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i love my family and friends
i also love 213'10, 311'11 and nynp
i am a sone
i cannot live without entertainment


potential gifts

1. Threadless tees
2. Helvetica necklace
3. ARTBOX notebooks
4. Kind words
6. Books that I would like
7. Tintin comics
9. Trip to Taiwan
10. Good grades
11. New camera ;D
12. SNSD concert tickets
13. Money for aforementioned tickets ^^

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Some very long posts to waste your time.
(Compiling of this list to waste my time.)
5th September
Class Chalet '10


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Saturday, July 31, 2010
11:51 PM
in an irritable mood. if my brother were to TOUCH my bag now i will scream.
i am watching him D@ (wtf i am mutating an emoticon :D)
Esther ma'am reminds me of Ariel ._.
anyway pissed! for no reason stupid keybooard ARGH. itt had better work properly.
see it's nottt wtf why all the double/triple letters?!
oh it's fine again :D okay erm.
annyway (WTH NEVERMIND I SHALL HECKCARE THE KEYBOARD'S SCREWEDNESS) i feel like merde now! sore throat + cough + headache + gastric + sleepyy = bad combination! my geog how like that how die la D@
today jiang was weird manz (LIAR = ME D:) tralala.
okayyyyyy i feel like sleeping T_T but geog! insert hokkien phrasee D:
i've issues! one more fact:
i really really really cannot stand people touching my bag/bed/my bag getting dirty OKAY I WILL SERIOUSLY FREAK OUT. and when my bag gets dirty i wash it. i like washing stuffz :O i wash all my items (pencilcase, bags, wallets) on a regular basis lollol. i would add here "i am ocd!" if not for the fact that 1. lishuen would probably disagree :D 2. i am not. i am just.. weird heehee.
shall proceed to the room and *take a nap* now.
sadly this -gesticulates- does not interest me as much as the presence of illuminati in pop culture does.

hit head here
7:14 PM
Ohmygosh it's freaking cold in the bedroom but I refuse to turn the air-conditioner off! I refuse D:!
Anyway I'm also very hungry D;
I... am spamming Geography. What is a temperate climate?
GAHH I'm going to faill will achieve the highest possible result and enter HP breezily.
Goodbai :)
P.S. I love you.
P.P.S. Damn cryptic, leh.

plants versus zombies
Friday, July 30, 2010
8:57 PM
In brief (because I need to revise :D):
1. pccg; funfair stuff! publicity is really hyped up about it :)
2. drama; whee! recorded our discussions and haha it's mostly useless lol! mdm oehlers was at the literature symposium so... yeah slack :D
3. recess; spent half of it dancing in the drama room and the other half chiong-eating ;.;! i just bought my food and then like two minutes later the bell rang?! major rush = still hungryyy D:
4. bio; okay la! actually it was really fun. we thought the teacher would let us watch the abortion video (erm the silent scream it's on youtube!) so we went to the computer lab... and spent like half the lesson there! but actually she didn't plan on bringing us there (not our fault! the previous lesson she said she would D:)! so the class spent our time randomly doing whatever in the computer lab! me and sabrina pretended to be sesame (ermmm "new character on sesame street") and elmo, respectively! sesame is a great/gey character 'cause she's a fashion consultant/stylist with a really fake american accent haha! but i am super funny cannot take it -choke-. sesame told elmo to dye his hair, shave/wax and wear mascara. i tried telling xuan li (big bird! LOL) to rebond his feathers, dye feathers rainbow, get a tattoo on his beak/feet and etc.! ernie = gey ._. (ernie = yingtong)
5. la; mdm oehlers wasn't in class still, so we basically... actually half the period was spent on bio and the other half was spent recording the elmo/sesame thing lol.
6. lunch; i didn't eat :(
7. history; watched a video about the singapore story (alliteration aha)! super interesting ._.
8. act~ started from two to six :O my black socks are damn screwed/loose la D: (need to get new ones sigh)! and my hairnet too. generally my uniform was effed up today. oh and we practised for founder's day parade hmm. my rifle is horrible; practicepractice :D erm and ---but honestly... i'm a bit scared about standing _ omgomgomg. got gastric at around five or so x.x and went to eat my medicine haha (but not useful de tsk) D: D: D: but i lived with it yes.
hmm then after act... pretty depressing stuffz O_O so fast got this kind of serious talk ._. new record la -_- anyway yeah i suck at skillz and attitude. fail.

Rest in Peace, Sugar Maravilla
12:23 AM
I am such an irresponsible, sucky, horrible, etc. etc. etc. pet owner. But this post is not about me, it's about Sugar.
While she was alive I never really treasured her (16 hamsters and I'd not enough love to give ._. or rather I gave most of it to Viver/Sushi) and now that she's not here anymore I... don't know. Sugar Maravilla was a strong beautiful hamster and no matter what, I'll remember her always.
Rest in peace, Sugar.

shopaholic tendencies
Thursday, July 29, 2010
6:24 PM
A chronological post (finally)!
Well, today I woke up with a slight headache. Went to school in my pink jacket (cold what) and fell asleep almost immediately in my chair ._. Anyway, I had a really sad dream. In my dream, the council election results were released, and I went into class, and then Cheryl Yau and Etsuko had gigantic smiles (for Cheryl's case... a smirk ._.) on their faces. Then someone whispered to me that Yan Li didn't get in, and there Yan Li was - sitting at Cheryl's seat, and she had her arms on the table, her face buried in her arms. And I instinctively went up to her and hugged her (o_o) and told her "it's okay". Then I awoke because Ting Ting hit me because flag-raising had started.
Flag-raising was fine. First period was History; we went through the SBQ practice that I majorly screwed! But I'll do well for the block test (I hope ._.)! Then was Mathematics. We did a revision paper (or rather a few questions). I really really think I'll do okay (like A1 la) for Mathematics this term, I've made a lot of progress (in my opinion). And the questions in the papers I could mostly do, and... I got a 9 in my Trigonometry quiz :) To certain people: I seriously don't mean to rub it in your face okay I'm just happy for myself and if you're offended/think I'm boasting/won't even allow me to feel happy for myself can you just click the bloody 'x' on the top right. Merci.
Hmm lunch! Ate western for the first time. It was fusilli and quite okay la :D
Science practical next! It's our last one :/ anyway, it was really quite cool: DNA extraction yeah (basic). And yeah... did the worksheet. Nothing much to expound on ._.
Then white space!
Painted my self-portrait (or rather... I started trying to paint it, then screwed up, then Kellynn walked by and "ohmygod!" and took over, and made it all fine again. While Kellynn was fixing my face (plastic surgery haha:D) Yan Li walked over (or rather I made her come over to praise my painting/Kellynn's skillz) and said "your hair is really screwed" and she took my other paintbrush and mixed my paints and started painting somemore, then after a while she asked me to do it, and I did for around two minutes. 'Cause Kellynn finished her work on my face, and took the paintbrush from me and started to work on my hair. So Yan Li decided to paint my lips, and she mixed a really delish cottoncandy colour that was unnatural for a pair of lips, but it was so chio (and somemore she used so much paint) that we couldn't bear to throw it away just like that. So while Kellynn worked on my hair, Yan Li painted me a cute lil' butterfly on my memo pad in that awesomez pink! And then after a while Yan Li left, Kellynn finished my hair and Kellynn and I decided to paint memo sheets that shade of pink so that we could "cut them into hearts" (Kellynn's words not mine).
That was a lot of words ;D so yes now... pictures (obsessed le I tell you).
This is part of my self-portrait. I painted it okay (this part)!

Pretty pink~ it is :D isn't it?
Useless shot of my paint ._.

Dirty water ._. if you ignore the water and look at the newspaper it's really quite beautiful (cough).

Yanchie's flutterby pour moi!
Hmm okay so after white space Roob and I went for chinese remedial. It's pretty useful!
After that we went straight for Chinese -_- It was freaky okay. 'Cause when I went in and settled down, Ting Ting whispered to me "Yan Li didn't get in". I couldn't believe it at first... like what wtf how did Yan Li not get in. I mean, she's really responsible and she will make such a good leader and wtfwtfwtf how come like that?! So yeah I was really upset especially when I remembered my dream (!). And Yan Li was (at her own seat LOL) looking really... listless :( I was really upset for her, and so I wrote her two post-its.
"I love you (ex-)deskie/alter ego" (inside joke LOL. 'Cause Yanchie and I are polar opposites -_-) and
"Yanli is a star! (only the star was an actual drawing of a star. An ugly drawing at that ._.)"
Ting Ting saw Yan Li pasting them on her file, and that actually made me feel even more scared about her mental condition O_O
(always a 'but' right)
at the end of Chinese, Etsuko was like "congratulations to all those who got into council... and even though Yan Li didn't get in she went really far"!
And actually at that point in time I was thinking "wtfwtf you're rubbing salt into her wounds" :O but then Etsuko continued and said "so far that... she got in!" And then the whole class collectively expressed deep distaste at the prank on us LOL .__. Rachel Wu was like "I WASTED MY SYMPATHY ON YOU" LOL and Sabrina said "You cheat my feelings"! And Ying Tong said "I almost wrote her a note! Luckily I didn't give it to her!" Me: "I wrote her two post-its! And I gave them to her!" And Ying Tong laughed at me LOL. So anyway I'm not a seer, phew.
Chinese then assembly!
Sigh sigh sigh subject combinations. I really want HP (very clear on that la) but currently I really cannot make it. So I need to really... set my heart into it la.
No more fun and games; this time it's for real.
And that's that.
After assembly was Math remedial! Again nothing much to say ._.
Took a bus home! Super embarrassing I tell you. Okay so I was standing (no seats D:) and I was... sleepy. So I started to doze off (yesh standing ._.). And then whenever this happens (i.e. my sleeping while standing thing) my knees will buckle. So this happened TWICE and I hit the same girl TWICE and she was like ._____. LOL. So I told myself I couldn't fall asleep/move ahead so that in case I did I wouldn't hit the same girl again ._.
Anyway shortly after the man next to the girl vacated his seat and I took it. Then I fell asleep again. A while later the girl tapped my shoulder (during my consciousness la) and I instinctively thought she had to leave, so I moved aside. Embarrassingly she said "erm... you !#!$$%%$". And I was like "what?" And she said "erm... you keep falling asleep on my shoulder". And I was like "oh. Sorry." OMG DIULIAN MAX!
Anyway yes.
Got off bus and went to Popular! I'm like... addicted to new stationery I tell you. ADDICTED. To new stationery. Seriously I spent half an hour browsing (even though I've a lot of zigs/awesome pens already! As my classmates can testify to :O)! I browsed like an entire section of stuff like notebooks pens colour paper cue cards post-its glue glitter glue popart markers markers pencilcases craft stuffz paints etc. andiboughtstuff. D:
I love chio notebooks! Get me chio notebooks/clear books (those... files y'know. The ones with plastic sheets in them. What's it actually called? Chio ones okay! Not tacky ones. If you are unsure what constitutes as chio and what constitutes as tacky, consult me! Or I might end up hating you for life ._.) for my birthday! Alternatively you could run for the Yellow Ribbon Prison Run '10 (coincidentally on my birthday :D! :D! :D!). That wouldn't count as a birthday present for me, but I won't chase you for any present 'cause you've given so much more to someone else :)
Okay that's all :D! Bye :D

250th post
Wednesday, July 28, 2010
8:57 PM
Yey zomg it's my 250th post on thepartypredicament :D
Squadmates are all falling sick one by one after ATC D: D: D: (omg I keep thinking they contracted dengue fever ._. 'cause ATC there got a lot of mosquitoes what! And then come back they have fever! :O! Okay must not overreact) Squadmates please get well soon :)
Hmm next. Rifle~ practice during lunch today sigh. Sucky max D: I suck D:
I was so tired during French! And hungry too D:
And I've lots of homework and I'm procrastinating... wtfwtf hate myself so much D:
Never mind sigh. I need to remain positive :D i can do this! yesyes!
why has the weather been so cold recently -_- plus i think i'm coldblooded or something i take super long to recover from coldness/hotness (?!) and return to a normal body temperature ._.
right now i am going to SPAM YOUTUBE VIDS (my blog posts this week = multimedia haha) nao 'cause i feel like it! history sbq :(
christina grimmie is unbelievably talented :D!
yog song (YES I'M OBSESSED D:)
haha hanyi uploaded this :D! another video of us dancing (YES WE'RE OBSESSED).

so cold
Tuesday, July 27, 2010
11:33 PM
I am cold.

space and cinema bizarre
7:18 PM
i honestly think that i can feel other people's negative emotions... and then i project them onto myself! so originally i was rather happy and after reading _ and _ i am now v v v angsty lol.
i tell you 5 facts about me k.
1. erm i read somewhere that when you flush the toilet, all the water in it actually flies to like 6 feet away from the toilet bowl. and hence now when i'm in a toilet with enough space i will scamper to the furthest end of the toilet and attempt to shield myself from invisible droplets of flying water (oh gosh so embarrassing haha).
2. whenever i buy a vanilla cone/whatever ice-cream from macdonald's from causeway point (yes only causeway point) i'll feel DAMN BAD 'cause near causeway point there's this old man who sorta sells the $1 ice-cream yes. and then i wonder to myself why i'm supporting macdonald's (which fuels the unhealthy food cravings of obese people!) instead of the old man who earns so little la! omgomgomg guilt trip.
3. i... liek bubble tea.
4. i sometimes have vegetarian tendencies. it's actually quite scary 'cause i don't know when it'll come, and then halfway through my burger i'll feel very very very nauseated by the taste of chicken in my mouth, and then i'll dry heave and scare the wits out of my eating partner (?).
5. I REALLY LIKE NEW THINGS have i mentioned?!! i don't know but whenever i see new stuffz i'm like omgomg i must have that. even though my old stuff are like perfectly... fine. oh and like you know after a while the plastic sheets in a file get kinda... imperfect. like there are little scratches and dents (O_O) etc. la and then i'll be damn pissed by it! like seriously omg feel like straightening the whole thing out ._.
6. i hit the 160-cm-mark today! (okay not today, but height and weight taking during PE was today :D!)
7. (this is way more than 5 facts) sometimes i get really angry for no reason. today rebecca said something (i forgot what) which was vaguely insulting and then i flared up for no reason and shouted (yeah) "WHY DO YOU KEEP INSULTING ME STOP INSULTING ME". i would have continued if i had not controlled myself. idk la when i get angry (like really angry) i'm really scary de serious. (anger management issues tskk)
8. i loveeeee everybody! (that is not true la but i need a space-filler 'cause i don't like the number seven D: (horcruxes! D:!)
okay now.
photographspamz. and a video of 213 (some members, ahemcheryletsukolishuenyanli so enthusiastic hor) dancing to the yog song yeah~ (recently i've been taking a whole lot of photographs :O wonder why :D)
loveeeee :)
funny not .__. persona gave me my meds~ (read previous post(s) to understand!)
okay following are all photographs of kellynn's chio paper rose okay! she attached it to her bobby pin by twisting the green wire (the 'stalk' of the rose, essentially) around... okay you'll see ^^
get it!? super neat twisting :D
hmm hmm -hums a tune-.
the rose poses on my memo pad! i coloured the tree pink yes .__. and i drew the girl there; adorable or not!
in tingting's hair :D
this is another of kellynn's bobby pins :O why so many, eh! in a baby pink :D (and the rose is plastic la)
okay now for the epic moment you have been waiting for!
wtf lol. yanli, cheryl yau, li shuen and etsuko are really enthusiastic la! :D!
i love 213 max -heart heart- so funny lol :D! some people to look out for:
1. note sabrina and xuanli's gradual introduction into the dance.
2. tingting looks like she's dancing ballet lor .__.
3. rachel wu HAHA just see it.
4. yingtong's "everybody do your lit circle!" -clap- "lit circle!"
5. poor videography la sorry :X

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take a picture we don't care
2:38 PM
Whoosh 213 is really super enthusiastic about the mass dance we're gonna dance for YOG :D we're currently spamming the song in class ("I came 2 party" by Space Cowboy and Cinema Bizarre :O)~ Yes and oh I've chinese remedial laterD:
I realise the song has like, f-words in it! Censored la but f-words nonetheless :O
For all of you I shall post the lyrics (erm... 'cause I'm bored)!

I came to party and you came to party
So why don't we party together
I came to party and you came to party
So why don't we party together

We roll up
Like no one can do it baby
It's lights out

Turn the _ing system up
It's one night
Rolling through your town tonite
So stand up Space and Cinema Bizarre

So get up
Nod your head and tell me
It's what's up
It's getting hot and heavy
The phone's on
Take a picture we don't care
So get up
Let me hear you sing it out

I came to party and you came to party
So why don't we party together
I came to party and you came to party
So why don't we party together

We all stars
You and me and her together
We go hard

We don't give a _ whatever
It's one night
Throw your _ing cameras up and let's go

It's Cherry Boom and Red One

So get up
Nod your head
and tell me
It's what's up

It's getting hot and heavy
The phone's on
Take a picture we don't care and if you got one
Put your drink up in the
air air air

I came to party and you came to party
So why don't we party together
I came to party and you came to party
So why don't we party together

Doesn't matter anyway
Know that we can't stay
Know you had a
boyfriend anyway
Got my picture on your phone
When you're all alone
Know we got to go
Let me hear you sing ït out

I came to party
and you came to party
So why don't we party together
I came to party and
you came to party
So why don't we party together

Some 213ers is are choreographing our their own dance to it .___. (Sophia wanted me to put that in)
Ugh LOL extra.
Okay bai~ shall do some homework and make full use of the time remaining! :D Rawr bai.
Now they're dancing the YOG dance to 3OH!3's Starstruck.

i seem
Sunday, July 25, 2010
3:38 PM
to have lost all semblance of discipline in doing this chinese paper.
on a happier note: squadmates are BACKKKK.
lol i think i'm coldblooded.

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Friday, July 23, 2010
5:08 PM
Okay I am posting a few photographs taken with my phone ^^
These were taken in third language like... a week ago or something haha. Ting Ting grabbed a balloon (from CataLYst, Etsuko/Cheryl/Yixin's student council group :O) that was not written on and brought it along with her -_-
Yeah look so chio! I drew the sun. And her name.
LOL. A random French phrase we'd to write for some activity :/ it reads something like "I was sad when scribbledoutname died". And the scribbledoutname is FIONA! Because for mine I wrote "he died before i died" zomg xD
Man-U! I wrote for her! I like it I like it! You don't meh.
Never-ending balloon o_o
That day I also brought my giant ice-cream toy! So yeah haha the drawing of ice-cream vs ice-cream (plus my thigh):
Erm cats! Lots of them near MOELC :D

Mm Jamie's wallet! From thewalletshop yes I saw it but I didn't buy it LOL. And mine was discounted anyway ._.

Actually it's cool but not for me la I prefer the original phrase on its own~
Oosh! After the dry-shoot there was a silver lining in the cloudz :D probably the sun shining behind them (?) but quite cool eh :D
Oh! This was recently (Thursdayyy o_o) and erh we were doing Science practical! Yeah. I think the pink is chio! Jiachun my dearest lab partner is also taking a photograph of hers LOL.
Zomg don't learn from us -_- Kellynn filled a latex glove up with water ._. and used it to make hand gestures (ahem D:) and then shortly after it somehow developed a hole (O_O) on the index finger. So Kellynn took my nametag and pricked it manymany times .__.
Taken on Friday (today -.-) yes. Persona (not sure which letters to capitalize o.o; another council elect group!) gave these cute awesome paper roses out! So yeah.
Super chio!! And yes that is a mock paper sigh D:
Another photograph~
This is Sabrina's! She attached it to her phone pouch haha how adorable is that ^^ She gave me her blue one ('cause she's nice) and I've attached it to my phone :D :D :D (mine was destroyed... by my irritating hands)
This is how you recognize Ting Ting: by her wallet! Juicy. Tsk LOL.
Mdm Lee (yes my Mathematics teacher) clipped it onto my hair haha xD
(cropped my face out ._.)
Okay that is all~ Shall eat (I ate my medicine today :D) and then erm do jiang homework! I wonder how squadmates are; at ATC!
Ohmygod these pineapple cakes (?) from Taiwan are delicious ^^

Pretty packaging...
Ohmygosh today was exciting! Ho okay so firstly jianggg yeah. Took my blue rose (from Sabrina~) along and spent *some* time taking photographs of it :3
After jiang: in my mother's hare hair!
On the elastic band~
This shot is -cough- blurry on purpose hmph (stupid auto-focus spoil la).
Okay then after that went to Bugis Junction with my mother :D and ate.. at.. this Japanese-fusiony cafe/eatery place ._. Aiy I forgot the name D: but anyway the food was okay! And yeah read Romeo and Juliet.
Okay so went back home and did a bit of homework, then at around six my cousins and my uncle and my aunt came to our house!
Pretty cool yeah 'cause when I was like, P2, they went to Shanghai and never came back! Okay la like a few times (my uncle) (my cousins only like once or twice lor!) and yes so awesome! But it was awkward la I mean SIX YEARS (or so) never see them le :O (yes my post is spiralling into Singlishness) And Kimberly Gladys Krystal have an accent! Like a very American one wahhhh freakiness. And I didn't really talk to them oh well D: D: they liked Hugo and Burberry (my awesomez hamsterz) though! Yeah but I didn't let them see Sugar (D:) but hmm okay! So anyway yeah ate a lot of stuffz and pretty much hung around the adults -_- while my cousins watched ai4 haha how retarded am I ._. pfft ._. oh but I hugged Kimberly (ohmygod I know) like TWICE (am I making this too big a deal -.-?) LOL I actually hugged someone! Okay hahaha very high now.
And meanwhile my brother was at the NDP rehearsal for P5s that is supposed to convey a strong patriotic/NE message yes. And he came back near 10! But whatever the point is that the bags/items are suddenly FREAKING CHIO like wth can actually bring out to use de! The bag doesn't have any logos at ALL :O! And ohmygod I feel so old T_T in my time (._.) we'd ugly neon sling bags that could change covers (supposed to erh... exchange with our friends? Lots of colours, all equally bright and unnatural)! And now they've...
Pretty much self-explanatory. 45 in red because... yes 45th birthday! The material is... canvas? Unsure.
Other side! In this photograph you can't really see it, but the pattern is of shooting stars :D!
Interior. White item is... some postcard.
Ohmygod I spy... a first-aid box a random box of goodies! From top left to top right to bottom left to bottom right: crackers (two packets), cardboard with design of bag ._. lemon tea, tattoos and a plastic bag (Let's Bin It!), and a pin!
NEWater, random mineral water, and the pin.
Eh from left to right: lemon tea, tattoos!, erm idkwhatthatis, tissue paper, plastic bag, postcard.
Plastic bag in its full glory.
Lumjia! Zhongxin! Haha! The tattoos are all chao awesome.
OHMYGOD YEAHHH A BOARD GAME :O also the cover of the box!
Lotsa vouchers :O
LOL everyone -_- do your part and prevent the spread of flu! Use hand sanitizers yes.
Happy brother amongst his day's takings o.o
Last of all, everyone's favourite thing in the world:
Poncho (disposable). And that thing below that looks somewhat like someone accidentally copy-and-pasted a photograph of helicopters and flag onto four other photographs of the National Day Parade... and made it into a luggage tag.