the main gate was still locked lor :O Then I SMSed Nicole and realised the Science was at 1.30, not 12.30. Zomg :O so early can or not!
(The following describes the 2 hours :O until 1.30)
So I walkwalkwalked to another gate under the hot sun D: which sucks D:
Once I entered school I was weirdly looked at by random people like I-was-actually-an-alien-sent-to-earth-liek-Cosmo-in-Cosmo-And-George-(:D)!
Yes, very suspiciously. HAHAHA I started combing my hair after buying green tea ._. and tying/retying around 10 times -_-
Statistics need to come in at this point in time. I...
-saw the same cleaner-uncle: 2 times
-saw random dancers: !@#$%^!@#$!# times
-got irritated by random dancers: !@#%^# times
-bought green tea: 2 times
-walked around the first floor: 4 times
-walked around the second and third floor: 1 time
-took postcards: !@#%@#$!$@^$@$!@$! times (seriously stacked together the postcards are as thick as an Agatha Christie book :O)
-saw Xiao En: 1 time
-saw cats at the car park: 0 times D:
Yesyes :D Then Etsuko called me just as I tried looking for kittens from the first floor. Walkwalkwalked and saw her :D we sat on the swing together and Nicole joined us... some time later?
After a bit went to Physics Lab :D and saw Mr. Tan :O wearing a erm, checkered polo shirt -nod head-. OK lor, then Physics :D quite fun yep! :D whee.
After that Rebecca, Nicole, Etsuko and moi took a bus to West Mall there. Ate at Macdonald's and I started dancing to the music playing much to their embarrassment O.O
Sidenote: Ee people are stealing my stuff in Pet Society! D: But yey iCarly :D
OK lor, then after Macdonald's Rebecca ... had to go home! D:
So then Nicole, moi and Etsuko went to Etsuko's house. Danced sang happy yey played with her neighbours' dogs and Etsuko's hamster :D
Yep then me and Nicole went home lor ._.
Today is a fun day but. I. Must. Start. Mugging. Like. Siao. Now D:
(iCarly first XD)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009
8:34 PM
I got the sudden urge to create resolutions. Yes :D
I resolve resolve and I resolve to resolve :D
Eyey yes!
1. to complete all homework/SIA/revision stuffs (yey)
2. to control my temper and not fight with my siblings even though they're immensely irritating ._.
3. to talk to people (like Lucy ahahaha ._.)
4. stop playing random games (!@#$)
5. stop making Lucy go, "uh... okay"
6. start having everybody's phone numbers o.o
7. do French properlyyy
OK that's all O: Yey! I shall keep to my resolutions :)

3:21 PM
The first two days of March holidays (not including this Saturday/Sunday) are already shaping up to be good... erm, slackdayshuh :D
Sidenote: Oh I automatically changed the font to Trebuchet MS. Oh well. And oh look: 213peopleareobsessedwithDBSK!
Eek. Where was I before I started sniffing Viver (OK fine not sniff, just put her furry pink twitchy nose to mine :D so that she could see me better. Hamsters are half-blind you know D:)
Sidenote: Viver positively avoids my toes (or my entire foot for that matter. Why ah, not nice to climb on meh? The sock is furry-furry like that what D:). I shall put her back first, before she distracts (and saddens D:) me with her incessant climbing-around rawr.
OK done :D Hmmhmm :D Avril + Leona duets Are Nice.
Ohmygawd I wanted to talk about my slackinghehheh and ended up on this topic le. The Powers Of Digression muahahaha Gah.
OK yesterday I didn't do anything except 1. play random games (told you le right? -.-) 2. do my art (exactly! ART. My idol Mr. Lim will be happy but who cares -evil look- about him! (OK lah me, because he's my idol my art teacher ._.)) 3. not do more important homework liek SIAs. Oh dear. See lah, Lucy is chionging everything (speaking of which, I saw her pass our NPCC circle !@#$ times today -_- I think four. LOL. The first time she noticed me she was like, "oh" as I fervently tried not to smile (ended up with a faintly-amused/constipated look D:)
Anyway. Today yep, NPCC :D Woke at 6 and still reached there 20 minutes late for drill practice -faints-. The activity itself was OK, except I was called out four times ._. because of some problem in my drills D: But -nod head- very fruitful 'cos I corrected all the mistakes :D Yey. PLUS we'd Squad Talk, which is basically a conversation between us and the NCOs... to erm, occupy time -_- Ooh. Haha then one of my squadmates noticed, erm, that the NCOs' legs were pale (I mean you'd expect their legs to be tanned what ._.). But she actually noticed that so I exclaimed loudly: Why do you even notice that?! And then hor the NCO kaypoh -_- go and ask, "notice what?" Alamak; so my squadmate told them and they :O and fell on each other laughing ._.
After activity the squad stayed back ... slacking ._. until liek 12. And then some of us headed to KAP Macdonald's :D ate :O Ohmygawd then we put 5 packets' worth of french fries on the tray and ate :O I ate an artery-clogging amount (I'm sorry to use the phrase 'artery-clogging' again but... I ate around 2 packets of french fries! And some -cough cough-. Heh.)
Then bussed back O: I'm seriously behind schedule now lah! Ohgawdohgawd -sadded-.
Eep my grandmother is... nagging again ._. I suppose she has every reason to. I'm playing Coffee Tycoon :D but I WILL study D: I will will will too! :D

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ipersonic personality test
Monday, March 16, 2009
5:22 PM
Take the free personality test!

Fit me or not?!

FIT right?!


oh dear dear dear (hee)
12:25 PM
I was a bit slow just now and spilled half the packet of maple syrup (from Macdonald's :D Yey for pancakes :D) on my laptop. Seriously D: I've tried to salvage it with damp tissue but I have the feeling there's residue on the keyboard, because Viver was licking the Enter key like siao -.-
Oh well D:
Tomorrow there's NPCC ._. I... do not want a repeat of last week's incident and neither do my squadmates, so we're gathering 40 minutes early :O to practise :D Act (short for activity :D) officially starts at 8.30 or something like that (yes, in the morning D: Unearthly lor, I tell you.). So 40 minutes earlier means 7.50. So I shall have to wake up at 6.30 or thereabouts D: Thus! (cause and effect what) tonight I must sleep at 10 like that ._. 9 if I wanna be kiasu, which I'll invariably am (besides being inherently ahlian XD)(by the way if you read the post nonsensically-titled la...deeda?, you'll find the reason for myself thinking I'm becoming less funny -cough-).
*At this point in time, Fiona decides to travel to the friendly toilet and wet toilet paper to wipe her keyboard. Fiona is also thinking of cracking her lame joke related to Sticky Keys -_-*
OK I'm back yey :D I hate sticky stuff D: Gah.
Today I slacked (again! Yeshiede! Express marvel and erm, tsktskness!) and 1. played random downloadable games, one named Pet Shop Hop. This should give you the idea how random aforementioned games are. 2. ate my breakfast :D 3. bloghopped 4. now blogging ._.
Rachel Wu's MSN confirm got virus can or not; every 3 seconds the window flash orange and I click and then got some retarded message (including a smiley. How fake lah! And a link with my email address in it. Ohmygawd do these boliao people actually think that I will fall for that lanbeyhock trick?! This is why they are retarded. ) POP OUT at me. Irritating.
I've decided to sticky (no pun intended hor) some posts :D some funnier posts :D So please tag on my tagboard which posts you liek hor :D Hehe. Read my archives first, though -.- Yey! Confirm not-waste-your-time de :D
*20 minutes later*
I read my January posts :) it's cool, and I kept laughing at ... my hilarity :D Yey! Oh yes. Ting Sabrina Rebecca Lucy KAILIN never reply lah, walao D: OK I can forgive everyone except Kailin, that Evil Sheep D: She never reply for !@#$ long can! Liek one month like that le! Rawr! But then I dowanna remind her or something in case she got a valid reason and then I paiseh ._. So! Ignorance is Bliss and I shall pretend happily that Kailin is an Evil Sheep even though she might be drowning in secondary-four-esque homework. Haha :D
Yesterday I baked cookies :D Nonono, NOT CHOCOLATE CHIP but...
Eh seriously lor, the chunks of chocolate were like melt-in-your-mouth 'cos they were still warm :O shiok heh :D
Recently I've taken to reading Xiaxue fanatically :O it's a phase that comes and goes -.- haha. So byebye while I read Xiaxue :D
P.S. I am aware this post is very disorganised -_-

Sunday, March 15, 2009
9:28 PM
Today I. Slacked. Like. Ohmytian. :O
I didn't do any homework or what can or not -.-
Ariel is telling moi to blog about, erm, not blogging about Doraemon. Yes. I never blog about Doraemon D:
Ahaha. I really have nothing to blog about, but I just feel liek it! Weird or not. After writing a letter to Ariel I've been feeling damn emo can :/ I shall copy and paste it here - or not. Heh, got sensitive stuff -cough-.
Now Ariel is saying, erm, to blog about the regret-in-my-heart-about-not-blogging-about-Doraemon?! What the bleah O.O
Alright bye -yawn- I want to read Agatha Christie! Eep.

12:26 PM
Oh dear. Maybe I shouldn't use Trebuchet MS ._. I shall try not to use it in this post. Feels weird :/
Never mind. Recently I've been feeling like indulging myself. As in consuming diabetic amounts of ice-cream, chocolate-chip cookies and bubble tea and eating the entire Macdonald's outlet at Causeway Point :D and KFC. And Pizza Hut. And SUBWAY (yey!) :D
But all this abit de impossible right D: So expensive -tsktsk-.
Oh well. I dunno I dunno lah ): I think I'm addicted le! -gasp- Haha.
Eek. I find myself getting less funny and less funnier (err. Also my grammatical skills seriously deteriorated -.-). How can O: Maybe my standards are getting too high? I dunno (ugh! How come I everything also dunno de?! LOL).


But whatever lah ._. heh. I suddenly have an impulse to cornify myself majorly O.O and say, keep reading, keep keep reading, love, keep reading, keep keep reading, love.
Ohmygawd I just said it O.O

Fiona, thepartypredicament, isn't as lame as that :D Seriously! You must believe me!
-nods head weirdly-
Ah well. I got to go le :D change and then go out to NTUC with my mother to buy instant cookie mix -.- (I got impulse to bake also :D) Heh. Hahaha I shall eat all the cookies :D to satisfy my indulgence -drools-.
Yeyness. OK bye!


(I stole all the onionheads from Kailin! -controls myself from posting another onionhead-)
Oh well:
P.S. I just scolded Nicole. Feels damn good to not repress myself. But I feel freaking bad can ._. oh well. I have to be selfish this time round.

omgomgomg ARIEL!
Saturday, March 14, 2009
4:10 PM

It is cool to stalk your art teacher online, especially when you get to unearth a lot of information -_- Yey for Mr. Lim :D He is now my idol :D (I'm joking lah XD)

last day of term one
12:00 PM
(I hate automatic updates D:)
(The above is a figment of your imagination. Don't trust it, and don't say I didn't warn you!)
(Really! Well, actually -)
Oh well. I'm back ._. while the computer was irritatingly restarting itself I read some Hercule Poirot so yey! :D
Anyway. Yesterday (also Friday The 13th)(last month had a Friday The 13th too O: how cool :D) was the last day of school -grabs 19th-century frilly handkerchief and sniffs into it-.
Which is very sad indeed D: for various reasons.
Mr. Tan says we've to change our seating arrangements next term. FOR WHAT?! Eee D:
No more Nicole, with her hyperness and enthusiasm.
No more Rebecca, with her retarded poems and cheerfulness.
No more Kellynn, with her mood swings and her hyena-laugh.
No more Yan Li, with her helpfulness and her smartness.
Eee. But then, new possibilities? Perhaps I get to sit with Etsuko, Ting Ting, Xuan Li or Sabrina :D And perhaps I get make new friends (walao this makes me sound primary two), and perhaps in term two I'll feel the same way about my new seatmates :D
Oh well. Enough of this cheem/emoness, Fiona. You're not cut out for it! (Eep did I just type that?) (No I didn't O: it. is. a. figment. of. my. imagination. Yes.)
Grah. I shall have to refer to Kellynn/Rebecca's blogs :D because I'm lazy to pick up the timetable. (Forgo computer time? Rubbish.)
O...K. PCCG was ... boring? I was stoning O.O Heh. But Rebecca was wonderful and helped us file our Student Portfolio thingies :D Three cheers, yeah XD Then. PE. PE Assessement ._. JAVELIN AND LONG JUMP -screams and throws myself off Conveniently-Located Cliff- O: My Javelin was sucky D: Zone 1 or something. Which is sucky. My Long Jump I think I did pretty well -cough- :D Around 3m or something I think, although it could be less D: but I still think I did pretty well (._.). And then there was THEORY. I've no idea why PE requires theory -_- it was... OKish. I didn't fail :D heck-care lah ._.
(Why not ignore the entire chunk about the PE Assessement above XD)
(Wait I just realised I memorised the entire Friday timetable -_-)
Hmm yes, after PE was recess. I bought one Hip-Hop Jelly (for artistic inspiration, Xuan Li! My Character in Art is a Hip-Hop-Jelly-like :D) and one erm, Lemon Tea :D I am addicted to Pokka -_- (I shall revamp my blogskin and profile later :D I have decided :D)
Then after recess was ...
Oh no I forgot O.O Heck-care the rest D: Science got pop quiz (eeeyer). Math got quiz (eeeyer). These account for my Very-Disturbed Frame Of Mind D:
After school was NPCC. The NCOs are super spastic, especially XXX. But I didn't come last training (dental appointment) and didn't learn some drills and they tested and ... we stood there rigidly for five minutes like that ._. because no one wanted to answer their questions also ._. eek.
Gah what a horrible post -yawn-. I shall revamp my blogskin and profile now :D Bye! :D
Gah. I'm using another of my blogskins, which bore me. But at least I don't have to keep tweaking HTML to get a blogskin to my liking ._.
I must do my SIA now :D

Thursday, March 12, 2009
1:55 PM
I am at school. Blogging :D I feel like changing my blog URL (Ahhhhhhhh don't kill me! -runs away-) ._. But I shall heck-care it, thepartypredicament is probably one of the bestest-sounding-and/or-abstractest URLs ever ;D Really lah. Do you understand it? No? Exactly. Yes? Exactly! So you see, thepartypredicament rocks! -clap clap- I sincerely hope I don't get run down by a car (possibly a Porsche owned by a taitai on her way to mahjong) and smeared on the road. Or flattened by CPU thrown down by some irresponsible ahpek. Because then I'll have to change my blog URL to thepratapredicament, and that's not abstract anymore lah D:
I am holding a debate with myself over this -_- OK to actual content, which by the way will be my-ponning-Science-(:D)-because-of-my-dental-appointment de afterward.
Yeshiede. OK yes, the actual appointment was OKish -.- then after that we went to Tanjong Pagar to start A Food Hunt :O to eat hokkien mee.
Ah yes seriously. It was nice :D plus my father bought me a green tea. After we'd finished eaten he complained a lot about, -cough- the Current Recession And How Green Tea Is More Expensive In The Kopitiam And Less So If You Buy Them At Supermarkets. And therefore pop out one Philosophical Nugget:
Cold Storage is good! Buy more green tea from Cold Storage and less from Les Kopitiams (?! French + Singlish LOL. Ohmygawd imagine La Kopitiam).
Right now Hui Ting, Rachel Wu, Shin Yee, Han Yi and I are in the classroom singing along to a random nice Chinese song. Heh :D I kinda forgot the name :P
Eep today I dao-d Rebecca. Which means I ignored her :O because (of course there's a reason lah!) she never reply my letter for very very very de long D: Which is mean! -throws fit- Haha and then I threw a lot of obvious pointers around for her to make her letter nicer (although erm, got little improvement in the design ah. But her poem was nice can! OK not all but the last two lines :D Last line, especially:

Will you forgive me? Fiona?

Super cool :D Yey. And if you don't think so it means you are erm, not abstract enough -nods head spastically-.) Anyway yes after that I hugged her and we're OK again :D
In the morning during LA -cough!- we were penning down haikus -spastic smile-. Haikus are nice and meaningful (when erm, you write them well. Like moi. Ahem.) :D
OK I shall end here ._. want to go library le, then go home 8D lots of homework today :/ untoey. Oh well. Yep. Au revoir :D
P.S. If Lucy is reading this, jiayous jiayous for daoju OK!
P.P.S. If 113ers are reading this, our classroom is freaking dirty lor. I do not want an E again. Again D:
P.P.P.S. I liek cookies.


and so
Wednesday, March 11, 2009
9:34 PM
And so I was (relatively) peacefully bloghopping, until I invariably returned to my own blog ._. And then I decided to go visit Zhi Xin's blog.
The sight that greeting me was shocking.
OK maybe not lah. Because it was the almost very same. Yes. Zhi Xin used my blogskin. I shall quote her entire post:

This is awfully, awfully, awfully depressing. No lor. I once used DancingSheep's skin, and commented brightly to said Sheep that the skin I had on my blog was super nice and blustered all about the hidden messages in said skin until the Sheep very gently told me she knew all about it. And more.

Fiona, please kill me. Dowan.


I've committed the weirdest, most embarrassing mistake in blogging history: I TELL YOU IS NO LOR!

I used fiona's own template, made by herself,
without knowing until - HAHAHAHA I laughed like siao at this part.

"O.O How come my blogskin same as fiona's har?" Alamak. This proves that you never read my blog!
"You stupid larh, she has been using that for a long time. Its her own skin wad." - a highly encouraging response from Gwen. Good job man. (this dude phrase is copied from Rebecca.)

-cue shoe-throwing from ah nan, miaoling, emu, and fiona- O:

Somebody please swallow me up while I go rectify this stupid mistake x.x Ey. Continue using my blogskin leh. Nobody use I very depressed D:

a very mortified zhixin.
Funny or not! And I'm not angry can. Ohoh OK end post ._. Ohmygawd shit never do homework yet -dies- and now 10 o'clock le O: Ah. Ohmygawd.
I promise to blog properly tomorrow yeah :D Au revoir :D

-haywire look-
Sunday, March 8, 2009
7:27 PM
I have got a haywire look on my face now! (by the way "haywire look" is I unimaginatively copy from Zing de -_-)
-haywire look-
Firstly I'm trying to study, and I am failing, mainly because halfway through looking at the Science LMS I facebook and talk to Kailin about contorting. Secondly, I am trying to study Science and French and do my LA SIA Patchwork 2 research at the same time (not to mention the Facebooking, MSNing and my brother periodically hitting me for no reason at all). Thirdly, I am filled with an innate deep feeling of zibei-ness and guilt. Because I'm not studying properly (and cue first and second reason for haywire look).
(I decide to stop talking about my innate feelings now or the next sentence will sound P6-composition-esque. Think "my heart was consumed by regret")
I shall copy Yan Li('s angel) and say: Haiz.
And then now I shall copy Xuan Li and create a To-Do List. This is Very Important for me. I shall make my To-Do List realistic.
Before Tuesday, I shall complete so-and-so tasks,
1. Science revision. This is extremely important indeed.
2. French e-learning. This is also extremely important.
3. French thingum. See above.
4. Slack (AHA! Rest is important -nods head solemnly-.)
5. One Chinese book review/Choose second essay for Chinese SIA ._.
6. Research abit more on LA SIA Patchwork 2
OK that's about all. Yey.
Now! -happy look- shall proceed to the more interesting incidents of today! :D Heh. My mother baked cookies :D and I consumed around a third of it -_- Also while the first batch were baking, I took Viver out to play and she started biting my right tiny finger because it smelled like chocolate chips -_- and then she bit it really hard and it Bled. Which explains the strange brownish-red streaky stains on my brother's library book (and to think I wondered how the person who caused the stains maneuvered his/herself to eat chocolate ice-cream and read at the same time, and how the ice-cream could drip in an artistically-goth fashion).
I didn't know the streaky lines were created by me until I accidentally brush said finger across the edge of the page. Eek -eye big big-.
Viver is capable of running across open spaces in a highly cockroach-like manner O.O
OK I think I shall end here and do my French e-learning :D I only have one-and-a-half exercises left, yes! :D
(Oh by the way don't offend me or I'll stalk you like I'm stalking my NPCC senior silently -evil look-. Muahaha! (Ey actually they look not-bad in evening wear))
Plus tag. Tag. I shall make this a bigbig text to attract your attention.


my 150th post (hiphiphurray)
Saturday, March 7, 2009
8:27 PM
Whoohoo let's high from caffeine (like Pepsi! Whee!) :D
OKOK more to the point. I was replying Rebecca (:D) just now when I suddenly remembered something that happened in Camp. The baths :O!
OK there is a freaking lizard on the wall approximate one metre away from me so I have to be a little -
-high pitched shriek while said lizard scuttles around-
Walao it ran under the bed.
That Lizard Spoilt My Peaceful Caffeine-High Session.
- quieter.
I shall heck-care it now -whistles-. OK, where was I.
Yes, baths. The first day of residential camp all of us had to queue for amazingly long (OK, fine. Ten minutes.) O.O So yeah, I mentioned already le, Etsuko and I decided to bathe together! Firstly 'cos two people = ten minutes (not five, which is seriously freakishly short D:), and secondly 'cos two people = two pails (so I can -cough- use Etsuko's unused water :D).
Yep so went it and I quote Etsuko: Just don't look and strip.
Haha the second part sounds wrong O.O but yes, then... bathed lor. Interesting parts (pardon the detachedness, I'm Wikipedia-ing Katzen XD):
1. Etsuko almost fell into her pail and I gallantly saved her -plays Superman music :D-!
2. I quote this part when Etsuko asked me to help scoop and pour water over her head while she rubbed the shampoo off her head (hair? OK, hair). Hair.
Etsuko: OK, pour!
Fiona: OK -pours- -pours- -pours- (in quick succession)
Etsuko: Eee! Stop!
Fiona: Hmm OK. -pours- -pours- -pours-
Hahahaha XD!
3. Me being scared of cold water D: Eep. Like: Everybody I'm gonna pouuuur water on myself! -pours- Eek! -pours- Aiiih! -pours- -high-pitched shriek (not unliek the one I had when the lizard ran off :O)-
OK about all ._.
Then the second day of residential camp. Hmm. OKish lor, 'cos I was alone. Kellynn and I went together, but I let her bathe first -_- (she used only half of her pail! :D!) Heehee. Plus plus erm -private issue-. Never mind XD
OK I better go le ._. Pepsi!
-runs off-

3:53 PM
I'm a bit obsessed, I admit but here is the result of my intensive online research on contortion!
I have reasons for my results.
Please look and analyze this piece of simple text from a self-explanatory URL; http://www.contortionistgirl.com/contortion-and-its-benefits/.
Contortion benefits
Contortionists do not suffer from osteo arthritis when they get old.
They tend to look younger than most people in their age. Their good looks are maintained even when they get very old.
Medical surveys show that contortionists not only has a great resistance to every day complaints, pain and disease, but their general health is excellent and they live considerably longer than folks in any other professions.
If a person suffers from Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, which is a familial disorder of the connective tissue, they will most likely get results much quicker than a healthy person, but at the same time they will feel less of the symptoms. How people are built also decides how far it is possible for them to practice. Many times it only means that it will take longer to learn to do some things while others come easily. Most important is to practice daily.
Contortion is the most natural and inexpensive way of exercising that exists.
Due to contortion the range of movement of a person improves dramatically and their strength also improves drastically.

And so you see Contortion Is Good.
I rest my case and I shall go eat my artery-clogging charkwayteow bought from the resident charkwayteow stall now (and hope I don't suffer from a sudden attack of atherosclerosis).

lsc is over D:
Friday, March 6, 2009
7:07 PM
Edit: I edited some parts at the end so please go see the editted. Thank you.
Eek! -shriek-
Oh no-s, yeshiede :O LSC is over~! D:
But you know what!? or not!
I found out during the camp that I could contort O.O!
Seriously! I realise I'm going too fast lor ._. but never mind.
I can contort something like:
Really lor :O only erm, less disgustingly unnatural (no offence really O:) and less pro-ly. I freaked everyone out. 'Cos ah you see on the first day of residential camp (Wednesday) we'd this free time period :D and I spontaneously got a 'flexible feeling' (which means I wanted to challenge myself and stretch like siao). And then erm, poof poof poof! and I became very obscene and Unglam. Just look at that picture can!
Eeyer. OK but still cool. Surprisingly it still didn't hurt (walao -_-)! (By the way I've no dancing/whatever experience prior-ly. Erm -drinks bubble tea-)! O:! Oh and ha! I annoyed everybody by routinely contorting in the most random places (i.e. in the middle of the night O:, during PCCG (for six minutes. It really didn't hurt (quite comfortable actually O.O except the place on my spine that pressed against the floor :/ and my legs were numb after a few minutes -.-). I also almost contorted after Talentime in the hall for the art teacher to photograph -cough- He refused can or not! D: Cannot right! Exactly! Tsk. But he suggested I contort for the Still Life lesson (wtfh O.O!)) Plus Rachel Wu was jealous -laughs evilly-. Heh. Oh no-s D: Kellynn tore her ligament there (er, dunno where ._. the part needed for contortion lah) three times (how the bleah does she manage that?! ._.).
Enough! about contortion anyway :D I shall post randomly in chronological order.
Whee! -hypers- Everyone was super hyper can or not :D I used my NPCC skills -cough- and half of my string to tie a temporary hanger-line for people to hang their towels -_- We were late for the Mascot-and-Flag-Making competition due to too much talking Time Mismanagement (is there such a word O.O) -cough-. Anyway, yes, went hall ten minutes late, so cue Punctuality Speech ._. Then yes, erm, make the mascot flag lor -.- I did mascot and paint paint painted it a fire-engine red (LOL). Plus someone brought shoes for the mascot (which by the way is a chilli padi), and another someone got the idea of making one 'emo' and one 'happy'. I did the emo one -looks emo- artistically and Rachel Wu spoilt the emo effect but writing the word 'emo' in
Yes you didn't hear wrong. What the bleah how can emo be glitter!
(Ohmygawd there was an ant in my dinner O: and Viver is crawling on my lap :D)
Anyway the chilli padi looked somewhat like a french fry packet from Macdonald's O.O because we used a box (and do you see chilli padis rectangular?) (no you do not!)
(Aw man Viver ran off after peeing on me! D:)
Oh yes after we kinda finished the mascot I extra-ly went over to spy on the then-ugly flag. Yi Xin spilled water on it, creating a messy an abstract (and artistic) effect. And the water smudged Rebecca's retarded idea of fingerprints (ha!)
After that the flag people went and painted "113" on it :D and ta-da! OK not yet actually people drew stuff on a different piece of fabric (that Rebecca brought) and cut the stuff off! Yan Li's lotus was superbly drawn :D (I attempted drawing a rose :D and people said it was nice you know! So I'm not completely devoid of artistic talent -shakes pompoms-)
OK after all that we gathered with our innovative flag and adorable mascot (teehee). Then introduction of flag/mascot etc. Hmm.
Skip skip to Treasure Hunt O: walao, freaking tiring and I was v. thirsty O: Haha we were super enthusiastic :D Yey 113 :D
Oh yeah I forgot to mention I was damn sick lah. You know the free period I used for contortion? Lots of people were stretching and dunnowhat. Rachel Wu was stretching and then... erm.
OK never mind -cough- I was making the 'twinkle twinkle' movement in front of erm.
OK I shall not elaborate. Jia Chun and Jamie laugh liek crazy lor XD Me too O: That movement was very wrong -pulls ears-.
Lunch was horrid D:
Bathing! (around four o'clock) I bathed with Etsuko. Was liek a mad rush for shampoo, soap, etc. and erm, I didn't observe anything lor can O: I am tempted to tell you about my outfit but I've to rush this post D: gah! 112 was nice, they really were v. efficient and let us bathe first! Three cheers and three cheers and three cheers for 112! XD
OK then dinner, much better than lunch -_- We brought our plates and forks and spoons down to eat.
(You realise I have lots of one-liners in this post -_-)
Skip to movie :D Quite nice leh, Over The Hedge! Damn adorable :D
Then sleep! (LOL) Yey I fell asleep halfway through what-I-hear-a-very-sick-conversation, which is kinda good for me I guess -.- Oh oh yeah I freaked all the people around me out by pretending to have a spasm :O it was apparently v. lifelike (O.O)! Heh. And I was trying to stifle my laughter. It's rather difficult 'cos I was sobbing/crying/spasming and sleeping. Yes.
Woke up damn unglamly can or not -_- Ting Ting was pushing my head away! D: So in the end 113 woke up super early; around five (Five in the morning is deeply unnatural please. Can go die please.)
I skip everything until Mt. Faber thingy at SAFRA. Quite cool, wet, half-wet and dry activities! I was in Section C and the trainers made all of us cheer! and cheer! and cheer! until can die please ._. Haha. I was -cough- unable to take part in the wet activity for various reasons, so I waved the class flag around and pretended to sprinkle Chilli Padi Magic over the 113ers in their swimming suits -_- Damn enthusiastic lor moi! I tell you ah, some of my classmates they very the exposed -cough-
(Pardon my grammar)
Anyway, after that was dry! Cheered a lot ._. Eep. Etsuko's voice was almost non-existent D: so Kellynn shouted instead :D Wao anyway, yes, halfway through the trainers got us to gather and makan! Yey! I mean eat! But we'd to wait v. v. v. v. v. long and cheered v. v. v. v. v. much before we could eat, rawr :O and Sabrina found a bee in her rice. Eew. I ate too many biscuits to be healthy D: And then kena stomachache send to my friendly neighbourhood clinic :D
After eating was slacking. I stuffed an entire biscuit in my mouth and crumbs flew out when I spoke and landed in somebody's hair :D
I must sound horribly weird aw :D
OK then half-wet. Was not nice because it was very competitive ): and unfair! -protests- Ah, it's over anyway. I kicked Etsuko! because she was very sick O: and she limped all the way back to SAFRA. I felt bad can or not ._. but still seriously angry at her O: On the way to the gathering-place 113 spotted Mr. Tan, Our Dearest Form Teacher sipping his kopi-O at Ya Kun Kaya Toast (!) and Chatting while we Sweated In The Hot Sun.
Ahem. Anyway anyway -_- basically dancing weirdly?! haha :D and prize presentation. 112 got the Most Outstanding Class award yey :D But the description sounded liek 113 you know O: But somehow I knew it was 112 -sappy smile-. Whatever lah erm yes, danced. And Etsuko never blame me -retarded grin-! Yey~.
OK skip the bathing part here. After bathing we practised a bit and put make-up and what. I looked weird -_- so I used tissue paper to make myself look less like I consumed too much chilli. OK eh. Yep. Dinner. Hoho apparently my outfit (!), red OFG (Outfitter Girls~) tee + my best, expensivest skinnies, were awesome :D But my skinnies kept erm, -cough- dropping and my XXX was exposed can or not -.- Obviously cannot right :O so unglam and ahem, unproper. So I borrowed Rebecca's white Rocker Belt. I quote her when I folded up my sleeve (ala track people XD) and let people see the belt:

Walao damn freaking cool lah! -retarded signature look-
Wao everyone was super duper the good. Plus got parents! And Rebecca was freaking out O.O I was v. nervous, especially backstage :O Then, on the stage was OKish. I screwed up -cough- a few times in the Don't Stop Movin' chorus D: but the rest was flawless! Oh yeah -hops around and shakes pompoms!- So sadded 213 couldn't watch us O.O 112 was the best in my opinion!
OK I shall skip to bedtime O: Changed out of Talentime outfit already and spent 2 hours talking rapping. Yes. Rebecca's fault! See see I think our best one is the first one (By the way Yi Xin kept being sick and said 'doing it' or 'doing that' O.O Ee! And erm, Rebecca kept rapping about Ting Ting's butt O.O unglamly):

Rebecca: Marshmellows, ellows, ellows, shallows shallows ...
Fiona: and they come in different colours like red and yellow, yellows, yellow, yellows ...
Nicole: Blue and purple just like my pillow, pillow, pillow (XD!)
Etsuko: -insult to me, concerning the apparent lack of my brain. Hint: hollow-
Ahem! Cool right :D We fell asleep at 12 -snore-.
No I don't snore.
Really can (You know Ting Ting didn't want to sleep beside me?! Tsk! She say I spasm how -_-)!
Next day. Bleah everything except the rush-ness. We did nanzhongquan -.- OKish lah :D And then proceed for breakfast. Then eh go hall! For dismissal etc. First was montage :D Mr. Lim takes nice photographs :D yey! Super nice effects :D Ohoh then Prize Presentation! Walao v. surprisingly can 113 won the flag and mascot competition O.O! Walao like everyone was screaming and shrieking and hugging each other wtfh :D Yey :D 113! 113! Talentime results were disappointing: 112 Didn't Even Get A Prize for Talentime lor! What the bleah?! -.-
I shall end here :D 112 and 113 are really cool leh (of course of course). We aren't competitive; today 113 started cheering 112, and 112 cheered right back ^^

(edit) Aha. I forgot to mention that 113 is a very wrong class, which explains the very wrong photographs Rebecca and Hui Ting and dunnowhoelse took can or not. Either it's innocent people in innocent positions, and the sick-minded photographer -cough- go and take from very wrong angles so that erm, it appears M18.
Either that or the people themselves go pose liek that for the equally sick-minded photographer to take can, so it appears R21.
Yes. (end edit)
After camp Hui Ting, Kellynn, Rachel Wu and moi went Orchard (:O) leh! Hui Ting was wearing this freaking Ah Lian outfit O.O and Kellynn FBTs -.- Rachel and I wore skirt + blouse :D we are guai~ (heh) Alamak, don't feel like elaborating ._. Take bus to AMK Hub there, bought Slurpee/bubble tea, took MRT to Orchard, walk around, ate at Pepper Lunch (super nice :D not liek the last time I went D:), walked out to find cinema, found it, bought tickets watched movie (some Kung Fu Chefs thing XD quite nice lah), realised I dropped wallet in cinema -.- me and Rachel went back, got wallet, walked to Takashimaya, bought Hot Fudge Sundae -_- ate, went MRT station, took MRT, Rachel got off, and I just journeyed back!
So yey!
Bye :)
(this post is overrated -_- all my fault! -zibeis- And ahh SIA D:)

day camp... hello?
Tuesday, March 3, 2009
9:58 PM
Do you not find me incredibly nice (walao this sounds Farcical (not that I really know what it means OK ._.))!
Yes I'm blogging about the Day Camp (basically yesterday and today).
Yesterday was OKish :D good actually but one sucky incident spoilt it D: and then Kellynn CAME TO MY HOUSE and made it better XD Today was super slack, which is Equivalent to super Fun! :D -shakes pompoms-
OK yesterday first. Erm, the entire day consisted of the leadership workshop mainly O.O Haha yes indeed. It's quite fun :D because the coaches are fun! (Yey! My logic amazes me.)
Interesting things:
1. Haha ohmygawd during the break Kellynn was pole-dancing with the microphone stand
Obviously cannot right! Alamak because got all the teachers looking with this kind of disapproving face O:
And everybody else (excluding 113 XD) was O.Oing seriously.
OK whatever. Etsuko sang Womanizer's chorus heh!
2. Oh and Mrs. XXX confirm hate me for life please ._. I can liek go die please le ._. Because during the ahem, more unimportant parts of the workshop (like the games' forfeits and whatnot), I was writing my letter to Sabrina! And Yan Li and whowhowho were like invading it O: and Mrs. XXX SAW! So she confiscated! And the worst thing is what you know!
THE LETTER MENTIONED MRS. XXX and in an unfavourable light -cough cough-.
Ohmygawd I called Mrs. XXX 'abitdeboring' walao -hits my head on the wall until I've to go KK Hospital's A&E and end up in Ward 15 level 3 O:-.
Oh well cannot be helped le D: hopefully she doesn't bother to read it heh. If I were her I would though -.- Oh nos -pull ear D:-
OK fine I shall not zibei and emo anymore...! Because horhor KELLYNN CAME TO MY HOUSE! :D It was quite er, spontaneous :) Mr. Tan was debriefing us (after the workshop) and we somehow talked about -cough- my social life and then we decided to go out and decided to go my house! Er... yep. Heh. First we joined Etsuko in watching Hwa Chong Mass Dances (XD! Damn funny please ._.) and basically spammed her tagboard O.O And all three of us went canteen to eat. And then (...) we went to look for a teacher.
Following we went to the bus stop! :D This part gets, er, weird, because 1. Kellynn saw a friend 2. Kellynn made me wave to him 3. I didn't, until he turned O.O 4. That friend said I WAS UNFRIENDLY AND COLD. CAN OR NOT! YOU TELL ME CAN OR NOT! OBVIOUSLY CANNOT RIGHT! Tsktsk. 5. Kellynn and Friend engaged in a sick war of words via SMS -.- I shall refrain from adding the inappriopriate content and polluting my lovely blog :D!
And ohoh! Then got off bus ._. and went my house. Like that lor! Dance play with hamsters eat chocolate -_-
(Did I mention I treated Kellynn to $1 ice-cream but she ate too slowly and had to throw away half of it D:)
(Oh no I didn't.)
At around 8(.30) Kellynn went home! She made moi send her there -_- upon Viver's death O:! Shocking isn't it, tsktsk.
Alright today...! Yep, super slack de. Nanzhongquan was surprisingly easy XD but walao I kena(d) stomachache D: which was horrible and horrible. Lucy replied! So I took the letter to the toilet to occupy my time -.- (oops XD) Besides that got this erm Household Managerial Workshop!? which halfly consisted of videos XD yey! By Theatre Club I think. Anyway, the rest of the time was mainly Dance! And more Dance! Yey yey. 112 kept popping up -_- so in the end I took a broom and stood at the door to chase people off. And you know Mr. Tan came by and I immediately anticipated what he would say ("what are you doing here (outside the class) with the broom?") so I pretended I was sweeping the floor. Yes. And he actually said the classroom wasn't clean enough and would I tell someone to re-mop the floor and it was right to try to keep the classroom clean. Everyone, please contort your face to suit this expression: ._. or this -_- or this O.O
Afterwards I came home and repacked until 2 bags became 4 O.O
I shall sign off now -signs off-!

can a not!
Sunday, March 1, 2009
9:03 PM
I keep laughing hysterically (I'm posting a lot today leh O.O).
Because you see, I told my father to buy Teoberone Toberone for the Emergency Chocolate Stash (ECS). In the end he go buy me: 1. dark Toberone (alamak! Just because it's limited edition doesn't mean must buy lor! And then somemore more expensive than the normal de ._.) 2. Kitkat (yey!) 3. Dove Amicelli.
It's like ohmygawd?! O: One Toberone become pop up three types of chocolate le XD

and it all came from a joke
8:50 PM
I pose to you dear Fans a joke:
Why was the tree struck by lightning?
I received several responses that are damn funny please.
OK, like Lin Qi.
I am thepartypredicament says rawr.
He is the other person.
thepartypredicament says rawr says:
Hello LQ.
thepartypredicament says rawr says:
Why was the tree struck by lightning?
arh i'm starting to hate school...just wanna learn drums and do it as a profession or something. weird me. says:
arh i'm starting to hate school...just wanna learn drums and do it as a profession or something. weird me. says:
in what context?
thepartypredicament says rawr says:
Why are you analzing the joke? O.O
arh i'm starting to hate school...just wanna learn drums and do it as a profession or something. weird me. says:
the definite article is a source of concern
arh i'm starting to hate school...just wanna learn drums and do it as a profession or something. weird me. says:
this may have certain implications to its meaning
arh i'm starting to hate school...just wanna learn drums and do it as a profession or something. weird me. says:
Oh a joke
thepartypredicament says rawr says:
Funny or not! And then that Nicole Chew even worse lor! I thought she knew the joke le so, yes.
By the way Nicole is the one with the complicated name and I am thepartypredicament says rawr.
♥ *~Nicole~** THE DANCE~~! --ich heiße NICOLE <3-- yays lsc!! says:
so unlucky
thepartypredicament says rawr says:
♥ *~Nicole~** THE DANCE~~! --ich heiße NICOLE <3-- yays lsc!! says:
thepartypredicament says rawr says:
thepartypredicament says rawr says:
the tree that got struck by lightning like the merlion.
♥ *~Nicole~** THE DANCE~~! --ich heiße NICOLE <3-- yays lsc!! says:
♥ *~Nicole~** THE DANCE~~! --ich heiße NICOLE <3-- yays lsc!! says:
got tree meh??
♥ *~Nicole~** THE DANCE~~! --ich heiße NICOLE <3-- yays lsc!! says:
i thought only merlion

(By the way I shall not tell you the ending of the joke :D! Haha go ahead, eat me (wth O.O))
OK mebbe not. But I shan't tell still! Credits to Rebecca The Lamo for the joke anyways :D

6:10 PM
I keep forgetting to announce this D:
psst on wednesday bring emergency chocolate stash ok :O so at night can ahem, eat XD i'm seriously serious lor! tsk.
this message is to kellynn and rebecca and nicole chew and ting ting and xuam and sabrina and any 113er who sees this.
roger or not!

-cough- I really must go -regally walks off-

4:46 PM
I shall blog freely! And thus: aha!
Hehehe -Rachel Wu's pervert look-.
Ohmygawd the dance for Don't Stop Movin' there's this beat-y, catchy part in front and Rachel Wu keeps doing her pervert look! And she's in first row somemore!
Hee never mind. Kellynn should commend me because I tried to practise the moves I remembered :D Grah. And my right hand is more flexible le! :D -hops around happily-
I liek Sabrina's latest post because it has moi in it! :D!
Let's all cheer for Sagebweegebweegepuipuipui because she wrote a wonderful post!
I shall infringe on her copyright XD and -cough- borrow her post for a while.
Excuse me ah.
Please move aside.
-moves Sabrina's post-

Today I shall commend Fifinani for her fantastic run.
She ran before the Mini-YOG :) Very FAST!!! Yay her!-claps-

And I shall commend her for her HURDLES.-clapsclapsclapsnonstop-

She ran extremely fast, you can tell she really put in lots of effort. She was showing this screwed face(not literally! You know, the kind of face you show when you're using lots of strength)

Fiona thrashed Rachel Wu! woots! -claps- and could have came in first but she didn't know she was supposed to continue running '~'

She started being er...quite livid and told herself that she was utterly disappointed (oh.)

France! We are cool people! Yay we are cool people!

We skipped javelin -.- Yixin could not demonstrate her hidden talents.

I got 2nd for 75m sprint and i didn't get anything -.-

Xuanli got nothing because she went overboard (it's okay xuam) but I betcha she could have gotten FIRST and THRASHED REBECCA if she didn't go overboard.

Tingting did considerably well with a position of 3rd.


Ting rocks at 800m, my stamina is -.-

Gaoge! Yay Gaoge!

Ting could have thrashed Sophia and Etsuko.

Xuam could have thrashed Rebecca.

Fiona THRASHED rachel wu, definitely. Jamaica's score was a result of CHEATING -.-

And Kellynn... I think I lost to her by 0.2 seconds -.-

I don't run surprisingly fast, hello?

Yixin could have thrashed EVERYONE.

Oh and throughout the whole YOG France (Fiona ting xuam yixin and i) -see how considerate i am, putting my name last- kept our collars up, making us look like Draculas, but quite OBVIOUSLY I didn't keep it up during the sprint or else it would have restricted my neck movement, the collar is fairly stiff.

-laughs in ting way-Ahahahaha:D

Yay gaoge!

Yay the LSC!


I shall not borrow the rest of the post because it is Space Wasting Text and therefore unsuitable for my Space Saving Blog -shakes pompoms- Please note that I have edited the Sabrina's post a little bit. Yes.
Where was I? Oh well. I really should go bathe :D today I hardly did anything :O because there was hardly anything to do! :D! Hahaha -laugh-. I did a bit French, and a bit... wait! I only did French!
Never mind -shakes pompoms- (this is proof that I am a bimbo-like :D).
The LSC post will be nice and happyish :D! Because erm, LSC is nice and happyish :O
Ladeeda I cannot wait!
Hmphmph I keep seeing Minghui everyday at school ._. So weird! And Lucy, though less often. (Plus hor that Lucy never reply O: Tsktsk XD OK joking :) she's busy D:)
I. Am. Board! Today and yesterday I slack so much next week I slack somemore and and
March holidays I confirm will be damn sian ._. unless someone invites me do something unsian! :D! Wao. Walao Kellynn go birthday once every three days or something like that and I - I?! Walao please I don't want to talk about it -wears sunglasses and sneaks out the back door-.
Ah well. Can study -peaceful Zen look-.
(Wth O.O I actually suggested that O:)
OK I am very bored and thus I am making you bored with my boring posts caused by my boredom so I shall end this post quickly.
Ohoh yes Merlion was Damn Suay kena Struck By Lightning leh D: And the hair come out!
(Translation: the mane chipped off)
Alamak how D:
Alright why am I bothering about the Health And Beauty of Merlion? Hmm -ponders-.
Enough crap lah Fiona stop rambling!
Bye; aha! (This 'aha!' has no practical purpose)

3:19 PM
This is most probably the post with the most self-explanatory title ever.
113 rocks! :D Ohmygawd I've never loved a class more XD (erm, in a strictly platonic (ruler) way). Seriously we're just so bonded together ^^ I promised -cough- several narcisstic people I'd blog about them so yep :D
Rebekky Darling! :P Rebecca is really awesome (A-A-Awesome -_-) yeshiede?! Very committed to track (erm, -clap clap-?), and sometimes she WRONGFULLY puts trackers ahead of 113ers (I quote Ting Ting: "
talk abt rebec ah, she tio scolding from... ME! yes!!! coz she nvr practise dance and instead went eat waffles with her trackers. CAN A NOT? obvious cannot right? EXACTLY!")
My point being this! Tsktsk. But anyway Rebecca gives me chocolate 8D and we're ahem, Eat-Chocolates-In-Class people, along with Kellynn -.- yey :D Plus Rebekky is sensitive in a good way so she knows when I'm sad and tries to cheer me up :D (normally she doesn't succeed, -cough- but never mind that :D)
Hmm yes Kellynn XD Kellynn is erm, same as Rebecca lah! :D Except the sensitive part -glare- and the track part. And Kellynn laughs liek a hyena lor!
Waos O: (hee this hyena is cute liek Kellynn somemore!)
Then Nicole! Ohmygawd, Nicole is absolutely irritating at times and very shouty and high-pitched and enthusiastic it gets on your nerves but I like her for that :D haha she's always there, I suppose :) shouting, "today is Tuesday! And I looooooove Tuesday, because of...," -cue Rebecca and me looking at each other like ._.- "
Ahem yes. And then Yan Li ah. She ah. A bit the siao O: de (surprising) and does her homework and haha she insults Rebekky! -weirdly weird smile-
OK that's my group! Next on is Xuan Li and Ting Ting and Sabrina and Etsuko and Hui Ting and Jamie and and Ying Tong and Yi Xin the pole dancer and and
Xuan Li is speechless, Ting Ting is speechless, Sabrina is speechless, Etsuko is sameish (duh - we've been in the same class for four years le :D and our relationship seems to subtly improve? ._. dunno), Hui Ting is erm, -cough- siao, Jamie also, Ying Tong also and the pole dancer most of all O:
Hehe 113 pwn lah whatever :D By the way speechless means too good for words :) wait -everyone also what :O Hmm -ponders-.
Eeyer Kellynn and Hui Ting and Xuan Li go to Etsuko house never invite me! -glare glare- Never mind XD mebbe after LSC go Orchard O: and March holidays go my house to look at my 14 hamsters! -dance-
OK I realise I got a lot of tabs O:
(I accidentally posted this in class blog O: oh nos. But I edited and whatwhat came up with some weird post there XD hee.)